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ainerican Xiterar^ Gasette anb ipubliebere' Circular 



July-December, 1894 




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Vol. XLVI. July to Dbcbmbbr, 1894* 





Advertislag in Bureau of Am. Republics refused 544 

American authors, Assoc, of. 580 

— Bible Society i5x 

— Educational Catalogue. 33^^ 

~~ Paper Manufacturers* Assoc 151 

Andrews, Dudley R., Obituary 93a 

Antwerp ** Assodation Litteraire" 9S4i 3^5 

Artists, Protection to 331 

Authors* reception for charity 10x3 

Beadle, Brastus P., Obituary 1x19 

Bell, Robert H., Obituary 97* 

Bible, First printed in English in America y^f 

— Notes on early English editions x8a 

— Soc*y. Ste American. 

Bindings, Brander Matthews on 726 

— Rare 965 

Blakeman, Birdseye, Obituary 54^ 

BoUes. C. E., w. N. Y. World ia8 

Bookbinding. Set Profession of Bookselling. 

Book-canvasser, Ingenious. a34 

Book-making, Curiosity in X046 

» — Plea for better xxx8 

Book that crawls. 337 

— > trade and public documents 1045 

— — Organization of 735 

Bookbinding exhibit. International 183 

— History of X047 

** Bookbuyer (The) " competition in coTer designs.. . 304 
Books by the million 736 

— Imports and exports of xso, ao6, 3a6, 6x6 

— sold by street venilers 3B5 

Booksellers' Syndicate 543 

Bookselling, Co-operative 331 

— Profession of ....lao, 145, xBo. 578, 6x5 

Bookworm, Live, found ) .1 1.^ . X076 

-r verses 334 

Botta, Vincenzo, Obituary 584 

Bow-Knot Pub. Co. 's offer xx 

Brassington*8 hist of the art of bookbinding 1047 

British Museum caulogue. Printing of .... , 583 

Brugsch, Prof. H. K., Obituary fl 337 

Buchhaendlerhaus and its collections 695 

Bureau of Am. Republics, No advertisements for. . . . 544 
Burton's ** Arabian Nights," Dissatisfaction of orig- 
inal subscribers xxx6 

Campbell Wall Paper Co. to join the National Wall 
Paper Co X33 

— Not to join X84 

Canad i an copyright act, Proposed 339, 6x7, 964 

Carter, Timothy H., Obituary 148 

•• Catalogue des Catalogues " 543 

Catholic Historical Society, Brooklyn 1047 

Catholic Pub. Soc*y Co., Dissolution of 184 

Chapman, John, Obituary xix9 

Christmat Bookshelf: Christmas Greeting, 39.— Life 
of Christ in Art, 30.— Shelf of Old Books, 31,— Reign 
of Queen Anne, 34— Moli^reand Balzac, 36.— Hypa- 
tia, 98.— Sketch-Book, 40.— Three Heroines of New 
England Romance. 43.— The Farmer's Boy, 43.— 
Polly, 44.— Pomona's Travels, 44.— Their Wed- 
ding Journey, 46 —Some Dainty Books, 47.— Illus- 
trated Library Editions of Standard Works, 50.— 
Other Holiday Gift-Books, 53-83.— Books for Young 
People, 84-X13.— List, 113. 

issue 735 

Circulating libraries. Early 355 

— Library. Soe Profession of Bookselling. 

Classified index to prose and poetry 383 

Collector, Excitementsof 304 

Commercial Travellers' Assoc, of America's Home.. . 580 

Congressional Library, Work on 737 

Cooke, Josiah P., Obituary 305 

Co-operauve bookselling 331 

Copp, Wm. H., Obituary 356 

Copyright Act of 1890, Constitutionality of 385 

— Canadian 339, 6x7 

— Dramatic xo, 307 

— Foreign author and copyright. 253, 335 

— matters, American Book Co. vs, Werner Co 33X 

American Publishers' Copyright League's pro- 
test against the Hicks' bill 969 

— — BoUes, C. E., w. N. Y. World 338 

British protests against the proposed Canadian 

copyright law 969 

— — Gilbert, W. S., w. London Star 696 

Harper & Bros. vs. Edgar S. Werner lax 

Littleton vs. The Oliver Ditson Co 307 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Estate, v$. George D. 

Hurst 1048 

" Living pictiu-es" 738 

— — Manufacturing clause to be applied to illustra- 
tions 384 

— — Portraits of famous men public property 969 

Protection to artists. 23X 

Schloss vs. Chicago Blade 728 

Werckmeister vs. Springer Lith. Co 585 

— Perpetual 545, 6x7 

— Proposed amendment to section 4956 of revised 
statutes 545 

— Suggestion, Mallarm^ on pension fund 303 

— World's Fair ode litigauon 617 

Corliss portrait. Decision regarding 969 

Davids, Thad., Obituary 149 

Dillmann, August, Obituary 149 

Dix, John A., Obituary 617 

Dodd, Mead ftCo.'s removal — o 

** Dont's " for bookbuyers. , 





Doom of books ; What the phonograph will do 384 

Dramatic copyright 10 

Duruy, Jean V., Obituary 970 

Early circulating libraries 355 

— Eng. editions of the Bible 189 

Educatiohal catalogue. Ste American. 

— publishers, List of 32 

England, ** Net *' sjrstem and underselling in lois 

English books, List of ....9, 119, 179, asa, aSa, 30a, 541 

614, 680, 724, loxi, X073 

— novels, Price of 543 

Engravers, Representative vrorkof the greatest. xox6 

Evening with '* Trilby " 696 

Ex-Libris, Exhibition of 583 

Fall amnouncements, List 354 

— Publishers* summaries 373 

— outlook 37a 

Figuier, G. L., Obituary , 971 

Fin de si^le bindings 726 

Foote library, Sale of 10x6 

Ford, John Bruce, Obituary 697 

Freeman, Norman L., Obituary 385 

French press law X83 

— report on publishing exhibits at World's Fair X047 

German music trade 254 

Goodenough, Edw., Obituary X017 

Graham, Geo. R., Obituary 123 

Griesimer, Henry, blind bookseller , 968 

Hamerton, Philip G., Obituary 728 

Helmholu, Prof. Hermann F. ▼. , Obituary 337 

Hicks' bill, Amer. Publishers* Copyright League pro- 

testagainst 969 

— report from Committee on Patents 545 

High art in posters 1075 

Hill's '• Readers " not plagiarisms X047 

Hirzel, Heinrich, Obituary • 305 

Hoffmann, Heinrich, Obituary 6x8 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Obituary 583 

Howells, W. C, Obituary 385 

Huneker Collection 1016 

Hunter, Robert, Obituary 1048 

Illustrations, " Manufacturing clause " to be applied. 384 
Imports and exports in relation to books, etc 150, ao6 

326, 616 
Index to July record of books, X7a.— August, 276.— 

September, 53s.— October, 68x.— November, 958.— 

December, 1096. 

•• Infelicia "—A bit of literary history 737 

International bookbinding exhibit 183 

— Copyright does protect 1045 

Japanese as printers. ' 207 

Johnson letter in old book 304 

"Jordan's Guide to Poetry and Prose" 383 

Kendall, C . S., Obituary 1048 

Kimball, Henry H., Obituary 232 

Klosd, Edwin G., Obituary 546 

Law-books, Buchanan trial 231 

Lawrence, Eugene, Obituary 256 

Layard, Sir Austen H., Obituary X23 

Leconte de Lisle, C. M. R., Obituary 149 

Lent, De Witt, Obituary 208 

Lewes, Dr. Louis, Obituary 1119 

"Limited Editions," Decline of xxx8 

** Literature, a closed career " 325 

Livermore Library 727, 10x5 

Lord, John, Obituary 1077 

Louis Phillippe Albert D'Orleans, Obituary 327 

•' Luther's Little Catechism " 955 

McCosh, Dr. James, Obituary 970 

Magnard, Francis, Obituary 971 

Manuscripts, Search for lost 543 

Mcrriam's " International Dictionaries " 970 

Methodist Book Depository of Pittsburg, Pa xsx 

Meyer Electrotypes suit xxx8 


Miniature books 1x17 

Modem book. Shortness of the life of X076 

Monroe, Harriet, vs. New York World 6x7 

Moon, William, Obituary 618 

Museum of Newspapers xxx8 

Music published serially 305 

National Newsdealers' Assoc., Eleventh annual con- 
vention a3x 

Natural gas as a destroyer of leather bindings X049 

** Net ** system and underselling in England xoia 

New editions, Significance of 545 

Newsdealers* profits 696 

Newspapers, Museum of x x 18 

Nichol, John, Obituary 6x7 

Nijhoff, Martinus, Obituary 584 

Northwestern Booksellers* and Newsdealers* Assoc., 

Annual meeting xaa 

Oakley, James S., Obituary X49 

Obituary: G. R. Graham, 123.— Sir A. H. Layard, 123. 
— T. H. Carter, 148.— J. S. Oakley, 149 —T. Davids, 
149.— C. M. R. Leconte de Lisle. X49.— A. Dillmann, 
149.— W. H. Pater, 179.-N. M. Yadrintsef, 179.— 
F. H. Underwood, 807.— James Strong, 208.— De 
Witt C. Lent, 208.-H. H. Kimball, 23X.-D. R. 
Andrews, 231.— M. A. Sticknev, aji.—E. Lawrence, 
2s6.— Edw. Priestley, 256.— Wm. H. Copp, 256.— N. 

Paper manuiacmrers meet xsx 

Paris Inter. Book Exhibition xx 

Paste for cleaning windows 284 

Pater. Walter H., Obituary 179 

Peterson. Dr..Robert E., Obituary 69:^ 

Photographic exhibition 1017 

Photographs, Violation of copyright in use of 338 

Polhemus, John, Obituary X077 

Postal matters : Cases in which second-class rates of 

postage may be refused X077 

Extra numbers of serial '• libraries *' subject to 

third-class rates 199 

— reform needed 964 

Posters. High art in 1075 

Press law, French 183 

Priestley, Edw., Obituary 356 

Profession of bookselling.. x 20, 145, 180, 578, 615, 648, xxxs 

Protection for the foreign author 253 

Public Documents Bill aos, X013, X045 

— libraries, Vanderhaeghen plan for catalogue 543 

Publisher*s manufacturing account-book 580 

Publisher*s Trade List Annual xax 

Publishing exhibits at the Columbian World's Fair, 

French report X047 

Rare books in the market 543 

Religions of the world, Lectures on historic study.. .. 696 

Rossetti biography 975 

Rossi, Jean B. de. Obituary 547 

Rubinstein, Anton G., Obituary 971 

Salem (Old) Book Store x x x6 

School-book trade 303 

Scribner*s rare bindings 965 

Second class mail, New order regarding xat 

matter. Abuse of provisions governing 966 

— President's message on -^-!> ». . X014 

rates of postage may be refused-.V^jjOO-Ql-Qo?/ 



Shakespeare concordance, New 353 

— Soc*yo£N. Y 151 

Shakespeare's works, Early editions 543 

Shedd. Dr. Wm. G. T., Obituary 970 

Small, Willard 580 

Snakes tattooed 337 

Stationers undersold by department stores 303 

Stevenson, Robert Louis, Obituary 1077 

Stickney, Matthew A., Obituary 33a 

Strong, Dr. Jas., Obituary ao8 

Swing, David, Obituary 584 

Ssmdicate bookbuying 54s 

Talbot, Eugene, Obituary 547 

Tariff bill aap, 983 

Teall, Francis A., Obituary 971 

Telegraphic Historical Society Z048 

Thaxter, Mrs. Celia, Obituary 285 

Thierry, Edouard, Obituary 1017 

Thompson, Sir John S. D., Obituary 1048 


Three-volume novel. Discussion in England 205 

Tolstoi and the Publishers XX17 

"Tnlby" evening 696 

— Objections to 1076 

Trow Printing Co xai 

Underwood, Francis H., Obituary ao7 

United Sutes Book Co 146 

Veitch, John, Obituary 305 

Virginia Booksellers' Assoc., Fourth annual meeting. 146 

Walter John, Obituary. 798 

Werckmeister vs. The Springer Lith. Co 585 

Werner Co. of Chicago n, 184 

Whitechapel book-store 304 

Winthrop, Robert C, Obituary 971 

Wood-engraving, Decadence of 544 

Worthington, Richard, Obituary 584 

Worthington Co., Sale of plates 327 

— litigation. End of 1015 

Yadrintsef, N. M., Obituary J79 

Zola's books, Objection to la 

Digitized by 





Acme Suttionery and Paper Co 29 

Aiken Pub. Co 562 

Altemus, H 240 

American and Foreign Magazine Depot.... 15 

American Baptist Pub. See 510, 168 x 

American Book Co 26-27, 511, 174^* 1084 

American Catalogue 628» 1030 

American Educ. Catalogue 17 

American Sunday-School Union 185 x 

American Tract Society 512, 182 ;r 

Annual Am. CaUlogue 18, 244 

Annual Literary Index 18, 298 

Appleton (D.) & Co. .1, loi, 109. 165, 221, 269, 
317, 346-347. Sai, 601. 669, 14-15 X, 941, 1029 

Arena Pub. Co 187 jt 

Armstrong (A. C.) & Son 342, last cover x 

Arnold & Co 184 jt 

Baker (The) & Taylor Co 21, 25. 519, 1085 

Bangi & Co 239, 292, 560, 627, 1 125 

Barnes (A. S.) & Co 105, 190 x, 192 x, 1082 

Bartlett*8 Book-Store 1021 

Beall, Robert 334 

Belknap & Warfield 106 

Benjamin, Wm. E 22, 105, 1086 

Besser, Ernest 997 

Bibliographical Publications 96, 706, 1028 

Binders for Weekly 23, 994 

Blakiston (P.) Son & Co 107 

Bookseller, Newsdealer and Sutioner 992 

Booksellers' and Stationers' Provident Assoc. 193 

Books for Summer Travellers 24, 138 

Boston School Supply Co 99 

Boussod, Valadon & Co 343, 13 x 

Bradley (A. I.)&Co 164 x 

Braun, Clement & Co 597 

Brentano's 22, 132, 490-491, 171 x, 1025, 

1056, 1058, 1085 
Butler (E. H.) & Co 103 

Cassell Pub. Co 137, 245, 483, 22 x 

Cazenove, C. D 22, 517, 1086 

Century (The) Co. 99, 476-479, 20-21 x 

Christcrn, F. W 106 

*' Christmas Bookshelf." Facing 592, 624 

Clark, A. S 15, 1082 

Clive, W. B 21,95,509 

Collins (Chas. ) 100 

Congregational S. S. and Pub. Soc 990 

Contemporary Pub. Co 514 

Copeland & Day 182 x 

yright Notices.. .15. 189, 289, 404, 556, 734, 

984, 1082 
Ul (T. Y.) & Co. . .424-431, 658, 146-147 X 


Davie (O.) & Co 134 

De Witt Pub . House. See also Russell & Son. 

22. 517, 666, 1086 

De Wolfe, Fiske & Co 501 

Dick & FiUgerald 22. 1086 

Dillingham (C. T.) & Co 20, 510, 1084 

Dillingham, G. W 1124 

Dodd, Mead & Co 488-489, 707, 744, 

158-159 x, 1062 

Duffie, W. J 107 

Dulany (Wm. J. C.) Co 103 

Dutton (E. P.) & Co 634-635, 18-19 X, 1089 

Dyrsen & Pfeiflfer. See Christern, F. W. 

Ellis, Geo. H 183 x 

English CaUlogue 160, 71a 

Estes & Lauriat. . . .297, 340, 472-475, 160-161 x 

Flood & Vincent 1124 

Funk & Wagnalls Co 502, 176 x 

Galignani Library 22, 562, 1086 

Ginn & Co 100, 494 

Goupil & Co. See Boussod, Valadon & Co. 
Griggs (S. C.) & Co 246, 1022, 1088 

Hagemann, H. W 742 

Harison, Wm. Beverley 21, 108. 741, 1083 

Harper & Bros 30, 341, 23-26 x 

Heath (D. C.)&Co 107 

Helburn, Wm 22, 1086 

Henkels, Sun. V 712 

Hessling & Spielmeyer...595, 188 x. 1055*, 1086 

Hinds (Arthur) & Co 90 

Holden, G. W 2a 

Holman (A. J. ) & Co 455, 626, 167 x, 990^ 


Holt (Henry) & Co 83, 215, 511, 663, 739 

Houghton. Mifflin & Co. . . .86-87, 263, 434-454, 
668, 4-7 X, 987, 989 

Hunt & Eaton 104, 503. 179 x 

Hurst & Co 186 X 

Industrial Publication Co 989- 

International Bible Agency 471, 169 x 

International News Co. . . .160, 264, 193 x, 1058- 
Ireland, John 190 x 

Jenkins, Wm. R.. .22, 102, 314, 189 x, 1056, io8s 

Johnson & Emigh. 740, 982, 1086 

Jones, M. W 740, 993, 1024, 1056, 1085 

Kansas Book Co 94 

Kay Printing House 22, 188 x, 1086 

Kellogg, A. H 22, 517, io8s 

Ketcharo, W. B ^. 514 

Knight (Joseph) Co. .QiSi^i.z.ed .by. Vr492-493, 165 Jf 



Laird & Lee .....26B, 504. 127 x 

Lambie Compaay 636 

Laurie (C.) 23 

Leach, Shewell & Sanborn 107 

Lee & Shepard 103, 520, 194-195 x 

Le Sondier, H 23,1087 

Libbie (C. F.) & Co 22, 1087 

Lichtenstein, C. B 23 

Lippincott (J. B.) Co. .20, 93, 220, 338, 456-461, 

632, 8-1 1 X, 1084 
Literary News. ..98, Facing 593, 660, 190 x, 998 

Little, Brown & Co. 345, 565, 140-141 x 

Longmans, Green & Co 84, 291, 663, 175 x, 

989, 1023 

Lothrop Pnb. Ca 500, 170 x 

Lovell. CoryeIl& Co 486-487 

Luyster, S. B 23, 1087 

McClurg (A. C.)&Co 180-181 x 

McKay, David 507, 12 x 

McL.ean (S. F.) & Co 23.995.1087 

McLoughlin Bros 197 

Macmillan & Co 16, 131, 190, 222, 290, 332, 

416-422, 557, 622, 703, 148-157 X, 985, 1054 

Manrin & Co 995, 1087 

Maynard, Merrill & Co 107, 189 x 

Meeks, Edward 190 x 

Meisterschaft Pub. Co 105, 238, 628, 1056 

Merrlam (G. & C.) Co 105, 190 x 

Merriam (The) Co 21, 191, 495, 166 x, 1083 

Merrill & Baker 513, 185 x 

Meyer Bros. & Co 195, 189 x X087 

Midland Educ. Co 23, 1087 

Miles, E. Edgar 594 

Miller, Norman C 1022 

Mi?chke,H 163 

Mosher, Tlios. B 513 

Murphy (John) & Co 344, 2 x 

Mutual Book Co 106 

Neely, F. Tennyson 559, 189 x 

Nelson (Thomas) & Sons 88-89, 239, 334, 

462-465. 662, 142-145 X 
New York News Co. 23, 163, 995, 1087 

Ogilvie (J. S.) Pub. Co 339, 1087 

Pelton, E. R 516, 1085 

Pennybacker, J 1021, 1082 

Porter & Coates 479, 3 x 

Pott 00 & Co 348, 172 X 

Presbyterian Bd. of Publication 496 

'* Profession of Bookselling " 20, 293 

'* Publishers* Circular'' 20 

Publishers' Trade List Annual 19, 215, 313 

Putnam's (G. P.) Sons 92, 159. 198, 296, 318, 

480-482, 592, 623, 16-17 X, 943 

Rand, McNally & Co 316, 1061 

Randolph (Anson D. F.) & Ca 497, 115 -^ 

Revell (F. H.) Co 498. 178 x 

Richmond, Geo. H 509, 598, 181 x 

RoberU Bros 2, 91, 166, 270, 31L, 423, 522, 

670, 738. 128,-137 X, 944, 1022 

Roorbach , Harold 187X 

Routledge (Geo.) & Sons 177 x 

Russell (R. H.) & Son. See also De Witt Pub. 
House 187 X 

Sabiston, Murray & Co 186 x 

Salisbury, Jesse 163, 1087 

ScHbner's (Chas.) Sons. 85, 196, 311. 335, 

405-415, 558, 659, 714. Facing 736, 116-126 x 

Scribner's Magazine 191 x 

Scudder's (Jna M.) Sons 23, 190 x, 1087 

Sheldon & Co 104 

Shuey , W. J 1 83 x 

Silver, Burdett & Co. . . .'. 991 

Sower (Chns.) Co. 103 

Spon & Chamberlain 23, 512, 1087 

Steiger (E.) & Co. . . .23, loi. 710, 190 x, 1025, 

X056, 1086 

Sterling Publishing Co 159 

Stokes (F. A.) Co 466-470, 713, 162-163 * 

Stone & Kimball 505 

Syndicate Trading Co 602, 942 

Tait (J. Selwin) & Sons 184 x 

Terquem, E 23, 1087 

Town Topics Pub. Ca 506 

Treat, E. B 516 

Truth Seeker Co 23, 1087 

United Brethren Pub. House. See also W. J. 

Shuey 514 

Universalist Pub. House 23, 1087 

University Pub. Co 106 

Vail (J. H.) & Co 22, 1085 

Van Everen, P. F 23, 518 

Van Nostrand (D.) Co 633 

Ward, Lock & Bowden, Ltd 600, 173 x 

Wame (F.) & Co 484-485. 138-139 x 

Webster (C. L.) & Co... 335 

Westermann (B.) & Co 23, 104, 10S7 

Whidden, Bradlce 708 

Whittaker, Thos 499 

Wiley (John) •& Sons 512 

Young(E.& J. B.)& Co 432-433 

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c:iir a^mrrCcan ILitrtars CBFa;rttr anir i^ufiltolers' eircular. 


Publication Office, 28 Elm Street, (Temporary Office. 54 Duane St..) New York. 

Entered at the Poet-OlBce at New Toric. N. T., m aeoond-olMi matter. 

Vol. XLVI., No. i. 

NEW YORK, July 7, 1894. 

Wholx No. H71 


Memoirs Illustrating the 
History of Napoleon I., 

From 1808 tx> 1815. ^y Babon CLAUDB-FRAirgois db 
MftiTBYAL, Private Sectretary to Napoleon. Edited 
by his Grandson, Baron Napoleon Josbph db MtoB- 
▼AL. Witli portraits and autograph letters. In 
three volumes. Syo, cloth, $2.00 per volume. Vol- 
ume I. now ready. 

Classical Dictionary 

Of Obbkk and Roican Bioobapht, Mtthologt, and 
OsooKAPHT. Based on the Larger Dictionaries, by 
the late Sir William Smith, D.C.L., LL.D. Revised 
throughout, and in part rewritten, by O. E. Marin- 
din, M.AM_formerly Fellow of Kins^'s College, Cam- 
bridge. With numerous maps and illustrations. 1 19 
pages, 8vo, half morocco, $0.00. 
The design of this revised edition is much the same 
as that of the older work. Since the publication of 
the latter so much additional knowledge has been ac- 
quired in most branches of classical study that it has 
been found necessary to practically rewrite many of 
the articles. Sir William Smith constantly directed 
the revision up to the time of his death, his supervision 
extending over all but the last part of the book. 

Appletons' Handbook of 
Summer Resorts. 

Wit^ Maps, Illustrations, and Table of Railroad Fares, 
etc. Vfew edition, revised to date. Large ISmo, 
paper, 60 cents. 


Appletons' Town and Coun- 
try Library. 

Eaoh 12mo. Paper, 60 cenU ; cloth, $1.00, 

Outlaw and Lawmaker. 

By Mrs. Oampbbll-Pbabo, author of ** Christina Chard,** 

'* December Roses,** etc 

In this romance of Australian life Mrs. Campbell- 
Praed returns to the field in which she gained her first 
success. ** Outlaw and Lawmaker,** a story of love 
and adventure. Is characterized by unflaggmg inter- 
est, and will be ranked among the strongest of the 
novels which have had their scenes in the antipodes. 

A Daui:hter of Music. 

By O. CoLMORB, author of **Coooemlng Oliver Knox,** 

"The work displays originaUty of treatment. It 
has imaginative and descriptive pannages of much 
beauty and power.**— JBtiinfruryft ScoUman, 

** *A Daughter of Musio * has appeared very early in 
the season of 1804, but it will live to the end, and long 
after.**— London Chronide, 

** It is hi every respect a remarkable and memorable 
book.**— Ixmdon Teiif/rapK 

Red Diamonds. 

By Justin MoCartht, author of " A History of Our 
Own Thnes,** ** Dear Lady Disdain,** etc. 
•* If Mr. McCarthy had never written another novel, 
* Red Diamonds * would of itself have sufficed to gain 
for him a good reputation among writers of fiction.** 
^London Spetiher. 

**The author has a bright and vigorous style that 
harmonizes well with the remarkable incidenU in his 
Btorv. and his characters are sharply outlined and 
skilfully contrasted.** — Boston Saturday Evening 

** There is an abundance of life and rush in the story 
and no time wasted in inaction.*'— PuMic Opinion, 


De APPLETON & CO., 7a Flftli Avenue, New YorJ 


The Publishers' Weekly. [No. 1171] July 7, '94 

Our Latest Books. 


A Tale of the Life to Come. By Louis Pendleton. i6mo, cloth, $1.00 ; white 
and gold, $1.25. 
'* Full of interest, and is reverent and wholesome In tone." — Boston Journal, 


A Novel. By Florence Farr. With title-page by Aubrey Beardsley. American 
Copyright Edition. i6mo, cloth, $1.00. 
'* In the most modern style." 


A Novel from the Russian of Fedor Dostoievsky. Translated by Lena Milman, 
with decorative title-page and a critical introduction by George Moore. 
American Copyright Edition. i6mo, cloth, f i.oo. 
The third volume in the " Keynote Series." 


Edited by Professor Todd, of Amherst College. Readable and authoritative monographs on sub- 
jects of permanent Interest and significance. Scientific, but untechnical , and illustrated. Each^ 
i6mo, cloth, f I.oo. 

I«o. I. 

Total Eclipses of the Sun. 

By Mabel Loomis Todd. 

** Clear ttrle and comprehentive and accurate infor- 

Wayside Sketches. 

By Ebbn J. Loomis. i6mo, cloth, fi.oo. 

**One of the most delightful of Tolumet of nature 
•tadict. . . . The author not only loves nature, but it 
in mott sympathetic touch with her various moods. "~ 

I«o. II. 

Public Libraries in America. 

By W. I. Flbtchbr, Librarian of Amherst Col- 
lege Library. 
'* One of the leading authorities of the country in this 

field."— /r«r//>r</ C^urani. 

Art for America. 

By Wiluam Ordway Partridgb. i6mo, cloth, 

** Desenres rank among the classics of American pt^' 
tT{ol\%my ^Standard Unhn, 

By Moorland and Sea. 

By Francis A. Knight. Illustrated by the author. i6mo, cloth, I1.50. 

The Aim of Life. 

Plain Talks to Young Men and Women. By 
Rev. Phiup S. Moxom. i6mo, cloth, |i.oo. 


A Volume of Poems. By Gertrudb Hall, au- 
thor of *• Far from To-Day." Illustrated by 
Oliver Herford. Small quarto, cloth, f 1.50. 
^ Exquisite in its appeal to the eye and the imagina- 
tion ; the lightest, airiest, most dashing, merry, audacious 
productions in verse that have of late years got them- 
selves into print.**— r-*r Beme^n. 


A Volume of Stories. By Gborgb Eobrton. 

i6mo, cloth, fi.oo. 

'*A work of genius. Characterized by a striking 
naturalness. A positive moral value- sucn, indeed, as 
genuine honest srt always has.**— /.#<«£»« Speaker, 


Reviewed after Sixty Years. By J. R. Sbblby, 
author of " Ecce Homo." i6mo, cloth, fi.oa 


Boston, Massa 

Digitized by V:iOOQIC 

A^ 7, '94 l^"- "7il 

Tke PtMisheri Weekly, 

€Y ^uhfejjtr/ HJeeklq. 

JULY 7, 1894. 


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mmml Snmwtmry Numhtr^* tJU ** Summtr //umOtrt'** iks 
**Educmii0nml Nnmitr}^ imr the *^ChrUimm* Bmk- 
thtlfC^ fcr which higher rtU«t ar« ehargtd, 

SptdaJ poaitiont, 9s & pa« cxtnu ApplicmUont for 
•pMial pacct will be honored in the order of their receipt. 

A deduction •/ %z m. pmgt for standing matter. Pi^gtt 
f9r r9-imt€rti0n mntt h€ erdirtd ht^ ttmmding, 

S^iml raitt/or ytmrly «r tihcr ^niracit. 

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GiNN & Co. have In preparation for their /n- 
temational Modem Language Series " Morceaux 
Choisis de Panl Bourget," edited for use in 
schools by A. N. van Daell, professor of mod- 
em languages in the Massachusetts Institute of 

D. Appleton ft Co. will publish at once in 
their TVsent aHd Country Library Mrs. Campbell- 
Praed's new novels " Outlaw and Lawmaker/' a 

romance of love and adventure, the scene of 
which is laid in Australia, where the author 
gained her first success. 

Longmans, Grbbn & Co. have in prepara- 
tion a new book bv Sir Edwin Arnold, entitled 
" Wandering Words," consisting of a series of 
articles which have been contributed chiefly to 
American magazines and newspapers, with nu- 
merous illustrations from photographs and from 
drawings by B. Boothby. They also announce 
"Studies on the Coast of Arran," by George 

Brbntano's announce the publication during 
this month of the volume of short stories from 
the German which won the prize In their prize 
competition for translations inaugurated last 
year. The successful competitor was Miss Con- 
stance Stewart Copeland, of Sparkhill, N. Y., 
and this is her first essay in the world of litera- 
ture. The volume will be entitled " A Divided 
Heart," and will conuin besi()es the story of 
that name two shorter tales, viz., " Rotherburg 
on the Tauber " and " Minka," all from the pen 
of Paul Heyse, the well-known German novelist. 

The H. W. Haosmann Publishing Co., 114 
Fifth Avenve, have purchased a number of the 
best sellers of the International and Jiose libra- 
ries, formerly issued by the Worthington Co., 
and intend to continue publishing on the same 
lincK the works of favorite American and Euro- 
pean authors, under the new title of The Trav- 
eller*! Library. Volumes will be issued quarterly, 
and the first book arranged for is "The Queen of 
Ecuador," by R. M. Manley, to be followed by 
good translations of the works of Lindau, SpleH 
hagen Fran9ois Copp6e, and others. A new 
uniform edition, in six volumes, at reduced price, 
of the " Noctes Ambrosianae," of which one 
volume contains Mrs. Gorton's " Memoir of 
' Christopher North,' " is also ready. 


M. QuANTiN, the well-known publisher in 
Paris, is going to publish on the first of Novem- 
ber the first number of a new illustrated gaonthly 
magazine called Le Monde Moderne, which will be 
on similar lines with Harper's and The Century, 
It will consist of 160 pages, with about 100 Illus- 
trations, and will be sold for a franc and a half. 
Octave Uzanne, the well-known author, will be 
connected with the artistic side of the venture. 

Thb Cosmopolitan Magasine will announce Its 
removal from New York to Irvlngton in a few 
weeks, probably early in August. Prof. A. S. 
Hardy, however, will still keep his editorial of- 
fice in New York. The building which McKim, 
Mead & White* have been engaged to erect for 
the magazine in Irvlngton promises to be orna- 
menUl, and the littlei literary colony that will 
cluster round it will make a most interesting ex- 

Thb London Athenaum for July 7 contains a 
series of articles on the literature of the Conti- 
nent during the past twelve months. In these 
Belgium is treated of by Prof. Fredericq ; Bo- 
hemia by M. V. Tille ; Denmark by Dr. A. 
Ipsen ; France by M. Joseph Reinach; Germany 
by Hoifrath Zimmermann; Greece by Prof.Lam- 
bros ; Holland by M. Taco de Beer ; Hungary 
by M. L. Katscher; Italy by Commendatore 
Bonghi ; Poland by Dr. Belcikowski ; Russia 
by M. Milyoukov; and Spain ^QpOl Juan F. 
Rlaflo, Digitized by vIjOC 

Thi Publishirs' Weekly. 

\N0. iiyi]/ufy'!,'g4 


Tkg iMrtvioHcns art nnuMy ttlf-ex^lanaiory, c. afttr tht date indieaies thai the hook it copyrighted: if 
ik* C0f9rtgkt date differs from the imfrint date^ the year of copyright is added. Books of foreign origin of which 
the edition {annotated, illustrated, etc.) is entered as copyright , are marked c. ed.: translations, c. tr.; n p. in place 
of price, indicates that the publisher mahes no prices, either net or retail, and quotes prices to the trade oniy upon 

A coUn cLfler initial designates the most usual given name, eu: A: Augustus: B: Benjamin: C: Charles: 
D: David: E: Edward: F: Frederic: G: George: H: Henry: I: Isaac : J: John: L: Louis: N: Nicholeu : P: 
Peter: R: Richard : S: Samuel: T: Thomas: IV: William. 

Sizes are designated as follows : F. {folio : over ja centimeters high) : {Q. aIo : under y> cm.) : O. (8w .- 95 cm.) : 
D.iitmo: 90 em?): S. {j6mo: jjii cm.): T, {t^mo: 15 cm.): Tt. {:x*mo: \9.% cm.): Fe.{^Zmo: 10 cm.). Sf.,0&l^ 
nar,, designate square, oblong, narrow boohs of these heights. 

'Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, 
Nov. term, 1889. v. 89; Nov. term, 1890, v. 
92; Nov. term, 1890, v. 98; Dec. term, 1891, 
V. 95. J: W. Shepherd, st. rep. Mont- 
gomery, Ala , The ferown Pr. Co., et. prs,, 
1890,1892,1898. c. O. shp., $3.75. [2040 

'Alabama. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, 
Nov. term, 1892; by W: R. Houghton, 
special rep. V. 97. Montgomery, Ala., The 
Brown Pr. Co., it. pre., 1894. c 22+797 p. 
O. shp., 18.75. [2041 

American ambassador (The:) a novel; bv a 
public man. Cbic, Laird & Lee, [1894. J c. 
8-229 p. il. D. (Pinker ton's ser., no. 20.) 
*p., 25 c. [2042 

dore WInthrop, who represents the united 
Esuwes TOvemment in Italy, bein^ unpleasantly sur- 
prised by the discovery or a letter that involves his 

wife's grood name, seeks reparation through her sup- 
posed defanaer, the Oount Caspiadee; this creates 
ereat excitement in diplomatic circles, and Lb the 
direct cause of the succession of sensational scenes 
which make up the story. There is an interest aside 
in the history of .the count's daughter, and her defence 
in a murder trial, by the hero, the American ambas- 

Argles, Mre. Margaret, ["The Duchess," 

pseud,; now Mrs. Hungerford.J The red 

house. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, McNally, 

& Co., 1894. c. '98, ^94. 2-259 p. D. (Rialto 

ser., no. 62.) pap.. 50 c. ' iS 

The characters of the novel are Di , a 

clever man and a learned scientist, his [fe 

that he had married in his youth for he nd 

their idiot son; these are the deoizeui ed 

house.** The doctor Is a man of little nd 

when he allows himself to fall in love w ng 

voung woman he does not .hesitate at 1. w..»v w ,/in 

her ; retribution comes to him from a most unexpected 

source. . 

'Aristophanes. The Archarnians; tr. into 
English; with introd. aod memoir by W. 
Covinci^n. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 
8*", (Beirs classical translations.) net, 80 c. 


Bates, Arlo. The torch-bearers : [a poem;] 
delivered at the centennial of the incor- 
poration of Bowdoin College, June 28, 1894. 
Best., Roberts Bros., 1894. c. 4-85 p. O. 
cl., 50 c. [2045 

*Bradley, Milton. Color in the kindergarten: 
a manual of the theory of color and practi- 
cal use of color material in the kindergar- 
ten. Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradlev 
Co., 1894. il. 12% pap., 25 c. [2046 

*Britten, F. J. Former clock and watch 
makers and their work. N. Y., Spon & 
Chamberlain, 1894. 897 p. 12**, cl., $2. 


Borke, Sarah J. Fairy tales for little read- 
ers. N. Y., A. Lovell & Co., [1894.1 c. 
4-188 p. S. bds., 80 c. [2048 

Comprises ** Little Red Riding Hood,** ** The three 

bears,'* •'The white cat,** »* Cinderella/^ "and "Little 

Thumb,** written in simple langua^ for school and 
home readhig. For supplementary reading in second 
reader grades. 

Burroughs, Marie. The Marie Burroughs' art 
portfolio of stage celebrities: a collection 
of photographs of the leaders of dramatic 
ana lyric art. Chic, A. N. Marquis & Co., 
[1894.] c. unp. pors. cl., $2.50 and |2.75. 

Contains about S80 portraits, with brief biographies 

of the most noted artists who have, during recent 

years, found favor with the American public in drama 

and opera. 

*Oalifomia. Supreme ct. Reports of cases; 
C. P. Pomeroy, rep. V. 100, [1893.] San 
San Francisco, Bancroft-Whitney Co., 
1894. c. 88+753 p. O. shp.. $4. [2050 

Carpenter, Edith. A modern Rosalind : a 
story. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, McNally & 
Co., 1894. c. '90. 8-261 p. D. (Rialto ser., 
no. 34.) pap., 50 c. [2051 

aee notice, "Weekly Record,** P. W.. April li, *91, 
[10U2.] *' A modem Rosalind ** was first issued under 
the author- name of F. Xavier Calvert, and is so en- 
tered in the above number. 

*Oioero, Marcus TuUius. Pro L. Murena 
oratio ad judices; ed. with introd. and notes 
by J. H. Freese. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 
1894. 16*, (Classical ser.) cl., net, 60 c. 


*Oonder, Josiah. Landscape gardening in 
Japan. N. Y., imported by C: Scribners' 
Sons, 1894. 2 v., 61 p., 40 pi. 4% cl., net, 
$25. [2058 

Davit, R: Harding. Van Bibber, and others. 
N. Y., Harper, 1894. c. '92. 5+249 p. D. 
(Harper's Franklin sq. lib., extra no. 749 ) 
pap., 60 c. [2054 

See notice, "Weekly Record,** P. W., AprU 16. '92, 


*Da3rton, Edwin W. Scarabs: the history, 
manufacture, and religious symbolism of 
the scarabaes in ancient Egypt, PhoeDicia, 
Sardinia, Etruria, etc. ; also, remarks on 
the learning, philosophy, arts, ethics, psy- 
chology, etc., of these people, by I: Myer. 
N.Y., Edwin W. Dayton, 641 Madison Ave., 
1894. 12', cl., 11.75. [2055 

Derbv, Earl of, [E: H: Stanley.] Speeches 
and addresses of Edward Henry 15th Earl 
of Derby, K.G.; sel. and ed. by Sir T. H. 
Sanderson and E. S. Roscoe; with a prefa- 
tory memoir, byW. E. H. Lecky. N. Y., 
Longmans, Green & Co., 1894. 2 v., 44+ 
808; 8+317 p. per. O. cl., |7. [2056 

*I>i8triot of Oolumbia. Ct, of appeals. Re- 
ports of cases, from June 6, 1898, to Dec. 4, 
i893; pub. by authority of the court; rep. 
by C: CJowles Tucker. V. 1, (to be cited as 
*• 1 app. D. C."l Bait., M. Curlander, 1894. 
c. 40+581 p. 0. shp., $6.50. [2057 

*Dodg8on, C: L., ["Lewis Carroll," pseud.] 

• In this Kst, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions {according to the rule of the American 
Library Association) from books received, Booha net received are indica ted by a prefixed asterisk, 
%nd this offi€0 ^nnpp bf ^fd responsible for the correctness of their record. ' ^ 

Juiyi,'9^[N0. 1171I 

The PuUishers' WeeMy 

Curiosa mathetnatica. Pt. 2, Pillow 
problems thought during wakeful hours. 
Sded. N. Y..Macmillan&Co., 18»4. 16% 
flex, cl., net, 75 c. [2058 

Dostoievsky, F. Poor folk; from the Rus- 
sian, by Lena Milman; with an introd. by 
G: Moore. Bost., Roberts Bros., 1894. c. 
16-hl87 p. il. S. cl., $1. [2059 

Qeonce Moore, who writes the preface of this Mtory, 
ssjTs that it places the author *-side by side with 
Tourtnieneff and Tolstoi.'^ It is a simple romance of 
Russian ** poor folk/* told in letters which pass between 
an old copying clerk who sometimes irets drunk, and 
whcae reckless generosity and improridence keep him 
alwavs in trouble, and his young relative, a poor girU 
who lires over the way, and earns a miserable lIvlDg 
by embroidering Both these people have a story, 
which is narrated in the letters, which also give details 
of the poor people around them. 

*I>owden, E: Introduction to Shakespeare. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 
1894. 186 p. 12% cl., $1. [2060 

*I>re8el, Rudolph. Theory and construction 
of a rational heat motor. N. Y., Spon & 
Chamberlain, 1894. 85 p. il. 8% cl., $2.50. 


*X]nripide8. The Hecuba of Euripides; with 
introd. and notes by W. S. Hadley. N.Y., 
Macmillan & Co., 1894. 16% (Pitt Press 
ser.) cl., nei^ 60 c. [2062 

Forster, Francis. Major Joshua : a novel. 
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1894. 4+ 
826 p. D. cl., f 1. [2063 

Prankland, Percy and Mrs, Percy. Micro- 
organisms: their significance, identifica- 
tion, and removal; with an account of the 
bacteriological methods employed in their 
investigation; specially designed for the 
use of those connect*>d with the sanitary 
aspects of water supply. N. Y., Long- 
mans, Green & Co., 1894. 9H-532-I-16 p. O. 
cl., $5. [2064 

*Oeorgia. Supreme ct, Reportsof cases. Oct. 
term, 1892, and Mar. term, 1898. V. 91. 
Peeples and Stevens, reps. Atlanta, Ga., 
G: H. Harrison, st. pr„ 1894. c. 15+916 p. 
O. shp., $5. [2065 

*Oraham, Maurice. Practical hints on the 
construction and working of regenerator 
furnaces. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 
1894. 131 p. 16% leath., $1; $1.25. [2066 

*Orave8, C: A. Summary of the law of real 
proi>erty; for the use of students in con- 
nection with the second book of Black- 
stone's commentaries. Lexington, Va., 
Press of Rockbridge County News, 1894. 
c. 11-f 234 p. O. pap., $2.50. [2067 

*Hagaii, W: E. A treatise on disputed hand- 
writing and the determination of genuine 
from forged signatures; the character and 
composition of ink*', and their determina- 
tion b^ chemical tests; the eflFect of age as 
manifested in the appearance of written 
instnmients and documents. N. Y. and 
Alb., Banks & Bros., 1894. c. 289 p. O. 
shp., $3.50. f2068 

Hall, Rev. H. E. Manual of Christian doc- 
trine, chiefiy intended for conflrmation 
class; with a preface by Rev. W. H. Hutch- 
ings. N. Y.. Longmans, Green & Co., 
1894. 8+68 p. 8. bds., 80 c. [2069 

Hardy, E. G. Christianity and the Roman 
government: a study in imperial adminis- 
tration. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1894. 11+208 p. D. cl., $1.50. [2070 

Hoffinan, Frank Sargent. The sphere of the 
state; or, the people as a body-politic; with 
special consideration of certain present 
problems. N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 
1894. c. 7+275 p.;, $1.50. [2071 

*' This book is not written primarily for advanced 
students in political science, but for the avera^ Intel' 
llKent be^nner. It consists chiefly of lectures deliv- 
ered to the senior class of Union College during the 
spring term of 1808, and is published with the hope 
that it may stimulate the reader to an increased in' 
terest in the problems discussed, and help him. In some 
degree, to their right solution. The emteavor has been 
made to set forth in a clear and concise manner the 
ethical principles involved, and to show how, under 
present conditions and limitations, they are to be ap* 
pUed."— Prv/oce. 

*Homer, [Ok, Homeros.] Iliad and Odyssey; 
tr. by Alexander Pope; with notes and in- 
trod. by Rev. Theodore Alois Buckley; il. 
with Flaxman's designs. N. Y., F: Warne 
& Co., 1894. 5+851 p. 12% (Albion poets.) 
leatherette, $1.50. [2072 

Jacobi, Mary Putnam, M,D, Common sense- 
applied to woman suffrage: a statement of 
the reasons which justify the demand to- 
extend the suffrage to women with consid- 
eration of the argument against such en- 
franchisement, and with special reference - 
to the issues presented to the New York : 
State Convention of 1894. N. Y., G: P. 
Putnam's Sons., 1894. c. 8-+- 286 p. D. 
(Questions of the day ser., no. 80.) cl., $1. 

Content$: Evolution of status of women since 1848: 
Imminence of woman suffraf^; Exist ine political 
situation: Arguments of opponents: Alle^red inexperi- 
ence of women: Public measures in which woman may 
be interested; The American discovery— Webster and 
Madison; The existing situation. 

*EUnkead, Edgar B., and Black, S: L., comps^ 
and eda, ^If-preparation for final exam- 
ination: the Ohio supreme court examina- 
tion questions for admission to the bar, 
and annot. answers; being the questions 
propounded to applicants by the commis- 
sion appointed by the court to conduct the 
examinations. 2d ed, rev, and enl, Cin.^ 
W. H. Anderson & Co., 1894. c. '98. 11-h 
641 p. D. imit. tky., net, $8.50. [2074 

•Lawyers' reports annot.. Book 22; all cur- 
rent cases of general value and importance^ 
decided in the U. S., state and territorial 
courts, with full annot. by Burdett A. Rich, 
ed., and H: P. Farnham, ass't ed.; (cited 22 
L. R. A.) Rochester, N. Y., The Lawyers' 
Co-op. Pub. Co., 1894. c. 910 p. O. shp., 
$5. [2075 

♦Lee, Sidney, ed. Dictionary of national bi- 
ography. V. 39, Morehead-Myles. N. Y.,. 
Macmillan & Co., 1894. 8% cl., $3.75. [2076 

♦Mackenzie, Marion. The kindergarten 
blackboard; introd. by Constance Macken- 
zie: a collection of outline drawings em- 
bracing over one hundred familiar objects. 
Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradley Co., 1894. 
il. 12% bds., 60 c. [2077 

♦Macpherson, James. Life and letters of 
James Macpherson; containing a particu-* 
lar account of his famous quarrel with Dr. 
Johnson and a sketch of the origin and in- 
fiuence of the Ossianic poems, by Bailey 
Saunders. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 
por. 8",cl., $2.50. [2078 

♦Maitland, J. A. Fuller. Masters of German 
music. N. Y., imported by C: Siribner's 
Sons, 1894. 289 p. 12% (Masters of contem- 
porary music.) cl., $1.75. [20'^ 

The Publishers* IVeehiy. 

{No. 1 171] Julyi, '94 

*Martindale'8 American law directory (bien- 
nial) 1894-95; a complete directory of the 
lawyers of the United States and Canada; 
with ratings, except in large cities, [etc.] 
Chic, J. B. Martindale, [1894.1 c. 929+ 
43 p. O. shp., $10. [2080 

Maxwell, W: H. Introductory lessons in 
English grammar for use in intermediate 
grades. [New issued N. Y., American 
Book Co., [1894.] c. ^88, *94. 4-172 p. D. 
(Maxwell's JBoglish course.) cl.', 40 c. [2081 
Formerly published by A. 8. Barnes & Co. 

Meneval, Claude-Francois (Baron) de. 
Memoirs illustrating the history of Napo- 
leon I., from 18P2-1815; ed. by his grandson. 
Baron Napoleon Joseph de M6neval; with 
pors. and autograph letters. In 3 v. V. 1. 
N. Y., Appleton. 1894. 21+419 p. O. cl., 
perv,, $2. [2082 

Baron de M4neval was Napoleon^s confldentiskl sec- 
retary and intimate friend: he knew Napoleon as few 
knew him. Of his work the Lo'ulon Ainenci^im sajrs : 

** It contains details oonc^rnine Napoleon^s childhood 
and early life, his private life aurin;^ M6nevai^s time of 
service, his opinions on men and matters, and numer- 

ous letters from him on many subjects. M6neval also 
describes some of the campaigns in which he accom- 
panied the emperor. He ^ves many anecdotes con- 
. «, __ 3 well in the literary, 

militaryland politi- 

panied the emperor. He ^ves many an 
cerning well-known nersonages, as well in the literary, 
artistic, and scientinc world as in military* and politi- 
cal circles. Some statements which the author makes 
with reference to Bourrlenue's * Memoirs' and Hhe 
manuscript which came from 8t. Helena in a manner 
unknown^ are likely to he interesting.** Autograph 
letters, portraits, and hitherto unpublished documents 
are included in the work. 

♦Moore, G: Esther Waters: a novel. Chic, 
C: H. Sergei Co., 1894. 12% pap., 50 c. 


*Moore, G: The strike at Arlingford: a play 
in three acts. N. Y., imported by C: 
Scribner's Sons, 1894. 175 p. 12% cl., $1 .75. 


*Muller, F: Max. Sacred books of the East. 
V. 49, Buddhist Mah&y&na text Pt. 1, 
The Buddha Karita of Asvaghosha; from 
the Sanskrit by E. B. Co well. N. Y., 
Macmillan & Co., 1894. 8% cl., net, $3.25. 

, [2085 

♦Muret, E:, ed. Encyclopaedic English-Ger- 
man and German-English dictionary. I7n- 
abridged ed. In about 20 pts. Ft. 12, 
English-German. Ind.-Kyx. N. Y., Inter- 
national News Co., 1894. 1187-1223 p. O. 
pap., 8u5<., 50 c. [2086 

Murray, Rev, Andrew. Love made perfect. 
N. Y. and Chic, Fleming H. Revell Co., 
[ 1894.] c 3-73 p. por. T. cl.. 50 c [2087 
Two chapters on **God is love'* and **The Lord's 


*Nichol8, E: L., ed. A laboratory manual of 
physics and applied electricity. V. 1, 
Junior course in general physics, by Ernest 
Merritt and F: J. Rogers, N. Y., Macmillan 
& Co., 1894. il. 8% cl., net, $3. [2088 

*Page, Annie L. Froebel, the man and his 
work: a brief biography. Springfield, 
Mass., Milton Bradley Co., 1894. pors. il. 
12", pap., 25 c [2089 

^Patterson, Christopher Stuart. The prin- 
ciples of the law of real property. Pt. 1, 
The estates at law and in equity. An out- 
line of the first year's course in the law of 
real property in the law school of the Uni- 
versity of Pa. Phil., Press of Allen, Lane 
& Scott, [S. S. Iszard, 600 Grand Building,] 
1894. c 83 p. O. pap., $2. [2090 

Peck, W: M. Graded lessons in number. 
Pt. 2, Grammar school arithmetic, extend- 
ing over the course of graded grammar 
school work with a suggestive outline for 
teachers. N. Y., A. Lovell & Co.. [1894.] 
c '93, '94. 94-296+14 p. D. cl., 75 c [2091 

Peek, W: M., Williams, Harriette K., and 
Warlow, Marv S. Graded lessons in num- 
ber. Pt. 1, First steps in arithmetic. [New 
ed.] N. Y., A. Lovell & Co., 1894. c '87, 
'94. 6H-130 p. D. cl., 40 c J2093 

Formerly known as ** Our new arithmetic.** Covers 

the first four years in arithmetic and it a natural ar- 

ranfcement of IntereBtin^^ problems, following- the 

Orube method to twenty. 

Pilling^ames Constantine. Bibliography of 
the Wakashan languages. Wash., D. C, 
Government Print. Office, 1894. 8+70 p. 
O. (Smithsonian Inst. Bureau of ethnology.) 
pap., n. p. [2093 

♦Plautus, Titus Maccius. Asinaria; from the 
text of Goethe and Schoell; with introd. 
and notes by J. H. Gray. N. Y., Macmillan 
& Co., 1894. 16% (Pitt Press ser.) cl., net, 
90 c [2094 

*Plumb, H: Blackman. Genealogy of the 
Blackmans, including the Darrows, Booses, 
Jones, Collingses, Plumbs, and Hydes. 
Rochester, N. Y., E. Darrow & Co., 1894. 
22 p. 8", cl., net, $1.50. [2095 

♦Poe, Edgar Allan. Works; ed. by J. H. In- 
gram. N. Y., Macmillan & Ck)., 1894. 4 v., 
12% cl., $5; hf. cf., $10. [2096 

Pollard, J: Garland. The Pamunkey Indians 
of Virginia. Wash., D. C, Government 
Print. Office, 1894. 4-19 p. O. (Smithsonian 
Inst. Bureau of ethnology.) pap., n. p. 

♦Pollock, Sir F: A treatise on the law of 
torts in obligations, arising from civil 
wrongs in the common law. New Am, 
from 3d Eng. ed.; elaborated with notes 
and references to Am. cases, by Ja. Avery 
Webb. St. Louis, The T. H. Thomas Law- 
Book Co., 1894. c. 26-h808 p. O. shp., $5. 


Porter, Rose, comp. and ed, A gift of peace 
and loving greetings for 865 days. N. Y. 
and Chic , Fleming H. Revell Co., 1894. c 
5-253 p. S. cl., $1; $1.25; silk, $1.75. [2099 
ABihletext and a selection of prose or poetry for 

every day In the year. 

*PoulBBon, Emilie. In the child's world; il. 
by L. J. Brid^man: a book of morning 
talks, and stones for kindergartens, pri- 
mary schools, and homes. Springfield, 
Mass., Milton Bradley Co., 1894. 420 p. 12% 
cl., $2. [2100 

Praed, Mrs, Campbell. Outlaw and law- 
maker: a novel. N. Y., Appleton, 1894. 
c. *92, '94. 4+359 p. D. rAppleton's town 
and country lib., no. 146.) cl., $1 ; pap., 
50 c. [2101 

An old-fashioned story of love, adventure a' d dis- 
guised (gentlemen outlaws. The scenes are laid in the 
English government ciroles of AuHtralia. The heroine, 
a poor and very beautiful girl, after playing fast and 
loose with the hearts of many good men, is finally con- 

?[uered by the outlaw whose romantic exploits have 
ed her imagination for years. 

Quain, Jones and R: Quain's elements of 
anatomy; ed. by E: Albert Schftfer and Q: 
Dancer Thane. In 3 v. V. 3. Pt. 3, Or- 
gans of the senses, by E: A. Sch&fer. lOth 
ed. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1894. 
2-f 165 p. il. O. cT., $3. ^ T [2103 

Digitized by VrrOOQlt 

/»(y 7, '94 [-AV. 1 171] 

The FubUshers' Weekly. 

'"Bawnaley, H. D. Literary associatioDS of 
the English lakes. In !3 v. V. 1, Cumber- 
land, Keswick, and Southey's country. V. 
2, Westmoreland, Windermere, and the 
haunts of Wordsworth. N. Y., Macmillan 
& Co., 1894. 12%cl., $4. [3108 

^Reardon, G:Evett, and Dugan, Ferdinand 
C, comv^. Forms of de^, mortgages, 
etc., and wills, with attestation clause used 
in the several states and territories; also, 
acknowledgments for all legal instru- 
ments and judicial oaths, and before whom 
taken in the U. S. territories and foreign 
countries. Bait., Md., King Bros., »r«., 
rKeardon& Dugan,] 1894. c. 8 1, 4064-22 p. 
O. shp., $8. [210. 

R3ran, Mvi. Marah Ellis. A flower of France: 
a story of old Louisiana. Chic, Rand, 
McNally & Co., 1894. c. 5-327 p. D. cl., 
fl. [2105 

The scene is laid in New Orleans in 1798, during the 
time of the Spanish occupation. Zizi, an African 
slave, who incurs the displeasure of her master, Qaston 
Le Novens, is branded according to the custom of 
those davs, with a fleur-de-lis; her vengeance falls on 
the cruel Le Noyens, and Is also the indirect cause of 
the separation of the hero and heroine, a newly 
wedded pair. The interest centres in Zlzi's final act, 
which is one of restitution, and the revelation that fol- 
lows it. 

Salomons, >SirD: Electric-light installations. 
V. 2, Apparatus: a practical handbook; 
"Xih ed. rev, and enh, with il.; an edition 
mostly rewritten of ** Electric light instal- 
lation and the management of accumula- 
tors." N. Y., D. Van Nostrand Co., 1894. 
16-f 818 p. D. cL, $2.25. [2106 

V. 1 was confined entirely to the treatment of accu. 
mulators. V. 2 relates to apparatus, and a certain 
amount of information Is given regarding their mode 
of use. The chapters are entitled: Engines; Dynamos 
and motors; Instruments; Qovemors; Switches and 
switchboards; Fuses, cut-outs, connectors, and minor 
apparatus; Arc lamps; Practical applications. 

*8haketpeare, W: Poems; with memoir by 
Rev. Alexander Dyce. N. Y., Macmillan 
& Co., 1894. 16% (Aldine poets.) net, 75 c. 


*Smith, C: Elementary algebra for the use 
of preparatory schools; rev. and adapted to 
American schools by Irving Stringham. 
N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 12', cl., net, 
$1.10. [2108 

*Smith, Eleanor. Songs for little children: 
a collection of songs an'l games for kinder- 
garten and primary schools. Pt. 1, with 
preface by Mrs. Alice Putnam. Spring- 
field, Mass., Milton Bradley Co., 1894. 
109 p. 16% cl., $1.26; pap., 90 c. [2109 

•Smith, Nora A. A Christmas festival ser- 
vice, for home, kindergarten, and Sunday- 
school. Springfield, Mass., Milton Bradley 
Co., 189^, 12% pap., 25 c. [2110 

*8oathem reporter, v. 25; cont. all the cur- 
rent decisions of the supreme courts of Mo., 
Ark., and Tenn., court of appeals of .Ky., 
and supreme court, court of criminal ap- 
peals, and courts of civil appeals of Tex. 
I^ermanent ed,, Mar. 5-May 7, 1894; with 
table of southwestern cases in which re- 
hearings have been denied; with tables of 
southwestern cases published in v. 91 and 
92, Ky. rei)orts; 116 and 117, Mo. reports ; 
4, Tex. civil appeals reports; 82, Tex. crim- 
inal reports. A table of statutes construed 
is given in the index. St. Pau^ West Pub. 

Co., 1894. c. 16+1194 p. O. (National re- 
porter system, state ser.) shp., $4. [2111 

*Spo£brd, A. R. Weitenkampf, Frank, and 
Lamberton, J. P., eds. Library of historic 
characters and famous events of all nations 
and all ages. Standard ed. In 10 v. V. 1 
and 2. Phil., W: Finley &Co., 1118 Market 
St., 1894. iL 8", cl., subs,, per v., $8. [2112 

*8tockbridge, G: Herbert. Balder the poet, 
and other verses. N. Y., Q: P. Putnam's 
Sons, 1894. 12% cl., $1. [2118 

Stone, Roy. New roads and road laws in the 
United States. N. Y., D. Van Nostrand 
Co., 1894. c. 7-hl66 p. il. D. cl., $1.50. 

A condensed account of recent progress in Ameri- 
can road-making, with details of tne examples which 
have been most conspicuously successful, and some 
suggestions for legislation and for road construction. 

^Street, Q. S. Miniatures and moods, [essays.] 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner'sSons, 1894. 
Ill p. 16% buckram, $1.25. [2115 

*Swinhnme, Algernon C: Astrophel, and • 
other poems. 2d ed, N. Y., imported by 
C: Scribner's Sons, 1894. 228 p. 12% cl., 
$2.60. [2116 

*Tacitui, Caius Cornelius. Agricola and 
Germania; with introd. and notes, by H. M. 
Stephenson. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 
1894, 16% (Pitt Prefrs ser.) cl., net, 80 c. 


Taylor, J: M. Maximilian and Carlotta: a 

story of imperialism. N.Y., G: P. Putnam's 

Sons, 1894. c. 9-f 209 p. por. O. cl., $1.50. 

Relates the sad and tragical story of .the emperor 
and empress of Mexico; also the ooliucal reasons 
which led Louis Napoleon to place Maximilian on the 
throne of Mexico, and those which influenced him to 
afterwards withdraw the support of his army. 

Thomas, Cyru<«. The Maya year. Wash., 
D. C, Government Print. OSace, 1894. 8- 
64 p. O. (Smithsonian Inst. Bureau of eth- 
nology.) pap., n. p, [2119 

Thompson, Langdon S. Educational and in- 
dustrial system of drawing. Bost., D. C. 
Heath & Co., 1888-1894. c. %8, '94. 7 series: 
1, Manual training ser., 2 v., 59; 62 p. 11. O. 
pap., ea,, 25 c; 2, Primary free hand ser., 
nos. 1-4, unp. il. ohl. D. pap., ea., per. doz,, 
$1; Primary free hand manual, 114 p. il. O. 
pap., 40 c; 8, Advanced freehand series, 
nos. 5-8, unp. il. obi. O. pap., ea., per 
doz,, $1.50; Advanced free hand manual; 

4, Model and object series, nos. 1-8, unp. iL 
O. pap., ea., per doz,, $1.75; Model ana ob- 
ject series manual, 84 p. il. O. pap., 35 c; 

5, JSsthetic ser., nos. 1-6, unp. il. obi. O. 
pap., ea,, per doz,, $1.50; .^thetic manual, 
174 p. il. O. pap., 60 c; 6, Mechaoical series, 
nos. 1-6, unp. obi. O. pap., ea„per doz,, $2; 
Mechanical manual, 172 p. il. O. pap., 75 c; 
7, Institute ser., nos. 1-2; Manual to Insti- 
tute series. [2120 

*United States courts. Forms of federal pro- 
cedure; comp., arr., and annot. by Frank 
O. Loveland. Cin.,0., W. H. Anderson & 
Co., 1894. c. 772 p. O. shp., $6. [2121 

*Virgil, [Lat, Virgilius,] Maro Publius. 
^neid, Bks. 1-8 and 4-6; literal tr. by A. 
Hamerton Bryce; with English notes, in- 
trod,, and memoir* N. YxrMacmillan & 

Digitized by v3 


The Publishers* IVeehfy. 

[J\ro. 1171] /ufyj/^4 

Ck)., 1894. 8% (Beirs classical translations.) 
pap., net, ea., 80 c. [2122 

^Virginia. Acts and joint resolutions passed 
by the general assembly of the state auring: 
the session of 1893-94. Richmond, J. H. 
O^Bannon, supt. of public printing, 1894. 
no. c. 1051 p. O. hf. shp., |2. [2123 

Waring, G: E , jr. Modern methods of sew- 
age disposal for towns, public institutions, 
and isolated houses. Is, Y., D. Van Nos- 

trand Co., 1894. c. 6-h252 p. D. cl., $2. 


Brings into convenient form, and within moderate 
limits, the more important results of the study and 
experience of many engineers, chemists, and biologista 
who have within the past quarter of a century ex- 
ploited the various methods of sewage disposal. 

*Weaver, Elmily A. Paper and scissors in 
the school-room: a practical and^tematic 
course in paper folding and cutting for all 

grades in the public and private schools, 
pringfield. Mass.. Milton Bradley Ck>., 
1894. il. 12% pap.. 26 c. [2125 


Ambrican Book Co.. N. Y. 
Maxwell, Introductory lessons in English 
grammar, ntw issut 40 

W. H. Anderson ft Co., Cin., O. 
Kinkead and Black, Self preparation for 

final examination, ided, rev, andenLnet, $3. 50 
United States Courts, Forms of federal 

procedure 6.00 

D. Applkton ft Co.. N. Y, 
M6neval. Memoirs of Napoleon i., v. i.. 3.00 
Praed, Outlaw and lawmaker ( A. T. C. L.) 

50 c; 1. 00 
Banks ft Bros.. N. Y. and Alb. 

Hagan. On 'disputed handwriting 3 . 50 

Bancroft- Whitney Co., San Francisco, Cal. 
California, Supreme ct,^ Repts.. v. 100 
(Pomeroy) 4.00 

Milton Bradley Co., Springfield, Mass. 

Bradley, Color in the kindergarten 25 

Mackenzie, The kindergarden blackboard. 60 

Page, Froebel the man and his woric 25 

Poulsson, In the child's world 3.00 

Smith (Eleanor), Songs for little children, 

pt. 1 90 c. ; 1.25 

Smith (N. A.), Christmas festival service. 25 
Weaver, Paper and scissors in the school- 
room 25 

The Brown Print. Co.. Montgomery, Ala. 
Alabama, Supreme ct.^ Repts., v. 97 
(Houghton) 3.75 

M. CURLANDKR. Bait.. Md. 
District of Columbia, O, of appeals, 
Repts., V. 1 6.50 

E. Darrow ft Co.. Rochesii.T. N. Y. 
Plumb, Genealogy of the Blackmans.if^/, 1.50 

Edwin W. Dayton, 641 Madison Ave., N. Y. " 
Dayton, Scarabs i . 75 

William Finley & Co., 1113 Market St.. PhiU. 

Spo£ford, Weltenkampf and Lamberton. 
Library of historic characters, Standard 
ed., V, I and 2 subs,, ea,, 3.00 

Government Print. Office. Wash., D. C. 

Pilling, Bibliography of the Wakashan 
languaires n, p. 

Pollard, The Pamunkey Indians of Vir- 
ginia n,p, 

Thomas, The Maya year n, p. 

Harper ft Bros., N. Y. 

Davis, Van Bibber and others 60 

H. Harrison, Atlanta, Ga. 

Georgia, Supreme cU, Repts., v. 9i(Pec- 
ples and Stevens) 5.00 

D. C. Heath ft Co., Bost. 
Thompson's educational and industrial 
series : 7 series, i. Manual training 
series, 2 v m., 25 

2. Primary free hand, nos. I to 4... A>.,^<e«., fi.oo 
Manual to above 40 

3. Advanced free hand. nos. 5 to 8. ea, , doz„ i . 50 
Manual to above 

4. Model and object, nos. i to 3 . . /a. , dot, , i . 75 
Manual to above 35 

5. i£sthetic series, nos. i to 6. . .ea,, dot., 1.50 
Manual to above 60 

6. Mechanical series, nos. i to t,,ea., dot,, 3.0a 
Manual to above 7$ 

7« Institute series, nos. i to 2 

Manual to above 

International News Co., N. Y. 
Mnret, Encyclopaedic English-German dic- 
tionary, pt. 12 subs,, 50 

S. S. IszARD, 600 Grand Bidg., Phila. 
Patterson, Principles of the law of real 
property, pt. i 2.0a 

Laird ft Lee. Chic. 

American ambassador (The) 25 

The Lawyers' Co-op. Pub. Co.. Rochester. N. Y, 
Lawyers' reports annotated, Bk. 22. ... 5.00 

Longmans. Green ft Co.. N. Y. 
Derby, Speeches and addresses of Edward 

Henry 15th Eari of Derby, 2 v 7.00 

Forster, Major Joshua i .00 

Frankland. Mico-organisms 5.00 

Hall, Manual of Christian doctrine 30 

Hardy. Christianity and the Roman gov 

ernment 1.50 

Quain, Elements of anatomy. icM ///., 

V. 3, pt. 3 3.00 

A. LoVELLft Co., N. Y. 

Burke, Fairy tales for little readers 30 

Peck, Graded lessons in number, in 2 pts., 
pt. I, 40 c. ; pt. 2 75 

Macmillan ft Co.. N. Y. 

Aristophanes, The Archarnians 30 

Cicero, Pro L. Murena oratio ad judices, 

net, 60 
Dodgson, Curiosa mathematica, pt. 2, yi 

ed #f//, 75 

Euripides, The Hecuba net, 60 

Lee, Dictionary of national biography, v. 

39 **ft, 3.75 

Macpherson, Life and letters 2. 50 

Muller, Sacred books of the East, v. 4g,net, 3.25 

Nichols, Laboratory manual of physics.#f^/. 3.00 

Plautus, Asinaria net, 90 

Poe, Works, 4 v ./r;% . . ..Is J 10.00 

Digitized by V:rOO V 16 

July T/^^ [No. 1x71] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 

Macmillan & Co,— Coniinued, 
RawDsley, Literary associations of the 

English lakes, 2 v $4.00 

Shakespeare, Poems '. net, 75 

Smith, Elementary algebra net^ i . 10 

Tacitus, Agricola and Crermania net, 80 

Virgil, i£neid, Bks. 1-3 and 4-6. ,ea,, net, 30 

A. N. Marquis & Co., Chic 
Burroughs, The Marie Burroughs' art 
pdk'tfolio of stage celebrities . . . .|a. 50 ; 2. 75 

J. B. Martindale, Chic. 
Martindale's American law directory, 
1894-95 10.00 

J. H. O'Bannon, Richmond, Va. 
Virginia, Acts and joint resolutionr, 1893- 

94 3.00 

G. P. Putnam's Sons, N. Y. 

Hoffman, The sphere of the state i . 50 

Jacobi, Common sense applied to woman 

suffrage i.oo 

Stockridge, Balder the poet i .00 

Taylor, Maximilian and Carlotta i . 50 

Rand, McNally & Co., N. Y. and Chic. 

Argles, The red house 50 

Carpenter, A modern Rosalind 50 

Ryan, A flower of France i.oo 

Reardon & Dugan, Bait., Md. 
Reardon and Dugan, Forms of deeds, 
mortgages, etc 3.00 

FuuciNG H. Revbll Co., N. Y. and Chic. 

Murray, Love made perfect SO 

Porter, A gift of peace $1 .25 ; i . 75 

Roberts Bros., Bost. 

Bates. The torch-bearers 50 

Dostoievsky, Poor folk 1. 00 

Press of Rockbridge County News, Lexing- 
ton, Va. 
Graves, Summary of the law of real prop- 
erty $2.50 

Charles Scribner's Sons, N. Y. 

Conder, Landscape gardening, a y,,,net, 25.00 

Dowden, Introd. to Shakespeare i .00 

Maitland, Masters of German music i . 75 

Moore, The strike at Arlingford i . 75 

Street, Miniatures and moods i . 25 

Swinburne, Astrophel, 2d ed 3 . 60 

C. H . Sergel Co. , Chic. 
Moore, Esther Waters 50 

John W. Shepherd, Montgomery, Ala. 
Alabama, Supreme et,, Repts., v, 89 
(Shepherd) 3-75 

Spon & Chamberlain. N. Y. 

Britten, Former clock and watch makers 
and their work .'. 3. 00 

Dresel, Theory and construction of a ra- 
tional heat motor 3. 50 

Graham, On the construction and working 
of regenerator furnaces f i ; i . 35 

The F. H. Thomas Law-Book Co., St. Louis, 

Pollock, On the law of torts in obligations 
arising from civil wrongs, new Am, ed. 5.00 

D. Van Nostrand Co.. N. Y. 
Salomons, Electric-light installations, 7M 

ed. rev. and enl, , v. 2 2. 35 

Stone, New roads and road laws i . 50 

Waring, Modern methods of sewage dis- 
posal 3.00 

F. Warne ft Co., N. Y. 
Homer, Iliad and Odyssey i .00 

West Vjjb. Co., St. Paul, Minn. 
Southwestern reporter, v. 25 4.00 


SeU<iedyr0m ike current [L0nd0n\ ** Pmhiitkers* Cir- 

Brine, L. TraTcIt amoDgtt American Indians: their 
ancient earthworks and temples. Including a journey 
in Guatemala, Mexico, and Yucatan, and a visit to the 
ruins of Patinamit, Uutlan, Palenque, and Uzmal. 8°, 
490 p., ats '.. Law 

I>idon, H. Belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ. Post 
8^, 340 P., 5t fi»mi 

VxLtvih al Habashah ; or, the conquest of Abyssinia. 
By Shlbab al Din Ad. Mad B. Abd al Kadir B. Uth- 
matn. Bd. by A. Strong. Ft. i. 8«, sewed, 3s. 

Wiiiiams dK A^ 

HareoXy B. Practical manual of painting in oil colors. 
Translated by H. B. Hayes. With numerous il. by the 
author. 4 parts, post 8", is. each ; i v., 58 Rovmey 

Haydn* J. Book of dignities, yl ed,y continued to the 
present time. With numerous additional lists and index 
by Horace Ockcrby. 8*, i j88 p., ass W. H. AlUn 

"Bierly, T). M. The law of trade marks, trade names, and 
merchandise marks. With chapters on trade secret and 
trade libel, ass Sweet dr* M 

Mason, P. H. Hebrew exercise book. (Hebrew-Bnglish 
and Bnglish-Hebrew exercises.) With practical gram- 
mar of the word forms, and an appendix and ubles. 
8*, 470 p., xas. 6d Stmpkin 

BawnsloTy H. D. Literarv associations of the BngHth 
lakes. V. xt Cumberland, Keswick, and Southey*s 
country. V. a : Westmoreland, Windermere, and the 

* haunts of Wordsworth. Post 8<*,ss. each, net.Simpkin 

BiTinglon, 5. The publishing house of Rivington. 
8*, 84 p., 6s Rivington 


Boston. Mass.— J. G. Cupples. the Boston 
publislier,has associated with himself as partner 
Mr. H. W. Patterson. The style of the new firm 
will be Cupples & Patterson. Mr. Cupples is 
well Icnown to the boolc trade and to the buyers 
of literature throughout the country. Mr. Pat- 
terson is a young man of means and unusual ex- 
ecutive ability, with a strong taste for publishing. 
The new firm will publish, sell and import books. 

Kansas City. Mo. — B. Glick will resume 
business in the old line — books and stationery — 
at 710 Main Street. He will be pleased to re- 
ceive catalogues and lists from publishers and 
manufacturers. We take pleasure In welcoming 
Mr. Glick back again into our ranks. 

New York City.— Braun, Clement & Co., 
successors to Maison Ad. Braun & Co., publish- 
ers of fine art works, will establish an agency in 
this city at 257 Fifth Avenue, under the manage- 
ment of C. Glucksmann, formerly with the Ber- 
lin Photograph Co. They will t)e open for 
business on August i. 

Philadelphia. Pa.— The Gebbie Publishing 
Co. have removed their office to 1710 Market 
Street, and their factory to the N. E. corner of 

33d and Arch Streets. C^ r>^r>.rAn)^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


The PubUsheri Weekly. 

{No. iiyijya/jy, "94 


JULY 7. 1894. 

The editor does not hold himaelf responsible for the 
▼iewt expressed in contributed articles or communications 

All matter, whether for the reading-matter columns or 
advertising pages, should reach this oflBce not later than 
Wednesday noon, to insure insertion in the same week*s 

*'/ hold every man a debtor to his profession , 
from the which^ as men do of course seeh to re^ 
ceive countenance and profit^ so ought they of duty 
to endeavor themselves by way of amends to be a 
help and an ornament thereunto" — Lord Bacon. 


The qnestion of dramatic copyright has been 
freshly brought up by the presentation to Con- 
gress of a petition signed by over two hundred 
dramatists and some two thousand managers 
and members of the dramatic profession, urging 
the revision of existing copyright laws, and ap. 
pealing for the adoption of measures to check 
the piracy of plays. The amendments proposed 
were discussed recently by the House Com- 
mittee on Patents, when the chairman, Mr. 
Covert, urged that they be reported, and made 
an earnest plea for the speedy passage of the 

The petition as it stands presents some inter- 
esting facts regarding dramatic conditions in 
this country. There are now in the United 
States some three thousand theatres and opera 
houses, employing about forty thousand persons, 
exclusive of actors and actresses. From four to 
five thousand players are employed in the per- 
formance of more than three hundred manu- 
script plays, written or owned by citizens of the 
United States. Naturally, the copyright in 
these plays represents a large amount of capital, 
as may be inferred from the statement that the 
cost of producing each play ranges from two 
thousand to twenty- five thousand dollars. 

The existing law regarding dramatic and mu- 
sical copyright punishes infringement by award- 
ing damages to the injured party in the sum of 
not less than one hundred dollars for the first 
and fifty dollars for every subsequent perform- 
ance. It also provides that the unlicensed 
production of a play may be restrained by in- 
junction. These provisions, however, have not 
proved an effective check to the evil, and dram- 
atists and managers complain that copyrighted 
plays are pirated all over the country with im- 
punity. They state that the piracy of successful 
new plays and the sale of stolen copies have 
become a systematic business, and that '* entire 

sections of the country, east, west, north, and 
south, are now so overrun with these unlawful 
producers of plays that reputable companies are 
completely debarred from entering them. The 
local managers and owners of theatres are no- 
where in sympathy with these unlawful produ- 
cers of plays, but it has now become almost im- 
possible for them to detect a fraudulent produc- 
tion when contracting for performances in their 

In the petition just submitted, two amend- 
ments to the existing law are asked: First, that 
In addition to being punishable by damages, 
play piracy shall be made a criminal offence,, 
with a maxium penalty of one year's imprison- 
ment; and second, that an injunction granted in 
any judicial circuit of the United Sutes shall 
hold good and t>e binding in every other circuit. 
This latter clause is both reasonable and prop- 
er. As the law now stands, an injunction is 
effective only in the circuit in which it is issued, 
so that a manager enjoined in one city has only 
to go to another outside the circuit to escape 
the injunction. The change proposed would 
effectively prevent this and would be in accord 
with sound common sense. 

The first amendment proposed is, however, 
decidedly open to question. It Is doubtful 
whether the unlicensed performance of a play 
should be made a criminal offence, punishable 
by imprisonment, but the chief and apparently 
Insurmountable difficulty in the way of such 
legislation is the lack of a definition as to what 
shall be considered raw material of plays. That 
a writer has right of property in his own plays 
is incontestable, but such right can hardly be 
claimed In the case of work that he has appro- 
priated or that he has felt at liberty to appro- 
priate. The revision or elaboration of a play 
by one dramatist certainly should not prevent 
the use of the original as " material '* by others. 
Among the playwrights whose names are at- 
tached to this petition are several who have 
done little but rework old material and who 
have attached their names to plays taken bodily 
from foreign dramatic works. More than fialf 
of the plays produced In this country are adap- 
tations of French or German pieces, while of 
some of the more popular foreign plays there 
are from three to five adaptations In the United 
States. Is each of these adaptors to be made 
absolute owner of his borrowed material as well 
as of his original work? Exclusive rights to 
strictly original plays are easily secured under 
the existing law, but the difficulty lies in deter- 
mining to whom appropriated foreign work be- 
longs. When this question has been definitely 
and authoritatively answered the chief perplex- 
ity of dramatic copyright will have been over^ 

Digitized by 


Jmly-i, '94 [-A^^. 1171] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 



The consolidation of the Weraer Company of 
Chicago and the Columbian Book Co., of St. 
Louis, has just been made public, to deal prima- 
rily in text-books and to fight the School-Book 
Trust at all points. The Werner Company is 
capitalized for $3,500,000. Its scope is some- 
what similar to that of the American Book 

The transaction is not properly a consolida- 
tion of the two companies. It is the purchase 
outright by the Werner Company of all the 
property, copyrights, and contracts of the Colum- 
bian Book Co., of St. Louis. ^The negotiations 
have been in progress since early in January. 
They were carried on for the Columbian Book 
Co. by Prof. Thos. R. Vickroy, and for the Werner 
Company by A. Belford, manager of the Wer- 
ner Company. The latter company declined to 
pay the stockholders of the Columbian Com- 
pany in stock of the Werner Company and pre- 
ferred to give cash Instead. 

The negotiations were ratified on the 37th 
nit. at the meeting of the directors of the Co- 
lumbian Book Co. What was the consideration 
that passed in the transfer cannot be learned, 
but one of the stipulations was that Prof. T. R. 
Vickroy, the preskjent of the Columbian Book 
Co., should join the Werner Company in an edi- 
torial capacity to aid ki the production of new 

The Werner Company has also purchased the 
contracts, copyrights, and other property of 
Porter & Coates. It is also negotiating for the 
purchase of a number of other small text-book 
publishing concerns. The purchase of the Por- 
ter & Coates and of the Columbian Book Co.'s 
contracts gives the Werner Company control of 
the majority of the text-books now used in the 
St. Louis public schools. The Columbian Com- 
pany furnishes the arithmetics and Porter & 
Coates the readers used in the schools. 


With the view of bringing to Chicago the 
works of Eastern authors and to encourage 
3Foung and unknown writers, the Bow- Knot 
Publishing Co, Pontiac Building, Chicago, offer 
f 3000 in the following sums for the four best 
works of fiction sent to them before December 
51, 1894, together with a royalty of 10 per cent, 
on the retail saks of the books. The works 
must be thoroughly original in every respect, 
and the copyrights and property interests In the 
same must be assigned to the publishers: First 
prize, $1000; second prize, $500; third prize, 
$300; fourth prize, I200. 

No manuscript will be received which contains 
more than 80,000 or less than 60.000 words. 
Each story will be judged solely by its merits, 
irrespective of the reputation of Uie authors. 

Each contestant must attach a pseudonym to 
the manuscript sent, and his or her real name, 
with the pseudonym, must be enclosed in a sealed 
envelope, which will not be opened by the 
judges until the final award is made. 

Prof. Albert Alberg, of London, Eng., Miss 
Minna Irving, of Tarry town, N. Y., and Col. 
Will L. Visscher, editor of the Morning Union, 
Tacoma, Wash., have consented to act as judges. 
The result of the contest will be advertised fn 
the principal papers of the United States. 


Thx approaching " Exposition Internationale 
du Livre et des Industries du Papier," which 
begins this month in the Palais de 1' Industrie at 
Paris, and continues till December, Is held un- 
der the patronage of the Ministers of Industry, 
Public Instruction, Fine ArU, and Public Works, 
and under the immediate direction of the Paris 
Publishers' Club' (Cercle de la Librarie). The 
committee of patrons includes the names of the 
leading French publishers, of several members 
of the Academy, of well-known journalists and 
men of letters, of the directors of three of the 
great public libraries, and of members of both 
Houses of Parliament. The director-general 
Is M. Georges S6n6chal, an ex-cfficer of the 
French navy, who has had wide experience In 

The exhiblu are divided Into fourteen groups, 
subdivided into thiity-seven classes, and em- 
brace the whole circle of knowledge, industry, 
and science which enters into the production of 
books and Its kindred branches, newspapers, 
periodicals, etc. Thus, Group i. will have to 
do with everything out of which paper can be 
made and, at the same time, will offer specimens 
of the cheapest and most costly papers — hand- 
made, China, Japan, vellum, and parchments. 
Group II. is confined to the materials used in 
printing. Group iii. to the machinery, and Group 
IV. to the products, such as playing-cards, post- 
age-stamps, ex iiMs, and the finest kinds of 
lithography, etc. Photography forms Group v. 

The centre of Interest ot the exhibition will 
be found in Groups vi.-viii., devoted especially 
to books, where will be seen examples of every 
sort of volume Issued from the French and many 
foreign presses. A fine series of maps will be 
hung about the walls and the whole science of 
bookmaking will be displayed and exemplified. 
The fact that M. Gruel, president of the Book- 
binding Trade, has lent his name to the enter- 
prise, tells what may be expected in the depart- 
ment of bibliopegy. All fine art publications 
will be brought together under Group ix.. while 
Group X. — a retrospective exhibition — will con- 
tain many rare curiosities loaned by public and 
private collections, such as papyri, manuscript 
Bibles, autographs, ancient ex libris, etc., and* 
specimens of old processes employed in the 
manufacturing of books. 

Group XI. will embrace the exhibits of socie- 
ties, benevolent organizations, and co-operative 
printing offices which are In any way connected 
with the book business. Everything pertaining 
to bookcases and libraries, even to their heat- 
ing and lighting, will be grouped -by itself — 
Group XII. — while Groups xiii. and xiv. will be of 
a miscellaneous nature and will include writing- 
machines, pens, pencils, new inventions, etc. 

There will be a double jury — the •• section 
jury " and the *• superior jury." Half of the 
members of the section jury will be chosen by 
the exhibitors themselves and half by the com- 
missioner-general. The superior jury will be 
made up of the officers of the section juries. 
These juries will award diplomas of honor and 
medals of gold, vermilion, silver, and bronze, 
honorable mentions and " diplomas of collabora- 
tion." The special commissioner for the Amer- 
ican and English sections is M. Gaston Rebours, 
the representative In France of Sai^idner*! Maga^ 
•*'*'• Digitized by VjOC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

{No. xiyx] JulyT.'^A 


Emile Zola's books are the subject of con- 
siderable attention by Customs officials just now. 
Some time ago eighteen of Zola's novels were 
imported for a Northampton, Mass., man. The 
officials diligently searched them, and began to 
doubt whether or not it would be advisable to 
admit them. Inquiry at Washington showed 
that there was no ruling to esublish a precedent, 
and that collectors must decide for themselves. 
Such decision being hard to make, the opinion 
of the Boston Public Library Trustees has been 
asked. The matter will probably be considered 
at the regular meeting of the trustees of the 
Boston Library on the loth Inst. The case is 
interesting in that it will establish ground for a 
ruling for the Treasury Department. 

Geo&ob Morgan, one of the editors of the 
Philadelphia Record^ has written a novel of 
Revolutionary times entitled "In Contempt of 
Kings : a story of Whig, Tory, and the War of 
Liberty." The scene is laid in Valley Forge and 
the region surrounding It, and the story is said 
to be a strong one. 

Gborgb Moore is now revising and in part 
rewriting three or four of his short stories which 
have already appeared in the periodical press. 
The new volume, according to the London Athe- 
naum, will probably include a condensed ver- 
sion of " A Mere Accident," which was first 
published as a one-volume novel. It is not often 
that an author thus cuts down his published 

Mr. Kipling has four books in preparation — 
a second series of " Barrack-Room Ballads;" a 
second series (of four) "Jungle Stories." and 
two other volumes of short stories. One of these 
will consist of sketches which have not appeared 
in any periodical. The first of the four new 
** Jungle Stories," ** How Fear Came to 
the Jungle," has appeared in TAe Pall Mall 

R. L. Stevenson not only has two South Sea 
stories ready for the magazines, but has also in 
hand two novels, neither of which, however, Is 
to be published for some time. The one is en- 
titled " St. Ives," and relates the adventures of 
a French naval officer who was captured by the 
English and taken to Scotland, where he was 
imprisoned. The other is " The Lord Justice 
Clerk," and deals with life in Scotland during 
the latter half of the last century. 

Max O'Rbll's latest book, which is to be 
published in September, is said to be much more 
of an ambitious piece of work than anything 
which he has previously done. It does not 
concern itself with the people of any special 
country, but is an account of the whole Anglo- 
Saxon race all over the world. It is practically 
a humorous study of the development of the 
English-speaking character under all manner of 
conditions and climates, from the tropics of 
North Queensland to icebound Winnipeg. The 
humorist will also, in a sense, be his own illus- 
trator, in that he has furnished some fifty or 
more photographs taken by himself with a 
kodak machine. The book will practically 
herald, in America, the appearance of Max 
O'Rell, who sails on October 31 next for his 
fourth, and what he says will be his last, lectur- 
ing tour in the United States. 


It is said in London that two books of great 
imerest will be published in the near future — 
Macaulay's ''Journal," and Prof. Jewett's 
•• Conversations." 

The new Greek type of the Macmillans has 
been used for the first time in their lately pub- 
lished edition of the " Pbaedo." All the letters 
are based on a square, having been actually de- 
signed within a square or some proportion of it* 

The Prang Educational Co. has purchased 
from the American Book Co. the right to the 
White System of Att Instruction, The drawing- 
books, manuals, and materials of the White Sys- 
tem will be supplied by The Prang Educational 
Co. to all schools desiring that system on the 
same terms as have been heretofore given by the 
American Book Company. 

The recently published article in The Century 
on " The Gods of India," by F. Marion Craw- 
ford, was accepted by that magazine twelve 
years ago. The manner in which his new novel 
was named is thus related : " A Miss Katharine 
Lauderdale wrote to him for his autograph ; he 
sent it, and then asked his correspondent for the 
use of her name for a work of fiction, and so the 
novel was christened." 

Muck interest attaches to a work which U. 
Hoepli, of Milan, has in preparation. This is 
nothing less than a fac-«imile reproduction of 
the entire "Codex Atlanticus " of Leonardo da 
Vinci, which is preserved in the Ambroslan 
Library at Milan, and which has, of course, been 
practically inaccessible save to a favored few. 
The work will be issued in thirty-five parts, and 
only aSo copies will be printed. 

An edition of one thousand copies of Mr. W. 
M. Conway's great work, '* Climbing in the 
Himalayas," has been sold in England, where 
the book is the literary feature of the season, 
and large editions have been sold in India and 
the colonies. The American edition, published 
by D. Appleton& Co., has met with the recep- 
tion due "an epoch-making book," to use the 
language of one critical journal. 

Little, Brown & Co. will publish in Sep- 
tember a volume on "Archery" in their Bad" 
minton Library, It is written by C. J. Long- 
man and Colonel H. Walrond, with contribu- 
tions from Miss Legh,^ Viscount Dillon. Major 
C. Hawkins Fisher, the Rev. Eyre W. Hussey, 
the Rev. W. K. R. Bedford, J. Balfour Paul, 
and L. W. Maxson. The next volume, which is 
also in preparation, will be on " Dancing," by 
Mrs. Lilly Grove and others. 

Some of the friends and admirers of Walt 
Whitman, who have for some time met annually 
at Philadelphia on the occasion of bis birthday, 
inaugurated at their last meeting a Walt Whit- 
man Fellowship, which is, intended to be inter- 
national in character. The purpose of the as- 
sociation is not entirely literary, but for human 
advancement according to Whitman's ideas. Dr. 
Daniel G. Brinton, of Philadelphia, has been, 
chosen president. Any person can become a 
member by declaring himself such to the secre- 
tary and upon payment of small annual dues. 

The Pegasus Club, of Ifhiladelphia, is at last 
to publish a volume of its poems. The Pegasus 
is a club of poets. To be admitted one not only 

Digitized b 

Julyi,'^\ \No. 1 171 J 

Thi Publishers' Wukly. 


cniist be. agood fellow, bat also must have writ- 
ten verses and have had them crowned at a meet- 
ing of the club. Then being elected^ one must 
keep his end up by sending in poems to be read 
at subsequent meetings. These poems are 
printed anonymously on slips of paper, passed 
around among the members, and mercilessly 
criticised. If they are approved the author is 
requested to announce himself; if not, he is un- 
happy in silence. 

WiLUAM DowuNG, the proprietor of a news- 
stand in Philadelphia, was convicted before Judge 
Bregy recently of unlawfully exhibiting and seU- 
ing immoral newspapers, contrary to the act of 
May 6. 1887. The papers mentioned in the bill 
of indictment were the National PoHce Gautte^ 
the New York Illustrated News, and the Illus* 
Srated Police News. The jury found a verdict of 
guilty, and the judge imposed a fine of $25 and 
€osts. It is said that Richard K. Fox paid the fine. 
Mr. Fox has sent a circular to the Philadelphia 
trade aotif ylng them that the law prevents the 
Police Gazette being d||played or sold to minors. 

Th£ Crocker Index Scrap File is an ingenious- 
ly simple little device for the preservation of 
newspaper clippings. It is made of tag card 
folded in three sections, one of which is gummed 
and cross -lined, the lines being perforated 
tiearly to the edge. The slips formed by the 
cross perforations are easily detached and a 
clipping is attached to each. The clippings are 
thus folded in the file one upon another, but as 
«ach article is one line lower than the other the 
titles of the clippings are left exposed, and when 
the file is opened the titles appear one below an- 
other in index fashion. The maker and inventor 
of the file is Henry Crocker, of Fairfax, Vt. 


fANA, of Milan, is preparing to celebrate the 
twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding by a 
•congress of the Italian publishers, booksellers, 
and printers, to be held at Milan from the sec- 
ond to the seventh of September. A handbook 
will be published in connection with the festivi- 
ties, which it is estimated will embrace 480 
pages of text, aod will be made specially valu- 
able by an historical review of publishing and 
printing in Italy, and a full catalogue of all the 
names of firms engaged in publishing, booksell- 
ing, printing, paper manufacturing, type found- 
ing, etc. It will be an invaluable handbook for 
reference and therefore a good medium for ad- 
vertising. The prices are most reasonable — 
one page @ 30 frs. ($6), one-half page 20 frs. (I4). 

Swan Sonnbnschsin & Co., London, have in 
press a new work by David G. Ritchie, of 
Jesus College, Oxford, on "Natural Rights.*' 
The first part will contain an historical sketch 
of Che theory of natural rights and of the influ- 
ence of the Idea of "nature" In ethics and 
politics, followed by a philosophical analysis of 
the conception of " right." The second part 
will examine in detail the more important of the 
alleged natural rights, which have been con- 
spicuous in the American and French Declara- 
tions — the question of toleration being discussed 
at greatest length. None of the contents of the 
book have previously appeared in print, except 
a chapter on ** The Right of Property," which 
has just been published in an Italian translation, 
in La Rifortna Sociale. The work will form a 
volume in The Library of Philosophy, of which 
Mr. J. H. Muirhead is editor. 

St/BSCRiPnoNS are already being received for 

the lofty granite monolith in the form of an 
lona cross, which is to be erected to the mem- 
ory of Tennyson on the highest point of the 
western end of the Isle of Wight. As a land 
and sea mark visible for miles from every point 
this beacon cross will form a fitting memorial. 
The amounts contributed by subscribers will 
not be made public, but it is intended to send to 
England the names of the men aad women who 
acknowledge by their donations the influence 
that Tennyson has been in their lives. Sub- 
scriptions may l>e sent to Miss Fay Davis, secre- 
tary, care of Mrs. James T. Fields, Manchester, 
Mass. The enterprise is endorsed by such 
names as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Charles 
Eliot Norton, William J. Rolfe, Thomas Bailey 
Aldrich, Harriet Prescott Spo£ford, Margaret 
Deland, Dana Estes, Henry O. Houghton, 
George M. Mifflin, and many more of equal 


Thomas J. Wise, author of the *• Complete 
Bibliography of the Writings of John Ruskin,*' 
is preparing a bibliography of the writings of 
Robert Browning, which will be uniform with 
the earlier work. The volume will consist of 
five divisions ; the first dealing with first editions, 
the second with separate issues of single poems, 
the third with collected editions, the fourth with 
the poe^s published letters, the fifth with Brown- 

The trustees of the British Museum will issue 
shortly the first volume of the ** Arabic Printed 
Books in the British Museum," by A. G. Elii5, 
assistant in the Department of Oriental MSS. and 
Books. The plan followed in the work is, on the 
whole, similar to that of the " General Cata- 
logue," and the first volume, of nigh upon 500 
pages, will contain about 9000 entries, and cover 
the literature from A to L. It is well known 
that the museum is very rich in copies of early 
Arabic books printed in Europe, and all Arabic 
scholars will be grateful to the trustees for the 
complete list, which, beginning with the " Seven 
Canonical Hours " of the Greek Church, printed 
in Arabic type at Fani, a.d. 1514, ends with the 
last lithographed work printed in Bombay in 
1894. The second volume will contain full in- 
dexes of titles and subjects, and a supplement. 

Catalogues of New and Second -Hand 
Books. — Ellis 6* Elvey, 29 New Bond St.. Lon- 
don, W., Eng., Rare, curious, and interesting 
books, illustrated. (No. 77, 427 titles.)— ZT/wry 
Gray, 47 Leicester Sq., London, A. C., Eng., 
British topography. (No. 154, 24 p. nar. 12".)— 
foseph McDomugh, 53 State St., Albany, N. Y.. 
Miscellaneous, Including a large collection of 
scarce books on Freemasonary. (No. q6. 483 
titles. V—iWJ»r/tii«j Nijheff, 18 Nobelstr., Hague. 
Histoire militaire, sciences militaires. (No. 250, 
2225 titles.) — David Nutt, 270 Strand, London, 
W. C^, Miscellaneous. (No. 42, 757 titles.) — 
Bernard Quaritch^ 1 5 Piccadilly, London, A rough 
list of Orienul literature, including a portion of 
the library of the late Gen. Sir Alex. Cunning- 
ham; Pt. i: Egyptian and Coptic, Assyrian and 
Babylonian, Hebrew, Punic, Chaldee, Syriac, 
Arabic, Ethiopic, etc. (No. 142, 1305 titles. 
3</.)— y. Francis Rubles, Bronson, Mich., •• Bi- 
blioprompter," being CIrcularis singularis No. 
24, containing a short list of books for sale and 
a larger lift of books wanted by Mr. Ruggles. — 
Henry Sotheran ^ O., 37 Piccadilly. W. , Sother- 
an's Price Current of Literature, No. 534. 

The Publishers' Weekly. 

{N0. Ill i^ July T, '94 


•nip mr€ enHtUd to a from itwrtto * offiv Umsm 
for bo0k9 out of print, owoluoioo of uddro o o (in 
mmif iooum oaoeopt opooial nun^berB), to tan omtoni 
not oatooeding lOO linoo a yoar. If n%oro ihmn 
fmo Un— mro oont, tho ootoooo io at lO oo nto por 
l4MOf mnd latnonnt ohou ld bo onoioaod. Bidt /^r 
tnrrtntb»0k* ond tuck as moy b€ totily hod ffm th§ 
pnhluktrt^ mnd rt^aitd mmiifr, o» wtll o» oUmdocrtitt^ 
tm*nisjr0m mon-snbteribtrt^ mutt htpoidftr mi tkt rmit 
«/io ctutt ptr lint, 

Undtr tkt htodinc ''Bttkt ftr SaU,** tkt ckmrgt f 
tuhterihtrt and ntu-tuhtcrihtrt it lo ctntt ptr liut/tr 
tack inttrtitn. tft dtduetitn/tr rtptattd matttr, 

Undtr tkt ktading '* Bttkt/tr Exekangt;^ tkt ckargt 
it lo ctntt^ lint. Nt dtductitu/tr ttanding matttr, 

Undtr tkt ktadingr ''Siiuatitnt Wanttd^^ tnhtcrHtrt 
art tntttltd tt tnt/rtt inttrtitn tt/Avt lintt. Ftr rt- 
^aitd matttr and advtrtittmtnit ^n t n tuhterihtrt tkt 
tkmrgt it lo ctt^t ^tr lint. 

Ail ttktr tma/l advtrtittmtnit wiUit ckargtd at tkt 
uni/trm ratt tyro etnit/tr lint, Eigki wtrds may ht 
rtcmtntd tt tkt lint. 


IV tn antmtring^ plttut ttatt tdiiitn^etndititn^and 
frit*^ including f^tagt «r txprtu ekargtt. 

. American Baptist Pub. 8oc., Ohlcago, III. 
The Word of God on True Marriai^e. 
Prehistoric Races of the United Sutes, J. W. Poster, 

CbicafiTO, 1878. 

Arnnor's Old Book-8tore, Harrlsburg, Pa. 

The Hamilton Speaner, cheap. 
The Western Songster. 

Baptist Book Ooncern, Louisville. Jfif, 
Tferman's Life of Whitcfield, new copy preferred. 

N. J. Bartlett & Oo., 28 OomhIII, Boston, Mass. 

Pelt's Annals of Salem, a r. 
Upham's Salem Witchcraft, 9 ▼. 

Brentano's, 204 Wabash Ave.. Ohloago, III. 
Father Tom and the Pope, pap. 
City of Sunshine, by Alex. Allardyce. 

Brown, Eager & Hull Oo., Toledo, O. 
Songs of the Sierras, Miller. 

The Burrows Bros. Oo., Cleveland, O. 
Hurst's OtMtetrics. 1889. 
Howe's Excessive Venery. 
Gray*8 Husband and Wife. Boston, x886. 
Freer, Marsuerite d'Angouleme, a v. 
Wallace's Fresh Water AI|r«. 
Wyckofl's Silk Goods of America. 
Brockett's Silk Industry of America. 
Riley's The Mulberry Silk Worm. 
Crozier's Culture and Raising of Silk Worms. 
Any picture-books by Peter D. Thompson. 
Spaulding's Legal Tender. 
Clarke ftliall's History of the U. S. Bank. 
Anything on or relating to (books, portraits, or otherwise) 

Monroe or Van Buren. 
Simms' Origin and Significance of Scottish Surnames. 
Werth*s Bxt. Uterine Gesution. 
Oueenly Womanhood, Piatt. 
Princely Manhood, Piatt. 
Whittlesey's Cleveland. 
Alexander Henry's Travels. 
Plagg's Far West. • 

Wyth's Railroad Accidents. 

Butte Auction and Oommlsslon Oompany, Butte, 

Mont. \Catk.'\ 
Century Dictionary, 6 v., full mor. or hf . mor.— good con- 
dition only. 

W. H. Oampion * Oo., 1001 Ohestnut St., 
Phlla., Pa. 

Books and Bookmen, large pap. 
Ballads of Books^large pap. 

O. N. Oaspar, 437 E. Water 8t., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Astor Library Catalogue, 4 v., large 8", 1880. 
Nation^ v. t ; v. a, no. 61. with title and index. 
Cowell, Spirit of '76. Boston, 1850. 

Oranston & Oo., 168 Main 8t., Norwich, Oonn. 
Gabrielle Andr^, by S. Baring-Gould, pap. 
Hathercourt, by Mrs. Molesworth. 
Lucy Arlyn, by J. T. Trowbridge. 
Santa Claus Land, by A. M. Douglass. 
State binding and condition. 

Oranston A Ourts, 67 Wash'n 8t.. Ohlca^o, III. 
Thompson's Htsiory of Protective Tariflf Laws. 
Newton, On the Prophecies. 
Kerr, On Inebriety. 

Oroscup * Co., I 14 6th Ave., N. Y. 
Mahan*s Influence of Sea Power upon History, xst ed. 
** The Influence of Sea Power upon the Freodi 
Revolution and Empire, ist ed. 
Any genealogy of the Hall family. 

Oushing A Oo., 34 W. Baltimore 8t., Baltlmors, 

Von Borcke, Memoirs of the Confederate War for Inde- 
Damreil A Upham, 283 Washington 8t., Boston* 

Educatitnal Rtvitw lot Jan., 1894. 
Captain of the Guard, pap. or cl. 
Vicissitudes of Families. 
Tristram of Lyonesse, Swinburne. 
Song of Spring Tides, *** 

W. O. Davie * Oo., 16 E. 4th 8t.. OInclnnatI, O. 
Draper's Intellectual Development of Europe, a v. m z. 

Thos. W. Durston A Bon, Byracuse, N. Y. 
Good second-hand copy Life and Letters of George Sel.- 

Life and Letters of Horace Walpole. 
Curtis* Russia, pap. Pub. by ^Uord Clark. 

A. Flanagan, 262 Wabash Ave., Chicago, III. 
Shakespeareii Phrase-Book, formerly pub. by Little* 
Brown A Co., second-hand or new. 

Fitzgerald * Oo., Holyoke, Mass. 
Cttmt^litan Mmganint^ July, 1893. 

Qammel Book Oo., 818 X>ongress Ave., Austin* 

V. aa, aj and 34, and Supp. 4 and 5, sheep, of Stoddart 

ed. of Britannica. 
V. 4, 5 and 7, Index Catalogue of Surgeon-Genera]*a 


The Gestefeld Library and Publishing Oompany, 

29 W. 2ath 8t., N. Y. \Cath,'\ 
Babbitt, Principles of Light and Color. 

Henry Goldsmith, WInfleld, Kas. 
H. E. Lindcrman, Money and Legal Tender in the U. S. 

New York, 1877. 
H. D. Barrows, Silver and Greenbacks. Los Angeles, 

Sumner, History of American Currency. 
Verne, Jules, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, 

il. ed. 
Scribntr'^t Monikly^ March to Nov., xSga. 

The T. 8. Qray Oo., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Saltus, Philosophy of Disenchantment, cl. 

** Anatomy of Negation, cl. 
Flammarion, Omega, cl. 
Esquemeling, Buccaneers of America^ 4 v. 

H. Gregory's Book-Btore, Providence R. 1. 

John Whopper. 

W. B. Harlson. 69 6th Ave.. N. Y. 
a copies Catkolic Wtrld. Nov., 189*. 
Books That Have Helped Me. Appletom 

J. A. Hill A Oo.. 44 E. 14th 81, N. Y. 
V. 3 Guixot's History of England, brown cl., Worthington 
ed. (4 V.)— new or good condition. 

George P. Humphrey, Rochester, N. Y. \Catk.^ 
Payne s ed. of the Arabian Nights, 13 v. 
Wheeler's North Carolhia, a v. in i. 

Hunt * Eaton, 89 Woodward Ave., Detroit, 

Experimental Researches in Electricity, by Michael Far- 
aday, 3 V. 
U. P. James, 181 W. 7th 8t., OInclnnatI, O. 

a copies Lamartines Stone Mason of St. Point, any ed. 

Wm. R. Jenkins, 861 6th Ave., N. Y 
Hayseed ; or. How to Develop Speed in the Horse. 

Jersey Oity ¥t^o Public Library. \Catk ] 
Amtrican Monthly Magauine^ v. 5, Marcb-Aug., 1835. 
Btk Marty v. 7, nos. 5 and is ; v. 8, no. 7, Dec, 1890, and 

all since. 
Kerrigan's Book-Btore, 840 Elm 8t., Dallas, 

Texas. [G»M.] 
Palmer's Buyer. 
O. Kleintelch. 334 Bedford Ave.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Ptttrton^t Magatint containing storyvThe Island of Dia> 
monds, about ,868-73. .nzedbyVjjOC 

Julyi/^^[m. I171] 

T%e Publisher s" Weekly. 



L*sc«t Bros., 81 Ohambers St., N. Y. 
Wniiamson, Tlie Money of the Bible. 

Paul LampeHy, 1 1 I Water St., Olavaland, O. 

Thoreaa, Waldeo. Boston, 1854. 

Library Assoc, Portland, Ora. 
The Ortgnnianand Indian*^ Advocate, 

W. H. Lowdarnnllk * Oo., Wathlncton, D. O. 

Racinet, L*Ornement Polychrome. 
Uppe, Materia Medica. 
Starr, GenealoKy. 

M. A. Lyon, Westflald, N. Y. 
Pickwick Papers, Copperfield ed.« dark olive cU Pub. by 

Routledge & Sons. 

March Bros., 48 E. Mulbary St., Labanon, O. 
Johnson *s Encyclopedia, 4-t. ed. 
Applcton^ Bncydopaedia of American Biography. 

Macaath Stationary Oo., 1804 Farnam St.. 
Omaha, Neb. 
Ruth Hall, by Fanny Fern. 

E. W. Nash, 80 Nassau St., N. Y. 
History of Troy, N. H. 
Draper*! Kings Mountain and Heroes. 
CoggshalPs Am. Prirateers. 
Mag. ef Am, Hist., Feb., X883. 
BrowMMcn'* JRtview, nos. i, a, 3, 4, 1844 ; 00s. 9, le, *46; 

no. 13, 'w; no. ar, '5a ; no. 8, '54 : no. 5, *57. 
Cpng, GMtt a9th Cong., xst Sess., pt. a. 

Jamas O'Nair, 621 7th St., Washington, D. O. 
Lewis and Ctark^s Rxpedition, ▼. x. Phlla., 1814. 
Yoakum*8 Hist, of Texas, y. a, cl. 

0*Nears Bench and Bar of N. C, v. a, 1859. 
Barry's Massachusetts, v. a. 

Plekaring A Ohatto, 66 Haymarkat, London, 

Scott's (Sir W. ) Waverley, 3 v., old bds, Bdinburgh. 1814. 

Scoct*s (Sir W.) Guy Mannering, 3 ▼., old bds. Bdin- 
burgh, X815. 

Scott^s (Sir W.) Tales of My Landlord, 4 ▼., old bds. 
Bdinburgh, 1816. 

Marnrat, Capuin, any of his novels in the old 3-y. Bng- 
Ush eds., in original bindings. 

Herrick*s Hesperides, Poems. 1648. Imperfect copy 
without portrait would do. 

Lever*s Rent in a Cloud, ffrceo cl. Chapman A Hall. 

Walton*s Angler. 1653. Imperfect copy. 

Wm. V. Pippan, 327 N. Oharlat St , Baltlmora, 

Hone's Every-Day Book. 

Pftmm, Mmg. Am. or odd nos. 
Theophitus Aaericanus, Brans. 

Portar * Ooatas, 1826 Ohastnut St., Phlla., Pa. 
Familiar Letters on Public Characters and Bvenu, by 

Sullivan. Boston, 1834. 
Geo. Boker*s Poems, a v. 

VioUct-le- Due's Discourses on Architecture, Osgood's 

P. O. Box 466. Richmond, Va. [Co^A.] 
Scith's History of Virdnia. 
Anything relating to Virginia. 

Publishing House of the M. K. Ohurch, South, 
Nashville, Tann. 
Closet Companion, by John AngcU James. 

Q. P. Putnam's Sons, 27 W. 23d St., N. Y. 
A Woman of the Century. 
Smith, J. L.. Hist, of Sm\thtown, L. I. 
History of Suffolk County, N. Y. 
Hannay, Satire and Satirist. 
Boutwell, Bducational Topics. 
Brigham, C. H., Memoirs and Papers. 
Brock«tt« Our Great Captains. 
Brown, A. G., Speeches, Messara, etc. 
Brown, H. S., Lectures for the People. 
Browne, G. M.. Essays and Addresser. 
Browning, B. B., Greek Christian Poets. 
Brownson, O. A., Works, a v 
Burder, G.. Memoirs of Pious Women. 
Burlce, S. H., Men and Women of Eng. Reformation. 
Child, U M.. Oasis. 
Queen SnmoKr, by Walter Crane. 

A. D. F. Randolph A Oo., 182 6th Ava., N. Y. 
UiU*s Deep Things of God. 

Roberts Bros., Boston. 
The Other Side of War, Wormaley. Pub. by Ticknor ft 

Philip Roadar, 307 N. 4th St., St. Loult, Mo. 
\(estiges of Creation— good type. 
Warder, On Hedges. 

J. F. Rugglas, Bronson, Mich. 
Fun for the Million. Appleton. 

8t. Louis Na%rs Co.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Allen's Commercial Organic Analysis, 3 v. Blakiston. 

Rose, Cyclo. Canadian Biography, a v. 

Bourinot, Cape Breton. 

Lewis, Life of Robespierre. 

Atkinson. Our National Domain. 

Rollins, New England Bygones, |a ed. 

Carlyle*s Works, 34 v.. Library ed. 

Senior's Conversations. 

St. Paul Book and Stationary Co., St Paul, Minn. 
House of Hallowell, Mrs. Henry Wood, cl. 
Red Court Farm, '» ** 

Heights of Eidelberg, Tatem, cl. 

Scrantom, Watmora A Co., Rochastar, N. Y. 
Tholuck, Sermon on Mount. 

A. H. Smytha, 41 S. High St.. Columbus, O. 

Elements of Graphical Statics and their Application to 

Framed Structures, by A. J. Du Bois. a v., 1883 ed. 
Tribmtu Almanac for 1890, *9t, '9a, '93 and '94. 

TIbbais Book Co., 26 Warren St., N. Y. 
V. II of Library of Universal Knowledge, V*^ cl. 
V. t Shedd's Doctrine. 8*». 
Index to Mtth^dUt Quaritrly. 

O. L. Travar, Tranton, N. J. [CaM.] 
N0rik Amtr, Rtv.^ 1867 to 1876. inclusive— any or all. 
Motley, United Netherlands, v. 3, black cl. 

Otto Ulbrlch, 386 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Magic White and Black, pap. 
ParacelAus, psp. 

Souvenifs of Madame Vegee Le Brun, Worthlngton x-v. 
ed. preferred. Quote on either i-v. or a*v. ed. 

John Wanamakar, Phlla., Pa. 
Unittd Strvie* Maga^int^ Jan., 1893. I^ R> Hamersley 

Gordon L. Warner, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Abel Drake^s Wife. 
Brothers and Si^ters. 

The Favorite Album of Fun and Fancy. Cassell. 
A Week in a Glass Pond, by Mrs. Swing. 

West, Johnston A Oo., Richmond, Va. 
Knighu of the Horseshoe. 


King Bros., 3 4th St., San Francisco, Oal. 
Any volumes that you want of Bancroft^ Histories of 
Pacific Sutes, leath. binding. Price, $a.5o each. 
A. Wanless, Detroit. Mich. 
Harp4r*t Wetkly^ 1891-98, hf. bound, in good order. 


A N all-around man seeks position at anything in the 
*^ book trade. Moderate salary. Address **Cumpb- 
TBNT,** care of Pubushbrs* Wbbkly. 




No. a8ixZ.— To wit : Be it remembered^ That 00 the 
19th day of April, Anno Domini 1894, Mrs. Augusta H. 
Lnrpoldt, of New Vorlc, has deposited in this oflBce the 
title of a book, the title or description of which is in the 
following words, to wit : " Beginning French : Exercises 
in Pronouncing, Spelling, and Translating, with a Vo- 
cabulary of Familiar Words, and a Collection of Easy 
Phrases and Dialogues In French and English. Bv L. 
Pylodet. New Edition, Revised and Enlarged. New 
Vork : Henry Holt & Co.,** the right whereof she claims 
ss proprietor in conformity with the laws of the United 
States respecting copyrights. 

In renewal for 14 )ears from Sept. 14, 1894. 

A. R. Spoffosd, Librarian 9/ C0ngr est, 


A S. CLARK, 34 Park Row,N. Y. City. Magarines. 
*^* pamphlets, out-of-print books. Catalogues free. 

pOMPLETE SETS of all the leading Magatinet and 
^ Reviews, and back numbers of some three thou9and 
different periodicals, for sale, cheap, at the Ambrican 
AND FoRsiGN Macazinb Dbpot, 47 Dcy St., New York. 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. ii7i]/«/>'7,'94 



WOMEN, Etc. 


The Complete Works of Geoflfrey Chaucer. Edited from numerous manuscripts by the Rer. Waltkr W. Skbat. 
Litt.D., LL.D., M.A.. Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge. In six volumes, demy 8vo, with portrait and 
fac-similes. 8vo, buckram, $4.00 each, net, 


Vol. I. ROMAUNT OP THE ROSE. Minor Poems. 

The remaining volumes will be published at short intervals during the present year. The complete set of six 
volumes is offered to subscribers at |> «*/, payable strictly in advance Payment in full must accompany each 
subscription. Subscriptions may be sent in through booksellers if the above conditions are strictly complied with. 

This edition of Chaucer, by one of the greatest authorities on early English literature, represents the unremitting 
It is the nrst modern edition which contains the whole of Chaucer's works. A corn- 

labor of a quarter of a century. 

plete commentary is fumishea, whilst in the notes every difficulty has been considered 
tional fulness. 

The glossary is of excep- 

** The volumes take rank distinctly among textual-critical editions of our great English classics, like the * Cam- 
bridge Shakespeare."*— Z./'/^'rar/ fFi^r/c/ (Boston) 


The Last Strongholds of the Alps. By the Rev. J. Sancbr 
Davies. With many illustrations. Fcap. 4to. 


By H. D. Rawnslbv, Hon. Canon of Carlisle, a vols., 
i2mo, $4.00. 

Vol. I. New Translation. 


Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnbtt. x6mo, cloth extra, gilt top, each. 
Now Ready. Vol. !« RUDIN. Furthtr volnmts in preparation. 


Or, Outlines of the History of Ownership in Afchaic 
Communities. By E. J. Simcox, author of " Natural 
Laws," etc. 2 vols., 8vo, fxcoo. 


Containing a Particular Account of His Famous Quarrel 
with Dr Johnson, and a Sketch of the Origin and In- 
fluence of the Ossianic Poems By Bailbv bAUNOBKS. 
With portrait. 8vo, cloth, $a 50. 


With the Tunes to which they are Sung. Collected and edited by Aucs B. Gomm b. Pictured in black and white by 

Winifred Smith. Oblong 8vo, ornamental, $1.30. 

*«* Also two Editions de Luxe, limited ; one printed on Kelmscott paper, bound in linen, $9 00 ntt. The other 
printed on Japanese vellum, bound in vellum, fix. 00 ntt. 

Children's Singing Games appeal to every child who loves dance and song and plav, and to every elder who is 
glad to revive the pleasantest memories of childhood. Mrs. Gomme has carefully picked out of the innumerable 
variants the best and brightest versions of both words and music. 

Second Edition, 


A Chronicle of New England Birds and Flowers. By 
Mabbl Osgood Wright. xSmo, cloth, gilt top, 75 cts. 
*** Alto a large-paper edition, limited to 350 copies, 

with twelve full-page plates. Crown 8vo, $3.00, net. 

*' There is something of tranquil refreshment about this 
little book, like a stroll in some quaint, old-fashioned 
garden, where sweet-scented flowers blow, and there is 
space, and wide branching trees, where gold-green sun- 
shine strikes through on tangled grass. . . . Seldom 
has any one written of birds so airily— their frailness, their 
liquid notes, their whirling flights, all are here."— -fl///- 
waukee Sentinel. 

A New Novel. 


Being the Life of one Emilia Fletcher, as Revealed by 
Herself in 

L Thirty-five Letters Written to Constance Norris be- 
tween July 18, 188-, and March 26 of the following 

IL A Fragmentary Journal. 

in. A Postscript. 

By Laurbncb Alma Tadsma. x8mo, cloth, gilt top, 
" It is a study of the inner workings of the human heart, 

and if the motives df a soUl were ever laid bare, it has 

been in * The Wings of Icarus ' . . . A good 

story told in an intensely natural and interesting manner." 

—Providence News 



A Monthly Journal Devoted to New and Current Publications. Price, 5 cents per number. Yearly subscription, 

50 cents. 

*«* The leading article this month is the second of the series of papers by Mr. F. Marion Chawpord, entitled 
♦* Modem Views of Mysticism.*' 

MACMILLAN & CO., 66 Flftli Avenue, New Vork. 

Digitized by VjOC 

July 7, '94 \No. iiyt] TMPubliskers' WteUy. 17 

The Best Key to Educational Books. 


American Educational Catalogue 

For 1894, 

whose value to the trade is proved by the fact that it is now in its twenty-fifth 

year, and that upwards of 

50,000 Copies Were Sold Last Season, 

claims to be the best practical aid to the dealer in or buyer of school-books. 

With its alphabetical arrangement by authors, its separate class-index, carefully 
sub-classified to an extent not followed by any other catalogue, its completeness and 
accuracy, it is presented as the best finding-list, the most convenient order-list, and the 
most satisfactory class-catalogue for school use. 

The catalogue is made entirely new each year, to omit books which have 
dropped out of use and to include all live books, and all new books (ready or 
to be ready for the Fall) are added in their proper alphabetical place. 

The page giving the key to publishers will not be given in imprint 
editions unless specially ordered. 

This Catalogue is specially planned to be of service for circulation by retailers 
among schools and private buyers. The imprint edition possesses not only temporary 
value, but will serve its purpose during the whole year. No imprint edition of less than 
zoo copies can be supplied. Orders for editions should be sent to us at once« 


Imprint edition — tvithmU publishers^ advertisements : 
With sole, imprint of ordering firm, and stitched, per 100 copies^ $5.00 / 

per 1000, $40.00. 

There is no extra charge for printing name, business card, etc., on the 
imprint page ; the last page is left blank at the disposal of the dealer, but 
any copy for that page, advertising special lines or general business, will be 
set up and printed thereon for $5.00, or for $1.00 if plate is sent. 

Copy for imprint and shipping directions should accompany the order. 

The regular Educational Number of " The Publishers* Weekly " will be supplied 
at. 25 cents per copy, or five for $1.00, postpaid. 


28 Elm Street, New York. 
?. O. Box $43- ^ T 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

i8 7^ PublUker^ Weduy. ^No. 1171] JtUy 7, 94 

TWO important handbooks for the 


The Annual American Catalogue for 1893 contains : 

(i) Directory of American Publishers issuing boolcs in 1893. 

(2) Full-title Record, with descriptive notes, in author-alphabet, of all books recorded In 

Thb Publishers' Wbbkly, 1893. 

(3) Author-, title-, and subject-index to same in one alphabet. 

(4) Publishers' annual lists for 1893. 

The edition is limited, and to secure copies orders should be sent at once. Xlie price 
i0 #3*50 lialf leatlier ; #3.00 in slieeto. 

The Annual CaUlogue for 1886, 1887, and 1891 is now out of print. But few copies of the 
Annual Caulogue for 1888, 1889. 1890 and 1891 are on hand. 

We also supply the English Catalogue for 1893, price $1.50, paper; the Annual American 
and English Catalogues, 1892, can be had In one Tolume. half leather, I5.00. 




With tJU C0^*rati0n 0/ mtmbtrs 0/ iht Amtriemn Library Ats0eiati0n and 0/ ike Lihrary j0umal ttaff. 

The Annual Literary Index for 1893 complements the "Annual American Catalogue" of 
books published in 1893 by indexing (i) articles in periodicals published In 1893 ; (2) essays and 
book-chapters in composite books of 1893 ; (3) authors of periodical articles and essays ; (4) special 
bibliographies of 1893 ; (5) authors deceased in 1893. The two volumes together make a com- 
plete record of the literary product of the year. 

The new volume includes the features of the '* Co-operative Index to Periodicals," originally a 
monthly supplement to the Library Journal, then extended Into a quarterly in an enlarged form, 
and later issued as an annual volume. 

The Annual Litbrary Index for 1893 forms the second supplement both to the new five- 
yearly volume (i 887-1 891) of Poole's Index to Periodical Literature and to the new A. L. A. Index 
to essays and book-chapters of Mr. Fletcher. 

The new volume will more than fulfil the opinion as to the Co-operative Index expressed in the 

following extract : 

" To the hterary worker iu value can hardly be over-estimated ; to the tpecialitt In any branch of science or let- 
ters it is indispensable, since it places within his immediate reach many of the latest fruits of labor in the same field . 
to evenr one who desires to be well informed it furnishes the means of making the most effective use of his time."— 
Pr0vid0nc0 Preu. 

One TOl«» Clotlly (uniform with " A. L. A. Index,") #3.50* 

P. O. Box 943. s8 Elm St&xxt (temporary offics, 54 Duaae St.), Nxw Youc* 

Digitized by V:iOOQIC 

July 7, '94 [^o. 1171] The Publishers' WeeUj. 19 

Ready at Once. 

** A very useful and reliable eteittent in our bueinese.*'— J. B. LIPPINCOTT CO. 

** One of the most tlme-sevlnK end proflteble inetrumentelities used by the trade/* 

** The most useful work for reference we have ever had for general use in the trade.** 

«*Not a day passes that we do not consult it many times."— A. D. P. RANDOLPH ft CO. 



For 1894 (Twenty-Second Year). 

Large 8vo. ^Vitfa Duplex Index. 

The Trade List Annual for 1894 wiU contain: 

I. The latest Catalogues of American Publishers, contributed by themselves 
and arranged alphabetically by the firm-names and smaller lists at the end of 
the volume. 
a. A complete list by author^ title and subject of all books recorded in The Publish- 
ers' Weekly from January to June, 1894, supplementing the Annual Cata- 
logue, 1893. 
3. The " Educational Catalogue " for 1894, which is used by the entire trade and 
educational interests as the most representative reference-list of School-books. 
The above Lists, all bound in one volume, present in their combination so con- 
venient and time-saving a working-tool as to make it indispensable to every one who 
has any interest in the purchase or sale of books. 

The patent " Duplex Index " having g^ven such general satisfaction, we are 
now applying it to all copies of the " Annual." Volumes supplied with the " Duplex 
Index '* have the alphabet printed on the concave surface as well as on the margin of 
the page, which enables instantaneous reference, whether the book is open or shut. 

Only those subscribing and forwarding amount now are entitled 
to subscription rate of 91*50 ; after publication day, and on orders for which we have 
to collect after that date, the ref^lar price will be ^,00 net. 

Remittances should be made by Check, Money Order on New York or Regis- 
tered Letter, as we cannot be responsible for any losses. Receipt for remittance will 
be sent by return mail. 

13^ Unless special shipping directions are received, copies ready for delivery 
will be despatched by express unpaid. Parties so desiring can have their copies sent 
by mail, or by prepaid book-rate express for 96 cents per copy extra. Address 


28 Elm Street (temporary office, 54 Duane St). P. O. Box 943, New Yorx. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\_No. ii7i]/w/f7, '94- 



Successors to Lkb, Shbpakd & Dilunoham. 

Publishers* Agents and Jobbers of 

Ofifer their services to the trade for the execution 
of orders for books in any quantities from single 
volumes to thousands. Thev carry the largest 
stock of Miscellaneous books in the country, and 
being established in the ireat pnbUshing centre^ 
representing the principal houses of Boston, and 
having constantly on hand their publications and 
those of the most important of the Philadbl- 
PHiA and Western publishers, they possess wifn/tMi/ 
faciHties for the prompt and careful handling of 
all business entrusted to them. 

Their long and extensive experience In the job- 
bing of books enables them to guarantee intelli- 
gent service to their patrons (whose agents they 
propose to be). Orders received in i^vaace of 
publication are recorded and promptly forwarded. 
Quotations and any other information in regard 
to books furnished on application. Trial oiders 
are solicited. 


766 Broadway, New York. 

or SUMMER BULLETIN and New Clear- 
an< e List now ready and will be sent on appli- 

What a bookseller 
should know 

. . . about . . . 

Buying Stock, 
"Window Dressing, 
Arrangement and Care of Stock, 

and some other things connected with book- 
telling is fully described in *<The Profession 
of Bookselling" (Price, $a.oo), issued by The 
Publishers' Weekly, 28 . Elm Street, New 

^ ^ ^ ^ 

**The young Bookseller can learn 
more by a thorough perusal of this 
book than he could through many 
years of actual experience.** 

— C. N. CASPAR. 

Tka Lmrgeai mnd Mo9t OtnpUU Stfeh im MMm 


J. B. Lippincott Companj^^ 



Miscellaneous and Foreign Books; School- 
Books; Suple and Foreign Sutionery ; Blank- 
Book Manufacturers and Printers for tli» 

Publications of any house fiunished prompt- 
ly, and at lowest market rates. 

Particular attentioa paid to Holiday Book» 
and Juysnilss. 



Publishers' Circular' 


SookBelUtd' ftecorb of jBritidt) anb 
fbwign Citerattiw : 

A Journal for Publishers ^ Booksellers ^ Authors^ 
Book Collectors^ Librarians^ and all who are 
interested in Literature, 


Among the general contents of each Number are 
Articles on Current Literary Subjects, Notes 
and News regarding Books. Continental Notes, 
American Notes, Jottings about Library Sales, 
Reviews of New Books and Magazine, a List of 
Books published in Great Britain' during the 
previous week, and many columns of Books out 
uf print that are wanted to purchase by Sub- 
scribers and Advertisers. 

(jrOTJff.— ^HHNaf auhoerihtro are aUo%oed thre^ 
lines free eaeh week in the ** Booka Wanted**^ 
column, aubeeription for the United Stateo anS 
the Colonies lis* per annum, post free,) 



St. Dunsun*s House, Fetter Lane, Fleet St.. E C. 

Digitized by V:iOG 

/•h 7. *94a.^^- "7i] ^^ Publishers' Weekly. 21 


5 and 7 EAST 16th STREET, N. Y., 

Miscellaneous and School Books, 

Know and satisfy the wants of the trade in the matter of Prices, 
Promptness and General Efficiency. Full Lines of all Publishers. 
St/rimg BtiUeUn of Special Bargaina (J'uat Iaaued>) Mailed on Application. 

59 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City. 

Bam Beverley Harison, 

Tiadc supplied with School-Books, School Supplies, Maps, Charts and Bdncational Supplies 
•I an kinds at hwesi Jobber' t rates. My facilities lor Purchase and Exchange of all kinds of 
School and College Tezt-Books enable me to give bargain prices on many lines. Orders filled 

Acknowlcdced the best Seh»0l and Library coTcr ia 

the market. A4/v4taiU to all aixet. N0 j^imtt •nhmek §r 

tidM to come apart. Made of heayy manilla paper, in three 

•tmplestf •\Mif%. Wholesale prices per xoo, Bzpreee paid t— No. t 

Stronsesty ^^ '*"'<' ^^ *^^t |*— No. a. Large 8to and small 4to, 

Best. It.7$.— N0.3. Large 4to, $9.50. 

"One Piece" iiynstable 




67 FlfUi Avenue, New York* 

The publications of all the leading houses constantly on hand. Orders filled on the day of 
fscdpt. Trial orders are solicited. Estimates promptly furnished. Send for our special 


W. B. CLIVE, Publisher, 
London. Ca/mbridge. New York. Sydney. 

Complete List of Books, embracing Ancient Classics, Mathe- 

maticSi Modern Languages, Philosophy, and 

Science, mailed free on application. 


^ FliUa ATenite, .... 

Digitized by 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

{No. 1 171] Julyi, '94 



Modern Scientific Whist. 


A digest « by a practical whitt-player, that will be appre- 
ciated by the beginner for iu simplicity and clearness, 
and by the expert for its comprehensiveness. The most 
exhaustire treatise ever written on the subject of Whist. 

X vol., large xamo, 600 pases ; over 5000 pip illustrations: 
a68 diagrams, and 90 ubles. Beautifully printed in red 
and black, on paper specially manufactured for this 
book. Bound in cloth, gilt, fa.oo. 

Tk€ TrtuU su/^tied by ih4 JcUert. #r ^rdtrt may hi uni 
direct t0 ih4 FmbluJUrt, 

BRENTANO'S, 31 Union Square, New York. 

Headquarters for Whist Literature* 

Send for Catalogue of Whist Books. 




Catahgues and Scientific Works a Specialty. 

149, 151, 153 LEONARD STREET, 

MB^fir iroRJK* 

Printers of The Publlehers' Weekly, Literary Newt, 
Library Journal, Annual Amerloan Oataloffue* 



m to 416 Pearl Street, Rei TorL 

Special FaeilitUs for Catalogue, Color, and 
Book Work. 

Remofed to 136 Elghtb Street, Rei Tort 
J. H. Vaif & Co., 

Succ$utrt t0 tki J^hhimi amd 

Rttail D*partm4nt •/ Wm, 


Medical Publishers, 
Booksellers, and 
^__ Imoorters. 

TrfuU'LUts and General Catalogues of Medical 
Books furnished on application . 


Ube Xfterars (Sallen^ 

6th Street (near Union Square), New 

aa Bast i6th Street (near 

Publishing Dbpartmbnt. 

The Library of AmerlcMi 

{fixAd \t\tMb9toTiption onl^.) 

Thaoher^ Oonttnent ol 
Corrt9p0nd4mce imvHtd, 

Square), New York 
Retail DaPAKTMaarr. 
Rare and Gholoe Books. 
Hiatoiical ManuMiipte 

and Atttograra f^etten. 


Caimtegtus ittmtd. 


BaTAeuaMBo !•••. 

TBLBaRAm«ie and oablb AOORBaa: Kiaou, London. 


Export Bookseller, Anericaii Literary Ageit 

Attends to the execution of ordere in eTCiy branch of the 
btttinesB. Special attention given to out-of-print bookB« 
first editions, etc. Correspondence solicited. 

C. D. CAZENOVE. 26 Henrietta Strset, Csvtnt Gtrdsa 



Plays, Readings, Speakers, 
Games, Dlalos:ues, 5ports. 

Sole Agents for the Dramatic PubUcatlons of 
JOHN DICKS, London. 

Send/er Commute Catahgue, 
R. H RUSSELL & SON, Proprietors, 33 Row St., Nsw York 


Dlalocuo Books, Rocltatlons, 

Lottor-Writors, Qamo Booka, 

Dream Booka, Danelng Quldas. 

Maaonle and Hand Booka of all kinds. 
Catmhgutt sent en appHeatmn hy 

DICK & FITZQERALD, Publishers. 
x8 Ann Street, Mew irork* 


Books, Reviews, and Newspapers 




224 Rue de RlvoU, 


65 Bast ath Street, NEW TOBK. 



Works on Architecture^ 
Decoration, Furniture, 
and Ornamentation. 



851 and 853 Sixth Avenue (N. W. Cor. 48tk St.), New York. 


and other forol^n 

School and College TexU, 

Miscellaneous Literature, 

French Plays. 


(Sclontlfic and Popular) 


or works treating on Horses, 
. Cattle, Dogs, etc 

TrtuU List ond General CmtaUgntt m^iU. 

Ce Fa LIBBUB & COoy 


666 WASHINGTON ST., Cor. Beach St., ip one fight, 


1/ yu have Books ^ Autogra^hs^ Bmiravings^ New^ 
papors^ etc,^ to dispose o/^ communicote with ns. C4ta^ 
togmes on mpplieatwn. 

July 7, "94 \No. 1171] 

The PublUher^ Weekly, 




Etchings, Photogravures, - - - 
- - Large Plates, Calendar Work. 

C. B. UCHTENSTEIN, 36 Colambus Ave.,Bo8toii. 


79 Naisau Strkbt, N«w Yokk, AMD LoNDOM, Bnglams. 

Inporter of Standard English Books, 


Catalocuei iatued bi-moothly, and tent gratis to aay 
addren, on application. 

A SPECIALTY of onr business it the pick- 
ing np, on commission, of out-of-prints for 
Libraries and the Trade. 'Twill pay yon to 
give us a trial. 
Special Bargain Lists issued monthly. 

S. F. McLEAN & CO.. 
13 Cooper Union, - NEW YORK. 

«« A Flood of Light on Shakespeare.** 

BUstorie Warwvicksltlre. Its Romantic, Historic, 
and Legendary Lore. By Tom Buacass, F.S.A. Edit- 
ed by JoMph Hill. Copiously illustrated in the finnt 
style of art, and printed on fine paper. 4to, handsomely 
bound in doth, gilt top, other edges uncut, xos. nti, 


Bookmen, Birmingham, Engtand. 

Catml0£mes 0/ valn^bU teeond-kand h00kt matUd free ie 
0ny mddress in the world en applUation, 


26 City HaU Place, N. Y. 

Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals, 
Libraries, Books, Stotionery, Novelties, and 
all Stock Required by Wide-Awake Dealers. 

Subscriptions to all Periodicals, Domestic 
and Foreign. 

John H. Scudder's Sons, 


228 Wast Court Straat, 


Eclectic Medical PubUcatiene 

J. H. YAIL ft CO., Hew York. 


H. U Soodier, PARIS, 

Wholksalk DCALKN. 

174-176 BoolmrA 8t.-afiBil&. 










Publiekers and Importers^ 
ZS CU»rtlatt«t 8t., - KBYY YORK. 

JotrhFsj^ limperfafion 

of German Publications. Books, Pamphlets, 
PeriodicalB, Maps, eta — if not on hand ~ 
procured within the shortest possible time, 
generally only 4 or 5 weeks. Orders sent by 
Cable when necessary. 

E. Steierer & Co., New Yorlc. 

•^I^li^^^l_l Em. Terquem, PARIS, 

^ 3IU1, Boslmrd ] 





The Truth Seeker Company, 

j8 Lafayette Place, New York. 


Ingersoll, Paine, Voltaire, and other Lib- 
eral and Freethought Works. 

Order Tlu-ongli Tour Jobber, or Direct. 


Publishers axid Booksellers, 

30 West Street, Bostoa. 

69 Dearborn Street, Chicago. 
EUGEME F. EHDICOTT, Gentrat Agent. 


Adjustable Book-GoTers, 


60 Ann Street, 19ew Yorlcs 


French, German, and Engfish Books. 

Lares Stock. Importation to order from all parts of 

the world. 

WiiigeVSf Th4mn&'^reu99er^» and other German 

and Bnglisb Dictionaries. Tauehnitm Bdition. Tntb' 

nor and Tauehniim Greek and Latin Classics. Gnun- 

and Dictionaries in all Laniruaffes. 


Electrotype Plates of 57 Nov- 
els. See page 949, Ptihlishers^ 
Weekly, June 30. 


Koch*s Patent Binders, for The Publishers* 
Weekly, supplied to snbscrihei;^ on receipt of 
90C.. postpaid. Digitized by GOC^ 


The Publisher^ Weekly. 

[No. 1171] /tay^,'9A 

Books for Summer Travellers. 

D. APPLETON & 00.. N«w York. 

▲ppletons* G«nerml Guide to tlie United 
States* With maps mod illustrationt. One volume 
complete, flexible morocco, with tack, $9.50. Part I., 
■eiMirately, New Boffland and Middle Sutet and Can- 
ada, cloth, $1.35. Part II., separately. Southern and 
Western States, cloth, $1.95. 

Appletons' Handbook of Sammer Reeorte. 
with maps and illustrations. Small 8vo, paper, yacx 

Appletone* Canadian Gnlde-Books Part I*^ 
Kutern Canada and Newfoundland. By Chas. G. D. 
Roberts. With maps and illustrations. lamo, lx.95. 

Appletone* Canadian Galde-Book* Part 
II, 9 Western Canada. By Brnest IngersoU. With 
maps and illustrations, xamo, |x.a5. 

AppIetons> Gnlde-Book to Alaska* By Miss 
B. R. Sddmore. With maps and illustrations, xamo, 

Appletons' DIctlonarjr of Neir York and 
Its Vicinity* x6mo, paper, 90c.; flex, doth, 60c 

Appletonn' European Guide* With maps and 
illustrations, a vols., x6mo, morocco, tuck, 9s.oo. 

Tbe DFhIte Mountalne* By Rct. J. H. Ward, 
xamo, cloth, 


Caesell's Pocket Guide to Bnrope for 1894* 

With maps, etc. Bound in leather, I1.50. 

The model book of its kind for accuracy, fulness, legi- 
bility of text and maps, compact beauty and usefulness, 
and very moderate price. 

Boston Illustrated* Paper, 50c. 
Satckel Guide to Bnrope. Edition for 1894. Ix.50. 
Bncland HTItbout and DFItbln* By Richard 

Grant White. $a.oo. 
Sweetser's Neir Bncland* f x.50. 
Sweetser'slVblte mountains, fx.50. 
Sireetser's maritime ProTtnces* $ 
Nantucket Scraps* By Jane G. Austin, fx.50. 
mrs. Thaxter's Amonc tbe Isles of Sboals* 

''*^ MACMILLAN & OO., Nsw York. 
Uiakespeare's Bncland* By William Winter. 

x8mo, cloth, lirilt top, 75c. 
New edition, reTised, with numerous illustraHons. 

Crown 8to, cloth extra, giltedges, fa.oo. 
Graj Days and Gold* By William Winter. tSmo, 

cloth, gilt top, 75c. 
A Trip to Euffland* By Goldwin South. xSoio, 

cloth, gilt top, 75c 
Oxford and Her OoIIeses t A View from the Rad- 

cliffe. By Goldwin Smith. xSmo, cloth, gilt top, 75c. 
lilfe on tbe Lagoons* By Horatio F. Brown. Sec- 
ond edition, revised. With illustrations, xamo, cloth, 


THOMA8 NEL80N & 80N8, Nsw York. 
Tbe SouTcnlr Series of Gulde-Books* Bach 

with 34 chromo views and guide-book. In elegant 

binding, cloth extra, illuminated side, each, |t.oo. 
Clyde and UTest HIsblands— Bdlnbursb— 

Glasgoir and West Coast— Isle of Wlffbt— 

liondon— I«akes of Klllarney* 
Bnsllsb Scenerjr* xao views, ^to, cloth, $a.<o. 
SoUTcnlr of Scotland. Its cities, lakes, and moun- 

tains, xao chromo views. 4to, cloth, la.50; Clan Tar- 

tan, boards. $4.00. 
Bambles In Rome* By S. Russell Forbes. With 

maps, plans, and illustrations, xamo, cloth extra, I1.50. 
Rambles In Naples* By S. Russell Forbes. With 

maps, plans, and illustrations. New and enlarged edi- 
tion, xamo, cloth extra, ft. 35. 

Jackson (Belen [*< H. H.'>]). Glimpses of 
Tbree Coasts* xamo, ft 50. 

These are '* Biu of Travel ** In California and 
Oregon, Scotland and England, and Norway, Den- 
BiarK, and Germany. 

Ramona* A Sto^. xamo, $1.50. 

Most delightful glimpses of So. California. 

Bits of TraTcl* illustrated. Square xSmo, 

Bits of TraTcl at Home. Square iSmo, 

Drake (Samuel Adams)* Old IiattdmarSg» 
and Historic Personages of Bostosi* 

With 93 illustrations, xamo, fa.00. 
Old liandmarks and Historic Fields of 

nidillesex* With 39 illustrations and maps, xamo, 

Catbedral Dayv. A Tour Through Southern Bjsff- 

land. Dodd (Anna Bowman). Illustrated from sketcbes 

and photographs by B. Bldon Deane. xamo, $a.oo. 
▲loba* (A Hawaiian Salutation.) By G. L. Cbamy. 

Travels in the Sandwich Islands. With illustrations 

and map. x6mo, %x .30, 

QEORQE ROUTLEDdE & SONS (Ltd.), Nsw York* 
Hare*s (AaKiistas J • O.) InTainable I4terary 

Companions : 
Walks In liOndon* 100 illustrations, $3.50. 
IValks In Rome* Seventeenth edition, I3.50. 
Days near Rome* Many illustrations, a vols.,9s-oo. 
IValks In Paris* 48 illustrations, $3.00. 
Days near Parts* 4a illustrations, la.50. 
Oltles of Nortbem Italj* Illus., • vols., •s'Oo. 
Cities of Central Italj* Ulus., a vols., •S'Oo. 
Bdwards (Amelia B*)* A Tbonsand Miles 
Up tbe Nile* Profusely illustrated, $a.5o. 

Ar#w gdiiUn/fr 1894. 

Tbe Index Galde to TraTcl and Art Study 

In Knrope* By Lafayette C. Loomis. With plana 

and catalogues of the chief art galleries, maps, tables of 

routes, and 160 illustrations. Jv#w and rgvutd editimm^ 

x6mo, $3.00. 
Tbe Mexican Galde* By T. A. Janvier. Ntwmmd 

rtvind edition. With three maps, m/, $3.50. 
Carlsbad and Its EnTlronments* By Jofaa 

Merrylees. Illustrated. 8vo,fa.5o. **Thc best book 

on the subject.'* 
A Handbook for TraTcllers In Japan* Third 

edition, revised and for the most part rewritten by B. 

H. Chamberlain and W..B. Mason. With fifteen maps. 

lamo, «r/, IS'OO. 
Tbe Pacific Coast Scenic Tour* Prom Southern 

Calilomia to Alaska. By Henry T. Finck. With *4 

full-page illustrations. 

SUt A^tnis/0r iJU UniUd Stattt. 

Baedeker's Galde-Books. Illustrated with no* 
merous maps, plans, panoramas, and views, xamo, doth, 
viK» all prices net. 

The United Sutes. With 17 maps and aa plans, ^3.60. 
Alps (Bastern), %i.4o; Belgium and Holland, ; 
Bnrpt (Lower), 94.80; Egypt (Upper), $3.00: Frmnee 
(Northern), fa. 10; France (Southern), from the Loire 
to the Spanish and Italian Frontiers, including Corsica, 
fa.70; (^rmany piorthern), fa.40; Germany (Souths 
ern) and Austria, #8.40 ; (yermany (Rhine from Rotter^ 
dam to Constance),; Great Britain, t} 00 ; Greece* 
la.40; Italy (Northern), $3.40; lujy (Central) and 
Rome, |x.8o; Italy (Southern) and Sicily, etc., fi.80; 
London and Its Bnvirons, f 1.80: Norway, Sweden, 
and Denmark, 93.00; Paris and Its Environs, 9i.8o: 
Palestine and Syria, 9^.6o; Switzerland, fa.40; Travu 
eller*s Manual of Conversation, in English, German, 
French, and lulian, 90c.; Conversation Dictionary is 
four languages : English French, (»erman, and Italiao, 

E. 8TEIQER & OO.. Nsw York. 
Baedeker's and other Gulde-Books, in Carman ; alas 
Travellers* Maps, Conversation Books, Grammars, and 
Dictionaries in all foreign languages. 

E. R. WALLAOE, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Tbe Adirondacks* Wallace's new book now ready. 
In elegance, interest, and completeness nothing on the 
subject has ever approached it. Contains much im- 
portant information never before published; over 600 
pages ; nearly aoo Half-Tone Engravings, and large 
Map. Finely bound. The Standard Guide U the 
Adireudaekt. Sold by book-dealers, or ouUIcd on 
receipt of price, 13.50. 

Digitized by 







rtir amrtfcan ftftetats <Bfa;ette anH l^utiHiidetii' eftcttlat. 


Publication Office, 28 Elm Strbbt, (Temporary Officii 54 Duane St.,) New York. 

Kntored «t tli« PMt-Oflloe *t N«w York, N. Y., m 0eooiid-«lMt matton 

Vol. XLVI., No. a. NEW YORK, July 14, 1894. Whole No. 1172 


In addition to their Comi>lete Stock of 


Carry a Full Line of the 


Of all the Educational Publishing Houses. 

We sell at the lowest jobbing 'prices^ give our customers the 
'promptest and most careful service^ and all the advantages of trading 
in the largest American book-market. Dealers tvill save time and 
reduce freight and express charges by placing their general orders 
"with us. 

Our general catalogue of the school and college text-book s of all 
the educational publishing houses^ containing net and mailing prices 
and a telegraphic code^ has just been revised with reference to the most 
recently issued publishers^ lists and will be mailed to any address on 
application to 



JN Iwwi t Broadhcmy mnd I%fth Avenue, T91Bi\^ YORK* 

26 Thi Publishirs' Weekly. \^No. 1172] July 14, '94 

AmericanBook Company 

XTEW BOOKS of this Company are notable for the 
^ ^ variety, and in some instances for the novelty 
of the subjects treated, as well as for the ripe scholar- 
ship, professional skill, and school experience that have 
been employed in their production. They are evidence 
of the Company's well-known policy of keeping abreast 
of the times and in touch with the best educational 
thought of the day. A partial list of these new books 
is given on the opposite page. 

Besides these, the Company issues the leading 
American text-books for Common Schools, High Schools, 
and College Preparatory Schools, books that are in satis- 
factory use in nearly every country and city school, 
public and private, in the United States. They possess 
those subtle, indefinable qualities which cause school 
books to wear well. By careful revision whenever nec- 
essary these books are kept constantly fresh and up to 
date, so that practically they are new books, with the 
advantage of having stood the test of use. 

Orders by mail receive prompt and careful atten- 
tion. An important and attractive feature of the Com- 
pany's business is that they make no extra charge for 
delivery. Another is the number and variety of their 
publications, enabling them to supply every need in 
school books, a convenience appreciated by purchasers. 

A Bulletin of New Books is sent free on request. 
Address American Book Company, New York, Cincin- 
nati, Chicago, Boston, or Portland, Ore., whichever is 


Digitized by ^ 

July 14, '94 \No. 11 7a] The Publishers' Weekly. 


Latest Issues 

Small and Tincent's iDtroduction to the 
tttudj of Society 1.80 

Deals with the fundameaul facU of tocietyaod 
furoithes a basis for prelimiDary instruction in Soci- 
ology in American institutions of the higher education. 

Beport of the Committee of Ten on Sec- 
ondary School Studies • • .30 

Pronounced br U. S. Commissioner Harris the 
most imporunt educational document ever published 
in this country. It is issued in the interests of the 
National Educational Association and will be sent 
prepared at the nominal price of ^ cents. 

President Harper^s Indactiye Classical 
Series, latest additions : 

Harptir and Castle's CHreek Prose Com' 

jfiasition ..... .75 

Marper and Wallaee's Xenophon's Ana^ 

basis ..... 1.50 

Harper and Miller's Vergil's Aeneid and 

Mueolies ..... x.50 

Marper and Castle's Induetiee Greek 

Printer ..... 

Harper and Tsltnan's Caesar— Text oMty .75 

Kclectic English Classics nowimlude: 

Arnold's (Matthew) Sohrab and Mnstun^ .so 
Xnterson's (R, IF.) The Atneriean Seholar, 

Self' Reliance, Compensation . .ao 

Irving' s Sketch Book—Seleetiofis . .ao 

Maeaulaff'e Second JSssay on Chathan% .to 

Scott's Ivanhoe .... .50 

Mamiion .... .40 

J.ady of the Lake . . • .30 

The Abbot . • . • .60 

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar • • .ao 

Twelfth Vight . . .ao 

Merchant of Venice « .ao 

Sir Roger do Coverley Papers, from Tk4 

Sptctatsr . • • • . .90 


De Poe*s History of the Plague in London; George 
Bllot*s Silas Marner ; Irving's Tales of a Traveler ; 
Macaulay*s Essay on Milton ; Macaulay's Essay on 
Addison; Milton*s L* Allegro, II Penseroso, Comus, Ly- 
ddas; Scott's Woodstock^; Shakespeare's A Midsum- 
mer-Night*s Dream; Websur*s Bunker Hill Orations. 

Harper and Burgess's InductiTC Studies in 
English grammar • • • .40 

** The object for which the work has been written 
is a Tcry worthy one, and there ought not to be a teach- 
er anywhere whose knowledge of language is so limited 
that ne cannot use the book successiuUy.**— B. A. 
PccsuiY, Instructor of Rhetoric, St. Laurence Unirer- 
sity, Canton, New York. 

Conklin's Practical Lessons in language .35 

** ConkliB*s Practical Lessons seems to be entirely 
in accord with the modern movement among educators 
with respect to the teaching of English. I like it very 
much.**— Gborcb D. Hoxib, Principal Union School, 
Palatine Bridge, N. Y. 

Maxwell's First Book in English . .40 

A beginner*s book. Easy, pleasant, vet thorough 
training in clear, accurate expression oi thought by 
the study of simple but interesting sentences. An ad- 
mirable preparation for Maxwelrs Introductory Les- 
sons in English (40 cenu). These form the latest two- 
book series of English Grammar for Common Schools. 

Maxwell's Advanced Lessons in English 
grammar . • . • .60 

For advanced grammar grades and high -school 
classes. *' Maxwell's Advanced Lessons is excellent. 
Too much can hardly be said in its praise.*'— S. J. 
SoRNBRRGKK, Sute Normal and Training School, Cort- 
land, N. Y. 

Guerber's Mjths of dreece and Rome 1.50 

** We recall no recent work in this field more inter- 
esting, or which, without being pretentious, will give 
the reader so quickly and surely a knowledge of 
classical mythology.**— A^(rtar York Times, 

White's School Management . i.oo 

Pmblie O^initn says : " It would be well for them- 
selves, their scholars, and the Republic, if School 
Management could be carefully and thoughtfully read 
by every teacher.'* 

Coolej's Laboratory Studies in Elementary 
Chemistry • . • • .50 

151 experiments devoted to fundamental facts and 
principles in elemenury chemistry, and closely con- 
forming to the work in chemistry outlined in the Re- 
port of the Committee of Ten. 

Swinton's First Lessons in Our Country's 
History 48 

A revised, enlarged, and newly illustrated edition 
brought down to the Columbian year. 

Swinton's School History of the U. 8. .90 

** A genuinely good book— improved at many points 
and lowered at notic,^*— Journal 0/ Rducation. 

The American System of Tertical Writing 

Six numbers. Per doz. . .1.00 

The first writing books to present a series of grace- 
ful, elegant, simple, pleasing, perfectly executed vor- 
ticai *cript/orm$. 

Numbers 8» 9, 10 and 11, 

New Spencerian Copy Books. Per doi .96 
These constitute the Business Course of the Spen- 
cerian System Revised. Nos. 8 and lo contain busi- 
ness forms. No. 9 teaches book-keeping by single 
entry, and No. 11 book-keeping by double entry— 
the only copy books that teach book-keeping. 

Fundenberg's First Lessons in Beading . 25 

The latest primary reading-book published. Phonic- 
word method. Thought developed — machine teach- 
ing avoided. Adopted for exclusive use in the public 
schools of Pittsburg, Pa., May 8, 1894. 

Teaeber** BdlUoii) 50 cents, is a complete 
manual in which each lesson is developed. It contains 
outlines for slate and board work, instruction in 
phonetics, rules for pronunciation, spelling, etc. 

Smart's Manual of School Gymnastics .30- 

♦» I am agreeably surprised with *Smart*s Manual of 
School Gymnastics.* It is the first one dealing with^ 
physical work in public schools that can be followed, 
by the teacher without a key or previous training by a , 
special instructor.**— Ellbn LsGardk, Director Phys-. 
ical Tijuning. Public Schools, Providence, R. I. 

Books sent prepaid on receipt of prices — spe- 
cial terms for first supplies. Correspondence 
cordially invixed on all matters peruining to 
the selection and supply of school books. 

New York. Cincinnati. Chicago. 

Boston. F^ 

Digitized by 


28 . The Publisher^ Weekly. {No. 1172] July 14, '94 

G. W. Holden, 

President of The Holden Patent Book Cover Company, Springfield, Mats., 

is the inventor of the ^^Holden 
System for Preserving Books,'' 
consisting of HoLDEN's New 
Patent Adjustable Book 
Covers, Holden's Patent 
Self-Binders for repairing a 
loosened leaf, and Holden's 
Transparent Paper for re- 
pairing a torn leaf, which has 
proved so valuable the past 
year in Pennsylvania and else- 
where, as to be specially men- 
tioned in commendation in 
the Pennsylvania State Re- 
port. This system was offi- 
cially adopted July 3 by the 
State Board of Education of 
Delaware, and it has recently 
been adopted by the school 
boards of Pittsburg, McKees- 
port, Uniontown, Buffalo, 
G. w. HOLDEN. Syracusc, Niagara Falls, Ells- 

worth, and Rockland, Me., 
Duluth, Faribault, Moorhead, and Princeton, Minn., and was used last year 
in nearly all the large cities of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and 
over one hundred city and country school boards in Pennsylvania. 

Supt. Hotchkiss, of Meadville, Pa., writes : " One year's experience with 
your * System for Preserving Books * has satisfied us that it is a first-class 
investment." Supt. Boger, of Lebanon, Pa., says the system " gives great 
satisfaction.** Supt. Phillips, of Scranton, adds that " it requires no argument 
whatever to convince our school board of its great practical value." Many 
others might be quoted. 

The system gives a complete protection to both the outside and inside of 
the book. There are school boards in all parts of the country that find it 
difficult to get the money they consider necessary for the proper equipment 
of the schools ; none, we warrarft, have too much. How essential then it is 
that the funds shall be used economically. In places where the children are 
provided with free books the school managers should not overlook the claims 
of such a well-tried scheme, as the Holden System for Preserving Books. One 
size (No. 2) of Holden*s New Patent Covers is adjustable to eighty per 
cent, of all books published, and is very easily and quickly applied. We 
advise our readers to send to this company for samples. 

Digitized by 


July 14, '94 \No. 1 172] Tht Publishers' Weekly. 29 

'' In paper as fashions, the same rule will hold, 
Alike fantastic if too new or old; 
Be not the first by whom the new is tried, 
Nor yet the last to lay the old aside.*' 


740iiane$t., Cor.Ro[tli9tli 

and Wyllie, 

'""'"™' BrooMyn. 


The pioneer in the manufacture and introduction of Writing 
Papers in Pad and Tablets for Educational purposes, still 
maintains its progressive ideas for the making of all kinds of paper 
supplies for 


♦SUCH A8«- 




and Writing Papers of all grades, from the cheapest to the highest 
quality, put up in Tablets with Elegant Lithograph Covers and of 
all Standard Sizes in use. 

School Boards a/nd Teachers Ordering or Furnishing Supplies Should 

Communicate With Us. 

Pirinted Examination Papers in Quantities a Specialty. 

If you cannot buy from your dealer ^ write direct to 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers' Weekly, 

\No. \i^2\ July 14, '94 





The Authors' Portraits which surround 
this page, representing some of the most distin- 
guished types of American scholarship, are 
taken from Messrs. Harper & Brothers' School- 
Book Catalogue, which has just been published. 

The following works, with many other of the 
text-books described in this catalogue, are by 
these authors : 

Bowne's Principles of Ethics. 
Davis's Elements of Deductive Logic. 
Dodge's Introduction to Elemenury PracUcal 

Gildersleeve's Pindar. 
Harper's Classical Series of Greek and Latin Tcxt- 

Books, etc., etc. 
Lewis's Latin Dictionaries. 
Newcomb's Popular Astronomy. 
Quackenbos's Ancient Literature. 
Rolfe's Illustrated Shakespeare— 40 vols. 
Swinton's Studies in English Literature. 

A long list of standard text-books and works 
of reference, by well-known authors, is de- 
scribed in Harper's Illustrated Catalogue of 
School and College Text -Books for 1894. 
School -Book Dealers are invited to send for 
it and for terms on school-books. 



HARPER & BROTHERS. Publishers, 
New York. 




John d. quackbnb 
Digitized by ' 

, Google 

July 14, '94 \No. 1 1 72] 

The Publishers' WeeUy. 


^6fe of Contents. 


Alphabetical Price-List by Authors and Editors 33-75 

Subject-Classification 76-82 

List of Educational Publishers (with Key to Abbreviations) 32 

INDEX TO advertisers. 


Acme Stationery and Paper Co 29 

American Book Co 26, 27 

Appleton (D.) &* Of loi 

Baker 6* Taylor Co 25 

Barnes (A,S.)&' Co 105 

Benjamin {H^, £.) 105 

Belknap^ Warjield 106 

Blakiston (P.), Son ^ Co 107 

Boston School Supply Co 99 

Butler (E. !/.)&* Co 103 

Century ( The) Company, . . * 99 

Christern{F. fV.) 106 

CliveiW. B,) 95 

Collins {Chas,) 100 

Dillingham {C, T,) &* Co 102 

Duffie iiV.J.) 107 

Dulany (Wm. J, C) Co 103 

Dyrsen 6* Pfeiffer. See Christtrn {F, W.), 

Ginn &* Co 100 

Ifimfon(fr. B.) 108 

Harper 6* Bros . . /Z. 30 

Heath (D. C) &* Co 107 

Hinds (Arthur) 6f Co 90 

Holden(G. fV.) 28 

Holt (Henry) ^ Co 83 


Houghton, mjHn ^ Co 86. 87 

Hunt ^ Eaton 104 

Jenkins(W.P.) loa 

Kansas ( The) Book Co 94 

Leach, Shewell &* Sanborn 107 

Lee (5r* Shepard 103 

Lippincott (/. B.) Co 93. lOa 

Literary News ^ 98 

Longmans^ Green 6* Co 84 

Maynard, Merrill &* Co 107 

Meisterschaft Pub. Co 105 

Merriam (G. ^ C) Cs* Co 105 

Methodist Book Concern, See Huntjb* Eaton, 

Mutual Book Co 106 

Nelson (Thomas) ^ Co .88. 89 

Putnam's (G, P.) Sons 92 

Roberts Brothers 91 

Scribner's (Charles) Sons, 85 

Scudder's (John M.) Sons 107 

Sheldon &* Co 104 

Sower (Christopher) Co 103 

Steiger (E,) ^ Co id 

University Pub. Co 106 

Van Everen (P. F.) 107 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

^\No. 1172] July 14, *94 


With Key to Abbreviations used in the Educational Catalogue, 

AB Albert. Scott ft Co Chicago 

▲L Allya & Bacon Boston 

AM American Book Co N. Y 

AP Appleton (D.) & Co N. Y 

AH Armstrong (A. C.) & Son N. Y 

A8 American School-Book Co St. Louis, Mo 

BA Barnes(A.S.)&Co N. Y 

BB Babcock^J.S N. Y 

BO Bailey & Noyes Portland, Me 

BD Baird(H.C.)&Co Phila 

Bc Benzi^ Bros N. Y 

BF Baker & Taylor Co N. Y 

BO Baltimore Publishing Co Baltimore, Md 

BH Bancroft Company San Francisco. Cal 

Bi Bardeen, C. w Syracuse, N. Y 

BJ Babyhood Publishing Co N. Y 

BK Blglow & Main N. Y 

BL Blaklston (P.) Son & Co Phila 

BX Bloch & Co Chicago 

BN Boston School Supply Co Boston 

BO Bradley (Milton) Co Springfield, Mass 

BP Brumder, George Milwaukee, Wis 

BR Belknap k Warfleld Hartford, Ct 

B8 Bell Co. (J. P.) Lynchburg, Va 

BT Burke (J. W.) & Co Macon. Ga 

BU Butler (E. H.) & Co Phila 

Bv Burrows Bros. Co Cleveland, O 

Bw Boorum & Pease N. Y 

BX Burton, R. W Auburn, Ala 

BY Bryant, J. C Buffalo, N. Y 

BZ Barnes (C. M.) Company Chicago 

CA Cassell Publish]^ Co nTy 

cxj Catholic School-Book Co N. Y 

OH Christem, F. W. (Dyrsen & Pfeiffer, Suc'rs). .N. Y 

01 Christian Publishing Co St. Louis, Mo 

OL Clarke (Robt.) & Co Cincinnati 

CN Caspar, C. N Milwaukee, Wis 

00 Collins, Chas. (Baker & T. Co.) .N. Y 

OR Church (John) Co Cincinnati 

08 C!arson Co. (The S.) San Francisco, Cal 

ou Cushing & Co Baltimore, Md 

DA Darrow (E.) & Co Rochester, N. Y 

DR De Silver (Chas.) & Sons Phila 

DH Diehl, Frederick Louisville, Ky 

Di Dick & Fitzgerald N. Y 

DR Draper, Warren F .Andover, Mass 

DS Dltson (Oliver) & Co Boston 

Du Duffle, W. J Columbia, S. C 

ow De Wolfe, Fiske & Co Boston 

DY Dulany (Wm. J. C.) Co Baltimore, Md 

KO Educational Publishing Co Boston 

RL Eldredge & Bro Phila 

1KN Englehard (Q. P.) & Co Chicago 

FL Flanagan, A Chicago 

Fo Fortescue (W. S.) & Co Phila 

FR Freidenker Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wis 

Fw Fowler & Wells Co N. Y 

OA Garrett (P.) & (3o Phila 

01 Qinn A Co Boston 

ox Graham, Andrew J N. Y 

OB Griggs (8. C.) A Co Chicago 

HA Harper & Bros N. Y 

HO Harrison ( W. H.) Jr. Pub. Co Chicago 

HD Hardy, W. B Oakland, (jal 

HR Heath (D. C.) & Co Boston 

HI Highlands, John Phila 

Hj Holcomb (J. R.) ft Co Cleveland, O 

HJ Humphrey (J. N.) Whitewater, Wis 

HL Hale (E. J.) & Son (Baker & T. Co., Agts.). . . .N. Y 

BX Houghton, Mifflin & Co Boston 

HN Hamilton (C. K.) & Co Lebanon, O 

HO Holt (Henry) & Co N. Y 

HP Hill (J. L.) Printing Co Richmond, Va 

HR Herder, B St. Louis, Mo 

HS Hinds (Arthur) & 0> N. Y 

HT Hulbert^Eugene Schenectady, N. Y 

Hu Hunt & Eaton N. Y 

HW Harlson, W. Beverlgr N. Y 

ID Indiana Publishing (Jo Danville, Ind 

la Ingerson PubllBhing Co St. Louis, Mo 

IR Irish, F, V Columbus, O 

JR Jenkins, Wm. R., EM^te of N.Y 

JO Johnson (T. & J. W.) & Co Phila 

JK Jones, G.W Ithaca, N. Y 

KR Kellogg (E.L.)& Co N.Y 

KL Kelly, Thomas N.Y 

RY Kenedy, P. J N.Y 

Rw Kerr,W.D N.Y 

Ri Kllner (H. L.) & Co Phila 

RO Klos6, Edwin G Bethlehem, Pa 

RT Knight (Jos.) Company Boston 

Rif Knofel,H Louisville, Ky 

RO Kohler, Ign Phila 

RR Krone Bros N. Y 

KU Knudsen, C. W So. Norwalk, Ct 






























Kroeh, C. F Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J 

Lea Bros & Co Phila 

Lee & Sbepard Boston 

Leach, Shewell & Sanborn Boston 

Llpplncott (J. B.) Co Phila 

Longmans, Green & Co N. Y 

Lockwood, G. R. (Baker & T. Co., Agts.) N. Y 

Lothrop Publishing Co Boston 

LoveU(A.)&Co N.Y 

March Brothers Lebanon, O 

Metric Bureau Boston 

Macmillan&Co N.Y 

Merrlam (Q. & C.) Co Springfield, Mass 

McClurg ( A. C.) & Co Chicago 

Meisterschaft Publishing Co Boston 

Meeks, Edward Phila 

Mosher (T. B.) Portland, Me 

Morton (John P.) & Co Louisville, Ky 

McKay, David Phila 

Mutual Book Co N.Y 

Murphy (John) & Co Baltimore, Md 

Morris & Wilson Minneapolis, Minn 

Maynard,MerriU&Co N.Y 

Nelson (Thos.) & Sons N. Y 

Normal Publishing House Danville, Ind 

0'Shea,P N.Y 

Park (W. J.) & Sons Madison. Wis 

Peter (Paul) Book Co Buffalo, N. Y 

Pennybacker, Percy V Tyler, Texas 

Pond (Wm. A.) & Co N. Y 

Peck, H. H New Haven, Ct 

Phonographic Institute Cincinnati 

Pitman (Isaac) & Sons N. Y 

Potter (John E.) & Co Phila 

Peck, Geo. Gottsbeiger N.Y 

Polock,M Phila 

Polyglot Book Co .Chicago 

Peterson (T. B.) A Bros Phlla 

Penn PubiLshing Co Phlla 

Prang Educational Co Boston 

Pounsford Stationery Co Cincinnati 

Pustet (Fr.) A Co N.Y 

Putnam's (G. P.) Sons N. Y 

Rand, McNally & Co Chicago 

Raub&Co Phfla 

Rutherford, Mildred Athens, Ga 

Register Publishing Co Ann Arbor, Mich 

Richmond & Backus Co Detroit^ Mich 

Roberts Bros Boston 

Routledge (George) & Sons, Limited J?. Y 

Sadlier (D. & J.) & Co N.Y 

Scribner's (Chas.) Sons N. Y 

Sadller, William H N.Y 

Sever, C. W Cambridge, Mass 

Schoenhof, Carl Boston 

Sheldon & Company N. Y 

Silver, Burdett & CJo Boston 

Schaefer & Koradi Phlla 

Sadler Publishing Co Baltimore, Md 

Schermerhorn (J. W.) & Co N. Y 

Scrantom, Wetmore & Co Rochester, N. Y 

Sower (Christopher) Co Phlla 

Spon & CJhamberlain N. Y 

Sherwood (Geo.) & Co Chicago 

Standard School-Book Co St. Louis, Mo 

Steiger (E, ) & Co N.Y 

Southern Methodist Pub. House. .Nashville, Tenn 

Stoddard (J. M.)&Co Phlla 

School Supply Co Lebanon, O 

Talntor Brothers & Co N. Y 

Thompson, Brown & Co Boston 

Tracy. Glbbs & Co Madison. Wis 

Ulbrlch, Otto Buffalo, N.Y 

University PubUshlng Co N. Y 

Van Nostrand (D.) Co. N.Y 

Ware (Wm.) & Co Boston 

Walker, Evans & Cogswell Charleston, S. C 

Whldden. Bradlee Boston 

Werner, Edgar S N. Y 

Waldteufel, A San Francisco 

Wilde (A. E.) Co ClnclnnaU 

Whiting, Charles H Boston 

WlleyTrohn) & Sons TN. Y 

Whittaker, Thos N.Y 

Wells, L. S Delaware, O 

Westermann (B.) & Co N. Y 

Warne(F.)&Co N.Y 

Wood(Wm.)&Oo N.Y 

Wheeler Publishing Co Nashville, Tenn 

Werner Co. (The) Chicago 

WUliams (A.) & (30 Raleigh, N. 

Witter, Conrad St. Louis, Mo 

Everett J\^addey Co .j^, . Richmond, Va 


BR Zell, T. Ellwo 

Digitized by 



f^TBepmrtieular in orderUut to Bpeeify ediHan9, and to give the full ]name of the book. 09 
fftMted on this prioO'liMt. Old odiiiona, tupersoded by new ieeues, are not inelttded in thie liel f 
Me previous catalogues. 


American Educational Catalogue for 1894. 


NOTICE, — In this Catalogue only prices made by publishers themselves are given — retail, if 
retail, in first column; "net" {wholesale), if "net" in second column ; where a "mailing" percent" 
mge is specified by the publisher, the " mailing price " is given in the retail column marked with an 
euterisk (*X in addition to the wholesale price. IVhen price-columns are left blank, the publisher failed, 
9U appliccttion, to furnish price, A double asterisk (♦♦) in price-columns designates books forthcoming. 
New books, issued since the publication of the Catalogue of 1893, are designated by a single asterisk (*) 
kef or e tit U. 

fSTln comparing prices or ordering at retail^ private buyers should bear in mind that a percentage 
must be added to prices quoted at wholesale, to cover freight, handlings delivering, etc. Discounts on 
quantities vary on different lines, according to the kind of prices adopted by the respective publishers. 

For subject classification {and for collective references to classic authors entered here under separate 
gditors), see the second part of the Catalogue, following this main alphabet. 

iibbott's (E.) Panurraph U. S. Hist ro 50 

Paragraph Hist, of America, Rev. ... bo 60 

History of Greece, pt. 1 pu 2 25 

pt. 2 po 2 JP6 

Herodotus, Bks. 6 and mo *9 06 

▲bbott's (E. A.) How to Parse bo 100 

How to Tell Parts of Speech bo 75 

How to Write Clearly bo M 

Eiur. Lessons for Eng. People bo 1 60 

Laun Prose al 

Shakespearian Grammar mo *1 66 

Abbott's (J. S.) Outlines for the Study of 

2 76 

1 60 

1 60 


Art.... ....81 *1 67 

AbeiUe (L') pour les Enfans fo 86 

Abercrombie's Intellectual Philosophy 

(Abbott) 00 •ao 

Moral PhUosophy (Abbott) 00 ♦SO 

Abom*s Mechanical Drawing am *86 

i' (F. A.) Greek Preporitions am *«0 

r (F. P.) Grammar Diagrams no 126 

Normal Parsing Book no 90 

Adams' (H. ) Science of Finance ho *• 

ams' (O. F.) Handbk. of Am. Authors . hm 76 

Handbk. of Ene. Authors hm 76 

Adams' (W. T.) Adv. Spelling Book sh *26 

Addick's Elementary French co '*65 48 

Adler's German Dictionary, 8<* ap 6 00 

abridged ap 1 60 

Progressive German Beader am *1 06 

Adriance's Laboratory Calculations wi 1 00 

JQBop's Fables, with vocabulary ho *54 60 

Agaasiz's Methods in Natural History. . .hm 1 50 

Agassiz & (3k>uld's Zoology sh *1 82 1 10 

Ann's English Grammar, 1st Course sk 40 

2d Course 40 

1st and 2d Courses in 1 T sk 75 

ddCourse sk 60 

Fk^nch Method (Oehlslaeger). . am *&2 

** Dialogues, No. 1 st 40 

No. 1, bds sr 80 

No. 2 ST 86 

— *• bds ST 25 

N0.8 ST 40 

** bds ST 80 

German School Dictionary wr 60 

** Grammar am *70 

Italian " oh 140 

Spanish Method ap 76 

Series of <3erman Novels, pap., 18 r., 

0a. ST 20 
*Seriee of German Comedies, pap., 9 ▼., 

ea. ST 25 

Ahn-Flseher's German Method st 1 00 

1st Course st 60 

2d •• ST 60 

Key to ST 80 

Ahn-Granert's (German Primer st 46 

lat Cterman Beader st 50 

-^Key to ST 80 

9d German Beader st 70 

Key to ST 86 

1st and 9d (}er. Reader in 1 V st 120 

German Handwriting st 40 

^ Conversation st 1 00 

Aim-Henn's French Series: 

French Primer bt 25 

" Method bt 100 

Ahn-Henn's French Series : 

French Method, 1st Course st 40 

Key to 8T 26 

2dCour8e st 00 

Key to ST 35 

1st Reader, with notes, bds st 00 

** hf. roan sr 80 

with footnotes, bds st 60 

" ** hf. roan st 80 

Key to st 80 

9d Reader, with notes, bds st 80 

** ** hf . roan st 100 

with footnotes, bds st 80 

" •• hf.roan sr 100 

Key to ST 40 

Ahn-Henn*s (3torman Series: 

1st German Book sr 96 

2d *• •• bds ST 46 

hf roan * sr 60 

8d German Book, bds sr 46 

hf . roan st 60 

Key to ST 25 

4th German Book, bds sr 00 

hf. roan st 80 

Key to ST 25 

Rudiments, 1st Course, bds st 66 

hf. roan st 80 

Key to ST 25 

Rudiments, 2d Course, bds st 1 00 

hf. roan st 1 25 

Complete Method bt 1 75 

Synopsis of Ger. Grammar, bds st 60 

hf.roan st 80 

1st Reader, with notes, bds bt 60 

** " hf.roan st 80 

with footnotes, bds st 00 

" ** lif. roan st 80 

Key to ST 30 

9d Reader, with notes, bds st 100 

" " hf.roan st 1 20 

with footnotes, bds sr 1 00 

'• " hf.roan st 120 

Key to BT 60 

Ahn-Henn*s Latin Series : 

Short Latin Course bt 1 20 

No. 1, bds ST 60 

" cl BT 70 

*• Key to ST 30 

No. 2, bds ST 60 

*• cl , ST 70 

*• Keyto ST 40 

New Latin Manual st 900 

lstCour8e,bds st 60 

•» - cl ST 70 

9d *• bds tn 80 

'• *• cl tn 90 

8d " bds tn 80 

" »* cl tn 90 

1st LaUn Book, bds err 60 

cl ST 70 

Digitized by vJC)Dv [C 


The Publishers' Weekly, 

\No. ii72]ytt/Ki4, '94 

A.hii-Heim*s Latin Series . 

2d lAtin Book, bds 8T 80 

d m 90 

Key to wt 

8d Latin Book, bdi st 80 

d 8T 00 

Key to / «T 

Latin Method bt 1 80 

** Qrammar, t>ds bt 80 

cl 8T 90 

Ist Latin Reader, bds sr 70 

cl.... 8T 80 

9d lAUn Reader, bdB st 80 

cl 8T 90 

Latin Readers, complete bt 1 50 

** Syntax, bds bt 80 

cl bt 90 

Latin Prose Composition st 60 

** Vocab for begrinoers, bds st 00 

cl BT 70 

Alm-C>ehlscblft«:er*s German Method, Ist 

Course, new ed hr 60 

Sd Course hr 60 

Complete hr 90 

*' Key to BR 60 

Pronouncing Oer. Method, bds bt 1 16 

hf . roan bt 1 40 

Key to bt 

1st Course, bds st 80 

»* " hf . roan sr 100 

9d *• bds BT 40 

** ** hf. roan bt 60 

AinBworth*s Latin Dictionary, 8® wo 8 60 

•Alry's English History lk 160 

Anthon's Abridged Latin Dictionaiy . . . .ro 1 60 

Aitken^s Elemen. Botany ln 150 

Alden^s Intellectual Phlloeophy ap 100 

First Principles of Pol. Economy hi 76 

Citizen's Bfanual sh *a6 

Science of Qoyemment bh *1 00 

Alexander's (A.) Moral Science so I 60 

Alexander's (W. D.) Hist, of the Hawaiian 

People AM *1 60 

Allardyce's Stops mu 60 

Allen's Composition Blanks, 2 nos. ..doi^.SH •I 00 
Allen's (C. B. ft M. A.) Man Wonderful in 

the House Beautiful fw 160 

Allen's (C. R.) Laboratory ;;; Physics, 

Teachers* ed ho •! 10 

Pupils'ed HO *89 

Allen^s (F. D.) Euripides' Medea 01 *1 10 

Remnants of Early Latin oi *80 

Wecklein's .£schylus' Prometheus... 01 *40 

with notes, cl 01 ♦! 60 

Allen's (G. G.) Unlyersal Phonoe ub 60 

AUen^s (J.) National System of Map Draw- 
ing ^ AM ♦16 

Allen's (J. B.) Elem. Latin Grammar... mo *66 

Rudimenta Latina mo *56 

Allen's (J. Q.) Topical Studies in Am. 

Hist bn 85 

Allen's (J. H.) Latin Primer 01 *1 00 

i^ew Latin Method 01 ♦I 00 

Allen's (O. D.) Fresenius* Quantitative 

Analysis wi 6 00 

Allen's ( W. F.) HUtory Topics hb *ao 

In trod, to Latin Composition 01 ♦I 00 

Readers' Guide to Eng. Hist 01 •30 

Tacitus' Germania ana Agricola 01 ♦I 10 

Annals of Tacitus, Bks. 1-4S 01 *40 

with notes 01 ♦I 66 

Short History of t^e Roman People., .ox ♦I 10 
Allen & Qreenough's Latin Composi- 
tion OI M 86 

Latin Grammar, rey 01 ♦! 90 

New Ciesar oi *1 85 

" Cicero OI •! 85 

Cicero's de Senectute oi *60 

NewOyld, with Vocab 01 ♦I 86 

Sallust 01 ♦es 

Allinson's Greek Prose Composition al 1 00 

AlUot's Auteurs Cootemporains ho *1 80 

Contes et Nouvelles ho *1 09 

AlBop's First Lessons in Algebra to 60 

Key to Fo 60 

Treatise on Algebra fo 1 26 

Key to FO 76 

Treatise on Suryeying fo 8 25 

Key to to 1 26 

Alyergnat's French Pronunciation bf 1 00 

Grammaire Frangaise mt *! 10 

♦American History Leaflets, Hart & 

Channing ca.Ly •lO 

American Poems hm 100 

Prose HM 1 00 

▲nuurican School Music Reader, Bk. 1 . . . db 85 

Bks. 2and3, ea db 60 

■iks. 2 and 8 in 1 y db 75 

School Primer 00 *9 




8 00 
1 96 


1 00 

1 40 




1 00 

1 60 

1 12 
1 20 
1 85 
1 25 



1 20 

1 00 



1 00 


1 75 

1 00 

American Scisnoe Series: 

Astronomy (Newoomb ft Holden) — ho «2 28 9 00 

Briefer Course bo *1 84 1 18 

Biology, pt. 1 (Sedfwick ft Wilson). *1 76 1 00 

Botany (Bessey) bo «2 44 8 80 

Briefer Course bo *1 19 1 Oi 

— Introduction to Systematic Bot- 
any HO •• 

Chemistry, Inorganic (Remaen) ho 8 06 2 80 

Briefer Course bo *1 28 1 19 

Elementary Course ho •SO 80 

—~» Laboratory Manual bo *46 40 

Geology, Adyanoed Course (Chamber- 

lin&S.) BO •• 

Briefer Course (Chamberlln ft 

S.) BO •• 

Human Body (Martin) bo «9 40 8 20 

Briefer Course bo *1 88 1 80 

Elementary Course bo ^84 76 

Physics (Barker). bo «8 78 8 60 

Pontical Economy (Walker), rey bo *8 21 2 00 

Briefer Course bo ♦! 88 1 80 

Elementary Course bo ♦I 10 100 

Psychology (James) 2 y bo *5 88 4 80 

Briefer Course bo •I 74 1 00 

Zoology (Packard) bo *8 00 8 40 

^Briefer Course bo ♦I 88 118 

Elementary Course bo *90 80 

American Standard Penmanship, 7 nos. 

dot .AM <90 
^American System of Vertical Writing, 

Nos.ltoO .do«.AM ♦! 00 

Analytical Copy-Bks., 11 nos '' sr «1 04 90 

Elementary ed., 5 nos ** sr *76 66 

Pen and Pencil ed., 8 nos ** br •47 40 

Business forms, Bks. 1,8 '* sr «1 80 1 60 

Bk.8 "8R*847 820 

KeytoNoe. 1-8 br ♦H 16 

Greek Lexicon wi 8 60 

Anderson's (J. J.) New Manual of |His- 

tory MY *\ 70 

pt. 1, Ancient mt ♦I 06 

pt. 8, Mediaoyal and Modem.. mt *1 26 

School Hist, of England mt *1 20 

u »» France mt ♦I 26 

BloBs* Ancient History mt ♦I 50 

Leighton's Hist, of Rome mt •I 60 

United States Reader mt *1 10 

Historical Reader mt •I 86 

ShortHist. of England mt •96 

United States Histories: 

Junior Class mt •TO 

Grammar School mt •OO 

New Grammar School mt •! 05 

Pictorial School mt •I 90 

Introductory School mt ^44 

Common School mt ♦TO 

Popular School mt ♦I 06 

Anderson's (W. G.) Light Gymnastics. . .mt •I 50 

Andre's Plan and Map Drawing bp 876 

Andrews' (EL A.) First Latin Book bm 70 

Latin Reader hm 87 

Viri Ronue hm 1 00 

First Lessons in Latin hm 60 

Latin Lessons, Rey hm 70 

Manual of Latin Grammar hm 64 

Questions on hm 16 

Exercises in Latin Etymology hm 86 

Synopsis of Latin Grammar hm 26 

Latin Exercises bm 1 00 

Key to HM 100 

CsBsar's Commentaries hm 1 06 

Qyid HM 100 

Sallust HM 1 10 

Virgil HM 180 

Andrews ft Stoddard's Latin Grammar. . hm 1 06 

Schooled hm 90 

rev. by Preble hm 1 12 

Andrews' (E. B.) Institutes of Gen. 

Hist. 81 •2 86 800 

Institutes of Economics si '1 40 1 tO 

Elementary Geology am ♦I 00 

Andrews' (E. P. ) Sol Fa Singer oe 86 

Andrews' (I. W.)ManiuU of Constitution.AM •I 00 

Angell's (H. ) Elementary G«K)metry pu 76 

Prac. Plane Geom.. 2 y pu 8 00 

Angell's (J.) Animal Physiology pu 76 

Animal Drawing CA 8 00 

Anthon's Ceesar ha 1 10 

Cicero's Orations ha 1 10 

" de Senectute, etc ha 1 10 

•• de Offlciis HA 1 10 

" Tusculan Disputations 1 10 

Cornelius Nepos ba 1 10 

Commentary on Euripides ba 90 

Homer's Iliad ba 1 20 

Horace ba 1 20 

Juyenal and Persius ba 1 10 

Llvy -v^HA 120 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

July 14, '94 \No. 1 172] Tht Publishers' Weekly, 


AntboD'8 SaUust ha 1 10 

Tacitus HA 1 10 

Vii»U*«iEMld HA 1 20 

*^ Eolo^esandQeorgics ha 190 

Zenophon*8 Anabasis ha 1 10 

"* Memorabilia ha 110 

Classical Dictionary ha 485 

Latin-I^. Dictionary ha 2 06 

*' ** and Bng.-Lat. 

Dictlonaxy ha 9 60 

Smith's Diet, of Antiquities ha 4 26 

Abridged ha 100 

Smitli's New Classical Diet ha 850 

Ainsworth^s Diet. Set Ainsworth. 

Anthony ft Brackett^s Physics, Rev wi 4 00 

Apgar's New Oeogr. Drawing Book bu *42 

New Plant Analysis am •56 

Trees of the Northern U. S am *1 00 

Appleton's (J. H.) Chemisti^ hu 100 

Qualitative Analysis si •88 76 

Quantitative '^ ^ si n 40 1 86 

ToungChemist ". si *88 76 

Chemical Philosophy si n 60 1 40 

Appleton*s (J. L.) Eiurlisn Grammar sk 1 60 

Appletons' Standard Arithmetics : 

First Lessons in Arithmetic am •SO 

Numbers Applied am •76 

" ^* Keyto AM •24 

" *' pts. land2,ea.AM ^60 

•* Illustrated am •86 

Appletons* Standard Elem. Geography, .am •66 

Higher Geography am •! 85 

Physical " am ♦I 00 

Geography for Little Learners am •SI 

Appletoos' Map Drawing Cards for High- 
er Ge^apby ti.kM. ^40 

for Elementary Geography. *' am •SO 

Appletons* School History of the world. 

(Quackenbos) am •I 82 

Appletons* Standard Writing Books: 

Grammar Course, 10 nos doar.AM •OO 

Short " 7 •* *• AM •TS 

NewTracing »• 4 " " am •72 

Primary Movement Book " am *72 

Business Course, 2 nos " am •I 80 

N0.8 " AM •96 

Appletons' Ist Reader am •IS 

SdReader am •SO 

8d ** AM •SB 

4th *• AM •SO 

6th *• .AM ^90 

Introductory 4th Reader am *60 

Chart Primer am •80 

Word Manual (Leaflets) for Ist Read- 
er AM ^12 

for Istand 2d Reader .am •IB 

Complete am ^20 

Appletons^ School Physics am *1 20 

A|H>letons* Select Spelling Lessons, .doz. am ^48 
Arithmetic in two books. Bte Colburn, 

W.; Wheeler. H. N hm 

Arithmetical Table Cards doz. kit ^55 

Arithmetical Tables and Primary Speller.MN ^20 18 

Armitage's Lectures on Painting pt; 1 76 

Armstrong's (A. C.) Primer of u. S. His- 
tory AR 60 60 

Primer of Eng. History ar 60 60 

Armstrong (J. E.) and Norton's (J. H.) 
Laboratory Manual of Chemis- 
try AM ^60 

Arnold's (H.) Practice in Parsing and 

Analysis li ^40 

Arnold's (T.) E^lish Literature 01 M 66 1 50 

LN 200 

Amo]d's(T.K.) Greek Prose Compoeltlon.AM •I 05 

First Greek Book (Spencer) am ^87 

•1st and 8d Latin Bk., New ed. (Mul- 

hoUand) am ♦I 00 

•Latin Prose Composition, New ed. 

(Mulholland) am *1 00 

Keyto AM •• 

Arrowsmith & Wicher's First Readings 

in Latin am •• 

Artiiur, Barnes ft CoiUter's Plant Dissec- 
tion HO •I 89 1 20 

Ashmore's (S. G.) Caesar's Helvetian 

War MO ^44 40 

Caesar's Invasion of Britain mo ^44 40 

Atkinson. See Ganot. 

Athenaeum Press Series gi 

Atkins' Pure Mathematics, 8 v 1 00 

Attflekl's Chemistry la 2 60 

New rev ed la •♦ 

Atwater's Manual of Logic u •! 00 

•Atwood's(G. B.) Complete Graded Arith- 

meticpt.l HI •45 40 

•^ 2 HE •SS 76 

Anbert's Colloquial French Drill, pt. 1 ... ho •58 48 
•** " " pt.2...HO •TO 66 

Aubert's Litt^rature Frangaise ho •I 07 1 00 

Auf^«cht's Hebrew Primer bm 15 

Augsburg's Easy Things to Draw kb 80 

•Drawing Simplifled u> 100 80 

•DrawingCards ,per mUxn 80 

Blemen. Drawing Simplified sd •TS 60 

Austen's Pinner's Organic Chemistry. ...wi 1 60 

Chemical Lecture Notes wi 1 00 

Austen's Muck's Quantitative Analysis . .bx •• 
Autenreith's Homeric Dictionary, new 

ed HA 1 10 

Authorized Physiology Ser.: 

No. 1, Health for Xittle Folks AM •SO 

No. 2, Lessons in Hygiene (Johonnot 

ft Bouton) AM ^45 

No. 8, Outlines of Anatomy, Physi- 
ology, and Hygiene (R. S. Tracy). am •I 00 

Avelhig's Botany mo *1 21 1 10 

Avery's (A. S.) How to Draw, pt. 1 uw •42 86 

^pt.2. UN •SI 44 

Avery's (E. M.) Natural Philosophy sh •I 16 

First Principles of Nat. Philosoph v . . sh •Od 
Teachers' Handbook for Phiiosopny.sH •I 25 

Elements of Chemistry sh •I 10 

Complete Chemistry sh •! 40 

Teachers' Handbk. for Chemistry . . .su •76 

Ayres' Or thoSpist ap 60 

Bee al9o Cobbett. 

Babbitt's GkMrman at Sight he ^18 10 

Babbittonian Copy-Bks., 8 nos do2. sr •I 04 90 

Primary '* SR •! 04 90 

Bacon's (A. M.) Manual of (Gesture si •I 25 1 12 

Bacon's (E. F.) Leitfaden my •I 86 

Badlam's (A.B ) Lessons in Language and 

Reading be ♦I 60 

Number Cards, 2 ser ea.HE •SO 96 

Primer he •SO 96 

IstReader he •86 80 

Aids to Numbers, Teacher's ed., 8 

series ea.HE 40 

Bagot's Plane Surveying no 1 00 

Bailey's American Mental Arithmetic. . . am •85 

Bailey's (M. ) Essentials of Reading ta •eO 

Introduction to Elocution ta •SO 

Bailey's (M. E.) Kindergarten System. . .bn 18 

Bain's Composition and Rhetoric am •I 88 

enl. ed.,pt. 1 am •I 20 

Pt.2 AM •I 20 

Logic ^M^l 40 

MentalSclence am •! 28 

Moral '• AM •129 

Brief English Grammar ... . ho 4 ^44 40 

Key to HO 40 

Composition Grammar bo •I 18 1 10 

Higher English Grammar ho •SS 80 

Baird's Classical Manual sh *77 64 

Baird's (R.) Greek-English Word-U«t 01 •85 80 

Baker's (A. H.) Algebra os 185 75 

Primary Arithmetic os 86 16 

Elementary Arithmetic ..os 50 80 

Complete Arithmetic os 75 45 

Keyto OS 76 46 

(Geometry and Trigonometry os 1 50 00 

•Graphic Algebra sn •90 80 

Baker's (A. L.) Elliptic Functions wi 1 60 

•Elements of Solid Geometry 01 90 80 

Baker's (A. M.) How to Learn Short- 
hand Fw 25 

Baker's ( J. H.) Elem. Psychology my *1 06 

Baicer's (T. R.) Natural Philosophy wr ♦! 00 

Sh(n>t Course in Chemistry wr •OO 

Key to Phllos. and Chemistry wr 75 

Baker^s (W.) Geog. for Toung Folks sn •SO 94 

Baldwhi's (A.) Table Book lo 16 18 

Baldwhi's (J.) English Lit., Poetry pj 1 60 

Prose PJ 1 60 

Essentials of Eng. and Am.Llt pj 1 25 1 00 

Industrial Arithmetic oi ^56 46 

Baldwin's (J. M.) Psychology, v. 1 ho •! 97 1 80 

Elements of Psychology, v. 8 ho •I 61 1 60 

Bales' Diacritical Speller hi 60 

Balfour's Elementary Botany Pc 60 

Ball's (R. S.) Applied Mechanics ca 1 00 

Elements of Astronomy ln 200 

Ball's (W. W. R.) Elementary Algebra. . .mo •! 87 1 81 

History of Mathematics, new ed mc •& 68 8 26 

Ballantyne's Spelling Exerc. Bk doz. am •OO 

Ballard^s Handbook of Blunders lb 50 

Model Composition Cards, 6 packets. 

ea.HB 80 
Handy Pieces to Speak, 8 pts..... '* hs 80 

6j>ta *' AM •le 

Word Writer am 'S 

•World of Matter he 1 00 

Ballou's (K L.) Lessons in Right Dohig. 

2v ea.M.A. ^42 

Lessons in Patriotism ma •SO •• 

Balmes'Logic .jrr:^.oa 100 60 

Bancroft's 1st Reader. . . -Digitized- by V^bh 20 18 



The PublUhers' Weekly. 

\No. 1 1 72] July 14,^94 

Bancroft's Sd Reader bh 

8d •» BH 

4th •• BB 

6th - BH 

Baooroft's (T. W.) Ensrlish Composition. .01 

Banfs* Outlioes of Map Drawinsr » 

Banister's Music bo 

Banoan*s Primer dot.Li 

Barbauld's Lessons In French u> 

Barbee's Oeoloery mo 

^Barber's Synopsis of Latin O^amouur . . .ab 

Writing Speller ba 

Bardeen's Complete Rhetoric am 

Shorter Course m Rhetoric am 

Sentence Maldng' am 

Song BudjiTOt bi 

'* Budget Series, combined bi 

** Century bi 

•* i:»atriot.... BI 

Verbal Pitfalls bi 

Barker's Colleffe Chemistry, Rev. ed....MO 

Physics, set American Sci. Ser. 
Barnard's First Steps in Electricity, rev. 

ed MY 

Barnes' Arithmetic, First Lessons am 

See Ficklin. 
Barnes' Picture Lessons in English, 
Barnes' Popular Drawing Series : 

Primary Course, IS cards sef . am 

Bks. A toC ea.AM 

Manual No. 1 for Primary am 

Freehand I., Bks. 1-4 ea.AM 

on Cards ** am 

Manual No. 2 for above am 

Freehand n., Bks. 5-6 ea.AM 

on Cards •* am 

Manual No. 8 for above am 

MechanicaU Nos. 1,8 ea.AM 

Perspective, Nos. 1, 8 *• am 

Manual No. 4 for Mechanical and Per- 
spective courses am 

Projection Drawing Book am 

Patent Blank Folios, No. 1 am 

•* •• *» No. 2 AM 

Barnes' Picture Lessons in English am 

Working Lessons in English jlm 

Language Lessons (complete) jlm 

Barnes* Elementary Geography am 

Complete Oeography am 

Barnes* Brief History of U. S am 

Brief Hist, of France am 

»» •• Ancient Peoples am 

•* " " Modem Peoples am 

** General History am 

** History of Greece am 

" "Rome AM 

Primary History of U. S am 

Barnes' National System of Penmanship : 

Larger'Course, 6 nos .dos.AM 

Practice-paper for above • 

nos per 100 sAeeto.AM 

Brief Course, 6 nos dos.AM 

Practice-paper for above 6 

nos per 100 th/ttU.kiL 

Tracing Course, Nos. 1 J! dos.AM 

Barnes' New National Ist Reader am 






1 26 


♦1 80 

♦1 00 







1 76 





Word Lists.... 

Sight Reading am 

•Barnes' (F. C.) Studies in Greek Acci- 
dence AL 

Barry's Model and Object Drawing lb 

Primer of Design ub 

Barretti's Ital.-Eng. and Eng.-Ital. Diet., 
2 V OB 

Barrow's (C. M.) Acts and Anecdotes of 
Authors B 

Bartholomew's (G. K.) Caesars Gallic 

War AM 

Graded Lessons In Latin am 

Latin Grammar jlm 

Bartholomew s (J.) Pocket Atlas pu 

Handy Reference Atlas ru 

Bartholomew's (W. N.) New Drawing Ser.: 

Freehand Tracing Ser., 1-4 dos. am 

Gram. School Course^ 6-18. ** am 

High School Course, 14-17 " am 

18 double thick »• am 

How to Teach, Guide to 1^ am 

Handbk. No. 2, " " 6-13 am 

Special Exercise Bks.. ABC dos.AM 

Bartlett's Acoustics and Optics 3A 

Analytical Mechanics ba 

Spherical Astronomv ba 

Bartley's Songs for the School am 

•Barters (W. C.) Solid Geometry cb 



1 00 


1 40 

AM •«) 


•86 ' 









♦1 86 

•1 00 

•1 00 

•1 00 

•1 00 

•1 60 




•1 00 






..AM •go 

..AM •lO 


BW^l 60 



1 00 
300 I 


•1 44 
•8 86 



•8 02 260 
•4 09 8 60 
•409 860 



Baacom'siEsthetics pu 1 60 

Ethics PU 175 

Philosophy of Eng. Lit pu 1 60 

"Rhetoric pu 185 

Science of Mind pu 2 00 

•Bascomb's (J.)Histoncallnterpretation 

of Philosophy pu 2 25 

Basis of ArithmeUc bm 18 

BaskervUl & Harrison's Anglo-Saxon 

Dictionary ba 8 00 

Anglo-Saxon Grammar ba ^70 

•et^s Latitude, Longitude, etc bi 25 

Basttn's College Botany en 850 

Elements of Botany bn 125 

Batchellor's Color Music for the Kinder- 
garten BO 10 

Bauerman's Descriptive Mineralogy lk 2 00 

Systematic Mineralogy ln 800 

Bayma's Algebra, rev.ed wf 1 00 

Analytical Geometry wf 1 76 

Geometry ^ wf 1 16 

Trigonometry ." wf 1 86 

Mechanics wf •• 

Infinitesimal Calculus wf 2 00 

Physics WF •• 

Beard's (J. a & C.) Latin-English and 

English-Latin Dictionary CA 1 50 

Beauvoisin's French Verbs at a Glance . . jb 85 

Bechtel's Handbook of Pronunciation.. pp 50 

Becker's Spanish Idioms 01 •! 80 

Beokwith's Euripides' Bacchantes 01 ^40 

with notes 01 •I 85 

Beebe's First Steps among Figures bi 45 

Teacher's ed bi 1 00 

Beecher's Primary Speller my •SO 

Beers' (H. A.) American Literature hu 60 

Century of Am. Literature ho •87 

English Literature bu 80 

From Chaucer to Tennyson bu 1 00 

Initial Studies in Amer. Letters bu 1 00 

Beers'(N. P.) Penmanship, 18 nos.... dos.BA •! 05 

Behrens' Microscope in Botany wd 5 00 

Beilstein's Qualitative Analysis pu 50 

..?: : VN 75 

•Beitzel's Word Builder so 85 

Belfleld's Graded Examples sr •IS 

withkey sr ^28 

Bell's (A. M.) E^lish Line Writing.... wb 80 

Principles of Elocution wk 150 

Bell's (D. C.) Standard Elocutionist so 1 50 

Bell's (E. F.) Comparaifcive Physiology and 

Anatomy la 8 00 

Bellows' (C. F. R.) Elements of Geometry . pj 1 85 

Trigonometry sb *\ 18 

Bellows'(J.) French Dictionary, roan... .bo *« 59 

mor bo •S 14 

larger type ho •! 13 

Benedict's Algebra ar •I 64 

Bennett's (A. A.) Inorganic Chemistry, 

pt. 1 81 •I 87 

pt. 8 sr •• 

Bennett's (C. E.) Xenophon's Hellenica, 

Bks. 5-7 01 •<© 

with notes, cl 01 •I 50 

Bennett's (G. L.) 1st Latin Exercises — al 
1st Latin Writer al 

2d " •' AL 

Bent's Hints on Language lk 50 

Bentley's Physiological Botany am •! 80 

Pictorial Speller sb •82 

•Benton's Laboratory Bfanual of General 

Chemistry be ^40 

Berard's School Hist, of Eng am ♦! 80 

U. S. History, rev bu ^90 

Bercy's (P.) La lAngue Francalse, pt. 1 . . jb 1 25 

^ pt.2 .V. JM 185 

Livre des Enfants « 50 

Le Second LIvre des Enfants ; . . jb 75 

Le Fran9ais Pratique jb 100 

•French Reader je 1 00 

Lecture Faciles jb •• 

•Selections for Translating English into 

French JB 75 

Bercy. S^e Rippe. 

Beren's Mythology my •96 

•Beresford-Webbrs German Translation 

and Exercise Book mt •80 

Bergen's Glimpses at the Plant World 01 •SS 

Berger's New French Method ap 1 00 

Berkeley's Human Knowledge li ♦S 18 

Berlitz's German Methode, Erste Thell. .sf 

Zweiter Thell sf 

French Method, Premise Partle . . . .sf 

Deuxitoie Partie sf 

With or Without a Master. . . .pf 

Key to SF 

Bernard's L'Art dinteresser en Classe. . . jb 1 25 

.^^ SF 1 85 

GenredesNoms.p..g..^.^.^.^^.^^0(r«^ 25 

8 40 


1 .Ml 

1 no 


1 26 




8 55 
8 10 
1 40 

1 SO 

1 40 



1 00 



July 14, '94 \No. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Bemard*s Qenre d«s Noma sf 40 

Bernard's (V. F.) Traduction Orale et la 

Pronunciation Francai»e jb «* 

Bemeike's Astronomical Note-Book lt HO 

Bemhardt's Novelletten Bibliothek, y. 

1-8 ea.HB ♦TS 60 

Bemhardt*8 Sprach- und Lesebuch, Ers- 

twTheil sr 1 «6 

ZweiterTheil sr 1 86 

Dictionarr to sr 76 

Deutsches Lesebuch Ar mlttelklas- 

sen sr 76 

with yocab sr 1«6 

Beranin*8 Easy French Reader lo 80 40 

dandford and Herton (French) ro 80 60 

Berry ft Michaelis' 186 Kindergarten Son^s 

and Qamea bo 76 

sr 76 

Berths First Steps in Scientiflc Knowl- 
edge LI ^60 

Primer of Scientific Knowledj?e u *66 

Bessey^s Botany. Bfe American Sci. Ser. 

Biarnois* French Grammar SA 1 86 68 

Self-Instructor in French sa 1 60 76 

Biblioth^ue Choisie pour la Jeunesse, 

▼. 1 JB 1 00 

pap JB 60 

Bibliothtaue d'lnstrucUon et de R^cr^- 

atlon, d HO 

[18 T.. var. prices, •66c.-*fl.08, 60c.— 
kl.00 eo.] 

pap HO 

[88 T., Tar. prices, *«8c.-*«7cm 80c.-fi8c. 

•Bidgood's Practical Elementary Biol- 
ogy Lit 1 60 

Biarbower^ Virtues and their Reasons. . .sr *1 86 1 86 
Bigelow*8 Mistakes in WrtUng English .... lb 60 

Handbook of Punctuation lb 60 

Billings' Standard SelecUons m •dO RO 

Bingham's Elem. Eng. Grammar bu *86 

English Grammar bu *60 

LaUn Grammar bu *1 06 

•• Prose Composition bu *7S 

- Reader bu ♦! 08 

Exercises for Translation bu *18 

Caesar bu •! 08 

Vergil bu ♦! 06 

Bet aUo McCabe. 

Binns* Orthographic Projection bp 8 60 

Second Course sp 4 60 

Bishop's Pictures from Eng. History.... hu 1 00 

Black's and Carter's Natural History Les- 
sons BO *86 *60 

Blackburn & McDonald's Grano. School 

U. S. History dy ♦! 00 80 

New School U.S. Hist dy ♦! 85 1 00 

BlackleyandFriedl&nder's German and 

English Dictionary.. ln 185 

BlackTnan*B Graded Songs, No. 1 or 10 8 

No. 2 OR 16 18 

No. 8 OR 85 19 

N0.4 CR 60 48 

^^No. 6 OR 75 68 

Blackwell's Ger. Prefixes and Suffixes. . .bo *64 60 

Blair's (H.) Rhetoric (Mills) 180 lo 1 86 1 00 

WR ♦! 86 

^ Abridged wr «46 

** u •46 

Blair's (J.) Outlines of Chronology WA *48 86 

Blaisdell ChUd's Bk. of Health 01 86 80 

How to Keep Well oi 66 45 

Our Bodies and How We Live oi 75 65 

Blake's Homeric Lexicon am •I 00 

Blakslee's Academic Trigonometry ox *eo 86 

Blosa* History. See Anderson. 

Bloxam's Chemistry la 800 

^— enl BL 4 60 

BOoher's French Reader ho M 18 1 10 

See dUo College; Otto. 

Bodeman's Assaying •■•wi 160 

Boi8e*s Homer's Biad. first 6 bks or *1 50 

firsts bks OR n 00 

Exercises In Greek Syntax or *1 86 

Greek Prose Composition am *1 06 

Epistles of St. PauU with notes ap 1 76 

Barlier Epistles of St. Paul ap 175 

Zenophon*s Anabasis, first 4 bks am *1 08 

withTocab am M 88 

Boise A Freeman's Greek Selections or *S 00 

Boise*s and PattengiU's First Lessons In 

Greek, new ed or *1 00 

Bolsen*sPk«paratory German Prose hx *1 00 80 

Bofanar's CoDoqulai Phrases bh *S6 

SVench Verbs sh *80 

Lerisac's PVench Granunar sb *1 10 

Perrin's Fables sh *1 00 

Tdemague sh *1 00 

Keyto SH ♦80 

Bolton*s Quantitatiye Analysis wi 1 60 

Boltwood^s Granmiar sr *41 86 

Topical Outline of General History . . .sr ♦eO 46 
Inst., Gram., and High School Reader .sr *40 86 

♦BoItwood'B (H. F.) Higher Speller ab 80 

Bond's Staff-ruled WriUng Bks.,Nos. 1, 8. 

doz.AU ♦96 

N0.8 " AM ♦eo 

Bonnell's First Lessons in Composition . .mo 70 68 

Manual of Composition mo 1 86 1 00 

Bonnycastle's Mensuration wr ♦85 

Keyto wr ^67 

Booth's Practical English pl 90 

Boot's Trees and How to Paint Them ca 8 60 

Borel's Grammaire Francaise ho ♦I 40 180 

Bosworth's (J.) Anglo^axon Diet., pts. 

1-8 TTT .eo.MO ^4 18 876 

Bosworth's (M.) Graded Lessons in Eng- 
lish ..SR ^ 60 

Botta's Universal Literature hm 8 00 

Bowen's (E. A.) Astronomy am ♦! 00 

Bowen's (F.) Logic al 1 86 

Hamilton's Metaphysics al 1 60 

Am. Political Economy so 8 60 

Modem Philosophy so 8 00 

Metaphysical and Ethical Science . .wa ♦! 56 1 86 
Bowen's (H. C.) Shakspere Reading-Book . ca 1 86 

Bower's Public School Singing-Book ro 18 10 

Bowker's Economics ha 76 

Bowman's Intermediate Phys. Science.. ca 1 60 

Bowne's (B. P.) Metaphysics ha 1 76 

Psychological Theory ha 175 

Principles of Ethics ba 176 

Bowser's Academic Algebra hc ♦I 25 1 18 

College Algebra hb ♦I 66 160 

Plane and Solid Geometry hk ♦! 40 1 85 

Plane Geometry hc ♦86 76 

Trigonometry, Advanced bk ♦! 60 1 60 

Elementary Trigonometry bb ♦SS 00 

Analytical Geometry vn 1 76 1 40 

Analytic Mechanics vn 8 00 

Calculus VN 285 180 

Boyd's Annotated Poets, 5 y ea.BA 100 80 

School ed " ba 66 

Bacon's Essays ba 100 80 

Composition and Rhetoric am ♦OO 

Kamee' Criticism am ♦I 10 

Boyden's 1st and 8d Readers sr ♦ao 16 

♦Boyden's (W. C.) First Book in Algebra. si 66 60 
♦Boyer's Laboratory Manual in Elementary 

Biology hb •90 80 

Brace's TextHBook on Elocution lh 40 

Brachet's Etymol. French Dictionary mo ♦I 98 1 75 

Hist. French Grammar mo ^99 90 

Brackett's Poetry for Home and School. pu 1 85 

Bradbury's Elementary Algebra th 90 

-^ Key of Answers th 80 

" »* Solutions TH 90 

Emery's Academic Algebra th 1 08 

.IT u Teacher's ed th 1 08 

*• *• Key of An8wers..TH 80 

** Algebra for Beginners th 60 

Algebra Exiuninatlon papers th 50 

Cogswell's Lessons in Numbers th 86 

Academic Geometry, Plane th 75 

•• »• andSoUd.TH 1 85 

Elementary Geometry th 78 

** Trigonometry th 78 

•* Gtoom. and Trig th 108 

Keyto TH ^ 2 

Elementary Geom. (Univ. ed.) th J 08 

Trigonometry and Surveying th 1 w 

Keyto th 72 

Logarithms of Numbers th » 

Eaton's Practical Arithmetic th 75 

with Answers th 76 

— ^ Key of Answers th 80 

- •* SoluUons TH 75 

Elementary Arithmetic th 40 

pt.l TH 18 

._pt. 8 TH 80 

New mementary Arithmetic th » 

pt.8 th 85 

♦Sight Arithmetic th ♦• 

Bradford's Problems in Percentage Bi » 

Bradley's (M.) Color in the School- Room. bo 1 00 

Branch's National Prim. Speaker sr 52 

•• Junior ** Br TO 

•• Advahoed Speaker. . . .nr 1 » 

Hamilton Speaker di 100 

Brand's Good Health for Children lh Jj 

Health Lessons for Beginners lh ^ 

Lessons on the Human Body lh ^ 

Academic Physiology lh * J* 

Brandt's German Grammar al » ^ 

Oennan Reader.... al ^ JJ 

First German Book al * ^ 

Brandt's & Day's Reader in Scientific Oer- 

man v*-^ »o 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. 1172] July 14, '94. 

Brefi:y*8 Smith's French Oonversation el 40 

Brenaiiif^er's Math. Note-Bk., No. 1 lv *10 

Brewer^fl (OJ School Hist, of France so 8 00 

School Hist, of Germany so 9 00 

Brewster's 1st Bk. of Chemistry am ♦OO 

Brevmann's French Orammar mo *1 21 

Bridge's Elementary Algebra sa 45 

Conic Sections pb 

Bridges' Ancient History sa 1 00 

Modern History sa 1 50 

Brief Compend of 17. S. History lh 

Bribes' Plane Analytic Geometry wi 1 00 

Bright's (J. W.) Anglo-Saj(on Reader.... bo •I 86 

Bright's (O.T.) Graded Course in English.AM "^ 

Graded Instruction in English am *86 

BristoPs Select Orations of Lyslas. al 

Brocklesby's Astronomy sh *1 88 

Bronnon's (C. P.) New Manual of Elocu- 

tion MO 1 70 

Bronson's (T. B.) Colloquial German ho *70 

Key to ho *88 

Easy German Prose ho ♦♦ 

^Exercises in Every-day French ho •Ci 

^Key ho *64 

Brook^mith's Arithmetic mo M 88 

Arithmetic for Beginners mo *66 

Brookfield's Composition ba *41 

Brooks* (E.) Old Primary Arith so 88 

Old Mental Arithmetic so 81 

Key to so 81 

Old Elementary Arithmetic so 41 

without Answers so 41 

Key to so 41 

Old Written Arithmetic so 80 

without Answers so 80 

Key to so 80 

New Primary Arithmetic so 81 

" Mental " so 81 

Key to so 81 

New Elementary Arithmetic so 41 

Keyto so 41 

New Written Arithmetic so 80 

Key to so 80 

Higher Arithmetic so 1 10 

Keyto so 1 86 

Union Arithmetic, pt. 1 so 85 

pt.8 so 44 

" 8withoutAn8 so 44 

" 8 so 44 

" 8 without Ans so 44 

pto. 8&8inlT so 88 

'* '* ** without Ans.... so 88 

Keyto so 88 

Philosophy of Arithmetic pp*800 

Algebra, pt. 1 so 76 

Elementary Algebra so 1 05 

Keyto so 106 

Geometry so 70 

'* and Trigonometry so 1 06 

Keyto W..SO 1 06 

Plane and Solid Geometry, Complete, .so 1 25 

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. . .so 1 00 

Mental Science and Culture pp *1 50 

Manual of Elocution hl 1 10 

Brooks' (J.) Introd. to Attic Greek ho *1 16 

Brooks' (N. C.) First Greek Lessons hs 60 

Historia Sacra hs 60 

Caesar, rev., with vocab hs 1 80 

Ovid, rey^ with vocab hs 1 50 

Virgil's iEneid, rev., with vocab hs 1 50 

Brooks' (W.K.) Invertebrate Zoology.. WD 8 00 

Brough's Mine Surveying li ♦S 00 

Brown's (G. ) Gram, of Grammars wo 5 00 

hf . mor wo 6 00 

Institutes of Grammar wo 80 

First lines of Grammar wo 86 

Language Lessons wo 40 

Brown's (I. H.) Child's Speech Book fl 85 

Common School Elocution and Ora- 

.FW 1 00 

.FL 85 

.FL 1 00 

.FL 75 

.FL 1 85 

l.FL 10 

.FL 10 

.FL 86 

.FL 85 

..IN ^40 

• IN ♦lO 


HM 8 00 

.AM *1 00 

WR *80 

WR ♦I 10 

.UN *68 
.DY ♦I 80 

.BL 1 00 

1 10 



1 75 

1 00 

1 86 

1 86 

1 10 

8 85 
8 60 


1 00 






1 50 

1 90 

1 00 

Bruhaker's Physiology, Interleaved bl 1 85 

Brun's LaUn Grammar mo 85 

Latin Reader mo 85 

Brunner's French Reader cl 60 

Brush's Determinative Mineralogy wi 8 50 

Bryant Leaflets. ap 40 

Bryant's New Standard Book-Keeping: 

Common School bt 76 

Blanks for, 4 bks m^bt 75 

Elementary bt 80 

Blanks for, 4 bks mt.vx 75 

Commercial bt 1 50 1 

Blanks for, 7 bks 150 1 

Counting-House bt 8 oO 1 

Blanks for scf.Bv 8 00 

Business Man's Conmiercial Law bt 2 00 1 

Bryant ft Stratton Business Arith metic.AB 1 76 1 
Bryant & Stratton's Common School Book- 
Keeping AM •SO 

Keyto AM «06 

Blanks for i€f of 5 am •BO 

New High School Book-Keeping . . .am *1 60 

pt.l AM ♦46 

pt.8 AM *40 

Blanks for tet of 6 am ^84 

New Counting-House Book-Keeping. .AM ^ 00 

Bryce's(A. H.)lstGreek Book nb 1 85 

8d Greek Book nk 175 

Elementary Latin Orammar nk 60 

Latin Grammar nk 1 85 

1st Latin Book nb 1 00 

8d •* ** NB 1 75 

Bryoe*s(J.A.)Greece. ^Sioe Freeman. 

Social institution of the U. S hu 1 00 

Bryce's ( J.J.) Student's Phys. Geograpby.PU 8 85 
Buchheim's German Classics, 10 v., prices 

from 40c. to ftl.lO mo 

German Prose Composition pu 126 

Buckbee's Primary Word Book hs 80 

Buokelew & Lewis' Human Body, lv ♦ao 

Teachers' ed lv *75 

ABC Reader lv •ZO 

Lessons on Plants lv *60 

Buckham's Analysis of Sentences am *S0 

Buckingham's (C. P.) Calculus si *1 66 

Buckingham's (L. H.) Eugene's Compara- 
tive French Grammar ho •I 40 

Elem. French Lessons ho *65 

Buckland's Story of Eng. Literature ca 1 60 

Buckley's Hist, of England for Beginners, mc *1 10 

Buccwalter's Primary Speller we *15 

Comprehensive Speller wr *20 

Buehrle^s Exercises in Arithmetic so 86 

pap so 15 

without Answers so 85 

" " pap SQ 15 

Grammatical Praxis bu *ao 

Bugbee's English Syntax bi 86 

Key to BI 85 

Bullet's First Lessons in French am *50 

Bulletin Blank Speller bi 15 

Book-keeping Blanks, 5 bks ea.Bi 15 

Composition Book bi 15 

Bullions* Pract. Less, in Eng. Gram sh *S2 

Principles of Eng. Grammar sh *64 

School Grammar sh ♦SO 

Practical Eng. Grammar, rev sh ♦78 

Analysis and Parsing sh ♦SO 

Caesar sh ♦! 12 

acero.. SH ♦I 18 

Greek Grammar sh ♦I 88 

** Lessons sh ♦TS 

*• Reader sh ♦I 60 

Latin Exercises sh ♦I 12 

Key to SH ♦eo 

Latin Grammar sh ♦I 18 

" Lexicon sh ^8 60 

•* Reader sh ♦I 18 

Sallust SH ♦! 18 

Bullions & Kendrick's Greek Gram sh ♦I 48 

Bullions & Morris' New Latin Grammar. sh ♦! 12 

New Latin Lessons sh ^72 

Bullock's Musical Manual pd 80 

♦Bum pus' Laboratory Course in Inverte- 
brate Zottlogy NO ♦I 08 1 00 

Burgess' Drill- Vocab. to Virgil si ♦SS 90 

Bur kinshaw's Landscape Draw. Studies.. bn 144 
Burnap & Wetmore's Polytechnic Collec- 
tion, hf. bd AM ^75 

Burns' (E. A.) English Grammar PS 1 00 

Burritt's Celestial Atlas sh ^94 

Geography of the Heavens sh ♦M 

Burt's (M. £.) Literary Landmarks hm 75 

Burtt's Primary Grammar sh ♦SS 

Elementary " sh ♦SO 

Practical '* sh ♦66 

Burton's (A. E.) Surveying and Naviga- 
tion LH ♦♦ 

Business Standard Book-Keeping (Plumb)BU ♦SO 

Julyi^ '94 [No. 1 1 72] 

The Publisher^ Weekly. 


Bnainefls Standard Book-Keeping (Plumb) 

Blanks for Bu •IS 

Buslnees Standard Copy-Books ; 

Primary Course, 7 nos doc.BU *76 

Common School Course, 7 noe .... ** bu *1 00 

Butler's 1st Reader bu «S0 

9d Reader bu *90 

8d •* BU *40 

4th »* BU •60 

6th " BU •« 

Chart Primer bu •IS 

OeofiTftpl^cal Question-Book bu •Se 

History of Maryland bu *W 

Butler's Complete Geoerapby bu •! 20 

Elementairy ** bu •M 

Physical - bu •! 08 

One book course in Geography bu •! 10 

Butler^s Copybooks; Regular course, 

6 nos. .'.dos.BU •OO 

Tracing course, 8 nos. ** bu •OO 

BuUer^s New Am. Arith., pt. 1 bu •20 

pt.8 BU •» 

pt.8 BU •« 

Practical bu •CO 

Key to , BU •00 

New Am. Graded Problems bu •OO 

Key to BU •OO 

Butter's Pictorial History of U. 8 bu •! 00 

Literary Selections, 4 nos ea.BU •SS 

4 nos., pap ** .bu •as 

Nos.l-ainlv.,cl BU^lOO 

Bntler^ Elements of Chemistry bu •84 

Elements of Plane Geometry bu •M 

Butler's (N.) First Book in Spelling mo 16 

American Spelling-Book mo 16 

Inductive Grammar mo •• 

Introductory Grammar mo 18 

Practical Grammar mo 70 

New Practical Grammar, rev mo 70 

Practical and Critical Grammar mo 86 

Common School Speaker mo 70 

New 1st School Reader mo 16 

" 2d ** " MO 80 

•• 8d " *• MO 40 

•• 4th " ^» MO 66 

•• 6th " ** MO 80 

Butier-Goodrich's Com. School Primer. . . mo 16 

1st Reader mo 15 

8d •* MO 80 

8d " MO 40 

4th " MO 66 

6th *♦ Mo 90 

6th •* MO 1 26 

Butter's (G. P.) School English am •• 

Butterfleld's (C. W^ Punctuation pa 86 

Bnttmann's Greek Test. Gram ob 8 76 

Qyerly'srSO Spelling-Book pl 

Byerly's (W. B.) Integral Calculus ox •S 16 

Differential Calculus oi ^8 16 

Qyme's Practical Mechanics sp 8 00 

Oaedmon's Exodus and Darnel, rev oz •66 

Cairn's QuantitaUve Analysis ho •I 79 

Oaldw^'s (M.) Manual of Elocution u •TS 

QUdw^'s (M. P.) Practical Arithmetic . .bt 76 
Oaldw^ & Broieman's Chemical Prac- 
tice vw 1 60 

Callahan's (J. M.) Civil Govt, Outlines... fl 16 

Physiology, Outlines sn 40 

U.S. Himory, Outlines sr ^22 

Campbell's (D. M.) Structural and Sys- 
tematic Botany ax •I 86 

Campbeirs Elementary Biology mo •! 76 

Campbell's (L. J.) New Franklin Primer .bh •Id 

New Franklin 1st Reader bh ^18 

*« '* Primer and 1st Reader 

combined bh ^84 

•• 8dReader sh •SB 

" •• 8d •* SH •eo 

»' •• 4th *• 8H *flO 

•• *• 6th •• SH ^84 

** ** Advanced 1st Reader. .SB ^20 

" " •• 8d " ..SH •86 

" •• 8d " ..SH •eo 

*• •• " 4th " ..SH •OO 

Modem Primary Reading, pt. 1 bh •€ 

School Hist, of U. S sh ^76 

|gngi»»*» Synonyms lb 60 

Composition Blanks dos.SH *W 

Campbell (W. A.) /Sto ContinentaL 
Oan^bell's (W. W.) Practical Astron- 
omy RB 1 CO 

Oaimon's "Practical Spelling-Book kt 86 

Cupel's (A. D.) Catch Questions in Arith- 
metic Bw ^26 

Carey's Social Science (McKean) bd 8 85 

Carhart's Plane Surveying oi ^2 00 

Carfaart's and Chute's Elements of Phys- 
ics AL 

Carpenter's (J. E.) Pop. Elocutionist wn 1 00 




8 00 
8 00 

1 00 

1 12 
1 60 


1 80 
1 80 

Carpenter's (S. H.) Anglo-Saxon Gram- 
mar and Reader 01 ^70 60 

Aiglish of 14th Century ox •I 00 90 

*' Analysis pa 86 

Carpenter's (T.)Sp^er du 86 80 

KT 25 18 

Scholar's SpeHing Assistant sa 20 

Carpenter's Exercises in Rhetoric lb 60 

Oarrington's Patriotic Reader li^120 

CartM>(J. P.) Elements of History un •I 16 1 00 

Carter (S. NJ. See Putnam's Art. 

Gary's New Testament Greek db 76 

Case A Williams' Prince of Song ob 76 68 

Casey's Conic Sections im 8 50 

Euclid's Elements ln 1 40 

Sequel to Euclid ur 1 10 

Elemental Trigonometry ln 90 

Spherical Trigonometrv lm 160 

Oassal & Karcher*s English into French, 

pt. 1. Junior Course ln 1 05 

—^-pt. 2, Senior Course ln 160 

Oassell's Bements of Algebra oa 76 

Graduated Copy Bka., 18 bks ea.oA 10 

Lessons in French oa 8 00 

pt.1 OA 186 

pt.2 CA 1 86 

Key to OA 76 

Lessons in Italian oa 1 25 

German and English Dictionary ca 1 60 

Public School V'rench Reader ca 1 00 

Latin-English Dictionary oa 160 

Oassell's New ed. of Classical Texts, ea. 

$2 or $1.80 CA 

Casserly's Latin Prosody u *4R 

Caswell & Ryan's Time and Tune, Bk. 1. .ox *76 65 

Bk. 2 0X^105 94 

Catechism of Familiar Things bb 100 10 

Catechism of Geography sa 85 

Cathcart's Literary Reader am •I 16 

Youth's Speaker am ^64 

Cattaneo's Iteaian Reader with vocab . . . .ch 95 

Cave's Learning to Draw pu 1 00 

Teaching Colors i»u 1 00 

Cecilian Series of Study and Song (Tufts): 

Bodkl 8X •64 14 

Book2 BX •or 80 

Books 8X ^94 84 

Book 4 81 ^94 84 

Common School Course sx •• 

Centennial School Siiurer bk 40 86 

Chamber's 80 Less, in Book-keeping un •TO It 

Chambers' (G. FJ handbook Dictionary .Pu 8 00 

Chambers' (W.) Hist. Questions u •SO 

Miscellaneous Questions lx •SO 

Hist, and Misc. '* li •! 40 

ZoClocry (Reese) ba •I 17 1 00 

Introduction to Science ba ^17 15 

Vegetable and Animal Physiology . . . ba ^46 40 
CShamplin's (J. D.) Young Folks' Astrono- 
my HO •es 48 

Young Folks' Catechism ho •SO 48 

** " Clyclopieaia of Common 

ThiMs HO«8 86 8 00 

Young Folks' Cyclopesdia of Persons 

and Places ho rs 85 8 00 

CmampUn's (J. T.) Constit. of U. S al 80 

Selections from Tacitus al 110 

Intellectual Philosophy, rev. ed am •I 00 

Political Economy am ♦OO 

JSscliines on the Crown ss 1 85 

Demosthenes on ttie Crown sk 186 

'* Popular Orations sb 1 86 

Chapin's First Principles Pol. Economy. bh •TS 00 
Chapman's (A. W.) Flora of the Southern 

States AM •& 00 

Chapman's (C. H.) Elem. Course in Equa- 
tions wi 1 50 

Chapman's Am. Drawing-Book ba 6 00 8 76 

Elementarv *' *' ba 1 75 1 86 

(Chapman's (J. A.) School History of 

South Carolina wt 60 

(Thardenal's 1st French Course ) al 00 

8d French Course V& 60 

French Exercises \ bb 00 

Complete French Course al 100 

French Primer sb 80 

•First French CJourse ch 00 

•Second French Course oh 80 

•Exercise for Adv. Pupils oa 1 25 

•French C!onversations ch 60 

Charles' Physiol, and Pathol. Chemistry .la 8 60 

CJharming Songs for Little Warblers bn 20 

Chase's (F. EJ Elements of Meteorology. . wr •76 

Chase's (R. H.) Macleane's Horace al IV 

Chase & Stuart's First Year in Latin. . . . kl 86 

Latin Granunar el 1 00 

»• Reader bl 76 

•CsBsar's Conmientarles, newed ....xl 1 00 

Digitized by VjOD^IC 


Tke Publisher^ Weekly. 

[Na. 1172] July 14, '94 

ChaM & Stuart's Virgire iBneid, First 6 

BIcBm with Lex kl 95 

Virrirs Eclogues and Georglcs, with 

Lex BL 96 

Cicero's Sel. Orations, with Lex xl IK) 

** Tusculan Disputations bl 96 

Cicero de Senectute, et de Amicitia . bl 95 

** deOfflcils BL 110 

•• deOratore bl 1 10 

Cornelius Nepos, with Lex el 95 

Horace bl 1 10 

** Selections from, with Lex.. . . bl 1 00 

Juvenal bl 96 

Livy BL 110 

Ovid, with Lex bl 1 10 

Sallust, with Lex bl 96 

Tacitus BL 95 

Terence el 9^ 

Cicero's Letters el 1 00 

Pliny's *» EL 1 00 

Chaucer for Schools (Heweis) sc 100 

Chautauqiia Lib. of Eng. Hist, and Lit.: 
From Earliest Times to Later Norman 

Period hu 60 

pap HU 85 

Period of Early Plantagenets bu 60 

pap HU 86 

War of the Roses hu 60 

pap .' HU 86 

Chautauqua Text-Books, 60 v hu 

[47 V. at 10c. ea., 8 v. at aOc. ea.] 

Chauvenet's Astronomy, 8 v u *6 00 

Geometry u •I 40 

Byerly's ed li*1«0 

Least Squares u M 28 

Trigonometry u ♦! 88 

Oheoey^s Qlobe Manual hi 60 

Cfiicago New Standard Ger. Ser., No. 1, 

new ed '. bp 

No. 8, new ed bp 

No. 8, new ed bp 

Child's First Book do*,uo 

Children's Musical Gift-Book da 

School Songs ds 

Childs' Essentials of Book-Keeping bh 

Topical Anal, of U. S. Hisi and Con- 
stitution bb 

Cbittenden's English Composition ob 

Ohoate's Elements of Eng. Speech ap 

Ohouquet's First Lessons in French lo 

Easy Conversations in French lo 

First Readings in French lo 

Christey's Spelling Blanks rUos.PB 

Ohristlan Brothers* 1st Reader kt 

8d Reader kt 

8d " KT 

4th " KT 

Table-Bk ob 

1st Book •▲ 

M •• 8A 

8d •• BA 

Xable-Book dos.sA 

Primarj" Arithmetic sd 

Elements of Arithmetic sd 

Commercial ** sn 

Complete ** sd 

Key to sn 

Mensuration bd 

Church's (A. E.) Analytical Geometry. . .am *1 75 

Calculus JLM ♦I 76 

Descriptive Geometry, 8 V am *8 60 

Church's (I. P.) Notes and Examples in 

Mechanics... « wi 8 00 

Churoh*s (J.) Songs for Primary Schools, 

Nos. 1, 8 ea.GB 10 

♦Churchill's (M. E.) and Sanford's (F. W.) 

Viri Romse ab 

Chute's Physics 

Physical Laboratory Manual hb 

Cincinnati Music Reader, No. 1 or 

No. 8 cb 

Complete oh 

No. 1, new ed gb 

N0.8, •* OR 

N0.8, " CB 

New German Speller wo 

New 1st German Reader, with Transl. 

Exercises. . . .% wo 86 

New 8d German Reader, with Transl. 

Exercises wo 85 

New 8d German Reader wo 70 

Exercises and TransL, 6 blM ea.wo 6 

Clark's (A.) Elemento cf Astronomy lo 40 

CUkrk's (p.)jAttn Grammar db 140 











1 oa 


1 00 

































.HB 1 25 

1 18 


G&(k's (J.) Elements of Drawing. 

Clark's (J. B.) Philosophy of Weal tn 01 -^i xu 

Clark*8 (J. a) Practical Rhetoric bo *1 18 

Exerdees, separately ho *41 

Briefte' Practical Rhetoric bo •OS 


1 00 
1 00 



♦Clark's (J. S.) Artof Reading Aloud ho ♦OS 60 

Clark's (N. G.) Elem. of Eng. Language, .bc 1 86 

Clark's (S. SJ Commercial Law mt ♦I 05 

Clark's (S. w.} Easy Less, in Language, .am *86 

Brief English Oranmiar '.am ^40 

Normal Gnunmar jlm ♦TO 

Key to AM ♦TO 

First Lessons in Eng. Gram .am ^80 

Practical Grammar am ♦TO 

Key to am ♦TO 

JLM ^40 


HN 76 

HN 75 

ays... MO 
., 80c.- 

ry ....AM ♦I 90 

Y SP 4 00 

8P 1 85 

3 MC^l 76 1 60 

BH 8 00 1 50 

HE 15 

LA 800 

i'o, adc.-86c. ea.] 

HB 8 00 

1 HB 8 00 

HB 8 00 

HB 800 

HB 1 00 

....ea.jB 40 

pap " JB 86 

Oleland's Animal Physiology pu 1 00 

Clements' Civil Government lv ^84 

Cleveland's (C. D.) Compendium of Amer- 
ican Literature am ♦I 75 

Compend. of Eng. Lit .am*175 

Ekig. Lit. of 19th Century am ♦I 75 

Cleveland's (H. M.) Fhrst Term's Work in 

Reading lh 8 

Second Primary Reader ,..lh 84 

Beginners' Readers lh •♦ 

Clifton &. Grimaux's Fr.-Eng. and Eng.- 

Fr.Dict.,8v OH 10 00 

« 9 60 

Clhiger 's Orthography and OrthoSpy no 75 

Clowes* Chemistry la 860 

Coates' Am. Popular Speaker wb ^86 

Comprehensive Speaker wb ♦I 00 

Young American Speaker wr *60 

Cobb's Day School Ideal... ob 40 84 

Cobbett's Eng. Grammar (Ayres) ap 1 00 

(Waters) ba 75 88 

Cocker's (W.J.) Punctuation am ^88 

Gk>f emment of U. S ha 78 

Coe's First Studies In Drawing wi 00 

Coffin's Conic Sections oo^l80 108 

Colt's Chemical AHthmetio hb ^56 60 

Colbert's Fixed Srars bb ♦Ci 40 

Mathematical Tables sb ^88 80 

Colbum's First Lessons, Intellect. Arith., 

rev.f HM 85 

Olded HM 80 

Sequel to Arithmetic wh *64 78 

Colby's NattlrUohe Methode Deutsch zu 

lemen on 1 60 

Cole's Institute Reader am *80 

Choice Readings sh «60 

Collar's (W. a) English into German 01 *8U 86 

Gradatim 01 ^45 40 

Practical Latin Composition 01 ♦I 10 1 00 

GatetoCsBsar 01 *4R 40 

♦.«:neid, Bk. 7, with Vocab 01 •eo 46 

♦ with Translation y. oi ^fiO 46 

Collar's Eysenbach's Gtorman Lessons . . .01 ♦! 80 1 80 

♦Shorter Eysenbach 01 1 10 1 00 

Collar & Daniell's Beginner's Latin 01 ♦I 10 1 00 

♦First Latin Rook .,.01 ♦I 10 1 00 

♦Beginner's Greek Composition 01 96 90 

Collard^s Beginner's Reader, pt. 1 mt ♦IS 

pt. 8 MT ♦IS 

— pt. 8 MT •aa 

College Series of French Plays (BOcher), 

8 v., cl ea.HO^lO* 100 

9v.,pap »• HO <«8 80 

C oBeg a Series of German Plays. ho 

[S v., vav. priosa, «97c.-^4^.,86o.- 
40o. eo.] 

Oolteire Series of Greek Authors oz • 

College Series of Latin Authors 01 

(Collier's (W. F.) Hist, of Eng. Literatnre.NB 1 75 

Junior British History nb 75 

Advanced British History nb 175 

Senior British History nb 185 

Hist, of British Empire nb 100 

t For Second Lessons, see Wheeler, H. ll.| 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

July 14, '94 \^No. 1 1 72] 

The Publishers* Weekly. 


OolUer's (W. F.) Great EvenU of Hist. . . ifs 1 25 

Rev. ed nu 

Ootlines of General Hist nk 150 

History of Greece nb 75 

** ** Rome NK 76 

Great Events of Hist. (Willis) mt 90 

•Collins* (J. V.) Text-Book of Algebra. . . .ab 

CoUins' Ady. Mineralogy, 2 t pu 9 00 

Elem. Mineralogy PU 60 

Oollot> French Dictionary sx 4 00 

Gollot's Levizac's Fr. AncMcdotes zb 75 

French Dialogues % zb 76 

** Grammar zb 75 

Key to ZB 60 

Interlinear French Header zb 75 

Pronouncing •* " zb 75 

Oolton*s (B. P.) Practical Zo($logy hb *90 

Colton's (C. W.) New Introd. Geography .bh *flO 

Common School Geography sh *] 85 

without maps bh *\ 10 

Physical Geograpny bh *1 18 

Cdton & Fitch's Primer of Geography, .bh *40 

Introductory Geography sh ^S6 

Modem School ** bh *80 

American School 4* Geog bh *1 60 

Gec«. and Atlas.sH ♦2 25 
Columbian Pract. System ofPenmanship: 

Tracing Books, NOB. 1-4 doz.Bi *80 

Short Course, Nob. 1-8 *' bi *60 

CoDunon School Course, Nos. 1-5.. '' bi 1 00 

Book of Business Forms ** bi *1 34 

Cohunbian Primary Reader wb *^0 

Second ** wb *30 

Third »• wb MO 

Fourth " WB *m 

Fifth *» WB •00 

Elementary Arithmetic wb •SO 

Complete •* wb *00 

Columbian Writing Speller *47 

Comba's Lingua Itallana jb 1 60 

Comegys* Pnmer of Ethics 01 *50 

Comfort's German Primer ha 44 

Ist Book in German ha 00 

1st German Reader ha 50 

German Course ha 1 00 

Teacher's Companion to ha 50 

German Reader ha 1 00 

" CoDTeraatioQ ha 84 

Comly^s Grammar lx *28 

Reader ..lx •M 

Spelling-Book (Bonsai's) u •15 

Spellixig-Buok po *15 

Common Sense Arithmetic, pt. 1 ly *80 

pt. 2 LT *40 

In 5 nos ea. lv ^lO 

Copy-Books doB.LT ••• 

Compayr6's (G.) Elements of Pysohology .1^ 1 00 

Comprehensive (3eography, No 1 os 60 

' — No.2..rrr...r.7.. o* loo 

N0.8 OB 180 

Compton's (A. G.) First Lessons in Wood- 
Working AM ♦90 

Logarithmic Computations wx 1 60 

Comstock's (A.) Elocution pn 2 00 

Comstock's (D. Y.) 1st Latin BocA al 

Comstock's (J. LJ Physiology. bh *1 12 

Elements of Botany bh *1 44 

Toung Botanist bh *42 

CookllD's (B. T.) Grammar and Com- 
position AM ♦00 

♦Practical Lessons in Language. am ♦OS 

Cooklin's (C.) Topics in Ana Geog wl 15 

Connollv's English Reader bb 1 26 

Conrad^s Normal Methods of Teaching 

Arithmetic no 60 

Cootanseau's Elem. French Course: 

Accidence Uf 20 

^natax lm 20 

CkMversation Book Uf 20 

1st Exercise Book Uf 20 

2d " '* LW 20 

Translation Book lm 20 

Easy Delectus Uf 20 

Ist Reader ln 20 

2d " LN 20 

Dialogues ln 20 

Oootanseau's Pocket French and English 

Dictionary ln 00 

Practical Fr. and Eng. Diet ln 125 

French Dictionary, 12* u ♦I 20 

Oontes Choisls,18v sa.jB 60 

pap ** JB 25 

Oxitinental Copy-Books, 7 nos dot.HS 

Ooatinental 1st Reader mt 18 

" »• TA •20 

2dReader mt 20 

*• ** *. TA ^82 

dd •» MT 42 

4th •* MT 04 







1 20 



1 06 




Continental 5th Reader mt 72 

Reading Speller, 1st Bk mt 19 

" " ** BH •80 

** •* 2d Bk MT 28 

« U U gg ^ . 

♦Cook'B(A.S.) Beginner's Book in Old Eng.Gi 1 00 1 50 

Siever's (M. Bng. Gram 01 ♦! 26 1 IS 

Cook's (J. W.) Methods in Arithmetic. . .fl 00 
Cook's (J. W.) and Oopsey's (N.) Ele- 

mentaiT' AriUmieUc sx ♦66 60 

•Advanced sx ♦80 78 

Bee Normal (bourse in Numbers. 

Cooke's Chemical Philosophy al 8 60 

Chemical Physics al 4 60 

" Problems bu ^84 72 

Ceoley's New Elem. C^hem. for Beginners, am ^72 

New Text-Book of CAiemistry am ♦OO 

Experiments in Physical Science ... .am ♦58 

Elemen ts of Natural Philosophy am *7% 

New Text-Book of Physics am ♦OO 

♦Laboratory Studies in Chemistry. . . am ♦dO 

Coombs' EngUfih Pronunciation no 86 

Normal Reader no 1 26 

Cooper's (S.) Animal Life am ♦! 86 

Cooper's fT. G.) Vhrgil sh 1 80 

Coppte's Elements of Logic bu ♦OO 

Elements of Rhetoric bu *\ 16 

English Literature mk 2 26 1 09 

Coppens' Oratorical Oxnpositlon 00 125 76 

Introd. to Eng. Rhetoric 00 125 76 

Cornell's First Steps m Geography am ♦&! 

Primary Geography, new ed am ^42 

Intermediate (Geography, new ed am ♦SO 

Physical (3eograpby, new ed jlm ♦! 12 

Corson's Elocutionary Manual db 1 26 1 00 

Saxoo and EarlT English ho ♦I 77 160 

•Cortina's Spanish In Twenty Lessons. . .ch 2 00 

Cossa'B Science of Finance pu 100 

Cotte's Contes Tires de Molidre, 2 v.ea.jB 20 

Cottin*s Elizabeth, with Vocab lo 90 78 

Cottinger's Universal History fb 1 60 

Ooulans:es' Ancient City xjb 1 60 

Coulters (J. M.) Manual of the Botany of 

the Rocky Mountains •I 62 

CoaIter*s Botany. Ae Gray. 

Courtenay's Calculus am ^2 00 

Cowdery's Moral Lessons nn ♦OO 

Cox's ((}. W.) Mythology bo ♦« 76 

C^neral Hist, of Greece .....ln 2 00 

Bee dUo Student's Series. 

Coy's Greek for Begiimers. am *1 00 

First Greek Reader am ^84 

Oafts' (^ualltatlTe Chem. AnaJysls wi 1 50 

Crafto & Fisk*B Rhetoric Made Racy bb ♦Ol 66 

Craig's (A. H.) New Common School Ques- 

UonBook HB 1 60 

Craig's (J. A.) Hebrew Word Manual ol 1 00 

Craik's fcigllsh of Shakeq;)eare 01 ♦OO 

Hist. ^Eta^. Lit.,9 y .,...bc 6 00 

Crane's Romantisme Franfais pu 160 

Crane A Brun's Tableaux de la Revolution 

Franfaise pu 1 60 

Craven's Okrd Selections for Recitation, 

8 packets ea.HB 80 

Complete hb 76 

Crawley's Elem. of Trigonometry li ♦I 00 

Creery^s (W. R. ) Ciatechism of U. 8. Hist, dt ♦28 85 

Primary School Speller am ♦SO 

Grammar School Speller am ♦SO 

Creighton's Hist of England ln 80 

Stories fhMn Bng. Hist wk 125 94 

First Hist, of England *....ln 80 

•First Hist, of France ln 125 

Critical Greek and English Testament . . . . wx 1 00 

with Green's Lexicon wx 1 60 

Crittenden's Book-Keeping : 

New Counting-House fo 850 800 

Key to FO 1 60 1 86 

Blank-Bks. for fo 4 00 8 60 

New High School fo 2 25 2 00 

Key to FO 1 60 1 25 

Blank-Bks. for fo 2 76 2 60 

New Elementary fo 1 85 1 25 

• Keyto fo 76 66 

Blank-Bks. for fo 1 85 1 25 

New Single Entry fo 76 66 

Keyto FO 76 65 

Blank-Bks. for 10 76 66 

Single Entry Explained , fo 50 40 

Keyto FO 26 20 

Conunercial Arith., newed...., xl 1 10 

Keyto BL 60 

Croasdale's Industrial Art Drawing : 

Easy Lessons, 86 cards sx 25 

Elementary Series, 6 nos.. 25 

Architectural " 5 •» ** bx 81 

Ornamentation** 6 ** ** sx 86 

Plane Geometry" 6 *' *♦ sx 25 

Perspective •• 4 »♦ r>^^-»^T^ 

Digitized by ViiJOv IC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\^N0, 1172] July 14, 94 

Croasda1e*s Industrial Art Drawing : 

Object Drawing Series, 8 nos 25 

Landscape Drawing Series, 2) nos. ** sx 60 

Oroquefs French Conversation jb 1 00 

Orosoy^s (A.) Greek Grammar am *1 40 

GreekTables am *50 

Xenophon's Anabasis, with Lex am *1 60 

First 4 Books, with Lex am *1 40 

Lexiconto am •TO 

Lexicon and Notes to am *90 

Crosby^s (H.) Sophocles* CEklipus Tyran- 

nus AM *1 06 

Crosby^ (W. H.) Qpintus Curtius Rufus..AM *i 06 
Crosby's (W. Oj Tables for Determina- 
tion of Iflnerals me *1 85 1 S6 

Crosler^s Disrest of Infinltiyes and Par- 

ticiples,eto , ko 40 

Crozier's Botanical Dictionary ho ^2 66 8 40 

Cross' (G. NJ Mem. Chem. Technics. si *• 

Cross* (J. G.) Eclectic Shorthand, new 

ed OB H 00 

Eclectic Shorthand Diet or «3 00 

** ** LMsons OB *75 

»• •• PhraBe-Book.....oB 8 00 

CroweU*s Sel. from Latin PoeU 01 •! 65 1 40 

Crowell & Richardson's Roman Lit. 01 ^1 10 1 00 

Cruikshank^s Analysis and Parsing. sh «44 86 

Cruttwell*8 Roman Literature so 260 

Crystal*s(G.) Algebra, pt 1 mo n IS 8 75 

pt.2 MO •4 40 4 00 

Two pts. in one ▼ mo •§ 26 7 60 

Cummiog*8 (L.) Electricity yif 1 60 1 06 

Cumnock's Choice Readings mo 1 50 

School Speaker mo 75 

Curd's (C. P.) New Method in English An- 
alysis AS 75 60 

Cumow^ English History bn 90 

Currier's Tables of Latin Suffixes kl 40 

Curtiss* (C. C) Manual of Book-Keeping 

with Blanks am ♦! 58 

Blanks, separate, set of 10 am •TS 

Copy-Books, 7 nos doe.AM •! 00 

Practice Books, Nos. A and B. . . . *' am *60 

Nos.1-8 •• AM •«) 

Manual of Penmanship am •! 00 

Curtius* Greek Etymology, 9 r so 11 90 

Greek Grammar ....ha 125 

Cutler's (C.) Beginnings of Ethics ar \ 9b 126 

Cutler's (C. W.) Physics and Chemistry, .pn 2 00 

Cutter's Beginner's Anatomy lx *90 

Intermediate Anatomy i u •SO 

Comprehensive ** u •! 00 

Lessons in Hygiene u *&0 

Cutting's Difficulties of Ger. Grammar. 50 
Cyr'sukterstate Primer and 1st Reader.. LB •SO 25 
Interstate 8d Reader. See Brown, K. L. 

Interstate Primer Words, A lb •GO 40 

Children's Primer oi •SO 24 

OhUdren's First Reader 01 «85 28 

Interstate 8d*Reader. See Lovejoy, 

]huK'« Moral Science bt 1 25 

Daisys Outlines of Elocution no 1 50 

Dalglelsh's Grammatical Analysis am *48 

ScottReader m 75 

Dalton's Physiology and Hygiene am *84 

Dana's GtoologicalStory am •! 15 

Manual of Geology am *!8 84 

Text-Book of Geology am •a 00 

Descriptive Mineralogy.... wi 19 50 

Manualof »» wi 2 00 

Text-Book of • " wi 8 60 

•» *• •• Mechanics wi t 60 

Daniell's (AO Text-Book of Physics mo •S 85 3 50 

Daniell's (M:. G.) Sentences for Writing 

Latin am ^20 

Latin Composition lh 100 

in 2 pts ea.LH 60 

Danson's Wealth of Households mo *1 88 1 25 

D*Anvers' Elem. Hist, of Art, rcT. ed., 1 ▼ 8 75 

Science.-Ladders, nos ea.BN 18 

inSv *'bn 86 

— inlv pu 1 50 

in 6 pts ea.PD 50 

•David's (A. A.) Easy Stories and Exer- * 

cises in German ln 85 

Davidson's (A. B.) Introd. Hebrew Gram. so 8 00 
Davidson's (B.) Anal. Hebrew Lexicon. . . . wi 4 00 
DBTidson's (E. A^ Linear Drawing and 

Practical Geometry ca 1 00 

Linear Drawing and Projection oa 1 75 

ModelDrawing oa 1 50 

Practical Perspective ca 150 

Davidson's (H. AJ Hist, of the U. S 01 •«) 80 

Davidson's (J. W.) School Hist, of South 

Carolina, rev du 60 50 

Davies' (C.) Mathematics : 

Arithmetic, First Book in am ^40 

•» Complete am ^70 

Davies' (C), Mathematics : 

Arithmetic, Primary am •IS 

InteUectual am *96 

** First Lessons in am •SS 

•* Elements of Written — am •SS 

- OldSchool AM ^40 

'• Key to AM •40 

*• School AM •SO 

»» Key to AM •SO 

•• Practical. am •OO 

*' Key to AM •OO 

Standard am •OS 

" University am •I 00 

*• Keyto AM ♦! 00 

Algebra, New Elementary am •OO 

** New Elementary, Key to ... .am •OO 

»» University am •! 00 

" Keyto AM •! 00 

" Bourdon's. am •! 60 

" Keyto AM ♦! 60 

Elem.Geometry and Trigonometry •I 00 
Lsgendre's Gecwnetry and Trigonom- 
etry AM •I 60 

pt. KGeometry only) am •! 25 

— — Key to Exercises in Qeometry.AM •I 60 
Elements of Surveying (Van Amringe)AM *\ 75 
Differential and Integral Calculus. •] 40 

Analytical Geometry am •I 40 

'^ ** and Calculus... AM ♦I 75 

Descriptive Geometry am *2 00 

Grammar of Arithmetic am *40 

Davies & Peck's Complete Arithmetic . . .am •TS 

Key to am •75 

Elementary Arithmetic am •SO 

First Lessons in Numbers am •SO 

Davis' (E. H.) Beginner's Reading-Book . . un •SI 

Teachers' ed un •SO 

Second Reading-Book un ^48 

Third ^ un •78 

Fourth " UN •96 

Davis' (E. W.) Introd. to Loerlc of Algebra . wi 1 60 

•Davis* (J. F.) Flinch Reader mo •ee 

Davis*(N.K.) Theory of Thought ha 2 00 

Elements of Psychology si ^2 00 

•Elements of Deductive Logic ha 90 

Davis' (W. J.) American Primer mo 15 

Picture and Word Cards mo 4 00 

•Davis' (W. M.) Elemetary Meteorology.. 01 9 70 

Davis' (W. S.jfclementary Geology Pu 60 

Dawes' How we Are Governed lb ♦I 15 

Daws. See Putnam's Manuals. 

Day's (A.) Aid to Shorthand bv 75 

Shorthand Manual ev •I 50 

Day's (B. H.) Book-Keeping di 50 

-^ Blanks for ni 60 

Day's (H, N.) Elem. of Logic, new ed. •I 00 
*' " Mental Science.... AM •I 00 

Art of English Composition am •I 00 

RhetoriciU Praxis am •I 00 

Elements of Psychology pa 160 

Logical Praxis pu 1 00 

Science of >£:sthetios. pa 2 00 

•• "Ethics Pu ISO 

English Literature so 925 

Day's (J.) Introduction to Algebra. pb 

Keyto PB 

Elements of Algebra (Thomson) pb 

Keyto PB 

Dean's (P.) Primary Arithmetic sh •lO 

Intellectual Arithmetic sh •84 

Keyto , SH ^42 

Elementary Arithmetic sh •SS 

Intermediate " sh •SO 

Keyto 8H •TS 

Public School Arithmetic sh •SO 

Keyto SH •SS 

High School Arithmetic sb •QO 

De Concllio's Intellectual Philosophy . . . . SA 1 50 
De Fivas' Gram, of French Grammars . . . am •87 
De Fourcy. See Smith (F. H.). 

De Garmo's Lindner's Psychology hb •I 10 

De GrafTs Exercise-Boox am •IS 

Calisthenics, etc hi 25 

Pocket Pronu nciation-Book bi 15 

Practical Phonics hi 75 

School-Room Chorus bi 85 

Delllle's Condensed French ho ^43 

Del Mar's Spanish Oonva^atlon lo 75 

DeLolme, Wallace & Bridgeman's French 

and English Dictionary ca 1 50 

De Mille's Rhetoric ha 1 20 

Denman's Boox-Keeplng bf 60 

^— Blanks for bf 95 

Student's Speaker sh •SS 

Dennis* A Study of Leaves ap 60 

DePeyrac's Comment on Parle k Paris.. am •I 05 

De Rougemot's La France my •TO 

Anecdotes Nou velles my •SO 

Derry '8 United States History . . .^^ u •! 08 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 




1 80 


2 50 

1 00 

1 75 

1 50 


1 00 


July 14, '94 [A^^. 1172J 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


D€0chAnel'8 NatunU Philosophy ap 6 75 

j)t«. 1-4 ea.AP 1 60 

Desaar'fl GermaA Grammar wt 75 

Small " '* WT av 

Elements of Hebrew Grammar bm 15 

DettmanD's Phono^tenograpby « pt. 1 ,pap.8T 00 

cl 8T 75 

pt.2,pap 8T flO 

cl .ST T6 

De Tornos' Spanish Method ap 125 

Deutsch's German Reader hb *1 00 00 

Drlllmaster in German sr 150 

De Vere*8 Introduction to French uic *60 68 

French Grammar un *1 88 1 90 

1st French Reader un *60 68 

Spanish Grammar ap 100 

French Verb jc 1 00 

Dewey^s (J.) CriUcal Theory of Ethics. . rb 1 60 1 80 

Psychology ha 185 

De Woirs Instructive Speller ax ♦17 

Dick's Art of Gymnastics di 1 00 

Dickens' Child's Hist, of Enir am *60 

HM 1 00 

po ♦67 

Dictation Spelling-Book os 80 18 

Dictionary of English, French, German . . st 8 80 

Dlehl's Elocutionary Studies wk 60 

Practical Del Sarte Primer bi 50 

Dillard's Exercises in Arithmetic pj 60 40 

Dimitry's Hist, and Geog. of Louisiana. am ♦OO 
Dinsmore's (T. H.) First Lessons in Physi- 

ologyand Hygiene am ^50 

Dinsmore's (T. W.) Graded Spelling Blanks, 

8nos do«.AM ^84 

Elem. Sp^ng^Blanks. *' am ♦iS 

Model ScriptWritingSpeU. Blanks** am «46 
Dobbin and Walker's Chemical Theory, .mo ♦77 70 
Dodds* (J. J.) Outline of Civil Govern- 
ment NO 20 16 

♦Dodge's Eiem. Practical Biology ha 1 80 

Dodge (L. S. ) Der Ftthrer (Ein Lesebuch) . .oh 1 85 

Dodfe's (N. S.) Stories of Am. History. . . . lb ♦SS 80 

Doeaeriein's Latin Synonyms db 125 

Doemer*s Treasury of General Knowl- 

edge, pt. 1 AM ♦SO 

— pt.5 AM ♦ee 

Dole's American Citizen hb 100 90 

Donnegan's Greek Lexicon an 8 60 

D'Ooge's Sophocles' Antigone 01 ♦lO 

withnotes oi ♦! 60 140 

Demosthenes on the Crown or ♦! 50 

Colloquia Latina hb ^46 40 

DooUtUe's Practical Astronomy wi 4 00 

Dorlot's ni. Beginners' French Book 01 ♦OO 80 

pt.2 01 ♦SS 60 

Beginners' Book in German ox ♦OO 80 

♦Domer's (H.) Eiem. Science and Physio- 
logy CN 60 

Dooai^s Rational 1st Reader st 80 

** 8d ♦* 8T 60 

8d •» ST 80 

Bilderflbel st 80 

Kindergarten st 1 00 

Doublet's Logic for Young Ladies os 60 86 

Douglas' Rhetorical Training my ♦la 10 

Dowd's Phvsical Culture rw 1 50 

Doyle's United States. Set Freeman. 

Doyle's (F. C.) Rhetoric mo ♦! 64 1 40 

Draper's Anatomy, Physiology, and Hy- 
giene HA 8 50 

Physics... LA 4 00 

Drawing Made Easy Cards, 8 ser ea.FL 80 80 

Drechsel's Chemical Reactions. wi 1 85 

Drew's Practical Book-Keeping sr ♦! 19 1 10 

Blanks for sr ♦! 49 1 85 

Dreyspring's Easy Lessons in French ... .am ♦OO 

French Reader am ^75 

Easy Lessons in German am ♦OO 

First German Reader am ♦OO 

German Method (Cumulative) am *\ 90 

" Verb Drill am ♦! 80 

Lelchte Aufgal>en Im Englischen . . .am ♦! 00 
Drisler's (F.) ConJ ugation of Latin Verbs, 

80 sheets jb 80 

Du Bois' French Teacher lb 100 

♦Dubbs' Arithmetical Problems, Teach- 
ers' ed AM 1 00 

♦ Pupils' ed., 8 pts ea.AM 25 

♦Complete Mental Arithmetic am 85 

*I>a Croquet's (C.) French Grammar.... jb 1 26 
♦Conjugation of French Verbs, 50 

sheets jb 30 

♦French Conversation jb 1 00 

♦Le Francis par la Conversation . . . jb 1 00 

Dn Qygne's Ars Rhetorica mu 75 

Doirs Book-Keepinr (enhuml) ha 8 85 

Common School Book-Keeping am ^44 

-^Account Books for same, set 

of 4 AM ♦SO 

Ooffet's French Method, pt. 1 am ^78 

pt. 8 AM ♦TS 

French Literature am . ♦TV 

Hennequhi's New Fr. Method am ♦! 90 

Key .AM ♦OO 

Dufour's (AO French Grammar 01 ♦TO 60 

FrenohBeader 01 ♦OO 80 

Dulany's Standard Physiology dt ♦SS 60 

Martin's Eiem. Human Body dt ^84 75 

Primer Physiology dy ♦85 80 

School Hist, of Maryland dy ♦I 00 80 

Dunglison'sjXUem. Physiology wr ♦fiO 

School Physiology wr ♦! 00 

Dunton's (L.) Arithmetic in Primary 

Schools SI 1 00 

Dunton (L.) & Clark (C. G.) ae» Normal ... 
Duntonlan Copy-Books : 

Common School Series, Nos. 1 to 8, 

doz.TYL 96 

Tracing Series, Nos. 0-1-2 *» th 78 

Advanced Ntmiibers, 9-10 '* th 1 80 

Duplex, Nob. A. to £ ** th 1 08 

SpelUng Blank ** th 45 

Dupuis* (N. F.) Elementary Algebra mc ♦! 21 1 10 

Synthetic Plane Geometry mo ♦! 21 1 10 

Synthetic Solid Gtoometry mc ♦♦ 

♦Duque's Spanish in Spanish al 1 50 

Ouruy's Middle Ages bo ♦! 74 1 60 

♦Modem History ho ♦I 74 1 60 

♦Duvall's History of French Literature.. HB •! 85 1 12 
Dwight's Grecian and Roman Mythol- 
ogy AM ♦OO 

Dyer^s Plato's Apology and Crito, pap. . . . oi ^40 

withnotes 01 ♦I 60 1 40 

Dyer and Whitcombe's Eiem. of Trigo- 
nometry MO 1 10 

Dymond's Moral PhiloMphy 00 ♦I 00 88 

Eamee' Phonography ba ♦I 40 1 80 

Earle's Philology of Eng. Tongue mo ♦I 98 1 76 

Eaton's (A. J.) iktin Prose, Livy ot ^40 36 

Eaton's (J. S.) Primary Arithmetic th 18 

Elements of Arithmetic th 84 

Common School ** th 68 

with Answers. th 68 

Key of Answers th 80 

Common School Arithmetic, Key of 

Solutions TH 68 

Intellectual Arithmetic th 80 

HighSchool " TH 90 

Key of Answers Th 90 

Key of Solutions th 90 

2 uestions on Arithmetic th 18 

etric System th 18 

9te €Ubo Bradbury. 
Eaton's (Seymour) Easy Problems in Arith- 
metic HW ♦SS 

♦New Arithmetic hb ^85 75 

Exercises in Geography hw ^25 

Practical Grammar hw ^25 

Eben's Comp. German Primer ko 85 

WM 26 

Bolectic Book-keeping (Ira May hew) am ♦SO 

BlanksfoMbks se^AM ^45 

Key to AM ^50 

Bolectic Compoe.-Bk., 88 pp. pap dos. am ♦! 00 

— 48 ppK.bds. ...::.. !7.. •» am^iso 

Eclectic English Classics, various prices, 

♦20c.; ♦40c.; ♦OOc am 

Eclectic Penmanship: 

Primary Copy-Book dos.AM ^72 

Eiem. Tracing Course, 8 nos ** am ♦72 

New Copy-Books, 9 nos '* am ♦OO 

Exercise Copy-Book "am ^96 

New Handbook of Penmanship am ♦SO 

Writing Cards, 78 nos. manlla bds. 

ae^AM ♦! 00 

(German Copy-Books, 6 nos doz.AM ^84 

Eclectic Indust. Drawing-Bks., Nos. 1-3. 

doz.AU *l 80 

Nos.4,5 " AM ♦I 75 

Noe.6-9 "AM^800 

Manual of Industrial Drawing am ^40 

♦Mechanical Drawing am ^40 

Slate Elxer. Draw. Cards, 18 nos .dne.AU ♦OO 

Eclectic Primary Geography, No. 1 am ♦SS 

Intermediate " No. 8 am ♦! 10 

School " No. 8 ....AM^l 80 

Elementary ** am ^55 

Complete " am ♦I 90 

Map-Blanks, 21 nos. .per 100.AM ♦! 50 

Phvsical Geography. am ♦! 00 

Eclectic (German Primer am ♦SO 

German 1st Reader am ♦dS 

»* 8d " AM ^35 

»* 3d " AM ♦la 

" 4th " AM ♦OO 

" 6th *• AM ^79 

Guide to Health >^ ♦OO 

Historical Atlas f?,...AM ♦! 00. 

Digitized by V3 


The Publisher^ Weekly. 

{No. 1172] /uly 14, '94 

Eclectic Primapy U. 8. Hist am *50 

New U. 8. Hlat. (Thdlheimer) am *1 00 

Writing Speller doe am •SO 

Language Lessons (Thalheimer) am *86 

Physiology (Brown) am ^60 

School Qeometry (Bums) am *80 

Eclectic Temperance Physiologies: 

The House I Live in am *80 

Youths* Temperance Manual (E. F. 

Brown) am HO 

Guide to Health am ♦60 

Economical Writing Speller doM . am *4Si 

Eddy's Analytic Gteometry, Plane an 1 25 

Edgarton*s Western Orator u ♦! 28 

Edgarton & Russell's N. Y. Speaker bh *1 54 1 28 

Edgren's French Grammar hb 1 25 1 12 

*• " pt. 1 Hc «86 ao 

Spanish Grammar hb *90 80 

Edmonds* Elementary Botany ln 80 

Edwards* (A. B.) Outlines of Eng. Hist . ..wa *20 22 
♦Edwards* (A. M.) Graded Lessons in Lan- 
guage, Nos. 1-6 doz.Bi 100 

600 Questions in Civics doe.Bi 16 

Edward^s (J.) Differential Calculus for 

Be^nners mo *Z 21 1 10 

Edwards* (R.) Students* Readers: 

IstReader 8R *20 16 

inSpts dox.BR *eS 54 

2dReader sa *90 25 

inSpts doK.BR ♦63 54 

8d Reader SR ^46 40 

InQpts dos.BR. ♦63 54 

4th Reader br ♦SS 75 

in4pts ea.SR *24 20 

5th Reader SR *VI 85 

Students* Speller sr *94 20 

Edwards & Warren's Analy t. Speller sr *21 18 

:....:. 8H ♦IS 

Edwards & Webb's Analytical Ser.: 

IstReader sr •SB 20 

2d " SR *36 83 

8d *• 8R ♦86 50 

4th »• SR no 63 

5th " 8R *94 85 

6th *• 8R^108 96 

Intermediate Reader br ♦dS 56 

Edwards & Webb's Analjrtlcal Ser. : 

1st Reader bb *90 

(Leigh) SH *21 

2d Reader bh ♦« 

(Leigh) SH ^86 

8d Reader sh ♦SO 

4th " bh ♦ea 

6th •* SH *W 

6th ** BH ♦I 00 

Intermediate Reader bh ^54 

Edwards* (8. A.) Handbk. of Mythology, .el 05 

Egbert*8 (J. C.) Shorter Latin Course. . . .mo ^44 40 

Eggleston's Hist, of U. 8 am *i 05 

First Book in American History am ♦OO 

Elohberg. See National Music. 

Elder's Conversations on Political Econ..BD 2 60 

Elementary History of the U. 8 mu 25 

Eliot's American Authors bh ♦OO 

Poetry for Children hm 80 

Six Stories from Arabian Nights hm 85 

United States History wa ♦! 56 1 36 

EUot & Storer*s Elem. Chemistry am ♦! 08 

Qualitative Clhemical Analysis vn 1 60 

Ellis' (E. 8.) Primary Physiology bh ♦SS 

History of the United States wr ♦I 00 

Business Manual (long course) bw 1 00 75 

Blanksto «e<.BW 1 26 1 00 

Ellsworth's Book-Keeping : 

Blanks to Pt. 1, Single Entry sef.BW 75 54 

Pt. 2, Double Entry bw 75 50 

Blanksto aet.BW 75 54 

Steps of (short course) bw 60 40 

Blanksto set.BW 50 45 

Ellsworth*s Copy-Books. 

Tracing Series, 8 nos doz.BH ^72 

Grammar Series. 9 nos " bh ♦OO 

Ellsworth's Reversible Writing Bks.« 
Large, 7 nos., and Tracing Bk. 

do^.BW 1 20 1 06 

Large, rev bw 1 20 1 06 

Small, 8 nos., and 2 Tracing Bks., 

doz.Bvr 06 75 

Small, rev bw 06 76 

Commercial, 5 nos doc.BW 120 06 

Small, 5 nos •* bw 85 68 

Manual of Penmanship bw 1 00 75 

Compos, and Letter-Wrl ting bw 76 60 

Revers. Drawing-Bks., 6 nos do2. bw 2 40 1 80 

id*s (J. K.) Table Book and Test 

Problems am ♦! 00 

Zionist's Favorite no 1 00 


1 1» 

Elson's Home and School Songs .lb *35 30 

Elwell's German Dictionary st 2 00 

WM 200 

French Dictionary • mn ♦£ 60 2 OO 

Eng.-Fr. and Fr.-Eng. Diet my^200 

Ely's introd. to Political Economy bu 1 00 

♦Outlines of Economics, College od. .bu 1 25 
♦Emerson's (A. W.) Composition and Crit- 
icism Bi 50 

Emerson's (I.) Public School Hymnal db 40 

Morning Hour 01 ♦es 60 

BmerBon*s(L. O.) Cheerful Voices db 50 

Gk>lden Wreath db 60 

Merry Chimes db 50 

RoyalSinger db 60 

Song Bells db SO 

" Greeting ns 60 

** Manual, Bk. 1 db 90 

" ♦» Bk. 2 DB 40 

*• - Bk.3 DB 60 

United Voices db 50 

Emerson's (N. A.) Arithmetic, pt 1 li ^12 

pt. 2 LI ♦38 

pt. 8 LI ♦68 

Key to LI *K 

National Arithmetic, pt. 1 ar ^14 

pt. 2 AR ^47 

Emerson £ Brown's Song Reader, Bk. 1 . . db 50 

Bk2 DB 60 

Emerson &. Swayne's Gems for Little 

Singers ds 30 

Emerson & Tllden's High School Choir, .db 1 00 

Hour of Singing db 100 

Emerton's Introd. to Study ^of Middle 

Ages 01 *1 25 

English and American School Literature . ba 00 
English Classics. See Bi^aynard. 

English Compodtion, Exercises In nb 30 

See aUo Royal. 

English Literature, Hist, of , 4 v mo ♦♦ 

English Literature Pamphlets, [various 

pricesl 01 

English Language (Royal) nk 30 

Composition, Paraphrasing, etc nb SO 

English Readlnga for Students, ea., 25c. to 

70c BO ♦♦ 

Englmann's Grammatical Series: 

Latin Grammar bb 1 58 

Latin Exercises In Etymolc^ bb 1 81 

Latin Exercises in Syntax, Bks. 1 and 

2 ea.BB 1 58 

Eno's Compendium of Eng. Grammar si ♦SS 

Ensign's U. 8. Hist. Outlines fl 25 

- Ancient Hlstor^r Outlines fl 60 

Entlck's Latin Dictionary cv 150 

Episodes from Modern French Authors, 

V ea.LH 40 

Episodes from Modern Germs n Authors, 

4 V LH 

[Various prices, 45c.; 60c.. OOc.] 

Epochs of American History. 3 v....tfa.Liv 1 25 

Epochs of Ancient History 11 v ease 1 00 

Epochs of English History, complete ln 1 60 

Epochs of Modern History, 17 v 1 00 

Erlenkoetter's Rechenbuch, pt. 1 bk 35 

pt. 2 BK 85 

Rechenflbel bk 15 

Erstes deutsches lesebuch bp 28 25 

Eubank'B Key to Harvey's Rev. Gram h j 60 •40 

Eugene. fEee Buckingham.^ 

Evans' (E. P^ German Reader ho ♦! 17 1 10 

Evans' (E. W.) School Geometry am ♦SO 

Everesvs School Song-Book db 00 

Everett's (J. D.) OutllneB of Natural Phi- 
losophy AM *H 

Everett^ (0. C.) Science of Thought dw 1 50 1 20 

♦Ethics for Young People oi •ftS 50 

Evers* Advanced Navigation pu 100 

Elementary ** pu 50 

Excelsior Ser. See Sadller, W. H. 

Bysenbach's Ger. Gram, with Vocab sr 1 10 

Gterman Grammar with Vocab en 110 

Keyto CH 50 

Fairbanks' (H. W.) School Songs: 

Primary, 3 nos eo.LR ♦lO 8 

Nos.l-3lnlv LR *25 20 

Intermediate, No. 1 lr ♦lO 8 

Grammar School, No. 1. lr ♦lO 8 

High School No. 1 LR ♦lO 8 

Fairbanks' (L.) Book-Keeplng so 344 

Practical Business Arithmetic un ♦! 27 1 10 

Fairchlld's Moral Science, new ed sh ♦! 85 1 12 

♦Falckenberg's Modem Phllc sopby ho *3 75 8 50 

Fall's (D.) Laboratory Manual and Chem- 
istry LH 60 

Fallows' Supplemental Dictionary . lr^340 800 

Farley and Gunnison. See Normal Review 
Writing System. 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

1 la 

1 13 

1 12 

July 14, '94 \^tro, 1172I 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Fmt»p'8 (W. H.) Arlth. Problem*. ra •M 

Keyto BH •M 

Fasquelle** Introductory French Cour8e.Aif *^ 

Larger French Course am ♦! 86 

Keyto ** " AM •«) 

OoUoQuial French Reader am *M 

French CkMiveraation am *00 

Napoleon am *M 

Racine am ♦80 

T616maque am *90 

Lessons in French oa 2 00 

Faulhaber*s One Year Course in Qerman.HS *05 00 

Faunce*s Deecriptire Geometry 01 *1 85 1 25 

Fawcett*8 (H.) Political Economy mo «9 OS 3 65 

Fawcett*s (Mrs.) Political Economy for 

Beginners mo ♦OS 75 

Feller*s Pocket Dictionaries : 

Ehiglish, French, and German ru 60 

Flrench, German, and English ru 60 

German, EInglish, and French ru 60 

Above 8 ▼. in 1 ru 1 76 

EnKlish and French ru 60 

French and English ru 60 

AboTe2v. inl ru 1 25 

English and German ru 60 

German and English ru 50 

AboveJr. Inl ru 1 25 

English and Italian ru 50 

Italian and English ru 60 

Above2T.ini ru 1 26 

Fellowes^ Astronomy for Beginners wi 60 

Fellows^ First Steps in Grammar sh ♦IS 

Fel ter*s First Lessons in Numbers am ♦IS 

Primary Arithmetic am ♦SS 

Old Intermediate Arithmetic am ♦SI 

Practical Arithmetic am ♦TS 

New Primary ** am ♦» 

^ * Intermediate Arithmetl c am ♦SO 

Advanced Arithmetic am ♦SO 

Complete ** am ♦TS 

Key of Solutions am ♦! 00 

Felton's iEschylus^ Agamemnon sk 1 25 

Felton & Goodwin's Aristophanes' Birds. AL 1 10 

Aristophanes* Clouds al 1 If 

Isocrates* Panegyricus al 80 

Felton's Smith's History of Greece wa *2 80 2 00 

Fenno's Elocution pj 1 25 1 00 

Favorttes, Nos. 1-8. ♦T-^IO ea.pj 30 

Ferguson (E. C.) An Aid to Greek at 

Sight 81 1 66 1 60 

Abridged sx ♦SS 80 

Questions on Cesar and Xenophon. . . ot ♦I 25 1 12 
Femald^s Selections from Greek Histo- 
rians AL 1 50 

Fessenden's Elem. of Physics mc ♦♦ 

Fewsmith's Elementary Grammar so 88 

English Grammar so 60 

Ficklin^s Elementary Arithmetic, d am ^40 

— bds AM ♦ao 

Tftble-Book and Prim. Arith.. cI am rd8 

bds AM ♦IS 

Practical Arithmetic cl am ♦OO 

bds AM ♦SO 

Key to jtM ♦OO 

Advanced Arithmetic .am ♦BO 

National Arithmetic am *?0 

Keyto AM *70 

Elements of Algebra am ♦•S 

Keyto ..AM ♦TS 

5m ai90 Robinson. 

Fine*8 Number System in Algebra lh 1 00 

First Book of Science ba ♦I 40 1 20 

First German Reader bp 28 25 

Fischer's (A. A.) Practical Lessons in 

German bd ♦SS 76 

Elementary Progressive German 

Reader «. ho ♦♦ 

Fl8cher*s (G.) Elements of Lat. Gram. 1 25 

Latin Gnunmar and Compos., pt. 1 . . . sm 1 80 

pt.2 SM 276 

♦Flseher's (W. H. ) Essentials of German . ab 1 00 

Fish's Arithmetic, Na 1 am ♦SO 

— »* N0.2 AM ♦eo 

*• Keyto AM ♦OO 

Fisher's (E. T.) Easy French Reading ... ho ♦SI 75 

Fisher*8 (G. O) Essentials of Geograptiy . h w ♦SO 

Manual of Arithmetic for Primary 

Grades hv ^40 

Fisher's (G. P.) Outlines of Universal 

History am ^2 40 

2 V. Inbox AM^4 20 

8v ra.AM *\ 00 

Fisher's (W. W.) Elementary Chemis- 
try MO 120 110 

Flsk's Greek Exercises lh 68 

Greek Grammar lh 90 

Flake's Classical Literature vo 4 60 4 00 

Plates for fo 1 50 1 25 

Fl8ke*s Classical Antiquities vo 2 25 

Flske's (J.) avil Government hm 1 00 

History of the U. S. for Schools hm ♦♦ 

Flts's Exercise Song-Book ds 26 

Fitzsimon'8 Historical Epochs mt ^48 

Flagg's Anacreontics 01 ^40 

JSschylus' Seven Against Thebes 01 ♦I 10 

Demosthenes' Hellenio Orations 01 ♦! 10 

Euripides' Iphigenla 01 ^40 

with notes 01 ♦I 50 

Flanagan's Supplementary Reading 

Cards, Ist Reader se^.FL 10 

2d Reoider *' fl 12 

8d " " FL 15 

Number Cards pl 15 

Flanders' U. S. Constitution, rev jo 1 25 

Fleming's (W.) Vocabulary of Philosophy. SH ^2 51 

so 8 00 

Fleming & Tibbins' Fr.-Eng. and Bng.-Fr. 

Dictionary. 2 v ch or jc 22 00 

Fletcher's (A. ».) Advanced Readings 

and Recitations lr 

Fletcher's (M.) Ethics ba «70 

♦Fletcher k Carpenter's Theme Writing, al 

Fleury's Histoire de France ho ♦I IS 

Ancient Hist., French Notes ho ^75 

Fobes* Elocution Bimplifled lb 60 

pap lb 80 

Five Minute Declamations, pt. 1 lb 50 

" " pt.2 LB 5a 

" ♦• Recitations lb SO 

♦• ♦» Readings lb SO 

Folsom's Cicero's Orations lh 

♦Fontaine's Livre de Lecture et de Conver- 

saUon HB ♦I 00 

Fontana's Italian Grammar am ♦I 06 

Forbriger's Drawing Tablets 1-4 doz.AM *9 00 

5-8 '* AM^SOO 

Stigmagraphlo Manual, Primer am ♦SO 

Forestrs Italian Reader am ♦I 05 

Italian Grammar. See Ollendorff. 
♦Fortier's Histoire de la Lltt^rature Fran- 

9ai6e ho ♦I 08 

Foster's Elementary Electricity ht 1 25 

Foster's (M.) Physiology, new ed la 4 60 

Physiology, Bk. 1, rev mo 2 60 

^— and Tracy's (R. 8.) Physiology 

and Hvglene am *95 

Fowler's (A. & J.) Arithmetic du 50 

Fowler's (F.) Drawing in Charcoal oa 2 SO 

OU Painting oa ISO 

Fowler's (H. NJThucydides, Bk. 6 01 ^40 

with notes 01 ♦I 50 

Quintus Curtlus oi *35 

Plautus' Menaechml lh 

Fowler's (H. N.) and Tuell's (H.) Fh^t 

Book in Latin lh ♦• 

Fowler's (T.) Deductive Logic mo ♦W 

Inductive Logic mo ♦I 65 

Fowne's Elementary Chemistry la 2 75 

Francke's German Literature ho ♦♦ 

Ftunkland & Japp's Inorganic Chem la 8 75 

Franklin Copy-Books: 

Tracing Series, 8 nos do«.BH ^72 

Short Course Series, 5 nos ** sh ^72 

Grammar Series, 6 nos ** sh ♦Od 

Composition Blanks, 3 nos '* sh ♦I 80 

Compos. Blanks, without lessons. ** sh ♦! 60 

Franklin Five-Cent Compos. Bk '* am ^42 

Five-Cent Writing Speller " am ^42 

Franklin Globe Manual kt 50 

Fredet's Ancient History mu 1 50 

Modem History, new ed mu 160 

Freeman's (E. A.) Historical Course: 

England (Thompson) ho ♦OO 

France (Yonge) ho ^87 

General Sketch of History ho ♦I 19 

Germany (Slme) ho ♦SO 

Italy (Hunt) ho ^87 

ScotUuid (Macarthur) ho ♦S? 

United States (Doyle) ho ♦I 08 

Old English History mo ♦I 65 

Freeman's (J. W.) General History 

Cards fl 60 

Freer's (P. C.) Descriptive Chemistry. . rb 3 00 

General Chemistry al ♦♦ 

French Plays for Children, 4 v ea. ho 

French Texts for Students ho 

French's (J. H.) First Lessons in Num- 
bers AM ^25 

Elementary Arithmetic am ♦a? 

Keyto AM ♦S? 

Mental Arithmetic am ♦SO 

Common School Arithmetic am ^70 

Keyto AM ♦TO 

French's (J. W.) Grammar vn 160 

Fresenius. Se« Allen (O. D.); Johnson (S. W.). 

Frieze's (Sulntllian, rev. ed am^120 

Vei^l's iEneld, with Dictionary am ♦I 30 


1 00 

1 40 

1 20 

1 10 


1 00 


1 40 


1 08 

1 50 


1 10 




1 00 

1 50 

♦22 20 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

INo. 1172I My 14, '94 

Frieze's Verrll's .£neid, 6 bks., Georg^lcs 

and Bucolics am *1 SO 

Ver^l Complete, with Dictionary... am ♦! 80 

Frobisher^s Voice and Action am ♦OO 

Froebers Kindergarten System bm *18 

Mother Play lb 2 00 160 

Elem. of Designing, 4 pts 25 

Mother's Songs, Games, etc st 8 00 

Frost's (J.) American Speaker db ] 00 00 

Frost's (8.A.) How to Write a Composition.Di 50 

Frost's (W. G.) Greek Primer al 1 •• 

Frothingham's Lessings' Laooofin bo 1 50 

♦Frye's (A. E.) Primary Geography 01 75 60 

Fuller's Primer he ♦SO 95 

Fultoo &. Eastman's Book-Keeping kt 1 00 80 

Blanks to bt 75 60 

Fulton & Trueblood's Choice Readings. . .01 •! 65 1 60 

^Practical Elocution 01 1 50 

^Fundenberg's First Lessons in Reading.AM *96 

• Teachers' ed am ♦SO 

♦Furneaux's Elementary Physiology ln 80 

Fyffe's (0. A.) Modern Europe, 8 v. . . .eo.HO «2 28 8 00 
Gabriel's Rudiments of Hebrew Gram- 
mar HB 100 6K 

Gage's Blementsof Physics 01 *1 95 1 12 

Laboratory Manual 01 *46 86 

Introd. to Phys. Science oi *1 10 1 00 

Advanced Physics 01 •♦ 

Gaillard's French Conversation am *60 

French Orthoepy am *60 

French Vocabulary am *60 

Galbraith's Composition in the School- 
Room pu 1 00 

Galbraith & Houghton's Algebra ca 8 50 

pt. 1 CA 126 

Arithmetic 1 50 

Astronomy ca 2 00 

Euclid, Bks. 1-8 ca 100 

Bks. 4-6 CA 1 00 

Mathematical Tables ca 150 

Mechanics oa 1 50 

Plane Trigonometry ca 1 00 

Galer's Methods in Arithmetic fl 60 

Ganot's Physics (Atkinson) wo 6 00 

Gardenier's Pleasant Songs mo 16 

Gardiner's (S. R) Eng. Hist, for Schools . bo *87 80 

Introd. to Eng. Hist ho *87 80 

Students' Hist, of England, in 1 ▼..ln 8 00 

in 8 V ca.LN 1 20 

Atlas of English History lm 150 

Gardiner & MuUinger's English History 

for Students ho •a 00 1 80 

Gardner's Latin Lexicon u 180 

Gardner, Gay & Buck's Phsedrus, Justin, 

Nepos lb 100 

Quintus Curtius, Ovid, Cicero lb 1 00 

Qarin's (P. A.) Industrial Drawing, pt. I.hd 75 60 

pt.2 HD 76 08 

Course of Drawing hd ♦♦ 

Oarlanda's Fortunes of Words lv 1 60 

Philosophy of Words lv 1 60 

<}arnett'8 English Prose from Elizabeth 

to Victoria 01 ♦! 66 1 60 

<}asc's French Dictionary, 8<> ho *2 51 2 25 

18" HO •I 08 100 

Translator, Eng. into French, .ho ♦! 07 1 00 

Oastineau's Fr. Conversation Method . . . am ♦I 25 

Gates' Latin Word Building am ♦84 

Gautherot's Rational French Method, pt. 

1 JB 60 

Gay's (G. E.), Business Book-Keeping, 

Single Entry ed oi *76 66 

Double Entry ed 01 ♦I 26 1 12 

Complete ed 01 ♦I 66 1 40 

Drill-Book in English al 46 

Geikie's Physical Geography mc ♦! 21 1 10 

Class Book of Geology mc ♦I 10 02 

Text •* " " MO ^8 25 7 50 

Gelbach's Das Erste Buch fUr Schule 

u. Haus ST 60 

Zweite st 60 

Drltte ST 70 

Vlerte st 80 

Genung's Elements of Rhetoric oi ♦I 40 1 86 

Handbook of Rhetorical Analysis. . .01 ♦! 25 1 12 

•Outlines of Rhetoric oi 1 10 1 00 

Geographical Reader and Primer am ^60 

Gerfen's Die Deutsche Schule, Course 60 

Course 8 hn 60 

Complete, with Vocab hn 1 00 

German Texts for Students ho •♦ 

German Wrlting-Books, 6 nos ea. wo 10 

Germanus New Ser.: German Speller. .. . wo 26 

1st German Reader wo 26 

8d ** ** wo 85 

8d " " wo 70 

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar am ^ 10 

Hebrew Lexicon. See Robinson ; Tre- 

Ghegan's Copy-Books, 11 nos dot . kt 80 

Gibbens & Beach's Metric System pu 75 

Gibbon's Rome. See Student's Series. 

Gibert's French Manual ho ♦74 70 

Elementary French Reader wt 40 

9d French Reader wt 75 

Gibson's (J^ Chips from Earth's Crust . .nb 1 26 

Great Waterfalls, etc nb 126 

Monsters of the Sea nb 60 

•Gibson's (Q. B.) History of the Civil War.FL 75 

Gide's Political Economy bb 2 00 

Gideon's Lessons in Language bl 86 

Exercises In English bl 45 

Giffln's Civics for Young Americans lv ♦SO 

Gilford's Elementary Lessons In Ph ♦♦ 

Gilbert's (J. H.) Introductory Speller. . . .lh 90 

Graded Test Speller lh 90 

School Studies in Words lh 96 

Algebra Problems dot. lh 1 44 

Gildersleeve's New lAtin Primer un ^87 75 

Latin Grammar un ♦I 16 1 00 

•* Reader un ^88 78 

•* Exercise-Book un •88 78 

5thBk.of C8Bsar(GaUioWar) un ^88 84 

with Vocab* un ♦85 80 

Persius HA 00 

Pindar ha 150 

Greek Literature ho ♦♦ 

Greek History ho ♦♦ 

Gillespie's Treatise on Surveying ap 3 50 

Qillet ft Rolfe's Astronomy am ♦! 40 

First Bk. in Astronomy, Short CourseAM ♦! 00 
Elements of Natural Philosophy, Short 

Course am ♦80 

First Bk. of Natural Philosophy. am ♦OO 

High School Natural Philosophy am ♦I 40 

Oilman's (A.) First Steps In Eng. Lit — am ^60 

First Steps in General History am ♦TS 

Seven Historic Ages ba 100 60 

Hist, of Am. People lb ♦I 16 1 00 

Hist. Readers, No. 1, Discovery of 

America lb ^40 36 

No. 8, Colonization of Am lb ♦se 48 

No. 8, Making of Am. Nation, .lb •TO 60 

Story of Rome pu 1 60 

Gllman's (N. P.) Laws of Daily Conduct .hm 1 00 
Oilman's (N. P.) and Jackson's (£. P.) 

Conduct as a Fine Art bm 160 

Oilmore's (J. H.) Eng. Lang, and Lit am ♦OO 

Logic AM ♦CO 

Primary Speaker, pap sn 85 

Intermediate Speaker, pap sn 25 

Academic Speaker sn 1 00 

♦Outline Studies in English and Amer. 

Lit SN 85 

Oilmore's (J. T.) Outlines of Rhetoric . . . .lh 00 
Oilmore's (M. 1.) Lessons in Industrial 

Drawing bd 60 

Oilmour's New Catholic National Series: 

Primer bx 6 4 

bds bb 16 9 

Speller and Word Book bb 86 16 

1st Reader bb 85 16 

9d " bb 40 94 

8d " BB 60 86 

4th *• BB 75 46 

6th •* BB 100 60 

6th •• BB 125 76 

Primary Speller bb 90 19 

Ginn*8 Addition Manual 01 ♦lO 

Oinn & Coady's Combined and Number 

Lang. Less., Teacher's ed oi •OO 80 

Seat Work for Pupils. 1-4. m eo.oi *10 8 

Oinn & Co.'s Classical Atlas — 01 ♦& 80 8 00 

Tracing Course do*. 01 T8 

WrltlngBooks •' 01 96 

Gist's Lessons in English sb ^67 60 

Sel. from Geo. Bancroft SB ♦SS 80 

Oitbauer's Csesar's Conmientarles, 8 v. 

ea.HR 50 

Cornelius Nepos hb 40 

Platonis Lacnes hr 86 

Tacitus I HR 60 

Glazebrook's Physical Optics ln 800 

Glazebrook and Shaw's Practical Phys- 
ics ln 2 50 

Globe Pronouncing Gazetteer Pu 8 50 

Glover's (N. L.) and Harris' (M. A.) Sun- 
shine Melodies u ♦40 86 

Goebel's (L.) Deutsches Lesebuch I wm 80 

n WM 60 

new series. H dt ^46 40 

ra DT •46 40 

Leltfaden ftlr den Deutsohen Sprach- 

unterrlchtl WM 20 

OolTs First Book in Arithmetio bh ♦96 

Elementary' Arithmetic sn ♦40 

Complete Arithmetic, bds sh ♦TO 

d .xT^. 8H ♦OOf 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

July 14, 'f^^\No, 1 1 72] 

The Publishers' Weekly, 


GolTs Complete Aritbnietio, Key to 8h •90 

Arithmetical Prublema bh *60 

Practical Arithmetic ah •00 

Key to 8H •OO 

Goldammer*B Kindergarten sr 4 85 

pap 8T 8 76 

Golden Primer dor.aA 75 

OoldBmith's Natural History pl 88 

Gombert^B French Drama, 8 y «a.pu 60 

Good Beading lh 

Goodale*8 Botany. 8ee Gray. 

Goodell'B Greek in English bo *e4 

Greek LesBonB ho •! 88 

GoodeTe^B Elem. of Mechanics .. i» SCO 

Manual of Mechanics lm 80 

Principles of Mechanics ln 2 00 

Goodman's Book-Keeping wp 100 

Blanksfor wp Op 

Goodrich's (C. A.) Greek Lessons pb 

La ti n Lessons vm 

Goodrich's (Chas. A.) Child's U. S. His- 
tory, rev., bds bu ♦ao 

cl Bu *48 

U. S. Hist. (Seavey) bh ♦! 10 

Goodrich's (J. E.) Star Selections bh *60 

Goodrich's (a G.) Am, Child's Pictorial 

Hist, of U. 8 BU *eo 

Pictorial Hist, of England bv •I )85 

" ** »* France bu ♦I 86 

" »* ''Greece bu *1 85 

" "Rome bu •! 85 

" *' U. 8 BU ♦I 85 

" Natural Hist bu ♦I 85 

Parley's Common School Hist bu *1 85 

Histoire Universelle bu •I 85 

". desEtatsUnis bu •I 85 

Ancient History mo 1 66 

Modern »* mo 186 

Readers. See Butler-Goodrich. 

Goodwin's (TJ Latin Dictionary wi 100 

Goodwin's (W. W.) Greek Grammar, rev. 

ed oi •I 65 

Greek Moods and Tenses, rev. ed 01 *8 16 

Greek Reader oi ♦! 65 

Goodwin & White's Greek Selections 01 •! 66 

•New Anabasis 01 *\ 85 

Goodyear's Hist, of Art, tUos. ba 8 50 

•Gordon's Practical Science mc 86 

Gore's (J. H . ) Elements of Geodesy wi 8 50 

German Science Reader hb •Sd 

Goes* Course of Bench- work in Wood 01 •SO 

Goeset'sfA.) French Prosody mo ^88 

Gostwick A Harrison's German Litera- 
ture ho ♦S 17 

Gouin*8 First Lesson in French so 

Gould's (E. S.) Good English ar 1 85 

Gould's Adam's Latin Grammar bu *\ 06 

Gourley & Hunt's Modem Ist Reader . . . bh •SO 

Modern 8d Reader bh *4Q 

*' 8d ** BH •SO 

** Intermediate Reader bh •OO 

** Gram. School " bh ♦SO 

" Spelling-Book bh •SO 

Gow*8 (A. M.) Morals and Manners am •I 00 

Primer of Politeness u •SS 

Gow's (J.) Method of English mo •OO 

•Goyen's English Composition mo 60 

♦ Key to MO 1 25 

Grabfleld & Burn's Chem. Problems hb ^56 

Grace's Outlines of History kt 50 

Graded Catholic 1st Reader ob 85 

CathoUc8d Reader os 40 

" 8d " 08 60 

" 4th " OS 80 

" 5th " OB 1 00 

" Young Ladles' Reader os 1 25 

Gra^ner's Composition and Grammar . .bp 60 

Graeca Minora li •SO 

Graff's Elem. German Grammar bt 75 

hf. roan bt 1 00 

Graglla's Italian Dictionary ru and lo 1 86 

Graham's (A. J.) Standard Phonogra- 
phic Series : 

Outline OM C 

Little Teacher om 40 

Synopsis om 60 

Handbook gm 2 00 

1st Reader. gm 176 

8d " GM 1 76 

Dictionary om 5 00 

Intercolumn Reporting Style gm 1 25 

Unvocalized Cor. Style gm 1 26 

•Reporter's List gm 5 00 

•Lady of the Lake gm 2 00 

•Moral Culture gm 50 

•Brief Longhand gm 60 

•Phonographic Numerals gm 16 

Graham's (R.) Elem. Algebra ln 1 50 

Graham's (T.) Elocution am •(» 




1 85 
1 85 

1 60 

2 00 
1 60 
1 60 
1 50 
8 80 


8 00 

1 00 




1 40 

1 28 

1 28 

3 60 




1 40 






Grandgent's Italian Grammar hb •85 

•Italian Composition bb •65 

Materials for Fr. Compo., pts. l-5...ea.BB 15 

'* '' Italian Composition bb •66 

•German and English Sounds 01 65 

•French Grammar hb •OS 

•Lessons and Exercises, No. 1 bb *17 

•College French Exercises and Lessons, 

No. 1 HB •W 

Ghranger's Metric Tables and Problems . . bi 25 

Grant's Number Work for Children lb 60 

Training of the Senses of Children ... lb 60 
Graphic System of Penmanship : 

Grammar Course, 9 nos dot.LV •OO 

Shorter " 5 " ** lv ^78 

Tracing •* 2 *• »• lv •Ta 

Practice Book " lv •SO 

Blank Writing Book " lv ^48 

Graphic Spelling Blank " lv ^48 

Graphic System of Object Drawing, Pri- 
mary, 4 noB d02.LV •! 20 

Noe 5.6,7 *' lv •I 80 

Teacher's Manual lv ^40 

Grauert's Zweites Deutsches Lesebuch.BT 65 

Drittes Deutsches Lesebuch bt 75 

Viertes " " sr 1 00 

See al$o Ahn-Grauert. 

Graves' New Graded Spelling Book 01 •SO 25 

Graves' (F. P. ) Sophocles Philoeletes lh •• 

Gray's (Asa) How Plants Behave am ^54 

How Planto Grow, with Flora am •SO 

Lessons in Botany, rev am ^04 

Field, Forest and Garden Botany. . . .am •I 44 
School and Field-Book of '* ... .am •! 80 

Manual of Botany, rev am •I 62 

Lessons and Manual, 1 v., rev am *2 16 

New Structural Botany am •& 00 

*» Physiol. Botany (Goodale) am •S 00 

Gray & Coulter's Western Botany am ^2 16 

Great Lives lh 

Greek Dictionary mo •88 

•Greek-English Interlinear New Testa- 
ment BB 3 00 

Greeley's Political Economy WR^IOO 

Green's (J. R.) Short History of English 

People HA 1 80 

MC*1 43 

Green's (S. G.) Handbook to Greek Testa- 
ment Grammar wi 

Green's (T. S.) Greek-Enr. TesK Lex wi 

Green'4(W. H.) Elem. Hebrew Oram wi 

Hebrew Chrestomathy wi 

** Grammar wi 

Greene's ZoOlosy u 

Greene's (D.) Introd. to Spherical and 

Practical Astronomy 01 •I 00 

Greene's (F. B.) First Lessons in Eng- 
lish BU 

Greene (G. W.). /See Ollendorff . 

Greene's (H. R.) English Language hm 

Inductive Language Lessons lv 

Greene's (S.S.) Introd. to Eng. Grammar.BU 

New Anal, of Eng. Lang bu 

** English Grammar bu 

Outlines of Eng. Grammar bu 

Thought and Expression bu 

Greene'sTw. H.) ChemUtry li *1 00 

Greenflela's Greek Test., with Lex wi 80 

Greek Lexicon, separate wi 68 

** Testament, with Lex mr ^75 

GreenhiU's Elliptic Functions mc •S 80 

GreenleaTs First Less, in Numbers lh 

Brief Course in Arithmetic lh 

Complete Arithmetic lh 

New Primary Arithmetic lh 

** Elementary Arithmetic lh 

" Practical Arithmetic lh 

** Intellectual Arithmetic lh 

Manual of Inrellectual Arithmetic. . .lh 

Common School Arithmetic lh 

National Arithmetic lh 

New Elementary Algebra lh 

" Higher »* lh 

^ Elementary Geometry lh 

** Elements of ** lh 

u 4» »» Trigonometry lh 

** Geom. and ** lh 

Greenougb's Bucolics and 6 Bks. of Vir- 
gil's ^neidjWith Vocab oi ♦! 75 

without vocab gi ♦! 25 

Bucolics, Georgics, and Mneid gi •! 75 

Oeorgics, and last Bks. iSneid gi *1 85 

Vocabulary to Virgil complete gi •! 10 

Complete Text of Virgil gi *85 

Satires and Epistles of Hoiuce gi ^40 

with notes gi •I 36 

Livy,Bk8. 1-8 gi •40 

1 25 


1 05 

1 UO 

1 80 

1 60 

with notes ^r?* gi •! 35 

Virgil, rev. ed. 

..•r?fc GI 

8 00 










1 00 

1 00 

1 84 


1 00 


1 84 

1 60 
1 12 
1 60 
1 12 
1 00 

1 25 

1 r 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. 1 172] Juiyi^, '94 

Greenough^s Progressive Pamphlets for 
Learning to Read Latin. No. 1, 

Eutropius 01 *25 

No8.2and8 oi •* 

*Oreenough*s & Peck's Livy, Bks. 21-28.. 01 ♦! 85 
Greenwood's (J. M.) ElenienU of Lan- 
guage and Grammar si *00 

Studies in Enflrlish Grammar si *74 

Greenwood's (J. w.) and LoTejoy's (Mary 
I.) Preparatory Lessons In Lan- 
guage 81 *♦ 

See Normal Course in English. 

Gregory's (D. S.) Christian Ethics bl 110 

Practical Logic bl J» 

Gregory's (J. M.) New Political Economy .am •! 90 

Grieb's German Dictionary, 2 v ko 12 00 

8K 7M) 

8 V BT 700 

Griffin's (I . L.) Topical Geography bi 60 

Griffin's (L. R. F.) Natural Philosophy... so 1 05 

Notes on Chemistry so 75 

*Griffln's (W. M.) Work in Arithmetic, 

pts. 1 and *i ea.FL 40 

•pte.Sand H *• fl 25 

♦Complete In 1 V fl 100 

Griffith's Class-Book of Oratory ci 1 60 

Gem Speaker ci 50 

pap ci 80 

Groesbeck^s Book-Keeping, School ed el 75 

Blanks to kl 1 00 

Key to KL 76 

Book-Keeping, College ed bl 1 60 

Blanks to kl 8 80 

Book-Keeplng Blanks, Single Entry, 

8 bks KL 40 

Double Entry, 8 bks kl 00 

Grove's (J. H.) Latin Exercises, new 

edition wl 

Grove's {^. J.) Greek Dictionary li 1 80 

Grube's German Stories, pts. 1,2 sr 40 

Gruber's (C.L.) Queries in U. S. History . .h w ^75 
Gudeman*s (A.) Tacitus' Dialogues and 

Orations gi •• 

♦Guerber's (H. A.) Myths of Greece and 

Rome AM •I 60 

Guernsey's Skeleton Lessons on Physi- 

ologv and Hygiene lr *16 

Guest's Lectures on Hist, of England mo *1 66 

Guide toSpelllng o« 85 

Guides for Science Teaching : 

Agassiz' 1st Less, in Nat. Hist hb *80 

Crosby's Minerals and Rocks hb *40 

cl HB •OO 

Goodale's Few Common Plants hb ♦SO 

Hyatt's About Pebbles hb ♦lO 

'* Corals, etc hb ♦SO 

•* Mollusca HB ♦SO 

** Sponges HB •SO 

** Worms, etc hb •SO 

'• Insects HB ♦I 85 

Richards* First Lessons in Minerals, hb ♦lO 

Bowditch's Physiology hb ♦ao 

Clapp's Minerals hb •SO 

Phenix's Lessons in Chemistry hb ♦♦ 

Guilford's (A. B.) Primary Dictation 

Cards •ri.MA ♦W 

Guilford's (A. B.) Easy Reading Leaflets, ma ♦25 
Guilford & Orters Graphic Reading Leaf- 
lets Lv '20 

Gummere's (F. B.) Handbook of Poetics. .01 ♦! 10 

Gummere's (J.) Astronomy vo 8 00 

Surveying wr ♦I 50 

Key to WR ♦! 60 

Gummere's (8. R.) Prog. Speller fo 86 

-" " ...FO 80 

•y.oi *75 

e..pu 1 00 

...WB 1 25 

...DB 1 15 

...AM ♦SO 

...AM ♦! 00 

...AM ♦ae 

...AM ♦! 60 1 75 

...HO ^48 

...OS 1 00 

...BA ♦S 05 

...8H ♦ao 

...8H ^85 

...AM ♦! 60 
...AM M 05 

Greek Verbs am •SI 

Brief Hist, of Eng. Language mb 85 

Haentze's Historical tables fl 85 

pap FL 85 

Haj»r's Primary Less, in Numbers . . . . bu ♦^x 

Elementary Arithmetic bu •.')6 

Dictation Problems in Arith bu ♦ad 

Common School Arithmetic bu ♦TS 

1 85 

1 25 


1 50 


1 00 
8 60 




1 75 

Hagar's Common School Arithmetic, Key 

to bu ♦TH 

Elementary Algebra bu ♦OO 

Key to bu •» 

Hailes' (T. C.) Practical Drawinr-Books, 

Introductory ser.. No. 1, 8. . .doc. mt ♦I 00 

IntermedUkte,8-6 »' mt ♦I 85 

Advanced, 7, 8. 9 " my ♦I 26 

Manual of Drawing. my ^50 

Hailmann's (E. L.) Songs, Games, and 

Rhymes bo 1 75 

bds Bo 125 

Hailmann's (W. N.) Elementary German 

Reader dh 60 

Literary German Reader dh 100 

Kindergarten Manual, No. 1 bi 75 

Culture AM ♦eo 

Haldeman's Affixes li ♦I 00 

Etymology u ♦TS 

Word Building u ♦OO 

Hale's (E. E.) History of U. S hu 1 00 

Hale's (G. E.) Little Flower People oi •«) 40 

Hales* Longer English Poems mc ♦I 81 1 10 

Hall's (A.) Composition Outlines fl 15 

HaU's (A. G.) Botany sr ♦I 00 90 

Common Sense Botany fl 15 

DrawingMade Easy, 4 nos. .ea.FL 80 

Hall's (E. H.) and Bergen's (J. T. Jr.) 

Physics HO ♦I 37 1 25 

Experimental Phj'sicp ho ♦♦ 

Hall's (F. H.) Arithmetic of the Farm . . . .sr ♦SS 85 

Helps in History sr ♦SS 80 

Arithmetic Reader for 8d Grade br ♦SS 90 

3d »♦ SR 80 25 

Hall's (H. S.) &, Knight's Elementary Al- 
gebra MC ♦dO 60 

with Answers mc ♦I 81 110 

Higher Algebra mc ♦S 09 1 90 

♦Elementary Trigonometry mc 1 10 

Hall's (H. S.) & Stevens' (F. H.) Euclid's 

Elements, Bks. 1-6 mc ♦I 81 1 10 

Or in 8 pU. Bks. 1-2 mc ♦SS 50 

Bks.8-« MO •82 75 

Bk.ll MC ♦rr 70 

Hall's (M. L.) Our World Geog., No. 1. ..oi ♦SS BO 

Our World Reader, No. 1 01 ♦OO BO 

Hall's (S. R.) Alphabet of Geology sh ♦Oi 

♦Ball's (W. S.) Mensuration 01 ^55 50 

Hallam's (Unabridged Student's): 

Constit. Hist. oflEIng., 8 V ar 2 50 166 

Literature of Europe, 8 V ar 8 60 1 66 

Middle Ages, 8 V ar 8 60 1 66 

See ai§o Student's. 
Halsey's (C. S.) Etymology of Latin and 

Greek 01 ♦I 25 112 

Halsey's (W. M.) Beginner's Latin jm 1 00 

Halsted's (G. B.) Elements of Geometry. . wi 1 76 

Metrical Geometry 01 ♦! 10 1 00 

♦Synthetic " wi 2 50 

Hamiu's Science of Elocution hu 1 00 

Hamilton's fW.) Logical Lectures sh ^8 40 

Metaphysical Lectures sh ^8 40 

OuUines of Philos. (Murray) bh ♦I 12 

See cdeo Bowen. 
Hanaf ord & Payson's Book-Keeping : 

Single Entry am •^O 

Blanks for sefof24.AM ^84 

Double and Single Entry jlm ♦I 00 

Blanks for «e^of5.AM ^86 

Handbook for the Kindergarten bo 100 

Handbook of Map Drawing bu ♦SO 60 

Handy Literal Translations : 

Csesar's Gallic War bs 50 

Cicero's Defence of Roscius hs 60 

*' On Old Age and Friendship.HS 50 
»* On the Nature of the Gods, .hs ♦• 

" Orations bs 50 

" Select Letters hs 60 

Cornelius Nepos hs 50 

Horace, complete bs 60 

Juvenal hs 50 

Livy, Bks 1 and 8 hs 60 

•♦ Bk881and22 hs 50 

Ovid's Metamorphoses, 2 v ea.Hs tO 

Pliny's Select Letters hs ♦♦ 

8allu.Ht hs 60 

Tacitus' Annals hs ♦♦ 

** Germany and Agricola hs 60 

Terence hs 50 

Vlrell's ^Eneid, 1st 6 Bks hs 50 

" Eclourues andGeor<rics hs 50 

.£schylus' Prometheus Bound and 

Seven Against Thebes hs PO 

Demosthenes on the Cro\«'n hs 50 

*• Olyuthiacs and Philip- 

Sics BS 50 
les' Alcestis and Electra us 50 

** Medea .^^..hs 50 

Herodotus, Bks. 6 an^.T.^, . . .^. f,yGOOgfe 

July 14, '94 \No. 1 1 72] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Handy Literal TranslatioDs : 

Homer*s Iliad, 1st 6 Bks hs 50 

" Odyaeey, Ist 12 Bks hs 60 

Lysiaa* OraUons hs 5U 

Platens Apolozy, Crito and Phaedo. ..hs 50 
Plautus^ Capti v1, and Mostellaria . . . . hs 50 
** Trlnummus,andMenaBchrni.H8 50 
Sophocles' CEdipus Tyrannus, Elec- 

tra and Antigone hs 60 

Thucydides hs *• 

Xenophon's Anabasis, 1st 4 Blcs hs 50 

•* Hellenlca hs •* 

Memorabilia hs 60 

Goethe^s Faust hs 60 

'' Hermann and Dorothea. . . . hs 60 

Lessing^s Minna von Barnhelm hs 50 

•* Nathan the Wise hs 50 

Schiller's Maid of Orleans..... hs 50 

** Maria Stuart hs 50 

*• WUlamTell hs 50 

FeuiUet^s Romance of a Poor Toimg 

Man HS 50 

Banaeirs Pract. Penmanship, 8 nos..da*»uN *1 12 

TracingBooka, 8 nos ** un *64 

School Hist. ^U.S ui» no 

Higher Hist, of U. S un *1 1« 

Primary Speller un *16 

Practical Dictionary dn •88 

Sanson's (J. H.) Cicero, with Dictionary .am *1 80 

Preparatory Latin Prose am *8 00 

Hanson's (S. C.) Merry Songs n. 86 

Merry Melodies fl 15 

Hanus' (P. H.) Determinants 01 *1 90 

0*ometry hb 26 

Harbison's £3ements of Zoology pu 60 

^Harison's Vertical Penmanship Pads. 

dozjxm •Qd 

Hardter'8 Erstes Lesebuch st 18 

Zweites »* ST 80 

Hardy's (A.S.) Elem. of Quaternions 01 '*2 15 

Analytic Geometry oi *1 00 

Elements of the Calculus 01 *1 00 

Hardy^ (I ) Eng. Composition Exercises. . ho *86 

Harkness' IstGreek Book am *1 05 

1st Latin Book (Arnold) am *1 05 

8d " " am ♦e? 

First Year in Latin am *1 18 

Latin Exercises for First Tear am *1 00 

Introductory Latin Book am *87 

Standard Latin Grammar .am *1 18 

Elements of Latin *' am *87 

New Latin Reader am •87 

Latin Reader with Exercises am •! 06 

Latin Prose Composition am •I 05 

C8Bsar(olded.) am *1 05 

Pictorial ed am ♦I 20 

Cicero, with Dictionary am *1 88 

Course in CsBsar, Sallust, Cicero am *1 40 

Sallust's CatUine am *80 

Easy Method for Beginners In Latin..AM •I 20 
Harkness' (J.) and Morley*s(F.) Theory of 

Funcuons mc ♦♦ 

Harley's Topical OnUinee U. S. Hist so 85 

Harlow's Introd. to Early Eng. Literature.Bi 75 

Harper's (W. R.) Elem. of Hebrew sc 

introd. Method and Manual so 

•* Svntax 80 

** vocabularies, new ed so 

** New Test. Greek Method so 

Harper's (W. R.) and Burgess' (I. B.) In- 
ductive Latin Method am •I 00 

Primer am •I 00 

Inductive Method in English am ^40 

•Harper's (W. RJ and Castle's (C. F.) In- 
ductive Greek Primer am ♦I 85 

•()reek Prose Composition 4m *75 

Harper's (W. R.) and MlUer's (F. J.) Ver- 

girs^neid AM •! 35 

•Vergil's JEneid and Bucolics am ♦! 50 

Harper's (W. R.) and Tohnan's (H. C.) 

Caesar's Gallic War am •I 80 

Text only am ♦76 

H uper's (W.R.) and Wallace's (Ja.) Xeno 

phon's Anabasis am •• 

Harper^s (W. R.) and Waters' (W. E.) In- 
ductive Greek Method am •I 00 

Harpers' 1st Book In Arithmetic am •SO 

8d Book in Arithmetic am *80 

Key to AM •80 

Advanced Arithmetic (French) ha 1 80 

Key to HA 1 20 

Harpers' New Graded Copy-Books : 

Tracing Course, 8 noe •TS 

Primary " 7 " •* am •SO 

Oranmiar •* 8 »' " am •I 08 

Harpers' Introductory Geography am *48 

School Gtoogra^y am *1 08 

Harpers' New 1st R^wier am ^24 

^Reader am •ao 

1 00 

1 80 



1 60 


8 00 

1 00 

2 00 

Harper's Sd Reader am ^48 

4th Reader am •ao 

5th ** AM •«) 

8th •• AM ♦«) 

Harpers' Greek and Latin Texts, 28 v. ea . h a 50 
pap ha 88 

Harpers' New Greek and Latin Literal 

Translations. 88 V ea.HA 100 

Harpers' Latin Dictionary ha 6 50 

Harpers' Sihler's Protagoras ba 76 

*' Lessons in Language ha •• 

•Harpers' School Classics Series, 85 80 

Harpers* School Speakers : 

NO. 1, Arbor Day and Memorial Day..HA (M) 

No. 2, Graded Selections ha 80 

No. 8, Miscellaneous Selections ha 00 

Harrell & Neathery's North Carolina 

Speaker ws 75 

pap ws 50 

Harrington's (C. S.) Plautus ha 90 

Harrington's (H. F.) Graded Speliing- 

Book AM •80 

pts. Iand8 •lo 

Harrington's (K. P.) Helps to Study of 

Latin 01 •ao 

Harris* (C.) German (Composition he •OO 

German Lessons he •TO 

Harrison's (J. A.) French Syntax pj 8 00 

Story of Greece pu 1 60 

Harrison's (M.) English Language ro 1 60 

Harrison's (W. J.) Elementary Mechan- 
ics, 8 V NX 1 60 

Science of Home Life, 8 V ne 160 

Harrison & Blaclrwell's Easy Lessons in 

French pj 1 86 

Harrison & Sharp's Beowolf oi *1 85 

Hart's (A. B.) Study of Federal Govern- 
ments 01 1 00 

Hart's (E.) Volumetric Analysis wi 60 

Hart's (J. M.) Goethe's Faust, pt. 1 pd 1 00 

Goethe's Hermann and Dorothea pu 1 00 

" Prose, Sel. from ru 100 

Lessing's Prose. Sel. (White) pu 1 00 

Schiller's Piocolomini pu 100 

** Ausgew&hlte Briefe (Buch- 

heim) pu 100 

Spenser and Fahry Queen ze 1 60 

Harvs (J. S.) Language Lessons for Be- 
ginners BL 80 

Elemen. English Grammar rl 83 

English Grammar and Analysis el 66 

First Lessons in Composition, cl el 66 

bds EL 45 

Composition and Rhetoric el r06 

Short Course in Literature el 1 10 . 

American Literature el 1 80 

English ♦* EI, 1 80 

dass-Book of Poetry el 1 10 

»» of Prose BL 1 10 

ConstituUon of United States el 46 

Punctuation el 60 

In the School-Room el 1 00 

Hart's (S.) Persius al 

Macleane's Juvenal al 

Cicero*s Dream of Scipio al 

Hartlfan's Anatomy and Physiology. ...pj 1 86 

Hartsnome's Anat. and Physiology la 1 76 

Harvey's Language Lessons am •SO 

Elementary Grammar am ^88 

** ** andComp.rev.AM ^48 

Practical English Grammar am •65 

^ •» rev. ...AM •oe 

Graded School 1st Reader am •IS 

*• 2d " AM *85 

" 8d " AM •ao 

*• ** 4th •' AM *45 

•• 6th •♦ AM *ro 

•• *» Primary Speller am •IS 

" " Speller am •IS 

Hatfield's Physiology and Hygiene hu 1 00 

Hathaway's (B. A.) Thousand and One 
(Duestions and Answers: 

Arithmetic bv 60 

English Granunar bv 60 

General History bv 50 

(}ec«^raphy bv 50 

Orthography and Reading bv 60 

Physiology and Hygiene bv 60 

U. S. History bv 60 

Botany bv 50 

Test Examples in Arithmetic bv 50 

Bad English hs SO 

Haugh ton's Natural Philosophy ca 1 60 

Haupt's Topographer sx 4 00 

working Drawings sx 76 

Haven's Mental Philosophy sh •I 44 

Moral Philosophy sh •! 88 

History of Philosophy sh •I 44 

Havet's French Manual .^TT^ ;_ am ^^SSL 

lizedby V:»ODQtC 




1 60 


1 00 
1 18 

1 10 

1 00 


The Fubhsher^ Weekly. 

yiSfo. 1172) July 14, '94 

Hawthorne ft Lemmoii*8 American Liter- 
ature HE ♦! 26 1 12 

Haynle^s Syntax and Analysis 8r *56 60 

English Grammar pl 60 

Hayward'B Element* of Solid Geom- 
etry MC ♦82 76 

Hasen^B Complete Speller 01 <80 96 

pt.l 01 •16 10 

pt8.9A8 Gi *S6 20 

Speller and Deflner wr ♦IS 

SH ♦a* 18 

Heath*8 New Ger.-Eng. and Eng.-Ger. 

Diet HE •! 60 

New Ger.-Eng. Diet he •! 00 

New Fr.-Eng. and Eng.-Fr. 

Diet. HE ♦I 60 

New Fr.-Bng. Diet he ♦I 00 

Heath*8 Modem Language Series 

hrar. prices, from l&c. to $1.12] . he 

Writing-Books he *♦ 

Heatley and Kingdon's Gradatim 01 "HO 

Hebel*8 German Primer dh 16 

Hebrew-English Lexicon wi 100 

Hebrew Studenta^ Manual wi 860 

HechVs First Lessons in Hebrew bm 26 

Post Biblical History of the Jews. . .bm ♦• 

Hedge*s (F. H.) German Prepositions be 26 

Hedge's (L.) Logic ar ♦W 00 

Heerwart's Music for Kindergarten st 1 26 

Heilprin*B Historical Reference-Book ap 8 00 

Reformed Primer and First Reader . . bj 80 24 

Heinemann's German of To-day ca 40 

Heller*s First Course in German.' eo 60 30 

Hempl*8 (G.) German Grammar ai *♦ 

Old English Grammar and Reader . . .he ♦* 
German Orthography and Phonolo- 
gy 01 *♦ 

Hemstead's School History of Arkansas. . uh 00 

Henderson*B Test Words my *18 

Hendriek's Literature Questions bi 86 

School History of New York ^tate. . . . bi 76 
Hendrlcksen*s Hugo, Lamartine et Mus- 

set Poesies sp 1 00 

Henea8*8 Neue Leitfaden ho *1 81 1 20 

Sprechlehrer ho 'l 18 1 10 

Sander-Kom5dien, with notes ho *68 48 

Henkle^s Test Speller am ♦ae 

Henn-Ahn's German Grammar st 1 76 

Ist Course st 66 

2d •» ST 100 

No. 1 ST 26 

No. 2 ST 46 

No. 8 8T 46 

No. 4 8T 60 

Hennequln's French Verbs am ♦Oe 

Idiomatic French am ♦S? 

S&t aUo DufTet. 

Henrici's Geometry ln 60 

Henry's Arithmetical Analysis no 1 00 

Normal U. S. History ho 1 86 

Henry's (V.) Comparative Greek and 

Latin Gram. (Elliott) mc *2 09 1 80 

Henze's German Copv-Books. nos . . doM . bt 60 

Hepburn's Manual of Rhetoric am ♦I 00 

Herbermann's Sallust's Jugurtha am *1 12 

Sallust's Catiline lh 00 

Herder's German^Lmerican Readers : 

First HR 16 10 

HR 26 17 

, HR 00 40 

HR 1 00 07 

OH 06 

on Plant Life.AM ««0 

pu 1 60 

.Analysis wi 2 60 

8K 26 

gy AM *86 

HO *M 80 

f Civil Govem- 

LE •SS 80 

38ition Blanks, 

ouuB do«.8H ♦I 80 

Higglnson*8 Short Stud, of Am. Authors.LN 80 

Young Folks' Book of Am. EIxplorers.LN 1 20 

" Hist.ofU.S uf 1 00 

♦Hifl^^inson's and Channing's English His- 
tory for Americans ln 1 20 

Higgs* Algebra Self-Taught bp 1 00 

Hm^i(A.)l24 Progressive Studies in Paint- 
ing Flowers, etc po 1 00 80 

Colored, lor Teachers po 2 00 1 60 

Hill's (A. E.) Eklucational Series of Copy- 

Books LH •♦ 

Hill's (A. S.) Foundations of Rhetoric. . .ha 1 00 

Principles of Rhetoric ha 80 

Punctuation. .. be 26 

Hill's (D. J.) Elements of Rhetoric bh ♦! 00 

Science of Rhetoric bh *1 00 

Hill's (D. J.) Elements of Logic sh ♦I 00 

•♦ Peychology 8H *1 28 

Hill's (G. A.) Geom. for Banners 01 ♦I 10 

Lessons in Geometry 01 ♦TS 

Hill's (H. B.) Qualitative Analysis pu 76 

Hill's (T.) First Lessons in Geometry. . . . wa ♦as 

Second Book in Geometry wa ^68 

HUl's(W. H.) Ethics Mu 

Elements of Philosophy .mu 

Hillard*s Primer and Ist Reader sh ♦IT 

(Leigh) BH ♦«! 

MReader sh *«5 

(Leigh) BH ♦»« 

8d Reader bh *40 

4th " 8H ^0 

6th " BH ♦«) 

6th ** BH ♦I 00 

Intermediate Reader bh ^64 

Hillard & Campbell's Readers: 

Franklin Primer and Ist Reader bh ♦lO 

1st Reader (Leigh) bh ^21 

" 2d ** BM ^80 

(Leigh) BR •36 

Franklin 8d Reader bh ♦49 

•* 4th •* BH ^54 

6th *• BH ♦OO 

*» 6th " BH ♦I 00 

** Advanced Ist Reader bh ^20 

2d '» BH ♦86 

3d •* BH ♦eo 

4th ** BH ♦OO 

Webster Franklin Ist Reader sh ♦lO 

2d *» bh ♦80 

3d " BH ♦42 

4th " BH ^64 

6th " BH ♦OO 

6th " BH ♦! 00 

*' ** Advanced Ist Reader. BH *W 

»» " ** 2d •* .BH ♦ao 

♦» " " 8d " .BH *iO 

4th '» .BH ♦OO 
Hillard & Sprague's Franklin 6th Reader 

and Speaker bh ♦I 00 

Hinds' Topics in English Grammar hs ♦OO 

Hlndman's 1001 Questions and Answers 

on Botany bv 60 

Hinee* Mathemat. Roots Uprooted h j 60 

Hinsdale's (B. A.) American Govern- 
ment RE 76 

Historical Classic Readings, 10 nos ea.MT ♦IS 

Historias Sacra bv H& 

History Primers (Green's) : 

Europe (Freeman) am ♦86 

Egypt (Wendel) am ♦86 

France (Yonge) am ^86 

(Geography (Grove) am ♦85 

Greece (FyfTe) am ♦Se 

Medheval Civilization (Adams)....,. am •BR 

Old Greek Life (MahafTy) am ♦85 

Rome (Creighton) am ♦85 

Roman Antiquities CWilkms) am ♦85 

*» Constitution (Tlghe) am *9& 

History of England for the Young ru 1 00 

bds RD 76 

History of the United States jd 1 00 

Hitchcock's (E. E.) Anatomy am ♦I 15 

Hitchcock's (I. I.) Book-Keeplng wh ^84 

Keyto WH ♦es 

HJelt's Organic Chemistry ln 1 75 

Hobbs' Academic Arithmetic lv ♦! 00 

Hobson's (E. W.) Plane Trigonometry . . .mc *3 80 

and Jessop's Elementary Plane 

Trigonometry mc ♦I 88 

Hodge's Linear Perspective pu 76 

Hodges' Scientific (German he ^85 

Hodgkin's Studies in Eng. Literature.... he '1 10 

Hodgman's Surveying hw 2 60 

Hodgson's Errors In EngliHh ap ao 

♦Hodskins' Little People^s Reader 01 ♦30 

Hoffmann's How to Use Kindergarten 

Toys BT 20 

Hoffmann & Power's C?hemical Analysis, la 4 26 

Hogan^s Elementary Geology lv ^40 

Hogue's (A.) Irregular Verbs of Attic 

Prose 01 ♦I 60 

Hohman's Practical Music Course, pt. 2 . . ds 15 

pt. 8 DS 15 

pt.4 D8 20 

Hoitt's Excellent Quotations le 

Holbom Series of English Classics, 13 

nos eo.LV *i\o 

Holbrook's (A.) Training Lessons In Gram- 
mar AM ^40 

New English Grammar am *Vt 

Holbrook's (I.) First Latin Lessons *50 

Holbrook's (N. M.) Arithmetic bc 81 

Holbrook's (R. H.) Gray's Elegy, Annotat- 
ed RN f50 

Digitized* by'viJCfOQlC 

1 oa 




1 9& 
1 8» 



8 0O 
1 26 


1 00 


1 60 

July 14, '94[7Vi7. XI 72] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Holbrook'8 (R. H.) OutUnes U. 8. HUt. . . hn 75 

Holbrook-Bohrer Book-Keeping: hh 60 

Oondenaed Coontin^ • House and 

School HW 1 80 

Cooiplete Ck>untlng-HouM bn 800 

Key to Book-Keeping hk 160 

Blanks,2T hn 1 60 

Holbrooke's Pliny's Letters al 1 00 

Holder's Zoology am *1 90 

Holmes' (A.) Demosthenes. Ses Tyler. 

Holmes' (G. F.) Primer uh •> 7 

Elementary Spelling-Book un *16 18 

IstBeader uh ♦IT 14 

Larger uw •21 18 

SdBeader un •W 94 

8d ** UH ♦« 86 

4th »* UH •ee 48 

6th *♦ UN •« 80 

6th •• UH*116 100 

New 1st Beadtf uh *18 16 

" 9d ** UH •aO 96 

*• .8d " UH •46 40 

" 4th »* UH ^68 60 

* 6th " UH ^84 72 

English Grammar uh ^64 66 

First Lessons in Eng. Gram uh •49 86 

United States History uh •I 16 1 00 

New UH^l 16 1 00 

Holnoes* (M. H.) New Drawing-Books, 8 

noe ea.Bz 96 80 

New Drawing Cards, 10 nos set.BZ 10 

Holmes' (O. W.) Leaflets, pamphlet . . . . hm 80 

Hooker's Child^s Book of Nature am •I 00 

pt.l.Plants AM ^44 

pt. 9, Animals am ^44 

pt. 8, Air, Water, etc am •44 

Chemistry ha 90 

First Book in Chemistry am ^44 

Mineralogy and Creology ha 90 

Natural History am •W 

" Philosophy ha 90 

Child's Bk. of Common Things pb 80 

First Bk. in Physiology sh «60 

Human "^ sh «1 98 

New *• SH ♦I 90 

Hooee's Articulation bi 60 

Pestallozsian Arith., 1st Tear bi 86 

Teachers' Manual bi 60 

Second Tear Arithmetic bi 50 

Hopkins' (A. G.) Tacitus' Germania and 

Agricola lh 1 00 

Hopkins' (G. I.) Plane Geometry hm •86 75 

Hopkins* (L. P.) Handbook of the Earth. lm 40 

Hopkins' (MJ!Law of Love so 176 

Outline Study of Man so 1 76 

Moral Science sh •I 19 

Home's Chemical?Experimente fl 80 

Horton's Architecture hm 1 60 

HosUn's (L. W.) Graj^ical Statics mo ^ 48 9 96 

HoMfeld's New German Method hs •I 96 

New French Method hs •I 96 

" Opftnish *• H8*125 

•• ItaUan " hs •I 85 

Keys to each " ea.HS *85 

German-English Dictionary hs *60 

EngUsh-Ctorman ** hs •GO 

German - English and English -Ger- 
man Dictionary hs •I 00 

French-English Dictionary hs «60 

E«nglish-French ** hs •SO 

Fr.-i:ng. and Eng.-Fr. Dictionary. ..hs •I 00 
8panish-Eng. ancT Eng.-Spanish Dic- 
tionary HS •♦ 

Italian-Eng. and Eng.- Italian Dic- 
tionary HS •• 

Eng.-Ger. Exercise Books, 80 books. 

Dtfrset.HS •75 
Eng.-Fr. Exercise Books, 96 books. 

p«rset.HS •I 25 
Keys and Tasks to Exercise Bks., 

per set. HS •ffO 

Heineman's New German Reader hs ^75 

Mengel's German Exercises hs •! 00 

New jCng.-Italian Dictionary hs 1 95 

New Italian-Eng. Dictionary hs *• 

New Italian-Eng. Eng.-Italian Diet. . . hs 2 50 
•Hotchkiss' (V.P.) Lessons in Object Draw- 
ing bi 50 

Hotse's First Lessons in Physics as 75 60 

Questions, etc., in Physics as 76 60 

Answersto as 10 06 

First Lessons in Physiology as 76 60 

Houghton's French by Keading hb •I 26 1 19 

Houston's Physical Geography, new ed . . bl 1 95 
Easy Lessons in Natural Philosophy . kl 40 
Intermediate '' '' .ml 60 

ElemenUof •* " .kl 1 00 

*» *♦ Chemistry xl 1 10 

Short Course in Chemistry kl 80 

How to Become Quick at Figures hs 1 00 

How to Draw Ser.:— Animals, etc oa 95 

Elementary Forms, etc ca 95 

Floral Ornamental Forms oa 95 

landscapes, etc ca 95 

Howard's fC. L.) Elementary Arithmetic j^m ^25 

Graded Examples in Arithmetic as 40 28 

Method in Geography. as 80 94 

Howard's (J.) Practical Chemistry pu 60 

Howard's (T. E.) Primary Grammar sa 26 

Howard's (W. W.) French Composition, am •SO 
Howe's (H. A.) Elements of Descriptive 

Astronomy ^.. si ♦• 

Howells' (W. H ) Dissection of the Dog.. ho •I 07 1 00 
Howison's History of the United States. . wt 1 50 

Howland's (G.) Homer's Iliad mt •9'S 

Homer's Odyssey mt •SS 

Howland's (R. 0.) Conic Sections lh 75 

Howliston's Child's Song-Book am ^25 

Hows' Primary Ladies' Reader bu ^47 40 

Junior Ladies' Reader bu •I 17 1 00 

Ladies' Reader bu •I 46 1 96 

*' Readings and Recitations . . .bu •I 69 1 80 

Hubbard's Merry Songs and Games sr 2 OO 

Hudson's Classical Ei%. Reader 01 •I 10 1 00 

Pamphlet Sections of Text-Books, 

9 V 4 ea . 01 •15 

Shakespeare's Plays, enl. ed., 98 v. " 01 •SO 45 

enl. ed., 98 ▼., pap " 01 •SS 80 

olded.,16v »* 01 •!» 

Three Vol. Shakespeare *» 01 •I 96 

Text-Book of Poetry 01 •! 40 1 95 

»» Prose 01*140 19ft 

Hufro's Buy Bias, with Notes ho ^48 40 

HuU's Drawing-Book fl 35 

Hulme's Flower Painting, 9 ser «a. ca 9 50 

Hume. 8e» Student's and Modem Phi- 
losopher's Series. 
Humphreys' (L. B.) Art of Reading Music, 

pt. 1 PD 40 

pt.9 PD 60 

Humphreys' (M. W.) Aristophanes' 

Clouds 01 ^40 

with notes 01 •! 60 1 40 

Antleone of Sophocles ha 150 

Hunt's (K.) Concrete Geometry hb •• 

Hunt's (S. M.) Hygiene am ^90 

Hunt's (L. Bought Gymnastics lb 40 

Hunt's (T. W.) English Prose and Prose 

Writers ar 1 20 1 20 

Studies in Literature and Style ar 1 00 1 00 

Principles of Written Discourse* ar 1 00 1 00 

Hunt's (WO Italy. S» Freeman. 

Hunter's History Help pl 40 

Hunter's (T.) Plane Geometry am ^60 

Huntington's (D.) Manual of Fine Arts. ..ra 1 60 1 90 

Hun toon's American Speaker No. 1 mo 46 85 

Hurst ft Whiting's Seneca ha 1 80 

Huss' Oral German Instruction ho •I 19 1 10 

Hussey's (W. J.) Logarithmic and Other 

Mathematical Tables rb 100 

Hussak & Smith's Determination of Min- 

erals wi 9 OO 

Huston's (W.H.) 100 Less. In Composition, hw ^25 

Hutchison's Laws of Health mt *65 

Physiology and Hygiene my •I 10 

First Lessons in Physiology and Hy- 
giene MT •89 

Our wonderful Bodies, First Bk my «S0 

" ** ** Second Bk.... MY •60 

Hutchinson & Parktf 's Book-Keeplng : 

Single and Double Entry wa •I 44 1 95 

Blanksto wa ^87 75 

Key to WA ^87 75 

Elem. Prln. and Single Entry wa ^87 76 

Blanks to Single Entry wa •OO 60 

•Hutchinson's (G. W. C.) Learning to 

Draw Mc 2 26 

Hutton -8 (H. H.) Mensuration bi 50 

Huxley's Elementary Physiology mc •I 91 1 10 

Physiography mc •I 98 180 

Huxley ft Youman's Physiology am •I 29 

Hyde's (E. W.) Directional Calculus 01 ^9 15 2 00 

Hyde's (M. F.) Language Lessons, Bk. 1 .hb *40 85 

Bk. 2andSupp hb nO 60 

Bk. 2, Plain hb •OO 60 

Supplement only hb ^85 80 

Word Analysis hb ^12 10 

Advanced Lessons In English hb ^60 60 

•Lessons In English, Book 2 and Ad- 
vanced Lessons HB •SO 70 

Hyde's (T. A. ft W.) Elocution and Ora- 
tory rw 200 

Hyde's (W. De W.) Practical Ethics bo •88 80 

Hyslop's Elements of Logic so 200 184 

Illustrated Lessons for Kindergarten wh *25 

Indiana Speaker »o •! 00 1 60 

Information Readers, 4 nos ea. bk •60 50 

Interlinear CiBsar C^'^r^r^A ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No, 1 1 72] July 14, 94 

Interlinear Cicero db *1 80 1 60 

Homer's Iliad dk •! 80 1 ao 

Horace db •! 80 1 60 

Juvenal ob ♦! 80 1 80 

Llvy DB •! 80 1 60 

Ovid DB»1 80 1 60 

Sallust DB*1 80 1 60 

Gospel of St. John db •! 80 1 60 

Vlrgrll DB*1 80 1 60 

Xenophon*s Anabasis db *1 80 1 60 

Interlinear Translations, New Classic 

Caesar hs 1 60 

Cicero's Orations hb 1 60 

** On Old Age and Friendship.Hs 1 60 

Virgil's iEneid hs 160 

' ^ Eclogues and Qeorgics hs 1 60 

Xenophon's Anabasis hs 1 60 

^* Memorabilia hs 1 50 

Homer's Iliad hs 1 60 

Sallust hs ♦• 

Cornelius Nepoe hs ♦• 

Llvy HS 1 60 

Horace hs 1 60 

Demosthenes on the Crown hs 1 50 

New Testament, with Notes hs 8 00 

without Notes hs 150 

International Day School Singer ob 60 

International Modem Language Series 
[various prices, from 20 c.-60 c. J . .01 

Introduction to dtudy of Milton bn 18 

To Study of Shakespeare bn 18 

and Milton bn 54 

Irehind's Pocket Classical Dictionary pu 60 

Irish's Grammar and Analysis am *1 25 

Orthography and Orthoepy m 60 

Irving's (C.) Catechism Qrecuin Hlstory.Mu 16 

Catechism Grecian Antiquities. mu 15 

** Roman *•*• mu 15 

Irving's (C.) School Catechisms (Kerney): 

Astronomy mu *15 12 

Botany mu *15 12 

Chemistry. mu •W 12 

Classical Biography mu *15 12 

English History mu *15 18 

Grecian Antiquities mu *15 12 

** History mu ♦15 12 

Jewish Antiquities mu ♦15 12 

Mythology mu ^15 12 

Roman Antiquities mu *\h 12 

*• History mu nh 12 

/See cHao Kemev. 
Irving's (C.) School Catechisms, 11 nos. 

ea.MU ^15 18 
Irvhig's (W, ) Sketch-Book for Schools . . . . pu 75 
Irving & Flske's Washington and His 

Country 01 ♦I 00 

bds 01 ♦85 76 

♦Jackman's (N.) Number Work In Arith- 
metic FL 65 

Jackson's Vertical Writing- Books. .doz.HW ♦Otf 
Jackson's (E. P.) Astronomical Geog... .hb 40 

Character Building hm 1 00 

Jackson's (HOArlthmetlc bo 81 28 

Jackson's (I. w.) Elem. Meohamcs ht 2 50 

Elementary Optics ht 2 60 

Jagemann's Materials for Gernoan 

Composition ho ♦OS 00 

German Syntax ho ^88 80 

Jago's Inorganic Chemistry uf 80 

♦ ^ " (Advanced)..LN 1 60 

Jagst's First Less. In German ReadiDg..cA 40 

James' (W.) Psychology ho ♦& 38 4 80 

Briefer Course ho 1 74 1 60 

James & Grassi's English and Ital. Diet, .ch 2 25 

Jameson's Rhetorical Method as 75 60 

Selections for Reading as 75 60 

Jamleson's Logic ar ♦! 17 1 00 

Rhetoric ar ♦! 17 1 00 

Janes' Human Psychology bf 1 50 

hd 160 120 

Janet's Elements of Morality am ♦I 00 

Janon's Recuell de Pofeles ho ♦Sd 80 

Jarman's Algebraical Factors mo ^44 40 

JarvU* (C. h!) Chiming Bells so 38 

p^ so 85 

Jarvls' (E.) Physiology and Health am ♦! 80 

Jastrow's (Jos.) Modem Psychology ho ♦♦ 

Jeanrenaud's French Dial, and Reclt jb 1 00 

Jebb's Introduction to Homer 01 ♦I 25 112 

Jebb & Mather's Sophocles' Electra al 1 10 

Jenkins' (O. L.) English Literature mu 1 85 

Jenkins' Ph3rsiologies hb ♦♦ 

Jepson's Prog. Music Readers, 8 noe . .ea . am ♦SO 

Standard, No. 1 am <90 

** *♦ 2 AM ♦35 

- ♦* •♦ 3 AM ♦eo 

*♦ *• 4 AM *76 

Jervls' France. 8ee Student's Series. 

Jess' Arithmetic pl 88 

Key to PL 75 

♦Jessopp's Applied Mathematics mc 1 25 

Jevoos' (F. B.) Hist, of Greek Literature. so 8 50 

Jevons' (W. a) Elementary Logic mo ^44 

Jewett. 8bt Ollendorff. 
Johnson's (A. N.) True Juvenile Song- 
Book CR 35 

True Singing-School Text-Book cr 60 

Johnson^s (C. FO English Words ha 84 

Johnson's (H.) Schmer's Ballads hb *65 

Johnson's (H.C.) Homer's niad, 8 bks am ♦I 18 

with Vocab AM ♦I as 

Perseus' Satires ba •88 

Tacitus' Qermanla and Agricola ba ♦I 05 

Johnson's (H. M.) Herodotus am ♦I 06 

Johnson's (J. B.) Surveying wi 8 60 

Johnson's (S. W.) Fresenlus' Qualitative 

Chemical Analysis wi 400 

Quantitative Chem. Anal wi 6 00 

Johnson's (W. W.) Curve Tracing wi 1 00 

Differential Equations wi ♦♦ 

Integral Calculus wi 1 SO 

Theory of Errors and Method of 

Least Squares wi ♦I 60 

Jc^mson's and Humphrey's Work with 

Words HY 60 

Johnston's (A.) American Politics ho ♦B? 

U.S. History ho 'l 15 

Shorter Course ho ♦I 06 

U. S. Hist, and Constitution so 100 

Johnston's (A. K.) Hist. Atlas so 1 00 

Physical Atlas so 1 00 

Political •» so 100 

Quarto " sc 40 

SlxPenny *♦ so 80 

Unrivalled " sc 8 00 

bds sc 1 40 

Unrivalled Classical Atlas sc 8 00 

bds sc 1 40 

♦Johnston's (H. W.) Cicero's Orations. . . . ab 
♦Johnston's (W. J) Analytical Geometry. MC 2 60 

Johnston & Browne's l^g. Lit un ♦I 15 

Johonnot's GeographicalReader am ♦I 00 

Johonnot's Historical Readers: 

Grandfather's Stories am ^27 

Stories of Heroic Deeds am ♦ao 

** ** Our Country am ^40 

" **Other Lands am ^40 

*♦ ".the Olden Time am ^54 

Ten Great Events in History am ^54 

Johonnot's Natural History Readers: 

Cats and Dogs am ♦H 

Friends^ Feathers and Fur am ^30 

N^hbors with Wings and Fins am ^40 

Some Curious Flyers, etc am ^40 

Neighbors with Claws and Hoofs am ^54 

Animate World am ♦! 00 

Johonnot's Sentence and Word-Book. ♦Si 

Johonnot A Bouton's How We Live am ^40 

Jones' (A. D.) Hebrew Grammar dr 1 60 

♦Jones* (D. E.) Sound, light and Heat. . .mo ♦I 10 

Jones' (E.) First Lessons in Latin or ♦! 13 

Greek Prose Composition or ♦! 00 

LaUn *• " OR ♦I 00 

Jones' (F.) Junior Chemistry mo ♦?? 

Jones' (G. W.) Drlll-Book in Algebra. . . . jn ♦OO 

Logarithmic Tables jk ♦I 00 

Jones' (H. C.) Experimental Organic 

Chemistry vn 1 00 

Jones' (L. E.) Hist, of U. S. for Young 

Americans ru 75 

Jones' (T.) Book-Keeplug wi 8 60 

School ed wi 1 50 

Double Entry wi 75 

Jordan' Manual of Vertebrates, new ed.Mo 2 60 

Jouanne's Gender of French Nouns lo SO 

Jousse's Catechism of Music cr 80 

pd 85 

Joy's Outline Hlst<Mry of England hu 1 00 

Grecian History , — hu 1 00 

Joynes' German Reader hb ♦I 00 

♦Minimum French Grammar ho ♦SI 

Joynes' Melssner's German Gramnmr...HB ♦I 25 

Shorter German Grammar hb ♦OO 

Joynes-Otto's 1st Book In French ho ♦SI 

Introductory French Lessons ho ♦I 06 

♦» Reader ho ^87 

1st Book In German ho ^34 

Introductory German Lessons ho ♦SS 

•* Reader ho ♦! 08 

Translating English Into German . .ho ^87 

Key to HO ♦S? 

Judson's (H. P.) Csesar's Army 01 •I 10 

Latin In English ho ♦♦ 

Jukes-Brown's Manual of Geology mc ♦I 10 

Juliands Brief Views of U. S. Hist bi 86 

Julien's Petites Logons de Conversation 

et de Grammalre .x'v>. . . .ho 186 

Digitized by VriOOQlt 







1 00 

1 20 
1 00 

1 00 





1 18 

1 00 

1 00 

1 00 


July 14, '94[iVi>. 1 172] 

Tke Publishers' Weekly. 


Julien^s Pract. and Conv. Reader bo *60 76 

Kaiser's Erstes Lehrbucb bo *70 66 

Kaltschmidrs Latin Dictionary sb *8 16 1 80 

Karnes* Elements of Criticisin (Frost).... WB *67 

(Mills) 8B ♦! 54 1 28 

Stt oitooBoyd. 
Katzenberer's Fuonetlo Hebrew Primer bm 20 

Kay*s Primary School Reader, No. 1 sb 90 

No.« EB 26 

No. 8 ZB 80 

Keeler's and Davis* English Composi- 
tion AL 80 

Keene^s (C. H.) Euripidesfl Electra bc *8 85 8 50 

Keene's (H. G.) Literature of France so 1 00 

Keep's (J.) West Coast Shells cs 1 75 1 40 

Keep's (R. P.) Greek Lessons am *1 20 

Stories from Herodotus ba 90 

Homer's niad. Books 1-6 al 1 40 

with vocab al 1 60 

Booksl-3 AL 90 

with Tocab AL 120 

Moods in Greek and Latin, new ed . . .oi *90 25 
Keetel's Slnst. First Book in French . . . .mt ■*75 

Elementary French Grammar mr *05 

Key to MT ♦60 

Analytical French Grammar mt *1 50 

Key to ^ MY •OO 

Colleiriate French Course mt *1 50 

Key to MT ♦OO 

Analytical French Reader mt *1 25 

New French Method sb *1 28 

Key to SB *42 

Oral French Course bb ♦! 28 

pt. 1 SB ♦SO 

pt. 2 SB ♦56 

^pt.8 SB ♦56 

Oral German Method bo ♦I 80 180 

Keith's Physics bb 50 

Keller's Elem. Perspective cl 1 00 

Kellerman's Elements of Botany pj 1 25 1 00 

Plant Analysis pj 100 80 

KeUner's (L.);^EneUsh Syntax mo ♦! 54 140 

KeUoKg's (A. M.) Song Treasures kb 15 

Kellocg^s (B.) English Literature mt ♦! 25 

BBetoric mt ♦! 06 

Key to MT ^75 

Shakespeare's PlajTs, 10 V ea.MT ♦OO 

Kellogg (B.) and ReecT (A.) The Eng- 
lish Language MT ♦OO 

WordBuUdiog mt ♦SO 

KeOogg's (J. H.) Physiology and Hy- 
giene AM ♦*• 

Kellogg^s (M.) Cicero's Brutus 01 ^40 

with notes oi ♦I 85 126 

Kelly's Universal Primer kl 13 

*' 1st Reader kl 16 

♦• 2d " BL 24 

•' 8d " BL 86 

4th •• BL 45 

•* 5th »• BL 60 

Beading Speller, 1st Book bl 18 

" ^ 2d •» KL 26 

Kelly's Primer 45 

Kelsey's Csesar al 1 26 

Cicero deSenectute and de A micitia.AL 1 90 

»* Amicitia al 70 

•♦ " Senectute al 70 

Cicero's Orations al 1 25 

Lucretius al 1 76 

Mythology .al 20 

Ovid AL 1 26 

♦Topical Outline of Latin Literature, al 80 

♦Fifty Topics in Roman Antiquities, .al 60 

Kelsey 9l Zenos' Xenophon's Anabasis. . . al 1 60 

Kemabead's Inorganic Chemistry pu 75 

Kflodrick's (A. C.) Greek Ollendorff am ♦! 22 

Xenophon's Anabasis, with Voc bb ♦I 44 

FirBt4bkB bb ♦I 12 

Anabasis, Vocabulary and notes, 

sen • . SB ♦92 

Kendriok's (J. R) Greek at sight .'.*.'.*.*.*.*.*. 01 ♦W 

Keodrick ft Ritter's Laudamus ds 125 

bds D8 100 

Komedy's Virgil's Bucolics, Georgics, 

and iEneid ln 800 

Kennedy's (J.) What Words Say, 2 pts.ea. am ^45 

Stem Dictionary am ♦I 00 

Kennedy*s (J. G.) and Hackett's (F. H.) 

Common School English cs 60 60 

KeoTon's (W. C.) English Grammar da 1 00 72 

Kerrs Laimage Lessons am ♦SS 

First Lessons in Eng. Grammar am ♦SS 

Elementary ** " am «40 

Shorter Course in Eng. ** am *64 

Commoo School Grammar am ♦TS 

Comprehensive ** am ♦SO 

Composition and Rhetoric am ♦SO 

Kern's (F.) How to Learn German cn 40 

Kemey's Columbian Arithmetic mu SO 

Kenny's Columbian Arithmetic, In trod. 

to MU 20 

Key to MU 40 

Compendium of History mu 125 

1st C'lass.Book of '' mu 60 

Abridgment of Murray's Grammar . . mu 26 

Catechism of U. S. History ki 15 

Se» aiUo Irving. 

Ketchum's Botany u^lOO 

Kidd's New Elocution and Vocal Culture.AM ♦! 00 

Kiddle's (H.) Short Course in Astronomy .am ♦66 

Elementary Astronomy am ♦! 08 

Physics wo 1 00 

Kilbon^s Knife Work in the School>room. . Jio 1 00 

KilUck's Handbook to Mill's Logic lb 1 00 

Kimball's (A. C.) Materials for French 

Composition bb ♦IS 12 

Kindergarten School Speaker wo 60 

King's (C. F. ) Picturesque Geography 

lUwders, 5 Books, Bk. 1 lb ♦OO 60 

Bk.2 LB ♦OO 72 

Bk. 8, The Land We live In, pt.l.LB 64 66 

^♦Bk.4. *' '* " »* pt. 2.LB 64 66 

♦Bk. 6. •* *' »• •• pt. 8.LB 64 66 

King's (D. B.) Latin Pronunciation 01 ♦26 

King's. (J. E.) ft Cookson's (C.) Introd. 
to Comparative Greek and Latin 

Grammar mo ♦! 54 1 40 

King's (W.J.) Normal Outlines, nos, ea.MA 15 

Complete MA 100 

Kingsbury's Happy Hours sb ^40 

Kinsley's Students Guide Ko 40 

Kirby's Language Culture and ExpressionLB ♦88 75 

Kil-k ft Belfleld's Model 1st Book in A rith.SR ^46 40 

Answers to sb ^12 10 

Model 9d Book in Arithmetic bb ♦SI 46 

♦• 8d " ** ♦* SB ♦ei 46 

** Elementary " sb ♦51 46 

Answers to sb ^12 10 

Revised Model Elem. Arithmetic bb ^68 60 

ln8pU ea.BR ♦94 20 

Answers to sb ^12 10 

Model Arithmetic, Complete br ^72 66 

New " " *• 8R ^75 66 

Key to Model Arithmetics br ♦TO 65 

Oral Course in •* sr ^17 15 

Kirkham's Elocution sb ^92 

English Granmiar 00 ♦46 40 

Kirkland's (E. S.) 1000 Composition Sub> 

Jects bz 15 

- Short History of France mo 1 25 

••England mo 126 

** ** ** English Literature.MO 1 26 
♦Kirkland's (J. H.) Horace's Satires and 

Epistles. LB 1 20 

Kitchin's History of France, 8 v «a. mo ^3 86 2 60 

Spenser's Faery Queene, 2 bks — *' mo ♦66 60 

Klemm's Leee- u nd Sprachbacher«Kreis 1 .bo ♦SO 26 

Krefe 2 bo ^84 80 

•• 2, with Vocab bo ^89 86 

♦* 8 BO ^40 86 

" 8, with Vocab bo ^45 40 

- 4 BO ^45 40 

»♦ 5 BO ♦ei 45 

♦• 6 BO ^57 60 

»» 7 BO ♦68 60 

" 8 (Uterature) bo ♦! 80 120 

Poesie fOr Haus und Schule pu 126 

KUne's (M. A.) Step-ladder ba ♦♦ 

Knapp's (J. C.) 1st German Reader oB 25 

Knapp's (W. I.) French Readings 01 *tK) 80 

Spanish Grammar 01 ♦! 65 1 60 

^ Readings 01 ♦! 66 160 

Knell ft Jones* Phonic Reader am ♦SO 

Knight's (A. A.) Primer of Botany 01 *86 80 

Knisely's Arithmetical Questions bu ♦SO 

Knoefel's German Primer db 15 

2d German Reader db 40 

8d " " » DB 60 

4th - *» DB 1 00 

Knoflach's German Sinoplifled, cl un 1 00 

— — 12 nos.. with Keys ea.uN 10 

Spanish Simplified, cl uif 1 00 

12 nos., with Keys ta.vm 10 

Knopp's Penmanship, 9 nos doe. bb 70 

German, 9 nos '• bb 70 

Knowl ton's Hints for Drawing, etc bm 1 00 

Knox's (I. C.) Toung Folks' History of 

England OA 1 00 

Knox-Heatn's Elementary Lessons in 

English,ptl 01 ^46 40 

pt. 1, Teacher's ed oi ^70 60 

pt.2 01 ^70 60 

pt. 2, Teacher's ed oi ♦30 16 

Knudsen's Primer ku 25 

Pron. and Spell. Dictionary ku 1 00 

KOhler's (F.) Eng. and German Diet sf 2 60 

j^sT 2 60 

Pocket German and Eng. Diet r^si^ t^ik^x r> 



The Publisher^ Weekly. 

\No. 1 172] July 14, '^^ 

Koehler ft Witter^s Pronouncing Eng- 
lish Dictiduuy WT 1 SO 

Pronouncing Qerman Dictionary — wr 1 50 

Koestler*8 French Qrammar sa 125 

Kolbe's Inorganic Chemistiy wi 2 60 

Kraus-Boelte^B Kindergarten Guide: 

No. 1,1st and.Sd Gifts, pap at 85 

els ST 66 

No.«,8d to«th Gifts, pap sr 70 

cl ST 1 00 

No. 8, 7th Gift, pap st 60 

NaT 8th to ioth 'Qfdi^j^^^\\\\\\ 70 

cl ST 1 00 

No. 6, nth to 18th Gifts, pap sr 70 

cl ST 1 00 

No. 0, 1st and 8d Occupation, pap . . . .sr 60 

cl ST 80 

No. 7, 8d and 4th Occupation, pap . . .sr 1 00 

cl sr 1 80 

No. 8, 6th and 8th Occupation, pap. . . st 60 

cl ST 80 

No. 0, 7th and 8th Occupation, pap. . .st 00 

cl ST 90 

No. 10, 9th, 10th and 11th Occupation, 

pap ST 50 

cl ST 80 

First Volume (The Gifts), pap st S 00 

cl ST 2 76 

Second Volume (The Occupations), 

pap ST 2 25 

cl »T 2 00 

Krauskopf ft Berkowitz's 1st Union He- 
brew Reader BM 25 

2d Union Hebrew Reader bm 60 

Krauss* First German Book th 

(German Grammar th 

B[riege^s Elindergarten Rhymes, etc st 1 00 ^ 

jaap OT 60 

Kroeh^ (Cf. F.) Ist German Reader .am *28 

Pronunciation of German 1 25 

f.i/j •* " French I 25 

- Spanish | oh 20 

French Verb for 76 

How to Think in French iKa 100 

* How to Think in German 160 

*How to ThiDk in Spanish J 150 

Krone^s Paragon Drawing-Books: 

Elementary Course, 7 nos dos.KB 

Advanced " 12 ♦' »• kr 

High School " 8 " ♦* KR 

Paragon Drawing Studies, 2 ser. . .ea.KR 
** Map Drawing-Bks., 6 bks. doe. kr 
** System of Penmanship, 15 

nos dOB.KR 

** Shorter Course, 4 nos .. ** kr 

*• Tracing,3no8 " kr 

** German Copy-Books, 10 nos. 

** Business Letters and Com- 
mercial Forms do£.KR 

** Spelling Blanks, 8 nos.. . . '* kr *• 
Series of industrial Drawing, Primary 

Course, 8 nos. dor.KR ** 

Krtisi*s Freehand and Indus. Drawing: 

Primary Drawing Cards, 2 sets.. . .ea.AM *10 

Easy Drawing Less, 8 pts *' am *12 

Synthetic Series, 1 4 "am ♦!« 

Analytic Series, 6-8 "am *16 

Perspective Series, »-18 " am ■« 

Supplementary Stf ies, 1-8 "am *16 

" 4-« »» AM •98 

Synthetic Manual am *S2 

Analytic " am ♦«) 

Perspective •* am *40 

Drawing Tablets am ♦W 

Textile Designs, 8 nos ea. am *80 

Outline and Relief, 8 nos "am *83 

Mechanical Drawing, 6 nos "am *aO 

inlv AM ♦! 80 

Architectural Drawing, 9 pts ea . am *96 

inlv AM 49 24 

Kuhner's Greek Grammar am *1 40 

Kunmier*s Epitome of English History . .ba ^^ 
Kunst^ American Dictionary of English 

and (German ko 1 50 

Kuphal's (O.) Idiomatic Study of Ger- 

maUjpt. 1 PK 2 25 

L. L. L.; or Fifty Law Lessons ap 125 

Labberton's Outlines of History hi 2 00 

Historical Questions hi 1 75 

New Historical Atlas and General 

History si *« 25 

•Historical Atlas si ♦! 40 

*Lachlan*s (R.) Pure (Seometry mo *2 48 

lACombe*s Growth of a People ho *86 

Petite Histoire du Peuple Fran^ais. . . bo *85 
Ladd*s Elements of Physiological Psy- 
chology so 4 50 


1 00 

1 20 



1 20 

1 00 


1 80 

1 60 
1 81 


1 26 




Ladd^s Elements of Physiological Psy- 
chology, Outlines of so 2 00 

Introd. to Philosophy so 8 00 

Ladd*8 Lotze's Outlines of iEsthetics 01 *1 00 

Outlines of Logic 01 *1 00 

" "Metaphysics oi •! 00 

" Philos. of Religion 01 *1 00 

" •' Pract. PhUosophy 01 M 00 

" "Psychology 01 •! 00 

Ladre3rt*s FrenchBeader ue 

in 4 pts ea.LB 

lAgeman*s German-English Translation 

Bks., 1-6 ea.wo 15 

Lambert's Memory (Sems ox *35 

Lambert ft Sardou*s French Verbs ar *47 

Idiomatic Key to French ar *1 40 

Lamberton*s Thucydides, Bks. VI., VH.ha 1 SO 
La Moille^s Favorite Primary Speaker . . . pl 20 

Favorite Intermediate Speaker fl 20 

" Higher Speaker fl 25 

Lancaster's English History am *1 00 

lAndreth*s Me&ical Tables, Student's 

ed 1*0 85 

Lane^s Adjustments of Compass, Transit 

ana Level 01 ""SB 

Language Half Blanks. 2 nos ea.Lv 83 

Languellier ft Monsanto*sJFrench CourscAM *1 45 

Key to AM •SO 

lArden*s Electricity ln 1 75 

Lastrade's Practical French Method vs 1 00 

Latimer's Familiar Talks on Shake- 
speare's Comedies RO 2 00 

lAUghlin's Elem. of Pollt. Economy am *1 20 

Study of Political Economy .am ''SO 


Lawrence's (P.) Lawrence Speaker pzf 2 00 

Model Speaker bl •I 10 

Lawrence's (T. J.) International Law . . . . h ■ •• 

Lawson's Geography of Coast Lines bn 

Geography ox River Systems bn 

Outlines of Geography bn 

pt. 1, British Isles bn 

pt. 2, British Colonies bn 

pt. 8, Europe bn 

— -pt. 4, Asia, Africa, Amer bn 

Leach's (D.) Spelling-Book bd *84 

Leach*s (O.) Civil Ctovernmeut of New 

York LH 

•Leafs rw.) Companion to the Iliad mo *1 76 

Le Brun s T616maque u ♦I 20 

*Lechner's (A. R.) Easy Readings in Cier- 

man my •OO 

Le C?onte*s Compend of Geology am *1 90 

"" — -^ • • - 4 00 



1 25 

Elements of Geology* new ed ap 

Le Due's Learning to Draw i*u 

Lee ft Hadley's Gframmar sh 

Lee ft Shepard's English Series: 

Graded Lessons in English lb 

Lee's (W.) Acoustics. Light and Heat . . . .pu 

Leeser's Hebrew Speller and Reader bm 

Lefflngwell's Reading-Book of English 

Classics PU 

•L^gendes Francises, 8 v„ ta. 20 to 80c. ho 
Legendre. 5m Davies ; Smith, F. H.; 

Leigh. Q&t Edwards' ft Webb; Hillard ; 
McGufTey ; Monroe ; Parker ft 
Watson ; Watson. 

Leighton's New Greek Lessons 01 •I 90 

First Steps in Latin ox n 25 

Latin Lessons 01 •! 25 

Rome. See Anderson. 
Lemon's (C. M.) U. S. History Outlined . . ma *15 

Civil Government Outlined ma *10 

(3eography Outlined - . •tS 

Lempriere's (jlassical Dictionary, 8* u •a 60 

\V* Li*128 

Le Row's Practical Reader mt ^60 

Practical Recitations mt *75 

Leslie's (E.) High School Book of Song. . .ds 75 

Leslie's (H.) Elementary Music ca 

Lesquereux ft James' Mosses of North 

America wo 

Lessing's Laocotfn. See Frothingham. 

Lessons on Practical Science os 

Letteris' Hebrew Bible wi 

Leusden's Greek and Latin Test u •I 28 

Leverett's Juvenal li *90 

Latin Lexicon u •2 SO 

Levett and Davidson*s Elements of Plane 

Trigonometry mo 

Levizac's French Grammar u 

^ieecOso Bolmar; Collot. 
Lewis' (C. T.) See Student's Series. 

Lewis' (C. T.) Latin Dictionary ha 

shp HA 

Elementary ha 

Lewis' (E.) Plane and Spherical Trigo- 



1 00 


1 90 



1 80 



1 60 
1 00 

1 20 
1 IS 
1 18 


4 00 

1 25 

2 SO 

1 60 

5 50 
8 00 
2 00 

8 50 

Digitized by 

j^^ wa»l 20 


July 14, •94[iVb. 117a] 

Tht Pubiishirs' Weekly. 


Lewis* (H.) Bacon's Essays pu 195 

L*HoiiiODd's Viri Roixmb bq *40 

8m also Andrews; Vlri BonuB. 
Llddeirs Rome. Am Student's. 

Uddell & Scott's Qreek-Bng. Lex oi*10 00 

HA 10 00 

Abridged 01 ♦! 45 

" HA 1 85 

Intermediate ha 8 60 

Ueber's ayU Uberty u ♦a 58 

PoUUcal Ethics u «4 40 

Lirhthail's Grammar wf ** 

UUenthal A Allyn's Composition and Ob- 
ject Lessons JIM «90 

LiUey^ (O.) Elements of Akebra si *1 25 

Lincoln's (D. F.) Hy^enic Pliyslology ... 01 *W 
Lincoln's (J. L.) Horace, with notes ....jlm *1 92 

Liyy AM •I 29 

Ovid, with notes and vocab am *1 29 

Lind's ISasy Experiments in Chemistry 

and Natural Philosophy ko 40 

Normal Diacritical Speller no 90 

Lessons in Physiology 10 100 

forColleges id 125 

Beginners id 80 

Lindsay's (T. B.) Cornelius Nspos am *1 22 

for Siiht Reading am •! 00 

Sight Slips in Latin, 4 nos ea. lh 

Satires or Jurenal am *1 00 

Lindsay's A Rollins' Easy Latin Lessons. . al 
Lingard's Hist, of England Abridged... mu 1 60 

Lipmnoott's Popular Reader, No. 1 un *24 

Popular Reader, No. 2 un 'NO 

- »♦• " 8. UN ♦52 

•• •♦ •• 4 UN *78 

" " 5 UN ♦! 08 

•• »* " « UN 1 20 

Classical English Reader un *1 90 

Popular SpeUing-Book un *94 

See DaYiB (E. H.). 
Literature Primers (Green): 

Classical Geography (Tozer) am *S5 

English Comp<*itioD (Nicbol) am *35 

^ Granunar (Morris) am *86 

" '' Exercises (Morris 

& Bowen) am ♦85 

English Literature (Brooke) jim ^85 

Greek Uterature (Jebb) .am ♦85 

Homer (Gladstone) .am ♦SS 

Philology (PeUe) am ^86 

Shakespeare (Dowden) .am ^85 

Studies in Bryant (Alden) am ^85 

UtUe Fidks' Model Arith. (Grube) sr ^28 

Little Gems of Literature am ^86 

Little Teacher (Word Method) am ♦lO 

Livre des Petite Enfants lo 65 

Lloyd's Literature for Little Folks so 50 

bds 80 88 

Lock's ( J.B. ) Trigonometry for Beg Inners mo ♦SS 

Elementary Trigonometry mc ♦! 21 

Higher TrU^onometry mc ♦I 10 

Arithmetic for Beginners mo ♦Oe 

Key to MO ♦2 47 

Elementary Statics mo ♦! 20 

♦First Book of Euclid's Elements., .mo 60 
Lock's (J. B.) and Scott's (C. A.) Aritfi.. . . mo ♦TT 

Locke's Essays zb 2 00 

Lockwood's Angular Copy-Books, 6 nos 

dos.LO 1 80 
Lockwood's (S.) Animal Memoirs, pt. 1, 

Mammals am ♦OO 

pt. 2, Birds AM ♦OO 

Lockwood's (S. E. H.) Lessons in English. oi ♦! 25 

Lockyer's Astronomy am ♦! 22 

Elementary Astronomy mo ♦I 88 

Lodeman's Exercises for Translation into 

German al 

Lodge's (G.) Plato's Gtorglas oi ♦I 75 

Lodge's (H. C.) Ballads and Lyrics hm 1 00 

Six Popular Tales, 1st and 2d Series 

ea.HM 16 
Lodge (R.). See Student's Series. 

LoewT's Experimental Physics mo ♦SS 

Mechanics mo *1 38 

Elements of Statics and Dynamics.. mo ^2 00 

♦Loney's Plane Trignometry, pt. 1 mc 1 40 

♦•» " " 2 MO 1 00 

♦** *• complete mo 1 90 

Long's (C. C.) Language Exercises, pt. 1 . .am ♦15 

pt. 2 AM ^90 

pt. 8 UiU •90 

New Language Exercises, pt.l am ^90 

pt. 2 AM ^95 

Lessons in English am ♦85 

Long's (G.) Classical Atlas bh ♦8 84 

Long's (H. S.) First Less, in Grammar. . .u ♦IS 

Long's (8. P.) Art: Its Laws, etc lk 2 00 

Longfellow's Leaflets, pamphlet hm 80 

Longley *8 Eclectic Phonography cl 75 

9 40 







1 00 

1 00 



1 10 
1 00 

1 10 



1 12 
1 95 

1 95 
1 90 


Longley 's Eclectic Phonography, pap. . . .ol 65 
tongmans' Advanced Science Manuals... ln ♦♦ 

Longmans' Classical Atlas ln 2 00 

Longmans' Elementary Science Man- 
uals, 20 ▼., prices from 45 o. to 90 c.ln 
Longmans' Elem. Trigonometry (Sparks), ln 80 
Longmans' Freuch Grammar (Berten- 

sliaw), 2pts ea.LN 80 

2pts. in 1 Tol LN 60 

Key and Supp. to pts. 1 and 2. ea.LN 75 

to complete in 1 V i» 150 

School Geography .ln 1 25 

New School Atlas ln 160 

Junior School Algebra 

(Beard) ln 60 

♦Longmans' German Composition, by Ran- 
som LN 90 

Key and Supplement to ln 1 50 

Longmans' German Dictionary ln 90 

Loi^mans' Gtorman (3raounar, pts. 1 and 

9 ea.LN 50 

Complete ln 90 

Key and Supplement to ln 1 60 

Longmans* Latin and Greek texts, with 

Vocab., 84 ▼., from 10 c. to 65 c. .ln 
Longmans' McWilliams' Eng. Lit. 6 pU. 

«a.LN 80 , 

InlT LN 1 86 

Longmans* New Political and Physical 

Atlas LN 8 00 

Longmans' New Series of Drawing Bks.: 

Freehand, nos. 1-4 «a.LN 5 

" 5-6-0-11 *' LN 8 

*♦ Copies, 4 Bks " ln 8 

Geometry, Drawing to Scale, Bk. 7. . . ln 5 

'' Practical Plane, Bk. 8.... LN 8 

" Bk. 14...LN 10 

•* 8olid.Bk.lO LN 10 

- Bk.l5 LN 16 

'* Blank Books, Bk. 19. ln 8 

Longmans' Object Lessons in Elemen- 
tary Science (Woodhall) ln 1 10 

Longmans*^ Salmon's School Grammar . . . ln 76 

Primary ** " . .ln 85 

School Composition ln 80 

Junior School Composi- 
tion LN 80 

Modem Copy^Books, 18 nos dos. ln 60 

Longmans' Sciiool Mensuration ln 80 

♦Longmans' Summary of English His- 
tory LN 40 

Longmans^ Text-Books of Science, 28 v., 

prioes from $1.25 to $2.50 ln 

Longw^'s Outline of Eng. and Am. 

Literature no 35 

Loomis' (EJ Elements of Algebra am ♦SO 

Key to AM ♦OO 

Treatise on Algebra ha 100 

Key to HA 1 00 

Algebraic Problems am ♦OO 

Elements of Geometry ha 100 

Trigonometry, Surveying, and Navi- 
gation HA 1 00 

Tables of Logarithms ha 1 00 

Trigonometry and Tables ha 150 

Analytical (ieometry ha 1 00 

Calculus HA 1 00 

AnaL Geom. and Calculus ha 175 

Elements of Astronomy ha 1 00 

Treatise on " ha 1 50 

PracUcal " ha 1 50 

Treatise on Meteorology ha 1 50 

Loomis' (G. B.) Progressive Music Lee- 
sons, Bk. 1 AM ♦H 

Bk. 9,rev am ♦IS 

Bk. 3 ** AM ^95 

Bk.4, " AM ^48 

Bk. 6 AM *72 

Prog. Glee and Chorus Book am ^84 

Loomis^ (J. B.) Elements of Physiology . . sh ♦OS 

Geology sh •94 

Lopes A Bensley's Span.-Eng. and Eng.- 

Span. Diet oh 7 00 

Lord's (JT) Points of History am ♦I 00 

Modem Europe dk 9 00 1 40 

Lord*s (J. K.) Cicero's Laelius am ♦72 

Livy, Bks. 21 and 22 lh 1 20 

Text ed., pap lh 26 

Loesing's Primary U. S. Hist sh ^72 

Grammar School Hist sh ^92 

Outline U. S. Hist sh *W 

School ♦* 8H^198 

Pictorial ** sh ♦I 44 

History of England pu 9 00 

Louage's Moral Philosophy ky 75 

Lounsbury's English Language ho ♦I 24 1 12 

LoveJoy*s (M. L) Interstate Third Read- 
er LH ^40 86 

Lovell's (J.E.) Reader, No. 1 /^^K^/^TS 

Digitized by VrtOOv IC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No, 11721 July 14, '9^ 

Loyeirs (J. £.) Reader No. 2 pb 40 

Reader No. 3 pb 76 

♦» N0.4 PK 86 

" N0.6 PB 1 15 

Toungr Speaker pb 85 

New School Dialogues 00 *1 10 1 00 

Low*8 Solid Geometry, pt. 1 ln 60 

pt. 2 LN 90 

Lowers (C. M.) and Butler *s (N.) Bellum 

Helvetium ab 1 00 

Lowe'8(C. M.)aQd Ewing^8(J. T.) Csesar's 

Gallic War ab 1 25 

Lowry's Elem. of Civil Goyemment un 60 

Lubbock's (J.) Popular Natural Hist. . . .wk 45 60 

Ludden's School Lyrics CR 75 68 

Lueken*s German primer bp 26 20 

German Copy-Books. 6 nos.dos bp 60 60 

** Grammar, pt.l wr 20 

" *» pt.2 WT 80 

Lupton*8 Concise English History ro 1 60 

Lyman's Geometry Exercises dot.LH 2 40 

Lynd's First Book in Etymology po 60 60 

New »• ♦• *• ♦* FO 60 50 

Class-Book of Et^rmology fo 100 85 

Lyon and Larpent s Primary French 

Translation Book hb *70 60 

Lyons* American Elocutionist bu *1 16 

Lyte's Book-Keeping so 76 

Blanks for, 2 sets t 60 

School Song-Book so 88 

Grammar and Composition.. am *66 

Mablre*s French Phrases lo 60 40 

Hacadam'sChem.of Common Things. . nb 75 

Macallsters Zoology ho »86 80 

Macarthur's Scotland. Sot Freeman. 
MacCabe's {J. A.) Language and Grammar 

Lessons 01 •SS 80 

McCabe's (W. G.) Bingham's Caesar bu *1 08 

Latin Grammar bu *1 08 

•• Reader bu •! 08 

McCarthy's Outlines of Irish History. . .mu 50 

McCleary's Studies In Civics am ♦! 26 

MacCord's (C. W.) Mechanical Draw- 
ing wi 4 00 

McCormlck's Practical Work In Geog- 
raphy FL 100 

MacCoun% Historical Geography of 

UnltedStates si •! 00 90 

McCosh's Logic so 160 

Psychology, 2 V 160 

McCurdy's (M.) DHll-Book In Algebra. . .lh ** 

MacDonald's Plane Geometry al 80 

McElroy's English Etymology pj 60 

Structureof English Prose, rev. ed..AR 1 20 1 20 

Macfarlane's (A. ) Elem. Math. Tables. . . . oi *8S 75 

Macginley's Elementary Biology pu 76 

McGranahan & LafTerty's Juvenile Class 

and Concert cr 80 26 

MoGuffey's Revised Eclectic Primer, pap. 

dos.AM n 00 

bds •» AM *1 60 

(Smaller) Eclectic Primer prow. am *4 60 

(Thin) Eclectic Primer doc.AM *76 

(Thick) ♦' " »*AM*100 

New •• " ♦' AM ♦! 44 

Phonetic Primer (Leigh; am ♦IS 

Primary Reader (Leigh) am *28 

Eclectic Spelling Book, old am *18 

Revised Eclectic Spelling Book am *17 

1st Eclectic Reader, old. am ^18 

9d ** *» " JIM ♦26 

8d " " *• AM ♦SO 

4th " " *• AM ^46 

6th " *• *' AM ^70 

eth *♦ " " AM ♦SO 

Revised Ist Eclectic Reader am ^17 

♦* 2d ** '* AM ♦ao 

" 8d *» " AM ^42 

" 4th •» " AM ♦SO 

'♦ 5th *♦ '• AM *72 

" 6th '* " AM ^85 

Word List AM ♦lO 

New Juvenile Speaker am ^40 

** Eclectic ** JIM ♦SO 

Alternate let Reader am ♦IS 

2d '* AM ^20 

♦♦ 8d *» AM <«) 

»• 4th " AM ^40 

•* 5th •• AM ♦SO 

»» 6th " AM ♦OO 

Spelllng-Book am ♦Ig 

Natural History Readers : 

Familiar Animals am ♦SO 

Living Creatures am ♦f 

MoUvaine's Elocution so 1 75 

Molntyre's Astronomy ba^140 120 

McKay's lOO Experiments In Natural 

Science bi 15 

Mackenzie's America kb 1 00 

Nineteenth Century nb 1 <X> 

History of Scotland me 1 50 

Maolaren's Phvsical Education mc ♦I 93 

McLaurin's Ladies' Angular Penmanship, 

6no8 dos. AM *\ 20 

♦McLellan's Applied Psychology bd 1 85 

Macleane. a&t Chase ; Hart. 

MacLeod's Conomon Minerals ma 25 

Composition Outlines ma 30 

Talks About Common Things ma 75 

Paper Folding and Cutting ma 50 

Practical Drill Problems, 4 sets. 

pertiet.UA 25 

Macloskie's Elementary Botany ho ♦! 43 

MoMahan's Hints on Letter- Writing. . . .bb 60 
Macmillan's Classical Series, about & v., 

from 00 c. to $1.60 mo 

Macmillan's Elem. Classics, about 63 v., 

ea., 40c. MO 
Macmillan's Foreign School Classics, 
French and German (Fasuacht), 

25 v., from 80 c. to $1.10 mo 

Macmillan's Globe Readers: 

Primer 1 mo *9 

*• 2 MC ♦« 

Book 1 MO ^17 

" 2 Mc •28 

'* 8 MO ^44 

•* 4 MO ««1 

" 6 MO •«« 

*• 6 MO ♦SS 

Macmillan's Progressive French Copipo- 
sitlon : 

First Year mc •Oe 

♦Second Year mc ♦I 21 

Macmillan's Progressive French Course 

1st Year mo ♦SS 

2d " MO •61 

Teacher's Companion to mo ♦I 21 

8d Year mo *72 

Teacher's (Companion to mo ♦! 21 

Macmillan's Progressive French Reader 

1st Year mo K2 

2d ** MO ♦ra 

Macmillan's Progressive German Course 

1st Year mo •89 

Teacher's Companion to mo ♦I 21 

2d Year mo ♦9© 

Teacher's Companion to mo ♦! 21 

8d Year mo ♦• 

Macmillan's Progressive German Reader 

Ist Year mo •?$ 

Macmillan's Latin Course, 1st *Yearj 

(Cook) MO ♦» 

2d Year mo •W 

McMillan & Smith's Topographical Draw . wi 2 50 
McWllllams. See Longmans. 

MoNab's Botany bo ♦SS 

McNally's Geographies. See Montelth. 

McNally's System of (Geography am ♦I 00 

new ed am *1 00 

Macnie's Equations ba 2 30 

MacTurk's Physical (3eograpby pu 75 

Mac vane's Political Economy my ♦I 65 

MacVlcar's Elementary Arithmetic sh ♦80 

Teacher's Manual sh ♦OO 

Practical Arithmetic sh ♦W 

Key to SH ♦«) 

Complete Arithmetic sh ♦90 

Key to SH ♦» 

pt. 1 SH •SO 

pt. 2 SH ♦SO 

Handbook of Drill Exercises sh ♦SO 

Test Examples, Cards In box sh ♦I 60 

Arith. Cards, Elementary sh ♦I 80 

McVlcar's Am. Spelling Blanics doM.AU *42 

New Spelling Blanks, 1,2 ** am ♦96 

Noe. 8-6 »* AM ♦42 

Natioiuil Spelling Blanks, 8 noe.. '* am ^64 

Macy^s Our Government, rev. ed oi ♦SS 

♦First Lessons in Civil Government, .oi 70 

Maertz's Study of Eng. Literature si ♦sa 

Key to 81 ♦SO 

Maetzner's E^llsh Grammar, 8 v ro 15 00 

Maglll's (E. H.) Reading French Gram- 
mar 80 60 

Irregular French Verbs so SO 

Modem French Series 60 

MagUl's (M. T.) History of Virginia. bs 1 25 

Maglll's (W.) InducUve Lessons In 

Science nb 1 80 

Magnus' Elementary Mechanics ln 190 

Mahan's (A.) Mental Philosophy ai ♦! IS 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

1 71 






1 10 

1 10 


1 10 



1 10 

1 10 




1 00 

Jufyi^, '94 LA^^. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Kahan^B (D. H. ) Industrial Drawing wi 8 SO 

Maierstein^s First Less, in Qermaa dh 30 

Maine's Scholars' Manual mm 25 

Manatt*s Xenophon*s Hellenica, Bks. 1-4. 01 NO 

with notes 01 ♦! 75 1 66 

Manesca's French Grammar db 1 25 1 00 

French Reader db 1 25 1 00 

Manheimer's Hebrew Grammar bm 75 

Hebrew Reader bm 25 

** ** andGrammar bm 100 

Manning's (E. W.) Spanish Grammar ho *1 06 1 00 

ManninK^s (R. H.) Book-Keeping am *48 

Mansfleld*s Political Manual ba *1 05 80 

Manson's Elem. Writing Speller. .dot.AM «42 

Writing Speller. Noe. l-« » am *r5 

ModelSpelling Blanks '* am *42 

Economic SpHling Blanks '* am *42 

Mantilla's Spanish Ckmversation lo 65 53 

Spanish Reader, No. 1 am *15 

No.« am ^54 

No.S AM "W 

HistoriaUnirersal am «00 

Manton*s Handbook of ZoClogy lb 40 

Manual of Orthography os 40 94 

March's (F. A.) Reformed Spelling Hand- 
book HO ♦• 

March's Anglo-Saxon Grammar ha 180 

Anglo-Saxon Reader ha 110 

Marchand's French Conversation. or I 26 

Maris' Normal Grammar bl 50 

Markham's History of England am *1 05 

History of France ha 125 

French Exercises oa 50 

Marlborough French Grammar oa 1 85 

German Grammar ca 160 

Marsh's (A. J.) New Phonetic Short- 
Hand bh 200 160 

Marsh's (C. C.) Single Entry Book-Keep- 

Ing. 7. : AM ♦I 40 

^Blanks to, 7 noe mi.hM. *1 05 

Double Entry Book-Keeping am *1 75 

Blanks to, 6 nos Bti.xM. *1 05 

Marsh's (G. P.) Earth as Modified by Hu- 

man Action so 8 50 

Lectures on EIng. Language so 8 50 

Origin and Hist, of Eng. I^uig so 8 50 

Marshall & Hurst's Junior Course in Zool- 
ogy pu 8 60 

Martin's (O. H.) Civil Government am ♦W 

Martin's (H.N.) Human Body. Special ed.Hon 33 190 
5as American Sci. Ser.: Dulauy. 

Martindale's Prlmarv Speller *1 80 

Common School Speller '* bu *9 25 

Complete Speller *• bu ♦9 75 

Anatomy, Physiol., and Hygiene xl 1 00 

First Lessons in Nat. Philoi* bl 40 

Martyn's (L. S.) Arithmetical Rules in 

Rhyme * pd 26 

Multiplication Chart and Gesture 

Drill UL 86 25 

Masoo's (E. C.) Hist, of the Veto Power 

inU.S 01*1 00 

Mason's (L.) Song Garden, Bk. 1 ds SO 

Bk.2 D8 80 

Bk.3 D8 1 00 

MaMin's(L.W.) Music. ^eeNaUonal. 
Mason's (L. W.) New High School Music 

Reader (Graduate Course) ai ** 

Mason's (L. W.) and Veazie's(G. A.) New 

Fourth Music Reader 01 *1 05 00 

Mason's (S.W.) (Synmastio Exercises — dw 40 

Mason ft Lalor's Poll t. Econ. Primer mo 60 

Masscn's French Dictionary mc *1 10 1 00 

Masterpieces of American Literature hm 1 00 

Mather's .fischylus' Prometneus al 1 00 

Herodotus and Thucydides al 90 

Electra of Sophocles al 110 

Mathews' (H.) Grammar hb *fO 70 

Mattison's Hu^h School Astronomy sb *1 11 09 

Primary Astronomy sh ♦T? 64 

Maunoury's Anthology of Greek Roots. . hr 75 46 
Maurice-Poitevin*s Irench Grammar . . . . ba 470 
Maury *s (Seographies: 

(l«ew Series) Elementary un *64 56 

»♦ *• Revised Manual uw M 45 195 

** " Rev.Physlcal, abr uw ♦I 88 190 

•• *• Map Drawing UN ♦IS 15 

(Old Series) First Lessons ctn *46 40 

" •* World We Uvein un •99 80 

•• •• Manual un ♦I 48 198 

•' •• Physical uw ♦I 84 160 

Navigation fo 4 00 8 90 

MaxweU^s (W. M. H.) First Lessons in 

English AM ^40 

Primary Lessons in Language and 

Composition am *ao 

Introductory Lessons in English 

Grammar am *40 

Maxwell's (W. M. H.) Advanced Lessons 

in English Grammar am ♦OO 

Maxweirs Staff Ruled Writing Speller. . .fl 6 4 

May's Manual of Elocution hj 20 12 

May's (C. H.) Anatomy, Physiology and 

Hy^ene wo 75 

May's (T. E.) Constitutional History of 

England, 9 V ar 9 50 1 6d 

Democracy in Europe ar 9 50 1 6^ 

Maycock's Industrial Drawing-Books, 11 

nos «a.uL SS 90 

Mayer's (I.) Hebrew Grammar bm 50 

ST 50 

Mayer's (J.) German for Americans xo 1 00 

pap xo 60 

ST 1 00 

pap ST 60 

Mayhew's Practical Book-Keeping... ) bu 470 60 

Blanks for V or ♦70 60 

Keyto ) WH «70 60 

StandardBook-Keeping si ^2 00 1 80 

Blanks for si ♦2 00 1 80 

Keyto 81 ^2 00 1 80 

University Book-Keeping si 49 00 1 80 

Keyto SI ^9 00 1 80 

Maynard's English Classics, 1 12 nos . . . «a . my ^19 


[82 addl. v., var. prices, •S4c.-^80c., 
35c.-40c. eo.] 

Maynard's French Readings, 7 nos... ea.MT 90 
Maynard's German Readings [15 nos., var. 

prices, •95c.-^50c. ea.] my 

Mayor's (J. B.) Ancient Philosophy mo ^99 90 

jSmoIso Coy. 
♦Mead's (W. E.) Composition and Rhet- 
oric LH 90 

Meads* Elements of Chemistry si ♦OO 80 

Elements of Physics si ♦♦ 

Meaker's (A. E.) Elements of Algebra. . . . . kd 1 96 

Meadows* French Pronouncing Diet lo 1 95 1 00 

Italian Dictionary ap ^9 00 

Spanish " lo 9 96 1 fO 

Meiklejohn's English Grammar hb ^90 8U 

English Language hb ♦! 80 190 

'' Literature hb ♦OO 80 

Meissner's <3erman Conversation h b ♦SO 75 

Meisterschaf t System :~FrenGh mi 5 00 

(3erman mi 6 00 

Italian mi 5 00 

Spanish mi 5 00 MI 60 

Meleney Si Giffln's Selected Words lv ^90 

Menard's Songs for Kindergarten and 

Primary Schools os 30 

Menzies. 8bt Putnam's Manuals. 

Meras* Sel. French Comedies, 9 v ea.HO ♦SS 8(^ 

Syntaxe Pratique de la Langue Fran- 

gaise oh 1 96 

JB 195 

— HO ♦I 08 1 oa 

Merivale's Rome ln 9 00 

Ste alto Student's Series. 

Merriam's Herodotus, Bks. VI., VH ha 1 50 

Phaeacians of Homer ha 150 

Merrill's New Copy-Books, Intermediate 

Ser., 7 noe dot. my ♦72 

with blotters '* my ♦SS 

Standard Ser., 6 nos "my 96 

Tracing Ser., 2 nos " my ^72 

withblotters •* my ♦SS 

Word and Sentence Book (Wilson) ... my 25 

English History (Curry and Rolfe).. .my ♦SO 

♦Merrill's (E. T.) Catullus 01 1 50 1 40- 

Merrill's Advanced Ist Reader am ♦lO 

9d " AM ^95 

8d " AM ♦SS 

** 4th »* AM ♦SO 

Merriman's Figure of the Earth wi 1 60 

Least Squares wi 900 

Meservey's Single and Double Entry 

Book-Keeping th 80 

Blanks for th 80 

Keyto TH 80 

Single Entry Book-Keeping th 60 

Blanks for th 50- 

Key to TH 60 

Double E^ try Book-Keeping th 70 

Blanks to th 60 

Political Economy th 60 

Metcalf *s Spelling and Language Bk am ^20 

ft Bright's Language Lessons, 

pt.l AM ^42 

Metcalf's (R. C. and T.) English GrammarAM ♦♦ 

MetcalTs & De Garmo's Diet. Work mo 86 

Methfessel's Arithmetical Primer lb 19^ 

Metric Primer mb 40 

Metropolitan 1st Reader sa 20 16 

9dReader v-^-ba 40^ 90- 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


The Publishers' Weekly, 

\No, 1 1 72] July 14, '94 

Metropolitan 8d Reader .&▲ 60 26 

4th " 8A eo 80 

6th *• aA 90 46 

SA 1 25 

8A 26 

for Befirmners . . .bi 76 

esVerbes js 26 

DH 26 

lanlcs wi 4 00 

WI *♦ 

MC 1 25 

and Answers in 

NO 20 16 

Latin Syntax... MO *1 76 1 60 

MC "W 90 

8C*1 60 180 

LK 1 26 

LN 1 25 

AP 360 280 

Spherical Trig- 

onometery lh 1 16 

Miller's (M. M.) and Reynold's (G. L.) 

Sroaker ♦! 12 100 

Miller's (W.) Latin Composition lh ♦• 

Miller's (W. A.) Chemical Physics wi 8 00 

Inorganic Chemistry wi 460 

In trod, to Inorganic Chemistry uf 1 25 

Magnetism ana Electricity 'wi 260 

Milley^ (L. W.) Essentials of Perspec- 
tive 80 150 

Millhouse's Italian Dictionary, 2 v ap *4 20 

Mills* First Lessons in Physiology ml 60 

MUls' Rhetoric. -8fe« Blair. 

Mihie's First Lessons in Arithmetic ... .am *28 

Elementary Arithmetic am *85 

Elements of " am *80 

Practical " am •SO 

Key to AM •SO 

Inductive Algebra am ♦80 

Key to AM *80 

High School Algebra am *1 00 

•Key to AM ♦I 00 

Standard Arithmetic am *66 

•Key to AM •Ce 

Elements of Algebra am ♦• 

Milwaukee 1st German Reader bp 25 90 

2d German Reader bp 40 82 

8d *' ** bp 80 48 

Minifie's Geometrical Drawing vn 2 00 

Mechanical Drawing vn 4 00 

Minto's Characteristics of English •! 65 1 50 

English Prose Literature ai •I 65 150 

Miscellaneous Words, etc bb SO 24 

Mitchell's (H. G.) Hebrew Lessons he •! 96 1 80 

Mitchell's (J.) Practical Assaying wi 10 00 

Mitchell's (S. A.) First Lessons in Geog..Bn •SO 

New Primary Geography bd ^54 

** Intermediate Geography wa •! 20 

" School Geography and Atlas . . . bu •I 80 

" " " sep bu •72 

»• •• Atlas, sep BU •! 08 

Physical Geography bu •I 80 

New Ancient Geography bu •! 25 

Ancient Geography and Atlas bu •! 60 

" ** sep BU •ea 

*' Atlas, sep bu ^98 

Mlvart's Elementary Anatomy mo •! 98 1 75 

Philosophical Catechism ex; 25 

•Mixer's (A. H.) French Pronunciation.. sn 85 

Manual of French Poetry am •I 44 

Mlxter's Chemistry wi 1 60 

Model Copy-Books, 6 nos dos.AM *96 

Primary Series, 8 nos " am ^72 

Modern Classics, 84 v ea.HM 40 

Modern French Comedies, 9 v " uo •sa 20 

Modern Philosophers Series, v. l-«7, *1.10 

to 1.87 HO 

Modern Readers. See Gourley. 

MoUett's Diet, of Art and Archaeology. . hm 6 00 

Monroe's (L. B.) 1st Reader bu ^20 

Ist Reader (Leigh) bu •82 

German-Englished bu ♦88 

Spanlsh-English ed bu •SO 

2d Reader bu •Se 

sd " BU •eo 

4th •♦ BU ■H» 

6th " BU *90 

6th •* BU «1 00 

Chart Primer bu •W 

Physical and Vocal Training bu ^72 

New Primer bu •IS 

" Ist Reader bu ^20 

" 2d '» BU •SO 

*• Sd " BU «42 

** 4th •* BU •eo 

" 6th " BU ^84 

First Steps in Spelling bu •IS 

Practical Speller bu •ae 

Monroe's (L. B.) Complete Writing Speller, 

dos.Bu ^42 

Word List andSpeller bu •IS 

Monroe's (Mrs. L. B.) Story of Our Coun- 
try. LK 

Monsanto&Languellier'sSpanish Course AM 1 25 

Montague's (A. P.) Letters of Cicero bl 1 00 

Letters of Plimr «l 1 00 

Montague's (W. L.) Manual of Italian Lit.8P 1 25 

Italian Grammar ho •I 07 

Monteith's Comprehensive Geography, .am •I 10 

Boys and Girls' Atlas am ^40 

New Physical Geography am ♦I 00 

Map Drawing and Object Lessons. . . .am ♦SO 

Youth's U.S. History am •SO 

Easy Less, in Pop. Science am ♦TS 

Popular Science Reader am ♦75 

School and Family Atlas ba ^8 60 

See aiso Barnes' Geographies. 
Monteith & McNaUy's First Geog.AM ♦25 

Introduction to Geography am ^40 

Manual of Geography am *75 

Physical ^* am ^70 

** and Intermed. Geography. .AM ♦I 20 

- " PoUtical *♦ AM •I 16 

Montgomery's (D. H. ) Eng. Hist. Reader . 01 •86 

Leading Facts in English History ai •! 25 

** •* of American History ..01 •I 10 

** *• French History 01 •I 26 

Beginner's American History. 01 ^70 

Montgomery's (J. V.) Primary Drawing 

Ser., Nos. 1-8 10 

Teachers' Manual so ISO 

Intermediate Ser., Nos. ^12 25 

— - Teachers' Manual so 2 20 

Grammar Ser., Nos. 18-18 26 

Moore's (C. H.) Examples In Dellneatlon.nM 1 00 

Moore's (G.) Elements of Science .sx •OS 

Moore's (J. WO School History of N. C. . . ws 85 
Moore's (N.) Klndergartner's Manual of 

Drawing bo 50 

Pilgrims and Puritans oi ♦TO 

Moranv Reporting Style of Shorthand, 

rev CI 1 60 

Key to ci ♦» 00 

Sign Book CI 25 

Postal Manual ci 25 

Shorthand Primer ci 10 

Morey's Practical Arithmetic da 60 

Morgan's (A. P.) Plant Record am ♦iO 

Morgan's (H. H. ) Literary Studies as 1 60 

Representative Names in English Lit . as 75 
English and American Literature. . .lb 
Moriniere's Fr. Prepositions and Idioms, .sf 

Morley's English Literature ca 2 00 

English writers, v. I-^IO ea. ca 1 60 

Morris^ (C.) Manual of Classical Lit or ♦I 50 

ElementaryHlstory of U. S u ♦OO 

Morris* (CD.) Thucydides, Boole f. 01 •40 

with notes gi ♦I 76 

Morrib* (D.) History of England am •! 00 

Morris' (E. P.) Pseudolus of Plautus al 

Morris' (I. J.) English Grammar bx 100 

Morris' (R. ) Chaucer, Selections mc *W 

English Accidence mo ♦I 54 

Historical English Grammar mo *77 

English Grammar am *d5 

Morris^ ( W. H.) Elementa Latina ln 50 

Greek Lessons ln 90 

Morris & Skeat's Specimens of Early Eug- 

U8h,pt. 1 M0^2 48 

pt.2 MC ^2 09 

Morrison's (J.) Recitations, 2 nos ea.FL 20 

Morrison's (T.) English Gram., Junior nv SO 

English Grammar, Senior kb 75 

Morse's (C. H.) Wellesley College Part 

Songs D8 1 25 

bds Ds 1 00 

Morse's (E. S.) First Book of Zoology .... .am •87 
Morse's (F. A.) Gymnastic Cards Song 

System set.HW ♦IS 

Morton's Civil Government, rev. ed mo 75 

Morwitz's New Amer. Eng. and (3er. Dlct.cN 1 60 

ST 1 SO 

New Amer. Pocket Eng. and Ger.Dlct.aT 1 00 

Mobs' (C. R.) 1st Greek Reader al 

Motley's Leaflets ha SO 

MoutcHmier's L'Etude du Frangais bo ^82 

Pour Apprendre & Parler Franyais. . . ho ♦SI 

Mowry's Studies in Civil Govt. ai ♦! 05 

Elementsof Civil Govt. si •SO 

Outline Map of U. S hk 86 

Mueller & Blackman's School Songs: 

Book 1 (A) Primary mi *28 

'' 2(A)Granamar sr ^29 

" 8(A) ** and High sa •W 

•• 4(A)High 8R *«9 

PopuUur Songs be ' •se 

Mugan's Advanced Graded Grammar la t 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


1 00 

1 12 
1 00 
1 IS 





1 20 


1 00 

8 10 


1 20 


1 40 


2 25 
1 90 






July 14, '94 \No, 1172J 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Mugan's Advanced Graded Grammar, 

Rev. Teacher's ed 10 80 

Rev. Teacher's ed., bds 10 89 

*• PuplPs ed 10 16 

Huirhead*8 Elem. of Ethics so 1 00 

Muller's (F. M.)Ger. Classics, 8 v sc 6 00 

Science of Language, 2 v., old ed so 3 00 

•• •» Thought,2v so 4 00 

Muller's (P. J.) Exercises for Translation 

into Latin pt 1 26 

Hulley's Songs and Games for Our Lit- 
tle Ones MA 36 

M unson's Complete Phonographer ha 1 60 

Diotionarv of Phonography bm 800 

Murch*s Child's Grammar, mo 60 40 

Murdoch's Analvtic Elocution am *1 00 

Plea for Spoken Language am *1 00 

Murfee's (J. T.) Written and Intellectual 

Book-Keeping BX ♦• 

Murphy's Illustrated Catholic Readers: 

Primer mu 12 7 

Infant Reader mu 16 10 

1st " MU 26 16 

2d ♦» MU 40 M 

8d »* MU 60 86 

4th " MU 70 40 

6th " MU 86 60 

6th " MU 100 00 

Graded Soeller mu ♦• 

Murray's (A. S.) Mythology, new ed so 1 76 

Murray's (D.) Surveying sh *1 44 

Murray's (Johi)) Elocution for Advanced 

Pu^ls pu 76 

Murray's (J. A. H.) Eng. Diet. pU. l-3.ea.Mo *8 68 8 26 

Murray (J. C). Sbs Hamilton (W.). 

Murray's rj. C.) Introd. to Ethics dw 1 50 1 86 

Murray's (J. E.) Essential Less, in Eng. . . pj 60 

Advanced Lepsons in English pj 00 

Murray's (J. O'SL) Lessons in Eng. Lit. .mu 75 

Murray's (L.) English Grammar u *48 

Ezercisee u *48 

Key to u •W 

Reader u •82 

English Grammar mu 40 

— abridged by Kerney Mu 26 

English Reader mu 86 

Grammar (Putnam) sa 20 

Introduction to English Reader sa 80 

English Grammar, Abridged zc 15 

Murray ft Pontius* International Day 

School Singer or 60 42 

MUters*8 Practical Chemistry bl 2 00 

Muzzarelli's Antonymes de la Langue 

Francaise jk 1 00 

Key to JB 1 60 

Academic French Course, First Year am •• 
Myers' (P. V. N.) Mediaeval and Modern 

History 01 *1 66 1 60 

General History 01 ♦I 65 160 

Eastern Nations and Greece ox *1 10 1 00 

History of Greece 01 ♦• 

»*^ Rome 01*110 100 

Myers' (P. V. N.) and Allen's (W. F.) An- 

dent History 01 *1 66 1 6Q 

Nash's (L.) Table-Book bb 20 12 

National Composition-Books, pap. . . do*, am '>72 

bds , rr.. AM ♦84 

National Music Course: 

New 1st Music Reader 01 •SO 26 

"2d " •" 01 «46 40 

" 8d " •* 01 ♦45 40 

•• 4th ** ♦• 01 ♦go 

" High School Music Reader 01 ♦I 06 04 

Girls'*^ I. »» »» 01 ♦I 40 126 

4th Music Reader 01 ♦! 06 94 

AbHdged 4th Music Reader 01 ♦86 75 

Independent ** '* 01 ♦SO 70 

Abr. Independent Music Reader ai ^70 60 

Independent Music Reader and Hymn 

and Tune Book 01 ♦I 05 90 

Hymn and Tune Book, Female 01 ^70 60 

Mixed Voices 01 ^70 60 

Teachers' Manual ai ^40 

Handbook (Tilden's) of Lessons for 

First Tear Grade 01 ♦lO 

Neely's Speller u ♦16 

Nelson's Book-Keeping mo 1 26 1 00 

Nelson's (E. T.)Herbarlum al 76 

♦Nelson's (M.) First Reader, bds fl 20 

• *• " cl FL 26 

Nelson's (T.) Higher Grade English nb 60 

Lower Grade English kb 40 

Neabitt's Grammarland ho ♦86 80 

Neuman ft Barettl's Spanish Diet u ♦I 08 

Neurille's French Plays for Girls ho ♦SS 86 

New American Primary Speller bu ♦16 

Pronouncing Speller bu ^20 

Advanced Speller bu ♦25 

1st Reader bu ♦IS 

New American 2d Reader bu ♦CS 

8d Reader bu •88 

4th »* BU ^46 

6th •* BU ♦es 

Etymological Reader bu ♦I OO 

Sue al$o Butler. 

New American Music Reader, no. 1 dt *SS 

** " '» '• no. 2 .... DY ^43 

New Arithmetic hb ♦Sa 

New Elementary History of U. S ba 88 

New Franklin Ari thmet ics, 2 books sh ♦♦ 

New Graded Readers, No. 1 am ♦IS 

No. 2 AM *«9 

No. 8 .AM ^40 

No. 4 AM no 

No.4,cl AM *X 

— No. 6 AM ♦as 

New Inductive Arithmetics : 

First Lessons in Numbers lh 

Brief Course in Arithmetic lh 

Complete Arithmetic lh 

Newcomo's College Algebra ho ♦I 40 

Key to HO ♦! 40 

School Algebra ho ♦I 02 

Key to ho ♦I 08 

Calculus HO ♦I 60 

Analytic Geometry ho ♦I 80 

Elements of " ho ♦! 80 

Plane Geometry and Trigonometry, 

with Tables ho *\ 19 

Logarithmic, etc.. Tables ho ♦I 20 

Essentials of Trigonometry ho ♦I 00 

Plane and Spher. Trig, complete ho ♦! 82 

with 6 Place Tables ho ♦I 76 

Popular Astronomy ha 1 80 

Newcomb ft Holden. See Amer. Sci. Ser. 
♦Newcomer's (A. G.) Practical Course in 

English Composition 01 90 

Newell's 7j. H.) Lessons in Botany, pt. 

1, From Seed to Leaf oi ♦SS 

pt. 2. Flower and Fruit 01 ♦OO 

Reader in Botany, pt. 1 01 ^70 

— *- pt.2 01 70 

Newell ft Creary 's Revised 1st Readers . . dt ♦IS 

•• ** " .2d •• ..DY *80 

"3d »♦ . DT ^42 

" 4th " ..DT ^61 

♦• ** •' 6th *' ..DT ♦Sl 

" " " 6th »* ..DT ♦I 00 

Nichols' (B. E.) Pract. Book-Keeping bi 75 

with Commercial Law bi 1 20 

Blanks, 8 mos. Course, 6 bks bi 80 

6mos. ** 6 ** BI 1 » 

lyr. " 8 ♦* Ri 1 75 

Teachers' Tablet ri 15 

Nichols' (E. W.) Analytic Geometry lh 

Nichols' ( W . F.) Topics in Geography . . . . h r 65 

Nicholson's Primary Arithmetic un *Z1 

Intermediate Arithmetic uk ^40 

Complete Arithmetic uk ♦TS 

Key to i-N "^5 

Advanced Arithmetic un *1 06 

Key to UN 

Elementary Algebra us ♦I 16 

Nicholson's (H. A.) Geology am ♦I 05 

Zodlogy. new ed am ♦I 88 

Nioolson's Terence's Phormio gi *dO 

Nilee* Elementary Geography am ^44 

Advanced Geography am ♦! 00 

Nixon's (R. C. J.) Geometry in Space. . . .mc ♦OO 

Plane Trigonometry t mo ♦S 09 

Noa's Plays for the Kindergarten ar 

Noel ft Chapeal's French Granmoar lo 1 SO 

Key to lo 90 

Abridgment of French Grammar lo 1 26 

Utt^rature Francaise lo 150 

NordhofTs Politics for Young Americans.AM ♦TS 
Normal Course in English : 

Preparatory Lessons in Language . . . . si ♦♦ 

Elements of Lansruage and Gram si ♦dO 

Studies in English Granmmr si ^74 

Normal Music Course: 

1st Reader si •SS 

9d *' 81 ♦OS 

pts. Iand2 ^40 

8d Reader si ♦OS 

for Female Voices si ♦CS 

Introductory 8d Reader , si ^46 

High School Collection si ♦! 00 

Aoedean Collection si ♦I 12 

Outline Study for si ♦IS 

Euterpean, by J. W. Tufts si ♦I 40 

Quincy Course of Study, by Wade... si ^45 
Normal Course in Number (Cook, J. W., 
Cropsey, N.): 

Elementary Arithmetic si ♦SO 

Advanced Arithmetic si ♦SO 

Normal Course in Reading : 

Primer .^, . . .si ♦iO 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 




1 80 

1 80 



1 60 

1 20 

1 20 

1 10 
1 10 
1 00 
1 20 
1 60 




1 00 

1 90 

1 20 

1 00 
1 20 





1 00 

1 25 





The Publisher^ Weekly. 

[No. 1172I July 14, '94 

Normal iBt Reader si *28 24 

2d " 81 •40 86 

.8d " 81 •64 46 

4th " 81 *fl8 60 

6th " 81*100 84 

Alternate 2d Reader si ^40 86 

8d »* 81 «64 48 

Normal Course in Spelling si •27 24 

Primary Book si •• 

Normal Spellinsr Blank «47 42 

Normal Review Ssrstem of Writing : 

Regular Course, Noe. 1-6 dot;, si •I 06 96 

Shorter " Nos. 1,4 " si •80 72 

Business Forms ** si •I 84 1 80 

Tnacing Course, nos. 1-2 •* si ♦SO 78 

Movement Course si •I 34 1 tO 

Northam*s Civil Government bi 76 

Fixing Facts of American History. . . . ni 76 
Geography Con versatlonal Lmsous . . . bi 25 

North American Spelling-Book mu 20 

North Carolina Primer dor. ws 60 

North Carolina Practical Spelling-Book. .W8 20' 
North Carolina Writing-Books, 9 nos., 

do«.W8 1 00 

North Carolina Reader, No. 1 ba •SO 25 

Reader,No.2 b1 •68 46 

- " 8 BA •82 TO 

Northend*s Gems of Thought am •60 

Child's Speaker am *40 

Dictation Exercises am ^40 

Uttle Orator am *40 

National Orator am «70 

Young Declaimer am •eo 

Memory Selections, 8 series ea . bi 25 

School Dialogues co ^76 68 

•Norton's (C. E.) Heart of Oak Books, 

•No.l HK •SO 25 

•**2 HI ♦eo 46 

•"3 HI •60 85 

♦"4 HI •TO 80 

•»» 5 HE ^75 66 

Norton's (8. A.) Elements of Physics am •SO 

Natural Philosophy jim •I 10 

Elements of ChemUtry am •I 10 

Grammar. ^SeaWeld. 
Norton ft Porter's First Bo6k of Science jlm •! 20 

Novelle Itallane, 6 v ea. jb 86 

Noyes' Pennmnship mt ^15 

Noyes' (W. A.) Qualitative Analysis ho •SS 80 

Nugenr s Fren<m Dictionary bd ^90 

Number Lessons after G rube Method bi 10 

Nuttall's Standard Dictionary wx 100 

Oehlschlsger's Eng.-Ger. and Ger.-Eng. 

Dictionary sk 160 

Eng.-Ger. and Ger.-Eng. School Dlct.sK 1 00 

Ger.-Eng. and Eng.-Ger. Diet sk 1 60 

CBrhie's Guide In Chem. Analysis, rev . . . wi 2 00 
Oel's (W.) Experimental Plant Physiol- 
ogy MW •I 10 

0'Grady*8 Select Recitations bb 1 00 60 

• OUphant's Old and Middle English mo *S SO 2 00 

Oliver, Wait & Jones' Trigonometry jn 60 50 

♦OUver's (F. E.) Script Primer lb •:« 25 

^OllendorlTs French Method am •S? 

GermanMethod am ^87 

Italian Method am *1 06 

.Spanish Grammar ap 1 00 80 

•* Teacher (Vlngut) lo 1 76 1 40 

Key to LO 76 60 

See aiao Kendrick ; Sanders (G. J. H.). 

Olmsted's (D. ) School Astron . (Snell) 00 90 80 

College Astronomy (Snell) 00 •I 75 1 60 

** Philosophy (Sheldon) ^2 75 2 60 

Olney's Prhnary Arithmetic sh *U 

cl SH •SO 

Elements of Arithmetic sh *64 

cl SH ^74 

Key to SH *75 

Teachers^ Handbook sh ^66 

First Lessons in Arithmetic sh ^24 

cl 8H •SO 

Practical Arithmetic sh •SS 

cl SH •68 

pts. Iand2 ^40 

key to SH ^75 

Science of Arithmetic sh •OO 

Key to SH •I 00 

First Principles of Algebra sh ^72 

Key to SH •I 00 

Complete Algebra sh •I 10 

—-Key to. SH •I 82 

University Algebra sh n 44 

Key to 8H *1 72 

Test Examples in Algebra sh •66 

Geometry, pts. 1 and 3 ea.SH •66 

New Elementary (Jeometry bh •I 26 

Key to SH ^76 

Elements of Geometry 8H •I 12 

University " sh •I 44 

Olney's Elements of Trigonometry sh •I 12 

Geom. and Trig., School ed sh •I 80 

Univ.ed: sh •I 90 

»* "with Tables sh ^2 10 

Teacher's Man. and Key bh •I 12 

Tables of Logarithms sh •SO 

General Geometry and Calculus sh *i 80 

Oman's History of Greece Lif 160 

Onderdonk's History of Maryland mu 76 

O'Neill's (K.), Graphic Dictation Blanks, 

Nos. 1-8 do«r.LV ♦OO 

One Hundred Choice Selections, Nos. 1-*QS 

ea.oA 60 

pap '*OA SO 

One Thousand Words Writing Speller. . . .bn 6 
Omdorff. See Remsen. 

Orton's Comparative Zo^ogy ha 180 

Osborne's Examples of Differential Equa- 
tions 01 •W 

Osborne's (G. A.) Calculus lh 

Osgood's American Primer sh •16 

American Primary Speller sh •IS 

** Advanced Speller sh ^25 

*• IstReader bh •20 

2d " SH -85 

»• 8d " SH •45 

4th " SH •66 

♦• 6th fc** SH •SO 

♦♦ 6th ♦» SH *W 

Progressive Primer sh •O 

•• IstReader sh •H 

" 2d '* Hs ^84 

" 8d ** A.SH •68 

•• 4th *• SH •80 

•• 6th ♦* SH *W 

•' SpeUer sh •17 

Oswald's Etymological Dictionary po 1 60 

Otis' (0. P.) Elementary Gterman ho •ST 

(Srimm's M&rohen ho •I 08 

Introd. to Middle High (3erman. . . .ho •! 07 
Otto's French Conversation Grammar . .ho •I 48 

Keyto HO •OS 

B6cher*s French Reader to ho •I 18 

German Conversation Grammar ho •I 42 

Key to HO •es 

Evans' Gierman Reader to ho •I 17 

Easy German Course dh 60 

Elementarv German Grammar ho •89 

See aiso Joynes-Otto. 

Our Song-Blrds, 6 nos% ea.CR 18 

Ovid's Sel.Fabul8B, pts. 1.2 ♦*.bo •84 

Owen's Acts of the Apostles am •I 22 

Homer's niad am •! 40 

" Odyssey am •! 40 

Xenophon's Cyropeedia am *l T5 

Oxford Junior Speaker bu •SO 

Senior Speaker bd •I 12 

Packard's (A. S.) Comparative Embryol- 
ogy HO •8 12 

Entomology ho 163 

Guide to Study of Insects ho ^4 84 

See aho American Science Ser. 

Page's Flower Object Lessons wd T5 

PafeT»v«'« GoWen Treasury mo •SS 

Palmer's (G. H.) Translation of the Odys- 
sey HM 1 00 

Palmer's (H. R.)°Theory of Music cr 1 00 

Music Class Teaching or 50 

Palmer's (J. H.) Elements of Book-Keep- 

Ing SH •ST 

— -Key to SH ^12 

Blanks for, 6 nos ea.sH ^12 

Practical Book-Keeping sh •ST 

Key to SH ^12 

Palmer & Schauffler's Common-Sense 

Music Reader bk 60 

Pancoast's Introd. to English Literature . ho •• 

•RepresentatlveEngfish Literature.. HO •! 75 

Panseron's A B C of Music, abridged. . . . DS 1 00 

Pan tin's First Latin Verse Book mc ^44 

Parker's (F. W.) Qulncy Course in Arith..rL 15 

Language Lessons fl IS 

Parker's (J. H.) Gothic Architecture: 

ABC of 80 1 26 

Glossary of Terms so 300 

Introduction to Study of so 2 00 

Parker's (R. G.) Exerc. in Composition. lh 

Natural Philosophy, First Lessons. . .00 45 
Parker's rW. H.) Familiar Talks on As- 
tronomy MO 1 00 

Parker & Marvel's SuppL Readers: 

1st Book lh 

pts. land 2 ea.LH 

2d Book LH 

pts. 1 and 2 ea.LH 

Parker A Watson's National Primer.... am •IS 

National 1st Reader am ^15 

♦» 2d '* AM ^25 

" 8d " .^^...AM •«) 

Digitized by V:iOOQIC 

2 00 




1 00 



1 10 



1 10 



1 40 
4 50 





1 60 





July 14, '94 \,No, 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Parker & Watson^s 4th Reader am *60 

" SthReader am ns 

•* Elementary Speller am ♦IS 

*• PronouDcing ** am *2B 

Parkes* Practical Hy^ene, enl bl 4 60 

Parlateltalianot ho *48 

Parley's ^ Book of Hifitory wa ♦! 04 

XTniversal History am ♦! 12 

See aUo Qoodrloh (S. O.). 

Parlez-VousFrancais? ho *48 

^Parmele's (M.) History of Germany . . . . hw ns 

•History of France hw *75 

Parry^s (C. H.) French Passages for at 
Sight Translation, laementary 

Course ln 80 

Parshairs Graded Exer . in Grammar .... am *86 

Parsons* (F. T.) Calisthenic Songs ajc •SS 

Parsons* (R.) Cebes* Tablet 01 *86 

Pathflndtf Physiologies, No. 1, ChUd*s 

HealthPrimer am *80 

No. 2» Toung People's PhysioL.AM ♦SO 

No. 8, Hygienic Phymology 

(Steele) am ♦! 00 

Patricks (J. NO Essentials of English. . . .fl 50 

Lessons in English ..fl 86 

Patterson's Common School Speller sh *18 

Speller and Analyzer sh *32 

Centennial Spelling Blanks, 8 nos. .ea . sh *7 

Exercise-Book, large bb ^Q8 

** ** small SH ♦ao 

Elem. of Grammar and Composition . . sh *S0 

Advanced Grammar and Rhetoric. . . sh *9i 

Complete Compos. Book, No. 1. .doz.AM. *96 

N0.9 ** AM*180 

" 8 "AM ♦a 70 

" 4 " AM*860 

Geographical Drawing ** am *1 80 

Patton*s (J. H.) Political Economy lt *l 00 

Payson's (J. W.) Deutsches Schreibe Sys- 
tem, 8 nos dor. AM *84 

Deutsches System Tracing-Books. '* am *84 
PaysoD (J.W.), Dun ton ft Scribner*s Copy- 

Books,18nos doz.ku •OO 

Tracing-Books, S nos ** am *7S 

Short Course, 7 nos ** am *7« 

New Handbook of Penmanship am *26 

»* Manualof " am •OO 

Feabody Primer mu 1« 

Infant Reader mu 15 

1st *♦ MU 80 

2d " MU 80 

8d ♦• MU 40 

4th '* MU 60 

6th " MU 60 

«th " MU 70 

Peabody*B Moral Philosophy ah •OO 

Peabody^ft Mann*s After Kindergarten, 

What? ST 45 

Peale*8 Progressive Drawing Studies . . . .ro 80 

Teachers* Manual fo 80 

Pease*s Singing-Book 01 *80 

Peaslee*s Graded Selec. for Memorizing . . am *50 

Peavey*s Manual of Geography bi 76 

Peck*s (H. T.) Suetonius* Caesars ho *1 30 

Hist, of lAtin Language ho ** 

Latin Pronunciation .ho *48 

Classical Dictionary of Antiquities. . ha ** 

Peck's(W.) Constellations si ♦! 26 

Peek*s (W. G.) First Lessons in Numbers.AM *17 
Manual of Practical Arittimetic — jim *86 

Complete Arithmetic am *68 

Key to ~AM *68 

Manual or Algebra am *1 00 

Key to AM n 00 

Manual of Geometry am *1 10 

Practical Calculus am ^ 26 

Analytical Geometry am *1 86 

Elementary Mechanics am *1 40 

Mechanics, with Calculus am *1 60 

Astronomy and Optics am *1 20 

Analytical Mechanics am *1 40 

Conic Sections am *40 

Peck*s, Burbank*8 & Hanson*s Natural 

Philosophy (Ganot), new ed am *1 80 

Peek*s (W. M.) Graded Lessons in Num- 

Pt. 1., First Steps In Arithmetic lv *30 

Teachers* edition lv ♦IO 

Pt. 2.. Grammar School Arithmetic . . lv *76 

Peokham*s Elementary Chemistry mo 90 

Peddie*s (W.) Physics pu 2 50 

Peet*s Course of Instruotion, pt. 1 bf 00 

pt.8 BF 1 26 

Language Lessons bf 125 

U. 8. History bf 1 60 

Poiffer*s French Drill Book, A sf 75 

" •♦ »• B 8F 60 

" Pronunciation sf 60 

P6lrce*s (B.) Algebra si 1 00 


1 80 


1 00 
1 00 
1 50 

Peiroe*s (B. O.) Newtonian Potential 

Function 01 *1 60 1 60 

Table of Integrals, rev 01 ^15 

Peirce*s (J. M.) Elem. of Logarithms. . . .01 *55 60 

Mathematical Tables 01 «45 40 

Pei8Bner*8 German Grammar sh *1 88 

Pelham*s (H. F.) Outlines of Roman 

History pu 1 76 

Pellegrin*s Perspective pu 1 00 

PeiihaUow*s Vegetable Histology wd 1 00 

Pennell*s Ancient Greece al 60 

Ancient Rome al 60 

Latin Subjunctive al • 85 

Pennybacker*iB New History of Texas . . . PC 76 

Penney*8 Rallying Songs hj 16 12 

Peres* Arithmetical Example Book sr *10 8 

Perkins* (H. S.) Song Echo ds 76 

Perkins* (W. O.) Golden Robin ds 60 

Laurel Wreath ds 1 00 

Moclring-Blrd ds 60 

Vocal Echoes ds 100 

Whippoorwill ds 60 

Perkins^CW. O. ft H. S.) Nightingale ds 50 

Perkins & Main's Sterling Gems bk 50 88 

Perrin*8 (B.) Caesar's CivU War, with vo- 
cabulary tJK ♦I 15 1 00 

Homer*s Odyssey, Bks. 1-4, text, pap.oi «40 

text and notes, cl gi ♦I 50 140 

Perrin*8 (J. B.) French Fables sa 88 

Frencn Conversations sa 88 

8m alao Bolmar. 

PWTin*8 (M. L.) Algebra Problems lz «60 

with Answers li •TS 

Perry*s (A. L.) Introd. to Polit. Economy .so 1 50 

Principles of Political Economy so 2 00 

Political Economy so 8 60 

Perry*s (J.) Practical Mechanics ga 1 50 

Perry*s (T. SJ Greek Literature ho 7 50 

Peterman*s Civil Government am *60 

Petermann's Neues Erstes Lesebuch . . . . sr 26 

Zweites sr 60 

Drittes ST 70 

Peterson's Familiar Science, 18** so 1 85 

18» so 68 

Phsedri V^ulie bo •84 80 

Phelan*8 School Historv of Tennessee. . .bu *1 00 

Phelps* (E. C.) Crown of Song, No. 1 sr HO 

N0.8 SH *60 

Phelps* (Mrs. L.) Botany for Beginners ..lz «48 

Botany li*188 

Natural Philosophy for Begi nners . . . . lz *48 

Natural Philosophy lz -n 08 

Phelps ft Lewis* Song Sheaf sh *60 

Philbrick's American Union Speaker th 1 26 

Primary Union Speaker th 48 

♦Primary School Tablets ea. .th 60 

Philips* Imperial Atlas bn 87 OO 

General Atlas of the World bn 88 00 

Handy " *' *• bn 1100 

Historical Atlas bn 10 60 

Popular Atlas of the World bn 7 86 

Training College Atlasi bn 6 85 

Phillips* Drawing-Books, 7 nos doz.Bix 1 08 

Geographical Readers : 

First Steps, pt. 1 bn *88 87 

pt.8 BN "W 80 

England bn *43 86 

British Isles, etc bn •66 54 

Europe bn *75 68 

The World bn ♦86 78 

Historical Readers : 

Stories from English History bn ♦36 80 

Early England bn ^42 86 

Middle " BN «62 68 

Modem " bn ♦OS 58 

1st Poetical Reading-Book bn 86 

Poetical Reading-Book bn 90 

Phillips* (J. E.) Writing Speller, 8 nos. 

dot AM ♦! 00 

Phillips* (M. G.) EngUsh Literature, 8 v. .ha 4 00 

Phillips* (P.) Day School Singer am ^80 

Song Life bz 50 

Phillips^ (W. H. H.) Elements of Geom- 
etry SH ♦I 80 

PhiUips ft Beebe*s Graphic Algebra ho ♦I 78 1 60 

Phyfe^s How Should I Pronounce ? pu 1 85 

The School Pronouncer pu 1 85 

Test Pronouncer pu 50 

Pickering's (E. C.) Physical Manipula- 
tions, v. 1 HM 8 00 

vTi HM 4 00 

Pickering's (J.JGreek Lexicon lz^280 

Plerson's (D. H.) Questions in Geogra- 
phy AB 60 60 

Plerson^s (H. W.) Home Lessons ru 1 00 

One Syllable Histories: 

Skigland RU 1 00 

France ru 1 00 

Germany .^^...bu 1 00 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers^ Weekly. 

\^No. 1172] July 14, '94 

Pienon^s (H. WJUves of the Pre8idento..Ru 1 00 

United States ru 100 

Piet*s Universal Speller bo «14 10 

Pike's Arithmetic pl 88 86 

Key to PL 75 50 

Pike ft Decker's Mechanical Drawloe:. *70 
Pillsbury*8 (J. H.) Laboratory Guide in 

General Biologry si •* 

Pinneo's Primary Grammar ax *ao 

Analytical " am *45 

Guide to Composition ax *00 

Pinney*B Easy Lessons in French sh *84. 

Fvst Book in French sh *4Si 

— with Key sh •se 

Elementary French Reader sh *79 

Prorressive ** *• sh «1 18 

Pinney A Amoult's French Gram sh *1 44 

Key to 8H *72 

Pinney 6l Badoi's French Teacher sh *1 12 

Key to 8H *r8 

Pinney ft Barcelo's Spanish Teacher sh *1 18 

Key to SH *r8 

Pinnock's History of England db 1 80 1 00 

History of France db 1 85 1 00 

" *' Greece db 186 100 

*• •* Rome DE 1 86 1 00 

Piper's (J.) Graded Seat Work in Arith- 
metic, Noe. 1-4 ea.AK *8 

Pitman*s(B.) Phrase-Book ph 1 00 

Pitman's (B.) ft Howard's (J. B.) Report- 
er's Companion ph 1 86 

bds PH 1 00 

Reporter's Ist Reader ph 86 

Manua> of Phonography ph 1 00 

bds PH 80 

Phonographic Copy-Book ph 18 

*^ Dictionary ph 2 60 

** Reader ph 86 

** ad Reader ph 85 

Business Letters, No. 1, in Short- 
hand PH 85 

Pitman's (I.) Complete Phonographic In- 
structor PI 1 50 

pt. 1 PI 00 

pt.2 PI 75 

Key to PI 50 

Phonographic Teacher \ 20 

Key to I Pl 20 

Manual J-or 40 

Key to DI 20 

Phonographic Reporter J 00 

Teacher and Manual in 1 ▼ pi 80 

Progressive Studies ^i 86 

Phonographic Reader Pi 20 

Phrase-Book pi 85 

Phonographic Dictionary pi 1 50 

Reporting Exercises pi ig 

Headline Shorthand Copy-Books, 

Booksl-8 ea.pi 10 

Graduated Dictation Books, Books 1-2 

ea.pi 10 
Business Correspondence in Short- 
hand PI 30 

Selections from American Authors in 

Shorthand pi 86 

Phonetic Readers, Book 1 pi 06 

'* 2 M 05 

*» ** •* 8 PI 10 

*• 4 PI 10 

" 6 PI 10 

Chart of the Phonetic Alphabet pi 06 

^Plate's Lehr- u. Uebungsbuch, Bk. 1 . . . . hr 86 86 
♦'* '* *' Bk.8....HR 45 30 
Platner's Greek and Roman Versifica- 
tion AL 75 

Piatt's German Studies dh 1 35 

Piatt's (A.) Homer's Odyssey mc *1 88 1 26 

Playfair's EucUd u *\ 28 

Plays and Songs for Kindergarten st 50 

Ploets's Easy French Grammar l« 1 00 

SF 100 

Epitome of History bx 8 00 

Flummer's Elementary Astronomy pu 50 

Poiterin. iSes Maurice. 

^Poland's ( W.) Fundamental Ethics si 80 78 

Pollard's Battles of America m One 

Syllable ru lOu 

Pollock's Cheerful Echoes dw 60 

National Kindergarten Man ual dw 75 

** *^ Songs and 

Plays DW 60 

Pomeroy 's Introductory Reader ul 80 86 

Introductory Speller ul 85 18 

Pooler's Test Speller ax •JO 

Popular Spelling-Blanks, 8 nos •SI 42 

•Popular Educator Arithmetic, pts. 1 

and 2 eo.RD 80 

Popular Synosyms bv 10 

Pomey's French Speller bu *40 

Porter's (J. A.) Chemistry ax ♦I 40 

PirstBk.of " AX *rO 

Porter's (L. H.) Constitutional History of 

United States ho n 83 1 80 

Porter's (N.) Human Intellect so 6 00 

InteUectual Philosophy so 8 00 

Moral Science so 8 00 

Posse's Swedish Gymnastics lb ^8 85 8 00 

Handbook of Swedish Gymnastics ... lb *56 60 

* Interleaved ed lb ♦83 76 

Postgate's New Latin Primer ca 1 00 

Post^s(E.) Latin at Sight. oi ♦♦ 

Potter's New Elementary (Geography pj 80 

Teachers* ed pj 1 OO 

Advanced Geography vi 1 26 

Teachers^ed pj 1 80 

♦New Primer pj IS 

♦1st Reader pj 24 

♦Primer and Ist Reader, combined., .pj 3^ 

♦2d Reader pj 36 

♦3d »* FJ 50 

♦4th *' PJ 00 

♦6th " PJ 80 

Potter's (H. L. D.) Manual of Reading ha 1 00 

Potter's ( J. L. ) Hebrew Lexicon. Sot Rob- 
inson (E.) 
Potts' (W. A.) and Sargant's (W. L.) 

Elemen. Algebra lm 00 

Poulson's Botanical Micro-Chemistry... WD 1 00 

Powell's HowtoSee bu •{« 

Teachers' ed bu ♦42 

How to Talk bu ^42 

»* " Write BU ♦flO 

Powell's (F.T.) Hist, of Eng., v. 1 and 8. ea.LN 1 00 

V.2 LH ♦♦ 

Powers' Book-Keeplng ax ♦SO 

Blanksto ax ^40 

Poynter's Art Text-Books, 8 v 8 00 

PracUcal Anal. (Penmanship) doz.SR ♦I 04 00 

Key SR ♦27 2S 

Practical Book-Keeplng Blanks «et. hb OO 

Practical Copy-Books: 

Complete Course, nos dot. wr ♦06 

Shorter Course, 5 nos *' wr ♦TS 

Practical School Maps ea.HB ♦I 25 

Prang's Drawing-Books and Manuals : 
lYimary Teachers' Manual, the Use 

of Models PR 50 

without Clay Modelling, 8 pu. 

eaPR 86 
Prang's American Text-Book of Art Edu- 
cation : ^ 

Drawing-Books, 1-4, rev. ed do«.pR 1 00 

" " WJ. Clark Ed.... '* pr 1 00 

»* •• T-10, " ** "PR 8 00 

Teachers' Manual for Books 1-2. . ea. . pr 50 

** " " ♦* 8-4.. ** .PR 60 

" " »» " 5-6.. •* PR 60 

»* " ** " 7-10. ** .PR 9raii» 
Prang^s Shorter Course in Form Study 
and Drawing : 

Drawing Books, 1-5 dos.pR 1 80 

Introductory Drawing-Book. ** pr 1 SO 

Teachers' Manual for Bks. 1-6 — ea.PR 60 
" *• " Introd. Bk. . *» pr qr^tiB 
Pmng's Complete Course in Form Study 
and Drawing : 
Drawlng-Bks.. 1-6, with pattems..dos pr 1 80 
Bk. 7, " ** " PR 8 40 
*• Bks. S-IO (no patterns re- 
quired) doc. PR 8 40 

Extra Pattern Sheets for Book 1. ** pr 24 

" 2 ** PR 24 

" " »* •♦ " 8 " PR 80 

" " " " ♦• 4 " PR 24 

u it .» ii »' 6 " PR 24 

»» 4* .» 6 " PR 24 

u it u tt ». 7 tt pg 34 

Teachers' Manual for Bks. 1 and 8. 

ea.PR 50 

t. ». t. t. 3 »» 4 t. PU 6Q 

»* " Bk. 5 " PR 50 

Prang's Drawing-Book of GkK>metric Prob- 
lems d0l2.FR 8 00 

Prang's Suggestions for Color Instruc- 
tion PR 1 00 

Paper Folding and Cutting pr 86 

Pratt's (M. L.) New C^ali&thenlcs bd 1 86 

Supplement to New Calisthenics XD 50 

Practical Language Exercises ed 40 

Fairyland of Flowers bd 1 00 

Preble's (IL) Adelphoe of Terence 01 ♦SO 26 

Preble's (H.) and Hull's (L. C.) LaUn 

Lessons hx 112 

Preble ft Parker's Latin Writing oi *55 80 

Prendergast's Mastery Series: 

French ap 46 

German ap 45 

Spanish .^ ap t 46 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

July 14, •94[JV<». 1172] 

Tht Publishers' Weekly. 


Preparatorv Latin and Greek TexU bo *1 8S 1 90 

Greek Part ho *W eo 

Latin " BO •88 80 

Frescott's (A. B.) Qualltatiye Chem yn 1 60 

Proximate Orninio Analysis vif 1 76 

QualitaUye Cnemioal '' tic 3 60 

FreecotfsXW. H.) Leaflet* u ♦« 

Pre8toa*8 Book-Keepin|r 00 *1 65 1 88 

Prestwicb's Geology, t. 1 mo *6 88 6 86 

T.« MC 090 9 00 

Preu's First Stepe in German pu 109 

German Primer PU 75 

Prioe*s Plane and Spherical Trieonom. . .bt 1 50 

Priest's Little Pieces for Little Speakers.LB 60 

PrigK^B Normal Speaker ko 60 

Primary Drawing and Reading Cards . . . . lr *15 18 

Primary English Grammar oe 80 18 

Primary History of the United States . . . .bs 40 24 

Primary Spelling and Reading Book os 90 It 

Prince's (J. T.) Arithmetic oy Grades, 

♦Bks.1-8 ea.oi 90 

Manual for Teachers oi •* 

Proctor's Elementary Astronomy uf 60 

Differential Calculus ln 00 

Elementary Physical Geography — ln 60 

First Steps in Geometry uc 1 26 

Easy Star Lessons PU 9 60 

Half Hours with the Stars pu 9 00 

Progressiye Primer, bds os 19 8 

IstReader os 96 16 

9d " 08 40 95 

Sd " 08 66 89 

4th " 08 90 54 

6th *• 08 1 90 T9 

6th *• 08 160 90 

Young Ladies* Reader os 1 95 76 

Soelling.Book oe 95 16 

Proudflt*s Plautus ba 60 

Puckle's Conic Sections mo *9 09 1 90 

Pujol's &. Van Norman's French Class- 

Book AM *1 60 

Key to AM •I 00 

Putiiam*s Art Handbooks (Carter), 9 

nos ea. PU 00 

3v - PC 195 

Pntiiam*8 Academic Atlas pu 9 50 

Classical Atlas pu 1 60 

Collegiate " PU 8 60 

ComprehensiTe Atlas PU 95 00 

Historical Atlas pu 1 50 

Historical and Classical Atlas pu 2 50 

International Atlas pu 500 

Library " PU 10 00 

Mod., Anc, and Hist. Atlas pu 8 00 

Physical Atlas PU 9 96 

Pocket Atlas of the World pu 100 

——leather Pu 150 

Pocket Classical Atlas Pu 75 

Historical " PU 76 

Portable Modem ** Pu 100 

Putnam's Manuals of History: 

Christian Era (Daw6) pu 100 

England (Schmitz) PU 1 00 

France (Menzies) pu 1 00 

Germany (Menzies) pu 1 00 

Greece (Schmltz) PU 76 

Rome (Schmitz) PU 76 

Putnam's School and College Clas., 11 ▼. 

ea.pu 50 

Putiiam*s (D.)EIementary Psychology.. am *90 

Pylodet's Beginning French bo *49 46 

Beginner^s French Reader bo «S0 tt 

9d French Reader bo *97 90 

Litt^rature Francaise Classlque bo *1 80 1 80 

" Contemp bo •! 18 110 

Gouttes de.^oste bo *54 SO 

MdreL'Ole bo MS 40 

German Conyersatioo bo *M 50 

Pynchon's Chemical Physics vv 3 00 

<2uackenboe* (G. P.) Primary Arithmetic, am *18 

Elementary Arithmetic am *31 

Mental " am ♦28 

Practical *• am ♦68 

Higher " am *9l 

First Book in Grammar am ^36 

English Grammar am ♦OS 

niustr. Lessons in our Language ...AM ^42 

First Lessons in Composition am *fR 

Composition and Rhetoric am ♦! 06 

American History. am ♦! 02 

Elementary U. S. History am ♦52 

with plates and ill., new ed. . . . am ♦OO 

School U. S. History am ♦! 06 

Natural Philosophy am ♦! « 

Ouackenbos* (J. D. ) Hist, of Anc. Lit ba 1 20 

Questions in Geography tb 14 

uulmby*s Form of Parsing doK.ra 86 

Raby's Select Readings br 2 00 1 85 

Badaatz''sSchilier'sDerNeffealsOnkel..AL 60 

Rains' Qualltatiye AnaU^sis am ^40 

Raleigh^s Elementary Politics mo ^28 26 

Rambeau's & Passy's Chrestomathic 

Phon6tique bo ♦♦ 

♦Ramsay's Latin Prose Composition, v. l.MO 1 40 

♦Ramsey's Modern Spanish bo ♦* 

Ramshom's Latin Synonyms bu ♦! 36 

Rand's Practical Method of Singing wx 1 00 

Rand, McNally & Cc's Model AtUu of 

the World RA 60 

General Atlas of the World ra 8 25 

Handy ** *' ** ra 1 00 

Indexed " " ** ra 20^00 

New Indexed Atlas of the World.... ra 10 76 
" Popular *♦ ** ** ....RA 160 

Pocket Atlas of the World ra 95 

•• Cyclopedia ra 85 

Standard Atlas of the World ra 8 35 

Randall's Reading and Elocution am ♦I 00 

Rannle's Historical Outline of English 

Constitution so 1 00 

♦Ransome's Short History of England . . . ln 1 60 

♦Rasmussen's Physical Culture sa 1 25 1 95 

Rattan's California Flora and West Coast 

Botany bb 1 60 1 25 

Raub's Elementary Arithmetic wr ^86 

Key to WR ♦eO 

Complete Arithmetic wr ♦OO 

Keyto WR ♦OO 

Lessons in English wr ♦85 

Practical English Grammar wr ♦OO 

New Normal Ist^Reader wr •flO 

— bds .WR ♦lO 

New Normal 9d Reader wr «35 

bds WR ♦SO 

New Normal 8d Reader wr ^46 

bds WR ^40 

New Normal 4th Reader wr ♦OO 

bds WR ^50 

New Normal 6th|Reader wr ♦SO 

bds WR ♦TO 

Normal Speller so 81 

Primary dpeller so 91 

Literature for Beginners rb 75 66 

Studies in Ehig. and Amer. Lit rb 1 60 1 18 

Tests In Spelling and Pronunciation.RB 40 80 
Grammatical ABalysls by Diagrams.RB 96 19 

Practical Rhetoric rb 190 90 

Punctuation and Letter Writing rb 40 80 

Hints and Helps on English Gram rb 1 00 76 

BJ 1 00 

Rawlinson's Story of Sgypt pu 1 00 

8ee al»o Student's series. 

RawUnson's Origin of Nations so 1 00 

Ray's Mathematical Series: 

Arithmetic, Old, Primary, 1st Book. . . am ♦16 

*♦ •* Intellect., 9d *• ^95 

•' Practical, 3d »* ♦SO 

** Eeyto9dand8d....AM ♦SO 

" Higher am *» 

»i .» — ^. Keyto AM ♦76 

** ** Rudiments of am *65 

.4 u with Ans....AM ♦85 

** New Test Examples am ♦SS 

«» •» wlthAns AM ♦SS 

•• Primary am ♦W 

•* •* Intellectual am ^95 

" ** Elementaiy am ♦as 

" »* Practical am •SO 

*' ** Key to Intellectual 

and Practical am *60 

»' " Higher am ♦SS 

" *• Keyto AM ^75 

Algebra, Old, Ist Book am ^70 

" 9d »» AM ♦! 00 

" •• Keytolstand9d am ♦! 00 

** New Elementary am ♦SO 

" Higher am ♦I 00 

*' Key to Elem. and High am ♦! 00 

'* NewComplete am ♦! 00 

*' Key to AM ♦! 00 

•* Test Problems In am ♦SO 

•* Answers and Solutions 

to AM ♦SO 

Geometry, Plane and Solid am ♦TO 

•* Analytic am ♦! 76 

** Trlgonom. and Tables. . . . am ♦! 90 

Surveying and Navigation am ♦! 90 

Elem. of the Infinites. Calculus am ♦! 60 

New Elem. of Astronomy (Peabody).AM ♦I 90 

Test Example TableU, 8 nos dot .am ♦! 00 

Ans. to all Probs. in TableU 4-8 am ♦lO 

Raymond's (G. L.) Orator's Manual si ♦I 26 1 12 

Raymond's (G. L.) and Wheeler's (G. P.) 

Writer si ♦♦ 

Raymond A Genoud's College Lafayette 
Treasure of French Conversation... lb 60 
La Muse Contemporalne le 1 26 ^ 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. \\12\July 14, *94 

Raymond ft Genoud's La Chrestomathie 

Moderne lb 1 2S 

Le Ddserteur li 80 

Readers Business Reader sr *1 01 90 

Readers (A. A^ How to Write Enj^listi . . . . u *45 
Readings for Students (5 v., var. prices). ho 

Reed's (A.) Word Lessons m •SS 

Introductory Langxisfe Work mt NO 

Reed*s (H. A.) Topograpnical Drawinir. .wi 8 &0 

Reed ft KelIogg*s Graded Lessons in £n(?. mt «»8 

Higher Lessons in Bn^llBh my *63 

One-Book Course in English mt *08 

Reeee*s Zoology. ^Sbe Chambers. 

ReffelVs Earliest Lessons in Arithtnetic.sT 90 

1st Book for School and House sr 80 

9d ** " *• ** " ST 60 

RegenVs Questions Complete bi 1 UO 

with Key BI 800 

Arittmietic bi 26 

Key to BI 96 

Geography bi 96 

Key to bi 26 

Grammar bi 26 

with Key bi 100 

Key to bi 26 

Spelling BI 26 

Reid*s Intellect. Powers (Walker) bu n 28 

Reid's Philosophy ho ♦I 62 1 60 

Relton's (W.) Graduated Writing Exer- 
cises in Phonography ph 80 

Remsen's Organic Chemistry hb *1 80 1 20 

^Laboratorv Manual (Orndorlf) hb *i0 86 

Theoretical Chemistry la 9 00 

Newed la ♦♦ 

iSbe also American Sci. Ser. 

Renton s Outlines of English Literature. . so *1 00 80 

Remia's Primary Writing-Books 1-8. .dos. lo 1 00 

Intermediato '* 4-6.. ** lo 1 10 

Grammar School " 7-19. ** lo 1 90 

Reynars French Verbs lo 90 79 

Reynolds* (J. E.) Experimental Chemis- 
try, pt. 1, Introduction ln 45 

^-^ pt. 2, Non-metals lk 76 

pt.8,Metals lk 106 

pt. 4, Organic lk 120 

Rejmolds' (J. L.) Reader and Speller . dos. wo 70 

Primer ♦* wo 46 

IstReader wc 18 

Popular ed wc 7 

9d Reader wo 90 

Popular ed wc 19 

8d Reader wc 80 

Popular ed wo 91 

4th Reader wc 40 

Popular ed wo 96 

6th Reader wc 60 

Copy-Books, 6nos dos.wo 76 

Tracing, 9 nos ** wo 66 

Rhoads' Primary Arithmetic so 96 

Rice's Slate Exercises in Numbers wh *94 90 

Rice ft Johnson^s Differential Calculus, .wi 8 60 

Abridged wi 1 50 

Differential and Integral Calculus, 

Abridged wi 9 60 

Richards* (E..L.) Plane and Spherical Trig- 
onometry AM *1 20 

Logarithmic Tables am *60 

RichardsWZ.) Natural Arithmetic lr MO 89 

Teacher^sed lr •eo 49 

*Richardson*s Six Montlis* Preparation 

forCseear ho •OO 90 

*Richardson*s ft Ramsey^s Plane Geome- 
try MO 1 00 

Richardson*s Writing Speller and Deflner. 

dos.AM *&0 
•Richardson^s (A. S.) Talks 00 English 

Literature, new ed mo 1 50 

Riohardson*s (C. F.) Am. Lit., pt. 1 pu 3 00 

pt.2 po 8 00 

Newed. in It Pu 8 50 

Primer of American Literature hm 80 

Riohardson^s (R B.) .£schinee Against 

Ctesiphon 01 *40 

witlinotes oi *1 60 140 

Richardson s (W. H.) Graded Language 

Exercises lr *95 90 

in8pts ea.LR •lO 8 

Richter*B Inoraranic Chemistry bl 2 00 

Organic Chemistry, new ed bl 4 50 

Ricker's Elemento of English lr *40 86 

Rickett's Assaying wi 8 00 

RickofTs (R. D.) Supplementary First 

Reader am *26 

•Ricks* Natural Hist. Object Lessons. . . .hb 1 50 

^th*s U. S. Hist., Grammar School . . am *80 

^nductlre Grammar am ♦fiS 

in*s Grammar of the English Sen- 
tence IP 86 

iglish Gram, for Common School . . .id 60 

Rigdon*8 English Grammar for Beginners.iD 40 

Methods in Arithmetic m 26 

Discussions of InfinitiTes and Partici- 

iles ID 95 

D. 8.) In Latinum (Cosar) ab 

jinum (Cicero) ab 50 

Rightmyer's Penmanship, 18 nos dM.wt 70 

Rimmer s ElemenU of Design, new ed . . . lb 9 00 

Riiig*s 8000 Exercises in Arithmetic fo 80 95 

Key to FO 80 95 

Riodu*s Lucie, French and English Con- 

Tersation ho *«6 60 

Rlpley*s Parsing and Analysis pb 40 

Rippers Des Kindes Erstes Buch (Bercy). jb 40 

Rltoliie's First Steps in Greek ln 50 

Ritter*8 (C.) Geogntphical Studies am *1 00 

Rltter*8 Musical History so 75 

RlTal CoUeotion sh •I 44 

RlTers* Mental Philosophy so 100 

Moral Philosophy su 1 00 

RlTerside Language and Reading Course: 

RiTerside Instru ction Frame hm 10 00 

** Manual for Teachers hm 15 

** Primer and Reader, pap., hm 96 

cl HM 80 

tRiTerside Literature Ser., 66 nos ea. hm 15 

7 double nos., pap ** hm 80 

1 special no., pap hm 26 

5nos., cl «a.HM 26 

16 double nos.. cl ** hm 40 

1 double no., bds hm 40 

Ispecial no.,cl hm 80 

1 treble no., cl hm 45 

2 treble no.,cl hm 50 

RiTerside Song-Book, pap hm 80 

bds HM 40 

Bobbins* (E.) Primary Dictionary lo 86 28 

Elements of Mythology kl 65 

Robbins' (R. D. C.) Xenophon*s Memora- 

bUia AM ♦140 

Roberts* (J.P.) English and Italian Dic- 
tionary CH 2 76 

Roberts* (R. D.) Geology so *1 60 190 

RoberU* (W.) U. S. History so 65 

Robertson's Introd. French Course lo 1 95 1 00 

Intermediate French Course lo 1 50 1 20 

Whole French Course lo 1 76 1 40 

Key to LO 75 60 

New Spanish Course lo 150 120 

Robinson's (E.) Greek Test. Lexicon hm 4 00 

Gesenius* Hebrew-English Old Testa- 
ment Lexicon hm 6 00 

Potter's English-Hebrew Lexicon . . . . hm 2 00 
Robinson's (E. G.) Principles and Prac- 
tice of Morality 81*1 60 1 50 

Robinson's (H. N.) Progress. Table-Book. am •15 

New Table-Book am MS 

ProgressiTe Primary Arithmetic. . . .am •IS 
First Lessons in •* — am •SS 

Prog. InteUeotual " •99 

New *' ....AM •• 

Rudiments of Written ** •89 

Junior Class Arithmetic am •56 

Elementsof " am •40 

Prog. Practical " am •aS 

Keyto AM •ee 

Prog. Higher Arithmetic am •98 

Keyto JLM •«) 

New Elementary Algebra am •I 08 

——Key to AM ♦OO 

New Unirersity Algebra am •! 58 

Keyto AM •I 60 

New Geometry and Trigonometry ....AM •I 60 

Keyto AM^l 60 

New Geometry, sep am •QO 

New Trigonometry, sep am •QO 

SurTeying and NaTlgation am •! 60 

Anal. Geom. and Conic Sections am •I 60 

New Differential and Integral Cal- 
culus AM *1 80 

UniTersity Astronomy am •I 90 

Beginner*s Book in Arithmetic am •SO 

•Graded School ** am •60 

Ist Book in Aritlmietic cl am *ao 

— bds AM •as 

Complete Arithmetic, cl am "TS 

bds AM •TO 

Key to AM ^72 

pt. 1, cl AM •SO 

»♦ bds AM ^46 

pt. 2,cl AM •SO 

pt.9, bds AM ^45 

Arithmetical Problems am ♦72 

Key to AM •Tg 

Algebraic Problems am •«) 

Keyto AM ^72 

Complete Algebra (FicUln) am •I 44 

t For List see pages 86, 87.00Q16 

July 14, '94 [-A^.^. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Boblnson*B (H. N.) Complete Algebra, Key 

to AM •«) 

New Primary Arithmetic am ♦IS 

* ' Rudiment* of Arithmetic am *aO 

'* Practical Arithmetic am *65 

Keyto AM •eS 

Robtn8on*8 (W.C.) Law for UndergradutesHO ♦• 

♦Robinson's ( W.9.) First History of Rome.LN 80 

Roby's Latin Grammar, pt. 1 mc *S 20 8 00 

pt.2 MO «S8« 8«0 

Latin Grammar ror Schools mo ♦! 10 1 00 

Roby (H. J.) and Wilkin's (A. 8.) Latin 

Grammar mo ♦M 00 

Roche's French Plays for Girls, v. . . ca . mt *25 

Rodger's Mensuration bu H2 

Keyto BU •48 

Notebook bu ♦as 

Roehrlch's Spanish Reader, with vocab . .ch 1 36 

Roemer's Cours de Lecture, 8 T ea.AP 185 

Principles of Grammar ap 100 

French Diet, of English Idioms lo 1 60 1 80 

Rogers' Social Economy pa 76 

Rolfe's English Classics: 

Shakespeare, 40 y ea.HA 66 

pap " HA 40 

Browning's Select Poems ha 60 

pap BA 40 

Browning's Select Dramas ha 66 

pap BA 40 

Goklsmith ha 66 

pap BA 40 

Gray ba 66 

pap BA 40 

Macaulay 's Lays of Ancient Rome. . . ba 66 

pap BA 40 

Milton^s Minor Poems ba 66 

pap BA 40 

Scott's Tales of Chivahry ba 96 

Tales from English History ba 86 

Fairy Tales ba 86 

Wordsworth's Select Poems ba 66 

Tales from Scottish History ba 60 

** " Shakespeare, Comedies ...BA 50 

" '• " Tragedies... BA 50 
Rolfe's Students' Series : 

l^ron's Childe Harold bm 76 

Morris' Atalanta's Race, etc mm 75 

Scott's lAdy of ihe Lake bm 76 

" Lay of the Last Minstrel. . . . .bm 75 

** Marmion bm 75 

Terinyson's Enoch Arden, etc bm 75 

** Princess bm 75 

** Selected Poems bm 75 

Toung People's Tennyson bm 76 

Rolfe'sT^nce'sHeautonTimorumenos..oi *ao 85 

♦Rolfe's (J. C.) Virl Romse al 75 

Cornelius Nepos al ♦♦ 

♦Ury^k. 1 AL 86 

♦Rollins*^ Elementary Fvench Reader al 1 00 

Romans Choisis, 82 v .ea. jk 85 

— :jpap ".JE 60 

Ronge's Kindergarten Guide arr 8 10 

Root's (G. F. ) Empire of Song cr 60 60 

Forest Choir or 40 88 

First Tears in Song Land or 60 

Normal Musical Handbook cr 8 00 

Bk8.1-8 CR 1 00 

Bk. 8 OR 1 00 

Bks. 4-6 CR 1 00 

Realm of Song cr 60 60 

SUyerLute cr 85 80 

Root ft Case's Our Song World cr 60 60 

Root ft GUbert's Franklin Speaker bb '*84 

Rosooe's Elementary Chemistry mo ♦I 81 1 10 

♦Inorganic Chemistry for Beginner8..Mo 75 

Rose's Mechanical Drawing bd 4 00 

Rosenstengel's German Grammar wr 40 

German Reader as 76 60 

High School and College Ger . Reader . pu 1 50 
♦Rosenthal Method of Practical Linguis- 

try: French po 5 00 

♦German Po 500 

♦Spanish PO 5 00 

Rosenthal. 5m Meisterschaf t. 

Ross' (D. B.) Southern Speaker li ♦! 08 

Ross'(J.M.)MUton nm 186 

Bossiter's Applied Mechanics pu 75 

Theoretical Mechanics Pu 75 

Diet, of Sclentiflc Terms Pu 1 75 

Bouillon's French Conversation lo 66 58 

Boutledge's French-English and English- 

FrMich Pronouncing Dictionary. Ru 75 

Roaz*s Oral French Method. .bp 75 

Royal Drawing-Books, small, 18 nos. .dos. nk ' 60 

Freehand Drawing-Books, 6 nos... '' nb 1 00 

Model Drawing-Bookn, 6 nos '* ks 1 00 

Brief History of Engh\nd nk 80 

History of England nk 1 85 

** " Scotland nk 75 

RoyalStories from English History...... MX 60 

Reader (New) No. 1 nx 86 

Royal Reader (New) No. 8 kk 85 

*♦ " ** 8 NK 50 

" »* " 4 KB 60 

" ** 6 KB 75 

•• »• ** 6 NX 75 

Btt aUo English. 

♦Royal English Dictionary (Maclagan). . .nb 1 00 

Routledge 8 Latin Dictionary ru 75 

Royce's 6J.) Modern Philosophy bm 2 50 

Boyse's iimerican Literature bo *l 00 

Manual of English Literature bu ♦! 50 

Ruddiman's Latin Grammar mu 75 

Runkle's Plane and Solid Analytic Geom . . oi ♦& 25 8 00 

Rupert's Hist, of U.B. CTonstitution 01 ♦75 70 

Rusk's Model Selections, 6 nos., pap. . .ea. by 15 

Buskin's Art Culture wi 1 50 

Choice Selections wi 75 

Elements of Drawing wi 50 

*• ** Perspective wi 60 

Frondes Agrestes wi 50 

Laws of Fesole wi 60 

withl8 plates wi 100 

Lectures to Little Housewives wi 60 

Pearls for Toung Ladies wi 1 00 

Precious Thougbu wi 100 

Sesame and Lilies wi 75 

True and Beautiful wi 100 

Russell's (J. W.) Pure Geometry mo ♦& 86 8 60 

Russell's (L. W.S NaUve Trees bw ♦» 

Russell's(W.) Vocal Culture bm 1 00 

Rutherford's (M.) English Authors bd 2 00 1 25 

American Authors rd 2 00 1 25 

Ryan's (C.) Systematic Drawing and 

Snadlng oa 100 

Ryan's (J.)Vocallst am ♦eo 

Ryland's (F.) Ethics mo ♦OO 90 

♦Sabine's Laboratory Course in Physical 

Measurements 01 ♦! 85 1 85 

Sachse's Deutsche Grammatik hr 65 

Sadler's (PO Transl. English into French.Bo ♦! 08 1 00 
Sadler's (W. H.) Commercial Arithmetic, 

Business College ed bl 1 50 1 13 

Schooled bl 100 85 

" ** pt.l sl 60 48 

Keyto BL 6 00 8 00 

Oounting-House Arithmetic bl 8 00 1 60 

pt. 1 BL 75 66 

pt.8 BL 1 60 1 18 

Keyto BL 5 00 8 00 

Handbook of Arithmetic bl 100 86 

pt.l SL 60 48 

pt.8 SL 75 64 

Inductive Arithmetic bl 1 60 1 87 

pt. 1 BL 85 78 

pt.8 BL 100 85 

Business Arith., Business College ed.SL 1 25 94 

Schooled / bl 100 85 

Essentials of Arithmetic bl 1 85 94 

Practical ArithmeUo bl 1 00 80 

Badlier's (A.) One Syllable History of Ire- 
land RU 1 00 

Badlier's (D. ft J. ft Co.) New Preparatory 

HistoryU.S ba 86 25 

New School History U.S ba 75 50 

School Literature ba 76 50 

SadUer's (Mrs.) Toung Ladies' Reader . . ba 1 85 63 
Badlier's (Wm. H.) Excelsior Series: 

Child's Script SpeUer bd 86 18 

Complete Speller bd 80 81 

Primer, bds so 18 10 

IstReader so 85 18 

8d '* SD 60 35 

8d " SD 75 68 

4th »* SD 100 70 

6th •• SD 186 88 

Compend. of Lit. and Elocution sd 1 50 1 05 

Geography, No. 1 bd 40 88 

♦* " 8 SD 100 70 

»« •• 3 BD 1 88 1 82 

Introduction to Geography bd 66 46 

Col. Blanks for Map-Drawing doz. bd 80 

Elementary U. S. History so 36 25 

Studiesin ** ** sd 1 85 1 00 

** '* English Grammar so 80 

Principles in English Grammar sd 68 

First Lessons in English Grammar. . . bd 87 

Epitome Historla Sacra bd 60 86 

Ancient and Modem History so 1 85 

First Steps In the Sciences an 50 

Literature Primer (Egan) sd 50 

Lessons in English, Elem. Course, Pu- 
pil's ed sd 60 

Teacher's ed bd 1 80 

Intermediate, Pupil's ed sd 70 

*• Teacher's ed sd 2 55 

Am. Standard System of Penmanship : ^^ T ^ 

Primary, Tracing, 2 nos do«.BD,Q[^ 60 


The Publishers' Weekly. \^No, 1172] July 14, '94 





Sadler's Am. Primary A, B. ft C, ser. ** to 

8hortC!oiir8e,6 DOS '* bd 

Elementary Course, DOS ** sd 

AdTanoed Course, 7 ** *' so 

German Copy-Bks., 7 " " so 

American Standard System of Draw- 
ing, Nos. 1-4 dosr.sD 

Nos.6-12 " BD 

Number Tablets, 1-12 •• sd 

No. A dos.8D 

— Answers to bd 

Lansruaife Tablets, 14 nos dos.sD 

Bad tler% Chemical Experimentation.... mo 
St. Pierre's Paul etVirsrlnle, with Vocab.LO 
Saint8bury*s Primer or French Lit mc 

Short Hist, of French Literature. . . . mc *8 48 

Sales-Josse's Spanish Gnunmar lo 150 

Salisbury's Art of Pronunciation pa 50 

Salmon's (G.) Conic Sections ln 8 75 

Salmon (D.) See Lon^rmans. 

Samson's Art CriUcism Abridged u *1 28 

Sander's (C. W.) Primary School Primer, 

stiff dos.AK •84 

Union Pictorial Primer am ♦IS 

•» PrimarySpeUer am *15 

- Speller am ♦W 

♦* Reader N0.I am *20 

•* " •* 2 AM ♦ac 

•• 8 AM •64 

** ** •* 4 AM *90 

*• '* " 6 AM •I 08 

" " •* 6 (Rhetorical) ....AM ♦I 80 

New Speller. Deflner. and Analyzer, .am •18 

German andf En^rllsh Pict. Primer am «90 

Pictorial Primer, fijeen covers am ♦14 

1st Reader am •ao 

2d " AM •ao 

8d •* AM •64 

4th " AM ♦as 

5th " AM •00 

Sanders ft McElllgott's Analysis of Eng- 
lish Words 

Sanders' (G. J. H.) French Student's Ist 

Book FO 

Ollendorff's French Course lo 

Sanderson's (E.) Epitome of the World's 
History, pt. 1, Ancient and Me 

disBval BN •I 20 

pt. 2, Modem bn '1 20 

•Hist, of Englaad, New abr. ed wm 8 00 

Sanford's (H. R) Word Meth. in Number .hi 50 

•Limited Speller bi 26 

Sanford's (J. A.) Three Thousand Classic 

Greek Words. n 

Sanford's (S. P.) Primary Arithmetic. . . .un 

Intermediate Arithmetic un 

Common School '* nr 

Higher »* •• uw •I 20 

Elementary AJgebra un •I 90 

Sardou's French Self-Taught am •SOO 

Sargent's (E.) Standard Speaker dk 2 26 

Intermediate Standard Speaker dk 

Primary Standard Speaker dk 

•Pronouncing Speller dy 

Selections in Poetry dk 


1 60 

1 26 

School Etymology bu •W 

t's (J. Y. ) Exem plar ia Grseca mc •OO 

Sargent'i ,_ , 

Primer of Greek Prose Oomposition. .mo 

Sargent's (N. BJ Hour of Song lh 

Sauer's Italian Grammar ' 

Key to 

Spanish Grammar 

Key to 

SauTeur's Entretiens sur laGrammaire. 

Causeries aveo mes Elevee 

Petites Causeries 

Causeries avec les Enfants 

Fables de La Fontaine 

Chansons de B6ranger. 

Vade Mecum of the Latinist 

Talks with Caesar de Bello Galileo. . 

Teaching Ancient Languages 

Living ^» 

De L'Enseignement des Languee 


Contes Merveilleux 

Grammaire Frangais pour les Ang- 

Key to 

Petite Granmiaire pour les Anglais. 

Kev to 

Grammaire des Enfants , 

Sauveur ft Van Daell's La Parole Fran- 


•Sauveur and Lougee's Premieres Le9on8 

de Grammaire Francaise ch 

Sawyer's (H.) Words and Numbers th 

•^wyer's (H. E.) Metric Manual mb 



1 86 
^" 00 

1 75 
1 50 
1 86 
1 26 
1 50 
1 60 
1 50 

CH 26 


sr 25 
1 SO 

1 50 

1 25 

1 00 

1 00 



1 00 





1 80 





.AM •ee 

1 00 

1 00 
1 00 

1 00 

1 80 

1 10 



1 00 


Sawyer's (W. C.) Practical German Gram . n ^88 

Complete German Manual si •I 12 

Scarborough's First Lessons In Greek. . . am •OO 

Schedler's Globe Manual pap m 25 

Scherer's Hlstcny of German Lit., 2 v sc 8 50 

Schiller's Maria Stuart, with notes wo 80 

William Tell, with notes wo 80 

Schlttpel's (C. A.) lYenoh Grammar sr 1 50 

Classical French Reader sr 180 

German Grammar sr 1 25 

First German Book sr 100 

1st Classical German Reader. 

2d »* *♦ »• ST 

1 00 

German and English Vocabulary. . 
Skizzen zur Geschlchte der Deut- 

1 00 

1 50 



schen Literatur m 40 

Sohlessing's Deutscher Wortschatz cn 2 26 

Schmitz's (H. J.) Elements of German, 

pt. 1 8H 

pt. 2 SB 

pts.l and2 sh •I 00 

Ancient Geography sh •I 28 

Schmitz's(J.A. ft H.J.) German Gram... u •OO 

Sohmitz's (L.) Hist, of LaUn Literature. pu 1 00 

8e€ aUo Putnam's Manuals. 
Sohmitz ft Zumpt's Advanced Latin Ex- 
ercises LA 60 

hf. bd LA 70 

Cesar la 80 

hf. bd la 70 

Cornelius Nepos la 60 

hf. bd LA 70 

Elementary Latin Exercises la 00 

Horace la 70 LA 80 

Quintus Curtius la 80 LA 00 

SaUust LA 80 LA 70 

Virgil LA 86 LA 1 00 




'eld's (H.) German Historical 

Prose HO 

Scholar's Companion bu 

Scholar's Gem Book lh 

School Classics Series oi 

School History of the United States bk 

Schrakamjp's Deutsche Buch ho 

Brz&hlungen aus der Deutschen Ge- 
schlchte HO 

Deutsche Pechtschreibung ch 

Sacren und Mytben, with Tocab ch 

See aieo Wenckebach. 

Sehttlte's Elementary German Course. . . ap 

8ohultz*s Latin Grammar ~ 

LaUn Exercises 

Schuyler's (A.) Complete Algebra, Rev. .am •! 00 

Key to AM •I 00 

Elements of Geometry am •I 00 

Trig., Mensuration and Logarithms. «uc •I 00 

Principles of Logic «uc •OO 

Psychology am *1 40 

Sehwegler s History of Philosophy pu 2 60 

Science Primers : 

Astronomy (Lockyer) am 

Botany (Hooker) am 

Chemista7^(Roscoe) am 

Geoloey (GeiWe) jlm 

Introductory (Huxley) am 

Inventional Geometry (Spencer) am 

Logic (Jevons) am 

Natural Resources (Patton) am 





1 26 
1 26 



Physical (Geography (Geikie). 







Physics (Stewart) am 

Physiology (Foster ft Tracy) am 'w* 

Political Economy (Jevons) am •66 

Scomp's (H. A.) Moaem Greek Pronun- 
ciation AL 88 

Soott's (D. B.) Manual of United States 

History oo ^40 88 

School History of U. S am •HO 

Small HUtoryof U.8 am •SO 

Scott's (D. B., Jr .J Review Hist, of U. 8. . .00 ^6 48 
Sorlbner's Book-Keeplng Exercises, Sin- 
gle Entry doc.AM •S 36 

Double Entry •* am •S 86 

Scrivener's Greek Testament ho *2 12 2 00 

Scudder's (H. £.) Book of Fables hm 40 

Book of Folk Stories bm 60 

History of United States sh •! 00 

Short Htetory of United States sh •OO 

Scudder's (J. W.) Gradatlm al 60 

First Latin Book al •• 

Scudder»s (8. H.) Butterflies ho *1 34 1 20 

•Brief Guide to the Commoner Butter- 
flies HO •! 00 1 00 

•Ufe of a Butterfly ho *96 80 

Digitized by 


July 14, '94 \No. 1 172] Tht Publishers' Weekly. 


Scull's Greek Mythology SyBtematized. .wr *1 00 
Searing** Virgil's JEneid, BucoUca and 

Oeorgics, with Tooab am •! 00 

Virgil's i&eid, 6 books, with vooab .am *1 40 

Bks. l.aandO, wlthvocab....AM n 26 

Searle's Elements of Geometry wi 150 

Seaver's Logarithmic Formulas sh *6 

Logarithmic and Trigon. Tables sh *00 

Trigonometry sh *90 

SeaTer ft Walton's Franklin Primary 

Arithmetic. sh *20 

Franklin Elementary Arithmetic sh <66 

Kef to SH •as 

Franklin Written Arithmetic sh *75 

Key to SH •TS 

Written Arithnoetio, pt. 1 sh *» 

Franklin Elementary Algebra sh ««0 

Key to SH ♦TS 

Metric System. sh •IS 

Mental Arithmetic sh ^W 

Elementary Trigonometry sh ^OO 

Seayey. iSoe Goodrich (ChasA.). 

Seayy^'sCM.) Bookkeeping hs •! 60 1 40 

•Manual of Business Transactions ... he •SO 40 
•Bookkeeping blanks, 8 sets, ptr set, . he •TS 00 
Sedgwick A Wilson. See Amer.Bci. Ser. 
Seeley 's Grube's Method of Arithmetic. . eb 1 00 

Seelye's Hickok's Mental Science 01 •! 26 1 It 

Moral Science 01 •! 26 1 12 

Seeman's Classical Mythology ha 00 

Sena's Elementary Mechanics mo ^2 09 100 

Selections for Little Folks el 40 

Sensenig*s Elementary Algebra am •! 16 

without Answers am *1 08 

Answers to, separate am •lO 

Key to AM •! 00 

Adyancea Algebra am *1 40 

Pt.l AM •! 20 

Pt.2 AM •I 06 

Key to AM •I 40 

Sergeant's Pure Mathematics pu 60 

Sesttni'sElements of Algebra mu 75 

Treatise 00 Algebra: mu 100 

Geometrical Analysis mu 1 60 

Gtoometry and Trigonometry mu 2 00 

•Serer's SpeUer he <B0 25 

Sewall's (F.) Latin Speaker am •SO 

Sewall's (J. A.) Botany sr •TO 

Sewall's (J. B.) Greek Conditional Sen- 

tenoes al 20 

Seward ft Unseld's Choral School be 25 20 

Tooio Sol-fa Music Reader be 87 80 

Enlarged be 60 46 

Supplementto be 25 20 

Teachers^ ManuaL be 12 10 

Songs in Sol-fa be 25 20 

Sewell's (E. ) First Hist, of Greece. ap 60 

First History of Rome ap 00 

SeweU's (E. M.)pictation Exercises ho •OO 46 

8eymonr*s(G E.) Elem. Arithmetic as 40 82 

Pmctical Arithmetic as 00 48 

New Mental ** as 86 26 

Seymour's (M. L.) Outlines of Physiology, 

Chem., Bot. and Zoology fl 80 

S^jrmour ft Wilson*s Essentials of Phy- 
sics FL 00 

Seymour's (T. D.) Homer's Biad, Bks. 1-8. 01 ^40 

with notes. 01 •! 60 1 40 

Bks. 4-8, with notes 01 •! 60 140 

School lUad with Vocab. Bks. 1-8. ...01 •! 86 1 26 

•• " »• 1-«....GI^1 75 1 80 

Vocab. to Homer's Biad. Bks. 1-8. . . .01 •OS 75 

Language and Verse of Homer 01 •SO 75 

pap 01 •86 80 

Selected Odes of Pindar 01 •! 56 140 

-Shaffer's (V. C.) How to Remember His- 

tort u •! 00 

Shaler's 1st Book of Geology he •! 10 1 00 

Sharpies* Chemical Tables al 2 00 

Shaipless* Geometry wr •SO 

Geometry and Trigonometry wr •! 10 

Sbaipless ft Philips* Astronomy u •I 00 

Natural Philosophy li •! 00 

Key to LI •eo 

Shaw's (E. R.) Select*ns for ReproductionAM ^48 

•English Composition ho •88 76 

Physics by Experiment mt •! 05 

Shaw^'CJ.W.) Practice Book of Business 

Forms and Elementary Bookkeeping.HX •TO 00 

Shaw*s (T. B.) Specimens of Am. Lit sh •! 44 1 20 

New History of English Literature, .sh •! 60 1 26 
Specimens of ^ '' . .sh *1 82 1 86 

Complete Manual of English Lit sh •! 88 1 40 

Smaller History of ^* ♦* sh •! 11 02 

OntUnesof •' *• sh •! 45 128 

8hea*s Catechism U. S. History sa 25 

Elements of History sa 88 

Modem Europe ey 1 25 

•Shearer's (J. W.) Combination Speller.. wy 30 

Shedd's Theremin's Rhetoric de 1 00 

Sheldon's Elementary Arithmetic sh ^40 

Complete Arithmetic sh ^87 

Prinutry Graded Example^ sh *80 

Graded Ex. In Arithmetic, 1st Bk . . .sh •OO 

Key to 1st Bk sh ^20 

2dBk SH •35 

'• ** Keyto SH ^20 

Elements of Algebra sh *1 06 

Key to SH^l 60 

Complete Algebra sh *1 80 

— Keyto SH n so 

Modern School 1st Reader sh ^20 

»» •• 2d ** SH •82 

•« •• 8d ** SH ^44 

»• " 4th " SH •84 

•* " 6th •* SH ♦» 

Supplementary Reading, 1st Book. . . .sh •• 

.^2dBk... SH •• 

8dBk SH •SS 

WordStudies sh ^25 

8hekion's(E.A.)PHmer am •H 

Primary Speller am •IS 

Graded Speller am *26 

IstReader am •IS 

2d '» AM •SO 

8d •' ,AU ^42 

4th " AM •50 

5th " AM •72 

Reading Manual for Teachers am •SO 

Sheldon's (K. 8. ) Short German Gram he •OS 80 

Shekion's (M. D.) Gr. and Roman Hist, .he •! 10 1 00 

Studies in General Histonr he •! 75 100 

Teachers* Manual to he 86 

Studies in Amer. Hist he •! 26 1 12 

Teachers* Manual to he 80 

Sheldon's (S.) Chapters on Electricity — co 1 10 1 00 
Shelton's (C. E.) Practical Gymnastics, .pl 65 

Shepard*s (E. M.) Mineralogy ba •TO 80 

8hepard*s (J. H.) Inorganic Chemistry. . .he •! 25 1 12 

Organic Chemistry he 30 25 

Chemical Laboratory Note-Book — he ^40 85 

Briefer Course in Chemistry he 00 80 

8hepherd*s Elementary Grammar bo •SO 85 

English Grammar sp •SS 50 

Historical Reader am •] 00 

History of English Language hl 1 15 1 00 

Sheppard's First Book of Constitution. ... so 63 

Text-Book of Constitution so 1 06 

SherriU's Juyenlle Speaker no 25 

Bherwin's Elementary Algebra wh •! 05 00 

Keyto WH ^84 72 

Mathematical Tables th 80 

Common School Algebra th 80 

Sherwood's Analytical Writing Speller 

and Deflner dot .sa •! 08 85 

Flye Cent Writing Speller " sr •SS 45 

with Blotters " sr •SO 48 

and Copy-Book " sr •OO 48 

Fiye Cent SpeUiog Blanks ** sr •SS 48 

Nickel Writing SpeUer " sr •SO 48 

Six Col. ** '* *• SR^lOO 85 

with Blotters •* sr *1 15 98 

Speller and Pronouncer *' sr •! 11 08 

Spelling and Definition Blanks. . . '' sr •! 00 85 

Ten-Cent Spelling Blankb ** sr •I 08 00 

Ten-Cent Writ. Sp. ft Copy-Book. ** sr •I 06 00 

Writing Spidler •* sr •SS 72 

Primary Speaker sr ^28 25 

Sherwood's ( W.) Speller and Deflner ba *12 10 

Speller and Pronouncer ba •12 10 

WriUngSpeller ba ^ 8 

Shlnn's (J. H.) History of American 

People AM •I 10 

Shlnn's Commercial Speller hj 80 85 

Shoemaker's Practical Elocution pp 1 25 

8hoemaker*s and Lawrence's New Prac- 
tical Arithmetic AM •75 

Short Histories of Literature, 8 nos ho •• 

Shoup's (F. A.) Elements of Algebra hl 1 15 1 00 

Shoup's (W. J.) Graded SpeUer am •lO 

Graded Didactics, y. 1 am •SO 

" •* y.2 AM •SO 

8hoye*S (I.) Number Cards 01 •SO 25 

Showalter's Temple of Song or 80 42 

Shryock's Golden Key. or 25 21 

Sllyer Clarion cr 85 20 

Shuchburgh's (E. S.) School History of 

Rome MO ♦♦ 

8humway*s Latin Synonyms 01 •ao 26 

8idgwick% (A.) Greek Prose Composition. 01 •! 66 1 50 

Sidgwick'B (H.) Political Economy mo ^4 40 4 00 

8igbbr*s English Grammar ho •OS 80 

Sin's Grammar and ComposlUon am •SO 

Simcox's Juyenal al 1 20 

8ime's Germany. See Freeman. 

Simon's (W.) Manual of ChemUtry la 3 85 

Slmooin's French Verb >>^am •! 00 

Bimonson's German Ballad Book..... (..ho •I 10 1 10 
Digitized by V3 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. iiT 2] July 14/94 

2 50 
8 60 



1 10 

1 00 

2 50 
1 00 


1 50 
1 20 


Simmons* Quftlitatire Analysis si *56 50 

8imp8on*s (J. ) Old Mother Earth ma 80 

090 Composition Subjects ma *15 

8inger*s Model Primary Arithmetic bl 20 

If odel Elementary ** bl 40 

Key to BL 60 

Model Practical Arithmetic bl 90 

Key to bl 75 

Model Mental Arithmetic bl 80 

Skeat's Etymological Dictionary ha 1 26 

MO •2 76 

hf. bd MO«9 85 

Specimens of English Literature.... mo *2 00 

Primer of English Etymology mc ** 

*Sloane*B Lessons in Fractions hb *80 

Smart's Free Gymnastics am *16 

^School Gymnastics am «30 

8mead*s Demosthenes* Philippics am *1 05 

Sophocles* Antigone am *1 fBSi 

Smellie*s Philos. of Natural History th 

Smith's (A.) Wealth of Nations nb 1 76 

pu 125 

Smith's (Asa) Illustrated Astronomy vh *1 05 

Smith*s (B. G. ) Beading and Speaking . . . .hb *70 

Smith's (C.) Elementary Algebra mo *1 21 

Elementary Conic Sections mo *1 76 

»• Solid Geometry mo <« 75 

Treatise on Algebra mo *2 19 

Smith's (C. F.) Thucydides, Book VU 01 *1 60 

Smith's (C. L.) Odes and Epodes of Hor- 
ace ox *♦ 

Smith's (E.) Songs for Li ttle Child'n, pt. 1 .bo 1 45 

pap bo 90 

^Smith's (E. B.) Syntax and Analysis fl 60 

Smith (K F.)Electro-Chemical Analysis. . bl 1 00 

Smith's (E. H.) Latin Selections al 

Smith's (E. P.) Political Economy bd 1 25 

Smith's (F. H.) Algebra db 150 

Blot's Analytical Geometry db 1 80 

Descriptive Geometry, pt. 1 bo *90 

Legendre's ** bq *1 90 

De Fourcy's Trigonometry eg *1 60 

Smith's (G. J.) Synopsis of English and 

American Literature 01 *90 

•Smith's ( H.) Elementary Algebra lm 1 00 

Smith's (H. A.) One-Syllable History of 

Japan ru 1 00 

One-Syllable History of Russia ru 1 00 

Smith's (H. D.) Eng. Gram. Simplified. . . job 40 

Smith's (J. CO National Accountant lt «2 16 

Smith's (L.) French Conv. See Bregy. 

Smith's (M. W.) EngUsh Uterature am *1 20 

Elements of English am <60 

Smith's (R. C.) PracUcal ArithmeUc. . . . u *40 

Key to LI «40 

New Arithmetic li «A8 

Key to LI ♦ftS 

English Oranunar bu *40 

Smith's (T. B ) Studies in Nature and 

Language Lessons hb 60 

Smith's (Walter) Drawing-Books: 

Am. Drawing-Cards. 2 ser ea.PR 15 

Primary Teachers* Manual PR 1 00 

Intermediate, 8 nos ea.PR 15 

** Teachers' Manual. .. pr 1 25 

Freehand, 6 nos ea.pR 25 

Geometrical. 4 nos '' pr 25 

Model and object, 2 nos ** pr 26 

Perspectiye, 8nos •* pr 25 

Smith's (Wm.) French Principla, pt. 1...ha 60 

pt. 2 HA 80 

pt. 8 HA 1 00 

German Princlpia, pt. 1 ha 60 

pt. 2 HA 80 

Italian Princlpia, pt. 1 ha 75 

pt. 2 HA 90 

Princlpia Latina, pt. 1 ha 66 

pt. 2 HA 90 

English-Latin Dictionary ha 4 00 

Smaller Classical Dictionary ha 1 25 

SeealaoAxithon ; Student's Ser. 

Smith's (W. A.) Moral Philosophy am *75 

Smith's (W. B.) Co-ordinate Geometry. . .01 «2 15 2 00 
Smith's (W. LJ Practical Music Reader. . am *40 
Smith's (W. T.) Elementary Physiology 

and Hygiene am *60 

Primer of Phjrsiology and Hygiene., .am ^30 
Smith's C^. W.) Condensed Etymology, .am •SO 

Handbook of Etymology am *00 

Grammar School Speller am *25 

Juvenile Deflner am *20 

Little Speller am •H 

Deflner ^s Manual am *40 

Smith, Hamilton & Legros' French-Eng- 
lish and English-French Diet oh 6 60 

French-Eng. and Eng. French Diet . . . sf 6 00 

in9v ca.sF 8 50 

Smyth's (A. H.) American Literature...BL 90 
N. Y. Regent's ed bl 95 

Snell's Astronomy, etc. Bee Olmsted. 

Sniff's Arithmetical Solutions bj 

Soden's German Grammar ps 

Soldan's (F. L.) Am. 8d German Reader. wr 

Grube's Method (Arithmetic) lr 

Song Wave am 

Songs for To-day. bk 

Sonn's Hebrew Primer . 


1 25 

1 25 





1 00 






10 00 








Sopor's Elocutionary Readings, 2 v . . . ea . dn 

Scrap-Book Recitations, ? nos. .. . " im 

Sophocles' Greek Lexicon 8C 

Somberger's Normal Langbage Lessons, .bi 
Soule& Campbell's Words Often Mispro- 

nounoed lb 

Soule ft Wheeler's First Less'n in Reading lb 

Pronunciation and Spelling lb 

Southwick' Dime Question-Bks., 23 nos.ea.Bi 10 

Short Studies in Literature bl 60 

Key to BL 20 

Southworth's Introduction to Study of 
English literature lh 

Essentials of Arithmetic* Bk. 1 lh 

Southworth A Goddard's Our Language.LH 

pt. 1 LH 

pt. 2 LH 

Composition and Grammar lh 

First Lessons in Language lh 

Spalding's EngUsh Literature am •I 05 

•SpaldinK's Introd. to Botany he ♦90 

Spanhooid's Deutsche Grammatik ho •65 

Speaker's Garland, v. 1-8 ea. oa 1 75 

Spear's (M. A.) Leaves and Flowers hb 'dO 

Preparing to Read hw *60 

Spencer Bros.' New Copy-Books, Nos. 

1-10 dos.AM •oa 

Spencer's (C. P.) First Steps in North 

Carolina History ws 75 

Spencer's (G.) Latin Lessons sh ^72 

Spencer's (J. A.) Greek New Testament, ha 1 00 

aee Arnold, T. K. 

Spencerlan Copy-Books, Tracing Ser., 

4 nos '. dox.AM •TS 

Shorter Course, 7 nos " am •72 

Common School Ser., 14 nos ** am •96 

Exeroise-Bks., A and B *' am •96 

•Common-School Course, nos. 8 

and 11, Business ser do^.AM •OO 

New Compendium of Penmanship, 8 

pts ea.AM *60 

Text and Plates in 1 V am 6 00 

Theory of Penmanship, pap am •IS 

Key to Penmanship am •I 06 

Spiers^ English-French Dictionary 01 ^4 85 

French-English Dictionary 01 ^4 85 

Spiers & Surenne's French Diet., 8" ap 5 00 

Abridged,12«> ap 1 50 

Spiess A Seiffert's Greek Grammar pt 1 25 

Greek and English Exercises ft 1 25 

Spooner's Practical Geometry ga 1 50 

Sprague's (H. B.) Masterpieces in Eng- 
lish Literature lr •I 65 

Milton's Comus lr *^ 

Shakespeare's Hamlet si •SS 

*' Merchant of Venice.. . .si •ed 

'» Macbeth. si ^66 

•Julius Caesar si 55 

Sel. from Milton, etc oi •Se 

** ** Irving's Sketch-Book pn 50 

Sprague's ( J. D. ) Rapid Addition oi •lO 

Spreohen Sie Deutsch ? ho ^43 

Bulger's Hints for German Conversation.CH 85 

Lehrfragen ch 1 25 

Stahl's Versions, Erster Theil sr 60 

Zweiter Theil sr 60 

Stamm's First German Reader . . . . , wr 85 

Second '* ** wr 50 

Stammer's Chemical Problems bl 75 

Standard Elementary Arithmetic ss 

Complete Arithmetic as 

Key to Standard Arithmetics ss 

1st Reader ss 

2d " ss 

8d " 88 

4th ": 8S 

5th " 88 

Pronouncing Speller ss 

Standard Drawing-Books, small dot .am •I 00 

medium *• am •I 80 

large " am •! 60 

Standard Supplementary Readers: 

1st, Easy Steps for Little Feet am •25 

2d, Golden Bk. of Choice Reading. . . .am <60 

8d, Book of Tales am •eo 

4th, Readings in Nature's Book am •66 

5th, Seven American Classics am •eO 

6th, '' British Classics am •SO 

Stanley's (A. D.) Table of Logarithms. . . .pb 2 60 
Spherical Geometry and Trigonome- 
try PB 76 


1 SO 




July 14, '94 INo, 1172] 

The Publisher^ Weekly. 


starkweather's Aid to Eng. Grammar. • . .bi 60 

8tebbiDer*8 MUton^s FaradTBe Lost u fl6 

Btabbins* Delsarte System wb 2 00 

Socie^ Gymmutics wb 100 

8teele*s (G. H.) Political Economy hu 00 

Steele^s (G. M.) Rudimentary Psychol- 
ogy LH 

Rudimentary Economics. lb 

*Rudimentai7 Ethics lh 

8teele*s (J. D.) New Descriptive Astron- 
omy AM ♦! 00 

14 Weeks in Botany am n 00 

14 Weeks in Chemistry am *1 00 

Popular Chemistry am *1 00 

14 Weeks in Geology am *1 00 

14WeeksinPhUosophy,oldsd am *1 00 

Popular Physics am ♦! 00 

14 weeks in Physiology am *1 00 

Hygienic Physiology am *\ 00 

abridged am ♦SO 

14 Weeks In ZoWogy am *1 00 

Popular Zo51ogy am •I 30 

Key to Sciences, 14 Weeks Ser am n 00 

New Key (Manual of Science) am *1 00 

•Stelger's Conmiercial German Reader. . st 50 

Stelger's Colloquial Ger. Method, No. 1..8T *S0 

" " 2..8T «45 

" " »• 8..BT *46 

•" " »• 4. .ST *fiO 

8teiger*s Colloquial German Method, First 

Course (Nos. 1, 2.) st •OS 

Second Course (Nos. 8, 4) st ♦SS 

Complete (Nos. 1-4) st *1 76 

Steiger*s Kindergarten Designs, 18 nos.ea.8T 80 

Tftblet Laying st 00 

Painting ST 

Stein*s(^rman Exercises oi Md 

Stephens* School History of U. Sn re^* • • 'DV 1 60 

HL 160 

Steppmg-Stone to Arithmetic sa 20 

Stepping-Stone to English Grammar sa 20 

Bt^pinff-Stooe to Geography sa 20 

Sterling's Southern Primer, pap dos.BT 90 

bds ** BT 108 

Southern Pictorial Primer " bt 2 40 

Elementary Spelling-Book ** bt 1 00 

1st Reader bt 20 

ad *» BT 40 

8d " BT 60 

4th " BT 76 

6th *' BT 100 

Little Orator bt 60 

Southern Orator bt 160 

Copy-BookfL 9 nos dot. bt 100 

Stem*s Select (ierman Comedies ho 

P T.. var. prices, •28c.-«Q8c., a5c.-S6c. ea.] 

Stodien und Plaudereien, 1st Ser ho *1 20 

2d Ser Hon 80 

Stem ft Meras* Etude ProgressiTe ho ♦I 29 

Sterne's Constitutional History of U. S ..fu 1 96 
Stevens' (F.H.) Euclid's Elements, Bk.ll . .MO 

Stevens' Lyslas' Select Orations or *1 26 

Stewart's (B.) Elementary Physics mg *1 21 

Stewart's (D.) Philosophy (Walker) bu n 26 

Stewarts (8. T.) Plane and Solid Geom- 
etry AM ♦! 12 

— *Keyto AMn 12 

Stewart ft (3ee's Elem. Physics, v. 1 mo *1 65 

V. 2 MO ♦2 48 

V.8 MO « 

Practical Physics, pt. 1 mo 00 

Btickney's (A) Cicero oeNaturaDeorum.ei *1 66 

Cioero ae Offldis ha 1 60 

Cicero Pro Cluentio al 

Caceronis CatoMaior et Laelius ha 1 00 

Stickney's (J. H.) Child's Book of Lan- 

guage,4nos ea.AM ^ 

Teacher's ed am <80 

Letters and Less, in Lang., 4 nos. .ea.AM *16 

No. 6, Grammar am ""WS 

Studies in Language am *20 

Primer oi ♦a 

NewlstReader 01 ««) 

•* 2d »• 01 HO 

" 8d *♦ OI •60 

•• 4th *» 01 •eo 

**• 6th " : 01 no 

Word by Word, pt. 1, Primary 01 ♦22 

pt. 2, Advanced 01 •28 

Teacher^ ed ox «40 

Stickney ft Peabody's First Weeks at 

School 01 •12 

StUle's Medieval History u *1 44 

Stil well's (L.) Exercises in Analysis and 

Parsing kw 26 

Lessons on the Human Body mt •45 

StOckhardt's Chemistry bu *1 7K 

Stoddard's (J.F.) Pictorial PrimaryArith.SH •20 
Juvenile Mental Arithmetic bh •lO 

1 00 
1 00 
1 00 



1 18 

1 10 

•88 80 

1 10 


1 40 


Stoddard's (J. F.) New InteUectual AHth- 

metic BH •86 

Methods and Key to bh •SO 

Rudiments of Arithmetic sh •SO 

New Practical Arithmetic bh •OS 

Key to bh ♦I 00 

Complete Arithmetic bh •fiO 

Key to SH ♦! 00 

Old Praotleal Arithmetic sh •OO 

Key to SH •OO 

School Arithmetic bh •56 

Stoddard's (J. T.) Lecture Notes on Chem- 
istry, v 1, Non-Metals AM •TO 

V.2, Metals am •I 00 

Outlinee of (Qualitative Analysis am •TO 

Stone's Essentials of Arithmetic bh 00 

Stone's (A. P.) History of England th 

Stone's (C. W.) Forms of the French Verb . sf 1 00 

Storer and Lindsay's Element.Chemlstry.AM *• 

Storm's (JO French Dialogues. MO ^2 21 

Storme's (GT.) Select German Stories cm 00 

Storme'sJT.) Ea^ German Reading bo •SO 

Storr's Irench Syntax hb •OO 

Story's U.S. Constitution ha 90 

StoweU's (C. H.) A Primer of Health bi ^40 

A Healthy Body .* si •OO 

Essentials of Health si •M 

Stowell's <T. B.) Physiology bi 1 00 

Strack's Hebrew Grammar, new ed wm 1 80 

Strang's Exercises in English bb •SO 

StrawTi (D. A.) Expression and Physical 

Drill AB 

Strickland's Queens. 5m Student's. 

Stronach's Simple Hist. Eng. Lit kb 75 

Stubbs' Constit. Hist, of Eng. 8 v «a.MC ^2 80 

Stuckenberg's Introd. to Study of Philo6.AR 1 50 
Students* Series of English Classics, vari- 
ous prices LH 

Student's Series of Histories: 

•Bury's Roman Empire ha 1 60 

C'Ox's (general History of Greece. ... ha 1 26 

*• School '• »* ** ....HA 00 

Gibbon's Roman Empire ha 125 

Hallam's Middle Ages ha 1 26 

" Constit. Hist, of England.. ha 125 

Hume's History of England ha 1 50 

Jervis' ** "France ha 126 

Lewis' ** "Germany ha 160 

Liddell's " "Rome ha 125 

Lodge's Modem Europe ha 1 60 

Menvale's General Hist, of Rome . .ha 1 25 

" Smaller " " ...ha 75 

Bawlinson's Ancient History ha 1 25 

Smith's Ancient History of East ha 1 25 

" History of Greece ha 126 

^ Ecclesiastical History pt 1 ... ha 1 50 

" -pt. 2 HA 150 

" New Testament History ha 1 25 

♦» Old " " HA 1 26 

" Smaller Anc. Hist. East ha 00 

" •* History of England.. HA 00 

** " " Greece.... HA 00 

•• " »* Rome.... HA 00 

" *» Scripture History... HA 60 

Strickland's Queens of England ra 1 25 

Students' Classic French Plays, 3 v. .ea. ho •I 08 

9 v., pap "HO ^23 

Classic (Serman Plays ho 

[10 ^Mjar. prices, ■•Q2c.-*63o., 80c.- 

Schlller's Wallenstein, complete ho *1 00 

Students' Series of Latin Classics, 10 v . . lh •• 

Sturtevant's Economics pu 1 75 

Sullivan's English Grammar be 25 

Spelling-Book Superseded sa 80 

Sull/s Ouflines of Psychology ap 300 

Teacher's Handbook, of Psychology. ap 1 60 

Summary of American History am •SO 

Sumner's Problems in Political Econ bo •! 06 

Super's Preparatory French Reader hb •SS 

Super's Reaaings from French Hist al 

SuplOe's Handbook of Civil Gov., new ed.BL 90 

Trench on Words ar •I 00 

new rev. ed ab 100 

5ee also Trench. 
Sutton ft Kimbrough's Pupils' Arithme- 
tics : 

Primary Book hb •22 

Intermediate Book hb «90 

Lower Book hb ♦45 

Higher Book hb •TO 

Swazey's (gymnastic Elxercises bo 15 

Sweeny's Natural Science Note-Book, No. 

1, Mineralogy lv ^26 

Sweet's (H.) Anglo-Saxon Reader mc ^2 81 

2d Anglo-Saxon Reader mc •! 21 

New English Grammar mo •2 86 

Short Hbtorical English Grammar.. bc *1 88 

Swett's Common School Readings am •O^ 



1 10 





2 00 
1 50 

1 00 



1 20 

1 00 


1 00 

1 00 
1 00 


2 10 
1 10 
1 25 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

[No. ii'j2]/ufy 14, '94 

Swett's Normal Word-Book uc <80 

School Elocution am *1 26 

8wlft*B Natural Philoflophy, pt. 1 br 40 

pt.2 BR 46 

S wiDefonTs Literature for Begrinners . . . rb 75 60 

S wintoii*8 Introductory Geography ak *66 

Orammar-School ^' am *1 25 

Primary •* »* am *64 

Elementary '* am *80 

Complete " am *1 30 

Btudiee in English Literature ha 1 20 

Ist Lesson in Our Oountry*s History . am *48 

Condensed U. 8. History am *90 

School History of United States am •W 

OuUlnes of History am ♦! 44 

Primer am ♦l* 

Primer and 1st Reader am *25 

IstReader am •18 

2d " AM <85 

Id •• AM -eo 

4th •* AM •fle 

6th " AM ♦» 

6th or Classic En^rlish Reader am *1 06 

AdTanced 1st Reader am «25 

•» sd •* AM *S6 

8d " AM •eo 

•• 4th •♦• ^M •fle 

Word Primer jlm •IS 

" BookorSpeUer am *18 

Word Analysis .am •XO 

New Word Analysis am *95 

Lansruage Primer am •28 

" Lessons am •88 

New English Grammar am ^66 

School Composition. am •68 

New English Qrammar and Comp — am •76 
Model Bbnk, No. 4 (Etymol. Spelling), 

docAM •! 60 
No.5(Test Spelling) '' am *1 60 

" 6 (Pronunciation) " am •! 60 

'• 7 (Synonym WHtlng).. . . " am •I 25 

" 8(rioots,etc.) **AM*2 25 

Symes* Political Economy ln 90 

Symonds^ Elements of U. S. Hist nr CO 

Symonds* Elements of Arithmetic hw •SO 

Algebra hw ^75 

English Grammar hw ^6 

U.S.Hlstory hw •SO 

Geography hw •! 00 

Questions to each hw •SO 

Tablet Series: Algebra Tablets, 8 noe.dos. am •I 60 

Answers to am •S 

Language Tablets, IS nos dos. am *90 

Manual to am •SS 

Language Spelling Tablets, nos. 1-3. 

dos.AM •OO 

Number Tablets, A »* am •45 

Arlth..noe.l-12. *» AM *9Q 

- Answers to am •IS 

Tafel's German-English Pocket Diet ko 1 00 60 

Eng.-Ger. and Ger.-Eng. Diet bt 1 00 

Taine*s English Literature ho •! 90 1 00 

Condensed ho •! 55 1 40 

Talt*s Analysis of English History mg •I 10 1 00 

Tarbell*s Lessons In Langusge, Bk. 1 gi •SO 40 

Bk.2. 01 ^70 60 

Demosthenes' Philippics 01 •I 10 1 00 

Tauchnltz* Greek and Latin Classics wm 

Taucbnitz's French, German, and Italian 

Dictionaries ea. .so 80 

•Taylor^s Drawing and Design mo 80 

Taylor's Model School History sr 80 

Taylor's (B.) German Literature pa 200 

Hl8t<n*y of Germany ap 150 

Taylor's (L) Words and Places mo •! 76 1 60 

Taylor's (J. M.) Differential and Integral 

Calculus 01 •I 80 

College Algebra al 1 50 

•Academic Algebra al 1 00 

Teatro Espafiol, t. 1 jm 15 

Tenney's (L. M.) Pocket Gem Pronounc- 
ing Dictionary by so 

Tenney's (8.) Geology bu '1 25 

Tenney's (S. & A. A.) Natural History of 

Animals am •I 20 

Elements of ZoOlogy am *1 60 

Manual of ** am ^2 00 

Tenney's (Mrs.) Young Folks* Pictures 

and Stories of Animals, 6 v . . . .ea. lb 80 

Tetlow's Inductive Latin Lessons 01 •! 26 1 19 

♦^Eneld,Bk.8 01 •SO 45 

Teubner's Greek and Latin Classics wm 

Thalheimer's History of E^land am *1 00 

General History, rev .am •! 90 

Eastern Monarchies am •SO 

Hlstoryof Greece am •SO 

'* Rome AM •SO 

Ancient History am •I 00 

Medieval and Modem History am •I 60 

Thayer's Gr.-Bng. New Test. Lexicon., .ba 5 00 

Thtttre Contemporain, 20 T ea.jR 25 

Theatre for Toung Folks, 7 t " jm 10 

Thleme-Preusser's Ger.-Eng. Diet bf 2 60 

Eng.-Ger. and Ger.-Eng. Diet wm 4 96 

^-- BT 495 

Thomas* New Model Writing Tablets, 2 

nos doz.BE 60 

New Model Practice Tablets, Pencil 

Ser., 2nos doz.wz 60 

•Thomas' (A. C.) History of the United 

StatM HE*ir» 

Thomas' (C. T.) Practical German Gram- 
mar HO •• 

Thomas* (J.) Etymology 10 75 

Thomas* (J. P.) Writing Spelling Blanks, 

Nos. land 2. ea. dor.HP S» 

Thomas* (S. A.) Book-Keeping, Single 

Entry fb 

Double Entry pb 

Key to Book-Keeping PR 

Thome s Structural and Physiological 

Botany wi 2 00 

Thompson*s (A. B.) Victoria History of 

England an 2 00 

Questions to ru 1 00 

Thompson (E.) See Freeman. 
Thompson*s (G. H.) Excelsior Penman- 
ship, nos dos.oo 80 

Thompson's (L. S.) Industrial Drawing, 7 
1st ser.. Primary Free Hand. . ..dos.HB •! 20 
9d *' Advanced Free Hand.. ** hb •! 80 

8d ** Model and Object '* hr 2 00 

4th ** ^Esthetic *' hb ♦! 76 

•5th" Mechanical " hb •2 25 

Manual Training. 2 bks ea.HR •OO 

Thompson*s (R. E.) Political Economy . .wr •I 00 
Thompson's (S.) Electricity and Magnet- 

ism.. MG •I 88 

Thompson's (W.) Laws of Thought bh •I 54 

Thomson's (J. B.) Mental Arithmetic . . . . mt ^20 

Rudiments of Arithmetic mt •28 

Arithmetical Analysis mt •36 

Practical Arithmetic mt •OO 

Key to MT •60 

New Illustrated Table-Book mt •aO 

»• Rudlmentslof Artthmetic mt •40 

•• Practical »* mt •72 

Key to MT •TO 

New Mental Arithmetic mt ^25 

Complete Intellectual Arithmetic . . . mt •SS 

First Lessons In Arithmetic mt •Ol 

Complete Graded " mt ^72 

Key to MT ♦72 

Commercial Arithmetic mt •I 06 

Key to MT *1 06 

New Practical Algebra mt •I 06 

Key to MT •I 06 

Thomson & Talt's Nat. Philosophy, pt. ^4 96 

pt.2 MO««60 

Thornton's (G.H.) Modem Stenographer .AM •I 00 

Phonographic Cony-Books dos.AM ^2 60 

Thornton's (J.) Elem. Physiography ur 80 

Thorpe's (F. N.) Govt, of the People rl 1 00 

•Course in Civil Government rl 80 

•Civil Government of Penn bl 60 

•Government of U. S . and Penn bl 1 00 

Thorpe's Stoiy of the Constitution of the 

U. 8 HU 60 

Thorpe's (J. E.) Inorg. Chem., 2 y ea. pu 1 00 

Thorpe's (T. B.) Quant. Chem. Analysis, .wi 1 60 
Thorpe & Muir's Qual. Chem. Analysis. . . ur 1 26 

Thousand Questions In U. 8. History bi 1 00 

Thrall's History of Texas uv •74 

Thring's Elements of Grammar oa 1 00 

Thurber's Vocab. to Iliad, 1-6 al 

Ticknor's Table-Book doM.u *3^ 

Tidd's (A. L.) Outline of Physiology ifo 90 

Tigert's Handbook of Logic so 100 

Tilden's (W. A.) Chemical Philosophy. 1 26 

with Answers ln 1 SO 

Practical Chemistry lk 45 

Tllden's (J.N.) Grammar School Geog- 
raphy lh •• 

Tllden's (W. 8.) Choice Trios ne 1 00 

Grammar School Choir ne 60 

Welcome Chorus ne 00 

Musical Guide th 

Common School Song Reader, bds. . . .01 ^45 

TUllnghast's Little Diadem im ^96 

Diadem of School Songs bi 50 

Timayenis' .SSaop^B Fables al 

Contes Tirte de Shakespeare so 

Tocqueville's American Institutions al 

Todd and Powell. See Normal Reading 
Course. ^_^ 

Todhunter's Algebra {^r^r^t^Y^ ^ 

Digitized by VriOOV^lC 


1 12 

1 00 

1 00 
1 60 
1 76 

1 50 

2 00 

1 25 

1 28 

4 60 
6 00 





1 ao 

1 00 
1 20 

1 80 

July 14, '94[A^(7. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Todbuiiter*t AJgebr* for BegiDoers mg *83 76 

Differential Calculus mg *2 80 2 eo 

Inte«rrai •» mg «2 88 2 80 

EucUd MO •99 90 

Plane 0(M>rdixiate Geometry mo *1 08 180 

Mechanics for Be^nners. mo *1 21 1 10 

Nat.PWloe. •• " pt. 1 mo •99 90 

pt. 2 MO •OO 90 

Plane Trigonometry mo •! 43 1 90 

Trigonometry fcnr Beginners. mo •08 80 

T6dhunter ft Hogg^s Plane Trigonometry. MO •! 21 1 10 
Tolmle^ Learner^ Guide to Book-keeping .pi 80 18 

Tomlins* Children's Songs D8 80 

Teachers* ed ds 76 

Tomlinson^s Manual of Latin Granunar. . .01 •SO 

Latin for Sight Reading 01 *1 00 

Tommy's First Speaker ho 60 

pap HO 26 

Tooke^s Pantheon of Heathen Gkxls on 1 26 94 

Torrev*8 Milton's Paradise Lost. hm 1 00 

Torry s Instruction in Shorthand rw 1 00 

Tower^ Common School Grammar lb 80 

Elements of English " lb 80 

Gradual Lessons In ** lb 72 

First Steps (Articulatloo) lb 80 

Tower ft Tweed's Grammar of Composi- 
tion LB 40 

Towle's (G. M.) Nation in a Nutshell, bds. lb 80 

Toung People's England, '*^ lb 80 

»• ♦• Ireland, " lb 80 

Towle's (J. A.) Plato's Protagoras 01 •40 

with notes 01 •! 88 1 25 

Town's New Speller and Deflner ar •24 20 

Old SpeUing-Book, ar ^24 20 

Analysis ar •dS 48 

1st Reader ar •19 18 

2d »' AR ^47 40 

8d »• AR ^70 80 

4th *• AR^112 98 

6th •* AR^117 100 

Grammar School Reader ar •! 12 90 

Town ft Holbrook's Progressive Primer, wh •IS 16 

Progressive Ist Reader wh ^24 20 

" 2d »• WH ^42 86 

'* Intermediate Reader... WH «68 46 

8d Reader wh •<» 60 

4th " WH •W 80 

*• 6th »» WH •! 06 90 

*• Speaker wh *1 06 90 

"* Speller and Deflner wh ^24 20 

Towne's Primary Arithmetic mo 26 20 

Mental Arithmetic mo 86 27 

Intermediate Arithmetic mo 46 88 

Practical '* mo 76 00 

Keyto ".MO 86 07 

Algebra mo 100 88 

Kevto MO 100 88 

Townsend's (0.) Analysis of Civil Gtovem- 

ment am *\ 08 

Shorter Course In Civil Govemment.A]l ^ ^72 

Analysis of Letter-WriUng am •] 06 

Commercial Law am*240 

Townsend's (J. L.) Arith. Examples: 

Primary sit 16 

Intermediate on 20 

Granunar School 8N 86 

Answers to SN 26 

Questions in Geography x» 20 

•^-> Answers to sn 26 

Questions in Grammar SN 80 

Tracy's (R. 8.) Anatomy and Physiology.AM •! 00 

Trainer^ How to Study History fl 1 00 

Trail's Popular Physiology rw 1 00 

Treat's Home Studies in Nature am ^90 

Treselles' Gesenius* Hebrew Lexicon . . . . wi 6 00 

Heads of Hebrew Grammar wi 80 

Hebrew Reading Lessons wi 112 

Trench's English Past and Present mo *1 10 1 00 

Stody^Words Mo •! 10 1 00 

AR^lOO 100 

Sot crfto Suplee. 

Trimble's (E. Jj Handbook of lit bl 1 40 

Short Course in Literature bl 1 10 

Trobridge's Principles of Perspective . . . . oa 2 50 

•Troeger*s Science Book 8B ms» 60 

Trotter*s New Geography hk •• 

Trowbridge*s (J.) New Pbvsics am •! 20 

Trowbridge's (O. R.) Civil GovMmnent of 

Illinois FL 76 

Truan's Les Grands ^ri valns Fran9ais . . jb 1 60 

Tme^s Elements of Logic hu 40 

True ft Dickinson's Our Republic lh 84 

Tuckerman's(A.L^Hist.of Architecture.BO 1 60 

Tuokerman^s (E.) Genera Lichenum . . . . wd 8 00 2 70 

North American Lichens wd 8 60 8 16 

•Tuell's (H.) and Fowler's (H. N.) First 

BookinLatin lh 100 

TueU's (H.) and Snyder's (H.) First Bk. 

in Latin lh •• 

Tuft^s Questions on Geography sb 25 

Questions on Greece Km 26 

** ** Rome SB 26 

Child Life in Song si •06 00 

Ae Cecilian Series of Study and Song. 
Tufts ft Holt, a&t Normal Music. 

Turner's Primer and 1st Reader 01 ^24 80 

Stories for Toung Children o« ^24 20 

Tweed's Grammar School Speller lb 20 

Grammar for Common Schools lb 30 

Graded Suppl. Reader, 12 pte dot. lb 00 

lst,fid,and ad Year, 3pts..ea.LB 20 

Twisden's Practical Mechanics vs 3 50 

Theoretical Mechanics lm 2 75 

Tyler's (H. M.) Selections from Greek 

Lyric Poets. 01 •! 10 1 00 

Tyler*s (M. C.) American Literature pu 8 00 

English Literature oh ^2 40 

Tyler's(W.S.)Demosthenes*OntheCrownAL 1 20 

Demosthenes^ Olynthiacs al 70 

and PhiUppios al 120 

Demosthenes* nulippics al 80 

Plato's Apology and Crito am •! 06 

T^itus' Histories am •] 22 

^* Germania and Agricola am •87 

Homer*s niad. Books 10^ ha 160 

Tyrwhitt's Our Sketching Club bo 2 60 

lytler*s Musical Composers ro 160 

Modem Painters ro 1 60 

Old Masters ro 1 60 

Underbill's New Table-Book, pap co ^4 3 00 •a 

Underwood's (F. H.) American Authors, lb 2 00 

British Authors lb 2 00 

Underwood's (L. M.) Systematic Plant 

Record bi 80 

Our Native Ferns bo •! 08 1 00 

Union Series, Physiology and Health : 

No. 1, Primary bu ^24 

No. 2, Intermediate bu •SO 

N0.8, Advanced bu •OO 

United States Primer ^ 9 00 

«« IstReader am •IS 

'» »* 2d •* AM •M 

*• '» 8d •' AM •88 

•• *' 4th ** AM «48 

•• - 6th »* AM •60 

•• " 0th »• AM •flO 

Universal Spellinir Book ki 10 

Unterhaltungs Bibliothek ho 

[var. prices, ♦22c.-*66o., 20c.-60c. «o.J 

Un win's Exercises in Wood-Working ln 1 60 

Upham's Mental Philosophy, abridged. . ha 1 00 

Valentine's Inorganic Chemistry Ptf 76 

Van Daell's Leander's Mftrchen hb ^27 26 

•Introd. to the French Language gi 110 110 

•Preparatory German Reader 01 ^45 40 

Practical French Grammar oi *• 

VandenhoflTs Art of Elocution lo 200 100 

Van derSmissen's Grimm's Mftrchen... HB •TO ^ 

HauflTs Das Kalte Hers hb •TO 0) 

Schiller's Der Taucher hb ^12 10 

Van der Smissen ft Fraser's Ger. Gram. . am •! 26 

Van Laun's French Literature Pu 860 

Vannier 's French Spelling and Pronun . . . lo 60 40 

Van Tress* Key to Harvey ^s False Sy ntax jco 60 

VanVelzer and Slichter's School Algebra.TR 1 00 80 

Logarithmic Tables, bds tr 76 06 

" " book-form tr 80 .24 

Higher Algebra tr 1 50 1 80 

University Algebra tr 2 00 1 80 

Van Wie's Outlines and Questions in U. 

S. History bi 15 

Vamey's Brief History of Maine mm 1 25 1 OO 

Veasie's Music Primer. 01 •& 

Fbur-Part Song Reader 01 ^47 40 

•School Singer oi •OO 50- 

Velasquez's New Spanish Reader ap 1 26 

Spanish Dictionary, 8* ap 5 00 

Abrid^,i:^ AP 160 

Btt alto Ollendorff. 

Venable's (C. S.) First Lees, in Numbers. un •SI 18 

Intermediate Arithmetic un ^42 30 

Practical " un ♦74 04 

Mental " un •SS 28 

Key to Arithmetics un •OO 00 

New Elementary Arithmetic un ^40 40 

New Practical " un <70 05 

Easy Algebra un •Od 00 

High School Algebra un •! 16 1 00 

Keyto UN •SI 70 

Legendre's Geometry un •I 01 1 40 

Noteson ** un •I 15 100 

Introduction to Modem Geometry . . .un 85 SO 

Venable's (W. H.) U. S. History am •85 

Vibbert's Hebrew Text Reader dr 100 

Viokroy's Circles in Engli^ Grammar. .as 00 48 

in 4 pU «L AS 16 12; 

Elements of Grammar (.. . wr ^•SO 

Digitized by VJOi^ 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. iiT 2] July 14, '94 

Vlckroy's Complete Course In Grammar . wr •W 

Jdementary Eo^Liah Grammar as 8S 

Vletor'8 German Pronunciation wm 80 

Vincent A Joy*8 Outline Hist, of Greece. . hu 60 

Outline History of Rome bu 70 

Vin^t*s Spanish Reader lo 100 

♦Vines' Text-book of Botany no 800 

See aUo Ollendorff. 

Vlri Romse bu •SO 

Vocal Selections for Hi«rh Schools cr 75 

Vogdes* United States Arithmetic fo 70 

pt. 1 ID 40 

Key to ID 40 

Mensuration and Geometry wo 125 

pt.l fo 50 

•• Key to fo 76 

Vogdes A Alsop's Practical Arithmetic. . lo 86 

Answers to fo 20 

Voltaire's Charles XH., 18» u ♦46 

♦Von Kleuze's Deutsche Gedichte bo 

Vose*s Geometrical Drawing ls 

Vuibert's Ancient History. . ^ mu 150 

♦Vy vyan*8 Analytical Geometry, pt. 1 mo 50 

Waddy's Elemen. Comp. and Rnetoric. .am ♦I 00 

Wagner's Plato's Phaedo al 

Plato's Apology and Crlto al 

Waites' Forgotten Meanings ub 60 

Historical Student's Manual lb 75 

Waldo's DescriptlTe Geometry hb *tt 

Walker'sJA.) Science of Wealth li ♦I 08 

Walker (F. A.). See American Sci. Ser. 

Walker's (J.) Dictionary Kt 76 

Walker's (Jerome) Anatomy, Physiology, 

and Hygiene al 

Health Lessons am ^48 

Walker's (W.) Handbook of Drawing ... .so 1 76 
Walker A Jenks' Songs and Games for 

LitUeOnes ds 2 00 

Wall's (A.) Outlines of English History, .as 1 00 

Wallace's CasseU's Euclid oa 50 

♦Walsh's Mathemathics for Common 

Walter's Classic French Letters ho ♦♦ 

Schools, pt.l HB ^46 

• pt. 2 BB ^46 

♦ pt. 3 HB ♦85 

Walton's Arithmetical Table per 100.8H n 20 

Keyto,pt.l SB ^28 

•• " pt.2 SH ^40 

Primary Arithmetic sh ♦IS 

Intellectual Arithmetic sh ♦SO 

Practical ** «b ♦(» 

Key sa ♦IS 

Manual and Key sb «54 

Written Arithmetic sh ♦SO 

Key to SB *B0 

Walton & Cogswell's Arith. Problems. . .sb ♦IS 

with Key sb ^54 

Ward's (E. G.) Grammar Blank, Noe. 1, 2. 

dos.AM ♦OO 
Letter and Business Forms, 1, 2. . .ea.AM ♦lO 

NOS.M »* AM ♦IS 

Ward's (R. H.) Plant Organization, bds. .01 *B6 
Ward's (T. H.) Eiiglish ftets, 4 v... . ** mo ♦I 10 

Warman's Physical Training bo 1 00 

Practical OrthoGpy ho 2 00 

Reading, Reciting, and Impersonat- 
ing BO 1 00 

Gestures and Attitudes lb 3 00 

Human Voice lb 200 

Readings and Recitations bo ♦♦ 

Wame's Bacon's Essays wn 76 

Collegre Atlas wn 260 

Warren's (D. M.) Primary Geography. . . .bu ♦SO 
New Common School *' ... .bu ♦I 12 

Physical Geography bu ♦I 85 

New PhyslcalGeography bu ♦I 60 

** Brief Course In Geography bu ♦! 00 

Geography Question-Book bu *S4 

Warren (Mrs. D. M.) Manual of 60 

Reading Selections lo 100 

Warren's (F. M.) French Literature bb *86 

Warren's (M. A.) Class Word Speller sb ♦IS 

Warren's (S-^E.) Indus. Sci. Drawing : 

Free-hand Geometrical Drawing wi 1 00 

Drafting Instruments wi 1 26 

Projection Drawing wi 1 50 

Linear PerspecUye wi 1 00 

Plane Problems in Elem. (Geometry . . wi 1 26 

Descriptive Geometry wi 2 60 

Primary Geometry.. wi 75 

Shades and Shadows wi 800 

Shadows and PerspectiTe wi 8 60 

Problems In Linear Perspective wi 8 60 

Washbume's' Early English literature.. pu 1 80 

Washinjg^ton Primer <ios.8o 40 

Waters^Eng. Grammar. See Cobbett. 
Watson's (H. W.) Plane and Solid Geom- 
etry LN 1 25 

Watson's (J.) Phonograph Instructor . . . . pu 2 00 


1 10 




1 20 


1 00 

Watson's (J. M.) Independent Ser.: 

Primary Reader am ♦IS 

1st Reader am ♦IS 

2d Reader am ♦SS 

8d " AM ♦SO 

4th " AM ♦OS 

cloth AM KO 

6th Reader am ♦OO 

6th »• AM ♦I 00 

Complete Speller am ♦ao 

Elementary SpelUng-Book. am ♦IS 

Graphic Speller am ^20 

Child's Speller In Script am ♦]& 

Youth's SpeUer In Script am ♦SS 

Calisthenics and Gynmastics sr 2 00 

Manual of Calisthenics sr 1 20 

Watts* (J.) On the Mind (FeUows) am ♦SO 

— —(Emerson) wa ♦aS 

Watts' (W. M.) Organic Chemistry pu 60 

Wavelet, The am ♦SS 

Wayland's Intellectual Philosophy sb ♦! 28 

Moral Science sb ♦! 28 

Abridged sb HS 

Political Economy sb ♦I 28 

Webb's (A. C.) Model Deflner. new ed kl 82 

Model Etymology, new ed kl 52 

old ed BL 46 

Manual of Etymology bl 76 

Webb's (C. R. Beresford) (Serman Histor- 
ical Reader BO ♦OB 

Webb's (J. R.) Model 1st Reader sr ^86 

Model2d Reader sr ^42 

" 8d " SR ♦OS 

'* 4th and 6th Readers sr ♦I 08 

New Model 1st Reader sr ♦SS 

" WordMethod am ^24 

Word Method, new ed ul 30 

Weber's Universal History wa *i 07 

Webster's Academic Dictionary am ♦I 60 

Amer. People's Diet, and Manual ... .am ^48 

Common School Dictionary am ♦TS 

Condensed ** «am ♦I 44 

Counting-House ** am *2 40 

Handy " .am ♦IS 

HighSchod ** AM ♦08 

Pocket " cl AM ^67 

roan flex jlm •W 

»* tucks AM ♦TS 

Practical Dictionary am ♦SO 

Primary ** am ^48 

National Pictorial Octavo Diet mb 6 00 

International Dictionary mb 10 00 

Elementary Speller <ios.AM *90 

Speller and Deflner mo 25 

♦Weeks' Exercises in Euclid mc 60 

Well's Order of Words 01 ♦I 12 

Weineck's (O.) German Conversation 

Gnunmar, rev. ed oh 1 10 

Welch's (A. S.) Analysis of English Sen- 
tence AM *00 

Talks oh Psychology kb ♦SO 

Welch's (E. A.) Intermediate Arithmetic 

Problems bi 75 

Keyto BI 60 

Welch^ Manual of Gymnastics hw ♦26 

♦Welch's & Duffleld's Latin Bight Trans- 
lation MO 40 

Weld's Latin Lessons and Reader bg 1 26 

Revised Parsing-Book bg 81 

Weld & Quackenbos' English Grammar.30 1 18 

(Norton's) bo 1 18 

♦Weld's (L. G.) Short Course in the Theory 

of Determinants mo 1 00 

Wells* Plane Geometry lb 

Plane and Solid (Seometry lb 

♦New Plane and Solid Geometry lb 

Solid (3eometry lb 

Geometry and Trigonometry. . . j — lb 

Academic Algebra lb 

University " lb 

Trigonometry lb 

with l^bles LH 

Essentials of Trigonometry lb 

with Tables lb 

Plane Trigonometry lb 

Logarithms lb 

Logarithmic Tables, flex lb 

Pocket ed lb 

Four-Place Tables lh 

New Six-Place Tables lb 

College Algebra lb 

Higher •• lb 

♦Academic Arithmetic lb 

Wells' (B. W.) Schiller's Jungfrau von 

Orleans bb ♦66 

Wells* (C. R.) Natural Movement Series 

of Writing, nos. 1-2 <ios.Bi 84 

3-6 dos.Bi 00 

Manual of the Movement Method bi 26 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 





1 80 









1 08 

1 60 

1 15 












1 00 


Julyi^, '^^\No. 1 172] 

The Publishers* Weekly. 



1 n 

1 60 

Wells* (D.A.) Natural Philosophy: am •! 16 

Principles of Chemistry uc *1 16 

SdeDce of Common ThiD^ ^m *86 

Wells* (8. R.) Pope*s Essay on Man fw 26 

Wells* (W. H.) dhorter Course in Qram- 

mar and Composition am *96 

Welsh*s (A. H.) Complete Rhetoric si *1 26 1 18 

Essentials of English si *1 00 90 

English Masterpiece Course si *83 76 

Lessons in Enfflish Orammar si *(r7 00 

First Lessons In English si 64 48 

English Literature. Univ. ed or *8 00 

Essentials of Geometry or M 26 

Digest of Eng. and Amer. Lit or •! 60 

Trlgonoinetry si ♦! 18 1 00 

English Composition si *fn 00 

Welshes (J. P.) English Grammar so 00 

Wenokebaoh*s Deutscher Anschauungs- 

Unterricht ho ♦! a 1 10 

Dentsches Lesebuch ho *88 80 

*Meisterwerke h« 1 26 

SehOnsten Deutschen Lieder ho 1 8B 1 80 

8ch6nBten*s Deutsche Literatur Ge- 

schlchte, V. 1 hr •W 60 

T. 2and8 hr •♦ 

Wenckebach's Meissner*s Aus Meiner 

Welt HO *81 76 

Wenckebach & Schrakamp's Deutsche 

Qrammatik ho 

Wendell*s English Composition — 
Wentworth*s (E.) Arith. Problems 

Teacher's ed am •86 

Wentworth*s (G. A.) Complete Algebra. .01 •! 66 

Elements of Algebra 01 *1 28 

Shorter Course In Algebra 01 *1 10 

College Algebra 01 *1 66 

Orammar School Arithmetic 01 *76 

Analytic Geometry oi •! 86 

New Plane Geometry 01 ^86 

Plane and Solid Geometry, rev 01 ♦! 40 

•• *• ** Trigonometry 01 •! 66 

Snrreying oi •36 

Plane Trigonometry oi *36 

and Tables oi •86 

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry ... 01 •SO 

Trig., Surveying, and Tables oi •! 40 

" •* ** Navigation 01 *i 26 

Primary Arithmetic 01 <86 

School Algebra 01 *1 26 

Higher " 01 •! 66 

Mental Arithmetic 01 •• 

•Elementary Arithmetic ai 86 

•First Steps in Algebra oi •TO 

WcDtworth^t Hiirs High School Arith. .01 *1 10 

Exercises in Arithmetic 01 •OO 

pt. 1, Exercise Manual 01 •86 

pt. 2, Examination Manual gi ^40 

Sxercises in Algebra oi •SO 

pt. 1, Exercise Manual oi ^40 

pt. 2L Examination Manual 01 ^40 

Sxercuee In Geometry oi •SO 

Log. and Trig. Tables (7 tables) 01 ^66 

Coinplete ed 01 •! 10 

WcDtworth, McLellan A Gla8han*s Al- 
gebraic Analysis 01 •! 00 

Wentworth & Reed*s First Steps in Num- 
bers, Pupils* ed 01 <8» 

Teachers* ed 01 •! 00 

•* *• pts. 1, 2 and 8, ea.oi •86 

Wemli & Hillmanters German Copy- 

Books,4nos dor.RP 120 

Wemer*8 Elementary Geography wb ** 

Complete Geography wr *• 

Westcott & Hort^ Greek-English Test, .ha 8 60 
Student's Greek New Testament.... HA 100 

Greek Testament mo *l 10 

With Lexicon mg •2 00 

•West*s English Grammar mc 60 

Westcott*s (J. H.) Selections from Livy. . . al 

Wes8ely*s English and French Diet ^ ch 86 

ig»C"«^ and German Dictionary. . . or 86 

" Italian »» ... ^rd 85 

" ** Latin " ... or 86 

" " Spanish " ...J st 86 

West's Terence ha •! 06 1 60 

Westlake*s Common School Literature. . . so 60 

How to Write Letters so 84 

8000 Practice Words sl 80 

Wettenhairs Greek Grammar /i mu 75 

Whately*s Bacon*s Essays lr 1 60 

Surlish Synonyms lr 60 

Logic, 12«^. MO 80 66 

SH^l 28 

HA 80 

Rhetoric, 120 mo 80 06 

SH^l 28 

HA 60 

•Wheatley *s (W. A .) German Declensions.Bi 86 

1 00 

1 40 

1 12 

1 00 

1 60 


1 26 


1 26 

1 40 





1 26 

1 12 


1 12 



1 00 

1 00 




1 26 

Wheeler*s (A. M.) Sketches from English 

History hu 1 00 

Wheeler*s(H.X) Logarithms sR 36 

Plane and Spherical Trigonometry.. 01 •! 10 1 00 

Second Lessons In Arithmetic hm 00 

Answers to Second Lessons, pap hm 20 

For First Lessons, tee Colbum, W. 

Whelpley*s Compend of History 00 •! 20 1 08 

Whltaker*s Wood-Working Tools br •65 00 

Whltoomb*s History Chart-Book ba •! 64 1 40 

Summary of History dr 66 45 

White's (C. A.) Classic Literature ho •! 75 1 60 

Students* Mythology ar 125 94 

White's (C.E.) Two Tears with Numbers.. BR HO 86 

White's (C. J.) Astronomy wi 2 00 

White*s (E. E.) Primary Arithmetic am ^22 

Intermediate Arithmetic am •36 

Complete *» am •66 

Manual and Key of Arithmetics am •75 

New Elem. Aritb., Short Course am ^25 

Full Course am •SO 

First Book in Arithmetic am *90 

New Complete Arithmetic am •OS 

Key to AM "BO 

Oral Lessons in Number am •OO 

•White's (G.) Practical Designing mc 2 60 

White*8 (G. G.) Indus. Drawing, rev., 

Nos. 1-8 do«.FB 06 

Nos. 9-18 '» PR 1 80 

Practice Book. Small for Bks.1-8.. •' pr 72 

" Large ** 9-18. ** pr 96 

DrawingTModels, set No. 1, Primary, .pr 1 20 

No. 2, Primary and Grammar, .pr 96 

*• 8, for Teachers. pr 18 00 

** 4, Plane Figures pr 42 

Theory of Design pr 100 

Model and Object Drawing-Books, A 

and B ea.PR 16 

Light and Shade and Landscape pr 2 60 

New Course in Art Instruction: 

First Tear Drawing-Book dot, pr 1 00 

Second »* *' " pr 1 00 

Third " " •* PR 1 00 

Fourth " ** •* PR 1 80 

Fifth ** »• " PR 1 80 

Sixth ** " " PR 1 80 

Seventh " *♦ ** pr 1 80 

Eighth " " " PR 1 80 

Ninth " ♦• »♦ PR 1 80 

Outline for Ist, 8d and 8d Grades. . .pr 86 

Outline for Fourth Tear Grade pr 15 

Outline for Fifth Tear, Sixth Tear 

and Seventh Tear Grades. . . .ea.PR 15 

Drawing Models, Ist Tear, .per dor . pr 15 

" 8d " .. •• PR 18 

•• •* 8d " .. " PR 20 

Solids for Prim. Classes.No.l, ** pr 60 

»« u 4. i» 2, " PB 70 

u •» " 8, " PR 1 00 

Solids for Advanced Classes, ** pr 2 50 

White's (G. H ) and Waite*s (G. W.) 

Straight Road to CsBsar 01 *1 25 118 

White's (H. S.) German Composition . . . . .al 90 

White's (J. T.) Junior Student's Lexicons: 

Latin-English 01 •I 15 100 

English-Latin 01 •! 66 1 50 

Latin-EngliBh and English-Latin 01 ^2 66 2 86 

Livy, Bk. xxn LN 75 

»♦ XXni LN 75 

White's (J. W.) First Lessons in Greek. . .01 •! SO 1 20 

Sophocles* CEdipus Tyrannus 01 •! 25 1 12 

Passages for Iranslation at Sight, 

Greek, Pt. 4. 01 •OO 80 

Pts.l,2and8 oi •• 

Beginner's Greek oi •! 65 1 60 

Whitens (L. C.) Story of English Lit lr •OO 80 

White's (R. G.) Every Day English hm 8 00 

Words and Their Uses hm 1 00 

White's ( W. R.) Alphabet Made Easy . . . . au •& 
White's (W. R.) and Morgan's Anabasis 

Dictionary 01 •! 85 1 25 

•White's Four Gospels in Greek ln 160 

Whiting's Classics, 8 V ea.wn •SO 26 

Whiting's (C. E.) Part Song and Chorus 

Bk HR^l 10 90 

•Whiteley's (R. L.) Chemical Calcula- 
tions LN 00 

Public School Music Course, Bks. 1-6, 

ea.HR •SO 25 

BookO HR •eo 54 

CJomplete Music Reader hr •OO 75 

Toung Folks' Song-Book pr *45 86 

Music Charts, Ser. 1 hr ^6 50 6 00 

" »* " 2 HR*350 300 

Whiting's (H.) Biathematical and Physl- 

calTables hr •OO 50 

PhjTsical Measurements, 4 pts....«a.HR •I 85 1 20 

- complete in 1 v hr ^4 00 8 75 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No, 1 1 72] July 14, '94 

Whltman't Micros. Inrestlc^ations wd 8 00 

Whitney*8 (S. W.) Elements of English 

Grammar st 46 

Whitney's (W. D.) French Qrammar ho *1 48 

Key to HO ♦M 

Practical French ho •! 00 

Ctorman Dictionary ho *2 26 

** Qrammar, rev ho *1 44 

Key ho ♦se 

Brief Qerman Qrammar ho ♦66 

Qerman Reader ho ♦! 61 

Qoethe's Faust, pt. 1 ho *68 

" Iphigenie auf Tauris ho *68 

Lessing*s Minna von Barnhelm ho *S3 

♦• Nathan der Weise ho *53 

Schiller's Maria Stuart ho *53 

WUheknTeU ho •53 

Brief French Qrammar ho •71 

Introductory French Reader ho •76 

*• Qerman ** ho ♦♦ 

Essentials of English Qranunar oi 405 

Language and Study of Language ... so 2 50 

Whitney's and LocIcwood's£ngrIi8hQram.oi •SO 

Whi tney-Klemm's Elem. Qer. Reader ... ho •S? 

Qerman by Practice ho •W 

Whiton's Latin Exercises pb 

Latin Handbook pb 

Auxilia Vergillana 01 <«0 

Six Weeks* Preparation for Reading 

Ciesar 01 *46 

Orations of Lyslas 01 *1 10 

Three Months* Preparation for Read- 
ing Xenophon am •48 

Whlttemore & Blackman*s Graded Sing- 
ers : No. 1 OR 25 

No. 2 CR 60 

No. 8 CR 76 

N0.4 OR 1 00 

Whlttier*s Leadete, pamphlet bm 24 

Wiebe's Paradise ofChildhood bo 200 

pap BO 160 

Wlggln's Kindergarten Chimes ds 1 60 

ST 1 60 

bds DS 1 26 

" ST 100 

Lessons on Manners lb 

Wllcox*s Logic WR *60 

Rational Philosophy wb •! 00 

WUd and Stamm*s Leseflbel hr 15 

Wiley's Elocution and Oratory mt*150 

Willdns* (E.) Map Drawing Book of the 

Continents hi 76 

Bfap Drawing Book of U. S bi 75 

Wilklns*(H.M.}Greek Prose Composition.LN 160 

Elem. Greek Prose Composition ln 1 36 

Latin Prose Composition ln 125 

Easv Latin Prose Exercises lk 76 

Latin Prose Exercises ln 126 

Wllkinson*s Classic French Course hu 60 

Classic Qerman Course hu 1 00 

College Greek " hd 1 00 

Preparatory Greek Course hu 1 00 

Preparatory and College Latin 

Course, rev., 1 v hu 1 80 

French Literature in English, rev..HU 1 00 

Classic Greek Course in Ehiglish hu 1 00 

WUrs Tables of Qual. Chem. Analysis . . . . bd 1 60 
Wlllard*s (Mrs.) Domestic Science Prim- 
ers, Nos. 1-8 m.SR ♦28 

Williams* (A.) German Conversation and 

Composition ho ♦87 

Syntax of French Subjunctive Mood.SF 1 00 
Williams* (A. 9l Co.) North Carolina 

Copy-Books, 9 nos dos. ws 1 20 

Williams* (C. M.) Systems of Ethics mo ♦£ 86 

Williams* (C. R.) Selections from Lucian.AL 

Short Extracts from Lucian al 

Williams* (C. T.) Extracts from Greek 

Authors HO 1 08 

Williams* (F.) German Dictionary wn 1 00 

WUliams* (F. 8J English into French . . . .sh ♦! 12 

Getting to Paris lb 

pt. 1, English LB 

pt. 2, Voyage h Paris lb 

Grand Fdre wa ♦I 25 

Conversations sur le Grand Pdre. . . . wa •! 25 
Williams* (G. E.) Outlines of Grammar.. . bd 80 
Williams* (G. H.) Elements of Crystallog- 
raphy HO ♦! 86 

Williams* (H. S.) Geological Biology ho ♦♦ 

Williams* (R. P.) Introduction to Chem- 
ical Science 01 ♦QO 

Laboratory Manual 01 •SO 

Williams* (S. G.) Applied Geology am ♦! 20 

Williams* (W.) Composition and Khetorlc.HB •! 00 
WiUiams* (W. Q.) Outlines of English 

Grammar.... *..wl 60 

Williams* Reader for Beginners ws 15 



1 80 

1 60 


1 00 

1 00 


1 85 

8 60 

1 40 


1 00 

1 80 



1 06 



1 86 


Williamson*s Differential Calculus ^ln 8 60 

Integral Calculus ln 8 50 

Wills. See Coliler*8 Great Events. 

Willson's(M.) Primer .am •le 

1st Reader am ♦84 

8d *» AM •32 

3d »• AM •48 

4th »' AM •OO 

6th " AM ^90 

Intermediate 3d Reader am ^48 

" 4th " AM •56 

*• 6th " AM •eo 

Primary Speller am •15 

Larger '* am ^24 

New Speller and Analyzer an •SS 

Outlines of History, School ed am •! 44 

University ed jlm ^2 16 

Wilsoii*8 (G.) Domestic Hygiene bl 1 00 

Handbook of Hygiene bl 2 75 

Wllson*s (John) Punctuation am •! 00 

Wllson*s (J. D.) Elementary English bi 85 

English Grammar Made Practical. . .bi 75 

Wllsoirs (J. W.) Elementary Algebra bl •SO 

Key to BL •ao 

Wllson*s (W. DO Political Economy bd 1 50 

Wllson*s (W.) The State hb 8 00 

U. S. Government hb •OO U> 

Wilson*s (W. J.) Progressive Speller mu 85 

Wiltse*s Kindergarten Stories ox ^40 86 

MomingTalks 01 •SS 7S 

Wlnans* Xeno>phon*s Memorabilia al 1 80 

Xenophon s Symposium al 60 

Wlnchell s (A.) Geological Excursions. . .or •! 25 

Geological Studies or «Q 60 

Walks and Talks in Geological Fields.BU 1 00 

Wincheirs (S. R.) Elem. Greek Syntax. . .am ^54 

Primer Supplement lr ^0 9^ 

Winer*s New Testament Qrammar dr 4 00 

Wlnslow*s InteUectual Philosophy wa •! 88 1 80 

Wlnsor*s Readers* Handbook American 

Revolution hm 1 86 

Winter's German Grammar dh 40 

Wltcomb & Bellenger's French Conver- 
sation HO *54 60 

Wltt*s Classic Mythology ho •! 11 1 OO 

Witter's Qerman Primer wt 6 

German Speller and 1st Reader wr 85 

2d Reader wr 60. 

8d '• WT 85 

Revised New 1st Reader wr 35 

" 2d " WT 80 

" 8d " WT 75 

" ** 4th *• WT 1 00 

German Copy-Books, 6 nos eo. wt 10 

Dictionaries. See Koehler. 

Wohler's Organic Chemistry la 890 

Wood*s (A.) Object Lessons In Botany. •I 00 

American Botanist and Florist am •I 75 

Descriptive Botany, Flora only am •I 85 

New Class-Book of Botany .am ^2 50 

Illustrated Plant Record. am ^55 

Plant Record, King's Tablets am ^55 

Object Lessons in Botany ni 1 17 1 00 

American Botanist and Florist ni 2 05 1 75 

New Class-Book of Botany ni 2 98 8 60 

Intermed. (or old ed.) Class-Book nt 1 87 1 OO 

Plant Record ni 65 fj^ 

Wood*s (C. W.) Topics In Ancient Hist. . .01 •SO IS 

Wood *s(DeV.) Analytical Mechanics... wi 8 00 

Elementary Mechanics wi 1 26 

Supplement and Key to wi 1 25 

Co-ordinate Geometry wi 2 00 

Trigonometry wi 1 00 

Wood*s (J. Q.) Natural HUt.,lst Reader .bn •SS 80 

Natural History, 2d Reader bn •SO 80 

" ** 8d *• bn •so «r 

" 4th " BM •65 64 

" ** 6th " BK ^65 64 

** " 6th *» bn •65 5« 

Illustrated Natural History ru 1 25 

for Young People ru 1 75 

" *' bds RU 1 25 

Popular Natural History ru 1 76 

WK 60 46 

Wood*s (M.J.) Companion 1st Reader. . . .am •IS 

Wood ft Stahl*s Elementtury Mechanism.. vn 2 00 

Woodbury*s Easy Lessons in German .... am ♦OO 

New Qerman Method .am •I 86 

Key to AM ^72 

Shorter GhBrman Course am ^90 

Key to AM ♦73 

Eclectic Qerman Reader am ♦OO 

Woodhull*s Easy Experiments in Science KB 60 40 
Woodhuirs(J.F.) First Course in Science : 

1. Book of Experiments ho ♦SS 60 

♦2. Text-Book ^....ho •TO 65 

Woodruff *s Greek Prose Composition lh 75 

•Woodward's (C. J.) A B C Logarithms . . . sp 1 60 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

July 14, '94 i^o. 1 172] 

Th€ Publishers' Weekly. 


Woodward's (O. H.) 1000 Test Problems 

in Arithmetic mo 90 

Woodward*s (L. J.) Number Stories 01 *tf 40 

Woodv*s Outlines of U. 8. History ifo 40 

Woolrs Elem. DescriptiTe Geometry wi 8 00 

Woolsey*8 .Sschylus' Prometheus br 1 00 

Euripides' Alcestis br 1 00 

Plato's Qeorgias br 140 

Sophocles* Antigone br 1 00 

•' Electra br 100 

Worcester's (J. E.) Primary Speller sh ^7 

New Primary Speller sh *18 

Pronouncing ** sh *88 

Cambridgre ed sh •88 

New Pronouncing Speller sh *88 

Comprehensive ** sh *S8 

Elementary ** sh ♦17 

Academic Dictionary u *1 fiO 

Oomprehensiye " xj *1 40 

NewSchool " u •80 

Pocket *♦ d Li <80 

roan, flex. u •es 

- tucks LI •OS 

Primary Dictionary u *48 

Quarto •* unoOO 

Boyal Octavo ** u <« 40 

Elements of History th 1 20 

** World at Home " Qeoe. Header Na 1. .nb 85 
No. 8 MB 80 

" 8 MB 60 

- 4. MB 75 

•• 5 MB 75 

•» 6 MB 76 

Worman's 1st French Book am HO 

SdFrenchBook am HO 

French Echo (Conrersatlon) am •OO 

Qrammaire Frangaise .am *1 00 

Le Questionnaire am •SO 

1st Fr. Bk. ^t Le Questionnaire in 1 •OO 

Teacher's Handbook am •OO 

1st Oerman Book am •SO 

ad " - AM •40 

1st and 8d German Bk. in 1 Y am ^75 

Elementary German Grammar am •I 00 

Complete " *' jlm ♦! 40 

Elementary ** Header am •90 

CoUegiate ^ '" am •I 86 

German Echo (Conrersation) .am •OO 

** Copy-Books, 8 nos ea.AM •lO 

IstltaHanBook am *• 

IstLattn " .AM •• 

IstSpaoish ** AM •40 

2(1 »• •• AM ^40 

WorthingtoQ's Phys. Laboratory Pract. . al 1 80 

Wrage's (H. D.) ProgressiTe German 

Header. 1st Course wt 40 

Wright's Drillbook in En^ish Grammar.8R •28 80 

Tabulated Forms for Parsing or •SS 80 

Wright's (A. D.) Orthography, rev am •IS 

Wright's (D. 8J Exercises in Geometry. . .fl 60 

Wright's (G. F.) Christian Evidences. . . . dr 1 60 

Wright's (H. C.) Children's Stories In 

American History so 1 86 

Children's Stories of American Prog- 
ress •••so 1 26 

Wright*s(J. McN.) Nature Header, No. I.hb «80 85 

" " " 8.HB ^40 86 

'• '• •• 8.HB •«) 66 

•• •* ♦* 4.HB •TO 

Wrii^t's (M. H.) Sound, Light, and Heat.LM 80 

Elementary Physics. lm 80 

Wright's (W.V.), Mechanic's ArithmeUcHW *» 

Wright s Mechanics vm 8 60 S 00 

Wnrtz's Chemistry u*180 

Wyman's Musical Text-Book pd 60 

bds TO 40 

Wythe's Easy Less, in Vegetable Biology .bu 80 

pap Hu 80 

Wythe's Science of Life, Animal and Veg- 
etable Biology HU 1 60 

Ybarra's Practical Spanish Method hb *1 60 

Tenni's Greek Grammar. . 

Latin Gn 
Yeo's Physiolo 
Tonge's (C. D.j 



1 26 








HO^l 14 



or •OO 










rlish-Greek Lexicon, ha 


Tonge's (C. M.) Ancient History ho 

History of France ho 

Medisval History ho 

Modem " 

History of England 

*• '* France 

•• ** Germany 


•♦ "Home 

Cameos ftrom English History, ▼ 

ea.MO •! 88 1 86 

Toumans' (E.A.) Descriptive Botany.... am •I 80 

First Book of Botany, rev am •04 

Toumans' (E.L.) New Chemistry «Uf •! 28 

Toung's (A.W.) First Less, in avU Gov. .am •OO 

Government Class-Book mt •I 06 

Toung's (C. A.) General Astronfimy ox •S 60 8 21 

Lessons in Astronomy 01 •I 80 1 88 

Elements of ** 01 •I 66 140 

Toung's (H. A.) New Juvenile Speaker. . dw 80 

pap. DW 80 

Toung's (J.) Physical Geography pu 1 00 

Toung Catholic Series: 

Illustrated Primer 00 20 18 

•' SpeUer 00 86 16 

'• 1st Header 00 25 15 

•• 8d " CO 40 84 

•• 8d •• 00 00 88 

4th - 00 76 45 

•* 6th " 00 1 86 75 

•' 6th " 00 1 60 90 

*' Toung Ladies' Header. . . .00 1 26 75 

Normal Header 00 1 00 00 

niustrated Table-Book co 20 18 

Grammar School Speller 00 75 45 

United States History (Hassard) co 1 60 80 

Abridged fflaasard) 00 100 00 

Introductory U. 8. History co 40 84 

Ancient History (Gazeau) 00 40 84 

Roman " " 00 40 80 

History of Middle Ages (Gaseau). . . .00 1 00 60 

Modem History " — 00 1 00 80 

Ancient and Homan Hist. ** ... .00 1 00 00 
History of the World " ....00 160 90 

Constitution of U. S. (Furey) 00 60 80 

Astronomy, New and Old (Brennan)..oo 1 00 00 
Intermediate English Grammar (Da- 

vidson ^t Alcock) 00 85 15 

Rhetoric (Coppens) 00 125 76 

Oratorical Composition (Coppens) — 00 185 75 
Logic and Mental Philosophy (Cop- 
pens) 00 185 76 

Excelsior Penmanship (Thompson), 9 

nos. <los.oo 80 

Zachos' New American Speaker 00 •I 60 188 

Zahner's German and English Diet sr 76 

ZeUe's Critical SpeUer sh ^IS 

Zell's Classics, 8 v ea.ZB 86 

ZeUer's Greek PhilosOThv ho •I 61 1 40 

SSinunermann's ClasslcsJ German Head- 
er BP 1 20 1 on 

•Microscopical Botany. bo •S 06 8 60 

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The PubUsherf Weekly. 

\No. \i^2\ July 14, '94 

For the American Educational Catalogue for 1894. 

Algebra.— AlBop, Baker (A. H.), BalU Bayma, Bene- 
dict, Bowser, Boyden, Bradbury, Bridge. Brooks 
(E.), Brown (L H.), Brown (T. R.), Caasell, Clarke 
(J. B.), Collin, Crystal, Davies (C), Davis. Day 
<J.). DupuisTFicklin, Qalbraitb & H., Gilbert, 
Oraiham, Greenleaf, Haear, Hall & K., Hixgs, 
Jarman, Johnson (W. W.), Jones (G. W.), King, 
Lilley,IiOnffinans A B.. Loomis, Macnie, McCurdy, 
Meaker, Mictiael. Milne, Newcomb. Nicholson, 
Oliver (W. A J.), Olney, Peck (W. G.), Pelrce (B.), 
Perrin (M. L.), PhilUps & B., Potts A S., Ray, 
Robinson (H. N.), Sanford (S. P.), Schuyler, Bea- 
ver A W^ Sensenig, Sestini, Sheldon. Sherwin, 
Shoup, Smith (CJ, Smith (H.). Smith (F. H.), 
Syraonds, Tablet Ser., Taylor, Thompson, Tod- 
hunter, Towne, Van Velzer A S., Venable (C. 8.), 
Wells, Wentworth (G. A.), Wentworth A H., 
Wentworth, M. A G., Wilson (J. W.). 

Anatomy .—Brand, Buckelew A L.. Dulany. Hartigan, 
May, Mivart, Prang, Stilwell, Whitman. 
AtuUomy and P^MioIooy.— American Science Series 

glartin). Bell 'E. F.), Hartshome, Hitchcock, 
ouse, Howell. 
Anatomy, Fhytiology, and Bygiene.—Allen (C. B. A 
A.), &and. Clark (W. A.), Draper, Loomis (J. R.), 
Martindale, Walker (Jerome). 
See aleo Phtsioloot. 
Anglo-Saxon.— Baskervill, Baskervill AH., Bright, 
Boeworth, Caedmon, Carpenter (8. B.X Cook, 
Corson, Harrison A SMHempl, Johnson (H.), Mac- 
Lean. March, Sweet, Zupitza. 
Antiquities.— Anthon, Fisk, History, Irving. 

/See aleo Classical. 
Arithmetic— £v«<new and Cbmmercial.— Baldwin, 
Bryant A 8.. Cook A Cropsey, Crittenden, Fair- 
banks (L.), Hall (F. H.), How, Sadler (W. H.), 
EUwtentary, Praetioai and Higher,— BaUey, Basis, 
Bradbury, Bradford, Brook-Smith, Buehrle, 
Caldwell (M. P.), Capel, Christian Bros. Ser., 
Clark, Common Sense, Conrad. Cook (J. W.), Cook 
A Cropsey, Davies A Peck, Dillard, Dubbs, Eaton, 
Farrar fW. H^, Fine, Fowler, Galbraith A H., 
Galer, Goff, Hathaway, Henry, Hines, Hobbs, 
Howard (C. L.), Jackman, Jackson, Jess, Kemey, 
King, Knisely, Lock, MacLeod, Martyn, Morey, 
New Arithmetic, New Inductive, Parker, Peck 

gir. M.). PereiL Pike, Popular, Raub, Rigdon. 
ing, Sadler (W. H.), Seymour, Shoemaker A 
Lawrence, Sloane, Smith (R. C), Sniff, South- 
worth, Sprague (J. D.), Standard, Stoddard, 
Stone, Sutton A Kimbrough. Symonds, Tablet 
Ser., v^dee, Vogdes A A., Walton A C. Welch 
(E. A.), WentwcMrth (E.), Wentworth (G. A. ). Went- 
worth A H., Wheeler (H. N.), Woodward, Wright. 

' Fint LessoM.- Badlam, Barnes, Beebe, Belfleld, 
Christian Bros. Ser., Colbum, Dunton, Fisher, 
Ginn, Grant, Griffin, Holbrook (N. M.), Hoose, 
Little Folks*. Methfessel, Number, Reffelt, 
Rhoads, Rice, Richards (ZA Sadlier (W. H.), 
Sanford (H. R.), Sawyer (H.). Seaver A W., 
Seeley, Shove, Soldan, Tablet Ser., Wentworth A 
R., White (E. E.), Woodward (L. J.). 
Graded iSeries.- Appletons\ Atwood, Baker (A. H.), 
Brooks (E.), Butler, Colbum, Davies (C), Dean, 
Dubbs, Eaton, Emerson CS, A.), Felter, Ficklin, 
Fish, French,Goff. GreenleaX, Griffin. Hagar, Hall, 
Harper's, Howard (C. L.). Kirk A B., Macvicar, 
Milne, New Franklin, Nicholson, Normal. Olney, 
Peck (W. G.), Piper, Prince, Quackenbos, Ray, 
Robinson (H. N.), Sanford (8. P.), Seaver A Wal- 
ton, Sheldon, Singer, Stoddard (J. F.), Thomson, 
Towne, Townsend (J. L.), Venable (C. S.), Walton, 
White (E. E.). 
2\iWe-Boofct.—Aritlimetical, Baldwin, Brown, Chris- 
tian Brothers, Ellwood, Flanagan, Nash (L.), 
Robinson (H. N.), Stepping Stone, Thomson, 
Ticknor, Underbill, Walton, Young Catholic. 

Arty Arohiteotnre, Fainting, etc.— Abbott, Armi- 
tage, Bascom, Beard, Boots, Cave, D* An vers, 
^ Fowler (FX Frothingham, Goodyear, Hill 

EHorton, Hulme, Huntington (DX Ladd, 
(S. P.), Mollett, Parker (J. H.), Poynter, 
Prang, Putnam, Ruskin, Samson, Steiger, Tucker- 
man (A. L.), Tyrwhitt, TyUer.ii.,. 
Bee cUeo Drawivo. 
Astronomy.— American Sci. Ser. (Newcomb ft H.), 
Ball, Bartlett, Berniecke. Bowen, Brocklesby, 
Burritt, Campbell (A. D.), Chauvenet, Clarke 
(J. F.), Coffin, Colbert^ Doolittle, Fellowes, Gal- 
braith A H., Glllet A R., Greenel Gummere {JX 
Guy, Kiddle. Lockyer, Loomis, Mclntyre, Matfl- 
son, MIchie, Newcomb, Norton (W. A.), Olmsted, 

Parker, Peck (W.), Peck (W. G.), Plummer, Proc- 
tor, Ray, Robinson (H. N.), Sharpless A P., Smith 
(Asa), Steele, White (C. J.), Young (C. A.), Young- 

Flret Lespons.— Champlin (J. D.), Clark (A.), Howe. Ir- 
ving, Kiddle, Mattison, Olmsted, Science, Young. 
Biology.- Americaa Science Series (Sedgwick ft W .), 
Bid wood, Boyer, Campbell, Dodge, Macginley» 
PlUsbury, Wythe. 
Book-Keeping.— Bryant, Bryant ft S., Bulletin, Busi- 
ness, Chamber, Childs, (Crittenden, CurUss, Day, 
Denman, Drew, Duff, Eclectic, Economical, Ells- 
worth, Fairbanks (L.), Fulton ft E., Gay, Good- 
man, Oroesbeck, Hanaford, Hansell, Hitchcock* 
Holbrook-Rohrer Hutchinson ft P.. Jones (T.),. 
Kinsley, Lyte, Manning, Marsh (C. C), Mayhew, 
Meeervey,Murfee, Nelson Jfichols(B E.), Palmer 
(J. H.), Powers, Practical, Preston. Scribner, Sea- 
vv, Shaw (J. W.), Smith (J. C.>, Thomas (S. A.)» 
Botany.— American Science Series (Bessey), Apgar» 
Arthur, Aveling, Balfour. BasUn, Behrens, Bent- 
ley, Bergen, Campbell. Chapman, Comstook, Coul- 
ter, Dennis, Edmonds, Gray, (iray ft Coulter, 
Hide (G. E.), HaU (A. G.), Hathaway, Herrick, 
Hindman, Kellerman, Ketchum, Knight, Lesque- 
reiuc^Macloskie, McNab, Morgan, Nelson, Newell. 
Oel, Page, Penhallow, Phelps (Mrs. L.), Poulsen. 
Pratt, Sattan, Russell (L. W.), Sewall (J. A.), 
Seymour. Spear, Steele. Thomi, Tuckerman 
CE.), Underwood (L. M.), Vines, Ward, Wood (A.),. 
Youmans (E. A.), Zimmermann. 

Firet Leeeone.^ Aitkem, Buckelew ft L., Gray. Hooker, 
Irving, Phelps (Mrs. L.), Science, Spalding, You- 
mans (B. A.). 

IHc<umarie«.— Crozler. 
Business Ck>rrespondenoe. See LbttbbpWritiho. 
Oaleulus.— Bowser, Buckingham, Byerly. Church, 
Courtenay, Davies (C), Edward (J.), Hardy» 
Hyde, Johnson (S.W.), Loomis, Newcomb, Olney, 
Osborne, Peck (W. G.), Pelrce, Proctor, Ray, Rice 
ft J.. Robinson (H. N.), Taylor (J. M.), Todhunter» 
Calisthenics. See Phtsigal Eduoatiom; Phtsioloot. 
Chemistry.— Americaa Science Series (Remsen), 
Appleton, Armstrong ft N , Attfleld, Avery, Baker 
(T. R.V Barker, Benton, Bloxam, Butler, Caldwell 
ft B., Charles, Clarke (F. W.), Clowes, Colt, Cooler, 
Ooee, (Sutler, Dobbin ft W., Drechsel, Eliot ft 8., 
Fall^owne, Freer, Greene (W. H.), Griffin (L. R. 
F.), Hart (£.), Hoffman ft P., Hooker, Houston, 
King. Lind, MIxter, Ncnrton, Peckham, Porter (J. 
A.), Remsen, Reynolds (J. E.), Rolfe ft G., Roscoe, 
Seymour, Sharpies. Shepard (J. H.), Simon. 
Steele. Stflckhardt, Steddard (J. T.), Tilden (W. 
A.), Wells (D. A.), Whiteley, WUllams (R P.)» 
Worthington, Wttrtz, Youmans. 

Ftret Zetsons.— Appleton, Brewster, Fisher, Hooker, 
Irving, Jones (F.), Macadam, Mead, Phelps (Mrs. 
L.), Porter (J. A.). Science Primers, Storer ft L. 

Jtioroaatc.- Bennett (A. A.). Frsnkland ft Japp, Jago» 
Kemshead, Kolbe, Miller (W. A.), Remsen, Rey- 
nolds (J. E.), Richter, Shepard (J. H.), Thorpe (J. 
£.), Valentine. 

Oryonio.— Austen, HJelt, Jones (H.C.). Miller (W.A.), 
Prescott (A. B.), Remsen, Reynolds (J. E.), Rich- 
ter, Watts (W.M.), Wohler. 

PMheophy and Physict.— Cooke, Pjmchon, Sadtler. 

iVactioa/.— Adriance, Howard (J.), Muter, Tilden. 

iYoUems.— Cooke, Grabfleld, Stammer. 

Qualitative Analyeie. — Appleton, Beilstein, Caim» 
Crafts, Eliot ft Storer, Hill (H. B.), Johnson (8. 
W.). O'Brlne, Prescott (A. B.), Rains, Simmons, 
Stoddard (jTr.), Thorpe ft Muir, WUl. 

Quantitative Analveie.—AMen (O. D.), Appleton, Aus- 
ten, Bolton, Classen, Herrick (W. H.), Johnson 
(8. W.), Muck, Thorpe (T. E.). 
Classical jDictionaries. — Anthon, Ireland, Lem- 

prl^re. Peck, Smith (Wm.). 
dasucal Handbooks.— Allen (T.;P.). Bsird, Irving. 

See aleo Anti^uitus ; Classical^ictionaribs. 
Common Things.— ^Slee Famillar Scikncb. 
Composition.— Abbott (E. A.), Allen. Black, Bancroft 
(T. W.), Bardeen. Barnes, Blgelow, Bonnell, 
Bright/Bulletin, (Jhittenden, Coppens, Day, Ec- 
lectic, Kllsworth, Emerson, English, Fletcher ft 
Carpenter, Franklin, Frost (8. A), Galbraith, 
Hardy, Hlgglns, HIley, Hunt (T. w.), Huston, 
Keeler ft Davis, Kirkland, Longman's Salmon's, 
I^te, MacLeon, Mstcalf ft De Garmo, Mead, 
Murray (J. E.), National, Newcomer. Parker 
(R. G.), Patterson, Pinneo, Powell, Quackenbos, 
Reade (A. A.), Shaw (E. R.), SoHthworth ft God- 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 

/ulyi^ '94 1^0. 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


dard, Tower ft Tweed, Wells (W. H. ), Welsh, Wen- 
/Sw al$o Lbttbr-Wbitino. 
Fint Lmkmu.— Ballard, Boanell, Brookfleld, Conklin. 
Qino & Ck)ady, HaU, Hart (J. M.), Harvey, Hyde, 
Jacob, LllienthaL Literature, Loormaa's Sal- 
moo's, Maxwrli, National, Sadlier (W. H.), Simp- 
son, Stickney (J. H.), Tarbell, Wilson (J. D.). 
CompotUion and /2A<toric.— Bain, Bardeen, Boyd, 
Gist, Greene (S. S.). Hart (J. M.), Hill (D. J.), 
Hunt, Kennedy, Kerl, Lockwood, McElroy, Met- 
cair, Quaokenbos, Waddy, Williams (W.). 
/Sw aUo Rhstorio. 
Conio Etootioiui.— ^be Gbokktrt, Analytieai. 
Constitatioii.— Andrews (I. W.J, ChampUn (J. T.), 
FlaDders, Furey, Hart (J. M.), Rannie, Rupert, 
Sheppard, Story, Thorpe, Toung Catholic. 
See cueo GoTxiuncsifT. 
OopT-Books.— 5se Pemmanbhip. 
Ormoism.— Arnold (T.), Boyd, Kames. 

See aieo Rhbtobio. 
Diotioiiariea (TBngUsh). — Browne A Haldeman, 
Chambers. Fallows, Feller, Murray (J. A. H.), 
Nuttall, Band, Bobbins, Royal, Waites, Walker 
(J.), Webster, Worcester. 
Etvmclogical.—liVLtt&U^ Oswald, Skeat. 
Prontmneing.^AjretL Bechtel, Coombs, De Graff, 
Globe, uiudsen, Phyfe, Soule & Campbell, Ten- 
ney (L. M.), Webster, Worcester. 
Afnonwnu.—Campbeil, Popular^ynonyms, Whately. 
iftsoeOaiieoia.— (Metaphysical Terms) Fleming (W.), 
(Science Terms) Rossiter, (Vulgarisms) Vulgar- 
isms. See aieo under Special Topics. 
For Ancient and Foreign Languagee eee Frbnch, 
Gbbmax, Grbbl, Hkbbbw, Itauam, Lathi, Span- 
Domestio ISoonomy.— Harrison (W. J.), Huntington 

(E.), Willard (Mrs.). 
Drawing.— (?eom«Moa2.—Bartholomew(W. NJ, Long- 
mans, Minifie^Prang, Rimmer, Smith (Walter), 
Taylor, Voee, Warren (S. E.). White (G. G.). 
See aleo Obomstbt, Deeeriptive. 
htduttrial and MBduMnieal,^Xbatn^ Barnes, Barry, 
Bartholomew (W. N.), Cassell, Croasdale, David- 
Bon (E. A.), Eclectic, Garin, Gilmore, Hailes, 
KrO^, MacOrd, McMillan A Smith, Mahan, 
Ifaycock, Minifle, Pike A Decker, Rimmer, Rose, 
Smith (Walter), Thompson, White (G.), White 
(G. G.). 
Linear and Perepective.'-BamGet Bartholomew (W. 
N.), GasselL Clarke (G. S.), Davidson (E. A.), Hall, 
Hodge, Hull, KeUer, KrOsi, Miller (L. W.ji Pelle- 
grin, Ruskin, Smith (Walter), Trobridge, Warren 
(S.B.), White (G.G.). 
JUbp.— Alien (J.), Andre, Apgar, Appletons\ Bangs, 
Handbook, Krone, Maury, Patterson, Practical, 
SadUer (W. H.K WUkins. 
Primary and iXementary. — Animal, Augsbury, 
Avery, Barnes, Barry, Bartholomew (W. N.), 
Biirkinshaw, Ciassell Jjavd, Chapman, Clark (J.), 
Coe, Drawing. Easy, Eclectic. Forbriger, Froebel, 
Holmes (M. H.),tHotcbkiss. How, Jacobs & Brow- 
er, Knowlton, Krone, KrOsi, Le Due, Longmans, 
Montgomery (J. V.), Moore (C. H.), Moore (N.), 
Peale, Philips, Prang, Primary, Royal, Ruskin, 
SadUer (W. EL), Smith (Walter), Standard, Walk- 
er (W.). White (G. G.). 
Bhadee and 8hadawe,—Caaee}l^ Ryan* Warren (S. E.), 
White (G. G.) 
Mooation.— Bacon, Bailev, Bell (A. M.), Bell (D. C), 
Bronson, Broolcs (E.), Brown (I. H.), (Caldwell, 
Carpenter (J. E.), Comstock, Corson, Dale, 
Diehl, Du Cysne, Fenno, Fobes, Frobisher, 
Graham^ (T*)t_ Guttmann, HamiU, Hyde (T. A. 

Prigg, Root A Gilbert, Ross, Sargent, Sherrlll 
;j. ST), Speaker's Garland, Swett, Tommy, Town 



), Kidd, Kirby, Kirkham, Lyons, McDvaine, 
Monroe (L. BX Murdoch, Murray (John), 
All, Ross (W. T.), Russell. Sadlier (W. H.), 
Salisbury, Shoemaker, Swett, Vandenhoff, War- 
man, Warren. Wiley. 

W^ret Leasoiu.— Badlam, Ballard, Brace. Dlehl. Hoitt, 
Hooee, Lambert, Northend. Sargent, Selections, 
Sherwood. Southwick, Sterling. 

Oratory.— Brown (I. H.), Brown (M. T.). Edgarton, 
Griffith, Northend, Raymond (G. L.), Stebbins, 
Sterling, Wiley. 

Beadinge and iZee^toltoiw.— Billings, Brown (L H.), 
Carrington. Oaven, Cumnock, Diehl, Elocution- 
ist, E^lisb, Fenno, Fletcher, Fobes, Fulton 
A T., doodrich (J. E.), Hows, James, Jameson, 
Le Bow. Little Gems, McGuffey, Morrison, North- 
end, O^Grady, One Hundred, Peasley, Potter 
(H. L. D.), Baby, Randall, Rusk, Russell, Sargent, 
Scholar's, Selections, Soper, Warman, Warren. 
See aieo LmcRATURK. Entiith: Rkadbrs. 

^peoilerf.- Branch, Brown (L H.), Butler (N.), Cath- 
cart, Coates, (Tumnock, Denman, Edgarton A 
Russell, Frost, Gilmore, Griffith, Harpers*, Har- 
rell, HiUard, Huntoon, Indiana, Kindergarten, 
La Moille, Lawrence (P.), Lovell, McGuffey, 
Miller A R., Northend, Oxford, Philbrick, PHest, 

Hoibrook, Toung (H. A.). Zachos. 
»"gi<«^ Iianguage.— iCaWtf ITnoMM.— C^arpenter (S. 
H.), Cook. Corson, Kello^, Morris A S., Normal 
Course, OUphant, Pratt, Tarbell. 
instorif,PAUo{o0if,6to.— Angus, Ballard, Oaik, Curd, 
Eclectic, English, Five Hundred. Oarlanda, Gay, 
Gideon, Gould, (3ow, Greene (H. R.), HadleyJJ.), 
Harper. Harrison (M.), Hodgson, Johnson, Kell- 
ner,Lounsbury, Msetzner, Marsh (G. P.), Meikle- 
lohn, Morris (R.), MuUer (F. M.), Nelson, Parker 
F.W.), Patrick. Shepherd, Suplee, Trench, White 
R.G.), Whitney (W.D.). 

More.— Abbott (E. A.), Craik. 
See aleo Amolo-Sazon ; 0>ifP08inoH ; DicnoNAJim ; 
EhTMOLooT ; Grammar ; Litbkaturb : Pbilox«- 
OGT ; Primbbs : Rkadbrs : Rhbtorio : Spbakbrs, 
Btymolosy.— Black, Booth, Haldeman, tynd, McEl- 
roy. Sargent, Skeat, Smith (W. W.), Taylor (I.), 
Thomas (J.), Webb (A. C). 
/Sw a2«o DionoNARDEB ; Lakouaob. 
Ihiolid.— Ae Gbombtbt. 

Familiar Scienoe. — Bert, Brewer, Catechism, 

Ctiamplin, Doemer, First. Guthrie. Hooker, 

Home, Lessons, Macadam, Monteith, Moore (G.), 

Norton, Peterson, Wells (D. A.). 

^SSee cUeo Natural Puilobopht, Firet Leeeont. 

First 1*6880X18.— 506 Famiuar Scibkob ; Primbbs ; 

Spbluers, etc. 
French.— C?ompot<<ion.—Gosset, Grandgent, Howard, 
Kimball, Lyon A De Larpent, Macnullan, Williams 
(F. S.I. 
Oonvereation and Dialogue9.-~A\m^ Aubert, Ooquet, 
Bolmar, Br^gy, Bronson, Chouquet, Collot, Con- 

tanseau, De Peyrac, Du Croquet, Fasquelle, Fon- 
taine, Oaillvd, Hossfeld, Jeanrenaud, Jullen, 
Lambert A Saraou, Mabire, Marchand, Pariez, 
Perrin (J. B.), Riodu, Rouillon, Sardou, Sauveur, 
Storm, Williams (F. S.), Wltcomb A B., Worman. 

iMcMonariM.- Bellows (J.), Brachet, Chambers, Clas- 
sic, Clifton, CoUot, Cilontanseau, De La Voge, De 
Lolme, Dictionaiy, Elwell, Feller, Fleming A 
Tibbins, (Hillard, Gasc, Heath, Hoesfeld, Ifasson, 
Meadows, Muzzarelli, Nugent, Roemer, Rout- 
ledge, Smith (H. A L.), Spiers, Spiers A S., Tauch- 
nitz, Weseely. 

Firet Booke, Primers^ ato.— AbeiUe, Ahn-Henn, Bar- 
bauld, Bercy, Berlitz, Buckingham, BulletlCaa- 
sell, Chardenal, Chouquet, De Vere, Doriot, Drey- 

{6. J. H.), Sauveur A Van Daell, Van Daell, Van- 
nier, Worman. 

Grammare, Exercieee^ ete.— Addlck, Ahn, Ahn-Henn, 
Alvergnat, Bercy, Berger, Bernard, Biamots. Bol- 
mar, Borel, Brachet, Br^gy, Breymann, Buck- 
ingham, Cassell, Cbardena], Collot, DeFivas, 
DeliUe, De Vere, Du Bois, Du Ooquet, Duffet, 
Dufour, Edgren, FasoueUe, Qastlneau, Gilbert, 
Grandgent, Harrison (J. A.), Harrison A B., Havet, 
Hennequin, Hossfeld, Jounne, Joaynes, Joynes- 
Otto, Keetels, Koeetler, Lambert A 8., Languellier 
A M., Lastrade, Devizac, Longmans. Macmlllan, 
Magill, Maneeca, Marlborough, Maurice Poitevin, 
Meisterschaft, Meras, Monsanto, Morinier, Mou- 
tonnier, Muzzerelli. NoSI A Chapsal. Ollendorff. 
Otto, Peiffer, Pinney A A., Pinney A B.. Ploetz, 
Prendergast, Pujol, Robertson, Rosenthal. Roux, 
Sanders (G. J. H.), Sauveur, Sauveur A Lougee, 
Schlep (C. A.), Smith (Wm.), Stem A M., Storr, 
Van Daell, Whitney (W. D.), Wilkinson, Williams 
(A.), Worman. 

JVionunciation.- Alvergnat, Kroeh, Mixer, Peiffer, 

£eckler«.— Ahn-Henn, Bercy, Berlitz, Bernard, Ber- 
quin, Brunner, CUissell. Chardenal, Chouquet. Col- 
lot, Contanseau, Davis, De Vere, Donot, Drey- 
spring, Dufour, Fasquelle, Fisher, Gilbert, 
Houston, Jojmes-Otto, Julien, Keetels, Knapp, 
Macmlllan, Magill, Maneeca, Otto, Pinney, Pylo- 
det, Raymond, Rajrmond A G., Roemer, Rollins, 
Schlegel, Super. Walter. 

Beading (Mi§ceUaneoue).—M80p, Alliot, Berquin, 
Bibflothdoue, Bdcher, Bolmar, Contes, Cotte, 
Cottin, Crane, Episodes, Fasquelle, Fleury, 
French Texts, Goodrich (S. O.). Handy, Hen- 
driksen, Hugo, International, Lacombe, Ladre>'t, 
Maynard, Perrin (J. B.). Raymond, Raymond A 
G., Romans, Rougemont, St. Pierre, Sauveur, 
Timayenis, Voltaire. 

lAterature.-^ Alliot, Aubert, Oane A Brun, Duffet, 
Fortier, Heath, N06I, Pylodet, Saintsbury, 
See aleo Lttbraturb. 

PfaM.— College Series. French Plavsfor (Children, 
Gombert, Handy, IntemationaJ, Meras, Mod- 
ern French, Neuville, Roche, Students' Classics, 


The Publishers* Weekly. 

[No. 1112] July 14, *94 

Pbetry.— Janoo, Ma^lL MLxer, Pylodet. 
FhiSUjftC* r(3emacu«.— Bolmar, Faaquellef Le Brun. 
Tr€Md<Mng BngliMh into French.^Beroy^ Oaaaal, 
Coatanseau, Oasc, Handy, Sadler, Wllliama 
(F. 8.). 
Translcmng French into EngHih.—Bemtkrd^ Fany. 
Verbt. — BeauYoisin, Bolmar, De Vere. Du Croauet, 
Heonequin, Kroeb, Lambert & 8., MagUlf Mich- 
aud, Beynal, Simonin, Stone. 
Geonmphy. — Andent and Ckmioal. — Conklin, 
Literature Primers, Loag (O.), Mitchell, Putnam, 
See aieo^ below, HietorieaL 
Aetronainiedl,—JaM)uoa (E. PJ. 
^(icMM.— Bartholomew (J.), Colton A Fitch, Oinn, 
Johnston (A. K.), Labbertoo* Long (O.), Long- 
MitcheU, Montelth, PhUips, Public, Put- 
~ ', Wame. 

Etementary and Cbmprdk«tu<t».--AppIetons\ Baker, 
Barnes, Basset, Butler. Oolton, Colton & Fitch, 
Comprehensive, Cornell, Eclectic, Fish«% Frye, 
Oriifln, Ouyot, Hall (M. L.), Harpers*. HopUns 
(L. P.), Howard (C L.), Johnston (A. K.). Law 
son, LoDirmans, McCormick, Maury, Mill, Mitch- 
ell, Montelth, Montelth A McNally, Nilea. 
Northam, Peavey. Potter, Bitter, Sadfier (D. A 
JJ, Sadlier (W. 6.), Swinton, TUden. Trotters, 
warren (D. M.), Werner. 

F%rtt Lmkmu.— Oolton A F., Cornell, Eclectic, Quyot, 
Hall (M. L.), Harpers', History. Lemon, Maury, 
Mitchell, Montelth, Montelth ftMcNally,SadUer 
(W.H.), Stepping Stone, Swinton. Warren (D.M.). 

G^lo&s Jftxnuols.— Chenev, Franklin, Schedler. 

Biseorioo/.— EclecUc, Johnston (A. K.), Labbertoo, 
MacCoun, Putnam. Worcester. 
See aieo, above. Ancient and ClaeeiccU. 

PAy9<ca/.~Appletons\ Bryce (J. JJ, Butler, Colton, 
Cornell, Eclectic, Geikie. Ouyot, Houston, 
Johnston (A. K.), Law<ion, MacTurk, Marsh (O. 
P.). Maunr, Mitchell, MOnteith, Monteith A 
McNally, Proctor, Science Primers, Warren (D. 

QttMtions.— Butler,* Catechism, Eaton, Hathaway, 
Mitchell, Nichols, Pierson (D. h!), QuesUons, 
Begents, Townsend (J. L.), Tufts, Warren (D.M.). 
See auo Bbadbrs, Cfeographical. 

Oeology.—Amer. ScL Ser., Andrews (E. B.), Barbee, 
Dana, Davis (W. Q.\ Oeikie, Hall, Hogan, Hook- 
ey Jnkes-Brown, Le Conte, Loomis, Nicholson 
(H. A.), Prestwich, Roberts, Science Primers, 
Shaler, Steele, Tenney (8.), Wells (D. A.), WUl- 
lams (H. 8.), Williams (8. O.), Winchell (A.). 

Geometry.— Angel, Baker (A. H.), Baker (A. L.), 
BartoL Bayma, Bellows, Binns, Bowser, Brad- 
bury. Brooks (B,), Bums (J. J.), Butler, Carroll, 
Chapman, Chauvenet, Clarke (O. S.), Davidson 
(E. A.), Daviee (C), Dupuis, Eclectic, Evans, 
Oalbralth A Haughton, Oreenleaf, Halsted, 
Hanus, Hayward, Henrici, Hill (O. A.), Hill (T.), 
Hopkins (O. I.), Hunt, Hunter (T.\ King, Lachlan, 
Loomis, Low, Lsrman, MacDonald, Newcomb, 
Nixon, Olney, Peck (W. O.), Phillip** (W. H. H.), 
Proctor, Rsy. Richardson A Ramsey, Robinson 
<H. N.), Runkle, Russell, Schuyler, Science Prim- 
ers, Searle, Sestini, Sharpless, Smith (OX Smith 
<F. H.), Smith (W. B.), Spooner, Stanley, Stewart 
<S. T.), Venable (0. 8.)/Vodges, Warren (8. E.), 
WateonJH. W.), Wells, Welsh (A. H.)LWentworth 
(O. A.), Wentworth A Hill, Wood (De V.), Wright. 
Analytical and Conic i8fec«ont.— Bavma, Bndfire, 

tins ton 









A W., 


^ Faul- 
, Herr- 
, Kern, 


stein, Michel, Mugan, Otis, Plate, Preu, Reffelt, 
Rippe, Sanders, Scnlegel (C. A.), Bchmits, Schra- 
kamp, Stein, van der Smissen, Vietor, Wild A 
Stamm, Witter, Woodbury, Worman. 

Orammare^ Leeeone, Methode^ etc.— Ahn, Ahn-FLsch- 
er, Ahn-Henxi, Ahn-Oehlscblftger, Bacon, Black- 
well, Brandt, Buchheim, Chicago, Collar, Colby, 
Comfort, Cutting, Dessar, Deutsch, Dreysprmg, 
Eysenbach, Flscner, Gterfen, Ooebel, Oraebner, 
Graff, Grauert, Harris, Hedge (PreposiMons), 
Heller, Hempl, Heness, Henn-Ahn, Hodges, Hoes- 
feld, Jagenuum, Joynes-Melssner, Joynes-Otto, 
Keetels. Knofiach, Krauss, Longmans, Lueken, 
Macmillan, Mayer. Marlborough, Melsterschaft, 
Mengel, Naftel, Ollendorff, Otis. Otto, Peissner, 
Plate, Prendergast, Rosenthal, Roeenstengel, 
Sachse, Sawyer (W. C), Schlegel (C. A.), Schmitz, 
Schulte, Sheldon (E. 8.), Smith (Wm.), Soden, 
Spanhoofd-Stara-, Stelger^Thomas (C T.), Van 
derSmlseen A F.,welneck. Wenckebach, Wencke* 
bach A 8., Wheatley. White, Whitney (W. D.), 
Wilkinson, Winter, Woodbury, Worman, Zur 

Biamdwriting» — Ahn-Grauert, Eclectic. German, 
Henze. &nopp, Lueken, Fayson, Badller (W. H.), 
Wemli, Witter, Worman. 

J^xmunotofioa.— Grandgent. Kroeh. 

ISaodert.— Ahn, Ahn-Grauert, Ahn-Henn, Bernhardt, 
Bolsen, Brandt, Brandt A Day, Cincinnati, Com- 
fort, Deutsch, Dodge, Dreysprlng, Eclectic. Epi- 
sodes, Evans, First, Fischer (A. A.), Gelbach, 
G«rmanus, Gore, Grauert. Haiimann, Hardter, 
Heineman, Herder, Jagst. Joynes, Joynes-Otto. 
Klemm, Knapp, Knoefel, Kroeh, Macmillan, 
Mavnard, MilwaukeeL Monroe (L. B.), Naftel, 
Otto, Petermann, Reffelt, Rosenstengel, Schra- 
kamp, Schlegel, Soldao, Stamm, Storme (T.), 
Von Kleuze, Wenckebach. Whitney (W. D.)jWhit- 
ney-Klenun, Witter, Woodbury, Worman, wrage, 
Zlmmermann, Zschokke. 

Beadkna (MieoeOaneoue). — Deresf ord - Webb, Bern- 
hardt, David (A. A.j, Grube, Hart (J. M.), Heine- 
mann. International, Johnson (H.), Handy, Otis, 
Raddats, Schiller, Schrakamp, Storme (G.), 
Unterhaltungs, Van Dael, Van der Smissen, 
Wells (B. W.y, Whitney. 

Ltfteroturs.— Adler, Francke, Heath, Klemm, Roaen- 
stens«l. Schlegel, Scboenfeld. 

Hayt.— College, German TexU, Handy, Henesa« 
Intematlooal, Kroeh, Stem, Students*. 

Poetry.— 'KLemm^ Slmonson, Wenckebach. 
See aleo LrrBRATUita, Oerman, 

DraneUUing Bng. into (Termon.— Cincinnati, Collar, 

Handy, Joynes-Otto, Lagemann, Lodeman, 


OoTemment and Iiaw.— Alden, Bryant, Callahan, 

Clark (8. 8.), Cocker, Fiske, Glffln, Hart 

(A. B.), Higby. Hinsdale (a A.), Johnston (A.), 
L. L. L., lAwrence, Leach, Lleber, Lowry, Mo- 
Cleary, Macy, Maine, Mansfield. Martin, Mason, 

May, Morton, Mowry, Nordhoff, NorthauLjPeter- 
man, Robinson (W. C.), Suplee, Thorpe (F. N.), 
TocquevlllejTownsend (C.),Trowbrldge, True k. 
D., Wilson (W.), Toung (A. W.). 
See aleo CoNanrunoif . 
Grammar (Snclish).— ^noZiPtis and Parting.— Ah- 
bott (E. AJ, Adams (F. P.), Arnold, Buckham, 
Bullions, Carpenter (8. H.), Conklln, Crosier, 
Cmlkshank, Dalglelsh, Eclectic, Greene (8. 8.), 
Hart (J. M.), Haynle, Hind. Irish, Johnson, Iau- 
guage. King, Longmans, Marls, Mathews (H.), 
Maxwell, Murray (J. E.), Quimby, Rigdon, Ripley, 
Sanders A McE., Smitb (E. B.). Stillwell, Sweet, 
Symonds, Town, Townsend, Welch, Weld, Wilson 
IJ. D.), Wright. 

ary ana Prtustieal.—Ahn^ Appleton (J. L.), 

Bain, Barnes, Bingham, Boltwood, Bosworth, 
Brown (G.), Buehrle, Bugbee, Bullions, Burns (B. 
A.), Burtt, Butler (G.P.), Butler (N.), Choate, Clark 
(N. G.). Clark (8. W.), Cobbett, Comly. Eaton, Eiio, 
Eubank, Fewsmlth, French (J. W.), Gideon, 
Greene (H. R.), Greene (8. 8.). Greenwood (J. M.) 
Greenwood (J. W.), Hart (J. M.), Harvey, Hatha- 
way, Haynle, Holbrook (A.), Holmes, Hunter (J.) 
Kenyon, Kerl, Kemey, Klrkham, Knox-Heath« 
Lee A H., Llghthall, Longmans, Lyte, MaoCabe« 
MelkleJohnTMetcalfe, Morris (I. J.), Morris 

St.), Morrison (T.), Murison, Murray (J. E.), 
urray (L.), Parshall. Patterson, Peet, 
Plnneo, Quackenbos, Raub. Reed A Kellogg, Re. 
gents, Richardson (W. H.), Ridpath, Roemer* 
Badller (W. H.), Shepherd, Slglar, Sill, Smith 
(H. D.), Smith (R. C), Smith (M. W.),Southworth 
A Stoddard, Starkweather, Stickney (J. H.}, 
Strang, Sullivan, Swinton. Thring, Tower, Tweed, 
Van Tress, Vickroy, Weld A Quackenbos, Wella 
(W. H.), Welsh (A.H.), Welsh (j7P.),West.WTiitney 
(8.W.), Whitney (W. D.), Whitney A Lockwood, 

Julyi^, *9\[No. 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Williams (O. E.), Williams (W. O.), Wilson, 
Wright, Toung Catholic. 
ate OMO Enoubb Laxouaob; Lahguaob. 
Jlr«<L««a(Mu.—Ahn, Brown (O.). Butler (N.), Clark 
(8. W.), De Graff, Fellows, Gilmore, Greene (F. 
B.). Greene (8. 8.). Hadley (H.), Hart (J. M.). 
Hounee, Howard (T. £.), Hyde (M. F.), Jobon- 
not, Kennedv ft Hackett, KerL Lee & 8., 
Literature n-imers, Lonr (C. C.)t Long (H. 
8.), Maxwell, Metcalf, Murchl Nesbitt, Primary, 

iVneiuaMoti.— Allardyce^yres,BigeIow, Butterfleld, 
Cooker. Hart^J. H.), Hill (A. 8)., Wilson (John). 
Greek. - DicUanartet. — Autenreith, Baird, Blaka 
ClasBic. Donnegan, Greek, Grove (8. J.)t Liddell 
& Scott, Piokerinir (J.)« Sanford, 8ophocles, 
Yonge(O.D.). "* ' * "^ 

Ntw Tatameni IXotionariat.— Analytical, Green (T. 
a), Greenfield, Robinson (E.), 8oomp, Thayer. 

WVrti Lmkmu.— Arnold (T. K.), Boise, Brooks (N. CA 
Bryoe, Collar & Daniell, Coy, Froet, Goodell, 
Harknees, Harper & C, Leighton. Morris (W. 
H.), Scarborough, White (J. W.), Wilkinson. 

Qrammar and ExercUf. — Adams (F. A.), Barnes, 
Boise, Brooks (J.), Bryce, Bullions, Bullions 
& Kendrick, Crosby, Curtius, Fisk, Goodell, 
Goodrich, Goodwin (W. W.), Hadley (J.), Halsey 
(C. 8.), Harper, Henry, Keep (R. P.), Kendrick, 
King &, Cootcson, Knnner, Maunoury, Spiess, 
Weil, WettenhaU, White (J. W.), Wilkinson, 
WincheU(8.R.), Tenni. 

J^Ro Tutamtnt (Trommart.— Buttmann, Cary, Green 
(8. G.), Harper (W. R.), Winer. 

Prom a>mpofi6'<m.— Alllnson. Arnold (T. K.), Boise, 
Jones (£.), Miles, Sargent, 8ewall (J. B.),8idgwick 
(A.), Woodruff. 

Beodert.— Bullions, Cov. Goodell, Goodwin (W. W.), 
Goodwin & White, moss. Preparatory. 

Beading (lAsoeOanaous).— Boise k Freeman, College, 
Ferguson, Fernald, Flagg, Grseca Minora, Long- 
mans, MacmiUan, Parsons (R), School Classics, 
Seymour, Tyler (H. M.), Williams. 

Traniating EnglUh into G^reeAs.— Handy, Harper, 

TrandcMng Oreek into i^i«A.~Cassell, Handy, 
Interlinear, Palmer, White. 

.JBtdUnei.— Champlin (J. T.), Richardson, Simcox. 

.AfoA^iM.— Allen (F. D.), Felton, Flagg, Mather, 

JBkw.— Timayenis. 

Arinophan€9.—¥eiUin & Goodwin, Green (W. C.) 
HumphreysCM. W.) 

DemottAenat.— Cnamplln (J. T.), D^Ooge, Flagg, 
Smead, Tarbell, Ivier (W. S.). 

JRv^toidet.— Allen (F.D.),Anthon, Beckwith, Flagg, 
Keeoe, Woolsey. 

Airodoeus.— Abbott, Johnson (H. M.), Keep (B. P.), 
Mather, Merriam. 

JETomer.— Anthon, Autenreith, Blake. Boise, Collar, 

Thurber, Tyler (W. 8.). 

Iiocratef.— Felton ft Goodwin. 

iMcion.— Williams (C. R.). 

X^isia*.— Bristol. Stevens, Whiton. 

New T^Bttomen/.— Boise, Critical, Greenfield, Inter- 
linear, Leusden, Owen, Scrivener, Spencer (J., 
A.), Westcott ft Hort. 

JYndor.— Gildersleeve, Seymour (T. D.). 

Ifato.— Dyer jaitbauer, Lodge, Towle, Tyler (W. 8.) 
Wagner, Woolsey. 

KMtord^— Wer (W. 8.). 

AtpAoclef.— Crosby, D'Ooge, Graves, Harpers*, Hum- 
dbrey, Jebb, Jebb ft Mather, Smead, white ( J.W.), 

Tkucifdide».—B\SK^ Fowler (H. N.), Lamberton, 
Mather, Morris (C. D.), Smith (C. F.). 

Fertijlootion.— Platner. 

Xmopfcon.— Anthon. Bennett, Boise, Crosby, Fergu- 
son, Goodwin ft White, Harper ft W., Interlinear, 
Kelsey, Kelsey ft Zenos, Kendrick, Manatt, Rob- 
bins (R. D. 0, White, Whiton, Wlnans. 
Oynmaattoi.—igee Physical Education. 
Hebrew.— B<U0.—Letteris. 

Jflnt Lemon§^ Primerg^ efc^— Katsenberg, Sonn. 

Grammar and Reading LeMoiw.— Auf recht, David- 
son (A. B.), Dessar, Gabriel, Gesenius, Green (W. 
H.), Harper (W. R.), Hebrew, Hecht, Jones, 
Krauskopf ft Berkowitz, Leeser, Manheimer, 
Mayer, Mitchell (H. G.), Strack, TregeUes, Vib- 

Lttfieon.—Cn^iKt Davidson (B.), Hebrew, Robinson 
(E.), Tregeues. 
MlMtOfTj,— Ancient, —Anderson, Barnes, Bridges, En- 

sign, Ejxxshs, Fleury, Fredet, Gloodrioh (8. G.), 
Myers, Bawlinson, Sadlier (W. H.), Student's 
Ser., Thalheimer, Wood (C. W.;, Tonge (C. M.), 

JRi0icind.— Airy, Allen (W. F.), Anderson, Arm- 
strong, Berard, Bishop, Buckley, Chautauqua, 
Collier (W. F.), Creighton, Curnow, Dickens, 
Edwards, Epochs, Freeman, Gardiner, Gardiner 
ft Mullinger. Goodrich (S. G.), Green (J. R.), Guest, 
Gumey, Hallam, Higginson ft Channing* History, 
Irving, Jones (L. E.), Joy. Kirkland, Knox, Kum- 
mer, Lancaster, Lingard, Longmans, Loesing, 
Lupton, Markham, May, Montgomery (D. H.), 
Morris (D.), PhiUps, Pierson (H. W.), Pinnock, 
Powell, Putnam's Manuals, Ransome, RoyaU 
Sanderson, Stone (A. PJL Stubbs, Student's Se- 
ries, Tait, Thalheimer, Thompson (A. B.), Towle, 
Wall (A.), Wheeler (A. M.), Yonge ifc. M.). 

fVaiioe.— Anderson, Barnes, Brewer (C.), Creighton« 
Fleury, Freeman, Goodrich (S. G.), History, 
Kirkland. Kitchin, Lacombe, Markham, Mont- 
gomery (D. H.), Pierson (H. W.), Pinnock, Put- 
nam's Manuals, Student's Ser., Super, Tonge. 

General.— Alexander, Allen (W. F.), Anderson, 
Andrews (E. B.), Appleton, Balmes, Barnes, Blair 
(J.), Boltwood, Carter, Chambers (W.), ChampUn, 
Collier (W. F.). Cottinger, Ensign, Epochs. Fisher 
(G. P.), Fitzsimon, Freeman, Freman, Oilman, 
Goodrich (8. G.), Grace, Great, Haentze, Hall (F. 
H.), Hathaway, Heilprin, History, Hunter, Ker- 
ney. King, Labberton, Lawrence (E. C), Lemon, 
Lord, Mackenzie, Myers, Parley, Ploetz, Put- 
nam's Manuals. Quackenbott (J. D.), Bobbins (R.), 
Sanderson Schlegel (F.), Shaffer, Shea, Sheldon 
(M. D.) StudentTt Series. Summary, Swinton, 
Taylor, Thalheimer, Trainer, Waites, Weber, 
Whelpley, Whitcomb. WUlard (8.), Willson, Wor- 
cester, Young Catholic. 

Osrmany.— Brewer (C), Freeman, Parmele, Pierson 
(H. w.), Putnam's, Student's, Taylor (B.), Tonge 
(C. M.). 

fl«fveoe.— Abbott (E.), Barnes, Collier, Cox JG. W.), 
Felton, Gildersleeve, Goodrich (8. G.), Harrison 
(J. A.), History, Irving, Joy, Myers, Osman, Pen- 
neU, Pinnock, Putnam^s Manuals, Ritchie, Sewell 
(E.), Sheldon (M. D.), Student's Series, Thal- 
heimer, Tufts, Vincent, Yonge (C. M.j. 

Ireland.— McCarthy, SadUer (A.), Towle. 

IlaZy.- Freeman. 

Japan and ihMtia.— Smith (H. A.). 

ifedtovol.— Anderson. Barnes, Duruy, Emertoo, 
Hallam, History, Myers, Stille, Student's Series, 
Thalheimer, Tonge (C. M.), Young Catholic. 

Mbdem.— Anderson, Barnes, Bridges,Duruy, Fredet, 
Fytle. Goodrich (8. G.), Lord, Myers, Sadlier 
(W. H.), Shea, Student's Series, Thalheimer, 
Tonge (C. M.), Young Catholic. 

Borne.- Allen (W J*.), Anderson,Barnes,Bryce, Collier, 
Coulange, Gilman. Goodrich (8. G., History, 
Irving, Kelsey, Merivale, Pelham, Pencil, Pm- 
nockTPutnam^s Manuals, Robinson (W. 8.>, Sewell 
E., Sheldon (M. D.). Shuchburgh, Student's 
Series, Thalheimer, Tufts, Wilkins, Yonge (C. M.), 
Vincent, Young Catholic. 

iSoofland.— Freeman, Mackenzie, Royal. 

United iStotst.— Abbott (E.), Allen (J. G.), Anderson, 
Armstrong, Barnes, Berard. Blackbumft McDon- 
ald, Brlrf, Butter, Campbell (L. J.), Chllds, 
Creery, Davidson, Derry, Dodge, Eclectic, Eg- 
gleston. Elementary, Eliot. Ellis, Epochs, First 
Lessons, Fiske, Freeman, Gibson, Gflman, Good- 
rich (Chas. A.), Goodrich (8. G.). Gruber, Hale 
(E. E.), Hansell. Harley, Hart ft Channhig, Has- 
sard, Hathaway, Henry, Higginson, History, 
Holbroolc, Holmes, Howison, Johnston (A.), 
Jones (K E.), Juliand, Kemey, Kimball, Lea- 
sing, Mackenzie, Monroe (Mrs. L. B.). Monteith, 
Montgomery, Morris, New Elementary, North- 
am, Peet, Pierson (H. W.), Pollard, Porter (L. 
H.), Primary Qiiackenbos, Rldpath, Roberts 
.\ SadUer (D. ft J.), Sadlier (W. H.), School, 
.,jtt, Scndder, Shea, Sheldon, Shinn. Stephens, 
Sterne, Summary, Swinton, Symonds, Thomas 
(A. C), Thousand Questio^ Towle, Van Wie, 
Venable (W. H.), Winsor, Woody, Young Cath- 
^rfcansos. — Hemstead. — Louifiona — Dimltry.- 
ifojne.— Varney.— Jfiirytond.— Browne ft Scharf, 
Butler, Dulany, Onderdonk.— Aew For*.— Hen- 
drick.— JVortfc daroHno.— Moore (J. W A Spencer 
(C.P.).— Amtt OnroKna.— Davidson (J.WX—Ten' 
neatee.— Phelan.— TkEos — Pennybaoker, Thrall. 
S» alM Rkadkrs. Historical ; JmsoeBaneotis. 

lene.— Cutter, Hunt(E. M.),'PUrkes, Wilson (G.). 
.^jealM Anatomt ; Phtsioloot. 
Industrial ISduoation. — Compton, Goss, Kilbon, 

Unwin. Whitaker. 
Italian. — Compo«ttion. — Grandgent. 

IKetionarief. — Barretti, Feller, Graglia, Hossfeld, 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. \\^2\July 14, '94 

James A Orassi, Meadows, MUlhouse, Roberts 
(J. P.), Tauehnitz, Wessely. 
O'rammars.— Ahn. Oassell, Comba, Footana, Orand- 
gent. HoBsfeld, Meistersohaft, Mouta^rue, Ollen- 
dorff, Sauer, Smith (Wm.). Worman. 
/ieader*.— Oattaneo, ForesU, Montarue. 
lAsoeOaiieoiw.— IntematioDai, NovelTe, Farlate. 
Kindergarten.— Bailey(M.E.),Batohellor3err7,Bnul- 
ley, Douai, Froebel. Ooloammer, Hallman, Hail- 
mann (E. LOv Hailmami, (W. N.), Handbook, 
Heerwiu^ Hoffmami, Hubbard, Illustrated, 
Kinderararten, Kraus-Boelte, Kriege. MacLeod, 
Menand, Moore, Mulley, Noa, Peabooy ft Mann, 
Plays, Pollock, Prang, Ronge, Smith (E.),8teiger, 
Walker & Jenks, Wlebe. wSgin,WIltse. 
Iianguage.— iSm Emolish ; Frkmob ; Qbuum ; Obbbk; 
MBBMW : Italian ; Latin ; LnnuTUBS ; Pm- 
loloot: Spanish. 
Latin.— iHc^ionarief. — Ahn-Henn, Ainsworth, An- 
thon. Beard (J. R. A C J, BulUons, CasseU, Classic, 
EnticiL Oardner, Goodwin, Harpers*, Kalt* 
Schmidt, Leverett, Lewis, Routledge, Smith 
(Wm.), Wessely, White (J. T.). 
jnymoI<vy.— Andrews, Currier, Halsey (C. S.), Peck 
First Le8$on$^ Primer*, ato.— Ahn-Henn. AllenjfJ. H.), 
Andrews, Arnold (T. K.), Arrowsmlth & Wicher, 
Bryce, Chase & Stuart, Collar, Collar ft Daniell, 
Comstock (D. T.), D'Ooge, Egbert, Fowler ft T., 
Gates, Gildersleeve, Greenough, Harkness, Hal- 
sey (W. McD.), Heatley ft Kingdon, Holbrook 
iA.), Jones (E.), Leiffhton, Lindsay ft Rollins, 
lacmillan, Morris (W. H.), Pan tin. Poetgate, 
Preble ft Hull, Soudder, Tetlow, Tuell ft Fowler, 
Tuell ft Snyder, Wilkinson, Worman. 
G>rammar and JKesreises.— Ahn-Henn, Allen (J. BJ, 
Allen ft G., Andrews, Andrews ft S., Arnold (T. 
K.), Barber, Bartholomew, Bingham, Bruns, 
Bryce, Bullions, Bullions ft M., Chase ft S., Clark 
(D.), Drisler, Bnglmann, Fischer, Gildersleeve, 
Gould, Grove, Harkness, Harper, Henry. Hogue, 
Keep (R. P.), King ft C, Leighton, Mc(>be, 
Miles, MuUer (P. J.). Pennell, Roby, Ruddiman, 
Saureur, Schmitc ft Z., Schults, Silber, Smith 
(Wm.), Spencer (Q.). Tomlioson, Weld, white ft 
Waite, Whiton. Wilkins, Wilkinson, Tenni. 
PiDir«ini7.— Goodrich (C.A.) 
/V<muficiation.— King. Peck. 

Prote CbmiNMitton.— Abbott (E. A.), Ahn-Henn. Allen 
(W. F.J, Allen ft Greenough, Arnold (T. K.), Ben- 
nett, Bingham, Collar, Daniell, Fischer, Hark- 
ness, Jones (E.), Judson, Miller, Preble ft Parker, 
Ramsay, Wilkins. 
/Yoiody.— Casserley. 

/toadars.— Ahn-Henn, Allen (J. H.), Andrews, Ben- 
nett, Bruns, Bullions, Chase ft Stuart, Oilder- 
sleeve, Harkness, Harrington (K. P.), McCabe, 
Preble ft Hull, Preparatory, Smith (B. H.), Stu- 
dent^s Series, Tomltnson. 
Reading (l/2«ceaan«<m«).— Allen (F. D.), Andrews, 
Brooks (N. C), Churchell ft Sanford, College, 
Crowell, Hanson, Historia, Kelsey, Leusden, 
L'Homond. Lindsay, Longmans, Macmillan, Sad- 
Her (W. H.), School Classics, Virl RomoB. 
Cbtiilltw.— Merrill (E. T.). 

GbBsar.— Allen ft Greenough, Andrews, Anthon, Ash- 
more, Bartholomew,BiDgfaam, Blackburn, Brooks 
(N.C.),Bullions, Chase ft Stuart, Collar, Fergtison, 
Gildersleeve, Gltbauer, Harkness, Harper, In- 
terlinear, Judson, Kelsev, Lowe ft Ewing, Mc- 
Cabe, Peck, Perrin (B.), Richardson, Riggs, Sau- 
veur, Schmits ft Zumpt, Whiton, Wilkins. 
CVoero.— Allen ft Greenough, Anthon, Bullions, 
Chase ft Stuart, Folsom, Gardner, G. ft B^ Han- 
son, Harkness, Hart (S.), Interlinear, Kellogg 
(M.), Kelsey, Lord (J. K.), Montague, RIggs, 
Stickney (A.), Wilkins. 
Obmelitw JVepot.- Anthon, Chase ft Stuart, Gard- 
ner. G. ft B., Gltbauer, Lindsay, Rolfe, Schmits 
ft ZuBopt. 
Our^ttw /fttfiis(Qttinha).— Crosby, Fowler, Gardner, 

G. ft B., Schmltz ft Zumpt. 
Horace.— Anthon, Chase ( R. H.), Chase ft S., Inter- 
linear, Kirkland (J. H.), Lincoln, Schmltz ft Z., 
Smith (E. L.). 
Jut«na2.— Anthon, Chase ft Stuart,Hart (S.), Inter- 
linear, Leverett, Lindsay, SImcox. 
Ltfvy.— Anthon, Chase ft Stuart, Eaton, Greenough, 
Interlinear, Lincoln, Lord, Rolfe, Schmltz ft 
Zumpt, Westcott, White (J. T.). 
Lucrenia.— Kelsey. 

Ovid.— Allen ft Greenough, Andrews, Brooks (N. C. ), 
Chase ft Stuart, Gardner, G. ft B., Interlinear, 
Kelsey, Lincoln, Ovid. 
jRsrsfia.- Anthon. Gildersleeve. Hart (S.), Johnson. 
PAcedrus.— Gardner, G. ft B., Phaedrl. 
Ptouhis.— Fowler, Harrington, Morris (E. P.), 

^iny.— Holbrooke, Montague, 
"ntfljan.- Frieze. 

BaUutL—AMea ft Greenough, Andrews, Anthon* 
Bullions, Chase ft Stuart, Harkness, Herber- 
mann. Interlinear, Schmltz ft Zumpt. 
iSmeca.— Hurst ft Whiting. 

racihtf.— AUen (W. F.), Anthon, Champlln (J. T.), 

Chase ft Stuart, Gitbauer, Gudeman^opldns (A. 

G.), Johnson (H. C), Tyler (W. S.) Worthlngton 

(J. R.). 

TVrence.— Chase ft Stuart. Nloolson, Preble, Rolfe, 

Firj^iZ.- Andrews, Anthon, Bingham, Brooks (N. 
C), Burgess, Chase ft S.. Cooper (T. G.), Frieze, 
Greenough, Harper ft M., Interlinear, Kennedy, 
Schmltz ft Z., Searing, Whiton. 

AMaJber.— Sewall (F.). 

mionyms.— Doederlein, Ramshom, Shnmway. 

2ronsia<ini7 Singliah into LaMn.— Handy, Harper, 

Trandating LaMn into iPnglitlk.— Post, Welch ft Dof • 

Vertifteation, ^Plainer. 
Ijetter-'Writing. — Ellsworth, MoMahan, Palmer, 
Townsend (C.), Ward (E. G.), Westlake. 
See aieo Oompobitiom. 
Ijiterature.— ^msr/can.- Adams (O. F.), Baldwin (J.), 
Beers, Blaisdell, Cleveland, Eliot, English, Gil- 
more, Hart (J. M.), Hawthorne ft Lemmon, Hen- 
dHck, Higginson, Lookwood (S. E. H.), Lodge (H. 
0, Longwell, Readings. Richardson (C. F.), 
Royse^jShaw (T. B.), Smyth, Tyler (M. C), Under- 
wood (F. H.), White. 

dost^oal.- Fiske, Morris (C), Quackenbos (J. D.), 
White (C. A.). See aleo, below, Greek, Roman. 

An^itfc.— Adams (O. F.). Arnold (T.), Baldwin (J.), 
Bascom, Beers. Blaisdell. Buckland, Chaucer, 
Cleveland, Collier (W. F.), CopnSe, Corson, 
Cralk, Davles (J.), Day, Eclectic, English, Gar- 
nett, Gllman, Gilmore, Great, Hackett ft Gir- 
vln. Hales, Harlow, Hart (J. MJl Hendrick, 
Hodffkins, Hudson, Hunt (T. W.), Jenkins 
(O. L.), Johnston ft Browne, KellcMrg^Lltera- 
ture nrlmers. Lioyd, Longmans ft Mow ill lam, 
Longwell, McElroy, Maertc, Meiklejohn, MInta 
Morgan(H> H.), Morley, Murray (J. OK.*), Pan- 
coast, Phillips (M. G.), Raub, Readings, Renton, 
Richardson (A. S.), Royse, Rutheirord, Shaw 
(T. B.), Short, Skeat, Smith (G. JO, Smith (M. W.), 
Southworth, Spalding, Sprague (H. B.), Stronach, 
Students, Swinton, Taine, Tyler (M. C.), Under- 
wood (F. H.), Washbume, Welsh (A. H.), West- 


JfifoeBanaous lAterarp AlacMofM.— American, Boyd, 
Bryant, Burt, BuUer, Cathcart, Clark ft M. 
gleish, GUt, Hart (J. M.), Holbrook, Holm 
w.), Irving, Kitchln, Lefflngwell, Longfellow, 


Masterpleoes, Modem Classics, Morris (R.). Mot- 
ley, Northend, Presoott, Putnam, Rival Collec- 
tion, Riverside, Rolfe, Sadlier (W. H.), Sprague 
(H. B.), Wells (S. R.), WhiUng. Whlttier, ZellT 
See aleo^ above, American ; EnMsh ; Elocittion. 
i\>e^(A<ecH<m«).— American, Baldwin (J.), Brack- 
ett, EUot, Hart (J. M.), Palgrave, Rolfe, Sai^pent, 
Ward (T. H.). 
See al$o^ above, American ; Enciiek : MOeceUaneeme, 
Bacon.— Lewis (H.), Warne, Whately. 
JIUton.— Introduction, Roes (J. M.), Sprague (H. 

B.), Stebbing, Torrey. 
Shahe$peare,—Ci»T\i ft Wright, Corson, Hows, Hud- 
son, Introduction, Kellocn?, Latimer, Literature 
Primers, Rolfe, Sprague (H. B.). 
I'Venc^. — Duvall, Keene, Saintsbury, Van Laun, 

Warren. See aieo FRBNcn, Literature. 
OaneraZ.— Barrow," Botta. Clarke, Gunomere (F. B.), 

Hallam, Southwick, Trimble. 
Gterman.— Gostwick ft Harrison. ~ Muller (F. M.), 
Scherer.Taylor (M.). iSee a2«o Gbrman, X4(eratiirt. 
ffreclf.— Gildersleeve, Jevons, Literature, Perry (T. 

S.). Wilkinson, Zeller. 
iZoman.— Crowell, Cruttwell, Schmltz (L.). See aleo, 
above, CMueical, 
IiOgarithms.- Bradbury, Compton (A. G.), Hussey, 
Jones, Loomis, Newcomb, Olney. Peirce (J. M.), 
Schuyler, Seaver, Stanley, Wells, Wentworth 
ft Hill. Wheeler, Woodward. 
See aleo Mathkmaticb : TRiooNOKcrsT. 
IiOgio.— Atwater, Bain, Balmes, Boweo (F.), Coppte, 
Cqppena, Da«ls (N. K.), Day, Doublet, Fowler (T.), 
Gilmore, Gregory, Hamilton (W.), Hedge (L.), 
Hill (D. J.), Hyslop, Jamieson, Jevons (W. 8.), 
KiUiek. Ladd, MoCoBh. Mill, Schuyler. Science 
Primer, Thompson (W.), TIgert, True, Whately, 
Map-Drawing.— £(M Drawing. 
Mathematics.— Atkins, Ball (W. W. R.), Brenslnger, 
Cbauvenet, Colbert, Davies(C.), Galbralth ft H., 
Gore, GreenhlU, Hanus, Hardy (A. 8.), Harkness 
ft M.. Has^ins, Jessopp, Lowey, Maofarlane, Mer- 
rifleld, Merriman, Osborne, Peirce (B. O.), Peiroe 

July 14, •94[iVi7. 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


U. M.). Robinson (H. N.), Sergeant, Sherwin, 
Walsh, Weld, Whiting. 
See dUo Ai^kbra ; Abxthiotic ; Aatbonovt ; Cal- 
OI7LU8 ; Drawimo ; GaomTRT ; LooARrrBMs ; Mb- 
0BARIC8 ; MsMSURATTON ; Natural Philosopht ; 


Meohsnlos.— Ball, Bartlett, Bayma, Bowser, Byrne, 
Church, DanflL Foster, Galbralth A U., Ooodere, 
Harrison (W. J.), Jackson (I. W.;, Magnus, Michie, 
Peck (W. O.), Perry (J.), RoesW, Selby, Tod- 
hunter, Twl8den,Wood (De V.), Wood & S.,Wright, 

Mensuration.— Bonnycastle, Christian Brothers, 
Daviee (C), Hall, Halsted, Hasiirell, Hutton (H. 
H.)« Longmans, Mecutohen, Rodgem, Schuler, 

Mental Philosophy.— Abercromble, Alden, Bain, 

Lowey, Mahan, Modern, Muller (F. M.), Reid, RIt- 
ers,Royoe, Seelye, Upham, Watts (J.), Wayiand, 
Wilcox, wlnslow. 
See aleo MBTAPHTSiaB. 

Metaphysics.— Bascom, Bowen (FJ, Bowne, Day. 
£lmendorf, Fleming, Hamilton (w.). Haven, HiU 
(W. H.). Hopkins (M.), Ladd, Mayor, Porter (N.), 
Schwegler, Stewart (D.), Wilcox. 
See aleo Looio : Mkmtal philosopht ; Moral Phi- 
voeopHT : P8TCHOL00T. 

Meteoroioffy.— Chase^Daris, Loomis. 

Metric System.— Sm wsiobts amd Mrasurbs. 

ICineralogy.- Bauerman. Bodeman, Brush, Clapp, 
Collins, Crosby (W. 0.), Dana, Hooker, Hussak, 
MacLeod, Mitchell (J.), Ricketts, Sbepard (E. 
M.). Sweeny, Williams. 

Moral Philosophy and Bthics. — Abercrombie, 
Alexander, Bekln, Ballou, Bascom, Bierbower, 
Bowne, Comegys, Cowdery, Cutler (C), Dagg, 
Day, Dewey, Dymond, Everett, Fairchild, Fletch- 
er (M.), Oilman (N. P.). Oilman & Jackson, 
Oregrory, Haven, Hill (W. H.), Hopkins (M.). 
Hyde, jacluon, Janet, Ladd, Louage, Modem 
Muirhead, Peabody (AP.), Poland, Porter (N.), 
Rivers, Robinson (E. G.), Ryland, Seelye, Smith 
(W. A.), Steele, Stuckenberg, Wayiand, Williams 
(C. Mj, Wright. 

Mnsio.—£rafMi&oqJI».— Banister, 


mister, Biographi^ Bullock, 

& Ryan, Davenport (F.), Helmholtz, 

Jousse, Leslie (H.), National, Noi 

Ryan, *. • 

in, Jousse, Leslie (H.), National, Normal, 
Palmer, Panseron, Rand, Ritter, Root, Sargent 

(N. B.), TUden, Tytler, Whiting (C. E.), Wyman. 

iZeadert. — American, Andrews (fi. P.), Cincinnati, 
Eichberg, Humphreys (L. B.), Jepson. Loomis 
(O. B.), National, New American, Normal, Palmer 
A S., Ryan (J.), Seward, Smith (W. L.), Veazie, 
Whiting (C. £.). 

School ^notn^. — Bardeen, Bartley, Blaokman, 
Bower. Bymap, Case A Williams, Ceoilian, Cen- 
tennial, Charming, Children, Church, Cobb, 
Elson^ Emerson (L), Emerson (L. O.), Emerson 
A Brown. Emerson A S., Emerson A T., Ever- 

Hanson, Howliston, International, 
son, Kdlo ~ . . . - V 

.*.«>vv/u, Au«»«m.«.wu«., Jarvis, John- 
•vu. AvtivFK^ (A. M.), Kendrick A R., Kingsbury, 
Leslie (B.), Ludden. McOranahan, Mason (L.j, 
Menand, Morse, Mueller A B., Murray A P., Nor- 
mal, Our Song Birds, Parsons, Pease, Penney. Per- 
kins (H.S.). Perkins (W. 0.), Perkins A M., Phelps 
(E. C), Phelps A L., Phillips (P.), Riverside Sonr- 
Book, Root (O. F.), Root A Case, Seward, Showal- 
ter, Shryock, Song, Songs, TUden (W. S.), Tilling- 
hast, Tomiins, Veazie, vocal. Wavelet, Whitney, 
Whittemore A B. 

Mythology.— Beren, Cox (O. W.), Dwight, Edwards 
(8. A.), Ouerber, Irving, Murray (A. 80, Bobbins, 
SculL Seeman, Tooke, white (0. A.), Witt. 

Vatural History.- Agasslz, Black A C, Cooper (S.), 
D'Anvers, Olbson, Oddsmith, Ooodrich (S. O.), 
Ouldee, Hooker, Huxley, Johonnot. Keep (J.), 
Lockwood, Lubbock, Marsh (Q. FX MUl, Packaid, 
Peck, Scudder (S. u.). Simpson, Smellie, Tenney 
(Sanb.). Treat, Wood (J. QX 
See aleo BorrAXYiQmoQRAFHTf Phyeical: Oboloot; 
Minxraloot; Kbadkrs, Mtecdlaneaiu : Zo(Sloot, 

Vatural Philosophy, Physics. — Allen (0. R.), 
American Science Series (Barker), Anthony, 
Avery, Baker (T. R.), Bowman, Carhart A Chute, 
Chute, Cooley. Cumming, Danlell, Deschanel, 
Draper, Everett (J. D.), Fessenden, Oage, Oillet 
A Bolfe, Olazebrook, Cordon, Oriffln (L. R. F.), 
Outhrie, Hall A Bergen, Haughton, Hooker, 
Hotze, Houston, Jackman, Jones, Keith, Kiddle, 
Larden,Lee, Longmans.McKay,MacLeon, Meade, 
Miller(W. A.), Mivart, Norton (S. A.), Olmsted, 
PRrker (R.O.), Peddle, Phelps (Mrs.L), Pickering, 
Quackenboe, Remsen, Rolfe A Oillet, Sabine, 
Snarpless A Philips, Seymour A W., Shaw, Shel- 
don, Smith (T. F.), Smith (T.B.), Steele, Stewart 

(B.). Stewart A Oee, Swift, Thornton (J.), Trow- 
bridge, Wells (D. A.), Whitney, Woodhull, Wright 
(M. R.). 
Firet XeMoat.- Avery, Barnard, Oillet A Rolfe, Oif- 

ford, Hotze, Houston, lind, Loewy, Magill (W.), 
Martindale, Moore (O.), Norton A P., Purker (R. 
Q,\ Phelps iMrs. L.), Science, Thompson (S.), 

Tddhunter, woodhull. 
Navigation.- Burton, Evers, Loomis, Maury, Ray, 
Robinson (H. N.). Schuyler, Wentworth (O. A.). 

See dSb Lamouaob. 

Philosophy.— <Sbe Mkmtal; Moral; Natural. 

Phonography.— Allen (O. O.), Baker (A. M.}, Cross 
(J. 0.7, Day (A.), Dettmann, Eames, Oraham^ 
Longley. Marsh, Moran, Munson, Pitman (B.), 
Pitman (I.), Pitman A Howard, Relton, Thornton 
O. H.). Torry, Watson (J.). 

Physical Bduoation.- Anderson, De Oraff, Dlok, 
Dowd, Hunt (L. B.), Maclaren, Mason, Morse, 
Parsons, Posse, Pratt, Rasmussen, Shelton, 
Smart, Stebbins, Straw, Swazey, Warman, Wat- 
son (J. M.), Welch. 
See aleo Phtsioloot. 

Physics.— iSSss Natural PHHiOsoPHT; ateo Chxmistrt. 

"^ liologT. — Appleton, Blaisdell, Brown (E. F.), 
Brubaxer, Comstock (J. L.). Chambers, Domer, 
Dulany, Dunglison, Eclectic, Foster, Hooker, 
Huxley, Jenkin, Lind, Loomis (J. R.), Seymour, 
Steele, Stowell. Tracy, Yeo. 
Prtfffiary.- Bowditch, Callahan Dulany, Dunglison, 
Ellis (E. S.), Furneaux, Hooker, Hotze, Hutch- 
ison, Jarvls (E.). Johonnot&Bouton, lind. Miles, 
Mills, Putnam, Science Primers, Smith (W. T.), 
Stowell, Tidd. 
Fhjfeiology and JJygriene.- Blaisdell, Brown (R. T.), 
Dalton, Dinsmore, Eclectic, Ouernsey, Hatfield, 
Hathaway, Hutchison, Huxley A T^ Jarvis 
(E.), Kellogg (J. H.), Lincoln, Martin, Path- 
finder, Smith (W. T.), Steele, Trail, Union Ser., 
Walker (Jerome). 
See aleo Ajvatomt; HTOismB; ZoOlogt. 

Political ISconomy. — Adams, Alden, American 
Science 8eries.(Walker), Andrews, Bowen 0^.), 
Bowker, Bryce, Carey, Champlln(J. T.), Chapln, 
Clark (J. B.), Clements, Coesa, Danson, IUder« 
Ely. Fawcett (H.), Fawcett (Mrs.), Olde, 
Greeley. Oregory (J. UX Laughlln, Lemon, Mac- 
vane, Meservey. Mill, Patton, Perry, Rogers (J. 
E. T.), Sidgwlck (H.), Smith (A.), Smith (E. P.), 
SU^le (O. H.), Steele (O. M.), Sturtevant, Sum- 
mer, Symes, Thompson (R. E.), Walker (A.), 
Walker (F. A.), Wayiand, WUson. 
F%r§t LfSKMu.- Alden, Dodd, Dole, Fawcett (H.), 
Mason A Labor, Raleigh, Science Primers, 

Primers.— American, Appletons*, Armstrong, Bad- 
lam, Ballard, Bannan, Butler, Butler-Gkwdrioh, 
Calkins. Child's, Cyr, Davis (W. J.), Fuller, OUbert 
(J. H.), Ollmour, Oolden, Heilprin^lllard, Hlllard 
A (^mpbell. Holmes, Johonnot, Kelly, Knudseo, 
Little Teacher, Mo(iuirey, Macmlllan, Monroe, 
Murphy, North C?arolina, Osgood, Parker A 
Watson, Peabody, Peabody A Mann^Progressive, 
Reed (A.)^ReynoIds, Sadller (W. H.), Sanders, 
Sawyer (H.). Sheldon, Sterling, Stlckney( J .H.), 
Stickney A reabodyiSwlnton, Town A H., Tur- 
ner, United States, Washington, Webb (J. R.), 
White (W. R.), WlUson, Wlnchell. Young Cith. 
Phonetic. — DomblU Hlllard A Campbell, McOulTey, 
Parker A Watson, Sheldon (E. A.). 

Pronunciation.— >See dictionaribs; ELoounoif. 

Psychology.— Baker. Baldwin, Bowne, Compayre, 
Day, iMkvlB, De Giarmo A Lindner, Dewey, Hew- 
itt, Hill (D. J.), James, Janes, Jastrow, Ladd, 
McCosh, McLellan, Schuyler, Steele, Sully, 
See aleo Mbktal Philosophy. 

Beaders. — Oeographical, — Oeographical, Informa- 
tion, Johonnot, King, Philipis world at Home. 
G'raded Seriee, — Appletons^^Bancrof t, Barnes, Boy- 
den, Butler, Butler (N.), Butler-Ooodrich, (Jamp- 
bell (L. J.), Christian Broti^ers, ContinentfO, 

Digitized by V:iOC 


Tht Publishers* Weekly. 

\No. \\12\July 14, '94 

Bhetorfo.— Bar^een, Basoooo, Blair, Boyd, Carpenter, 
Clark (J. S.)xClopp6e, Coppena, Crafts A Flak, 
Day (H. N.), De Mille, Douglas, Doyle^JHi Cygne, 
Gtonunjr, OUmore, Haveo, Hepbunu Hill (A. S.}, 
Hill (0. J.), Jameaon, Jamieaon, Kamea, Kel- 
loer, McElroy, Mead, Patterson, Powell, Shedd, 
Welsh (A. H.). Whately. 
See aUo Compositioiv aud Rhktobic. 
Bpanish.— Otmverm/toiw.— De Belem, Del Mar, Habla, 

iHcMoiiaHea.--Beoker, Hoesfeld, Lopes, Meadows, 
Neuman, V61asauez, Wessely. 

Grammtan and ifetAoc2«.— Abn, Cortina, De Tomos, 
De Vere, Duque, Edgren, Hoesfeld, Knapp (W. I.). 
Knoflach. Manning, Meisterschaf L Monsanto A 
Lan«:uellier, Ollendorff, Plnney & Barcelo, Pren- 
defiTMt, Ramsey, Robertson, Rosenthal, Sales & 
Josse, Bauer, worman, Ybarra. 

iVoauneiaNon.— Kroeh. 

Beoderi.— Knapp, Mantilla, Monroe, Boehrlch, Tea- 
tro, Tolon, v61asques, Vin^t. 
Xkjen.—See Eloodtion. 

Jen.— Adams (W. T.), Appletons\ Arithmetical, 
Bales, Ballantyne, Barnes, Beecher, Beitzel, 
Bentlcy, Boltwood, Buokwalter, Butler (N.), By> 
erly, Campbell (W. A.), Cannon, Carpenter (T.), 
Comly, Creery, Csrr, De Wolf, Eclectic, Edwards 

ft W., Gilbert (J. H.)« Gilmour, Gourley, Graves, 
Guide, Gummere (S. R.), Hansell, Harrinjgrton 
(H. F.), Harvey. Hazen, Holmes. Irish, Kelly, 
Kline, Leach, lippincott, McGuffey, Manson, 
Martlndale, Meneley A G., Metcalf . Metropolitan, 
Miscellaneous, Monroe, Xeely, New American, 
Normal, North American, North Carolina,Osgood, 
Parker & W., Patterson, Piet, Pomeroy, Potter, 
Primary, FrogreBaire^ Raub, Reed (A.), Regents, 
Reynolds, Sadlier (W. H.), Sanders, Sanford, 
Sargent. Sever, Sbearer, Sheldon (E. AX Sher- 
wood, Sherwood (W.), Shlnn, Shoup, Smith (W. 
W.), Soule A W., Sterling, Sullivan, 8 wett, Swin- 
ton, Town, Town A H., Tweed, Universal, Warren 
(M. A.), Watson (J. M.), Webster JSTillson, Wilson 
(W. J.), Worcester, Word Lists, Young Catholic, 

Amahtwen and Dq/lnerf.— Ballard, Curd, Hazen, Mc- 
Enigptt. Metropolitan, Patterson, Sanders, Sher- 
wood, Sherwood (W.), Smith (W. W.), Town, 
Town A Holbrook, Webb (A.C.), Webster, WiUson. 

JHetation Averciie*.— Dictation, Guilford, Northend, 
O'Neill. 8ewell(E.M.), Swinton. 

Orthography. — Clinger, Hathaway. Irish, Manual, 
March, 8cholars\ Wright (A. D.). 

Tut /SipeBerf.— GilbertfHeoderson, Henkle, Pooler, 
Sanders, Swinton, Westlake. 

Writinq /SpeBera. — American, Ballard, Barber, 
Buckbee, Bulletin, Chrlstey, Dinsmore, Eclectic, 
Franklin, Graphi^ Lind, Mc Vicar, Manson, Max- 
well, Merrill (E. C.), Monroe, Oliver, One Thou- 
sand, Patterson, Philbrick, PhiUips (J. E.), Popu- 
lar, Richardson, Sherwood, Sherwood ( W.), Swm- 
Shorthand.— iSse Phonoorapht. 
Stenography.— <8be Phonoorapbt ; Shorthakd. 
Surreyixig.— Alsop, Bagot, Bradbury, Brough, Bur- 
ton, ^tfhart, Davies (C), Gillespie, Gummere (J.), 
Haupt, Hodgman, Johnson (J. B.), Lane, Loomis, 
McMillan A S., Merriman, Middleton, Murray (D.), 
Ray, Reed (H. A.), Robinson (H. N.), Schuyler, 
Wentworth (G. A.). 
Trigonometry.— Baker (A. H.), Bayma, Bellows (C 
F. R.), Blakslee, Bowser, Bradbury, Brooks (E.), 
Casey, Chauvenet, Crawley, Davies (C), Dyer 
A Whitcomb, Galbraith A &., Greenleaf. Griffin 

S\ N.), Hackley. HaU A Knight. Hobson A J., 
vett A Davidson, Lewis (£.), Lock, Loney, 
Longmans A S.jLoomis, Miller (E.), Newcomb, 
Nixoo. Oliver (W. A J.), Olney, Price, Ray, 
Richards (E. L.), Robinson (H. N.). Schuyler, 
Seaver, Seaver A W., SestlnU Sharplesa, Smith 
(F. H.), Stanley, Todhunter, Wells, welshlWent- 
worth (G. A.), Wentworth A H., Wheeler, Wood. 

Weights and Measures.— Davies (C), Eaton, Gib- 
oens A B., Granger, Landreth, Metric, Sawyer 
(H. E.), Seaver A W. 

Zoology.— Agassis A G., American Science Series 
(Packard), Angell, Brooks (W. K.), Bumpus, Cham- 
bers (W.l, Cleland Colton, Greene, Harbison, Hol- 
der, Hooker, Jordon, Lockwood, Macalister, Man- 
ton, Marshall, Morse (E. S.), Nicholson (H. A.)» 
Ortoo Seymour, Steele, Tenney (Sanb.). 
See al$o Natural History 

Digitized by 


Balsao'8 Bugenie Grandet (Bergeron). 

Bendiz*! Der Dritte (Whitney). 

Garlyle and Haoaolay on Boswell's Johnson 

Ohamisao's Peter Schlemihl (Vogel). nrd. 

Dentsohe Gtodichte (Von Klense). IllM. 

Ford's Broken Heart (Scollard). 

Ooldamith's Present State of Polite Learning 
(Hart). _ 

Hugo's Hemani (Harper). 

Jtdy 14, '94 \No. 1172-] T?u Publishers* Weekly 83 

HENRY HOLT & CO., 29 West 23d St., N. Y. 

SSrHave published since June, 1893, the following Education- 
al Works. Prices given are wholesale list; postage In 
second column. 


Bumpu5 Laboratory Course in Invertebrate Zo61ogy Ii.oo 8c 

Duray History o! the Middle Ages {New Ed, with Maps) i.6o 14c 

„ *• History of Modem Times (1453-1789). With five maps 1.60 14c 

Falckenberg H islory of Modern Philosophy 3. 50 25c 

Hall 6i Bergen. • . .Key to their Physics 50 2c 

Hume Philosophy (Aikins) i.oo irc 

Remsen Chemistry —Brief er Course {^New Ed, with Chaps, on Organic Chem.) i . 1 2 1 3c 

Scudder Brief Guide to the Commoner Butterflies i.oo 9c 

Life of a Butterfly ,80 6c 

Woodhull First Course in Science 

L Boole of Experiments. Illustrated^ paper 50 5c 

IL Text Book. Illustrated, cloth 65 5c 

in. Box of Apparatus net, 1.50 32c 

Zimmemuuiil . . . .Botanical Microtechnique 2.50 15c 

Report On Government Maps, Flex 30 4c 


Bright Anglo-Saxon Reader (New Ed, with Grammar Outline) 1.75 iic 

Champlin Cyclopsedia of Common Things (New and Enlarged Edition), 2.40 25c 

Lounsbury English Language {Entirely New Edition) 1.12 12c 

Readings for Students : 

Coleridge : Prose Extracts (Beers), with portrait^ Bds 30 4c 

DxQtnNCY: English Mail Coach and Joan of Arc (Hart), with portrait , Bds. . . .30 4c 

Marlowe : Edward II. (McLaughlin) (cloth, 70 c), Bds 40 5c 

SpEaMENs OF Argumentation (Baker), Bds 50 4c 


Fischer Elementary German Reader 70 7c 

•• Hillern's H(Jhcr aJs die Kirche 60 5c 

Otis Elementary German (New Edition) 80 7c 

Schiller Wallenstein (Carruth). Illustrated, i.oo 9c 

Heyse Das Mftdchen von Treppi; Marion (Brusle), with portrait, Bds. .. .25 3c 

Hillern HOher als die Kirche (New Illustrated Ed,), Bds 25 4c 

Riehl Burg Neideck (Palmer), with portrait, Bds 30 4c 

Beresford- Webb. .German H istorical Reader, with map 90 8c 

Freytag Karl der Grosse, etc. (Nichols). 75 5c 


Bronson Exercises in Everyday French (Key, 64 c.) 60 4c 

Joynes Minimum French Grammar and Reader 75 6c 

Fortier Histoire de la Litterature Fran9ai8e, etc i.oo 8c 

Chateaubriand. ...Extraits de, with portrait, Bds 35 3c 

Bishop Choy-Suzanne, Bds 30 3c 

Daudet La Belle Nivernaise (Cameron), Bds 25 3c 

Hugo Selections from, in Prose and Verse (Warren) 70 6c 

ilerimee Colomba (Cameron), with portrait, (cloth, 60 c), Bds 36 5c 

Sand Marianne (Henckels), paper 30 4c 

Verne Michel Strogoff (Lewis), with portrait 70 6c 

Thiers Bonaparte en Egypte (Edgren), with portrait and map, Bds 35 3C 


Richardson Six Months' Preparation for Csesar ' 90 6c 

Ramsey Text-book of Modern Spanish 1.80 17c 

Lope de Vega y Calderon de la Barca : Obras Maestras (New Edition), with steel 

portrait of de Vega i.oo 8c 


Halevy's Ii'Abbe Constantine (Super). lU'd. 
With Vocab. 
Johnson's Basselas (Emerson). 

Iiessing'R Bmilia Oallotti (Super). 
McMurricli's Invertebrate Morphology. 
Newman. Prose Selections (Gkttes). 
Fancoast's Introduction to English Lit. 
Boliiller's Maria Stuart (Joynes). All New. 
Thomas' Practical German Granmar, Pt. I. 
TVhitney's Introductory German Beader. 

New Descriptive Educational Cataloguty List of Books in General Literature ^ and New 

Trade List free on application. Digitized by V:iOC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. 1 1 72] July 14, '94 

Longmans, Green, & Go/s Selecteil List. 

IToniic Folks9 Historf of the United States. 

Bv Thomas Wentworth Higginton. With maps and 
illustrations, an appendix covering a list cf books for 
consultation. Constitution of the United States, Chron* 
ological Table, Index, and a Series of Questions. lamo, 


Bnslleb Hlstorr for Amerieane* By Thomas 
Wentworth Higginson, and Edward Channing, As- 
sistant Professor of History in Harvard University. 
With 7T illustrations, 6 colored maps, bibliography, a 
chronological table of contents, and index, xamo, 
xxxii-334 pages, Prospectus, etc., sent free. 
** The volume has been lavishly illustrated, ... all tak- 
ing the student away from the ideas of things as he sees 
them about him, and giving an Idea of their real relation 
to him and his forefathers. The six maps have been 
prepared with great care to omit the superfluous details 
and to give the clearest ideas of where things happened. 
The table of contents has been arranged chronologically, 

Etoviding one of the most usable chronologies of KngUsb 
istory available. ... A book . . . without which no 
teacher should try to teach English history to American 
xt9Atx%.'*^— Journal 0/ Educatton,^ Boston. 

A Flmt History of France. By Louise Creigh- 
ton. With numerous illustrations and 5 colored maps. 
x6mo, $i.a5. 
*• A very satisfactory work. An attractive, readable 

\tOQ!ky— School Review. 

A First History of Bncland. By Louise Creigh- 

ton. With numerous illustrations. i6mo, 400 pages, 80 

A First History of Rome. By W. S. Robinson, 

M.A., Assistant Master at Wellington College. With 

illustrations and maps. i6mo, 80 cents. 

liong^mans' SnmmarT of EnsUsb History 

from the earliest times. With 10 maps and full genea- 
logical tables. Crown 8vo, x68 pages, 40 cents. 

Tbe Elements of English Constitutional 
History from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. 
By F. C. Montague, M.A., Professor of History, Uni- 
versity College, London, late Fellow of Oriel College, 
Oxford, xamo, 854 pages, 

** A decidedly good little book ; careful in its sute- 
ments, judicious in its views, fairly methodical in its ar- 
rangements, and well written. It is, on the whole, bet- 
ter than any other of the short introductions to English 
constitutional history that we are acquainted with. It is 
clearer, more literary, less repulsive in its mass of facu, 
and better put together. It will leave the student noth- 
ing to unlearn, and build a good foundation for wider 
knowledge.**—^ ikenmum. 


Longmans' Sebool Grammar. By David Sal- 
mon. With notes for teachers and index. New edition, 
revised. With preface by E. A. Allen, Professor of 
English in the University of Missouri, xamo, 373 pages, 
7« cents. 

liongrmans' Primary Grammar. By David 
Salmon, xamo, xa8 pages, 35 cents. 

liOng^mans' Sebool Composition. By David 
Salmon. Crown &vo, 310 pages, 80 cents. 

I^onvmans' Handbook of Bnsllsb Litera- 
tore. Complete edition in one volume. $1.35. 

Tonne Folks' Book of Amerlean Explor- 
ers. By Thomas Wentworth Higginson. xamo, 

This work may also be had in 8 parts, each complete in 

itself, with illustrations. Price, in paper covers, each 

part, X5 cents. 
Sbort Studies of American Antbors. By 
k Thomas Wentworth Higginson. x6mo, boards, 30 

Hints on nrritlns and Speeebmaking;. 

By Thomas Wentworth Higginson. x6mo, cloth, 50 



Longmans' New Sebool Atlas. By G. G. 

Chisholm and C. H. Leete. With entirely new Ameri- 
can maps. ( 

I«onflrmans» t^ocrapby. By G. G. Chisholm and 
C. H. Leete. Fourth edition, revised. Large xamo, 384 
pages, with 70 illustrations, 

<|aestlons Based on Longmans' Googra- 

pby* Large xamo, 40 cents. 

%M General Prospeciu*^ covering " Longmans* Geog- 
rapkyC^ *• School A Has *' and '* Questions,'*' which relate 
to one another^ and which are intended to form a hasis 
for geography study in schools where more than elemenr 
tary work is done^ may he had 0/ the Publishers. 


LoninBans' Freneb Grammar. By T. H. Ber- 
tenshaw, B.A., Mus. Bac, AssisUnt Master in the City 
of London School. Crown 8vo, sia pages, 60 cenu. 

Key and Supplement to I^ona^mans' Freneb 
Grammar. Containing the translation of all the 
exercises, with copious notes, explanation of synonyms, 
details of pronunciation, examination papers, etc. By 
T. H. Bertenshaw, B.A., etc. For teachers only. 
Crown 8vo, <*#/, 91.50. 
Episodes frouk modern Freneb Antbors. 
Edited by W. E. Russell, M.A., AssisUnt Master at 
Haileybury. 9 vols, by various editors, now ready, 
each 40 cents. 

%* The aim of the series is to choose stories which are 
simple and interesting, and that each volume, while con- 
tinuous enough to sustain interest, shall not be of greater 
length than can be finished in a term or two*s ordinary 
work. Each volume consists of a detached portion of 
some French novel or story of good style, or of a series of 
portions of the same story pieced together by short ** ar- 

Siments** in English, so as to keep up the thread of 
e narrative and preserve continuity of interest in the 
tale. The want of such reading-books for boys in lower 
and middle forms of schools have been felt by many 
teachers of French. 

The following works now ready : 
IWalot^ Sans Famllle. 
Prosper Herimce's IWateo Faleone, Taman- 

CO9 and I'BnleTement de la Bedonte. 
Bnmas' Ija Bonlille de la Comtesse Bertbe* 
Bnmas' ATsntures de I«yderie. 
Domas' Fepln et Cbarlemasne. 
Bnmas^ Slonte CrlMto. I. IjO Cbatean D'If. 
Bnmas' IHonte Cristo. II. Tbe Hidden 

Bumas>'Le Capitalne Pampblle. 
George Sand's Francois le Cbampl. 

Longmans' German Grammar* By J. Ulrich 
Ransom, B.A. With exercises and vocabularies, xamo, 
a6o pages, 90 cents. 

Key and Supplement to I/onvmans' German 
Gransmar. Containing the translations of all the 
exercises, with notes, examination papers (with an- 
s wers), and appendices. ( For teachers only), net, $1.50. 

LoDcmans' German Composition. Contain- 
ing xoo selections of prose and verse for translation 
into German. With notes and a comprehensive vocab- 
ulary. By J. Ulrich Ransom, B.A. xamo, 90 cents. 

Episodes from Modem German Antbors. 

Edited by H. S. Beresford-Webb, author of "A Prac- 
tical German Grammar,'* etc. 

Feodor Bose of tbe VII. Brigade. x6mo, 45 

Episodes from Fellcitas. x6mo, 60 cenU. 
Tales of tbe Blaek Forest. x6mo, 45 cents. 
For Kins and Fatberland— 1870. x6mo, 50 


Easy Stories and Exerelses in German. By 

A. A. David, B.A., Assistant Master at Bradfield Col- 
lege. Crown 8vo, 35 cents. 

LONGMANS, GREEN, & CO., Publishers, 15 East 16th Street, New York. 

July 14, '94 \No. 117a] The Publishers' Weekly. 



NEW YORK : 153-155 Fifth Avenue. 

UoiYersKy Series, AmericaD History Series, Great Educators Series, 

And many notable separate Text-Books recently published. Attention is called 
to a few. Complete Lists will be cheerfully sent, 




tional Ideals. By Thomas Davidson, M.A., 
LL.D. lamo, fi.oo, net. " The Great Edu- 

** I know nothing in English that covers the field of 
Oreek education so well. You will find it very hard to 
maintain this level in the later works of the series, but I 
can wish you nothing better than that you may do so." — 
G. Stanlbv Hall, Ciark University, 


ly History of Universities. By Gabrisl Com- 
PAYUt. i3mo. $1.35, net, **The Great Edu- 
cators." Adopted for the Chautauqua *' Gar- 
net Seal " Course. 


Christian Schools. By Andrew F. West, 
Ph.D. i3mo, $1.00, net, " The Great Edu- 
cators." Adopted for the Chautauqua " Gar- 
net Seal " Course. 


By J. H. MuiRHBAD. 9 1. 00, net. (Univer- 
sity Series.) 

Introduced in Brown University, Bowdoin College, 
Smith College, University of Pennsylvania, etc. 


For the use of Schools, Art Students, and 
General Readers. Founded on the Works of 
Petiscns, Preller, and Welcker. By Alex- 
ander S. Murray, Department of Greek and 
Roman Antiquities, British Museum. With 
45 plates 00 tinted paper, representing more 
than 90 MjTthological Subjects. Reprinted 
from the second revised London edition. 
Crown 8vo, $1.75. 


(American History Series.) By George P. 
Fisher. $1.25. 


tion. (American History Series.) By Will- 
iam M. Sloane. $1.25. 


A Guide to the Names, Haunts, and Habits of 
our Common Wild Flowers. By Mrs. Will- 
iam Starr Dana. With over 100 illustra- 
tions by Marion Satterlee. Square i2mo, 
$1.50,11//. Seventeenth Thousand. Adopted 
for teachers' use in twenty-one cities. 


Know Them. By John B. Grant. With 64 
full-page illustrations from photographs. Ob- 
long, i2mo, 91.50, net. 

Ninety specimens have been selected and described, 
representing varieties so abundant that any person may 
surely find them. 


By Hugh R. Mill. 9i«5o. net. Physical 
Geography. (University Series.) 

a description of the structure of the Universe, theformi 
material, and processes of the earth, and the relations 
which they bear to Life in its varied phases. 

'• An excellent book, clear, comprehensive, and re- 
markably accurate."— Prof. W. N. Davis, 0/ Harvard. 


Ages, Especially in Its Relation to Modern 
Civilization. By George B. Adams, Yale. 

Within three months of its issue a second edition has 
been required. 

Special Examination Terms permit the return 0/ books or allow teachers to keep them at Intro- 
ductioH Price, 

Descriptive Catalogue of Educational Publications sent free. Privileges of Examination^ Intro 
ductory Prices^ Regular Rates to Instructors^ to Libraries^ and to the Trade will be cheer- 
fully furnished upon application. 

CHARLES SCRIBNER'S SONS, 153-155 5th,4y^c%)^ 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\^No. 1 1 72] July 14/94 

Riverside Literature Series. Fifteen-Cent Reading Books. 

Seveoty-Seven Books suitable for use in Primary, Grammar, and High Schools, containlog 
over 600 of the Most Interesting and Instructive Masterpieces of the Most Famous Authors. 
With Introductions, Historical and Biographical Sketches, and Notes. Each regular single 
number, 15 cents. 

A descriptive circular, giving the table of contents of each number of the series, will be sent 
to any address on application. 

t. I*ongfellow*9 HvangeUne,^* XX 

2. ZonafeUow*9 CourtsJUp of Mile* 8tandi9K: 


3. Zongfellow's €ourt»hip of JItiles Siandiah, 

Dramatixtd for privaU theatricals, 

4. Whittier>9 Snouf'Bottnd, Among the HUls, 

and 8ongs of Iiabor,*^ Xt 

5. WhUtier'a Mabel Martin, Cobbler Keexar, 

Maud Muller, and Other Poems. 

6. MoUnes^e Grandmother* e Story of Bunher 

Hill BatUe, and Other Poems. 

7. 8, o. Mawthome'e True Stories fron^ New 

England History, 1690-1803, Grandfa- 
ther's €h€»ir. In Three Paru. 
[The 3 parts also in one vol., cloth covers, 45 cents.] 

10. Hawthorne's BiographietU Stories,* 

IX. Ziong fellow's Children's Hour, ete. 

xa. Studies in JLongf^low. Containing 3a Topics for 
Study, with Questions and References. By W. C. 

13, 14. Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha, With Vo- 
cabulary. In two parts.t 

15. JCowell's Under the Old JBlm, and Other Poems. 

16. Bayard Taylor's Zars : A Pastoral of Norway. 

17. t8. Hawthorne's Wonder-Book. In two parts. t 
X9, ao. Be^janUn Franklin's Autobiography, 

With a chapter completing the Life. In two parts. $ 
ax. Ben^anUn Franklin's Foor JHehard's Al- 

manae, and Other Papers. 
99^ a3. Hawthorne's Tanglewood Tales. A Second 

Wonder- Book. In two parts. t 
a4. George Washington's Bules of Conduet, Diary 

of Adventure, Letters, and Farewell Addresses.** 
as, a6. Zong fellow's Golden Legend, With notes 

by S. A. Bent. In two parts.t 
37. Thoreau's Sueeession of Forest Trees, etc. 

With a Biographical Sketch by R. W. Bmbkson. 
a8. John Burroughs' s Birds and Bees,* 
89. Hawthorne's Zittle Baffydowndilly, ete,* 
30. Zowell's Vision of Sir Launfal, ete.XX 
3x. Holntes's My Hunt After the Captain, ete, 
3a. Abrah<»m Lineoln's Gettysburg Speeeh^ete, 
33, 34, 35. Longfellow's Tales of a Wayside Znn. 

In three parts. 
(The 3 parts also in one vol., cloth covers, 50 cents.] 

36. John Burroughs 's Sharp Fyes, ete.* 

37. Charles Budley Warner's A-Hunting of the 

Beer, and Other Papers.** 

38. Longfellow's Building of the Ship, The Masque 

of Pandora, and Other Poems. 

39. Lowell's Books and Libraries, ete, 

40. Hawthorne's Tales of the White HUls, ete, 

41. Whittier's Tent on the Beaeh, 
4a. Hmerson's Fortune of the Bepublie, and Other 

American Addresses. 

43. Ulysses An%ong the Fhteaeians, From W. C. 

Bryant's Translation of Homer's Odysaey, 

44. Maria JBdgeworth's Waste Not, Want Not, and 

The Barrin^r Out. 
Maeaulay's Lays of Ancient Bon%e, 


46. Old Testttsnent Stories in Seripiure Lan- 


47, 48. Fables and Folk Stories, Second Reader 

Grade. Phrased by H. E. Scuddbr. Pn two 

49, 50. Hans Andersen's Stories, Newly Translat- 
ed. Third Reader Grade. In two paru.t 

5x, 5a. Washington Zrving : Essays from the Sketch- 
Book. [51.] Rip Van Winkle, and Other American 
Essajrs. [s^,"] The Voyage, and Other English Eft- 
says. In two parts. t 

53. Seott's Ladv of the Lake. Edited by W. J, 

RoLPB. With copious notes and illustrations. 
{DouhU nuwthtry 30 cents. Alss in Rot/s^s Students* 
Series^ cloth^ 75 cents : te teachers^ 53 cents.) 

54. Bryant's Sella, Thanatopsis, and Other Poems. 

55. Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. Edited for 

School Use by Samubl Thurbbr, Master m the 
Girls' High School, Boston.** 

56. Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration^ and 

the Oration on Adams and Jefferson. 

57. JHekens's Christntas Carol, With Notes and a 

Biographical Sketch. 

58. JHekens's Cricket on the Hearth. 

[Nos. 57 and 58 also in one vol., cloth covers, 40 cents.] 

59. Verse and Frose for Beginners in Beading, 

Second Reader Grade.** 

60. 6x. The Sir Boger de Coverley Fapers.X 

6a. John Fiske's War of Independence, (DonhU 
number ^ 30 cents : cloth covers^ 40 cents.) 

63, 64, 65. Lamb's Tales fron^ Shakespeare* In 
three parts. Also in one vol., cloth covers, so cents. 


A, American Authors and Their Birthdays. 

Praframmes and Sugs^estions for the Celebration 
of the Birthdays of Authors. By A. S. Rob. 

B. Fortraits and Biographical Sketches of Tktfen^ 

ty Atnerlcan Authors, 

C. A Longfellow Night. For the use of Catholic 

Schools and Catholic Literary Societies. By Kath- 
ARiNB A. O'Kbbppb. 

D. Literature in School : The Place of Literature in 

Common School Education ; Nursery Classics in 
School ; American Classics in School. By HoRAcm 
E. Scuddbr. 

E, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Dialogues and Scenes. 

«» ^,. ,■ ^ ^ ^ (Each, a Double Number^ 

F, Longfellow Leaflets, y, ^^ . ^^^fj^ c<n^^s, 41J 

C. Whittier Leaflets. V cents,) Poems and Prose 
//. Holmes Leaflets I ?»»»««« ^^^ Reading and 


/. The Birerside Manual for Te€tchers. Contain* 
ing Suggestions and Illustrative Lessons leading 
up to Primary Reading. By I. F. Hall. 

IC, The Biverside Frimer and Beader, {S/ectal 
Number.) Paper, as cents ; cloth, 30 cents. S 

L, The Biverside Song Book, Containing lao Clas- 
sic American Poems set to Standard Music. (Double 
number^ /a/erf 30 cents; boards^ 40 cents.) % 

M, Lowell's Fables for Critics. With Outline Por- 
traits of Authors. {Double number^ 30 cents.) 

* 39 and xo also in one volume, cloth covers, 40 cents ; likewise a8 and 36. **Also bound in cloth covers, %s cents. 

$Also in one volume, cloth covers, ^ cenu. XX ^x A ^^^ 30 also in one volume, cloth covers, so cents. 

(The discount on this book is special. 

T? "RTVf A "R 'K' ^ Houghton, Mipflin & Co. are tke only authorised publishers 0/ the works of Longpbllow^ 
■'^•'-'•^'^*''*"'-^-*^'^* WHrmBR, LowBLL, Holmss, Embrson, Thorkau. and Hawthorns. All editions which 
lacA the imprint or authorization 0/ Houghton^ Mijfflin 6* Co, are issued without the consent and contrary to tks 
wishes o/the authors or their heirs. 


4 Park Street, Boston. xx Bast xyth Street, New York. 

38 Lakeside Birilding, Chicago* 

Digitized by vr- 

July 14, '94 \No. 1 172] Tht Publishers' Weekly. 87 


For Teaching Reading a/nd WriHng in Primary Schools* Designed by I. 
F. Hall. Equipped with Two Sizes of Outline Language Pictures ; Pictures of Objects ; Script 
and Printed Sentences and Words ; A Displaying Holder. $10.00, express or freight prepaid. 


i6mo, 30S pages. Paper, 25 cents ; cloth, 30 cents. 

Aii wkc mre iuitrested in ^imary tdueaiwn are invited ie send ie Ike ^nhtiskere for a circular wkick de» 
scHke* ike hook in detail, 


Conuining Classic American Poems set to Sundard Music. Paper, 30 cents ; boards, 40 cents. 


Selected from the Works of Longfellow, Whittier, Bryant, Holmes, Lowell, and Emerson. 
Edited by Horace E. Scuddbr. With biographical sketches and notes. Revised edition 
from new plates. i3mo, fi.oo, net, 


Complete Selections from the Writings of Hawthorne, Irving, Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes, 
Lowell, Thoreau, and Emerson. Edited by Horace E. Scudder. With introduction and 
notes. Revised and enlarged edition from new plates. i2mo, fi.oo, net, 


Complete Prose and Poetical Selections from the Works of Franklin, Irving, Bryant, Webster, 
Everett, Longfellow, Hawthorne, Whittier, Emerson, Holmes, Lowell, Thoreau, and O'Reilly. 
With a portrait and biographical sketch of each author. Adapted for use in Grammar Schools, 
High Schools, and Academies as a Reading-Book and as a Text-Book in American Literature. 
i2mo, $1.00, net. 


A School Jjihrary for $11.56. Thirty-four volumes, neatlv bound in cloth, averaging 
310 pages. A sample volume will be sent to any address by the publishers on receipt of 40 cents. 
A pamphlet containing the Table of Contents of each volume will be sent on application. 


For Schools and Colleges. (Uniform with Rolfe's Shakespeare.) Edited by W. J. Rolfs, 
Litt.D. A carefully reWsed text ; copious explanatory and critical notes ; numerous illustra- 
tions. Each volume 75 cents ; to teachers, for examination, 53 cents. 
ScoWs Lady of the Lake, and eight other volumes. 


A New Edition. Thoroughly revised by Henry Preble, formerly Assistant Professor 
of Greek and Latin in Harvard University. i2mo, I1.12, net, 


Designed to prepare for the intelligent reading of Classic Latin. By Henry Preble, formerly 
Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek at Harvard University, and L. C. Hull, Master in the 
Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, N. J. i2mo, I1.12, net, 


Warren Colbum's First Lessons. i6mo, 35 cenu. H. N. Wheeler's Second 
Lessons. i6mo, 60 cents. Answers to the Second Lessons. i6mo. paper, 20 cents. 

These two books form a complete course in Arithmetic, which is characterised throughout by a careful applica- 
tion of the Inductive Method of Instruction. 


Considered with Son^e Reference to Its Origins. By John Fiske. With ques- 
tions prepared by F. A. Hill, Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education. i2mo, 
380 pages. $1.00, net, 


By John Fisee. Numerous illustrations and maps. With questions prepared by F. A. HID, 
late Head Master of the Cambridge English High School. i2mo. (In press for immediate 


This volume contains two books designed to aid teachers in the public schools to instruct 
thoroughly the young in morals, without inculcating religious doctrine : 
The La/ws of Daily Conduct. By Nicholas P. Gilman. 

Character Building : A Master's Talks with His Pupils. By Edward P. 
Jaceson. A.m. TAe two works in one volume, $1.50 ; separately, $1.00 each. 

Also many other books suitable for use in Schools^ Academies^ and Colleges, 


4 Park Street, Boston, ix Bast X7th Street, New York. a8 Lakeside Building, Chicago. 

Digitized b 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. i\i2\July 14, '94 



ReTlMd and BiiUirs«d Edition of Collier's History of Engllsli lilteratnre* With supple- 
ment on Ei^lish Literature in America. 12mo, cloth, $1.75. 

Periods of English History* A New Serie9 of Histories. With notes on Contemporarv History in 
Scotland and Abroad, Summaries of the Constitution, Qlosaaries of Historical Terms and Slcetch Maps. 
Edited by W. Soorr Dalolxish. M.A., LL.D. 

PERIOD I. MedisBval England from the English Settlement to the Reformation (410-1500). 12mo, cloth extra, 
80 cents. 

PERIOD II. The Reforoiation and the Revolution (1509-1688). 12mo, cloth extra, 80 cents. 

PERIOD m. Great Britain and Ireland (1689-1887). 12mo, cloth extra, 80 cents. 

Portop^al and Its People. A History. By W. A. Salisburt. 8yo, cloth, extra Illustrated, $1.50. 

Royal BncIiMb Dictionary and Word Treasury. By Thomas T. MACLAOAir, M.A. ISmo, cloth 
extra, $1.00. ' ^ •— . 

The ** Royal English Dictionary*^ is issued to meet the necessities of the present day. In most of the 

smaller dictionaries already in use, many of the dellnitions consist of single words as difficult as those which 

they are given to explain or even more so. In the ** Royal English Dtctlonarv** the meanings are given, as far 

as possible, in simple statements containing very few words which even a child would require to look up. 

A Splendid New Series of Geographical Reading-Books. 


With illustrations, maps, diagrams, word lists, notes, summaries and questions. Each book is a Reader and 

Text-Booic in one. 
Royal Atlas Reader^ No* 1. Stories and lessons on Plans, Maps, and the Compass, forming a simple 

and interesting introduction to Qeography. With Text>Book, and a Complete Course of Questions. 128 

pages, 18mo, cloth extra, 25 cents. 
Royal Atlas Reader. No. %, Stories and lessons on Physical Qeography, explaining Qeographical 

Terms in simple language. With Text-Book, and a Complete 0>urse of Questions. 144 pages, 18mo, ck>th 

extra, 90 cents. 
Royal Atlas Reader, No. 8. The Geography of England in 'Reading Lessons. With complete Text- 

Book, and Course of Questions. 224 pages, 18mo, cloth extra, 50 cents. 
Row al Atlas Reader, No. 4. The Oeography of the British Islands, British North America, and Austra- 

lasia in Reading Lessons. With complete Text-Book, and CTourse of Questions. 272 pages, 18mo, cloth extra, 

76 cents. 
Rojal Atlas Reader. No. 5. The Qeography of Europe in Reading Lessons. Latitude and Longitude. 

Day and Night. The seasons. With complete Text-Book, and Course of Questions. 272 pages, 18mo, cloth 

extra, 75 cents. 
Royal Atlas Reader, No, 6. The Qeography of the British Empire in Readinj? Lessons. Interchange of 

Productions. Circumstances which determine Climate. With complete Text-Book, and Course of Ques- 
tions. 288 pages, 18mo, cloth extra, 75 cents. 

A Model CompUaiion. 
Toreb-Rearers of History. A connected series of Historical Sketches. By AifSfJi HcroBiirsoif Stir> 
LINO, MJL 12mo, cloth, 80 cents. 


8TO,cloth toss I N0.3. »vo, cloth 10 80 I No.6. Svo, cloth |0 75 

8to, cloth 8S I No. 4. 8vo, cloth « | No.6. 8to, cloth TO 


A Series of Geographical Beadere, With Beautiful JItape and IHagrams» 

No. 1. L Simple Lessons on the Plan of the School and the Playground. IL Simple Lessons on the Plan of the 

School, in. The Meaning and Use of a Map. 64 pp., l<Mno, cloth, liaap, beautifully illustrated . 26 cents. 

No. 2. L Simple Lessons on the Size and Sliape of the World. II. Qeographical Terms Explained and Illustrated 

by Reference to the Map of England. III. Physical Qeography of Hills and Rivers. 96 pp., 16mo, 

Cloth boards, beautifully illustrated. 80 cents. 

No. 8. The Physical and Political Qeography of England and Wales. 160 pp., 16mo, cloth boards, beautifully 

illustrated. 60 cents. 

The Physical and Political Qeography of the British Islands, British North America, and Australia, with 

knowledge of their productions. 240 pp., 16mo. cioth boards, beautifully illustrated. 76 cents. 
The Physical and Political Qeography of Europe. Latitude and Longitude. Day and Night. The Sea- 
sons. With numerous maps and illustrations. 76 cents. 
No. 6. The Qeography of the World generally, and especially of the British Colonies and Dependencies. Inter* 
change of Productions, etc. With numerous maps and illustrations. 76 cents. 


No. 1. 
No. 2. 

No. 4. 

IWorrlsoii's Encllsb Grammar. For Junior 

Classes. 12mo, cloth, 90 cents. 
The Same. For Senior Classes. 12mo, cloth, 75 cents. 
Bnsllsli Orammar Simp] i fled. Withnumerous 

exercises. By Hbmbt Duhm Smith. 18mo, cloth, limp, 

40 cents. 

Tbo Bmrllsh Lansuace : Its History and 
Sfrncf are. 12mo, cloth, limp, 80 cents. 

Encllsli ComposlUoiiy Paraplirasliiff. etc. 

8vo, cloth, 60 cents. 

Exerolses In Bna^Ilsli Composition. 18mo^ 
doth, limp, 80 cents. 

History of England. 

Advanced Class-Book of British History. 

12mo, doth, $1.73. 
Senior Class-Book of British History. 12mo, 

cloth, $1.26. 
History of the British Empire. 12mo, cl., $1. 
Junior CIass*Book of British History. 

With copious questions. 12mo, cloth, 75 cents. 
History of Borne. 12, cloth, 75 cents. 


12mo, cloth, 11.25. | Brief History of England. 12mo, cl., limp, 80c. 


History of Greece. 12mo, cloth, 76 cents. 

Great Events of History, from the Beginning of 
the Christian Era till the Present Time. Revieed and 
enlarged edition. With numerous maps and illus- 
trations. 416 pages, 12mo, cloth, $1.26. 

History of English Literature. In a series of 
Biographical Sketches. Revised and enlarged edt- 
Hon, 12mo, cloth, $1.76. 

Digitized by 


July I A, '94 [^0, 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 




Ilryce's Latin Grammar. 12mo, cloth, $1.2K. 
** Blemementary Latiu . Grammar. 

12mo, cloth, <K> cents. 
«« First Latin Book. 12mo, oloth, $1.00. 

Brjee'a Second Latin Book* 12mo, cloth, $1.75. 
«' First Greek Book. 12mo« cloth, $1.25. 
<< Seeond Greek Book. 12mo, cloth » 


Small Slze^ Noe. 1 to 12, per dozen, 50 cents. | Copj-book Slzoy Noe. 1 to 12, per dozen, |1. 


Great Speeeliee fVom Sbakeepeare'e Plays. With notes and a life of Shakespeare. Edited by W. 

Scott Dalgleish, M.A. 12mo, cloth, 75 cents. 
Tbe Graphic History of the British Bmplre« From Celtic Times to the Present Day. Illustrated 

with maps, plans and tables. 8vo, cloth extra, 18.00: Roxburgh, $3.00. 
The title, THE Oraphio Histort, is Justified not onlv by the picturesque style of the work, but also by its 

contents and its plan. The narrative ends with the Jubilee of Queen victoria. 
Olassle Gems of Buffllsh Literature. Vol. 1. Selections from Milton, Addison and Oolosmitr. 18mo, 

doth, gUt top, 60 cents. 

Vol. 9. Selections from Cowpeb, Soott and Maoaulit. 18mo, cloth, gilt top, 60 cents. 

Simple History of Ba«ll«h lilteratnre for Youns Soholars. With illustrative extracts. By A. 

L. Stbonaoh. ISmo, cloth, 272 pages, 75 cents. 
litres of Baalish Authors. A Biographical Hbtory of English Literature. From Chaucbr to BBOwiaNO. 

12mo, doth, illustrated. 323 pages, $1.00. 
Hlffher Grade Bnallsh. History of the Language; Analysis; Style; Prosody, etc. ISmo. cloth extra, 50c. 
liovrer Grade English. Grammar, Analysis, Punctuation, Paraphrasing, Derivation. 18mo, cloth extra, 

40 cents. 
Royal Bnclaad Beader. The Empire. A Complete History of Britain and the British People from 

Roman Times to the Present Day. 12mo, cloth, profusely illustrated, $1.25. 
This complete history will be found suitable as a two^years* book in elementary schools, middle-cla«s 

schools and for pupil teachers. 
Nineteenth Oentary(The). A History. By Robert Mackbnzis. 8vo, cloth, $1.00. 

*• In every way worthy a place in the library, and would make an excellent text-book or reader in the 

common schools.**— Jndtonapofts Times. 
Great Brents of History. By W. F. CkyLUKB, LT..D. With numerous maps and illustrations. 416 pagen, 

History of Scotland. By the Rev. Jamss MACxsirzn. Illustrated. 668 pages, $1.50. 
Great Aathors s First Period— from Chancer to Pope. With Biographies and Copious Selections 

from their Writings, Portraits, Notes, etc. 12mo, cloth, 272 pages, 75 cents. 
Great Anthorst Second Period— Goldsmith. Johnson* Gibbon, Burke* Barns, €oirp#r» 

Byron, Scott* Sonthey.' Wordsivorth. with Biographies and Copious Selections from their Writ- 
ings, Portraits, Notes, etc 18mo, cloth 906 pages, 75 cents. 


Miniatare Atlas and Gazetteer of 
the World. 

With 128 maps, charts, plans of cities, all revised to 
the present date. Also Gazetteer with nearlv 
10,000 places, and population statistics of the princi- 
pal towns of the United States according to 1890 
census. By J. O. Bartholomew, F.R O.S., F.R.S.E. 
24mo, size 59^ x 8^, and only half an inch in thick- 
ness. Cloth extra, gilt edjres, $1.25; Venetian 
morocco, limp, gilt edges, $2.00. 
These maps are admirably and clearly drawn and 

superbly printed in colors. 
Tweniyfive maps are devoted to the United States, 

The World at Home Atlas. 

By J. O. Bartholomkw, F.R.G.S. With 78 full-page 
beauUfnlly colored maps and descriptiye index of 
85,000 places; also population statistics of the 
principal countries and cities of the world accord- 
ing to recent census returns, including towns In 
the United States having a population of 10,000 and 
over. Large imperial 4to, half morocco, size 149^ x 
Contains all recent discoveries and political changes 
in the continent of Africa, and will be found invalu- 
able for reference and general use. 

TMrteen Maps are devoted to the United States, aU 
the States and Territories being represented. 

Climatic Charts, Environs of Principal Cities, etc., 

The Graphic Atlas and Gazetteer of 
the World. 

With over 220 Maps, CharU, Plans of Cities, etc., all 

revised to the present date. Also Gazetteer with 

nearly 55,000 places and results of New Census. By 

J. O. Babtholokbw, F.R Q.S., F.R.S.E. Quarto 

(size, 10^ x^ inches), half morocco, gilt top, 


Throughout the Atlas the countries of the world 

have been treated with fulness in proportion to their 

commercial importance and interest. 

In the United States section a separate map is given 
of each of the States and Territories. 

The results of the new census have been incorpor- 

**An admirable example of map-making, a thorough 
work of art in its way, clear, compact, precise, with 
hardly a broken letter, even, to be found."— JVeu? York 

The Globe Hand Atlas. 

A Series of Fifty-four Maps, illustrating Political, 
Physical, Commercial, Astronomical, and Classical 
Geography, along with Sixty Sectional Maps of 
Important Cities and Districts, acd a General In- 
dex giving the Situation, Latitude and Longitude 
of over Five Thousand Places throughout the 
World. By J. O. Bartholomew, F.R.G.S. 8vo, 
cloth, inked sides, $1.00. 
This Atlas has been careftUly prepared, and contains 

aU recent Discoveries ana Changes, and its Physical 

and Classical Maps and other Educational Features 

make it valuable for Schools and Colleges. 

For sale by all hookBellera. Sent, postpaid, on receipt of price. 

TROMAS NELSON & SONS, Publishers and Imporiers^ 

33 East J 7th Street (Union Square), New York. ^ t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

90 The Publisher^ Weekly. \No. 1172] J uly 14, '94 

Literal Translations. The complete 

■"— "■■■^"■■"""■■"^■^"-"- series with forth- 
coming volumes, is listed (with price) on page 18 of 
this catalogue under " Handy Literal Translations." 

Interlinear Translations . ^^^^ «^^'' 

' "Classic 

Series," including the new Interlinear New Testa- 
ment, with forthcoming volumes, is listed (with 
price) on page 22. This series now comprises 
authors not contained in any other interlinear 
series, and new volumes will be added from time to 

Dictionaries. ^"^ well-known Dictionaries, 
^■"■■~— ^~— "^ Classic Series, have become 
staple, and are to be found in most booksellers* 
stock. French, German, Latin, Greek. See page 
10 of this catalogue, under "Classic Series of 
Dictionaries " 

Scho ol Books. '^^ ^^^"^ ^^*^ ^^ ^® °°- 

— — — ^— ^— — ^— dersell all competitors, 
booksellers and school officials have only to secure 
our quotations on general school books of all pub- 
lishers. To learn the why, just consider for a 
moment that we are constantly scouring the whole 
country to secure the school books that in any town have been supplanted, so as to 
sell them in the hundreds of other towns where still in use. A veritable clearing 
house ! Of course we handle shop- worn and second-hand stock as well as new. 
Send us your list and get our discounts and terms. 

We buy School Books 

IT DOESNT PAY to inventory year after 
year books that have gone out of use in your 
school or your town. Send us a list of all your 
unsalable school books right away, and we will 
make you an offer. The longer you put it off the 
less their value. 

Arthur Hinds & Company, 

4 Cooper Institute, .• .* .* New York City. 

U^e wiit make it an object to you to mention the " Educational Number *' when ^/S'wiVr. T 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

July 14, '94 {No. 1 1 72 J The Publishers* Weekly. 91 




An Attempt to Apply the Principles of SchoUrship to Eoclish Grammar. il^ With Appendices in 
Analysis. Spelling and Punctuation. By Edwin A. ABBOTT, M.A., Head Master of the 
City of London School. i6mo, cloth. $1.00. 


For English People. By the Rev. Edwin A. Abbott, M.A., Head Master of the City of London 
School, and J. R. Seeiey, M.A., Professor of Modern History in the University of Cam- 
bridge. Part L, Vocabulary. Part IL, Diction. Part HL, Metre. Part IV.,rHints on 
Selections and Arrangement. Appendix. i6mo, cloth. 1 1.50. 


Rules on English Composition. By the Rev. Edwin A. Abbott, M.A., Head Master of the 
City of London School. i6mo. cloth. 60 cents. 


An Introduction to English Grammar. By the Rev. Edwin A. Abbott, D.D., Head Master of the 
City of London School. American edition. Revised and enlarged by Jno. Q. R. flcElroy, 
Professor of the English Language in the Univ. of Penn. i6mo, cloth. 75 cents. _ l j 



Revised edition. i6mo. $1.00. " Of vital importance to every boy ; at once a^ttractivc and instruc- 
tive."— y<MKn»«»/ of Education, 



Plain Talks to Young Men and Women. i6mo. cloth, 



School edition. Illustrated. Square lamo, paper covers. 30 cents. 

" A new and attractive editioD at a price . . . within the meaoi of every one.**— /^afriM/ir/'^t/M^a/itfff. 



Hb Life and Philosophy. With portraits from a crayon by Mrs. Richard Hildrbth and a photo- 
graph by Boyd, of Des Moines. 1881. and an engraving of the Orchard House and School of 
Philosophy, a vols., cloth, crown 8vo. $3.50. 



i6mo. clofh, ** Prove stimulating and healthful in class work/'—Prpular Educator, 



Librarian of the Amherst College Library. "^ 




Edited by Professor Todd, of Amherst College. Timely and readable monographs of permanent 
in' crest. Scientific but untechnical and illustrated. Each. i2mo. cloth. |i.oo. 




A Handybook of Astronomy. A compendium of the astronomy of all times ; the story of the 
large observatories, the great telescopes, and the important work done with them ; together 
with numerous portraits and biographic sketches of eminent astronomers. Fully illustr^^ted. 

Our New Descriptive and Educational Catalogue can be had free on application. 


Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

^2 The Publishers' Weekly. {No. 1172] July 14, '94 

Every School Library Should Include: 


Large 12000. fully illustrated ; each, cloth, I1.50; half leather. I1.75. 
XII. Abraham Lincoln. By Noah Brooks. 

Xl. Prince Henry the Navigrator^ and the Age of Discovery. By C. R. Bbazlbt. 
X. Cicero and the Fall of the Roman Republic. By J. L. Stkachan-Davioson. 

M.A., Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. 
IX. Henry ot Navarre and the Hugruenots in France. By P. F. Willert, M. A.. 

Fellow of Exeter College. Oxford. 
PREVIOUSLY ISSUED : Napoleon, John Wydiff, Julius Casar, Sir Philip Sydney, Tkeod^rU^ 

Pericles^ Gustavus Adofphus, Nehon, 


Large 12010, fully illustrated ; each, cloth extra, $1.50 ; half leather, $1.75. 
XL. The Story of Australasia. Bv Grkvills Trkgarthbn. 

XXXIX. The Story of the Christian Recovery ot Spain. By H. E. Watts. 
XXXVIII. The Story of Japan. By David Murray. 
XXXVII. The Story of Parthia. By Gsorgs Rawlinson. 


Large i2ino, illustrated ; cloth, $1.50. 
I. Charles Darwin. His Life and Work. By Charles F. Holder. 

*' Mr. Holder it oae of the American savaoU who have made Darwin and bii tyttcm of philoaophv a 
•ubject of profound ttudf , and hit book relating to him it one of the beat that have been produced for 
popular \X9t.'*—Phii»del^hi» Bulletin. 

II. Louis A^assiz. His Life and Work. By Charles F. Holder. 


•By Henry F. Pslham, Professor of Ancient History in the University of Oxford. Large 
i2mo, with maps, $1.75. 

*' I tball Uke great pleatui'e in putting it into the bandt of my claaaea.*'— Geo. L. Bukk, Pfefeemref 
Ancient Hietery^ Cernell University. 

'* Admirably suited as a guide to more advanced students. I have recommended the work to my classes 
and shall make use of it in the future.'*— Herman V. Ambs, Pre/, of History^ Univ. ef Michignn. 

** For advanced students it is the best guide that I know of for the study of the political and constito- 
4ional History of Rome. Professor Pelham has most admirably succeeded in producing a book for higher 
j[rade students.** — William P. Holcomb, Pre/etser 0/ History^ Swarthmore Cellege, 


.By Evelyn Abbott, M.A., LL.D.. Fellow of Balliol College. Oxford, author of •• Pericles." 
Part I.— From the Earlieit Times to the Ionian Revolt. 8vo. $2.25. 
Part II.—From the Beginning of the Ionian Revolt to the Thirty Years' Peace, 500-445 B.C. 

8vo, $2.25. 
Part III. (In preparation.) 

**The author expects to complete his work in four volumes, but each volume covers a distinct period 
j>l history, and is complete m itself. 


By Chahles F. Richardson, Professor of Literature in Dartmouth College. Octavo, cloth, gilt 
top. $3.50. 
Part I. — The Development of American Thought. 
Part II.—American Poetry and Fiction. 

'*It is a book of great learning, and the author has approached his task in the spirit of a true critic 

wise, philosophical, and just.*'— M K iVerld. 

'* It it the moAt thoughtful and suggestive work on American literature that has been published.^ 
Beeien GUke, 


A Complete Handbook of Difficulties in English Pronunciation, including an unusually large 
number of proper names and words from foreign languages, by H. W. P. Phypb. Third 
edition (twenty-fourth thousand), carefu ly revised, with a supplement of 1400 additional 
words. i6mo, cloth, fi.oo. 

** I have proved the great value and convenience of your little manual, which will be found for all pur- 
poses a work of reference a« useful as it is unique. As it becomes known it will be universally welcomed 
and approved.*' — Geo. W. Curtis. 

*^ Special Terms te Teachers^ for sxaminmtien and intrednetien^ educatienal lists ^ and prospectus 0/ ike Her^eg 

Series, Naiiens Series^ German and French Classics^ Knickerbocker Nuiggts, 

Hebrew Scriptures, etc., etc., sent on applicatign. 

6. P. PUTNAM'S SONS, 27 and 29 West 23d Stmt Nef York. 

Digitized by v1:iOOQ1C 

July 14, '94 \No. 1 172 J The Publishers' Weekly. 


Supplementary Reading. 





By CHARLES MORRIS, author of " Half-Hour Series," " Tales 
from the Dramatists," etc. Four volumes. 

Americai Englandi France, Germany. 

xatnot Full ciotli» 75 €:eiito Per irolnme. 

In each volume the author briefly but pointedly recites from twenty-five to 
thirty-two stirring events in the annals of the respective nations. The tales gathered 
within these charming volumes have at once the attractiveness of the novel and they 
merit of truth. '*The Romance of Reality/' the sub-title of the work, admirably 
indicates its character, for within its pages may be found grouped the sum of those 
romantic and eventful incidents which form the pith of the history of the leading 
modern nations, and many of which have long been favorites in popular lore. 


For High Schools and Academies. 



Recommended and Indorsed by the Best Edu- 
cators and Authorities. 

SharpleM and Philips' Natural Philosophy. 
Sharpless and Philips' Astronomy, 
Cutter's Comprehensive Physiology, 
Greene's Chemistry. 

These are New Books, not Revisions* 


Begioner's Anatomy, Pbysiology, and Hygiene, 
Intennediate Anatomy, Physiology, and Hy- 

Comprebenslfe Anatomy, Physiology, and 



Adapted and Arranged for American Schools by 
W. H. Grxbne, M.D.. Professor of Chemis- 
try, Philadelphia Central High School, au- 
thor of '* Greene's Chemistry." i2mo, 570 
illustrations. Price by mail, complete in one 
volume, postpaid, 60 cents. 

This book has been written for the purpose of giving 
Elementary Instruction in Natural Science. 

Write far Illustrated Descriptive CatalogHss of Educational and /Reference Works. 

715 and 717 Market Street, - PHILADELPHIA. 

94 Tht Publishers' Weekly. {No. 1172] July 14, '94 

Farrian System of 
Correspondence and Business Forms. 

PRICE $1.00. 

This Valuable Work is Designed as a Text-Book for Use in Common 

Schools, High Schools, Normal Schools, Business 

Colleges, Academies and Self 



Among all the iDventions of mankind, from age to age, none has been more valuable, or has 
proved more useful and convenient, than Correspondence and Business Forms. It is a science of 
such general utility in every civilized nation, and of such absolute necessity to all individuals, that 
every effort to improve or bring it nearer perfection has met with public encouragement. 

Farrian System 




The Farrian System of Penmanship goes down to the bones of the business and the vitals that 
cover them. Nothing is neglected that a child whose little fingers are first closing over a pencil 
should know ; nothing that an expert who has dedicated his life to teaching should know. Ana- 
lytical, synthetical, inductive. It has the element of life in it and the element of ** get there " for 
those who use it. It is made for Common Schools, High Schools, Normal Schools, Business Col- 
leges, Academies, for Penmanship Supervisors, Grade Teachers, Business College Specialists, for * 
students in any kind of school, for students out of school. 


The easiest writing pens for all purposes in the world. 30 cents will bring you a quarter 
gross box by return mail. 

Try them. Those who have used them will use no other. 

SPECIAL. — ^We will send you the Fartian Complete System of Penmanship and one box of 
these Pens on receipt of $1.25. BE WISE TODAY. 

Farrian System of 

Business Arithmetic and Boole-Keeping. 

The whole sc'ence of Arithmetic and Book- Keeping reduced to a perfect system for the 
first time. 

PRICE $1.00 EACH. 

Co/fies for examination sent prepaid upon receipt of above introductory net prices. 

Catalogue mailed free. Address^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

J^y^A, '94r.A'i'. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


The University Tutorial Series. 

W. B. CLIVE, Publisher, LobiIob. Cambridge, New York, Sydney. 

jinatysU, Eiementary Qualitative, By William 
Briag*. M.A., LL.B., P.C.S., aod R. W. Stewart, 
D.Sc. 40 eent9. 

A.»tronomy, JBtementtry Math&matleal. by C. W. 

C. Barlof»«M.A. Lond., Camb., and Bdin., and G. H. 
Bryaa, M.A. Camb., Pellow of St. Peter*t College. 
Second tdition^ with antwert. $1.80. 

Biology, Toxt^Book of. By H.G. Wells* B.Sc. Lond., 
F.Z.S.. F.C.P. Pan I. Vertebrates. P*rt II. Inverte- 
brates and Plants. £a€A $1.00. 

Ooordinate Geometry: The Bight Line and Circle, 
By William Brings, M.A., LL.B.. F.R.A.S , and G. H. 
Bryan, M.A. Stcomdtdition^ 80 e. Key. $1.00 tut. 

JBngliah History, Ihe Intermediate Text- Booh of , 

Bv C. S. Fearenside, M.A. Oxon. Vol. 11., X48S-1603. 

The JBngliah I.janguage: Its History and S ruetm 

ure. By W. H. Low, M.A. Lond. Second tdition. 

60 cents. 
^hUs, Manual of. By J. S. Mackenzie. M. A., Fellow 

of Tnnity College, Cambridge. Ste^nd tditicn^ $1.50, 

-Oreeh Reader, The Tutorial. By A. Waugh Young, 
M.A., Gold MedallUt m CUssics. 00 cents. 

Heat, Text- Booh of. By R. W. Stewart, D.Sc. Lond- 

Second *diti0n^ $1.00. 
Latin ContposUion and Syntmao. With copious Bx- 

ercises. By A. H. AUcrott, M.A. Oxon., and J. H. 

Haydon, M A Camb. and Lond. Third edttUny 00 

cents. Key, 60 cents. 
Latin Oramntar, The Tutorial. By B. J. Hayes, 

M.A. Lond., Gold Medallist in Classics, and W. P. Ma- 

som. M.A. Univeraiiy Exhibitioner, Lond. 80 cents. 
Light. TeaBt'Booh of. By R. W. Stewart, D.Sc. 

Lond. Second edition^ $1,00. 
Logic, A Manual of . By J. Wei ton, M.A. Lond. s 

vols. Vol. I., $9.00. {Vol. 11. i» Reparation.) 
Magnetism and Electricity, TeaDt'Booh of. By. R. 

W. StewArt, D.Sc. Lond. $1.00 
Mechanics, Bletnentary Teact-Booh of. By William 

Briggs, M.A., LL.B., F.R.A.S., and G. H. Bryan, 

M.A., F.R.A.S. Pt. I., Dynamics. Pt. II., Statics. 

Sound, Text-Book of. By B. Catchpool, B.Sc, Lect- 
urer in Physics at University Tutorial College, and R. 

W. Stewart, D.Sc. $1.00. 
Borne, The Tutorial History of: to a.d. 14. By A. 

H. Allcroft, M.A. Oxon., and W. F. Masom, M.A. 

Lond. With maps. 80 cents. 

Latin and Greek Classics, Edited with Introduction and Notes. 

Oicero . 

Aeschylus Prometheus Vinctus Plaistowe& Masom |o 60 

Oaesar Gallic War, I , V., VI AUcroft& Masom.... ea. 

•' " VII 

Ad Atticum, IV Haydon 

DeFinibus, 1 Moses &. Fearenside.... 

De Amicitia Haydon 

** De Senectute Allcroft & Masom 

•• Pro Archia, Pro Balbo Allcroft & Plaistowe.ea. 

•* Pro Plancio Kerin & Allcrolt 

Herodotus Boole VI Masom & Fearenside. . . . 

*• •' VIII Thompson & Thomas... 

Momer Odyssey, Books IX., X., XI., XII., XIII., XIV Haydon & PUistowe.ea. 

•• " BookXVll Masom 

Horace Epistles Plaistowe 8l Shipham. . . 

*• Satires Plaistowe & Burnet 

Odes, I., II., HI., IV Allcroft & Hayes ea. 

JTuvenal Satires, I„ III.. IV Allcroft & Burnet 

»• VUI.,X.,XIII " ♦» 

L.IIL.V., XXI Allcroft A Masom.. ..«a. 

Fasti, in.. IV Neatbyft PUistowe.... 

" Tristia, L, III Allcroft A Shipham.. ea. 

Plato Pbaedo Fearenside 8l Kerin 

Sallust Catiline Neatby & Hayes 

Sophocles Antigone Allcroft A Hayes 

** Electra Thompson & Hayes 

Tacitus Annals, I., II Masom & Fearenside. ea. 

** Histories, I Plaistowe & Maidment. . 

Thttoydides BookVIi Stout & Plaistowe 

rergil Aeneid, L, III., V., VI., VII., IX., X Allcroft A Masom.... ea. 

JCenophon Anabasis, I Allcroft & Richardson . . 

Hellenica, IIL, IV •» " ea. 






Translations of Latin and Greek Classics. 

AsscHYLUs—Agamem fo 40 

AcscHVLUS'-Eumenides 40 

Abschylus— Prometheus 40 

Abistophanbs— Vespse 40 

C^vsAB— Gallic War, Bk. i as 

CiBSAJt— GalUc War, Bk. 5 as 

C^SAB^Gallic War, Bk. 6 as 

C'KSAR— Gallic War, Bk. 7 40 

CiCBRO— Ad Atticum, Bk. 4 .... 40 

CiCBBO—De Amicitia as 

CiCBRO— De Finibus 50 

<CiCBBO~De Oratore, Bk. a 40 

CiCBBo— De Senectute. a^ 

CiCBBO — Philippic a 40 

CiCBBO'Pro Archia »^ 

CiCBRO— Pro Balbo as 

CicEBO— Pro Plancio 40 

•CiCBBO— Pro Roscio 40 

Dbmosthbmbs— Androtion 40 

Dbmosthbnbs — Ad. Leptinem.. 40 

£uBiPiDB«— Heraclid«e 40 

BuRi PI DBS— Hercules Furens... 40 

Euripides— Iphigenia in 40 

Hbrodotus— Bk. 6 40 

Hbbodotus— Bk. 7 40 

HbroDotus— Bk. 8 40 

HoMBR— Iliad, Bk. a4 40 

HoM BR— Odyssey, Bk. 4 40 

HoMBR— Odyssey, Bks. ^14 60 

HoMBR— Odyssey, Bk. 17 •$ 

HoBACB — Epistles 40 

HoRACB— Odes, Bks. s,a,3,4 ea. as 

HoBACB— Satires 40 

JuvBNAL — Satires, x-8 40 

JuvBNAL— SUires, 8, 10-13 40 

J uvBN AL— Satif^, 3, xo, X I 40 

LiVY— Bks. X, 5, at ea. 40 

LivY— Bk. 3 50 

Ovid— Fasti, Bks. 3 and 4 43 

Ovid— Metamorph, ix as 

Ovid— Tristia, Bk. x as 

Ovio— Tristia, Bk. 3 as 

Plato— Gorgias 80 

Plato— Phaedo 60 

Sallust— Catiline |o 40 

SoPHOci.BS— Antigone as 

SoPHOCLBs — Electra 40 

SoPHOCLBS— Pbiloctetes 40 

Tacitus— Annal9, Bk. x 40 

Tacitus— Anoals, Bks. i, a 50 

Tacitus— Histories, Bk. x 40 

Tbbbncb— Adelphi 40 

Tbbbncb— Phormio 40 

Thucydidbs — Bk. 4 40 

Thucydidbs— Bk. 7 40 

Vbrcil— Aeneid, Bks. i, a, 3, 4, 

S»6, 7 ea. as 

Vbrgil— Aeneid, Bks. 1-4 50 

Vbrgil— Aeneid, Bks. 7-xo 50 

Vergil— Aeneid, Bks. 9. ID as 

Vbrgil- Georgics, i and a 40 

Xbnophon— Anabasis, Bk. x . . . . as 

Xbnophon— Anaba&is, Bk. 4.... 40 

Xbnophon— Hellenica, Bk. 3... as 

Xbnophon— Hellenica, Bks. 3, 4. 40 

Xbnophon— Oeconom 40 

Complete Catalogue nuiUed free on application, 

RICHARD 8HERRIFF, Manager, 66 Fifth Avenue, New Y^k; 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No. ii72]/«/ki4, '94 

Bibliograp hical Pu blications. 

For all American books as they appear, take The Publishbrs' Weekly ; for an kauri's glance 
each month at the important books and magazine papers, take The Literary News ; for library 
matters take The Library Journal ; for magazine articles in general, consult The Annual LirBRARY 
Index ; for books in print or issued of late years, see the American and Annual Catalogues. 


Bstablisbed in 187a, with which was locorpoimted the 
Amterican Literary Gawette and Puhliskert'' Circular 
(csubliahed in 185a), by purchase from Mr. George W. 
Childs. Recognized as the r epre s entative of the pub- 
lishing and bookselling interesu in the United Sutes. 
Contains full weekly record of American publications, 
with monthly indexes, etc. Subscription, $3.00 per an- 
num, postpaid ; single nos., to cu., postpaid. 

Review of Current Literature. Published monthly, and 
containing the freshest dews concerning books and 
authors; lists of new publications; reviews and critical 
commenU; characteristic extracts ; sketches and anec- 
dotes of authors ; courses of reading ; bibliographical 
references ; prominent topics of the magazines ; portraits 
of atfthors, and Illustrations from the newest books, 
etc., etc. Subscription, fi.oo per annum, postpaid; 
single nos., xo cU. 

ly. Official Organ of the American Library Association. 
Established in 1876. Subscription, 9s per annum, post- 
paid ; single nos., 50 cents. (Thb Litbraby News is 
tent /re* to tuhtcribert 0/ Thb Library Journal.) 


of books in print and for sale (including reprints and 
importations) July x, 1876. Compiled (under the direc- 
tion of F. Lbypoldt) by Lynds E. Jonbs. Subject- 
volume, 4to, half morocco, $15. [A uthor-and'titU vl- 
ume is put of^iut.'] 


ISTB'lSSd, Books recorded (including reprinu and 
imporutions) July 1, s876-June 30, 1884. Compiled, 
under the editorial direction of R. R. Bowkbr, by Miss 
A, I. Applbton. 4to, half morocco, $17.50 (subject te 
raise in price), 


00* Complied, under the editorial direction of R. R. 
BowKBR, by Miss A. 1. Applbton and others. 410, half 
leather, $15. 


LOG VB, Being the full titles, with descriptive notes, 
of all books recorded in Thb Publishbrs* Wbbkly 
during the calendar year, with author, title and subject- 
index, publishers* annual lists and directory of pub- 
lishers. Published annually since 1 886. 8vo, nei^ sheets, 
$3.00 ; half morocco, $3.50. [yplums /#r x886 is eut sf 

I>BX, including Periodicals, American and English 
Essays, Book-Chapters, etc.. Special Bibliographies and 
Necrology of Authors. Edited by W. L Flbtchbr and 
R. R. BowKBB, with the co-operation of members of the 
American Library Association and of the Likraryjeur^ 
nal staff. 8*, cloth, $3.50. 


jLNNVjLL, Large 8vo, with ** Duplex Index,** net^ 

$9.00. Contains: 
X. Thb Latbst Catalogubs op Ambrican Publishb«» 

arranged alphabetically by firm-names, 
s. Thb Educational CATALOGUB.~(^#r deseri/tifm tee 

3. A complete short-title list of all books recorded Ib 

Thb Publishbrs* Wbbkly from July to June, arranged 

so that every book on record can be found, whether it 

is looked for under author, title or sul^'ect. 


CjLTALOGVB includes a price-list of all the text- 
books in use in the United Sutes, arranged alphabet- 
ically by author's or editor*s name, and a detailed 
subject-index, referring from each specific subject t» 
authors of books on that subject. Price, separately » 
•5 cts.; leatherette, 50 cU. 

nual] containing a complete list of all the books pub- 
lished in Great Britain and Ireland in the calendar year* 
with index to subjects. A continuation of the Lon- 
don and British Catalogues. [London : Sampson Low, 
Marston & Co.] 8vo, paper, «#/, $1.50. Thb Bncusis 
Catalocub and Thb Annual Ambrican CATALOGum 
bound in one volume, half leather, $5.00. 


BJTBZI8HBM8, A comprehensive list of all the 
book-publishing houses in the United States in business. 
at the present time. The street address is given in 
nearly every case, and the abbreviation under wbicb 
the firm*s books are entered in the *' American Cau- 
logue,** 1884-90. 9a pp., printed on one side only, i6mo, 
flexible cloth, $a.oo. 


MBNT BUBLIOATIOKa. July x, 1884, to June 
30, X890. Compiled, under the editorial direction of R. 
R. BowKBR, by J. H. Hickcox. 3a pp., 4to, pap., f x.oo.. 

selected by Samubl S. Grbbn. x6mo, cloth, 50 cts. 


MT, By Rev. A. E. Dunning. x6mo, cloth, 60 cts. 

the Purc^iase of Books. Compiled by F. Lxtpoldt 
and Lynds E. Jonbs. 3amo, paper, xo cts. 


News and Sutionery Trades, Wholesale and Retail. 
X4SO pp., 8*, hf. bd., |ia, net. 


8BLLINO: a handbook of practical hints for the ap- 
prentice and bookseller. By A. Growoll, nutoaging 
editor of Thb Publishbrs* Wbbkly and author of ** A 
Bookseller's Library.** Pt. x. 8», bds.,$a. (Tmeeon^ 
eluding ^rts in pre^ratien.) 

P. O. Box 943. 28 Elm Street (temporary office 54 Duane St^ New Yorh^ 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

/«^ 14, '94 [A'*- "7»] The Publishers'" Weekly. 97 

TWO important handbooks for the 


The Annual American Catalogue for 1893 contains : 

(i) Directory of American Publishers issuing books in 1893. 

(2) Full-title Record, with descriptive notes, in author-alphabet, of all books recorded \m 


(3) Author-, title-, and subject-index to same in one alphabet. 

(4) Publishers' annual lists for 1893. 

The edition is limited, and to secure copies orders should be sent at once. Xlie prfc^ 
1* #3*50 lialf leatlier \ #3.00 in alieeto. 

The Annual Catalogue for 1886, 1887, and 1891 is now out of print. But few copies of tte 
Annual Catalogue for 1888, 1889, ^^ ^'^'^ i^Qi ^^■'^ ^^ hand. 

We also supply the English Caulogue for 1893, price $1.50, paper ; the Annual Amerkaa 
and English Catalogues, 1892, can be had in one volume, half leather, I5.00. 




WUk th4 f^p4r»tion 0/ mtmhtrs 0/ tkt Amtricmn Likrary Ast^eiation »nd 0/ tht Library Journal staff. 

The Annual Literary Index for 1893 complements the ''Annual American Catalogue" oi 
books published in 1893 by indexing (i) articles in periodicals published in 1893 ; (2) essays amf 
book-chapters in composite books of 1893 ; (3) authors of periodical articles and essays ; (4) special 
bibliographies of 1893 ; (5) authors deceased in 1893. The two volumes together make a cotfk-' 
plete record of the literary product of the year. 

The new volume includes the features of the " Co-operative Index to Periodicals," origSnally a 
monthly supplement to the Library Journal, then extended into a quarterly in an enlarged form^ 
and later issued as an annual volume. 

The Annual Literary Index for 1893 forms the second supplement both to the new t:w€^ 
yearly volume (1887-1891) of Poole's Index to Periodical Literature and to the new A. L* A* Index 
to essays and book-chapters of Mr. Fletcher. 

The new volume will more than fulfil the opinion as to the Co-operative Index expressed ki tbc 

following extract : 

**To toe hterary worker its yalue can hardly be over-estimated ; to the specialist in any branch of science or let* 
ter* it is indispensable, since it places within his immediate reach many of the latest fruits of labor in the same field » 
to ererr one who desires to be well informed it furnishes the means of making the most effective use of his time."— - 
^0vitUnc9 Prtu, 

One TOl.f Clotlli (uniform with ''A. L. A. Index.") #3*50* 

P. O. Box 943. 28 Elm Sihbbt (temporary office, 54 Duane St.), New YmtK* 



The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1172] July 14, '94 

XiterariP IRews 

An Eclectic Illustrated Review of Cur- 
rent Literature 

eich month, in a pleasant hour's reading, gives 
a bird's-eye view of current literature. 
^ ^ ^ LITERARY NEWS is published in 
the interest of good literature, and gives a com- 
prehensive survey of all the books of the 
month. The opinions of the best authorities 
are quoted on the important books. 
^ ^ ^ A priced and annotated list of the 
books of the month, gossip about authors and 
books, are given in each issue. 
^ ^ ^ The subscription price is one dollar 
per year. Send for Sample Copy. 

p. o. Box 943. 28 Elm St., N. Y. 

Digitized by 


July 14, '94 \No. 1 1 72] The Publishers* Weekly. 99 



Publish two unique and very attracHve aeries of readers. 


A four-book series differing radically in character from any other in the market. If you 
believe that school-work should be a preparative for life-work, you will be interested in these 
books. They represent the most advanced pedagogical thought on the question of supplementary 
reading material. 


are : (i) The only reading books ever written by an eminent scientist (the Rev. J. G. Wood, 
M.A., F.L.S.) (2) They are the only graded science readers ever published. (3) Tbey are 
the only readers in which the subjects are classified scientificaUy. In these books Spiders are not 
ranked with the Insects, nor are anecdotes about Elephants jumbled up with descriptions of Frogs. 
(4) Children find the six volumes of the series as fascinating as so many Christmas story books. 
Would it not be desirable to have such readers in the hands of your pupils? 

TUe Newest TexUBooka on Sistory. 

Sanderson's Ancient and Medieval History (448 pp.) 


Sanderson's Modern History (440 pp.) 

Bright, vivid, entertaining and impartial. Emphatically the books for teachers desiring defi- 
nite results in the recitation hour. Would it not be interesting for you to look at these volumes — 
the latest ones on the important subject of which they treat? 

Send for a full descriptive Catalogue of all our pubUcationa. 


Ought to know about 

The Century Dictionary. 

If they are going: to buy a dictionary they should surely examine 
this first— it is the largest, the fullest, the most beautiful, and the 
best. Its possessor thoroughly enjoys its use. 

You know it can now be bought 

By Instalments, 

the complete book delivered at once, payments a little at a time. 



We ordinarily ask 10 cents for the richly illustrated 
pamphlet of specimen pages. We will send it to you 
free if you are a teacher and will mention this adver- 
tisement. Address The Century Co., New York. 


The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1172] July 14, '94 


" An Unrivalled Utin Series." 

Allen & Grcenough's Latin Grammar ; New Caesar ; New Cicero ; New Ovid. — 
Greenough's Virgil. — Collar & Daniell's Beginner's Latin Book ; First Latin 
Book. — Collar & Tetlow's Latin and Greek School Classics. — Collar's Latin 
Composition ; Gate to Caesar. — College Series of Latin Authors. 


An Unapproached Greek Series/' 

Goodwin's New Greek Grammar. — White's Beginner's Greek Book ; First Lessons 
in Greek. — Goodwin & White's New Anabasis.— Collar & Daniell's Beginner's 
Greek Composition. — Seymour's School Iliad. — College Series of Greek 

"The Best Histories." 

Montgomery's American, English, and French Histories. — Myers's General History; 
Mediaeval and Modern History ; Ancient History. — Allen's Short History of 
the Roman People. — Emerton's Introduction to the Study of the Middle Ages; 
Mediaeval Europe. 

Descriptivi Circulars of thtse books sent postpaid to any address, 

GINN & CO., Publishers, 


Introdaction and Malllns: Prices of Hducational Books 

Published by CHARLES COLLINS. 


THE BAKER & TAYLOR CO., 5 East i6th St., N. Y. 

Abbott's Abereromble'ii Tntellrctual Phi- 
losophy. Bjr John Abbrcrombib. M.D. With addi- 
tions, etc . by RcT. Jacob Abbott. lamo, int., 7a cents ; 
mail 80 cents. 

Abbott's Abercromble'M Moral Philosophy* 

By John Abbrcrombib. M.D. With additions by tne 
Rev. Jacob Abbott. lamo, int., 7a cents; mail, 80 

Addlcks' Elementmry Freoch. An elementaiy 
practical boolc for learning the French languafre by 
Mrs. Addicks. lamo, cloth, int., 48 cents ; mail, 5s 

CofBn's Conic Sections and Analytical 
Geometry. By J. H. Coppin, LL.D. Sixth edition, 
revised by b. J. Coffin, Ph.D. 8vo, cloth, int., $t.o8; 
mail, $x.3o. 

Hymond's ^oral Philosophy. Essays on the 

Principles of Morality and 00 the Rights and Obliga- 
tions of Mankind. By J. Dymond. lamo, cloth, int., 
88 cents, mail, f t.oo. 

Klrkham's Orammar* Bnglish grammar for the 
Use of Schools. By Samubl Kirkham. xamo, int., 40 
cents ; mall, 45 cents. 

liovell's Neur School Olalosnes* Dramatic 
Selections for Schools and Families. By J. B. Lotbll. 
lamo, 456 pages, int., |i.oo; mall, $ 

Northend's School Ulalop^nes. tao selections 
for Schools, tamo, 31a pages, int., 68 cents; mail, 75 

Olmsted's School Astronomy (Snell). A 

Compendium of Astronomy for Schools. By Prof. 
Olmstrd. New edition, revised by Prof. Snell. lamo, 
int., 80 cents ; mailZoy^eoU* « • • 

Olmsted's Oollese Astronomy (Snell). Ao 

Introduction to Astronomy for the Use of Students in 
College. By D. Olmstbd, LL.D., Yale College, and 
B. S. Snbll, LL.D., Amherst College. Third edition, 
revised with additions by Prof. S. J. Coffin. 8vo, pages 
▼i., 336. int., I1.60; mail, fi.75. 

Olmsted's Oollese Philosophy (Sheldon)* 
A text-boolc in Physics for College Students. By D. 
Olmstbd, LL.D. Revised by B. S. Snell, LL.D., and 
R. G. Kimball, Ph. D. Fourth revised edition, by Sam- 
uel Sheldon, Ph.D. 8vo, pages xiv., 466, int.,; 
mail, $a.75. 

Parker's First I«essons In Natural Phi- 
losophy. By R. 6. Parksr. i6mo, int., 40 ccnu ; 
mail, 45 cents. 

Scott's Plannal of United States History, 
A Manual of History of the Uuited Sutes, with Ques> 
tions for the Use of Schools. By David B. Scott. New 
edition, with additions. i6mo, int., 36 cents ; mail, 40 

Scott's RoTlew History. A Short OotUoc His 
tory of the United States, for review grades and begin- 
ners in the study. By David B. Scott, Jr. New edi- 
tion (1890). lamo, cloth, int., 48 cents ; mail, 55 cents. 

Sheldon's Electricity. Chapters 00 Blectricity for 
College Studenu. By Samubl Smbldon, Ph.D. 8to, 
pages vi., loa, int., ft.oo; oiail, ft. to. 

VnderhlU's New Tahle Book. The Arithmeti- 
cal Primer, or New Table Book. By Danibl C. Uk- 
DBRHiLL. 36 pages, i8mo. Per doxen, paper, int., 36 
cents ; mail, 40 cenu. Half bound, int., 7a cents ; mail 
80 cents. 

Zachos' Neir American iipeaker. Oratorical 

and Dramatic Pieces, Soliloquies and Dialogues, for 

Schools and Colleges. By J. C. Z/^hos. Large 1 

int., $i.3«; mail, $1.50. V r\r 

Digitized by V:iiJL> 

yi^ 14, '94 [-A^^. 1172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 

• 101 


ttbllcations 11 

we recommend the Cheapest £dltions of well-printed 

Classical <xv^ Znobern (Berman 53oofs at only 5, 10, 15 cents, 

and upwards; more than 2800 now out. — Large Stock of Books for the Study of 

Modern Ltangruagesy Comparative Philology, etc. 

Besides these we keep on hand the other Carman Books nsed in Colleges, and 

altogether the Largest Stock and Most Complete Assortment in America of 

Imported German Publications in all Departments, whereby we are enabled to fill 

most orders immediately upon receipt. 

Of our otth I?ul>lloatlon» 

we rerommend ibe practical and popular Text-Books 
for CJemuui (Ahm-Ukmii, Abv-Fiiichcb, Ahm-CEhi^ 


HENN-AHN'S German Grammar, a Practical, 
Easy and Thorongh Method of learuin^; tbe German 
Language accor«llug to the Modem German Orthography, 

STEIGER'S Colloquial Method of learning tbe Ger- 

man Langiiai(e(arror(Ung to tbe Course of Study adopted 

for tbe public scbools of New York City). 

French (Abk-Hkhn), and 

lAtlii (Abk-Hxmm — ft aeparate Courses). 

T7'{«>;]^«..«^.^^«« Piibllcntloiis in EDglish 
Ainaergarten and German. 

aIro ISlinderfrarten Mlaterlal, 
tbe IMowt Oomplet© A.«»«<>rtm«»iit offered 
either bere or in Eiimpe. prepared under tbe direction 
of tbe hii^heat authurH>ee — lUuitrated Catalogues free. 

Globes^ Maps, Tellurians, etc. 
Natural History and 

Ol^ect Lesson Chartn. 

The Largest Assortment lUoatrated Catalogues free. 

Quickest Importation 

of Foreign Publications a bpecinlty. 
Books, Pamplilets. Periodicals, etc.— if not on hand 
—procured within the «li<>rte«t pofliff*t>io time 
(generally only 4 or 5 weekn) from all parts of Germany. 
Austria. Hwitzerlaud. England, France, Spain. Portugal. 
It^y. Belgium, Holland. Denmark. Sweden, Russia, 
Brazil, and other countries, with which direct connec- 
tions are maintained. 

St^ilCorN Cntalo^iies and Spocinl Liftt» 

of German and other Books an'l Periodicals in all De- 
partments serve as guides to Bookbuyers and the Trade. 
A full List of these Catalogues will be mailed free. 

E. 8TE1GRR & CO., 25 Park Place, NEW YORK. 



Entirely Rewritten by tlie Ablest Specialists in Every Department. 

This work, originally published in 1874. has bad a wide circulation in all parts of tbe United 
States, and has passed through many editions. Within tbe last decade, however, the progress of 
discovery in every department of Itnowiedge has made necessary an entirely new standard worlc of 
reference. This fact induced the publishers to subject tbe worlt to a roost thorough revision under 
the editorial supervision of 


President of the University of Wisconsin, 


The work was begun after long and careful preliminary labor, and with the most ample re- 
sources for carrying it on to a successful termination. Evkry article has bbbn revised or re- 
written, and IS SIGNED by the author or reviser. Every page has been printed from new and 
LARGE TYPE, and the size of the page has been enlarged ; thus forming, in fact, an entirely new 
CycIopaMlia, with the same plan and compass as its predecessor, but with a far greater pecuniary 
expenditure, acd with such improvements in its composition as have been suggested by long ex- 

Prospettus and sptcimen pages ^ showing type^ illustrations ^ etc, , will be sent^ gratis t on application. 

D. APPLrBTON Sl COMPANV, Publishers. 

72 Flftti Avenue, New York!?edbyCjOOgle 

I02 • 

The Publishers Weekly, 

\^No, 1 172] July 14. '94 



By Charles P. DuCroquet. 12010, half leatb., 284 pages, $1.25; introduction price, $1.00. 
' The object of this book Is to make the study of French easier and more concise. Its arrangement is quite 
new. Tlie rules concerning a subject have been carefully arranged in one lesson, and can easily be learned in a 
feto minutes. 


Manuel de TAtt^rature Fran' 
eals^. By A. de Rougemont, A.M., 
Prof, at the Chautauqua UniTer* 
sity. Half leath., $1.86. 

I'aul Bercy*m Fretteh Header, 

Contes et Nouvelles Modemes, 
Cboisis et annotte. Bv Paul 
Bercy, B.L., L.D. Cloth, $1.00. 

Zes T^ronaieuTM Francain du 
XIXe Si*'cle, With bioirraphicaU 
explanatory, grammatical, and 
historical notes. By C. Fontaine, 
B.L., L.D. Half leath., $1.26. 

Z>«# Kindea ErUn Bueh. By 

Wilhelra Rippe. Illustrated, Bds., 
40 cents. 

Camilla. By Edmondo de Amicis. 
With notes by Prof. T E. Coroba. 
Paper, 85c. No. 4, Novdle Italiane. 

La Lizarditre, By Vte Henri de 
Bornier. No. 20, Romins ChoUU. 
Paper, eOc. 

Fables Choisies de La Fontaine, 

With notes by B. Beck. Boards, 

Short Selections for Translating 
Eh glif hinto French , By Paul 
Bercy, B.L., L.D. 12mo, cl., 76c. 

Le Francais Far la Conversa- 
tion, By Charles P. DuCroquet. 
12mo, cloth, 186 pages, 30 iflus., 

The Table Game. By H61dne J. 
Roth. Price, 75c. 

El Finale de Norma, By Pedro 
A. de Alarc6n. Arreglada y An- 
otada en Ingles per R. D dela 
Cortina, M.A. No. 1, Novelas Es- 
cogidas. ISmo, paper, 75 cents. 

Extrais Choisisdes iEuvrts de 
Francois Coppfc, With notes 
by Prof. G. Castegnler. Cloth, 

by f 

Le Francais Fratique, By Paul 
Bercy, B.L., L.D. Cloth, $1,00. 

Le Chant du Cygne, By Qeorges 
Ohnet. No. 17, Contes choisis. 
Paper, 25c. 

Kanon, By George Sand With 
English notes by B. D. Woodward, 
Ph.D., of Columbia College. 

Fortesxa, By Edmondo de Amicis. 
With English notes by T. E. Com- 
ba. No. 6, Novelie Italiane, 
Paper, 35c. 

El Fajaro Verde, By Juan Vale- 
ra. With English notes by Julio 
Rojas. No. 1, Cuentos Sdectos. 
Paper, 860. 

Contes de BtUatac, Edited, with 
introduction and notes, bvGeoi^e 
M. Harper, Ph D , of Princeton 
University, and L. E. Livingood, 
A.B. Cloth, $1 00. 

Conjugation of the French Verb» 
A blank arranged in tables of fifty 
for use as an aid in conjugating. 
Price, per tablet, 30c. 

Conjugation of the Latin Verb, 
A blank arranged in tablets of 
fifty for use as an aid in conju- 
gating. Price, per tablet. 20c. 

Le Fetit Chose, By Alphonse 
Daudet. With explanatory notes 
in English by Prof. C. Fontaine, 
B.L., L D , Director of French 
Instruction in the High Schools of 
Washington, D. C. Romans Choi- 
sis. No. 22. Paper, flOc.; cloth, 85c. 

Paper. 60c.; cloth, 85c, 
Introduction prices at the mte of 20 per cent, discount from above prices. Copies for examination sent upon 
application. Complete general catalogue on application. 



851 and 853 Sixth Ave (N. W. cor. 48th St.), NEW YORK. 



Successors to Leb, Shbpard & Dillingham, 

Publishers' Agents and Jobbers of 

Offer their services to the trade for the execution 
of orders for boolcs in any quantities from single 
volumes to thousands. Thev carry the largest 
stock of Miscellaneous books in the country, and 
being esUblished in the great publishing centre, 
representing the principal houses of Boston, and 
having constantly on hand their publications and 
those of the most important of the Philadkl- 
PHiA and Western publishers, they possess unusual 
facilities for the prompt and careful handling of 
all business entrusted to them. 

Their long and extensive experience in the job- 
bing of books enables them to guarantee intelli- 
gent service to their patrons (whose agents they 
propose to be). Orders received in sdvance of 
publication are recorded and promptly forwarded. 
Quotations and any other information in regard 
to books furnished on application. Trial o^ers 
are solicited. 


766 Broadway, New York. 

fgr SUMMER BULLETIN and New Clear- 
ance List now ready and will be sent on appli- 

Tha Imrgest and Most Vomplaie Stock in ihc 
United States." 


J. B. Lippincott Gompan j, 



Miscellaneous and Foreign Books; School- 
Books; Staple and Foreign Stationery ; Blmnk- 
Book Manafactorert and Printers for tfas 

Publications of any house ftimished prompt- 
ly, and at lowest market rates. 

Particular attention paid to Holiday Books 
and Juveniles. 


July 14, '94 [iV^i?. 1 1 72] 

The Publishers* Weekly. 


Lee and Shepard's School Books 


The Pictnresqse Geographical Reader Series. 

By CHABT.1CB F. KiKO, Master Dearborn School. 


A !^D PACIFIC 8LOPB. 276 pa^es. Over 180 

illustratiom}. 50 cents net. 
First Book: HORIB AND SCHOOI<. 24) 

pacres. Over 126 illustrations. 50 cents net. 
Second Book: THIS r05iTINBNT OF 

OURS. SSOpafres. Fully illustrated. 72 cents n«t 

IHIDDIjE states. 240 pa^es. 153 iUustrations. 

56 cents ne^. 
Fourth ^ook : THB SOUTHERN* IVIID- 


153 illustrations. 56 cents net. 


For the Use of Teachers. By Charles F. Kin^. New 
and revised edition. Illustrated. $1 2U net. 

Posse, M.Q. Graduate Royal Gymnastic Central In- 
stitute, Stockholm, Sweden. Director Posse Gym- 
nasium, Boston. With 267 illustrations and an ana- 
lytical chart. 13.00. 

Nils Posse. Cloth. Illustrated. 50 cents ne^. 

A SCRIPT PRIIUER. Easy Readine Lessons 
for the Youngest Readers on Form and Elementary 
Science. By Frances E. Oliver, William Penn Char- 
ter School, Philadelphia. 25 cents net. 

ERNBIBNT. In States, Counties, Townships, 
Cities, and Towns. By Clinton D. Higby, Ph,D. 
80 cents net. 

FR<EBBL LETTERS. With explanatory notes 
and. additional matter. By Arnold H. Heinemann. 
Cloih, $1.25. 


TOR Y. By W. F. Gordy and W. I. Twitchell. Part 
I., 60 cents net ; Part II., 90 cents 7^et. Complete in 
one volume, $1.20 net. 

TURE. First Series. Biographical Sketches of 
American Authors born previous to 1826. By Francis 
H. Underwood, LL.D., author of *' Handbook of 
English Literature,' **The Poet and the Man," 
'• Quabbin," etc. $1.50. 

By Friedrich Froebel. Translated from the German 
by Miss Jarvis and Miss Dwigbt. Edited by Elizabeth 
P. Peabody. Quarto, boards, $1 50 ne^ 

BEL. By Baroness B. von Marenholz-BUlow. 
Translated by Mrs. Horace Mann, with a sketch of 
the life of Friedrich Froebel by Miss Emily ShirrelT. 
12mo. cloth, $1 50. 

elbjuentary utoodhork for 

B. Kilbon, Principal Manual Training, Springfield, 
Mass. Cloth, illustrated, 75 cents net. 
BRITISH A UTHORS. By Albert F. Blaisdell, 
A.M. Cloth, illustrated, 75 cents net. 
trated. Boards, per volume, 8U cents net. 

Btoriea from American History. By N. S. 

Noble jDeeds of Our Father » as Told by 

Soldiers of the Bevolutlon, 
The Boston Tea Jt*arty and Other Stories 

of the Revolutionm 
Stories of the Civit War, By Albert F. Blais- 
dell, A.M. 
L. B. Monroe. Illustrated. Be ards, 60 cents ; cloth, 
80 cents net. 

In Press: 


By Martha R. Ome. SO cents net. 

Copies for examination sent prepaid upon receipt of above introductory net prices. Catalogues mailed free, 

LEE AND SHEPARD Publishers Boston 


Baltimore, Ivla.ryla.nd. 






6c4 Arch Street, Philadelphia. 

Dr. Brookv'* Normal illatheniacical Course. 

X. Standard Arith. Course, in Four Book*. 

a. Union .\rith. Course, in Two Books combining 
Mental and Wiitten. 
Brooks's HlSlier Arlctametlc. 
Brooks*s Normal Algebra. 
Brooktt's f^eomatry and Trlsonometry. 
Brooks'* Plane and Kolld Geometry. 
Brooks's Plane and .^pherteal Trli^onom, 
Montcomery'sftyst* Indnstrlal Dranrlns. 
Lfte's Kook-keeplos and Blanks. 
Wef>tlake's Oommon-Scbool Literature. 
ITelah's (Jndson Perry) English Grammar. 
Feivsmlth'a Bnflrllsh Grammars. 
Felton's Unrivalled Outline maps. 
MaiTlll'a Beading Frenek Grammar. 
naslIPa modern French Readers. 

E. H. BUTLER & CO.. Philadelphia, 


Approved School and College Text-Books. 
Amon^ncir leading publications, which now include 
the list formerly published by Cowperthwait & Co., arc : 
Geosrrapllies. Butler, Warren. Mitchell. 
Readers. Monroe's Series, Butler's Series. 
Spellers. Monroe, New American. 
PnysiolOflrles. Union Series. 
Arltlinietlcs. New American, Hagar. 
Orammars. Greene, Smith, Bingham. 
Histories. Butler, Berard, Goodrich 
Copy Books. Business Standard, Butler. 
Mitchell's Outline Maps, Monroe's and Butler's Read- 
ing Charts, Parker's Arithmetical Charts, etc., etc. 

Send /or descriptive catalogut. 
Philadelphia : aao and aaa South Fifth Street. 
Chicago: an and az3 Wabash Avenue. 
Boston : 15 Bromfield Street. 

Baltimore: 8 North Howard Street. 


The Publishers* Weekly. [A^^. 1172] July 14, '94 



The Growth of the English Na- 
tion. Illustrated. Katharine Coman, 
Professor of History in Wellesley Col- 
lege $1 CO 

Europe in the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury, Illustrated. H. P. Judson, Pro- 
fessor of Political Science, University of 
Chicago I 00 

From Chaucer to Tennyson. With 
portraits. Henry A. Beers, Professor 
of English Literature, Yale University., i 00 

The Renaissance and Modern 
Art. Illustrated. W. H. Goodyear, 
Lecturer to the Brooklyn Institute i co 

Walks and Talks in the Geolog- 
ical Field. Illustrated. Alexander 
Winchell, late Professor of Geology, 
University of Michigan i 00 

The Chautauquan. 12 numbers... 200 

Oarnet Seal. 

Addison. C. T. Winchester. 

Milton, W. H. Warren. 

Aschan and Arnold, James H. Carlisle. 

Goldsmith, Edward t. Hale. 

Not sold separately. The four volumes, 2 00 


Appleton (J. H.), of Brown's Univer- 
Beginners* Handbook of Chemistry. .. .|i 00 

Beers (H. A.), of Yale University. 

Initial Studies in American Letters i 00 

Outlines of American Literatuie, 60 

Outlines of English Literature 60 

Bishop (E. C). Pictures fiom English 
Histor V .* I 00 

Ely (Richard T.). 
An Introduction to Political Economy... i 00 
Outlines of Economics. College edition, i 25 

Hamill (S. S.), Principal of Chicago 
School of Education. 
New Science of Elocution i bo 

Hatfield (M. P., M.D.). 
Physiology and Hygiene i 00 

«Foy (James R.). 

An Outline History of England i 00 

Grecian History i 00 

Thorpe (Francis Newton). 

Story of the Constitution of the United 
States 60 

True (C. K.). 

Elen:e its of Logic 40 

Vincent (J. H.), and Joy (J. R.). 

An Outline H istory of Greece 50 

An Outline History of Rome 70 

Wheeler (A. M.), of Yale University. 
Sketches from English History i 25 

Wilkinson (Wm. Cleaver). 

French (classic)Course in English. i6mo. 60 
French (classic) Course in English, cr. 8?o. i 00 

German (classic) Course in English i 00 

Greek (preparatory) Course in English . . i 00 

Greek (college) Course in English i 00 

Greek (classic) Course in English i co 

Latin (preparatory and college) Course 
in English, i vol i 30 


160 Finh ATeove, - Hew York 




812 Broadway (Bstablished 1848), New York, 

Extensive stock of Oertnan, French and 
English books. 

All foreign books, single copies or quantities, 
imported to order in 4 or 5 weeks. 

Books for the study of Foreign Lan^ 
guageSf ancient and modern, a specialty. 
Stock of foreign text-books used in the leading 
Colleges : Tetibner and TauchnUz editions 
of Greek and Latin classics. Braune^s Goth- 
ic Grammar. 8ocin*s Arabic Grammar. 
8track*8 Hebrew Grammar. 3rugntann^8 
Comparative Grammar. 

Kampen^B Wall Maps. Ferihes^ Ancient 
Atlas. Spruner^s Historical Atlas. Hiei^ 
er^8 Modern Atlas. Flugel^B and Thien^e^ 
Freusser^S German and Englbh Dictionaries. 
OoehtVs German Reader. TauchnUz Col- 
lection of British Authors. EngelnuM^nn^ 
Anderson Pictorial Atlas to Homer. IHehl, 
Excursions in Greece. 

Free of Duty, Importation for Libraries on 
liberal terms. ' 


Tbe Sbeldon Series m 
Tlie Franldii Series. 

By this coDsolidation great saviors have been effected, 
of which we propose to give the public a share. 

Sheldon's Modem Sehool Readers* 
New Franklin Headers. 
Sheldon's Arithmettes. (Tv^Am^.) 

Stoddard's New InteUeetoal Arithmetie. 

This book has been very carefully revised. 

idea's Word Studies. 

his IS the best and most practical spelling book in the 
English language. 

BCodem Spellinsp Boole 

Seudder's United States Histories. (/« 

Sohmits's Elements of the German I^a- 

Shaw's New Historj* of English and Amer- 
ican liiteratore- ('AVw editUn,) 

ATonr's Complete Series on Natural Set- 

Hill's Rhetoric and liO^c* etc 

Hill's New Rhetoric and Composition. 
Hiirs Science of Rhetoric. 
Hill's Elements of Logic. 
Hill's Elements of Psychology. 

Send for CireularMm 


New Yorlc, Boston^ C]:ilc£i8ro. 

Digitized by V:»OG 

yir/j^ 14, '94 [^^. 1 1 72] 

The PubUshiri Weekly. 




Actually Spoken and Mastered 
in Ten Weeks without leaving your 
homes by the Meisterschaft System. 
560th Thousand. Pupils taught as if 
actually in the presence of the teacher. 


Language. All questions answered and 
all exercises corrected free of charge. 
Part I.y either language mailed free 
upon receipt of 2-cent stamp. 


^r^r*"* IN TEN WEEKS. 

Boston, Mats. 

Valuable Text and Reference Books. 

Cloodyear's History of Art. Includes 
Architecture, Sculpture and Painting. $3.50. 

Barnes' Popular U. S. History. The 
best reference-boolc for schools. $3.50. 

Montelth's School and Family Atlas. 

The most beautiful atlas in the market. $3. 50. 

Chapnnan's Elementary and Ameri- 
can Drawing-Books. Especially fitted 
for use by the amateur. $1.50 and $3.50. 

Johnson's Latin Texts. 
The Satires of Persius. 75 c. 
The Agricola and Germania of Tacitus. 90 c 

Davles' Mathematical Dictionary. 

A Cyclopaedia of Mathematical Science. $5.00. 

Oillespie's Roads and Railroads. 

Revised, A Manual of Road-Making. $1.75. 

Boyd*8 English Literature. Milton; 
Young , Bacon ; Pollok ; Thomson ; Cowper. 
All neatly bound in cloth, $1.00 each, postpaid. 
The set, ts.oa 

"The Step-«Ladder (new). By M. A. 
Klbin. Intended for Elocution Classes and 
Supplementary Reading. 75 c. 

Holbrook'8 Methods. Normal Methods 
of Teaching. $1.25. 

^^* Social rate* /or introduction. Catalogue sent /roe. 



The Unabridged, 
completely and 
thoroughly re vised. 

It comprises in 
one volume a Dic- 
tionary of the Eng- 
lish LAJiOUAGK, of 


Fiction, etc. 
It has the warm 
commendation of 

Every State Superintendent of Schools 

In office alnoe its pabUcaUon and by Educators 
generally' ..^ 

Standard of nlng-tenths of the JBchoolbooto. 

tTAVDARD of U- 8. Oovemmcnt Prluttng Office. 
TAKDA&D of U. 8. Baprems Court. 

The One Great 8tandard Authority, 

the perfection of dicttonarles." so writes Josttoe 
Brewer of the United States Supreme Court, who 
voices the general lentiment. 

G. & C, Merriam Co* 

Publishers, / ,„— ,i=i-,*Q 

'"Vw^KP'u^o'ABdeDt VDKTKraRf > 
I^^Sendforfrao pamphlet. 


/raise the Library o/ A 
erican Literature bevond 
any other class o/ suoscri- . 
•mj should have this worh 

\ C\\t /or your own use, and 
i/ you will present its 
merits to others you 


A. S. BARNES & CO., Publishers, 

56 But 10th Street, M. Y. 

Make Money 

during the vacation season, /or we mahe liberal ar- 
rangements with teachers who will act as agents. 
Here are three extracts /rom over 500 as good which 
we have received. 
•* The ' Library of American Literature » is worth more 
to me in every-day school work than is my entire library of 
one hundred other works upon modem literature.** 

** I wish that one quarter of a million school teachers of 
America could own it. After a Bible, a dictionary and 
work on teaching, this comes next." 

" 1 know of no one work that would add so much to a 
teacher's library, no work that would be so beautiful and 
profiuble in its results both to teachers and pupils as this.*' 
The Sta ndard Re/erence Worh on the literature 0/ your 
country , presenting a general view /rom the earliest set' 
tlement to the present time. Chronological arrangement. 
Elaborate topical tndex, 



Low Price, dollars \\ monthly 00 dollars 

Basy TermB,U per volume, *■ ^ paymenu,^U toUl price. 

And upon small first payment we deliver the whole set free. 

To Cash Purchasers.— Eleven volumes for the price 
of ten volumes. A handsome specimen pamphlet of sS 
pages, with five fine portraiu, sent for three a-cent sumps. 

Wn. EVARTS BENJAMIN, Publisher, 

22 East 1 6th St., NEW YORK, or 1 36 Borltton St , BOSTON. 

Digitized by V:tOC 


7 he Publishers* Weekly, [A^<;. 1172] July 14, '94 


DYRSEN & PFEIFFER, Successors, 

254 Finii Avenue, New York. 

Foreign Booksellers and Importers, 


Publishers of Dr. Sauveur's Educa- 
tional Works. 

Welneck's German Grammar. $ 
The most successful German grammar in use 
by the public schools of N. Y. City. &', cloih. 

Welneck's English Grammar. $ 

For Germans; based on the Gouin system. 
8% cloth. 

Schrakamp's Sagen und Mythen. 

75 cents. A selection of the most interesting 
German legends for sight reading. Full vo- 
cabulary added. 12*, cloth. 

Schrakamp's Rechtschrelbung. 

31 cents. Practical exercises based on the 
reformed German orthography. 

A Complete Line in Stock of Text-Books for 
the Study of Foreign Languages ; both those 
published in the United States and Europe. 
Catalogue of the more prominent books in de- 
mand will be mailed on application. 

Tbe Intnal M Gompy 





The Be9t Boohs at the l,oweet JPrieee. 

Containiog aU the Valuable Features of Older Series, 
together with Special Characteristics of their own. 



NO TRUST— Save in the Justice of the People. . 
|l|0 COMBINATION— Except that of Superior Educa- 
tional Merit and Mechanical Excellence, with 
Reasonable Prices. 


Is composed of men actively eneafir^ in the prep- 
aration and manufacture of its publications, and asks 
for public recognition on the basis of legitimate com- 
petition, founded on merit and price. 


riuTUAL Book Co., 

104-106 West 17th St.. NEW YORK. 

Valuable School and College 

ItOSOPHir. By Mrs. Mart A. Swirr. Part Firsts 
netf 40 cents. 

IjOSOPH Y. By Mrs. Mabt A. Swift. Part Seo- 
cond, net, 45 cents. 

Prbsidext Woolskt, of Yale College. Set, fl.OO. 

ANTfOONB OF SOPHOri^EM. With notes. 
By Pbbsidcnt Woolsbt, of Yale College. JVet, $1.00. 

Pbxsidbnt W0CL8KT, of Yale College. JVet, $1.00. 

By PRBSIDKKT WoouBKT, of Yale College. Net^ $1.00. 

GEORCIIASOF PLATO. With notes. ByPaxsi- 
DKNT WooLBKT, of Yale College. JVet, $1.40. 

THE SONG TABLET x A Collection of Bone 
Trios, Quartettes, and Sacred Pieces, for Public ana 
Private Schools and the Home Circle. By Irtiko 
Emerson. Retail, 60 cenU. 

First Settlement of the Colony. By Qidson H. 
HoLLiBTBR. 8 vols., 8vo, retail, $6.00; 1 vol., 8vo. 
retail, $3.00. 



BROWN & GROSS, Publishers. 

Hartford, Conn. 


nmwiry poblismg go. 

invites correspondence concerning 

riaury's Qeog^raphies 
Davis' Reading Boolcs 
Holmes' New Readers 
Lippincott Popular Readers 
Clarendon Dictionary 
Venable's New Arithmetics 
5anford's Arithmetics 

Gildersleeve's Latin Books 

(Latin Grammar, New Edition) 

etc., etc., etc. 

43-47 E. 1 0th St., New Yorlc. 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

July 14, '94 \No, 1 172] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 



lAmHI), MEBKILl & CO., 

43, 45, and 47 E. 10 th St. H. Y. 

Merrill** ▼ertlcml Penmansblp. XntertiMdU 

ate Series^Five Numbers. Not. A, 1, 1 5^, 3, 3. Per 
doz., 73 cents. Standard Seriea—Six Numbers. 
Noft. t, 9, 3, 4t 5« ^ Per <!<»•« 9^ cenu. 

SIntebtooii'* Onr Wonderfol Bodies and 
Hoir to Take Care of Them* JFirst Book, 
138 paces, 30 cu. Second Book, sas pages, 50 as. 

Sliifcbleon'e Pbyelologjr and Hygiene* 
Newly revised. Handsomely illustrated. 333 pages, 
lamo, $t.zo. 

Maynard** Bnglleb Claeele Series* Numbers 
taa-f K3 inclusive. For Classes in English Literature, 
Suppiementarv Reading, Grammar, etc. Edited by 
Eminent English and American Scholars. Each voU 
ume contains a Sketch of the Author^s Life, Prefatory 
and very full Explanatory Notes, etc., etc. Single 
Numbers, paper covers, 3a to 64 page*, each, is cenu 
Single Numbers (Nos. 137, 133, 133, 134, 150) bound in 
boards, 90 cents. Double Numbers, 75 to 138 pages, in 
boards. 34 cents. Triple Number, 36 cenu. Others in 

naynard's Freneb Texts. In 8 numbers, 
ao-35 cents each. Carefully Edited by Scholars familiar 
with the Needs of the Class-room. A Series of French 
School Tcxu. Beginner's Series. 

Blayiiard** German Texts* In 15 numbers, 
35-40 cenu each. 

Bre^rer and Beddall^Sonn of tbe Tear* 
A new collection of Words and Melodies for every-day 
use in schools, with Songs for special occasions in 
School life. 176 pages, 40 cenu. 

BnsfclB's Works— Tbe Antborlzed (Brant« 
^rood) Bdltlon. 

C^mpMt deteriptive caialorut tent en application to 
ihM publishers, 

«« A Flood of LIsrht on Shakespeare." 

mstorlc Wanrleksbire* Its Romantic, Historic, 
and Legendary Lore. By Tom Burgbss, F.S.A. Edit- 
ed by Joseph tiill. Copiously illustrated in the finest 
style of art, and |>rinted on fine paper. 4to, handsomely 
bound in cloth, gilt top, other edges uncut, loa. net, 



Bookmen. Birmliigluun, England. 

Ce^teitogues 0/ valuable second-hand hooks mailed free to 
any address in the vtorid on application, ' 





Publishers and importers ^ 
TM Cortlandt Bt*, 'HIR'W YORK* 

John H. Scudder's Sons, 


228 W«st Oourt 8tr««t, 


B€lecii€ Medical Pkblicatioms a 

J. H. YAH. 4 00., VtwT«rk* 



A^nstable M-Govers, 


60 Ann mreety If ew "Var^. 

%• Special Brieee to Boards of X:dt»eation, 

Stephens' School History of the United 

States (revised edition). 
Davidson's School History of South 

Duffle's School Register. 
Reynolds' Primers and Readers. 


I publish and supply above at wholesale and retail. 


W. J. DDFFIE, Pnblislier and Bookseller, 

Coliuiit»ia» 9. C* 



Inorganic, $2,00. Organic, $4.50. 

The best text-books, used by those colleges 
giving the highest technical courses. 

Send for circular and examination prices. 

P. BLAKISTON, SON & CO., Publishers, 

lois ^Walnut 9t*» Plilladelplila. 




Descriptive Catalogue or Price List sent on 

67 Tifth Ave., New York. 

202 Devonshire St., Boston. 

106 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

jy. C. H£ATH & CO., 

in addition to their text books listed in this educational 
caUlog^e, publish a full line of books for professional 
readinff by teachers. Among their leading publications 
in this line are : 

Compayrtf'a History of Pedagogy $i 75 

Compayrtf's Lectures on Pedagogy i 75 

Conipayr^'s Psychology Applied to Education. 90 

Lange*8 Apperception x 00 

DeOarmo's Essentials of Method 65 

Llndner*8 Psychology i 00 

Peabody 's Lectures to Kindergartners x 00 

Pe8talossi*8 Leonard and Gertrude 90 

Rousseau's Bmtle 90 

Rosmini^s Method in Education i 50 

Rick's Natural History Object Lessons i 50 

Rick's Object Lessons and How to Give Them. 

a vols each* 90 

Rodestock's Habit in Education 75 

Tracy's Psychology of Childhood 75 

Sent by mail postpaid^ on receipt 0/ price. Full list 
on application. 



The Publisher f Weekly. 

\No. 1x7a] /i^ 14, '94 


(The Standard Price as 
indicated on the enclosed list). 



I will deliver, postpaid^ 
or in lots of $5.00 or 
more, express paid. 

To those foreign countries which are 
in the Postal Union or 

Special Terms en Dealer's Ordersi 
Deeks Purchased er Excbangedi 
Special Terms fer Infreductleni 

A Large Stock of Low^rriced Books Me- 

ceived in this way on Ha/nd 

at All Times. 


of any publisher in the 
United States, either singly 
or in quantity. 

In the United Sutea 
or Canada. 

to be 

in Quantity 

Sold Again. 

I have special outlet for educational 
books in any condition if late editions. 
Books superseded or thrown out be- 
cause of new introductions are pur- 
chased, to supply those dealers or 
schools who for reasons of economy 
want cheaper books. Send list of 
books no longer in use. 

The standard 
and oldest 
system, care- 
fully revised and perfected during upwards of 
twenty years' practice as specialist. 



Authorized and adapted for use 
in the London Public Schools, 
in use for nearly eight years. 

Jacksen's Theory and Practice. 

81.26, net, postpaid. 

A practical manual for the use of teachers 
and students of vertical writing with diagrams 
and illustrations. 

YorHcal Writing Pads. 

In eight numbers, carefully graded. Per dozen. 
96 cents, postpaid. ( WUh new system of r#- 

Vsrilcal Writing Desks. 

In ten numbers. Per dozen, 96 cenu, postpaid. 


of children cannot always be managed so as to make clay modeling or even sand modeling 
practicable, and it is almost or quite necessary to l|» I D VI EMM'C ^^^ series now 
show the physical features of the continents, etc. Ill s Ls lis RLCHH 9 being issued will 
be supplied either with or without an erasible surface, at a very low price. The plain maps 
on drawing paper can be used to successfully ppim wA^^ m^mm lAA €R AA 

show the relation of physical geography to \^}^^ P""" 1^ '?*» ' '*•■? 

hUtory as well as in map-drawing, thus bringing WHIl WittnirOOftll SurfiOt, MOhf .16 
into play the perceptive faculties of the children. JSwpress pmid XT. B, 


of Strong maniUa paper. 

So constructed as to fit 

any sized book without 

cutting. The advantage of having a book protector which may be adjusted to fit any book 

will be very much appreciated, and especlall 
the purpose 
of protecting 
them, as in 


covers are now in steady use in all parts 
of the country, and may be obtained at 
the standard prices in any town In the 
world, or expressage, prepaid, upon receipt 
of price. 

by those who have to cover many books for 
where economy 
must be practised. 
The "One Piece" 

Send for 

25 G. per dos* 


No* 1* ISmo to 8to, $l.ft6. 

IVo. ft. 8to to 4to, - 1.7&. 

IVo« 8* Larse 4tO) - 8.S0* 

Fer t6G Bxpreaa paid. 

Wm. Beverley Hanson, 

59 Fifth Ave., 
New York City, 

Correspcmdence solicited from 
teachers in reference to educa* 
tional materials, American or 

School-Books of all 

Maps, Charts, Globes, 

Specialist in Educatienal Syppy 


V.^" rrr/? a art 




Sfie aimrtftan ILfterars <Sra;rttr antr puiiUisfkeris' (Cfttular* 


Publication Office, 28 Elm Street, (Temporary Offich, 54 Duane St.,) New York. 

Entered «c the Poot-Oflloe at Hew York, N. Y., aa aeeond-olaM matter. 

Vol. XLVI., No. 3. NEW YORK, July 21, 1894. Whole No. 1173 



Memoirs Illustrating the History of 

Napoleon I. 

From 1802 to 181 5. By Baron Claude-Francois de M£neval, Private Secreury to Napoleon. 
Edited by his Grandson, Baron Napoleon Joseph de M£neval. With portraits and auto- 
graph letters. In three VQlumes. 8vo, cloth, $2.00 per volume. Volume II. now ready. 
The second volume deals with Napoleon*s life between 1806 and z8ia, the period of his ascendency on the 
Continent. The victories of Jena and Wamm, the crushing of Prussia and Austria, tlie Austrian Alliance, crowned 
by the marriage of Marie Louise, the relations of Napoleon with the Czar Alexander, much that is interesting of 
NapoIeon^s personal habits and tastes, and the beginnings and fruition of his thoughu about divorce, are included 
in this volume, which closes with an explanation of the causes that led to the Russian war. 

Occasional Sermons and Lectures. 

By Rev. John M. Kiely, Rector of the Church of the Transfiguration, Brooklyn, N. Y. i2mo, 

cloth, fi.oa 

In this volume, which possesses a timely and varied interest. Father Klely presents a rare amount of sugges- 
tire information, discreetly and tersely expressed. The book will be welcomed in Christian homes, and prove of 
value to clergymen irrespective of creeds. *■" Church and Sute,** ** The Music of Ireland,** ** Holidays in Ireland, 
through Europe, and in Rome," and **The Late Poet- Laureate," are among the subjecu treated by the author. 

Dr. Janet of Harley Street. 

By Arabella Kenealy. author of " Molly and Her Man-o'-War," etc. No. 147, Town and 

Country Library. i2mo, paper, 50 cenu ; cloth, $1.00. 

** In * Dr. Janet of Harley Street ' Dr. Arabella Kenealy has shown that the art of writing lively fiction is not 
thcTleast of her many accomplishments. Miss Kenealy has a quick sense of humor and a lively faculty of obser- 
vation, and her style U vivid and effective.**'/^// Mall GasttU, 

** It is a clever book, and well worth reading. Miaa Kenealy has imagined an interesting character, and 
realised her vividly.''— Z^wi^m Chr^nicU. 

The Purple Light of Love. 

By Hknkt Goblbt McVickak, author of "A Precious Trio." etc. i3mo, cloth, 75 cenu. 
A Morr o( Nw York and N.wport Mcimt lU., mim wiroitljr and deTcrly told. 

D. APPI.BTON & C»., 1% Fiftli Avenue, New York^ 


TTu PiOlisheri Wukly. 

[No. 1173] Julytx^ '^ 

Books for Summer Travellers. 

D. APPLETON & 00.. N«w York. 

Appletona' Genena Gnlde to tbo I7iilt#4 
SUifoo* With maps and iUuttrationt. One Tolume 
complete, flexible morocco, with tuck, la.50. Part I., 
•eparatclr. New England and Middle Sutet and Can- 
ada, cloth, 9i.t5. Part II., tcparately. Southern and 
Western Sutet, cloth, $1.05. 

Appletons' Handbook of Smniner Resorts* 
With maps and illustrations. Small 8to, paper, see. 

Appletons) Canadian Gnldo-Booki Part 1*9 
Kastern Canada and Newfoundland. Bjr Chas. G. D. 
Roberts. With nups and illustrations, tamo, ft 95. 

Appletons) Canadian Gnlde*Book« Part 
If., Western Canada. By Brnest Ingersoil. With 
maps and illustrations, tamo, $1.35. 

Appletons* Gnlde-Book to Alaska. By Miss 
B. R. Scidmore. With maps and illustrations, tamo, 

Appfetons' Dictionary of IVeur York and 
lis FIclntty. i6mo, paper, 30c.; flex, cloth, 60c. 

Appletons' Boropoan Golds* With maps and 
uluslratioos. a vols., i6mo, morocco, tuck, $5.00. 

The White mountains. By Rev. J. H. Ward, 
tamo, cloth, ft. as. 

CasselPs Pocket Gnlde to Bnrope for 1894* 

With ta&aps, etc. Bound in leather, $1.50. 

The model book of its kind for accuracy, fulness, legi- 
bility of text and maps, compact beauty and usefulness, 
and very moderate price. 

Boston lllnstrated. Paper, 50c. 
Satchel Gnlde to Eorope* Edition for 1894. $1.50. 
Bncland Wlihont and Within* By Richard 

Grant White, fa.oo. 
Sweetser's ^vw England* $1.50. 
8'weetser's White ^onntalns. 
Siireetser's IVIarltlnie Provinces. $1.50. 
Nantucket Scraps. By Jane G. Austin. $1.50. 
Rlrs. Thaxler>s Amongf the Isles of Shoals. 

'*''* MAOMILLAN & OO.. New York. 
Shakespeare^s England* By William Winter. 
i8mo, cloth, f(ilt top, ^^c. 

New edition, revised, with numerous illustrations. 
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gihedges, $a.oo. 
Gray Bays and Gold. By William Winter. tSmo, 
cloth, gilt top, 75c. 

A Trip to England* By Goldwin Smith. i8mo, 

cloih, gilt top, 75c. 
Oxford and Her Colleges : A View from the Rad- 

cliffe. By Goldwin Smith. i8mo, cloth, gilt top, 75c. 
Life on the I<ag:oons* Bv Horatio P. Brown. Sec- 

ond edition, revised. With illustrations, tamo, cloth, 


The Sonvenlr Series of Galde«Books* Bach 

with a4 chromo views and guide-book. In elegant 

binding, cloth extra, illuminated side, each, fi.oo. 
Clyde and West Hlshlands— Edlnbarirh— 

ulasKOiv and West roast— Isle of Wlsht— 

Ijondon— Lakes of Klllarney. 
Encllkh Scenery, lao views, ^to, cloth, 
Son Tcnlr of Scotland. Its cities, lakes, and moun- 

tains. lao chromo views. 4to, cloth, $3.50; Clan Tar- 

tan, boards. $4.00. 
Rambles In Rome. By S. Russell Forbes. With 

maps, plan«, and illustrations, tamo, cloth extra, $1.50. 
Rambles In Naples* By S. Russell Forbes. With 

maps, plans, and ill nitrations. New and enlarged edi- 
tion, tamo, cloth extra, 

Jackson (Helen [<« H* H*)'])* Glimpses of 
Three Coasts* tamo, 9t_3o. 

These are ** Bits of Travel ** in California and 
Oregon, Scotland and Bngland, and Norway, Den- 
Biark. and Germany. 

Ramona* A Stonr. tamo, $1.50. 

Most delightful glimpses of So. California. 

Bits of TraTcl* Illustrated. Square tSmo, f 1.15. 

Bits of Travel at Home. Square iSmo, lt.50. 

Brake (Samnel Adams). Old I^andnanrka 
and Historic Personages of Boston. 

With 93 illustrations, tamo, 9a.oo« 
Old lisndmarks and Historic Flel4a of 

nilddlesex* With 39 illustrations and nssps. saiao, 

Cathedral Bays. A Tour Through Soatbcrn Bo^- 

Und. Dodd (Anna Bowman). Illustrated from sketches 

and photographs by B. Eldon Deane. tamo, $a.oo. 
Aloha* (A Hawaiian Salutation.) By G. L. Ctaaaiy. 

Travels in the Sandwich Islands. With illustratiofis 

and map. t6mo, $1.50. 


Hare's (Auirnstns J* C.) InTalnahle Eiiterarjr 

Walks In liondon* too illustrations, $3.50. 
"Walks In Home. Seventeenth edition, $3.50. 
Bays near Home* Many illustrations, a vols.^fs.oo. 
Walks In Paris.' 48 illustrations, $3.00. 
Bays near Paris. 4a illustrations, la.50. 
Cities of Northern Italy. lUus., a vol8.,fs.oo. 
Cities of Central Italy* lUus., a vols., $s-ooi> 
Bdnrards (Amelia B.). A Thousand IHilea 
Up the Nile* Profusely illustrated, $a.5o. 

Ntvf tdiiitn/or 1894. 

The Index Gnlde to TraTel and Art Stntfy 

In Europe. By Lafayette C. Loomis. With pUns 

and cataloBues of the chief art galleries, maps, tables of 

routes, and 160 illustrations. Ntw and rtwtstd tditi^m, 

i6mo, 93.00. 
The Mexican O aide. By T. A. Janvier. Ntm mn^ 

revised edition. With three maps, «r/, $a.5o. 
Carlshad and Its Bnvlronments* By John 

Merrylees. lllusuated. 8vo,$a.5o. **The best tx>ok 

on the subject.'* 
A Handbook for Travellers In Japan* Third 

edition, revined and for the most part rewritten by B. 

H. Chamberlain and W. B. Mason. With fifteen maps. 

tamo, M#/, $5.00. 
The Paellle Coast Scenle Tonr* Prom Southem 

California to Alaska. By Henry T. Pinck. With n^ 

fuU-page illustrations. 8vo,$a.5o. 

S»U Aieni*/0r ike United Simiee, 

Baedeker's Gntde-Books. Illustrated with nu- 
merous maps, plans, panoramas, and views. iaBio,.clath» 
viz.. all prices net. 

The United States. With tj; maps and 99 plans, $3.^0. 
Alps (Eastern), |s.4o; Belgium and Holland, $i.8e; 
Bsypt (Lower), I4.80; Bgypt (Upper), I3.00; Prance 
(Northern), ; France (Southern), from the Loire 
to the Spanish and Italian Frontiers, including Corsica^ 
la. 70; (^rmanj (Northern), $3.40; Germany (South- 
ern) and Austria, la.40 ; (^rmany (Rhine from Rotter^ 
dam to Constance),; Great Britain, %% 00 ; Greece* 
fa.40; Italy (Northern), %9,¥>\ luhr (Central) and 
Rome. 9t.8o; I Uly (Southern ) and Sicily, etc., $x.8o; 
London and lu Environs, $1.80: Norway, Sweden, 
and Denmark, $3.00; Paris and Its Environs, 9x.8o; 
Palestine and Syria, $^.60 ; Switzerland, $3.40 ; Trav- 
eller's Manual of Conversation, in English, German, 
French, and Italian, 90c.; Conversation Dictionary in 
four languages : English French, (^rman, and ItaUan, 

E. 8TEIQER & OO., New Yorlc. 
Baedeker's and other Guide-Books, in Gennan ; also 
Travellers' Maps, Conversation Books, Grammars, smd 
Dictionaries in all foreign languages. 

E. R. WALLAOE, Syracuse,. N. Y. 

The Adlrondaeks. Wallace's new book now readj. 

In elegance, interest, and completeness nothing on the 

subject has ever approached it. Contains much Ins- 

porunt inforpiation never before published ; over 600 

Gges: nearly soo Half-Tone Engravings, and Urve 
ap. Finely bound. The Standard Guide U ikt 
Adtrendackt, Sold by book-dealers, or mailed 00 
receipt of price, $3.30. /-^ T 

Digitized by VriOOQiC 

July »t, '94 \lfo. 1173] The PubHshert' WeMy. 


JULY 21. X894. 

OiMpaff« .•••• fae 00 

H«lfpaff« la 00 

Oujirttr|»ff« 600 

Bifhthpaire 400 

PerUnc to 

Tht mh^vt pricts tU not ineludt imisriUmt in ikt **Au' 
mmmi Summmty Numktr^* tht ** Summer Numitr^^^ tht 
*^Bduc»iUiuU Numh«r}^ imr tht "^Ckruimtt B—k- 
»k4lf%* fpr which hiihtr rmits art charged. 

Special positions, %$ a page extra. Applications for 
apodal pages will be honored m the order of their receipt. 

A deduction 0/ %i m page for standing matter. Fag«» 
Jtr r§'in*crti0n mutt he ordered ht^t stmudimg. 

Social raits ftr yearly #r ether contracts. 

All natter for oar adyertising pages should reach this 
•floe not later than Wednesday noon, to insure insertion 
in the sasae week's issue. 


One rear, postage prepaid $300 

Single copies, 8 cents : postpaid, 10 cents. 

AddreM P. O. Box 948, IT. T. 

PvnucATioM OrFicB, 98 Blm Strbbt (near Duane), N. Y. 

Ten^prary Office, S4 I>Hane Street, 


Appleton (D.)& Co 107 

Baker A Taylor Co 133 

Beniamm (Wm. B.) 134 

Bind Your Weekly 134 

Books for Sale 130 

Books for Summer Travellers no 

Books Wanted ia6 

Breotano*s 13a 

CazenoTe(C. D.) 134 

Clive(W. B.) 133 

DaTte(0.)& Co 134 

De Witt Publbhing House 134 

Dick A Fitzgerald 134 

Dillingham (Charles T.) A Co 132 

Galignaoi Library 1 34 

Hanson(W. B.) 133 

HelburnrWm.) 134 

Jenkins (Wm. R.) 135 

Kay Printing House 134 

Kellogg (A.H.) 134 

IJbbie (C. F.) & Co 135 

Lichtenstein (C. B.) 135 

Uppincott(J. B.)Co 13a 

Luyster (S. B.) 135 

MacmiUan & Co 131 

McLean(S.F.) 135 

Merriam Co. (The) 133 

Midland Educational Company 135 

New York News Co 13s 

Publishers* Circular 132 

Publishers* Trade List Annual 136 

Scudder*s (John M.) Son* 135 

Sherriff (Richard). Sec Clive, W. B. 

Situations Wanted 130 

Soudier (H. Le) 135 

^oecial Notices 130 

Spon A Chamberlain.... 135 

Steiger (B.) ft Co 13s 

Terquem (Em J 135 

Truth Seeker Co 135 

Uoiversalist Publishing House 135 

VaiUJ. H.)ACo... 132 

Van Everen (P. F.) 135 

Westermann (B.) A Co 135 


Merrill & Bakrr, New York City, arc 
makiniif a handsomely embellished inexpensive 
edition of (he " Ruby Poets/' in fifteen volumes. 

O. Davib & Co. have just issued "Methods 
in the Art of Taxidermy," the text by Oliver 
Davie, who has made taxidermy his life study 
and profession ; the illustrationsby Dr. Theodore 
Jasper. The work is intended for all interested 
la the subject as well as profess !onaIs in the art 
of taxidermy. 

D. Appleton & Co. have just issued the 
second volume ot Mcneval's ** Memoirs Illus- 
trating the History of Napoleon L," covering 
the years between 1806 and 181 2, the period of 
Napoleon*s ascendancy on the continent of 
Europe, and describing the victories of Jena 
and Wagram, the crushing of Prussia and 
Austria, the Austrian alliance, the marriage 
with Marie Louise, and dealing at length with 
the causes that led to the Rnssiao war ; and 
"Occasional Sermons and Lectures," by Rev. 
John M. Kiely, which will prove of value to all 
clergymen irrespective of creed. They also an- 
nounce two new novels, * *Dr. Janet of Harley 
Street,** by Arabella Kenealy, and '* The Purple 
Light of Love," by Henry Goelet McVickar. 

Macmillan & Co. have just ready a new book 
by John Ruskln, consisting of '* Letters to a Col- 
lege Friend," written during the years 1840- 
1845, and containing many characteristic utter^ 
ances, notably an essay on '* Death before Adam 
Fell," two new volumes of the Palestine Exp'o^ 
ration Fund, " A Mound of Many Cities," an ac- 
count of the excavations of Tel el Hesy. by 
Frederick Jones Bliss, and "Judas Maccabaeus- 
and the Jewish War of Independence," by Claude 
Reignier Conder; Turgenefs *• Rudin," trars- 
lated from the Russian by Constantine Garnett, 
being the first volume of a new translation of the 
great Russian's works; and a third cheaper edi- 
tion, with a new preface, of Benjamin Kidd's re- 
markable book, " Social Evolution." Among 
their recent publications are Ernest F. Hender- 
son's" History of Germany in the Middle Ages," 
"Hints on Driving," by Captain C. Morley 
Knight, and '* Aspects of Modern Study," a col- 
lection of university addresses by Lord Playfair, 
Canon Browne, Mr. Goschen, John Morley, 
Max MQl!er, the Duke of Argyle, and others. 


Chicago, III.— A bill for receiver and an ac- 
counting against Alexander Belford, the pub- 
lisher, has t>een filed in the Circuit Court here 
by the First National Bank of Miamisburg, O.,. 
judgment creditor of the defendant for $7586. 
Three notes amounting to $7402, the bilf re- 
cites, were given by Belford to the George H. 
Friend Paper Co. and indorsed to the complain- 
ant. The notes are secured by fioo.oco of the 
stock of the Werner Company, a printing ard 
lithographic house. For the purpose of securing 
an accounting the Werner Company is made co- 
defendant. It is alleged that the $100,000 Ft ock 
is not worth enough to satisfy the judgments. 

FiNDLAY. O.— D. C. Connell has bought back 
the book and stationery business which he sold 
last year to A. A. Paagle. 

Mayfield, Ky.— W. K. Gregory, bookseller, 
has sold out. 

Newton, Kan.— T. H. Murphy & Brother, 
booksellers, have sold out. 

New York City.— George Routledge's Sons 
have been incorporated to publish books and 
magazines in New York City; capital, $250,000, 
and directors: J. L. Blamire. C. N. Judson and 
Willis Fowler, of New York City; D. J. Winkel- 
man, of Hoboken, N. J., and C. H. Wheeler, of 

North Manchester, Ind.— M. W. Hoover 


The PublUhtri Weekly. 

\No. 1173] July 2i/v4 

tton* art usually self-txplanatory, c. afitr the date indicates that the book ts copymg^tea : tr 
t differs from the imprint date, the year of copyright is added. Books 0/ foreiim origin 0/ wktck 
fated^ illustrated y etc.) is entered as copyright, are marked c. ed : translattons, c. tr.: n >. sm place 
s that the publisher makes no prices, either net or retail^ and quotes pricet to the trade omaj upon 


The abbreviations are usually self-explanatory, c. after the date indicates that ike book is copyrighted : if 

the coprrigkt date diffe— ' -"■- -"-—•-- -»— - -^ ^ --.-—•_/.-. -• fj.j d^.l. ^r r — .• i^^ -/- ^k,rk 

ike edition (annotated, ; 
of price, indicates t ' 

A colon after initial designates the most usual given name, as: A: Ai'gu%tus : B: Benjamfn : C: Charles: 
X): David; E: Edward: F: Frederic: G: George: H: Henry: 1: Isaac : J: John : L: Louis: N: Nickalas ,' P: 
Peter: R: Rickard : S: Samuel : T: Thomas: U': William. 

Sizes are designated as follows : F {folio: or'er yt centimeters kigh) : (Q. 4to : under y> cm.): O. (9vo : a^cme.)^ 
J).ii2mo: ao cm?) : S. {'tSmo: 17% cm »/ T. (7Amo: »s cm.): Tt. {j2mo: 12% cm.): Fe,{iimo: to cm.). Sg.^obL, 
nor., designate square, oblong, narrow books oftkese keigkts. 

*Abbelen, P. M. Venerable Mother M. Caro- 
line Friess, first commissury-general of 
the school sisters of Notre Dame in Ameri- 
ca: a sketch of her life and character; au- 
thorized tr.; with an introd. by Bp. J. L. 
Spalding. St. Louis, Mo., B. Herder, 1893, 
[1894.] 12% cL, net, $1.25 and $1.75. 

Alden, Mrs. Isabella M., ["Pansy," paeudA 
Wanted. Bost., Lothrop Pub. Co., [1894.] 
4+842 p. il. D. (Pansy books.) cl., $1.50. 

While in a petulant and morbid state of mind, in- 
duced bv both real and ima^nary troubles, Rebecca 
Mereditn c<Hiceives the idea tnat sne is out of place in 
her father's household. She leaves home, and tries to 
find her level; a disappointing experience discouraging 
her, she resorts to the ** Wanted'* column in the 
daily paper, by which means she finds her vocation, 
and becomes the heroine of a romantic love-story. 

Alexander, Sigmund B. A moral blot: a 
novel. Bost., Arena Pub. Co., 1894. c. 5 
+288 p. D. (Arena lib. ser., no. 89.) pap., 
60 c. [2128 

The scene is Boston. Leo Ormsby, a successful ar- 
tist and ioumalist, falls in love with a poor ig\t\ of 
Irreproacnable family and character, who returns his 
love. When the mother of the heroine is on her 
death-bed, she induces her daughter, Ormsby's be- 
trothed, to marry a wealthier suitor; this leads Leo 
to cast his fortunes with a burlesque actress. Gives 
incidents of his unconventional life after be is brouirht 
into association with a woman of questionable record. 

^AUsop, Robert Owen. Public baths and 
wash-houses. N Y.. E. & F. N. Spon A 
Chamberlain, 1894. 7-1-98 p. il. pi., 8% cl., 
$2.50. [2129 

*Andrew8, E. B: An honest doUar: a plea 
for bimetallism. Hartford, Cl., The Stuaent 
Publishing Co., 836 Asylum St., 1894. 
200 p. 16% cl., $1. [2130 

Appleton, Rob., {paeud.) After the manner 
of men: a novel of to-day. Bost.. Mass., 
The Franklin Pub. Co., [1894.] c. a-406 p. 
* il. por. D. cl., $1. [2131 

The story of two artists, one devoted to his work 
and strivings to make bis friend recof^nize his talents 
and limitations and work with earnest purpose; the 
other, full of wit. sociability, and good, fleetiog im- 
pulses. The flrbt marries and finds his art suffers. 
The Irish question is worked into the plot. The scene 
shifts between London and Dublin. 

^Appleton's annual cyclopaedia and register of 
important events of the year 1893. New 
series, v. 18; whole series, v. 33. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1894. 8% cl., subs,, $5; shp., $6; 
hf. mor., $7. [2132 

*Appleton'B hand-book of summer resorts. 
fiew ed, rev, to date. N. Y., Appleton, 
1894. 12% pap., 60 c. [2138 

^Atlantic reporter, v. 28; cont. all the decis- 
ions of the supreme courts of Me., N. H., 
Vt., R. I., Conn., and Pa.; court of errors 
and appeals, court of chancery, and su- 
preme and prerogative courts of N. J.; 

court of errors and appeals, and court of 
chancery of Del.; and court of appeals of 
Md. Permanent ed,, Jan. 17-May 16, 1894; 
with table of Atlantic cases in which r«*- 
hearin^ have been denied. With tables of 
Atlantic cases published in v. 63; Conn, r**- 
ports; 157 and 158, Pa. state rei>ort8. A table 
of statutes construed is given in the index. 
St. Paul, West Pub. Co., 1894. c. 18-h 
1162 p. O. (National reporter system — stat4% 
ser.) shp., $4. [2134 

Bamford, Mary E. Jessie's three resolutions. 
Phil., American Baptist Pub. Soc, [1894.] 
c. 191 p. il. D. cl., 90 c. [2135 

The story of a youn^ eirl, who labors not only for 
the support of herself, but for that of her invalid 
mother and aunt as well, and yet finds time to do some 
missionary work in her own neij^hborbood amon^ the 
Roman Catholic Portuguese and the heathen Chinese. 
The scene is laid in one of the small towns of Cali- 

^Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The book of the 
fair. In25pt8., pts. 11-14. San Francis- 
CO, Cal., The Bancroft Co., 1894. a. r, 
pap., eubs,, ea,, $1. [3186 

*Bamas, Rev, S. G. A scriptural index to 
the International Sunday-School lesftons 
from 1873 to 1896. Hartford, Ct., The Stu- 
dent Publishing Co., 1894. 40 p. 16^, pap., 
10 c. [2187 

•Baidcet (The) of flowers. N. T., T: Nelson A 
Sons, 1894. 128 p. 12% cl., 50 c. [2188 

Bennett, W. H. The book of Chronicles. N. 
Y., A, C. Armstrong & Son, 1894. 9+464 p. 
D. (Expositor's Bible, new [7ih] ser.) cl.. 
$1.50. [2139 

The author is professor of Old Testament languages 

and literature^ and is a fellow of St. John's CbH^e, 

>J the editor of i%e 
Kxpoaitor. The author has specially attempted to 

Cambridge. His work is edited br the editor of : 

show the fresh force and clearness with which modern 
methods of biblical study have emphasized the spiritu- 
al teaching of the books of Chronicles. 

*Bible. New Testament; with notes. N. Y., 
Arthur Hinds & Co., 1894. 8% (Interlinear 
translations, new classic ser.) cl., $3; hf. 
leath., 94. [2140 

Binet, Alfred. On double consciousness: ex- 
perimental psychological studies. Chic, 
The Open Court Pub Co., 1894. 2-93 p. sq. 
D. (The religion of science lib., v. 2, half 
no. 1.) pap., 15 c. [2141 

Chapters on experimental psychology In Frajice; 
proof of double consciousness in hysterlciu individuals; 
the relations between the two consciousnesses of hyster- 
ical individuals; the hysterical eye; mechanism or 
sub consciousness; the graphic method of the doub- 
ling of consciousness; the intensity of sub^oonsclous 
states; the rdle of suggestion in phenomena of double 
consciousness; and double consciousness in health. 

•Blaikie. W: G. Heroes of Israel. N. Y., 
T: Nelson & Sons, 1894. 480 p. BT, cl., 
$1.50. [2143 

Bradthaw« J:, ed. An English anthology 
from Chaucer to Tennyson; selected and 

• In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions {according to the rule of the American 
Library Association) from books received, Book$ net received^are indicated by a pre fixed asterisk,, 
and this offi e cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their rfcord, ,^ 

July 21, '94 \No. 1 173] The PublUhers' Weekly. 


ed. by J: Bradshaw. Wi ed, N. Y., Long- 
mans, Green & Ck>., 1894. 23+509 p. D. cL, 
$1.50. [2148 

*Brewer, Rev, E. Cobham. Character 
sketchf^s of romance, fiction, and the drama; 
a rev. ed. of the **Rf»ader8' handbook," by 
the R^*v. E. Cobham Brewer; ed. bv Marion 
Harland. N. Y., Selraar Hess, 18*8 [1894.] 
4+1683 p. 4% subfi,, cL, $29; hf. mor., $86; 
mor,, $47. [2144 

Browne. Walter. ** 2894 " ; or, the fossil man: 
(a midwinter nieht's dream.) N. Y., G: W. 
DilUngham, 1894. 3-298 p. D. pap., 50 c. 

After indulging in old family port wine at a Chriat- 
uuw eve dinner. Lord Ammouite falls asleep and 
bae visions of the world a thousand years aheaa. He 
is taught many good lessons while he feels himself a 
fossil man, and like Scrooge of old wakes up to bless 
his fellowmen. 

*BQnyan, J: The pilgrim's progress, N. Y., 
T: Nelson & Sons, 1894. 228 p. 12% cl., 50 c. 


Bnrt, Mary E. Stories from Plato and other 

classic writers, Hesiod, Homer, Aristopha- 

ne«», Ovid, Catullus, and Pliny. Bost., Ginn 

& Co., 1894. c. 9+262 p. D. (Classics for 

children.) bds.. 50 c. [2147 

About fifty stories gleaned from elaasic sources 

which are now collected into a primary reader for 

children from six to twelve years. The stories contain 

fine moral points and poetic statements of natural 

phenomena sure to arouse interest in the good and the 


♦Carter, C: W. Handbook for the use of 
probate courts, attorneys, executors, ad- 
ministrators, trusU'es, guardians, and con- 
servators within the state of Conn. Nor- 
wich, pr. for the author, C: W. Carter, 
1894. c. 893 p. S. cL, $2.50. [2148 

Oams, Paul. The' nature of the state. 
Chic, The Open Court Pub. Co., 1894. c. 
9+56 p. D. (The religion of science lib., v. 2, 
half no. 1.) pap., 15 c. [2149 

This essay first appeared in several instalments as 
editorial articles in T?ie Open Court, Contains an 
explanation of the nature of the state and the na- 
ture of treason, intended to spread broadcast a sound 
knowledge of the state, its main functions and purpose, 
especially among those who find it advisable to strug' 

fie and strike for an improvement of their condition, 
tiis legitimate aspiration, and treason to law and 
order are carefully weighed and made clear to all 
state citizens. 

*Oharle8, Mrs. Elizabeth. The story of 
Christian life in England in the olden time. 
N. Y.,T: Nelson & Sons, 1894. 816 p. 12% 
cl., $1.25. [2150 

Oomfott, Elizabeth Maxwell. Grizzly *s little 
pard. N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1894. c. 3+ 
146 p. il. D., hf. cl., 50 c. [2151 

The scene is Simpson ^s camp. Gold Ledge, a mining 
settlement in the Roclcy Mountains; while the miners 
are discussing the attendant disadvantages of a heavy 
snowstorm, they are startled by the unexpected ap- 
pearance of Robert McLeod with his wife and baby, 
snow-bound travellers. The miners taking a great 
fancv to the young couple they are persuaded to stay 
at the settlement, and '* Grizzly,*^ who has a claim, 
'takes Baby Fay into partnership. The subsequent 
history of *'Gnzzly*s little para** is romantic and 

Deems, C: F., D.D., Bradford, Amory H., D. A, 
and Devins, Rev. J: B., eds. Christian 
thought: lectures and papers on philosophy. 
Christian evidence, ind Biblical elucidation. 
llthser. N.Y., Wilbur B.Ketcham, [1894.1 
c 6+478 p. il. O. cl., net, $2.50. [2152 

Some of the lectures and papers are: Women's in- 
aebtedn^Hs to Christianity, by George Francis Qreer; 
▲aguste Comte and positivism, hy Darld H. Greer, 

D.D.: The age needing a larger conception of Christ, 
by Rbv. Granville R. Pike; Protestantism in North 
America, by W: H: Roberts, D.D.; Books old and new 
for young people's Sunday reading, by Miss Estelle M. 
Hurll: Gambling in colleges, by the Prof. W. J. Mutch; 
The Bible doctrine of inspiration, by Rev. B: B. War- 
field: Inspiration in the Old Testament, by Prof. G. H. 
Mitchell; Criminals not the vlcUmsof heredity, by W: 
M. F. Round. 

DeWitt, J: John Wesley and premillennial^ 
ism. N. Y., printed for the author, J: De- 
Witt, by Hunt & Eaton, 1894. c. 47 p. sq. 
S. pap., 15 c. [2158 

Written to prove that John Wesley was a firm be- 
liever that Christ would come again and establish an 
earthly kingdom which would last a thousand years. 

^Douglas, Rob. Kennaway. Society in China. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1894. 16+415 p. 
22 pi., 8% cl., f4.50. [2154 

Duruy, Victor. History of modern times 
from the fall of Constantinople to the 
French Revolution; tr.and rev. with notes, 
by Edwin A. Grosvenor. N. Y., H: Holt & 
Co., 1894. 16+540 p. D. cl., $1.60. [2155 
Contains the history in general of the European 
states from 14S3 to 1789, giving a rapid sketch of 
European life in general, and of those momentous 
events wliich permit us to trace its progressive march. 
The author is one of the foremost contemporary French 
writers and was for years Minister of Public Instruc- 
tion in France. The translator is professor of French 
in Amherst College Chronological list of European 
potentates from 14^ to 1789. Full index. 

Egleston, T: The life of John Paterson, 
major-general in the Revolutionary array; 
by his great-grandson. N. Y., G: P. Put- 
nam's Sons, 1894. c. 11+293 p. il. O. cl., 
$2.50. [2156 

The story of Major>Qeneral Paterson *s life Is the 
story of the Revolutionary War, and includes, besides 
details of his private life and an account of his elforts 
to build up the state of MassachusetU and especially 
his own county of Berkshire and the town of Lenox, 
chapters on the Continental Congresses and the battle 
of Bunker Hill, the siege of Boston and the battle of 
Trenton, the campaign of Valley Forge and Monmouth. 
Shav's Ret>ellion, etc. The appendix contaUis a list 01 
j^ooKs consulted, about two pages. 

XSlmslie, Theodora C, [Baynton Foster.] 
The little lady of Lavender; il. by Edith 
Scannell and H. L. E. Phil., The American 
S. S. Union, 1894. 4-820 p. U. D. cl., $1.25. 

The little Lady of Lavender was the $ol»riquet 
given to Evangeline Herbert, granddaughter of the 
rector of Lavender. Eva's rescue of Davy the poacher, 
a notable visit to Captain Ransom, the terror of the 
country folk, an adventure in a snow-storm, and a trip 
to London are described, and the quaint little heroine 
of seven years remains the centre of attraction in a 
story of English country life. 

♦First book of Bible knowledge. N. Y., T: 
Nelson & Sons, 1894. 12% pap., 25 c. [2158 

♦Fitzgerald, Percy. The operas of Gilbert 
and Sullivan described. Phil., J. B. Lip- 
pincott Co., 1894. 15+248 p. il. por. 12% 
cl., $1.25. [2159 

♦Frazer, Persifor. A manual of the studv of 
documents to establish the individual 
character of handwriting:, and to detect 
fraud and forgery, including several new 
methods of research. Phil., J. B. Lippin- 
cott Co., 1894. c. 13+218 p. il. pi. 8% cl., 
|2. [2160 

Fundenberg, Elizabeth H. First lessons in 
reading: based on the phonic- word method. 
N. Y., American Book Co., [1894.] c. 80 p. 
D. bds., 25c.; Teachers' ed., 144 p. D. cl.^ 
50 c. [2161 

Gardner, Mrs. S. l^f. IT. The fortunes of 

Margaret Weld. Bost., Arena Pub. Col, 

^ Digitizedb 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

\No, 1 1 73] July 21, '94 

1894. c. 3+283 p. D. (Arena lib. ser., no. 
87.) pap., 50 c. [3162 

Margaret Weld is an artist, who at twenty eight loses 
the fortune left by her father and attempts to earn her 
living, never hesitating to express her doubts of re- 
ligion, to demand the same moral law for men and 
women; recogaizing the soul in some fellow- beings she 
meets, but denying the existence of soul in herself. 
She is finally redeemed through love. A whole-souled 
Roman Catholic priest and a lovely Quakeress and her 
son teach Margaret many lessons. 

*Oould, Joseph. The game of draughts: 
problems, critical positions, and eames 
containing sections, by Dr. Brown, Messrs. 
Drink water, F: Allen, and others; with 
special contributions from McCall, Parker, 
Willie Gardner, and others. [-4Zso] Se- 
lections from the best authors and com- 
posers, and notes on the positions; with an 
appendix cont. corrections and improve- 
ments of play; comp. by J. Richards Pen- 
zance. 2d ed. N. Y., F: Warne & Co., 
1894. 856 p. 18% cl., net, |l. [2163 

*Grand, Sarah, \p9eud,'\ The heavenly 
twins. New cheaper ed. N. Y., Cassell 
Pub. Co., 1894. 18+679 p. D. 12% pap., 50 c. 

*Greene, Rob. Green pastures: being choice 
extracts from [his] works, made by Alex- 
ander B. Grosart. Chic, A. C. McClurg 
& Co., [1894.] 16+173 p. fac-simile, 24% 
(Elizabethan lib.) cl., $1.25. [2165 

*Gunn, J. The sons of the vikings: an Orkney 
tale. N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 1894. 237 p. 
12% cl., $1. [2166 

Hal^vy, L: The Abb6 Constantin; il. bv 
Madeleine Lemaire. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, 
McNally& Co., 1894. 8-226 p. D. (Rialto 
ser., no. 17.) pap., 50 c [2167 

Helm, Flora. Between two forces: a record 
of a theory and a passion. Bost., Arena 
Pub. Co., 1894. c. 2+238 p. D. (Arena 
lib ser., no. ,38.) pap., 50 c. [2168 

Cecelia Honerick becomes an inmate of the Ren- 
cliffe household and a doily associate of Youood, the 
son of the house Sh(»*tly after this Cecelia Is forced 
to be a mediator between Rencliffe and her cousm 
Leitz, when Rencliffe seeks to cmivince her of her in- 
herent forces, and to use these in testing bis psycho- 
losrical theories. Loitz brings about the unexpected 
ending of a story that deals with the supernatural, 
and touches on the labor question. 

Hiltzheimer, Jacob. Extracts from the diary 
of Jacob Hiltzheimer of Philadelphia, 1765- 
1798; ed. by his great-grandson, Jacob Cox 
Parsons. Phil., Press of W: F. Fell & Co., 
1893 [1894.] 4-269 p. O. cl., $1.50; $2. 

Jacob Hiltzheimer was born at Mannheim on the 
Rhine, and in 1748, when nineteen years of age, came to 
Philadelphia. He soon became apprenticed to John 
Nagle. a silversmith on Front Streel. During the war 
for Independence he stuck by the Colonies. He held 
very important city positions for many years. He 
died of yellow fever in 1798. His daily record of thirty 
years aiiords evidence of the high esteem in which he 
was held by his fellow-citizens. 

Hobson, J: A. The evolution of modern 
capitalism: a study of machine production. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner Sons, 1894. 
154-388 p. D. (Contemporary science ser.) 
cl., $1.25. [2170 

Selecting the operation of modern machinery and 
motors for special attention, the author has sought to 
enforce a clearer recognition of organic unity, by 
dwelling upon the more material aspects of industrial 
change which mark off the last century and a half 
from all former industrial epoclis. In the final chap- 
ters be Indicates the chief bearings of the changes of 
ipdustrial structure upon a few of the deeper issues of 
social life, in particular upon the problem of the Indus- 

trial Town, and the posltiop of fwoman as an indus- 
trial competitor. The keynote of his claim la tb&t 
*• there is always room at the top." 

Holmef, Mrs, Mary J. Millbank; or, Rosrer 

Irving*s ward: a novel. N. Y., Q: AV. IMl- 

lingham, 1888 [1894.] c. 71. 4-402 p. D. 

(Madison sq. ser., no. 75.) pap., 25 c. [2171 

*Homer, [Ok, Homeros.] Iliad and Odyssey;. 

tr. by Alexander Pope; with notes and in- 

trod, by Rev. Theodore Alois Buckley; il. 

with Fiaxman's designs. N. Y., F: Warne 

& Co., 1894. 5+851 p. 12% (Albion poets.) 

cJ., 11.50. {Corr.price.) [2172 

♦Hornby, J: The eas engineer's laboratory 

handbook. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 

1894. 16+804 p. il. 12% cl., $2.50. [2178 

♦Houston, Edwin James. Electricity one 

hundred years ago and to-day with copious 

extracts. N. Y., W. J. Johnston Co., 18JM. 

c. 199 p. il. 12% cl., $1. [2174 

Hubbard, Elbert. Forbes of Harvard . Bost., 

Arena Pub. Co., 1894. c. 8+327 p. D. 

(Arena lib. ser., no. 81.) pap., 50 c [2175 

Arthur Ripley Forbes belonged to the claaa of '53. 

It is claimed that the accompaQyiog volume is an 

orderly arrangemeDt of letters selected from a mass of 

correspondence that fell into the hands of Mr. Forbes* 

executor after his sad death. These letters brio^ the 

reader In touch with many of Ck>l. Forbes' conteinp<ra- 

ries. Among the writers of the letters are EdmuDd 

Hosmer, Marie Meredith, Honor Harold, who Uve4l in 

the home of Bronson Alcott, and many other noted 

Bostonians. Ralph Waldo Emerson is mentioned 

throughout a correspondence, which is in brief a reflex 

of the literary, religious, and social life of Boston in 

the early fifties 

Hutchison, Joseph C, M,D. Our wonderful 
bodies and how to take care of them: 3 
books. Bk. 1, for primary grades. Bk. 2, for 
intermediate and grammar grades. N. Y., 
Maynard, Merrill & Co., [1894.] c. 127; 
232 p. sq. S. (Hutchison's physiological ser., 
nos. 1 and 2.) cl., Bk 1, 80 c; B*k 2, 50 c. 

These two books are to teach young people the first 
rudiments of physiology and hygiene; they present in 
an attractive and simple manner the fundamental 
principles by which health is maintained; give an out- 
line sketch of anatomy and phvsiolcviry; the effects of 
stimulants and narcotics are carefully considered. 

^Illinois. Appellate cfs. Reports of cases, 
submitted at Oct., 1892, and Mar. and Oct., 

1893, terms of the first district, and at May 
and Dec, 1893, and May 1898, terms of the 
second district. V. 50, rep. by Martin L. 
Newell. Chic, Callaghan &Ck>., 1894. c. 
713 p. O. shp , $3.75. [2177 

Industries of Russia; [prepared] by the [Rus- 
sian] Department of Trade and Mantifact- 
ures Ministry of Finance, and the Depart- 
ment of Agriculture Ministry of Crown 
Domain for the World's Columbian Expo- 
sition at Chicago; editor of English tr., J: 
Martin Crawford. In 6 v. vT 1 and 2, 
Manufactures and trade. V. 8, Agriculture 
and forestry. V. 4, Mining and metallurgy. 
V. 5, Siberia and the great Siberian rail- 
way. St. Petersburg, 1898. N. Y., G: P. 
Putnam's Sons, [1894.1 54+280; 4 -+-281-^76; 
32+487; 9+97; 12-fmp. O. pap.,per scf, 
$6. [3178 

Johnston, W: Preston. My garden-walk. 
New Orleans, La., F. F Hansell & Bro., 

1894. c 183 p. D. cl., $1.26. [2179 
Poems and sonnet43. 

*Eear, J. A. The game of draughts; the 
most important matches from Anderson- 
Wyllie (1847) to the present time : remark- 

July »i, '94 \No. ii7j1 The Publishers' Weekly. 


able games and not°s. M.7so] Miscellane- 
ous ^mes, by Joseph Gould, to which is 
added an American section of matches, 
games, etc., by C: Hefter. N. Y., F: 
Warne & Co., 1894. 286 p. 18% cL, net, $1. 


*Kezia, (pseud,) Leaving the manse: a tale 
of the di<»ruption. N Y., T: Nelson & 
Sons, 1894. 128 p. 18', cl., 50 c. [2181 

♦I*acy, W: F. The better way: a tale. N. 
Y., T: Nelson & Sons, [1894] 312 p. 12% 
cl., $1. [2182 

Lang, Andrew. Cock lane and common 
sense. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1894. 16+857+24 p. D. cl., $2.25. [2183 

laamed, Jo.-ephus Nelson. History for recuiy 
reference from the best historians, biogra- 
phers, and specialists; their own words in 
a complete system of history; extending 
to all countries and subjects and represent- 
ing the better and newer literature of his 
lory in the English lan^age, with histori- 
cal maps by Alan C. Reiley. In 5 v. V. 2, 
Eldorado to Greaves. Springfield, Mass., C. 
A. Nichols Co., 1894. 769-1564 p. maps, 4% 
cl., $5; buckram, $6; shp., $6; hf. mor., 
$7.50. r2l84 

The first volume was entered in P. W., "Weekly 

Record," April 14. [1059.] The arrangement of matter 

in the work ia primarily alphabetical and secondarily 

chronological . The wh yle is thorousrhly indexed and 

same alphabetical (H^er. The editor is now president 
of the American Library Association, and it Is to 
questions coming to him as a librarian that this stu- 

sndous coropllr " ' " ' ' " 

i origin. It is 

pendous compilation from thousands of volumes owes 
its origin. It is primarily a work for librarians. The 
book is a marvel of editorial labor. 

laeavitt, S: Our moaey wars: the example 
and warning of American finance. Bost., 
Arena Pub. Co., 1894. c. 11+819 p. D. 
(Arena lib. ser., no. 35.) pap., 50 c. [2185 
In sixteen chapters gives the story of American 
finance, covering the years from 1600 to 1893. The au- 
thor quotes the opinions of experts In finance on the 
various conditions that from time to time, first at 
longer and recently at shorter intervals, have brought 
about panics and uncertain markets. Under para- 
graph headings the vast array of facts are grouped 
in most condensed manner, making a valuable work 
of reference^classified chronologically. 

Lieonard, Arthur Glyn. The camel, its uses 
and management. N. Y., Longmans, 
Green & Co., 1894. 7-+-335 p. O. cl., $7. 

*MacArthur, Arthur. Biography of the 
English language. Wash., D. fc., W. H. 
Lowdermilk & Co., 1894. 417 p. 1?°, cl., 
$1.50. [2187 

McOrpcken, W. D. Romance Switzerland. 
Bost., Joseph Knight Co., 1894. c. 10 -h 
270p. sq. S. cl., 75 c. r21«8 

Contents: Geneva; The taming of Mount Blanc; 
Rousseau, Voltaire, and Madame de Sta)!! ; Brief biog- 
raphies: Calvin, De Saussure, Mallet-Dupan, SismoDOi, 
Topffer, Amiel« ajid Monnier; The tour of Lake Leman; 
Two vineyard towns of Vaud: Lausanne and Vevey; 
Oft the tourist track ; Neufchfttel; Swiss- American 
scientists: Pribourg and Romont; The land and castle 
of Gruzdre; In and out the Valals; Storming the 
Hatterhom; Locarno and Lugano; Chnr imd the En- 

McOraoken, W. D. Teutonic Switzerland. 

Bost., Joseph Knight Co., 1894. c. 6-+- 

816 p. sq. S. cl., 75 c. [2189 

Contents : Basel—Into the interior; Bern— The town 

of Thnn: Interlaken and its lakes; Railroads in the 

Oberlana; Summer pastures; Luzem; The cradle of 

the confederation; Three battlefields: Morgarten, 

Seinpaoh, and NKfels; Tracking the Tell legend; Alt- 

dorf; The landsgemeinden of Switzerland; Three an- 

cient abbeys: Englebersr, EInsiedeln. and St. Gallen; A 
lowland lake valley: ZUrich; The ancestral home of 
Habsburg; Some miniature capitals. 
♦Maclean, T: T. The royal English dictionary. 
New ed, N. Y., T: Nelson & S<mis, 1894. 
714 p. 12% cl., $1. [2190 

♦Main, D: M., ed, A treasury of English son- 
nets; ed. from the original sources, with 
notes. Providenoe, R. h^ H. Gkeeory, 
1894. il. por. 8% cl., $2.50. [2191 

Martin, W. W. The Epworth catechism of 
Christian doctrine as taught in Methodism. 
N. Y., Hunt & EatoD, 1894. c. '93. 113 p, 
D. pap., net, 20 c. [2192 

Gives the doctrines held by Methodists In m68t mi- 
nute detail in the form ofquestlous and answers to be 
used specially by the Epworth Leagues connected with 
the Methodist denomination. 
♦Maryland. Court of appeals. Reports of 
cases, J. Shaaf Stockett, st. rep. V. 77, 
cont. cases in Jan. and Apr. terms. 1898.. 
Bait., pr. by W: K. Boyle & Son, 1894. c. 
46+682 p. O. shp., $5. [219a 

Meneval, Claude - Francois (Baron) de. 
Memoirs illustrating the history of Napo- 
• leon I. , from 1802-1815 ; ed . by his grandson,. 
Baron Napoleon Joseph de Meneval; with 
pors. and autograph letters. In 3 v. V. 2, 
N. Y., D. Appleton, 1894. 8-+-484 p. O. cl., 
per vol,, $2. [2194 

See notice, " Weekly Record," P. W., July 7, [1171.] 
Bililler, Emily Huntington. Home talks 
about the word, for m others and children. 
N. Y., Hunt & Eaton, 1894. c. 5-286p. il. 
D. cl., $1. [2195 

Made up of papers first published in The Christian 
Union. They are based upon the International Sun- 
day-School leMons, but were intended for the house- 
hold rather than tbe class-room. 

^Minnesota. Supreme ct. Reports, v. 53; 

Apr.-June, 1893; C: C. Willson, rep. St. 

Paul, West Pub. Co., 1894. c. 16+600 p. 

O. shp., $2.75. [2196 

*Minton, Maurice M. Country lanes and city 

Savements : a novel. N. Y., American 
Tews Co., 1894. 416 p. 12% (Minton ser.) 
pap., 50 c. [2197 

Mitchell, Frank E., coni-p. and ed. How to 
succeed in life: valuable pointers for every 
one whose aim is to get out of life the best 
possible results. N. Y., Success Pub. Co., 
449 Grand St., [1894.] c. 8+181 p. D. 
pap., 35 c. [2198 

The author gives due importance to the factors of 
health, heredity, and environment. He then advises 
to study inclinations and talents, to be honest, upright, 
and self -cont rolled, to abstaiu from all liquors; to be 
cautious in speech, to avoid worry, shun evil compan- 
ions: "to marry a true woman, be a good husband, 
and have a home of your own." Quotes aptly from 
a wide range of authors. 

^Nebraska. Supreme ct. Citations of re- 
)orts, [v. 1-36.1 Dublin, Tex., National 
Citation Co., 1894. c. no. p. D. shp., $5. 


*N«w York. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, 
Marcus T. Hun, rep. V. 83, 1894; Hun, 76. 
N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros., [1894.J c. 
27+696 p. O. shp., $8. [2200 

♦Newton, W. W., D,D, A run through Rus- 
sia: a visit to Count Tolstoi. Hartford, Ct., 
The Student Pub. Co., 1894. 215 p. 12% cl., 
$1. [2201 

♦Northeastern reporter v. 36; cont. all the 
current decisions of the supreme courts of 
Mass., O., 111., Ind., appellate ct. of Ind., 



The Publishers' Weekly. 

[No, 1173] /uly2t^*g4 

and the court of appeals of N. Y. Perma- 
nent ed., F^b. 16-Mfcy 11, 1^94; with table 
, of northeastern cases In which rehearings 
have been denied; with tables of northeas- 
tern cases published in v. 147, 111. reports; 
6, Ind. appellate ct. reports; 159, Mass. ret* 
ports; 140 and 141, N. Y. reports. A table 
of statutes construed is given in the index. 
St. ^aul,. West- Pub* Ck>.. 1894. c. 16+ 
1171 p. O. (National reporter system, state 
ser.)shp., $3.50. [2202 

O'Neill, Moira. An Easter vacation. N. Y., 
, E. P. Dutton & Ck>., 1894. 2+274 p. D. 
ql., 11.25. [2203 

Luscomb in Deronshire is the scene. Michael Mac- 
marish and Faire Treyor, pupil and, master, going to 
the little wateriog: -place to help Mao recuperate from 

the effects of a dangerous illness, are invited to the 
house of Mrs. Forsvth, a relative of Michaers. 
sodes of this eventful visit make up the story. 

*Palmer, Julius A., /r. About mushrooms: a 
guide to the study of esculent and poison- 
ous fungi. Bost., Lee & Snepard, 1894* 
16+100 p. 13 pi. 8% cl., 12. [2204 

*Rand, Addison C. Uses of compressed air. 
N. Y., The New York Printing Co., [The 
Republic Press,] 14 Lafayette PL, 1894. 
134 p. il. 12% cl., $1. [2205 

Bousiers, Paul de. La science sociale: the 
French school of social science. Phila., 
American Acad, of Political and Social 
bcience, [1894.] 154 p. O. (Publications of 
the society, no. 112.) pap., 25 c. [2206 

Seven years ago a division took place in the school 
of social science founded by Le Fla}'. Th»* grounds of 
the division and the underlyiog causes whicn brought 
it about are concisely stated with the object of in- 
forming: the American public that the work undertak- 
en by Le Play is still continuing, although there has 
been some change in methods. 

*Sapte,W:, /r. Uncle's ^host: a chronicle of 
a three days' visit. N. Y., F; Warne & Co., 
1894. 8+246 p. 16% (Tavistock lib.) cl., 75 c 

Sawyer, B. F. David and Abigail. Bost., 
Arena Pub. Co., 1894. c. 3+360 p. D. 
(Arena lib. ser., no. 33.) pap., 50 c. [2208 
Scene is laid in the south during the exciting political 
campaign which ended in the election of James Buchan- 
an to the presidency. David is the son of Judge Wins- 
ton, a proud aristocrat who has fallen hopelessly in 
debt to Israel Hardie, a working farmer, who has be- 
come very rich. To straighten matters the latter 
offers his daughter Abigail to David in marriage. 
Upon their first meeting the ceremony takes pl&ce. 
The story tells the consequences. 

SchmoUer, Gustav. Idea of justice in politi- 
cal economy. Phil., American Acad, of 
Pohtical and Social Science, [1894.] 41 p. 
O. (PubUcations of the society, no. 118.J 
pap., 36 c. [2209 

The author explains that the idea of Justice has no 
Testing, determined existence on earth. As no penal 
law, no Judge is absolutely Just, so no establlsbea dis- 
tribution of property and incomes is altogether Just, 
hut every consecutive epoch of mankind has won a 
higher measure of Justice in this field. Great men are 
^hose who devote their services to the great moral 
ideas of humanity, and who on the field of economics 
succeed in advancing Juster institutions. Justice in 
political economy must always remain relative, but 
can always be worked for by the po^lve individual 
virtue^ of character and high ideals. ^ 

Selby, Rev, T: G., Macmillan, Hugh, D.J9., 
Hughes, Rev. Hugh, and others. Present- 
day preaching: sermons. N. Y., Wilbur B. 
Ketcham, [1894.] c. 4-96 p. O. cl., 75 c. 

Fourteen sermons origtnallv published in The 

Preachtr*9 Maacucine, The writers are Thomas G. 

Selby. Hugh Macmillan, Hugh Price Hughes, James 

Stalker. John Hall, Mark Guy Pearae, Robert F. Hor- 
ton, William M. Sinclair, Joseph Parker, Joseph Berry, 
H. C. G. Moule, F. W. Farrar, aod A. M. Fairbaim. 

Selected hymns and tunes from the '^Metho- 
dist hymnal," the " Epworth hymnal,** nos. 
1 and 2, and ** Imperial son^.** N. Y., 
Hunt & Eaton, 1894. 64 p. sq. D. pap., 10 c 

Sharpe, Reginatd R. London and the king- 
dom: a history dei*lved' tiiainly from the 
archives at CKiildh^ in the custody of the 
corporation of the city of London; printed 
by order of the corporation under the direc- 
tion of the library committee. In'8 v. V. 1. 
N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 1894. 15 -h 
566 p. 1 fac-siiuile, il. O. cl., $3.50. [2212 
*Smith, Margaret Vowel I. The governors 
of Virginia: a brief review of the discovery 
of the continent of North America; ivith a 
history of the executives of the colonv aod 
of the commonwealth of Virginia. Wash., 
D. C, W. H. Lowdermilk & Co., 1894. 
457 p. il. 8% cl., $2.50. [2213 

*Smith, Roderick H. The silver question 
settled by enactment into law of a pro- 
posed bill to establish a gold currency and 
a silver currency on a basis of interchange- 
able value. N. Y., The Baker & Taylor 
Co., [1894.] 8*, pap., 50 c. [2214 

Smithdeal, G. H. English grammar, spelling, 
and letter writing, for use in business col- 
leges, academies, public and private schools. 
Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & Co., 
[1894.] c. 214 p. D. cl., $1. [2215 

*Snydenstricker, H. M. The epic of the 
Orient. Hartford, Ct., The Student Pub- 
lishing Co., 1894. 115 p. 12% cl., 75c. [2216 
Southworth, Mrs, E. D. E. N. Cruel as the 
grave: a novel. N. Y., G: W. Dillingham, 
1893 [1894.] c. '88. 3-372 p. D. (IHlling- 
ham's home ser., no. 19.) pap., 25c. [2217 
Taube, Gustav Genrychowitch {Baron), 
Countess Janina: an historical novel from 
Russian life. N. Y., G: W. Dillingham, 
1894. c. 10+609 p. D. pap., 50 c. [2218 
Founded on the series of riots and plotted upnsinirs 
of the Poles against the Russians that occurred about 
1K61-t). The Countess Janina is the Polish wife of a 
Russian nobleman, who becomes tra^cally involred 
in the patriotic conspiracies of her kinsfolk. The 
scene is Polish or Russian throughout, as are the 
characters, and the story is an iavolved succession of 
plota and counterplots. 

Thompson, Annie. A moral dilemma : a 
novel. N. Y., Longmans, Green & Co., 
1894. 2H-812 p. D. (Longmans' pap. lib., 
no. 5.) pap. 5o c. [2219 

See notice, •* Weekly Record,'* P. W., January fl, 

1898, [1096.] 

Thompson, R. W. The footprints of the 

Jesuits. Cin., O., Cranston oc Curts, 1894. 

c. 509 p. por. O. cl., $1.75. [2^20 

The author, who Is ex-secretary of the navy, does 

XK>t criticise or explain the peculiar tenets of the fol« 

lowers of Lovola, out writes wholly as a patriot In the 

defence of the institutions of his own country and as a 

statesman In defence of civil liberty 

which he claims is imperilled by the yery existence of 
the Society of Jesus in any land. The Jesuits teach 
that the state must be reunited with the dhulrch as a 
reli^ous doctrme necessary to salvation* alhd thlsThe 
thinks, preached to ignorant people entrusted with a 
vote is against the best good of any nation. 

Titterington, Sophie Bronson. A sunmier 
brother. Phil., American Baptist Pub. 
Soc., [1894.] c. 192 p. il. S. d., 90 c 

The scene is NeWj^oglagcJ. ^^my Riggs, the hero 

July 21,'^^ [No. 1173J 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


of th« Btocy. is the son of a drimkArd, who tries to re- 
deem his fMner from the vice of Intemperance in ac- 
oordance with a promise given his dying mother. 
Altliough the story conveys a strong lesson for the in- 
temperate its real porpoee is to Interest readers tnthe 
Fresh Air Fund For this the history of Tonuny Riggs* 
visit to the Thomdale, and the incidents surrounding 
his adoption by Tlieodore Thorn as ** a summer brotl»> 
«r'' are told. 

Trevert, E: How to build dynamo-electric 
. .machinery, em,braciiig (theory .dqaigning 
and the con^^ructipa ^ dynamos an4 mo- 
tors; with appendices on field -magnet and 
armature wmding, management of dyna- 
nK>6 and motors, and useful tables of wire 
guages. Lynn, Mass., Bubier Pub. Ck>., 
1894. c. »-389 p. il. O. cl., |2.50. [2222 
United States. War Department, Surgeon- 
General's office. Inaex catalogue of the 
library of the Surgeon-OeneraPs office; au- 
thors and subjects. V. 15, Universidad- 
Vzoroff. Wash., D. C, Government 
Printing Office, 1894. 12+848 p. Q. cl., $5. 


Vanghn. Mrs, Kate. Yet she loved him. 

[^^j Jephtha's daughter, by Julia Ma- 

gruder; il. by Warren B. Davis. N. Y., 

Rob. Bonner's Sons. [1894.] c. '90, '94. 4- 

389 p. D. (Led^^er lib., no. 112.) cl., *1.25; 

pap., 50 c. [2224 

Captain St. John, a scheming Englishman, after 

malcing a mMUiance^ strives to rid himself of his low- 

bn^ wife, that he may marry a woman of ranlc and 

fortune. The means he uses to attain this end brings 

in a series of surprisine and tragic incidents with a 

surprising climax. Included in the Tolume is a story 

iounded on a well-known episode in Hebrew history. 

♦Walrond, Dorothy. Mopsie: the story of a 
London waif. N. Y., T: Nelson & Sons, 
1894. 191 p. 12% cl., 60 c. 2225 

Walton, Alice. The cult of Asklepios. Bost., 
Ginn & Ck)., 1894. 8+186 p. O. (Cornell 
studies in classical philology, no. 3.) bds., 
$1.25. [2226 

No one has yet attempted a general descriptive 
treatment of the cult as a whole. The author aims to 
^ve in narrative form the results obtained by a care- 
ulcompcurison of material from the dUTerent locali 
ties, and also to show by means of indexes what ma* 
terial is used. The arrangement is topical and as far 
as possible chronological. Index of allusions to As- 
klepios and hU cult in Greek and Latin inscriptions and 
one of localities in which the cult is known to liave ex- 
isted. BibUography (8 p.). 

Ward, Lester F. Political ethics of Herbert 
Spencer. Phil*, American Acad, of Politi- 
cal and Social Science, [1894.] 91-127 p. 
O. (E^iblications of the society, no. 111.) 
pap., 86 c. [2227 

A review of Herbert Spencer^s "Principles of 


*Webb, S: Blachley. Correspondence and 
journals; coll. and ed. by Worthington C. 
Ford. In 8 v. V. 1 and 2. N. Y., Charles 
H. Burnett, 51 East 44th St., 1894. 80-f 
422 ; 28+441 p. il. O. hf. mor., per set, 
$25. [£d. limited to 850 copies.] [2228- 


*Weed, Clarence M. Fungi and fungicides: a 

Sractical manual concerning the fungous 
iseases of cultivated plants and the means 
of preventing their ravages. N. Y., Orange 
Judd Co., 1^ 322 p. il. 12", cl., $1; pap., 
5a a [2229 

♦Willey, W. P. Procedure in the common 
law actions, in equity, and in the extraord- 
inary remedies, exemplified* by the plead- 
ings; forms for all actions at law and 
equity, and for clerk's entries. Procedure 
in habeas corpus, mandamus, certiorari, and 
injunctions. Chic, T. H. Flood & Co., 
1894. c. 18^152 p. O. hf. shp., net, «2. 


Willis, Oliver R. A practical flora: for 
schools and colleges. N. Y., American 
Book Co., [1894.] c. 16-1-849 p. D. cl., 
$1.50. 2231 

Desired specially to show the practical aspects of 
the vegetable world and its relation to the needs of 
every-day life. Includes a careful selection of the 
most important food producing^ trees, shrubs, herbs, 
including: ornamental plants, fruits, roots, meUicinal 
plants and those which furnish oils, dyes, lumber, 
textile fabrics, etc , an account of their geographical 
range, the origin of their name, their nisUM'y, and 
many statistics of economical and commercial inter- 
est. Glossary index. The author is instructor in N. Y. 
Military Academy. 

* Willis the pilot; or, the after adventures 

of the Swifts family Robinson. New ed, 
N. Y., F: Warne & Co., 1894. il. 12% cL, 
reduced to 160, [2232 

Winter, J: Strange, [pseud, for Jfr«.H. E. V. 
Stannard.J Every inch a soldier. Phil., 
The J. B. Lippincott Co., 1894. c. 282 p. 
D (Lippincott's ser. of select novels, no 
160.) cl., $1.; pap., 50 c. [2288 

The plot turns upon the trial and conviction of an 
innocent man for murder. The hero is a young offi- 
cer in the ;£nglish army. An innocent young girl, who 
has become infatuated with him, compromises herself 
by going to his rooms in barracks to ask his advice in 
a desperate strait; he reproaches her for her reckless- 
ness, and she leaves him in anger, and disappears com- 
pletely from the scene. There are scenes from stage 
life and London literary life. 

Women's (The) conquest of New York, by A 
member of the committee of safety of 
1908. N.Y., Harper, 1968 [1894.] c. 2-+- 
84 p. S. (Harper*s Franklin sq. lib.) pap., 
25 c. [2284 

The sub-title describes this as** an account of t^e 
rise and profrress of the Woman's Rights Movement; 
of the grant of female suffrage; of the formation of 
the Area League; of the capture by the women voters 
of the government of the city of New York by the 
election as mayoress of Bridget O'Dowd; and of the 
season of femtue despotism which thereafter ensued, 
and which was ended by an appeal to primitive natu- 
ral law." A humorous 6rocfturc, showing *' that power 
without strength " is and ever must be an impossibility. 

* Woodward, J: A treatise on ecclesiastical 

heraldry. N. Y., The Christian Literature 
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Digitized b 


7 he Pubtishiri Weekly. 

[No. 1173] /«/y«i, '94 

D. Appltton & Co.. N. Y. 

Appleton'i annujil cyclopaedia, 1803, new 
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— handbook of summer resorts, new ed, 
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July 21, '94 \No. 1 1 73] The Publishers' Weekly. 


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Selected frpm the current [London^ *^ Publishers^ Cit- 

Barber, H. British family names : their origin and 
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Da vies, J. S. Dolomite strongholds : the last unt rodden 
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Bell &* S 

Dixon, C. The nests and eggs of British Birds : when 
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Ija^n^ange, M. C. The great pyramid by modern 
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evidence and the report of the Royal Commission on 
Labor. Post 8«, 240 p , 2s. 6d Sonnenschetn 


Tkf Publishers* Weekly. \N0. 1173] July 21:, '94 


JULY 21, 1894. 

The eflitor does n^t^ hold himeell reepontihle for the. 
Tiews ex pressed in Contributed articles or communicatiodi^ 

All instter«^whether for the reading-matter colttmns or 
adTertisinrpages, should reach this office not later than 
Wednesday noon, to insure insertion in the same week's 

B00ks/0r ike ** Wttkfy Bie^rd,"^ «/ well mt mil in/or^ 
Nation intended /tr thai de/mrtmtnt^ mutt rem€h this 
•ffict lt% Tuesday mtpruiug 0/ each meek. 

"/ hold every man a debtor to kis profession, 
from the wAicA, as men do of course seeh to re* 
ceive eounttnanee and profit^ so ougAt tAey of dtUy 
to endeavor tAemselves by way of amends to be a 
help and an ornament tAereunto" — LORD BACON. 

The Circulating Library.— V. 

Those adopting the charging system, which 
we shall describe further on, will affix a dating- 
slip (about 3)^ z 6 inches) at the end of the vol 
ume, on which may be printed the following: 

This book may be kept 


Please notice the dates below. A fine of two cbnts 
per day will be imposed for every book kept after the 
latter date.* 

Taken Je. 20 Due Jl. 6 
Ta en 0. 21 Due N. 4 
Re ewed N. 5 Due N 19 

* On the blank portion of the dating-sKp should be 
stamped or written the date on which the book i« taken 
and the date that it is due, also the renewals. 

The boolcs chosen, covered, numbered, and 
shelved may now be catalogued. Whether the 
catalogue be elaborate and well printed or in- 
differently made and poorly printed the neces- 
sity for having a catalogue will be apparent 

without much argument. The propiHetor of a 
successful circulating libraiy in a large emscero 
city once replied to the question whether his 
experience proved that it was a paying iovest* 
ment to circulate elaborate catalogues: *' It la 
as essential to have printed first-class cata* 
logues for a library as it is to have shelves for 
the books. Every three yeai^s I expend about 
three hundred dollar^ on catalogues, and I 
would not do so If it did not pay me. I get a 
first-class advertisement into the homes of the 
best readinj^ people in my neighborhood, and 
the advantage of it all Is, that my advertisement 
is always there. lo this caulogue I have fonr 
pages of advertisements booming my stationery 
and retail book business." 

His catalogue, of some 4000 volumes, is a neat 
twelvendb of about ninety pages, printed fron» 
moderately large type on eighty-pound paper. 
An edition of 5000 copies costs him, he claims, 
about $300, once every three years. Every 
fall and spring he distributes about 1000 copies 
among the residents in the locality of his busi- 
ness. Four of his catalogues he has bound in 
good flexible binding for reference in the library. 
From time to time — perhaps once a year, cer- 
tainly at a no longer interval--the accessions 
should be issued as a supplement to the cata- 
logue. The catalogue should be carefully made 
and condensed so as to bring each title and num- 
ber within one line. Though this may seem a 
difficult matter to the beginner a st«idy of cata- 
logues and a little experience will prove the 
practicability of such a course. 

As to the terms of loaning books. It seems to 
be that two cents per day or ten cents per week 
is the average rate. Some, at one time or an* 
other anxious to offer extra inducements to 
prospective subscribers, adopt a season-ticket 
method, but are certain in time to discard it, be- 
cause such a system leads to abuses, and will 
be found less remunerative than the daily or 
weekly rate. There seems, however, to be 
quite a diversity of opinion in regard to lend- 
ing books with or without a deposit. The ma- 
jority of those who have tried both methods 
we find, as a rule, adhere to the latter^ but 
reserve the right to enforce the deposit rule 
where parties live at a distance or appear 
not to be responsible. We suppose that with 
the best of care some losses will occur, but with 
ordinary precaution the percentage need not be 
greater than in other lines of business. The 
librarian should strictly adhere to the rale to 
look over the slips of books loaned every week, 
to make a list of all the delinquent borrowers 
and to send postals asking immediate return of 
all books kept out longer than the time specified. 
After waiting another week a messenger should 
be sent in search for the books not returned. 

July 2\^ '94 \No, 117^1 

The PubUskers* Weekly. 


System ai^^ care in this particular will save 
trouble and loss. The librarian should have a 
toler^l)|jK good acquaintance with his borrowers, 
and so be able to decide which of them need 
watching and which do not. If he is a judge of 
human nature, he will, as a rule, probably have 
li'tle difficulty, and very rarely lose a^ book. 
Experience will teach that "where books are 
loaned without a deposit* it is not policy to p\y 
high prices for them, except in rare cases. Of 
course, new books must be paid for at regular 
wholesale rates, but very often there can be 
found in the second-hand book-stores of large 
cities serviceable books at one-third or one- 
fourth the cost of new ones. 

{To be continued,) 

Ths Trade List Annual is in active prep- 
aration, and we call special attention once more 
to the necessity for at once shipping (he cata- 
logues to be included, and sending orders for the 
volume as soon as possible. The Annual prom- 
ises to be more representative than ever before, 
and all that we can add to make it wholly useful 
throughout the year will be found in its pages. 
Booksellers throughout the country urge the 
importance of getting their copies at the very 
beginning of Fall trade. We respectfully sub- 
mit their request to the publishers, on whose 
promptness all our wotk depends. 


Decision in the suit of Harper & Brothers vs. 
Edgar S. Werner: Judge Lincoln, in the United 
States Circuit Court, issued a perpetual injunc- 
tion restraining Edgar S. Werner from publish- 
ing extracts from or infringing on the copyright 
held by General Lew Wallace on *' Ben-Hur: a 
ule of the Christ." 

Mr. Werner, in answering the complaint, made 
some very novel statements regarding bis ideas 
of the original authorship of •* Ben-Hur." He 
stated that he ne^er heard of Harper & Brothers, 
who published " Ben-Hur," and that he thought 
some one other than General Wallace originated 
the character of *' Ben-Hur," Judge Lacorobe's 
decision lawfully establishes that General Wal- 
lace did create " Ben-Hur.** 


It has been the practice of some publishers of 
trade and other publications of the second-class 
to send by mail, at pound rates, copies of their 
publications addressed to delegates to the con- 
ventions of various trades and professions that 
are frequently held at points convenient for that 

The Post-Office Department has decided that 
such copies not being sent out in fulfilment of 
subscriptions and not coming within the defini- 
tion of sample copies, as given by the postal 
laws and regulations, are subject to the four- 
ounce rate of postage, which must be prepaid by 
stamps affixed. 


Asotrr forty of the preferred stockholders of 
the Trow Directory Printing and Bookbinding 
Co^ of New York City, met at the Astor House 
on the 10th in^t., to protest against the alleged 
mismanagement of the company's affairs. The 
meeting was called by Howard J. Forker, R. 
V, Gibson and Philip. Hathaway. Mr., Hatha- 
way advocated an investigation into affairs, and 
declared that the company's expenses had in- 
creased from $50,000 to $70,000 a year, while 
the annual profits bad decreased from $90,000 |o 
almost nothing. It was also said that the. 
officers of the company all drew excessive 
salaries and returned practically no service for 
them. The officers were not represented at the 
meeting, but Mr. Hopkins, the treasurer, sent a 
letter which was read and ridiculed. In it he 
said the officers of the company courted the 
fullest investigation by the stockholders. 
Messrs. Forker, Gibson, and Hathaway were 
appointed a committee of investigation, and 
they were given proxies by all the stockholders- 

The annual meeting of the Trow Directory 
Printing and Bookbinding Company was held in 
Jersey City, on July 17, because the company is 
incorporated under the laws of New Jersey. S» 
V. White was selected to preside and W. H. 
Bates was chosen secretary. Fifty-eight men 
and two women attended the meeting, represent- 
ing all the 1 5,000 shares of stock. 

Robert W. Smith, president of the company, 
submitted a report showing that the concern is 
rapidly getting out of the dlfikulties in which It 
was involved by the failure of the United States 
Book Company, which was a debtor of the Trow 
Company to the extent of $200,000. He admitted 
that it had been necessarv to pass six quarterly 
dividends, but the debt of the concern has been 
reduced $coooo and the floating liabilities do 
not exceed $7500. 

Franklin W. Hopkins, treasurer, subnnitted a 
similiar report, but could not give financial 
statistics, as the fiscal year does not close until 
July 31. These will be submitted at a meeting 
to be held on August 28. Mr. Hopkins called 
attention to the malicious attacks which had been 
made upon the company and its managrme nt, 
and asked that a committee be appointed to in- 
vestigate the company's affairs. After some 
discussion he offered a resolution that Howard 
J. Forker, Philip Hathaway, Robert W. Gibson, 
Sidell Tilghmann, and S. V. White be appointed 
a committee to investigate the company's affairs 
in accordance with the suggestion made in his 
report. An amendment that the committee be 
empowered to employ experts if necessary was 

A resolution was adopted instructing the 
board of directors to investigate from whence 
the injurious statement recently published had 
emanated, and if it came from a person actuated 
by malice the directors were instructed to prose- 
cute the offender. The resolution is aimed at 
ex- treasurer Lange, who, it is intimated, has 
fomented all the trouble. 

The treasurer of the Trow Compar.y pr'or to 
1892 was Edward Lange. and he was also treas- 
urer of the Book Company. The directors passed 
a resolution giving the United States Bcok Com- 
pany credit up to tico oco. and Lange, without 
authority, extended it to $165^000. The Trow 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



The Publishers' Weekly, \No. 1173I J^^y 2»» '94 

Coxnpaay's directors then fixed the limit at 
$165,000, and ordered that no more credit should 
be given, but Lange permitted the Book Company 
to pile up its indebtedness until it reached $200,- 
000. It was then that the crash came. The 
directors of the Trow Company removed Lange. 
Then the Book Company failed to meet its notes 
and went into the hands of a receiver. This 
embarrassed the Trow Company and was the 
cause of all the trouble. It is alleged that 
Lange has fomented the present opposition to 
the company, and that he is backed by W. C. 
Taylor, Philip Hathaway, and a few other 

Mr. Hathaway asked some leading questions 
which were answered satisfactorily. The salary 
list has been reduced and also the running ex- 
penses as far as possible. Before the discussion 
closed nearly everybody was satisfied. 

Mr. Niemann, who was in the opposition, pre- 
sented this premable and resolution: 

Wksrbas, Certain statements injurious to this com. 
pany purporting to emanate from certain stockholders 
have fately been given wide publiciiy, and appear to be 
false and unfounded ; 

Rtsolvedy That the board of directors investigate all 
such statements, with a view to ascertaininjf their 
origin, and particularly whether they emanated from any 
competitor of this company, or from any person formerly 
connected with its management, and that if such state- 
ments or any of them be deemed malicious it shall be the 
duty of the board of directors to take all proper steps to 
hold the guilty parties to a strict legal accountability. 

Chairman White and others objected to the 
resolution, suggesting that it might have the 
effect ot disturbing the existing harmony, but it 
was adopted. The present directors were re- 
elected, receiving 13,651 votes. They are Rob- 
ert W. Smith. William H. Bates, Franklin W. 
Hopkins, G, P. Morosini, M. R. Lawrence, S. 
D. Page, and E. M. Barnes. 

There was an opposition ticket, but it received 
only 1.196 votes. 

It bad been fully expected that there would be 
much disagreeable feeling manifested sit this 
meeting, but the officers were so courteous and 
so willing to impart desired information, that all 
ended most satisfactorily. 

The original Trow concern was founded in 
1786. and it is one of the oldest established 
business enterprises in America, and one that 
has always been more or less directly connected 
with the publishing trade of New York. Its 
monopoly of printing the city directory for the 
metropolis, which its experience and plant have 
assured against all competitors, is very valu- 
able. Three years ago the company that pre- 
ceded the present organization was, in Wall 
Street parlance, " promoted" into a stock 

The prospectus was issued July 14, i8qi. 
The promoters were Horace K. Thurber, 
Edward Lange. and Robert W. Smith. There 
were 2500 shares of common stock and 7^00 
shares cumulative preferred stock on which was 
guaranteed 8 per cent, interest each issue, rep- 
resenting $750,000, so that the whole stock was 
$1,500,000. The prospectus was worded in the 
most effective style of the accomplished adver- 
tisement writer, but through a layer of conser- 
vatism shone a faint glow that proved very 
attractive to the persons open at that time to 
inducements to invest. The present officers are : 
President, R. W. Smith: vice-president, S. D. 
Page; treasurer, F. W. Hopkins, and secretary, 
W. H. Bates. 


The third annual meeting of the Northwestern 
Booksellers' and Newsdealers' Association met 
at the West Hotel in Minneapolis, Minn., July 
10, at 2 P.M. 

President McNIfi opened the meeting. 

The reading of minutes of last annual meeting 
was dispensed with.^s tliey had been printed 
and were in the hands of the members, and on 
motion, they were properly approved. Mr. 
Rayroer, in reviewing the past work of the As- 
sociation, spoke of the difliculties of getting up 
the ''Handbook;" also the great trouble he 
had had with the work of the Association In the 
continual demand of the trade to know bow 
they are to be individually benefited by the As- 
sociation. The next order of business was the 
reception of application for membership; twenty- 
three members were voted in. Several com- 
munications from booksellers, newsdealers, and 
publishers were read, acted upon, and properly 
disposed of. The treasurers and secretary's 
reports show amount received for admission fies 
and dues, $78.90; from other sources, $123; 
expenditure, $150.85; showing a balance in the 
treasury, $50.05. Several interesting discussions 
took place, and the following resolutions were 
presented : 

Whereas, Many of the leading publishing 
houses of the country ate adopting the practice 
of not only selling direct to retail customers, 
but also giving a discount which the bookseller 
cannot afford to meet, thus cutting into the local 
trade to such an extent as to seriously interfere 
with the business of, and in some cases to drive 
out, the local dealer; 

Therefore^ be it Resolved, That the secretary 
be instructed to ascertain, as far as possible, 
the names of the violators of this trade courtesy 
and take such steps in the matter as the board of 
directors may advise. 

Whereas, Neatly all of the publishers of the 
United States are now publishing copyright books 
at the same price as they were fifteen years ago. 
when in this day and time, it is a well known 
fact, that the cost of production has been ma- 
terially reduced, and that the public cannot be 
convinced that a copyright makes a book worth 
fifty per cent. more, and cannot see why books 
should not be reduced the same as all other ar- 
ticles of merchandise, and that in this matter the 
retail dealer must suffer, inasmuch as he must 
give such discounts on copyiight bcoks as to 
make it next to impossible to make even a small 
profit on such stocks; 

Therefore, be it Resolved, That it is the sense 
of this Association that the prices on copyright 
books are extortionate, and the secretary is 
hereby instructed to send a copy of this resolu- 
tion to the publishers, request an answer and 
opinions, to act upon by the board of directors. 

The committee on resolutions offered the fol- 
lowing : 

Whrrras. Many newspapers, story-papers. and 
magazines are using the *' coupon scheme" for 
increasing their circulation, using in many in^ 
stances books (or that purpose, which is in di- 
rect competition with the booksellers and news- 
dealers, and entirely out of reason, on the part 
of the periodical publishers: 

Therefore, be it Resolved, That the Northwest- 
ern Booksellers' and Newsdealers' Association. 

Digitized by 


July 2\,*<^\lNo, 1 1 73] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


in annual meeting assembled, do hereby express 
themselves as disproving all such schemes, and 
ask the publishers to discontinue the same and 
ask the members of the Association, and book 
and news trade in general, to assist in regulating 
such matters, and advertisers in all branches of 
business to ^tand by the book and news trade in' 
this matter. 

Whereas, Many of the publishers of periodi- 
cals are offering such *' club dates'' as to bring 
the prices as loW a^ wholesale prices, to con- 
stimers of their magazines, and in some cases 
«ven less, and io many ways abusing the busi- 
ness already worked up for tbem by the news 
trade, by canvassing his territory with club and 
premium offers (or yearly subscriptions, thus 
cutting into the trade that the newsdealers have 
worked up for periodicals. 

Therefore, be it Resolved , That this Association 
do hereby express their disfavor of all such 
schemes and ask the publishers to discontinue 
the same and the books and news trade to watch 
such schemes and report them to the secretary 
of the Association, who is instructed to lay the 
matter before the grievance committee for action. 

The secretary presented a sample page from 
the account and receipt book of the Thoms* News 
Depot, of Mankato. Minn., which, after having 
been passed around among members, was highly 
recommended as being a handy and neat scheme 
ior keeping periodical accounts. 

The next business was the election of officers, 
"which read In the following : Alex. McNie, of 
Winona, president ; F. W. Iddings. of Grand 
Forks, N. Dak., vice-president ; Chas. D. Ray- 
>mer. of Minneapolis, Minn., secretary ; Geo. W. 
Sayre, of Minneapolis, Minn., treasurer. 

Board of Directors : Ed. Ackerman, of New 
Tork; C. E. Musser, Mankato; A. Isaacson. St. 
Paul, Minn.; N. McCarthy, E. P. Parcher, C. D. 
V^bitall, and S. M. Williams. Minneapolis. 

Chas. D. Raymer. Minneapolis ; D. D. Mer- 
rill, St. Paul; and E. E. Farns worth. Winfield. 
Kan. , were elected to act as a grievance com- 

The following were appointed as delegates to 
attend the meeting of the National Association 
of Newsdealers, Booksellers, and Stationers of 
the United States, which meets in New York 
August 15: Chas. D. Ravmer, C. D. Whitall. S. 
M. Williams, Minneapolis; Alex. McNie, Wino- 
na; F. W. Iddings, Grand Forks. 

AUer which the Association adjourned to meet 
at call of board of directors. 


The National Wall Paper Company, which 
Is in almost entire possession of the wall-paper 
business, was organized two years ago as a 
New York corporation. It is capitalized at 
^38,000.000. The Campbell Company occupied 
a mammoth establishment at 540 West Forty- 
second Street until last summer, when it was 
burned out, and it now has a factory at the foot 
of West Twenty-fourth Street. For two years 
it has absolutely refused to join the National 
Paper Company, and some brilliant offer must 
have been made to make it change its position. 
The details of the transaction are not given. 
The retirement of the Campbell Company will 
influence the wall-paper business throughout the 

George Rex Graham, the ioyxn^txoi Grahams 
Ma^asine^ died on the 13th inst., in the Orang« 
Memorial Hospital, Orange, N. J., of which he . 
bad been an inmate for five years. Mr. Graham 
was born in Philadelphia. January 18, 1813. and 
when a boy learned the trade ol a cabinet-maker. 
Devoting his spare hours to study he qualified 
himself for the bar, and subsequently became the 
editor of the Saturday Evening Post, of Phila- 
delphia. In 1841 he united The Gentlemen's 
Maganne and Atkinson*s Casket and formed 
Graham's Magazine, whic h for many years there- 
after was known as the best magazine of its kind 
published in (he United States. Under his man- 
agement the magazine attained a very large cir- 
culation. Its contributors included William 
Cullen Bryant, James Fenimore Cooper, Edgar 
Allan Poe, Bayard Taylor, Henry W. Longfel- 
low, James Rnssell Lowell, John G. Saxe, E. P. 
Whipple, William Devoe. Mrs. Ann S. Stephens, 
N. P. Willis, Thomas Dunn English, and others. 
Charles J. Peterson was associated with Mr. 
Graham for a while, but withdrew to start 
Peterson's Magazine. So much prosperity at- 
tended Graham's Magazine that its proprietor 
was induced to extend his sphere as a publisher. 
He accordingly purchased, in 1846-7, The Phila- 
delphia North American and The United States 
Gazette^ two rather languishing publications, and 
merged the two in one strong publication. Mr. 
Graham became so prosperous that he was 
known as a capitalist worth a quarter of a million 
dollars at least. It was just here that Mr. Graham's 
prosperity culminated. He disposed of his in- 
terest in The North American and entered into 
stock speculations, and it was not very Icng be- 
fore the literary man was inveigled into a bogus 
^tock operation in which he lost nearly every- 
thing. Soon afterward he came to New York 
and continued his financial misfortunes in Wall 
Street. Then he went to Newark, N. J., where 
he became editor of The Newark Journal, which 
he continued to conduct until failing eyesight 
and health compelled him to desist from all work. 
At one time he became quite blind from catar- 
acts on both eyes. These were removed by 
skilful operation in the New York Ophthalmic 
Hospital, but he had not ol late years been able 
to do much work with his pen, and had remained 
dependent somewhat upon the kind offices of his 
former partner, Charles J. Peterson, who was 
liberally assisted by the late George W. Childs. 
Longfellow's ** The Spanish Student " appeared 
for the first time in the pages of Graham's Maga- 
zine ; **Nuremburg" appeared in June, 1844. 
Other important contributions to it were 
"Childhood." "Belfry of Burges." "The Ar- 
senal at Springfield," and •' Dante's Divina Com- 
media," which was published in June, 1850. Poe 
contributed ** The Murders of the Rue Morgue," 
"Orion," "Dreamland." "To Helen," " Isra- 
fel," "A Few Words About Brainard." " Life in 
Death," and " The Canker Worm." Nathaniel 
Hawthorne's "Twice-Told Tales " and "The 
Earth's Holocaust " appeared in May, 1844. 

Sir Austen Henry La yard, the famous ex- 
plorer and archaeologist, died in London on the 
5th inst.. aged 77 years. Among his writings 
are " Nineveh and Its Remains," " Monuments 
of Nineveh," and an edition of Kugler's ** His- 
tory of Italian Painting." ^"^^^^1^ 
Digitized by V:»OOQlC 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

[Ne. ii73]/»6'2i»'94 


Public Opinion l^as just sent odt an attractive 
plate containing the portraits of over fifty of its 
j&rincipal contributors — nearly all of them being 
men now 'prominent in American letters. 

Octave Uzannb has prepared for the August 
Scribmr a paper entitled *' The End of Books : 
a bibliaphUe's look into the future." It will 
be accompftoied by illustrations by A. Robida. 

McCluris Magazine for August has among its 
attractions ** My First Book," by A. Conan 
Dioyle, and a criticism of Professor Drummond's 
** A^c^nt of Man." by Washington Gladden. 
The ^ human documents " of this issue are a 
series of portraits of Louise Chandler Moul- 
ton and James A. Garfield. 

The issue of The Independent for August 3, 
will be the Educational Number. The Inde- 
pendent has for some time followed the plan of 
taking up for the first issue of every month an 
Important timely subject, and treating It exhaus- 
tively by means of articles from writers acknowl- 
edged as authorities on the subject in band. 

Codecs Magazine for July contains an article 
on* "The Authors* Club." by Gilson Willetts— 
showing portraits of Richard Watson Gilder, 
William Dean Howells, H. H. Boyesen, Arthur 
Sherburne Hardy, Alexander Black, Duffield Os- 
borne, Daniel Greenleaf Thompson, Rossi ter 
Johnson, Julius Chambers, W. J. Henderson. Al- 
lan J. Conant, Hamilton W. Mabie, Parke God- 
win, and Theodore L. De Vinne. 

The Nineteenth CV#»/«r>' (Leonard Scott Pub- 
lishing Co.) for July has an article by Frederic 
Hatrison on " The Centenary of Edward Gib- 
bon," describing •• The Decline and Fall of the 
Roman Empire " as the most perfect book that 
English prose (outside its fiction) possesses, 
meaning by •* book" a work perfect in design, 
symmetrical, complete, final, and executed from 
beginning to end with the same mastery in one 
uniform plan. 

Our old, and otherwise reliable friend, the 
Beacon ^ of Boston, nods when it says the Chap 
Booh is a children's periodical, not the adver- 
tising medium of some new kind of salve, as 
might be supposed." The Chap Book^ though 
young, is not by any means a children's periodi- 
cal as those will find who will take the trouble to 
send to Stone & Kimball, of Cambridge, Mass., 
for a sample copy. They will find it a bright and 
clever little journal, a sort of literary free lance, 
for persons of the highest culture. 


The Booh- Lover* 5 Leaflet is the title of a new 
four-page circular issued by Harry Gregory, 167 
Westminster St., Providence, R. I., describing 
in attractive paragraphs the old and new books 
for sale by him. 

The Quarterly Bulletin of the Boston Public 
Library, dated July, 1894, contains a timely bib- 
liography of works on Hygiene — personal and 
public ; also, a continuation of the third and en- 
larged edition of ** A Chronological Index to 
Historical Fiction," and a fac-simile of the Free- 
man's oath, with an explanation and transcrip- 
tion. (New ser., v. 5, no. 2, 52-192 p. -h pi. 
subs. $1 per year.) 


Chatto & WiNDUS will publish a translation 
by Ernest Vizetelly, of Zola's '* Lourdes," which, 
is just ready in France. 

, The Aldine Clijb opened Its new club-house- 
at 75 Fifth Avenue. New York, on the evening of 
the I2(h inst., by tendering an informal recep- 
tion anc) house warming to its members and 
friend's. ' , . " 

T. Y. CitoWRLL & do. have in press a com- 
plete edition of the poetical works of Sir Walter 
Scott, in two volumes, illustrated, with an intro- 
duction by Professor Charles Eliot Norton, o£ 
Harvard. ^^ 

The American Book Co. has issued a serie» 
of six books of ** The American System of Ver> 
tical writing." a style of penmanship which Is 
rapidly becoming popular. The series retails- 
for $1 per dozen. 

The Stbrung Pitoushing Co., New York: 
City, has just arranged with Mr. Henry George 
for the exclusive publication of his works in the 
United States. This company reports that ir 
has sold over ten thousand copies of '* Progress 
and Poverty " within ten days after publication. 

Frederick Warne & Co. announce that, as 
the delay in printing the " Royal Natural His- 
tory " was greater than anticipated, they have 
determined to postpone the publication of No. i 
until September ist, to be followed at regular 
monthly intervals by the other numbers, as an- 

The most striking article in vol. xxxix. of 
Sidney Lee's *' Dictionary of National Biogra- 
phy " (Macmillan) is that on the late Henry 
Morley, whose death occurred on May 14. Na 
such prompt inclusion of a recently deceased 
author has, we think, been shown before In the 
progress of this great work. 

Another yellow-and-black-backer, also issued 
by Elkin Mathews and John Lane, is Allan 
Monkhouse's '* Books and Plays." It consists of 
seven critical essays on such subjects as George 
Meredith's Plays and Poems. George Borrow, 
Ibsen's Social Plays, and the Politics of Drama- 
tic Art. The edition is limited to 400 copies. 

Mr. Aksel G. S. Josephson, former antiquar- 
ian bookseller in Uppsala, Sweden, now of the 
Lenox Library. New York City, is working up a 
list of Swedish books for American libraries.. 
The list will contain books of standard authors, 
books on Swedish history — political, social, and 
literary — and religious works, and will not ex- 
ceed 500 titles. 

The Congregational Sunday-School and Pub- 
lishing Society, Boston, have in press a '* Com- 
prehensive Concordance to the Holy Scriptures," 
by the Rev. J. B. R. Walker, with an introduc- 
tion by M. C. Hazard. The concordance will be 
in one alphabet for all words including proper 
names and appellatives, and will be based on the 
authorized version. 

A BUST of Keats was unveiled in Hampstead 
Church on July 16, by F. H. Day. secretary of the 
American Memorial Committee. Edmund Gosse 
replied to Mr. Day's explanation of the move- 
ment to place the bust in the church. He read 
a letter from Swinburne and a sonnet by Theo- 
dore Watts: and Lord Houghton, Sidney Colvin^ 
and F. T. Palgrave spoke. f^^^^T^ 
Digitized by VrrOOv vC 

July 21, *^j^ [No. 1173] 

The Publishers' Weehiy. 


Macmillan & Co. will publish shortly a small 
volume on *' The Uoemployed/' by Geoffrey 
Drag^, the secretary to the Labor Commission 
of England. After a general introduction, Mr. 
Drage deals with what has hitherto been done to 
solve the problem of the unemployed of Englatt'd, 
with the nature and causes of the present dis. 
tress, and with what may be done in the future. 

T. Fisher UnwinwIII shortly publish S. R. 
Crockett's new story, " Mad Sir Ughtred of the 
Hills." About one-third' of it ha^ already ap- 
peared in the St, fames* Gautti* Mr. Unwin 
has also made arrangements to publish Mr. 
Croclcett's novel " The Lilac Sun Bonnet " on 
September 15, and the biography of the late 
Charles Bradlaugh, upon which Mrs. Bradlaugh 
Bonner and Mr. J. M. Robertson are engaged. 

H. LE SouDiER, Paris, has just Issued a third 
edition of L6on CI6dat's *' Grammaire Raison^e 
de la Langue Frangalse," in which the learned 
and witty author convincingly sets forth the 
reasons for some of the most unaccountable rules 
for speaking and writing the French language 
correctly. He does not desire his pupils to learn 
by rote but to investigate and understand the 
history of language and see for themselves the 
logic of present methods. 

The •• Handbook of the Northwestern Book- 
sellers' and Newsdealers' Association" has been 
issued as the June number of The Literary Light 
of Minneapolis. The Handbook contains a his- 
tory of the association together with reports of 
its annual meetings, and those of the Virginia, 
Alabama, and National Associations. Portraits 
are given of F. Leypoldt, Alex. McNie, Charles 
D. Raymer. L. Swift, Jr., J. S. McClain, C. B. 
Swift, and E. C. Rahme. some of which are ac- 
companied by biographical sketches. A number 
of '* Hints for Booksellers" and trade advertise- 
ments make the handbook present an ambitious 
pamphlet of twenty-five lamo pages. 

D. C. Heath & Co. will publish shortly 
'* Lessons in the New Geography," by Professor 
Spencer Trotter, of Swarthmore College, Penn- 
sylvania. By the " New Geography," the au- 
thor means that the point of view of this subject 
is essentially human. His idea is that as the 
earth is the theatre of human action, the study 
of geography is the study of human life under 
the varied conditions of existence imposed by 
the different regions of the earth. The book 
aims to fulfil two phases of the study, the human 
and the imaginative. Its purpose is to present 
an 'outline sketch, suggestive and stimulating, 
and it is intended as a reader to supplement the 
regular work of the teacher and the class. 

The H olden Patent Book Cover Co. call 
the attention of the trade to their several devices 
for the protection and preservation of books, 
/.^., their "patent book-covpr," ** self-binder," 
and " transparent paper." The book-cover, 
which has been adopted by the leading States 
coming under the free text-book law, is made of 
a species of felt paper, In imitation of leather, 
possessing much durability and strength; it is 
easily adjustable and comes in three sizes for 
ordinary books, with special fitted sizes for 
school geographies. The binders are small 
squares of binders' linen covered with binders' 
glue, forming a simple and effective method of 
repairing loosened leaves; while the adhesive 
transparent paper is used to repair torn leaves 
without destroying their legibility. 

Ward. Lock & Bowden have recently brought 
suit in this city against the Funk& Wagnalls Co., 
Adam W. Wagnalls and Robert* J. Cuddhy, to- 
rescind a sale made by the plaintiffs to Cuddly 
of 4338 sett of '* Commenuries," on the ground 
of fraudulent representations on the part of 
Cuddhy and the Funk & Wagnalls Co., and ta 
recover $20,000 damages for the alleged frauds. 
, The plaintiffs allege that at the time of the sale 
Cuddhy claimed to be acting for hinotelf, while 
he was in fact an agent for the Funk & Wagnalls 
Co., and that his representations of security for 
the purchase were fraudulent. The defendants 
deny the allegations in toto^ and say that Cud-' 
dhy acted for himself and then sold the books 
to Funk & Wagnalls Co. Several questions as 
to the validity of Western stock and banking 
deposit certificates are involved, and on Tuly 5 
the plaintiffs applied for an open commission to 
take the testimony of bank officials in South 
Dakota. Judge Andrews reserved decision on 
the point. 

A. & C. Black, Edinburgh, propose to pub- 
lish a new *' Dictionary of the Bible " before the 
end of 1896. The work was originally planned 
by the late Prof. Robertson Smith, who hoped 
nearly to the last that he might be able to take 
a leading part in ltd preparation. Last Febru- 
ary, finding that Prof. Cbeyne agreed with him 
as to the nature of the book that was wanted, he 
transferred his share in the editorial manage- 
ment to him, the co-editor being Prof. Robeit- 
son Smith's old friend and associate in the work 
of the •• Encyclopaedia Britannica," Dr. J. Suth- 
erland Black. The new dictionary will not, 
however, be without contributions from the late 
Prof. Robertson Smith, many of whose articles 
in the ** Encyclopaedia " will probably be incor- 
porated in it, after they have been revised by 
personal friends. Besides a number of English 
scholars, some other well-known foreign special- 
ists will be represented, including Profs. N5U 
deke, Tiele, Sude, Wellhausen, Kautsch, Budde, 
S pitta, and JUllcher. with Profs. Francis Brown, 
G. F. Moore, and Toy, to represent the United 

C. J. Clay & Sons, London, will issue early 
in October the first volume of a complete trans- 
lation of " The Jataka," rendered into English 
from the original Pali, under the. superintend- 
ence of Prof. E. B. Cowell, of Cambridge, by 
various scholars and ftudends of Hindu folk- 
lore. The Pali "Jataka," or "Buddha birth- 
stories," are supposed to be the oldest collection 
of folk-tales in existence; not only are they of 
interest and importance to students of folk-lore, 
but they form a panorama of Hindu life before 
the Christian era. and are thus of great value as 
illustrating the manners and customs of ancient 
India. The first volume has been translated by 
Robert Chalmers, of Oxford, and will contain 
the forty stories given in Prof. Rhys Davids' 
discontinued translation, as well as the transla- 
tion of the remainder of Prof. FausboU's edition 
of the Pali text. The second volume will be 
translated by W. H. D. Rouse, of Oxford, and 
the tMrd by R. A. Neil, Oxford lecturer In Sans- 
krit, and H. T. Francis, under-Hbrarian of Cam- 
bridge University library; the translators of the 
other volumes are not yet announced. The en- 
tire work will appear in seven or e'ght royal oc- 
tavo volumes. The Clays have just published 
•• Ancient Ships," by Cecil Torr. M.A., an ex- 
haustive treatise on the varied lypes and char- 
acters of ancient vessels. uized by VjOG 


The Publishers' Weekly, 

\^No. ii1l\July 21/94 


IflT* In answ4rimrt ^i*mu statt tdiiUn^ C0nditi§ntMmd 
^ie4% imclndint ftUig* #r txfr$s9 chargii, 

Abraham A Straus. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Lacine. Pub. by G. W. Carleton & Co. 
Hell on Rartb : a book on Mormonism. 
Indian Wisdom, by Mooier Williams. Pub. by AUeo, 

Modern India and the Indians, Trubner's Oriental ser. 

Trubner & Co. 

sAm«rlcan Baptist Pub. 80c.. 121 Wabash Av«., 

Ohicago, III. [GuA.] 
Barnes on the Psalms. 

American Prsss Co., Baltimore, Md. 
Lewis Sewall's Poems, printed in Mobile. 
Lipf>incotC$ MagantM*^ Sept., 187^. 
Books and articles about Poe, Keau, Lamb, Dickens, 

Thackeray, and Lincoln. 
Literary Wcrld^ 1853. 

Antiquarian Book Store. Omaha, Neb. 
a copies Vining: Mysteries of Hamlet. 
I copy each ot the following Genealofpes : Judd Family, 

Jacobs, Pike, Dexter, iHsk, Fitch, Steele, Hibbard, 

Morse, Rhodes, Barnard. 
4 copy each of the foUowinfjf Histories : 

Andrews* History of New Britain. Ct. 

Barry's History of Framingham. Mass. 

Coulkin's History of Norwich, Ct. 

Hall's History ol Norwalk, Ct. 

^Wjman's History of CharlestoQ, Mass. 

Hmes* History of Lebanon, Ct. 

Stiles* History of Windsor, Ct. 

Armor's Old Book*Store, Harrlsburg, Pa. 
.Harder** Wttkty^ nos. 90, 170, x8a, axa, aaa, a9a, 339, 370, 

?75« 39(« 4M- 
History of Revolutionary War, by Bernard Hubley, 

F. H. Baor, 224 Bank St., Cleveland, O. yCatk.^ 
Norman Gale s Primulas and Pansies. Boston, 1886. 

*" Unleavened Bread. Boston, 1885. 

Rdward Rowland Sill's Hermitai^e. New York, 1868. 
Cha**. Henry LUdeis, Hallo, my Fancy. Philadelphia, 

The Bancroft Oo., San Francisco. Gal. 

Rose Lambert, by G. W. Reynolds. 

W. L. Beekman. 66 E. 6th St., St. Paul, Minn, 
^ny work on Hermeneutics, or Bible Interpretation. 
Lord's Loss of Figurative Language. 
Angus* Bible Hand-Book. 
Barrows* Commentary to Bible. 

The Book-Shop, 160 Public 8q., Cleveland, O. 

Stevens, Impressions bur la Peinture, 

Coe. Me ! July and August. 

•Carman, Low Tide on Grand Pr6, Webster ed. 

Among the Squirrels. 

The Chap Book,June «. 

Boston Book Co., I 6H Beacon St., Boeton, 

V. or odd nos. of the following : 
Am*r. Chemical Journal. 
Journal 0/ A nalyt. and Applied Chemistry, 
Electrical World. 

*' Kmgineer. 

American Philosophical &oc* Proceedings^ 
A nnals 0/ Hygiene, 
vf mer ica n Motes and Q ueries. 
Architectural Record^ v. i. 
Amer. Journal 0/ Archeology, 
-Catholic World, 

The Bowen-Merrlll Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Thrope*8 Dictionary of Applied Chemistry, second- hand 

copy, good condition. 
Bucher*s Spiritual Manifestations. Lee & Shepard. 

Bowers & Loy, I I I Naesau St., N. Y. 
Tribune's List of American Millionaires. ' 

0*Hallorao*s Ireland. 
Skene's Celtic Scotland. 
Dental Cosmos^ 1885-1893 inclusive, bound or unbound. 

Brentano's, 1016 Pa. Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Lossing's Signers of the Declaration of Independence. 
Educational Review^ Jan., '94. 

a copies Pearson's National Life and Character— new pre- 
ferred. 3 

Brentano'9, 81 Union Sq., N. Y. 
Progress and Poverty, George. 
Baeoekcr's Guide to London. 
The Tin Trumpet. 
The Coin Book. Lippincott. 
English Guilds, Smith. 
In God's Country, Higbee. 
Lady Jackson's Old Paris. 
Couture's Conversations on Art. 
Farmingdale, by Dorr. 
Aryan Sun Myths. 

The Burrows Bros Co,. Cleveland, O. 

Memoirs of John l^uincy Adams, la rt 

Butte Auction and Commission Company, 22 W. 

Park St., Butte, Mont. {Cask.'] 
Out of the Depths, a Story of a Woman*s Life, Aoon j- 
mous. Peterson, 1877. 

Butte Free Public Library, Butte City, Mont. 

Stowe, Origin and Hist, of the Books of the Bible. 
Finley, Old-Fashioned Boy. 
Bggleston, Man of Honor. 
Trial of (l^uecn Caroline. 

J. W. Cadby, 682 B'way, Albany, N. Y. 

Paul Morphy*s Exploits and Triumphs in Europe. 
Harper's Weekly. 187a, '82, '83, '88. 
Knickerbocker Afag.^ 1863-5, any v. or nos. 
New Haven Historical Soaety Papers, v. 3. 
Lamon's Life of Lincoln. 
Historical Mag. (Dawson's), 1865-6, any nos. 

C. N. Caspar, 437 E. Water St.. Milwaukee, WIe. 

Adams* John, Works, v. i, 9, 10, 8*. Boston, 1850. 

Kennedy, Memoirs of Wm. Wirt. Phila., 1850. 

Goodness of Marv. 

Library Journal^ v. la, nos. i, a, 1887; V. 7, no. 7 ; In- 
dexes to V. 14 and 15. 

Barlow. Three Voices. Boston, 1868. 

Dicey, Du Domicilo. London, 1879. 

Bayle, St. John, Montaigne the Essayist. 

Congress, Globe^ a8th Cong., ad Sess.and App. ) 

** 29th Cong., ist Sess. without App., f 

will pay fair price. 

Wise, J. M., Origin of Christianity. 

Colton, Lacon. 

White Slave : Southern story. 

Key to Wentworih*s Compl. Algebra. 

Con. Kret, Aus Wisconsin, Gedichte. 

Dumas* Works, v. a and 5, Collier ed. 

Daniel Webster*s Works, v. 3, 8vo. Boston, 1853. 

Sand, First and True Love. 

Robert Clarke A Co., Cincinnati, C. 
Flowers and Their Unbidden Guests, trans., rev. and ed. 

bv W.Ogle, M. A. 
Wright's Abelard and Heloise. 
Webb*s Masonic Monitor, la*. Pub. by Carroll & Co. 

Polish Blood, ct. 
McCarthy's Dear Lady Disdain. 
Magic, Black and White, pap. 

W. B. Clarke A Co.. Boston, Mass. 

Read*s Study of Stimulants. 

Paving and Municipal Engineer, v. i and a. 

Qeorge H. Colby A Co., Lancaster, N. H. 
La Cuisine Fran9ais, by Fran9ois Penty. Baldwin & 
Ross, pub., Chicago. 

T. L. Cole, Corcoran Building, Washington, D. C. 

\Cash ] 
Alabama, Laws of, prior to 1865. 

•* * lor 1875-6, 1878-9. 1884-^. 

** Journals and Debates of Constitutional Con- 

E. H. Colegrove & Co., 62 Randolph St., Chic 

cago, III. 
Heaton, Cureof Rupture. 

Cranston A Curts, 67 Wash*n St., Chicago. III. 

a copies Freemantle*s World the Subject of Redemption. 
Constantinople, Gauticr. 

Crothers A Korth, 246 4th Ave., N. Y. 

Notitia Bucharistica, by Scudamore, td ed. 

P. T. Cunningham. 449 Grand St., N. Y. 
Curiosities of the Bible. Pub. by Treat & Co. 

Cunningham A Sullivan, Dayton, O. 

Hone*s History of Ohio, second hand. 

Damrell A Upham, 283 Washington St., Boeton, 

Theodore Parker's Four Historic Americans. Pub. by 
Fuller in Boston. 

Digitized by 


July 2i/<)^ [No. 1 1 73] 

The Publishers* Weekly, 


BOOKS WANTED. -^C^mtinuid. 

E. Darrow & Oo., Roch«st«r» N. Y. 
Scburtz and Julian on Dyettuffs. 
In God*t Country. 

W. O. Davia & Oo., 16 E. 4th St., OInolnnatI, O. 

American C7clo:>afdia, v. 13 and 16, shp. 
Lijrhtof Other Days: Selections from Writings of Mrs. 
Kirldand, pamplilet, 55 p., 1856. 

Dodd, Maad & Oo., 6 E. leth St., N. Y. 

Wonders of Vegetaiidn. tr. from the French of Marion, 
ed. with additions by Prof. Scheie De Vere. 

Wm. Doxay. San Francisco, Oal. 
Goodrich, British Bloqnence. 

Browninff, Ring snd the Book, t. 3, brown cl., gilt top, 
Smith, Elder ed., new. 

Harry K. Duka A Co., OumbaHand, Md. 
The Lake Dwellers, by Keller. 

O. Dunn A Oo., 22 W. Sth St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Genealogy of the Descendanu of several Ancient Puri- 

taoa named Adams, Bullard, Holdbrook, etc., by ReT. 

Abner Morse, A.M., 1857. 
Stoweirs Manual of Histology Detroit, about 1881. 
Kidder*s Mechanical Book, second-hand. 
Wcbater*s International Dictionary, second-hand. 
Amtrumm Machinist^ Oct. 15, 1891. 
Meiaterschaft Ssrstem of German, cheap. 
French, ♦• 

E. P. Dutton & Oo., 31 W. 23d St., N. Y. 
Fern Leaves, by Fanny Fern. 
Yoke of the Thorah, pap. 
Fits Acres Too Much, Roosevelt. 
Life of Tolstoi. 

Fawcett, Pauperism and Its Causes. 
Campbell, Problem of the Poor. 
Cobbe, Studies in Bthical and Social Subjects. 

Thoa. W. Duraton A Son, Symcuaa, N. Y. 
Life of Cromwell, by Herbert. 

Eaton, Lyon A Oo., Qrand Raplda, Mich. 

History of the Jukes. Pub. by G. P. 

Putnam*s Sons. 

Eclaetlc Book«Stora, Loa Angalaa, Oal. [Cask.l 
Ovitland MtMthljf, xst series entire, 1868 to close. 

** ** ad series, v. 1-8, inclusive. 

Hmtckitu* niut. Calif. Mag.,, complete, 1858-61. 
The Cali/0mian^ complete, 1864-7. 
Cmliffrnian Mag.^ ** x88o-a. 
Todhunter*s EucUd. 
McGlashan*s Dinner Party. 
Don nelly *s Ragnarok. 
Peregrinations of Peter Brown. 
Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon. 

W. O. Edwards, 174 Alaxandar St., Rochaatar, 
N. Y. 

Memoirs of Catherine 11., iotrod. by Herxen. D. A. & 

111. Hist, of Hymns and Authors. E. M. Long, 1889. 
Biog. of Robert Moffat and Sister. Armstrong. 
Buphorion, Vernon Lee. 
Barly Hist, of Southampton, L. I., with Genealogies, 

Geo. R. Howell. 
Frankland, Water Analysis. 
Peter Parley*s Recollections of a Lifetime. 

Eataa A Uiurlat, 301 Waah'n St., Boston, Masa. 
The Life of a Bear ; The Life of an Elephant. Formerly 
pub. by B. P. Dutton A Co. 

8. B. FIshar, 7S Worthlngton St.. Sprlngflald, 
Greeley, Am. Conflict, v. s, shp. 

Byron*s Poetical Works, nos. 1, 3, 3, 4* Johnson A Fry. 
Swedeoborg, Dictionary of Correspondences. 

A. E. Foota, 1224 N. 41st St., Phlla., Pa. 
Orpheus C. Kerr Papers. 
Morgan, House-Life of Aborigines. 
Cooant, Footprinu of Races in Miss. Valley. 
Schoolcraft. Indian in His Wigwam. 
AnntUi di ObtteiriciaMV! ^ 1893. 
Memoir 9 Am. Acad.^ v. t, new series. 
Shea, Barly Voyages on Miss. River. 
Ubler, Chetk-Lisu of Hemiptera. 
Smith, J. L., Researches in Min. and Cham. 

Qammal Book Oo., SIS Oongrass Ava., Austin, 

V. 15-st to end, and Supp. v. 4 to end, Stoddard*s Bncy. 

Henry Goldsmith, Winfleld, Kaa. 
Swiss Family Robinson, Blue Jacket series. Lee & Shep- 

Qoodenough A Woglom Oo., 122 Naaaau St.» 
N. Y. 
Autobiography of J. B.*Finley. 
Rifle, Axe, and Saddle-Bag, by Milburn. 
The Itinerant, by Bggleston. 

The T. S. Gray Oo., Milwaukee, Wis. 
a copies Tki Wustrattd QHarterly^ no. i, v. t. 

8. W. Green. I 14 6th Ave., N. Y. 
The Rise of Christendom, by E. Johnson. Pub. by Ke«- 
gan Paul & Co., London, 1890. ' ' 

Hanford A Norton, MIddletown, N. Y. 
History of Prescott Family. 

P. M. Haverty, 14 Barclay St., N. Y., 
Odd nos. or v. of Duhtin Review^ first series. 

Wm. R. Hill, 6 Monroe St.. Ohicago. III. 
Readers Cloister and the Hearth, 4 v., large pap. 
Rousseau*s Works, English, 13 v. 1767. 
Lang*s Letters to Dead Authors, large pap. 
Stevenson's (R. L.) Works, ist English ed. 
Dobson^s Four Frenchwomen, large pap. 
Fra Lippo Lippi. 1803. 
Hamerton*s Man in Art, large pap. 
Dobson*s Vignettes, larae pap. 
The Chouans, Balsac. Nimmo. 
ViscteMy*8 Diamond Necklace, a v. 1884. 
Dickens* Letters, v. 3. thick 8*. Chapman A Hall. 
Arabian Nights, 4 v., large pap. Pickering A Chatto. 
Behn*s (Mrs.) Works, 6 v., large pap. 
Arnold's (Edwin) Works, 1st English ed. 
Lady Jackson's Works, ^' 

Lander's Poems, Dent, a v., large pap. 
Maxwell (Stirling), Cloister Life, large pap. Nimmo. 

•• Miscellanies, 

Lamb, Last Essays of Elia. Moxon, 1833. 
Hairs Sketches of Irish Character, cl. 184a. 
Book-Lovers' Almanac, Japan pap. 1894. 
Thomson's Seasons, plates, folio. 1807. 
Smollett's Sir Launcelot Greaves, Trade ed. London,. 

Peter Ibbetson. Du Maurier, English ed. 
Stewart's Old Taruns. 
Eyre Todd's Byways of the Border. 
Book Buyer from t888 to 1893. 
Perrot and Chipiez, Art in Phoenicia, a v. 

Art in Chaldea. 
Voltaire (French), Brischot ed. 
NoUm and Qmoritt^ complete set. 
Lacroix's (Paul) Works, 5 v., English. 
Wide Awake, E. E. 

Hiawatha, by Longfellow, il., large pap. 
Englishman in Paris, a v. 
Pressy's Egyptian Art. 
Lockyer's Dawn of Astronomy. 
Prior (C. H.). Cambridge Sermon. 
Art in luly. London, John Murray. 
Smith's The Nile, " 
Mill's Logic, 3 v., 8«. 
Balfour's Defence of Philosophic Doubt. 
Journal de Savants^ Nov. and Dec 1876. 
Revue dee Deux Mondee, April 15, 1876. 

Joseph Horner, 624 P^nn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nerdbeimer's Hebrew Grammar, either in a v., or 3 v. in 

I V. 

Our Father's House, by Daniel March. 
State price and condition. 

Ohas. E. Houghton, 64 Park St., Lynn, Masa. 
Harfer, May, 1894. 
Ckautauquan, Jan., 1885. 
Geogra^kieal Magazine, 1891-94— lot. 
Outing, V. 4. 
HmrUr'^t, Dec, 1851. 
Golden Days, first 4 nos. in v. 4. 

Qeorge P. Humphrey, Rochester, N. Y. \Cask.\ 
Payne's ed. of The Arabian Nights, with the supplemen 

ury V. Aladdin. The reprint is wanted— not the Vil* 


S. H. Hutchinson A Oo., New Bedford, Mass. 

Lippard, George, Legends of the Revolution. Pab. in 

Wm. R. Jenkins, 661 eth Ave., N. Y. 
St. Niekolas, v. 8, 1881; v. 9, '83; v. 14, '87— bound or no. 

E. W. Johnaon, 2 E. 42d St., N. Y. 
Margaret, Judd. 

Commentaries on Shakespeare, Snyder. 
Caleb Krinkle. ^^-> t 

U. S. Army Regulations, old and o«FV^:f OOQlC 

4 28 

The Publishers' Weekly. 

[No. 1 1 73] July 21, "94 

BOOKS WANTED.— Continued. 

Johnson & Emtgh, 10 Poit 8t., San Franclsoe. 

Saltat* Philosophy of Diaeochantment. Houghton, Mif- 
flin & Co., 1885. 

Korrlgan't Boolc-Storo, 840 Elm St., DailaSk 

Toxas. [CatA.] 
Underground, by Knox (lost answer to former ad. Copies 

for $1 and lest please write). 
Ust of Millionaires of America, pub. by N. Y. TVUmiu, , 

Wilbur B. Kotcham, 2 Ooopor Union, N. Y. 
The Oualier Soldiers : a True Story of the War of our 

Union, by A. J. Duganne, and a Sermon by ReT. O. B. 

Frothingbam. New Yorlc, 1869. 
The Brinley Catalogue. 

Kooning A Klapponbach, Ohlcago, III. 

Chaucer*s Complete Worlcs, with Glossary. 

Capt. Ed. J. De Haven, The First Grinnell Bzpeditlonof 
Sir John Franlclin, Commanded by Capt. B. J. De Ha- 
ven. New York, 185a. 

Laggat BrotM 8i Ohambors St., N. Y. 

Squier's Peru. 

V. 8, 9, 10 of Bancroft*s History of U. S. 

Stevens, Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turliey, and Hol- 

V. 9 to la inclusive, Histoire des Rep. lulienes du Moyen 
Age, par J. C. L. Simon de Sismondi. Tome premier. 
Pub. chez H. NicoUe, Paris, 1809. 

W. H. Lowdermllk A Oo., Washington, D. O. 

Boole, Differential Equations. 

Appleton*s Annual Bncycloptedia, 187a, *73, shp. 

Matthews, Behemoth : a legend of the mound-builders. 

8 B. Luystor. 79 Nassau St., N. Y. 
Book Prices Current, any v. 

LIttIo, Brown & Oo., 264 Washington St., 
Boston, Mass. 

Pre8Cott*s Charles V., ist ed., 3 v. State condition. 
Orvis* Fishing with a Fly. Manchester, Vt., 1883. This 

tditicn only. 
Pioneer Life, by Philip Tone. Buffalo, 1854. 
Roe*s Brought to Bay. 
Hetty's Boarder. 
Ausiin^s Elbridge Gerry. 

Mahan*s Influence of Sea Power on History, ist ed.,1890. 
*♦ " ** ** French Revolution, * 

v., ist ed., 1893. 

D. W. McQragor, Athens, Qa. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica, reprint, good copy, new or 
second-hand, cheap. 

Josoph Maclean. 241 Dock St., Phlla., Pa. 


America and Russia, Correspondence of Silas B. Bur- 
rows, of Connecticut, 1818-48, bound copy. 

The Black Phalanx. J. T. Wilson. 

Chronicles of the Great Rebellion, A. Winch, Phila. 

Life of David Bell Burney (General). N. Y., 1867. 

Nuttall's North American Sylva only, Dobson*s Phlla. 
ed., 3 v., pub. with Michaux, which I now have. 

Frank E. Marshall. 1740 Edgeley St., Philadel- 
phia., Pa. [Cask.] 
Poetry for Children. Boston, x8ia, or any eds. 
Mrs. Leicester*s School. Georgetown, 181 1 or *ia, or any 

Tales from Shakespeare. Philadelphia, 1813, or any 

American eds. 
Any books by Charles Lamb. 

American editions of Bums, Milton, and Goldsmith. 
Any early American Plays. 
Any early American Jest-Books. 
Shakespeare's Works. Philadelphia, i79s-6. 
Books printed in America before 1800, excepting religious 

tracts, etc 

B. A J. F. Meehan. Bath, England. 
Hennepin, American Works, Bnglish or Foreign. 
Table Rock Album, 1846, '48* 
Mongrelites (The). New York, 1866. 

Robt. Meeks, Farmland. Tnd. 
Odd nos,^and v. of Harper* t and Ctktury. 

Mercantile Library of Philadelphia. 
Sabin*s Dictionary, pts. 89, 90. 
Magdalena, by John. 
Over Yonder, ** 
Edinburik Review^ April, 1855, Bnglish ed. 

H. MIschke, 2-4 Barclay St., Astor House, N. Y. 

Key to Uncle Tom*s Cabin. 

De Lolme, History of the Flagellants. 

N. F. Morrison, S77 Broad St., Nairark, N. J. 

a copies Stryker*s Officers and Men of N. J. in the Rcro- 

lytion. i, 

Among the Squirrels. Mrs. Denison, ills. Rutledgc. 
Hawks and Owls of U. S., Gov't Pub. 
Books relating to New Jersey. 

Thomas B. Mosher, 37 Exchange St., Portland, 

Me. \Ca*k.\ 
Fo1som*s Saoo and Biddeford. 

Sanderson *s Lives of the Signers, v. 7, 8, 9. State ed. 
jS^#A .Misr/, May, x888. > . ^ . c, 

F. W. Naunton, Victoria Road.Qt. Yarmouth, Enff. 

English Spy, col. pi. by Cruikshank. i8a5-6. 
Ireland's Life of Napoleon, 4 v., or odd. 1813-5. 
Syntax's ** " col. pi. 1815-17. 

Scrope*s Salmon-Fishing. 1843, or imperfect. 
Moore, The Alps in 1864. 

O. P. Nettleton, Haywards, Cal. 
A Child of the Menhir : Tale of BritUny. 

N. E. Methodist Book Repository, Boston, Mass. 

Lenormant and Chevallier's History of the East. 

H. B. NIms A Co., Troy, N. Y. 
a copies Country Living and Country Thinking, Gail 

Suarez. Religious State Translation, 3-v. ed. 
The Breviary, trans, by the Marquis of Bute. 
3 ea., pu. I and a, the Chap Book. Stone & Kimball. 

Palmer. Meech A Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Ridpath's History of the World, cl., 4 v. 
Lecture-Room Talks, by H. W. Beecber. Fords, 1875. 

Phlla. Book Olearlng-House, 144 N. 7th St. 
Craig's History of the Ottoman Empire. 
Wilkinson's Moldina and Wallachia. 
Macdonald. Geo., Princess and Goblin, English ed. 
Blanc, Louis, History of the French Revolution. 

Pickering A Ohatto, 86 Haymarket, London, 

Scott's (Sir W.) Waverley, 3 v., old bds. Edinburgh, 1 8T4. 

Scott's (Sir W.) Guy Mannerlng, 3 v., old bds. Edin- 
burgh, 1815. 

Scott^ (Sir W.) Tales of My Landlord, 4 ▼.« old bds. 
Edinburgh, 1816. 

Marrjrat, Captain, any of his novels in the old 3-v. Eng- 
lish eds., in original bindings. 

Herrick*s Hesperides, Poems. 1648. Imperfect copy 
without portrait would do. 

Lever's Rent in a Cloud, green cl. Chapman & Hall. 

Walton's Angler. 1653. Imperfect copy. 

E. W. Porter. 100 E. 4th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

a, Sci" • 

Story's Graffiti d'ltalia, Scribner's ed., 1878. 

Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality, by Sir J. F. Stephens. 
Any of the following books. Post 8*, English eds.. pub. 

between 1845 and '66 : 

Strickland's Queens of England, la v.: Queens of Scot- 
land, 8 v.; Tudor Princesses, 1 v.; Bachelor Kings, t 
v.; Seven Bishops, i v. 

Green's (Mary A.) Lives of the Princesses of England, 6 
v.; Letters of Mary, pueen of Scots, etc., with intro- 
duction by Agnes btrickland, a v. 

Hall's (Mrs. M.) Queens before the Conquest, a v. 

Anjrthing on the history of the Jews in Poland and 
Russia, either in English or French. 

Porter A Ooates, 1326 Chestnut St., Phlla., Pa. 
Historical Coll. Rel. to Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., Pa., 

by Howard M. Jenkins. 
Knight's Knowledge is Power, Bohn Library. 
Capuin Fracasse, Leisure Hour Series. 
Erring. Yet Noble, by I. G. Reed. 
The History and Conquest of the Saracens, by Freeman, 

3d ed., with new preface, cr. 8^. London, 1880. 
Al Makkari*Mohammedan Dynasties in Spain, trans, by 

Pascual de Gayangas. London, Oriental Translation 


O. S. Pratt, 6th Ave. and 12th St., N. Y. 

Squier's Nicaragua. 

" Central America. 
Nix's Mate, cl. or pap. " ' \ 

Still mag. Diseases of the Bye. 
Squier's Central America and Nicaragua. 
Tener's Neuels of Garretstown. 
Andrew Jackson Davis, Down in the Valley. 
De Lolme's History of the Flagellanu. 

Presbyterian Book-Store, 706 Penn Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 
Peloubet's Notes, 1888. 

Digitized by 


July2i/^^[N0. 1173] 

The Pubiishirs* Weekly. 



Of ^. Price, 1004 Walnut St.. Phlla.. Pa. 
Lamb • Btu. a v., ismo. Pbiia.. i8a8. 
Ooodrich't Court of Napoleon, 8*. Derby & Jackson. 
Heynoldt, Mysteries 01 the Court of London, 8 t., 8^. 

*' •* of London, 4 t., 8*. ! 

Public Library, Olavaland, O. 
M«in*s Works. 
Austin*s Jurisprudence. 
<Iampbeirs Lives of the Lord ChanceHors. 

Public Library, Peoria, III. 
Dr. KeUer*s Lake Dwellings of Switzerland, a v., 8". 

Q. P. Putnam's Sons. 27 W. 28d St.. N. Y. 

'Hamilton's Wriiinn, ed. by Lodge, 9 v. 
.Kell3r, J., An Old Love Letter. 
Martineau, H., Miscellanies. 

*' Study of Christianity. 

Newton. W. W.. Bssays of To-Day. 
Nichols, J. R., Fireside Science. 
Reed. W. B., World Bssays. 
Rossell, W., Eccentric Personages. 
Wood, W. C. Five Problems. 
Wilks, Christian Essays. 
Mills. Am Poeu and Poetry of Greece. 
Parker. Theo., Speeches, 3 ▼. 
Parsons. T., Bssays. 
Parton, J., People's Book of Biography. 
Prime, Around the World. 
Saunders, Mosaics. 
Spooner. H., Bssays. 
Taylor, B. , Critical Etssays. 
Traill, P., Studies in Criticism. 
Tuckerman, H. T., Italian Sketch-Book. 
Ware, H., Jr., Works, A V. 
Waterson, Moral and spiritual Culture. 
Rice, A. T., Bssays from N. A, Review. 
Johnny Ludlow's Tales, by Wood. 
The Village on the Cliff, ** 
Matrimony, by Norris. 
Principles of Light and Color, by Babbitt. 
Abbott, J. S. C, Lives of Presidents of U. S. 
KUet, Mrs. E. F., Women of the Revolution. 
Butts, Isaac, Protection and Free Trade. 
Oouge. Short Hist, of Paper Money in U. S. 
Kauffman, Rev. N., Socialism. 
Lord, Three Powers of Government. 
James, Communism in America. 
McMillan. D. C, Elective Franchise in U. S. 
Miller, J. B., Progress and Robbery. 
Perry, J. S., Prison Labor. 
Smith, G., Political Destiny of Canada. 
Elson, L. L., European Reminiscences. 
Fields, B., Culture's Garland, cl. 
Lees, G. R., Jerusalem Illustrated. 
Simcox, E., Primitive Civilization. 
Clinton. H. R.. From Crecy 10 Assye. 
Wmchell, Evolution and Its Consequences. 
Rensselaer, Book of American Figure Painters. 
N. Y. TrUun* Index, 1878-9. 

Adams, J. Q., Correspondence Between Adams and Sev- 
eral Citizens of Mass. 
Benjamin, Arc in America. 

Brackenridge, H. M., Hist, of Wntern Insurrection,! 794. 
Bradford, Alden, Biog. Notices of Distinguished Men. 
** Hist, of Mass., i764-t8ao, 3 v. 

A. D. F. Randolph A Oo., 182 6th Avo.. N. Y. 

Burkhardt's Travels in Syria. 

Sidney 8. Rider, 81 Snow St., Provldeneo R. I. 

Murdock's The Suge. 

Napier's Logarithm Tables. 

Goethe's Faust, trans, by Hayward. 

Forrester's Field Sports, early copy. 

Landor's Physiology. 

Last of the Mohicans, brown cl. H., M. & Co. 

Barry's History of Hanover. 

Marrvat's Pottery, Bohn ed. 

Gould Brown's Grammar of Grammars. 

Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz, 4 v. 

Chronicle of Cid. 

Stiles* History of Windsor, Ct. 

Philip Roedor, 307 N. 4th St., St. Louie, Mo. 

Fair Thoughu for Happy Hours. 


' Stray Leaves from Ruskin, compiled by Miss U. V. Wal- 

Bnchanting and Bochanted, by Mrs. Wiater. 

Young Voyagers, by Oliver Optic. 

Young Yagers, •* *• 

Electrical Tables and Formula, by Clark and Sabine. 
Spon, 1871. 

«l. F. Russles. Bronson, Mich, 
too Hist, Puritans, Worthington's ed. 
Desperados of Southwest, by Foster.. 
Summerfield, by Lee, 6^ any work containing Adventnrei 

of Paul Denton. 
Thos. Jefferson's Works. 
Lyall's Med. Test. In Gardner Peerage Case. 
Behm's Oronooko. 

St. Paul Book and Stationery Co., St Paul, Mlnn> 
Shakespeare, 15 v., Staunton's ed., ed. de luxe. Rout- 
• ledge. ^ * v ^j <!. ..i 

Shakespeare, 15 v., Valpy^s ed. with Boydell's plates. 
Boswell's Johnson, ed. de luxe, 104 copies printed. 
Story of a Regiment, by J. W. Bishop. St. Paul, Minn. 
House of Hallowell, cl., Mrs. Henry Wood. 
Red Court Farm, cl., *♦ •* 

Heighuof Eidelberg, cl., Tatem. ^ 

Study in Song, Swiiiburne, cl., English ed. 
Awkward Years, by Jean Paul. 

Scrantom, Wetmore & Co., Roehostor, N. Y. 
Lord's Beacon Lights. 
Bengel's Gnomon. 

Chas. Scrlbner's Sone, 1 63 6th Ave., N. Y. 
Roor bach's Bibliotheca Americana, May, 1855 to Mar., 

*s8 ; Mar., 1858 to Jan., *6t. 
Kelly's Am. Cat., x86i to '66. 

S. R. Shaddock. Box 906, Des Molnos, la. 
Nrw York Weekly for x86o-6i. 
Cameron and Ferguson's American Library of Sensa. 

tional Novels, containing Traitor's Doom, True Blue, 

etc. Glasgow. 

W. «l. Shuey. Dayton, Ohio. 
Moral Training, Froebel and Spencer, by Miss Sheriff. 

Hints for Scientific Observation and Study of Children, 
Mrs. Felix Adler. 
Both of the above to be In paper. 

Philip A. Smith, Lock Box 63. FIshklll Landing, 
N. Y. 

Tom Quick the Indian Slayer. Monticello, N. Y., 1851. 

E. Q. Smith A Co.. Butte, Mont. 

First 30 nos. of the lUusirated Americmn. 

Smith A Coburn, 1006 Walnut St., Kansas Olty, 

American Catalogue, complete or odd v. 
Life and Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs. 
Burton's Pilgrimage to El-Medineh and and Meccab, v. 1. 

London, 1855. 
The Marveieui Ma£a%ine, v. a. 
Century Dictionary— any binding— cheap. 
A Practical Discourse on Death. 1759. 

A. H. Smythe. 41 S. Hlsh St., Columbus, O. 

Contributi'^ns to Solar Physics by J. N. Lockyer. 
Mosses of the U. S., by Lesquereux and James 
SuUivant's Work on Mosses. 
A valor, pap. L. C. & Co. 
Polish Blood, pap. Alden. 

Ivan Somervllle, 83 Arcade. Rochester, N. Y. 

ist and 2d issues of the Chap Book. 

Spon A Chamberlain, 12 Cortlandt St., N. Y. 
The True Theory of the Sun, by Thomas Bassnett, 36 
p. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 

Stanton's Old City Book*8tore, Wheeling, 
W. Va. 
Records of the Past, Birch's ed., v. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11, new 
or second-hand. 

Q. E. Stechert, 819 B'way. N. Y. 
Hist. Essavs and Orations of Sixth Gen. Conference of 

Evangelical Alliance, 1874. 
Wallace. Year-Book of Trotting, v. 1-9. 
Rose, Machine-Shop Practice, a v. 
Stevenson, Reclamation of Agric. Lands. 
Auerbach. Little Barefoot. 
Verne, Jules, To the Sun. 1877. 
Bayles, R. M., Hist, of Richmond Co., N. Y. 
Rhoads, Battlefields of Revolution, 1876. 
Ruxton, Adventures in Mexico and Rocky Mountains. 
Adventures of J. Gerard, Lion Killer, tr. by Whitehead. 
Uur. 0/ FretuAlin Institute^ set. 
Review of Upham's Book on Salem Witchcraft, 1879. 
Grimshaw, R., Tips to Inventors. 

E. Stelffor & Co., 26 Park Place, N. Y. [C««4.]J 
R. L. Tafel, Life of Swedenborg, 3 v. 
G. Goodale, Physiological Botany. 
BeUtUcal Gazette^ v. x-4. 
Irvingiana, Memorial of W. Irving. x86o. 
R. Chambers, Book of Days. ^-^ 

Ross, Early History of Land Holdiiv. London, 1888. 


7he Publishers' Wukly. 

\No. ii73]y«^", '94 

BOOKS WANTED. ^Continued. 

The Taylor-Austin Co.. t 16 Public 8quar«. 
Olevaland, O. 
Bnglishmaa^s Greek Concordance, Harper's ed. 
Dead Man^ Rock, by Q., pap. 
The Golden Do^? ' »^ • t~K 
Self-Made, Mrs. South worth. 
On the Heighu of Himalay.pap. 
While's Cafculus, v. i. 

T. M. Ttnurpa. 834 Broadway, N. Y. 

The Bofflisb- Narrator, by John Millhouse. 
Bell's Night Scenes of the Bible, ist series—low. 
Memoirs of Tallerrand, t. i, lamo. Lond., i8o6, etc 
Portrait, large, of Putnam ; books on Putnam Co. 

TIbbals Book Co., 26 Warran St., N. Y. 
Home s Introduction, v. 4, cl. Lond., 1877. 
Strong's Bternal Misery. Hartford, 1796. 
Henry James, Sr., Works, any. 

O. L. Travar, Tranton, N. J. [CwA.l 
Chapman's Interest Tables, i8ai or any later ed. 

D. H. Tripp A Co., 206 Main St., Paoria, III. 
Metaphysics and Logic, by Sir William Hamilton, a v. 

Otto Ulbrlch. 386 Main St., BufTalo, N. Y. 
3 copies Practical Meupbysics, J. M. Barnett. 

Unltad Prasbytarian Board of Pub., Plttsburc, 

X set FrinctUn Rtvitvt^ bound or unbound t. 

,X-. ^;. Vantras, 697 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Villa Bohemia, by Marie Le Baron. 
Spanish Novice ; or, Convent of SanU Rozelle. 
Black Indies, Jules Verne, pap. 

H. K. Van SIclan, Agt., 258 W. 44th St . N. Y. 
^copies Hope and Rest, a pamphlet, by Helen Merriam. 
How Marjory Helped, by Miss Carroll. 
The Tenderness of Christ, by the Bishop of Winchester. 

Dr. Thorold. ' 

How Love Came, by Alice Archer Sewall. 
Lectures on Teaching, by Thomas Hunter, Ph.D. 

John Wanamaker, Phlla., Pa. 

Sinker's Tesument of the Twelve Patriarchs. 

Perfect Wav, pap. or cl. 

The Tragedian, by Tho«. R. Gould. 

Saffel's Records of the Revolutionary War. 

Gleanings from the Records of the Parker Family. 

L. 8. Walls, Dalawara, O. 
S lyre's Spinal Diseases. J. B. L. Co. 
Lights at Evening Time. 

W. Waslay & Son, 28 Essax St., Strand, London 

Bgleston, N. H., Report of Forestry, 1884. 
Whitney. J. D., Yosemite Guide-Book, 1875. 
Gray, A., Synopt. Flora of North America, 1.. pt. i. Poly- 
peul«. » • f . 3 

Rafinesque-Schmaltz, Medical Flora, a v., 1828-30. 

B. Westarmann & Co., 812 B'way, N. Y. 
Fasslg, O. L., Bibliography of Meteorology, pt. a. 
Ericsson, John, Contribution to the Centennial Exhi- 
bition, T876. 
Jour. 0/ Ntrvous and Mtntal Dittaus of April, 1880. 

Thomas Whlttakar, Naw York. 
Richey's Truth and Counter Truth. 
Potter's Church Government. 

H. Williams, 196 W. lOth St., N. Y. 
Har^rU JVttkty, Jan. 30, Feb. ao. Mar. 6. April a4, June 
5. July 17. Nov. a7, 1858 : Jan. x, July i6, Aug. 37, x88i : 
July 14, a8, Dec. I, i860. 

Wolcott & West, Syracusa, N. Y. 
Bancroft's Tall Chimney Construction. Pub. by Spon. 

*.?• ^^' ^' Young & Co., Ooopar Union, N. Y. 
Miss Thackeray's Miss Angel. 

History of Abraham, etc., Verplanck and his Descend- 
ants, by W. B. Veplanck, 189a. 


A. F. Farnall, 42 Court St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Harptr^t Witkly^ v. x-17 inclusive, X8S7-73, hf. mor., in 

fine condition. Price, $85. 
N. y» Daily Graphic^ v. i-xo inclusive, 1873-6, cl., good 

condition. Price, $15. 

Oammal's Book Stora. AustK Tax. 

Van Espen. Jus Ecdesiafttcum. 3 v., folio, 1701. 

Gouet, Theological Thomistica, 5 v.. folio, xrn. 

5*"V.P^''****°'°«*«^* Disciplinis. 6 v. in 3 fo(io,.a76s. 

Vesalli, Opera Anatome, a v., folio, 1735. "^ ^ ^ 

Serry, Opera Omnia, 6 v., folio. 1770. 

Corpus Juris Civilis Romani, a v., folio, 1781. 
>Augustini Opera, 8 v., folio, 1774, 
"^Ferraris, Prompca Bibliotheca, 10 v. in 5, folio. 1705. 

Prigenis, Opera Omnia, 3 v.. folio, 1743! 

M . . ^•^•"nf, Box 26, Auatin, Tax. 
Arektvfs GinirmUt de M4d4Hn€ Jkumai, from i8»3 to 

1849 inclusive, 8a v., hf. cf., fine set. 
SccUtd AnaUmiqut, i8a6-x849. Inclusive, hf. cf., i* v. 
Make offer. ^ 

King's Old Book-Stora, 16 4th St., San Fran* 

, . ... claco. Gal. 

Bancroft's History of the Pacific Sutes, 39 v.. complete 
Kt, f a.50 per v., or will exchange for other books. 

A. Wanlass, Datrolt, Mich. 
Har^rU IVttkly, i86t to 1868, hf. bound, in good order. 

Y. M. O. A. Library, 602 Fulton St., Brooklyn, 

Brooklyn Library Catalogue, 3V., cl. 

Babykccd com^Xtx^ in nos. to end of 189a. 

Chautau^man, complete set in no«. 

Cotmopffittan^ from v a complete in nos. 

C«//«V«/«»r a«^ C^mniry GfntUman, v. 1-37, nicelr 

bound, hf. shp. ' ' 

Formm^ complete set In nos. 
MtdicP'Ckirurgicai Revuw, v. x-so, good condition. 

bound in hf. shp. 
Nortk Am. RevitWy v. ao-as, hf. shp.; v. X4a-i55 in nos. 


T\7'ANTED.--Positlon as assisunt manufacturing mao 
^^.^If.^VyV^ publishing firm. Ten years' experi- 
ence with first-class city house. Highest reference from 
former and present employer. Fair salary. Permanent. 
Address •* Kipp," care of Publishers' Wbsklv. 


YY ANTED.— A reuil salesman in a New York City 
«^^"*'°'^V Applicants will please sute ag«J 
qualification, and business experience. Address" P G '^ 
care of Pubushbrs' Wbbklv. " ' 

yOUNG MAN to take charge of stationery depart- 
ment in book and stationery business in city of 

^ first-class stationery salesman, experienced in 
taking orders for engraving, stamping, die-cuttinr, 
etc., and familiar with articles sold in high-ilass sutiof. 
ery department, such as fine writing-papers, leather 
goods, novelties, etc. Must be capable^f tVking chargj 
of department. Must be thoroughly qualified retfil 
salesman. Applicant can state in entire Confidence pre- 
vious experience, age, and salarv expected AwK^ 
BasKiNB," care of Publismbrh' Webkly, N. Y. 


^ELL-EDUCATED young man, thoroughly up in 
u uPVPV°« "^ publfshing, with Itooo to Ji» 'can 
have half interest in live, g?owing 'oncern. Ad^dr^ 
Wmk""'*''" ^'^<="^''«««>. c*re of Publisher? 


A S. CLARK, 34 Park Row, N. Y. Cky. Magaz ines 
^' pamphlets, out-of-print books. Catalogu«^ee. 

r OMPLETE SETS of all the leading Magasints amd 

differtnt periodicals, for sale, cheap, at thTASEwSS 
AND Foreign Magazine Depot, 47 THj St., llcw Yor£^ 

July ai, '94 \N». 1173) The Publishtri Weekly. 



««A Remarkable Book." 



By BsNjAifiN KiDD, 8vo, cloih, $i.75» 

1 society and life, and who is yet able to say that the future is hopeful and the prospect fair."— £7^/rrv/r, 

Ml ''A book notable alike for ong^nality and breadth, philosophical reasoning and literary attractiveness.*'— C^aai- 

^Wi** The Tolume . . . owes much of its success to its noble tone, its clear and delightful style, and to the very 
jrreat pleasure the reader experiences as he is conducted through the strong, dignified, and courteous discussion. 
From a scientific point of view it is the most important contribution recently made to biological sociology." — 

Just Published, 


By Ebmbst F. Hbndbrson, A.M. (Harvard). Ph D. ( Ber- 
lin », editor of ** Select Historical Documenu of the 
I Middle Ages " (Bohn). 8vo, cloth, 9a.oo, tut. 


By H, D. Rawnslby, Hon. Canon of Carlisle, a vols., 
lamo, $4.00. 


YEARS 1840-1845. 

Jndnding an Essay on ** Death Before Adam FelL" By John Ruskin, D.C.L., LL.D. lamo, cloth, $1.50. 



Delivered principally at the Royal and London Institutions between 1870 and 1883. By John Ruskin, D.C.L. 
LL.D. Illustrated with frontispiece in color and xi photogravure plates from drawings by the author. 8vo, 
^ doCh, $a.5o, nH, 


Tel el Hesy Excavated. 

By Fbsdbrick Jonbs Bliss, M.A. 
Avo, cloth, gilt top, la.35. 

With illustrations. 


By Clauds Rbignibk Condbr, D.C.L., LL.D., M.R.A.S., 
Major R.E. New edition. lamo, cloth, $1.35. 

Vol. I. New Translation. 


Translated from the Russian by Constancb Gaknktt. i6mo, cloth extra, gilt top, ft. 35 each. 

Nifw Ready, Vol. 1. RUDIN. With portrait of the author. Further volumes in /reparation. 

Just Published, 


ByXaptain C. Moklbv Knight, R.A. Illustrated by G. 
H. A. White. Royal Artillery, ssmo, cloth, $ 


Being University Extension Addresses by Lord Plavfai*, 
Canon Browns, Mr. Goschkn, Mr. John Morlbv, Sir 
Jambs Paget, Professor Max Mullbr, the Duke of 
Argyll, the Bishop of Durham, and Professor Jbbb. 
lamo, cloth, $t.oo. 



i MoocMy Journal Devoted to New and Current Publications. Price, 5 cents per number. Yearly subscription 

so cents. 

%* The leadinff article this 
* Modem Views ofMystidsm." 

%* The leadinff article this month is the second of the series of papers by Mr. P. Marion Crawford, entitled 
fM •• 

MACMILLAN & CO., 66 FlflOi ATenit^^,,,^^o¥ork« 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

[No. ii74]/»/>'a8, '94 



SttcceMon f Lxb, Shbpaed & Dillingham, 

Publishers' Agents and Jobbers of 

Offer their services to the trade for the execution 
of orders for books in any quantities from single 
volumes io thousands. Thev carry the largest 
sU<k of Miscellaneous books in the country, and 
being established In the grmt puhHskmg cemire^ 
representing the principal houses of Boston, and 
having constantly on hand their publications and 
those of the most important of the Philadbl- 
PHIA and Western publfehers, they possess unusual 
faciUHis for the prompt and careful handling of 
all business entrusted to them. 

Their long and extensive experience in the job- 
bing of books enables them to guarantee intelli- 
gent service to their patrons (whose agettis they 
propose to be). Orders received in iklvance of 
publication are recorded and promptly forwarded. 
Quotations and any other information In regard 
to books furnished on application. Trial orders 
are solicited. 


766 Broadway, New York. 

or SUMMER BULLETIN and New Clear- 
ance List now ready and will be sent on appli- 

2^ Imr^f^at and Mo9t 

Oampl0$a at^eh in $h€ 


J. B. Lippincoit Gompanig, 



Ifltcellaneoaa and Foreign Books; School* 
Books; Staple and Foreign Stationery ; Blank- 
Book Manufacturers and Printers for ths 

Publications of any house ftoiished prompt- 
ly, and at lowest market rates. 

Particular attention paid ts Holiday Books 
and Juveniles. 

%• Tmruna mnd JHacoutUa furttiahad 

upon ap^ 

The Authors' Library. 

(copyright SBRirS.) 


To TMB Trads: 

The Authors* Library it now an etublisbed sucoeM^ 
eTery number inued having received the unqualified ap- 
proval of the purchaainff public and extra editions of the 
earlier volumes having been called for to meet the demand. 

No, 6. Ju9t Out, 


By Maris Bbrnharo. Translated by Mary Stuart 


** Another gem from this favorite writer.** 

No. 1. Bourth BdiHon. 


By Plorbncb Wardbn. 
No. 9, Soeond JBdUion. 

Prom the German of B. Wbrnbr. Translated by 
Mary Stuart S»uth. 

No. 8. 


Prom the German of Maris Bbrnhard. Translated 
by Mary Stuart Smith. 

No. 4. 

The Surrender of Margaret Bellamilne. 

By A DRUNK Sbrcbant. 
No. S. 


By Plorbncb Wardbn. 
Paper covers, 50 cents ; cloth bound, $1.35 per vol. 

PublUhtd hi-m9nt kly, LiSeral Diu ount U tk£ Trmdt, 

The International News Company, 

83 and 85 Duane Street, Nevr York. 





Catalogues and Scientific Works a Specialty, 

149, 151, 153 LEONARD STREET, 


Printers or The Publishers* Weekly, LItsrary News* 
Library Journal, Annual Amerloan Oataloffue* 

The Reference Catalogue 

Of Current (Engllsh) Literature. 

1 VOL., HALK BOUND. NET, ^3.60. 

The new edition of the above will be ready 
early in August. It will be larger and more 
complete than any former issue (the volume will 
weigh more than FIFTEEN POUNDS, and is 
several inches thicker than the last), and the 
Index is much more copious, containing about 
90.000 entries. Orders for the United States 
will be supplied by 

The Office of The Pubushkrs' Weekly. 

28 Btm Street (Temporary Office, 

54 Dnarffe Street ),|New York. 

Digitized by V:»OC 

Jmiy 21, '94 [iVb. 1 1 73] The Publishers' Weekly. 13J 


5 and 7 EAST 16th STREET, N. Y., 

Miscellaneous and School Books, 

JKnow and satisfy the wants of the trade in the matter of Prices, 
Promptness and General Efficiency, Full Lines of all Publishers. 
Siprimg Bulletin of Special Bargain* (Jtut leaned) Mailed on ApplieaHon. 

59 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City. 

William Beverley Harison, 

Tiade mppUed with School-Books, School SnppUet, lUp«» Charts and Bducatioiiml SnppUet 
M an Uiida at hwest JMtf's rates. My facilities for Purchase and Bzchange of all kinds of 
School and CoUeso Text-Books enable me to give bargain prices on many Ihies. Orders fitted 

''One Piece" A^nstable 

Acknowlcdgad tbt best Sek»0l and LUrm/ry coTcr i|i 
th« market. AdJwMUMe to all tiaea. Ntj^imia^nlmekm^ 
sidu to coflM apart. Madt of heavy man ilia paper. In tbret 
fMwpitfiMty •beet. WholeaaU prioea per loo, Bxprem paid t— No. s 

•tronsestf ^^ x^m^ to tre, 9i*as^**No. •• Large tre and small 4t*( 

BCttt. 9I.75-— N0.3. LaiKC 4to, 




67 Fifth Airenae, New York. 

The publicatioos of all the leading houses constantly on hand. Orders filled on the day of 
veoeipt. Trial orders are solicited. Estimates promptly furnished. Send for our special 


W. B. CLIVE, Publisher, 
London, Cambridge, 2few York, Sydney, 

Complete List of Books, embracing Ancient Classics, Mathe- 
matics, Modern Languages, Philosophy, and 
Science, mailed free on application. 


«5 Piftla Avenue, - - - - NEW^™||K. 


The Publishers* Weekly. 

\No, 1 1 74] July 28/94 



Modern Scientific Whist. 


A digest, by a practical whist-player, that will be appre- 
ciated by the besrinoer for iu simplicity and clearness, 
and by the expert for its comprehensiveness. The most 
exhaustive treatise ever written on the subject of Whist. 

t vol., large lamo, 600 pages ; over 5000 pip illustrations : 
a68 diagrams, and so ubles. Beautifully printed in red 
and black, on paper specially manufactured for this 
book. Bound in cloth, gilt, $3.00. 

Tk€ Trade supplUd by th* Jobbers, or orders may be tent 
direct to the Publtskert, 

BRENTANO'S, 31 Union Square, New York. 

Headquarters for Whist Literature. 

}5end for Catalogue of Whist Books. 

RemoTtd to 130 Bi^btb Stmt, Hei York 

J. H. VaiT & Co., 

Suc€Os*9rt to the /obbing am 

Retail Departttuni of Wm. 

Wood b^ Co., 

Medical Publishers 

Booksellers, and 


TraeU'Lists and General Catai^gues of Medico I 
Rooks fumisked on application. 



409 to 410 Pearl Stnot, lof ToiL 

(SaaM A Bataisa BulUUng.) 

Special Facilities Jot Catalogue^ Color ^ and 
Book Work. 

None Genuine unless bear- 
ing: the Trade Mark. 


Actually Spoken and Mastered in Ten 
Weeks, without leaving your homes, by the 
Melsterschaft System. 550th Thousand. 
Fuoilstaughtasix actually in the presence of 

the teacher. «^-^«.jkpamA«vw '^^i''"* for 
lanRuage-Alirnnlj I llllirquestiont 

answered and* """ iiuui-exercises 

corrected free of charge* Specimen copy 
of Part One, any language, sent free on 
receipt of 2 cent postage stamp. 

196 Summer 5t. 
Boston, riass. 



XEbe Xiteran? (Bailers 

aa East 16th Street (near Union Square), New York 

Publishing Dkpartmbnt. 

The Library of American 


{.Sold hv »ub»cription only.) 

Thacber** Continent of 


Rbtail DapARTMurr. 
Rare and Choice Bocka, 
HlMorlcal ManuMripis 

and Autograph J^etXen. 
EnffraTlngB, and Prints for 

Correspondence invited. Cataio£ues itsmoeL 


Export Bookseller, Amerldkn Literary Ageat 

Attends to the execution of orders in eTery branch of the 
business. Special attention given to out of-print books, 
first editions, etc. Correspondence solicited. 

C. 0. CAZENOVE. 26 Henrietta Street, Coi^nt 6ardM 



Plays, Readings, Speakers, 
Qames, Diaios:ue5, Sports. 

Sole Agents for the Dramatic Publications of 
JOHN DICKS, London. 

Send /or Complete Catalogue. 

R. H. RUSSELL & SON, Proprietors, 33 Rose St., New York 


DIalOKuo Books, Recitations, 

Lstter- Writers, Oama Books, 

Dream Books, Dancing Ouldss. 

Masonic and Hand Books of all kinds. 
Catalogues sent on amplication by 

18 Ann atreett tivmi Tork. 


Books, Reviews, and Newspapers 



224 Rue de RlvoU, 



65 East 9th Street, NEW YORK. 



Works on Architecture^ 
Decoration, Furniture, 
and Ornamentation. 



851 and 853 Sixth Avenue (N. W. Cor. 48th St), New Yoffc. 


and othsr forolcn 

School and College Texts, 

Miscellaneous Literature, 

French Plays. 


(Bclontlflc and Popular) 

or works treating on Honci, 
Cattle, Dogs, etc 

Trade List and Central CataUgues supplied. 

Cs F. 



666 WASHINGTON ST., Cor. Beach St, up one ilfht, 


If you kave Books ^ Autograpks^ Engravings, News* 
Papers^ etc., to disuse 0/ communicate witk us. Cata- 
logues on application. C^ r\r\n\o 

Digitized by VriOOv IC 

/«/> 28, '94 [A^o. "74] 

The PMishersf Weekly. 




Etchins^s, Photos^ravures, - . - 
Large Plates, Calendar Work. 


C. B. LICHTENSTEIN, 36 Columbus Ave.,Bo«ten. 

79 Nassau Strkbt, Nbw York, amo London, Bnglams. 

inporter of Standard Eigllsh Books, 


Caulogucs issued bi-monthly, and sent gratis to say 
addfcss, 00 application. 

A SPECIALTY of our business is the pick- 
^^ ing up, on commission, of out-of-prints for 
Libiariet and the Trade. 'Twill pay you to 
give us a trial. 
Special Bargain Lists issued monthly. 

S. F. McLEAN & CO.. 
13 Cooper Union, - NEW YORK. 

« A Flood of Light on Shakespeare." 

Hlfltorle IFarwIokslilre. Its Roountic, Historic, 
and Legendary Lore. By Tom Burgiss, P.S.A. Edit- 
ed by Joseph Hill. Copiously illustrated in the finest 
style of art, and printed on fine paper. 4to, handsoonely 
bound in cloth, gilt top, other edges uncut, tos. nti, 



Bookmen, Blnnlngham, England. 

CtUmUgutt ^ valtuUU uc0nd'hiiud h90ks mailtd frtt /# 

tmy address in tks world on a^litation. 


Foreign Books and Works 
of Art. 

4 BARCLAY ST. (Astor Houm), N. Y. 


26 City Hall Place, N. Y. 

Mewfpapers, Magazines, and Periodicals, 
Libraries, Books, Stationery, Novelties, and 
all Stock Required by Wide-Awake Dealers. 

Sabocrlptions to all Periodicals, Domestic 
and Foreign. 


Bookseller and Exporter, 

48 Flaet Laat and 5 Vtw Court, London, S. C. 

(aSTABLISHBD 1884.) 

Books, Newspapers, and Periodicals supplied by mail or 

otherwise to all parts of the world. 

Commissioos at Auctions, etc., faithfully executed. 

Cahlt Address: ** Helpful, "London. 

John H. Scudder's SonSi 


228 W«st Court 8tr««t. 


EeUeiic Modieai Publications a 

J. H. TAIL 4 CO., Vow York. 


FRENCH "' ^ Soodler, PARIS, 

17M76 Bo«lmrd 8t.-0«rmA!}i. 








Publishtrs and Im^orttrs^ 

xs 'GortlandC St., • MB'W YORK. 

\mt\^n Xi'anpajes. 


y/ I Grammars, Dictionaries, etc. for tbo 
study of the European, Oriental and 
Olassical Languages. Catalogue mailed free. 

E Steiger & Co., New York. 

FRENCH '^I=^A<!:^"''' 

3IU1, Bonlitsrd Bsunuu. 






The Truth Seeker Company, 

a8 Lafayette Place, New York. 


Ingersoll, Paine, Voltaire, and other Lib- 
eral and Freethought Works. 

Order Tluroncli Tour Jobber* or Dlroet* 


Publlahers and BooIc*«lIer*, 
30 West Street, Boston. 

69 Dearborn Street, Chicago. 


AiQnstable Book-GoYers, 


60 Ann Street, New YorlL. 

♦»♦ Special Prieea to Boards of Education, 


French, B9rman, and English Books, 

Larco Stock. lonporution to order from all paru of 
the world. 
TlugtVaf Th ieni e^Jhreuat^r'B and other German 
and English Dictionaries. Tauchnitst Bditlon. Taub^ 
Mor and TuuehnUm Greek and Latin Classics. Gram- 
mars and Dictionaries in all Lanffuages. 


i64 The Publishers' Weekly. {No. 1174J July a8,'94 

Ready at Once. 

•* A Ttry UMftal and reliable aasietant in our bnsineas.'*— J. B. LIPPINCOTT CO. 

** One of the meet time-eaving and profluble inetrumentolitiee used by the trade.** 

'* The most useful work for reference we have erer had for general use in the trade.** 

"Not a day passes that we do not consult it many times.**— A. D. P. RANDOLPH ft CO. 



For 1894 (Twenty-Second Year). 

Large 8vo. With Duplex Index. 

The Tr€uie lAst Annual for 1894 wiU contain: 

1. The latest Catalogues op American Publishers, contributed by themselvei 

and arranged alphabetically by the firm-names and smaller lists at the end of 
the volume. 

2. A complete list by author^ title and subject of all books recorded in The Publish- 

ers' Weekly from January to June, 1894, supplementing the Annual Cata- 
logue, 1893. 

3. The " Educational Catalogue " for 1894, which is used by the entire trade and 

educational interests as the most representative reference-list of School-books. 

The above Lists, all bound in one volume, present in their combination so con- 
venient and time-saving a working-tool as to make it indispensable to every one who 
has any interest in the purchase or sale of books. 

The patent " Duplex Index '* having given such general satisfaction, we are 
now applying it to all copies of the " Annual." Volumes supplied with the " Duplex 
Index'' have the alphabet printed on the concave surface as well as on the maigin of 
the page, which enables instantaneous reference, whether the book is open or shut 

Only those subscribing and forwarding amonnt now are entitled 
to subscription rate of 91.50 ; after publicatian day^ and on orders for which we have 
to collect after that date^ the regular price will be $2.00 net. 

Remittances should be made by Check, Money Order on New York or Regis- 
tered Letter, as we cannot be responsible for any losses. Receipt for remittance will 
be sent by return mail. 

^^ Unless special shipping directions are received, copies ready for delivery 
will be despatched by express unpaid. Parties so desiring can have their copies sent 
by mail, or by prepaid book-rate express for 96 cents per copy extra. Address 


28 Elm Street (temporary office, 54 Duane St). P. O. Box 9^3, Niw York* 

Digitized by V:iOOQIC 


\\^ Tff£ AMERICAN »/X 




riie a^metftatf ILfterats <eBfa{ette anlr l^ubUiiIiera' efttular. 


PuBUCATiON Office, 28 Elm Strket, (Temporary Office, 54 Duane St.,) New York. 

Entered at the Poet-OflBne at New York. N. T., as Mcond-clan matter. 

Vol. XLVI., No. 5. 

NEW YORK, August 4, 1894. 

Whole No. 1175 


An Introduction to the Phi- 
losophy of Herbert Spencer. 

With a Bio^phical Sketch. By William Hsnry Hud- 
son, AssfxHate Professor of English Literature in the 
Stanford University. lamo, clotn, $1.95. 
** My object is a very unambitious one. I do not pro- 
pose to trace over the ar^ments or summarize the con- 
clusions of the Spencerian philosophy Still less do I feel 
called upon to enter into any discussion of its more de- 
batable aspects Nor, beyond all things, is it my inten- 
tion to offer a substitute for the Synthetic System itself. 
Those who would really understand Mr. Spencer's ideas 
must themselves go to his writings But experience on 
the platform and in private conversations has shown me 
that something may be done to smooth the way for un- 
trained feet. . . . If the Introduction serves to bring 
others under the more immediate influence of a teacher to 
whom my own personal debt is so great, its existence will 
be amply justified."— y^r<;w« the Pre/ac*, 

Memoirs Illustrating the His- 
tory of Napoleon I. 

Vol. III. By Baron Claudb-Fran90is db M^nsval. 

Crown, 8vo, doth, $2.00 per volume. 

The third volume treats of the ill-fated Russian expedi- 
tion, the collapse in the Peninsula, the invasion of France 
by tne allied powers, the abdication and banishment to 
Elba, of Marie Louise and her unfortunate child, of the 
Congress of Vienna, the return from Elba, Waterloo, and 
the exile in St. Helena. The interest of this intimate 
narrative by one who was in daily association with Na- 
poleon as his private secretary, steadily increases, and 
this concluding volume with its wealth of dramatic pict- 
ures will be found most absorbing from beginning to end. 

George Mandeville's Husband 

By C. E. Raimond. No. 148. Town and Country Library. 

tamo, paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00. 

For the last year the women have had the upper hand 
in fiction, but a reaction appears to have begun with the 
appearance of this striking story. We have heard a great 
deal of the '• revolt of the daughters." This novel offers 
a vivid if not inviting picture of the ** advanced woman " 
and the effects of her teachings, and its appearance at 
this time is certain to provoke abundant discussion and 
criticism. The book is due to a well-known writer whose 
identity is concealed under a nom dt plume. 

Vashti and Esther. 

A Story 0/ Society To-Day. No. 149, Town and Country 
Library, ismo, paper, 50 cents ; cloth, $1.00. 
" The novel is readable and amusing, and one that de- 
picts, with no sparing hand, a heartlessness prevalent in 
lashioaable society and imparting some taint to even its 
more amiable mtmbtn," —London Spectator. 

Mrs. Limber's Raffle; 

Or, A Church Fair and ft* Victims. By William Al- 
LBN Butlbr. New edition, tamo, cloth, 75 cents. 
This brilliant little satire, by the author of ** Nothing to 

Wear," is to appear now under his name, in a revised 

and enlarged form. 


Ragnarok : 

The Age of Fire and Gravel. By Ignatius Donnelly, 

author of "Atlantis: The Antediluvian World," etc. 

Illustrated. Thirteenth edition. lamo, cloth, $a.oo. 

** This stupendous speculator in cosmogony begins and 
ends with * Drift,' on the summit of which temporary pile 
of successive superincumbent ruins of worlds destroyed 
by convulsions or by comet, at vast intervals of time, the 
human race breathes out its moment of life. ... A 
book which, with all its deliberate eccentricities, is often 
eloquent and vaggt%iivc.**— London Daily News. 

" It is impossible to withhold respect for the ingenious 
logic and industrious scholarship which mark its pages." 
— Chicago Tribune . 

Essays, Biological and 

By Thomas H. Huxlbv. The eighth volume of the au- 
thor's Collected Essays. lamo, cloth, $1.35. 
Contents.— A Piece of Chalk. The Problems of the 
Deep Sea Some Results of the Expedition of H. M. S. 
"Challenger." Yeast. The Formation of Coal The 
Border Territorv between the Animal and the Vegetable 
Kingdoms. A Lobster ; or. The Study of ZoiJlogy. Bio- 
genesis and Abiogcnesis Geological Contemporaneity 
and Persistent Types of Life. Geolo|rical Reform. Palae- 
ontology and the Doctrine of Evolution. 

D. APPLETON & CO., Publishers, 7a Flftli Ave., N. V. 

, Google 

Digitized by ^ 


The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1175] August ^, '94 

Our Recent Books. 



A Volume of Stories. By Gborgb Egbrton. With title- pmge by Aubrey Beardiley. i6mo, 

cloth, $1.00. 

** A lady decidedly. FattP^perhaps. OrigiDal ?— undonbtedljr. Worth knowing ?— rather. Pafce 13. 

'* Indeed, for ▼iffor, originality, forcefulnest of expression and completeness of character presentation, * Key- 
notes * 8urpas«es any recent volume of short fiction that we can recall."— TYm^x. Boston. 


A Novel. By Florence Farr. With title-page by Aubrey Beardsley. American Copyright 

Edition. i6mo, cloth, $1.00. 

** In society all things are possible, oat of it all things are possible. But, out of society, diplomacy is called 
lying; statemanship, cheating ; gallantry, seduction ; a fine taste in champagne, drunkenness.** Page 37. 

The characters are drawn with strong individuality, and the animated scenes follow rapidly in u 



Translated from the Russian of Fedor Dostoievsky, by Lena Milman, with decorative title- 
page and a critical introduction by George Moore. American Copyright Edition. i6mo, 
cloth, $1.00. 
*'A certain coarseness of texture alone seems to me to separate it from a work of the very highest class. It is to 

Tourguenefl what fine linen is to fine silk.**— /V</arr. 

** Dostoievsky is a great artist. * Poor FoIk * is a great novel.**— ^i/x»rr/«>rr. 


Edited by Professor Todd, of Amherst College, 
jects of permanent interest and significance. 
i6mo, cloth, f i.oo. 

Mo. I. 

Total Eclipses of the Sun. 

By Mabel Loomis Todd. 

** Clear style and comprehensive and accurate infor- 
mation.**— .^wif. 

Readable and authoritative monographs on sub- 
Scientific, but untechnical, and illustrated. E^ch, 

Mo. II* 

Public Libraries in America. 

By W. L Fletcher, Librarian of Amherst Col- 
lege Library. 
" One of the leading authorities of the country in this 

field.'*— //«r//#ri/ C^mrmut. 

Library Classification. 

By W. I. Fletcher, A.M., Librarian of Amherst College. Reprinted, with additions, from 
" Public Libraries in America." Thin 8vo, limp cloth, fi.oa 

Art for America. 

i6mo, cloth, 

Wayside Sketches. 

By Eben J. Loomis. i6mo. cloth, f i.oo. 

*'One of the most delightful of volumes of nature 

studies. . . . The author not only loves nature, but is 

in most sympathetic touch with her various moods.**~ 

By WiLUAM Ordway Partridge 


** Deserves rank among the classics of American pa- 
triotism.**— 5'/««M/«r4/ [/mwn. 

By Moorland and Sea. 

By Francis A. Knight. Illustrated by the author. i6mo, cloth, f 1.5a 


A Volume of Poems. By Gertrude Hall, au- 
thor of •• Far from To-Day." Illustrated by 
Oliver Herford. Small quarto, cloth, $1.50. 
*' Rxquisite in its appeal to the eye and the imagina- 

tion ; the lightest, airieit, most dashing, merry, audacious 

productions in verse that have of late years got them* 

selves into print.*'— TA/ Bfcan, 

The Aim of Life. 

Plain Talks to Young Men and Women. Bjr 
Rev. Phiup S. Moxom. i6mo. cloth, fi.oo. 


Reviewed after Sixty Years. By J. R, Seelxy. 
author of '* Ecce Homo." i6mo, cloth, fi.oa 


Boston, Mass. 

Augusf 4i '94 [^^' "75] TAe Publishers* Weekly. 


AUGUST 4, 1894. 


Ontpoce Imoo 

Halfpac« I* 00 

Quartcrpact 600 

SiffkthfMcc ^ 400 

Per liiM ..•••••••••••••••••.«••••• 10 

Tk€ ai0V€ /rictt d0 mat includt insgriUms in iki **^i*- 
mrnml Sumtmmry Numitr^ iJU ** Summgr Nmmttr,'** iJU 
^^EdmcmiUnml Numi4r^* mr ih§ ^Ckritimmt B^^k^ 
Bh$l/^*/»r which higher r»ttt mrt chmrgtd. 

Sptdal positioot, fs <^ PH« extra. AppUcationt for 
•pacial paffct will be honored in the order of their receipt. 

\ deduction •/ %z a p€tg9 for standing matter. Pft 
/§W r^inttriUn mutt he erdirtd ktfi »t»ndin£, 

Si^eimt rmUg/er ytmrfy #r tiher e^mirmctt. 

All matter for oar adTertitinff pages should reach this 
oflce not later than Wednesday noon, to insure insertion 
in the same week's issue. 


One Tear, postage prepaid $300 

Single copies, 8 cents : postpaid, xo cents. 

AddreM P. O. Box 948, V. T. 

PuBucATioN Oppicb, sS Blm Stkbbt (near Duane), N. Y. 

Temporary Office, 84 I>%tane Street, 


Appletoo (D.) & Co 165 

Baker ft Taylor Co 193 

Beniamia(Wm. B.) 194 

BoolES for Sale 189 

Books Wanted 186 

Brentano*s 194 

CasenoTe(C. D.) 194 

Copyriffht Notices 189 

'Davie (O.) A Co 191 

De Witt Publithing House 194 

Dick ft Fitzgerald 194 

Dillingham (Charles T.) ft Co x9x 

Galignani Library 194 

Hanson rw. B.) 193 

Hclburn(Wm.) 194 

Help Wanted S89 

International News Co 191 

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Kay Printing House 194 

Kellogg r A. H.) 194 

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Lipp<ncott(J.B.)Co..... x9a 

Layster (S. B.) 195 

McLean (S.F.) 195 

MacmillanftCo 190 

Meisterschaft Publishing Co x9« 

Merriam Co. (The) 191, 193 

Merer Bros, ft Co 195 

Midland Bducational Company 195 

New York News Co x9S 

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Truth Seeker Co 195 

Uoirersalist Publishing House 195- 

Van (J. H.) ft Co 194 

VanBreren (P. F.) 195 

Westermann (B.) ft Co 195 


Thx Mbrkiam Company have just issued m 
story entitled "Two Bad Brown Eyes." by 
Marie St. Felix, author of "A Little Game with 
Destiny." The scene is laid at the World's 
Fair in Chicago, and humorous descriptions 
abound, relieving the shadows of the story. 

Thk F. a. Davis Co. will publish in Septem- 
ber •• Practical Uroanalysls and Urinary Diag- 
nosis." by Charles W. Purdy, M.D., a manual 

for the use of practitioners and students. The 
work will have numerous illustrations, including 
colored photo-engravings. 

Harper & Brothers will publish shortly in 
their Library Edition of the works of William 
Black his latest novel, " Highland Cousins." 
which has been published serially in Harpers 
Bazar, Howells' farce, entitled "The Garrot- 
ers," will soon be added to Harper's Black and 
White Series. 

D. Appleton & Co. will publish at once in 
their Town and Country Library a story of the 
English society of to-day, entitled *' Vasbti and 
Esther." They will publish this month Hall 
Caine'snew novel, " The Manxman," which has 
been issued serially here as well as in England. 
In view of the recent discussion about three- 
volume novels at the circulating libraries, it Is 
interesting to learn that Mr. Heinemann, of 
London, has decided to issue *' The Manxman " 
in a single volume, of more than 400 well-printed 
pages, instead of in the usual three«-volume form. 

Charles Scribner's Sons will publish on the 
nth George Meredith's new novel, " Lord Or- 
mont and His Aminta." It is said to be one of 
Meredith's best stories and likely to surpass the 
expectations of even his warmest admirers. An 
English reviewer describes It as "a novel for 
which the lover of literature will do well to put 
up his hands and, in the words of the old grace, 
' be truly thankful.' " Another new story by 
Mr. Meredith, entitled ** The Amazing Mar- 
riage," will be published serially in Scribner's 
Magaunct beginning In an early number. Thev 
will publish at the same time Harold Frederic s 
new story, " Marsena," In uniform style with 
" Salem Kittredge " and *' Tales of the Maine 
Coast." In "Marsena" Mr. Frederic's special 
gifts as a literary colorist are displayed more 
clearly than in any of his previous stories; his 
pictures of life and circumstances, feelings and 
situations in wartime are vivid and distinctive. 

LiTTLB, Brown & Co. have just ready " The 
Napoleon Romances," a series of six new vol- 
umes in their Library Edition of the romances 
of Alexandre Dumas. The romances included 
in this series are ** The Companions of Jehu " 
and '* The Whites and Blues." each in two vol- 
umes, which both deal with the French Republic 
under the Directory, and with the Consulate of 
Napoleon. They introduce such famous charac- 
ters as Napoleon, Josephine, Bourrienne, Gener- 
al Picbegru, Mme. de StaCl. and Comte d'Artois, 
afterwards Louis xviii. " The She- Wolves of 
Machecoul " has for Its historical theme the last 
Vend6e rising, in the reign of Louis Philippe, 
and the Duchesse de Berry Is its leading histor- 
ical personage. To this romance has been 
added a new translation of "The Corsican 
Brothers," the story upon which was founded 
the famous play of that name. Alt the stories 
in the series are faithful and unabridged render- 
ings of these masterpieces of the great French 
novelist, which, with those previously Issued, 
form a collection of unrivalled historical ro- 
mances, spanning French history from the reign 
of Henry 11. to that of Louis Philippe, a period 
extending over more than three centuries. The 
six volumes contain twelve etchings and photo- 
gravures and twelve half-tone plates, including 
historical portraits and original illustrations by 
E. Van Muyden, Edmund H . Garrett, Felix Ou- 
dart, and Frank T. Merrill. ^ j 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

1 68 

The Publishers' Weekly, \^tTo, 1175] August 4^ '94 


TA* abhreviatioiu are usually self-explanatory, c. after the date indicates that the heok is co^righted : if 

the edition {an 
of price ^ ind\ 

A colon after initial designates the most usual given name feu: A: Augustus: B: Benjamin; C: Charles: 
D: David: E: Edward: F: Frederic: G: George: H: Henry: I: Isaac : J: John : L: Louis: N: Nicholas: P: 
Peter: R: Richard : S: Samuel : T: Thomas: IV: William. 

Sizes are designated as follows : F. (folio: over y> centimeters high) : (Q. Ato : under yi cm.): 0.(Svo: sscw.).' 
D.{i7mo: 2ocmJ): S.(i6mo: fj% cm.): T. (v^mo: 15 cm.): Tt. (^imo: 12^4 cm.): Fe.i^Zmo: xocm.), S^.t^H^ 
mar.t designate square^ oblong^ narrow boohs of these heights. 

*Atkin8, Walter G. Water softening and 
scientific filtration. N. Y., Spon & Cham- 
berlain, 1894. 181 p. 1 folding pi., 8^, bds., 
40 c. [2309 

Barry, H. T., comp. Summary of every-day 
law. Kalamazoo, Mich., J: S. Sleeper, [H. 
T. Barry, 1534 Olive St.,] [1894.] c. 3-72 p. 
sq. D. flex, cl., 60 c. [2310 

Bemhard, Marie. The pearl: a romance; 
from the Oerman, by Mary Stuart Smith. 
N. Y., The International Kews CJo., [1894.] 
c. 3-307 p. D. (Author's lib., no. 6.) cl., 
$1.25; nap., 50 c. [2311 

Albert Camphauaen was the ward of old Captain 
Leopold, and had recently been made corvette captain 
of 77i« Nixey. He had fallen in love with the ola cap- 
taints niece, a daughter of an old Dutch baron, wlio 
looked down upon all sailors. How he won her and 
how much be bore for her sake forms the burden of an 
old-fashioned love-story. 

*Bible. New Testament. Arabic version of 
the Epistles of St. Paul to the Romans, 
Corinthians, Galatians, with part of the 
Epistle to the Ephesians; from a ninth cen- 
tury MS. in the Convent of St. Catharine, 
on Mount Sinai; ed. by Marearet Dunlop 
Gibson. N. Y., Macmillan & Co,. 1894. 
136 p. 4% (Studia Sinaitica, no. 2.) cl., 
net, f 2.50. [2812 

*Bible. Old Testament. The earliest trans- 
lation of the Old Testament into the 
Basque language, (a fragment,) by Pierre 
d'Urte of St. Jean de Luz, circa 1700 ; ed. 
from a MS. in the Library of Shirburn 
Cast'e, Oxfordshire, by Llewelyn Thomas. 
N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 163 p. 4% 
(Anecdota Oxoniensia, Mediaeval and mod- 
ern ser., pt. 10.) cl., net, $6. [2313 
Bumham, Hampden. Adeline Gray: a tale. 
N. Y., Wynkoop &Hallenbeck, prs., [trade 
supplied by the news companies, 1894.1 c. 
155 p. D. pap., 25 c. [1314 
The writer Is a Canadian of PeterlK>rough, Ontario. 
Adeline^s father dies, and under the severe strain put 
upon the family by reverses in fortune and also owmir 
to disappointment in love, theyounfrrirl fails in health. 
Her lover goes to Africa to fight for ^igland's colonies. 
He meets endless adventures and finally returns to 
clear up misunderstandings and marry a blind girl. 

Carmen, Sylva, [pseud, for Pauline Elizabeth 
Ottilia Louise, Queen of Rouniania,] Ed- 
leen Vaughan : or, paths of peril. [New 
issue.] N. Y., Cassell Pub. Co., ri894ri c. 
*91. 4+412 p. D. (CasselVs sunshine ser., 
no. 149.) cl., 75 c; pap., 60 c. [2315 

See notice, " Weekly Record.'' P. W , October 17. 

1891. [1029.J 

♦Carter, C: W. Handbook for the use of pro- 
bate courts, attorneys, executors, adminis- 
trators, trustees, guardians, and conserva- 
tors within the state of Conn. Norwich, pr. 
for the author, C: W. Carter, 1894. c. 
893 p. S. cl., $2. (Corr, price,) [2316 

Clauder, H. T. What time is it? a manual 
of instruction in teaching and reckoning 
time; longitude, solar, and standard time; 
with exercisps and' problems for use in 
schools. N. Y., W: Beverley Harison, 1894. 
c. 89 p. D. pap., 80 c. [2317 

The need of a suitable syllabus for teaching^ime 
measure in object-teaching^ and a desire to enlarse the 
usefulness of the dial as an object- teaching device 
have led to this compilation. The part for primary 
classes consists of simple explanations and exercises, 
but longitude and standard time involving some of 
the principles of higher mathematics and geographi- 
cal study nave been worked up as object lessons for 
advanced classes. The entire book forms a progres- 
sive and effective drill and leads to clear thinking and 
concise expression. 

Collier, Price. Mr. Picket-Pin and his 
friends; il. by Walter Bobbett. N. Y., E. 
P. Button & Co., [1894 ] 8+157 p. D. cl.. 
$1. [2818 

The author has written a very serious review of the 

§ resent political position of the North American In- 
ian. to which race Mr. Picket-Pin belongs. The four 
principal influences which now affect the more or less 
helpless wards of the United States are the taking of 
theiir land, education, whiskey, and inter-marria^e. 
They have been nursed into incompetency and weak- 
ness by too much legislation, too much philanthropy, 
and too much sectarian rivalry. Their distinctive 
racial qualities are fast disappearing, and Mr. Picket- 
Pin^s type will be lost in fifty years. 

Dale, Darley. Lottie's wooing. [New issue,! 
N. Y., Cassell Pub. Co., [1894.] c. '93. 4+ 
871 p. D. (Cassell's sunshine ser., no. 150.) 
cl., $1; pap., 50 c. [2319 

See notice, *^ Weekly Record," P. W., June 3, 1898, 


*Drage, Geoffrey. The unemployed. N. Y., 
Macmillan & Co., 1894. 277 p. 12% cl., 
$1.50. [2320 

Domaji, Alex. The companions of Jehu. In 
2 V. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1894. c. 
71+800; 2+349 p. por. and il. D. (The 
Napoleon romances.) cl., ea., $1.25; deco- 
rated cl., $1.50; hf. cf. or hf. mor., $3. 


Dumaji, Alex. The she- wolves of Machecou) ; 
to which is added The Corsican brothers. 
In 2 V. Host., Little. Brown & Co., 1894. 
c. 17+570 p; 7+580 p. il. D. (Tlie Napoleon 
romances.) cl., ea., $1.25; decorated cl., 
$1.50; hf. cf. or hf. mor., $3. [2322 

Dumas, Alex. The whites and blues. In 2 
T. Bost., Little, Brown & Co., 1894. c. 
29+416; 7+439 p. il. D. (The Napoleon ro- 
mances.) cl., ea,y $1.25; decorated cl., $1.50; 
hf. cf. or hf. mor., $3. [2323 

*Earl, Alfred. Practical lessoDS in physic^ 
measurement, N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 
1894. 350 p. 12% (Manuals for students.) 
flex, cl., net, $1.25. [2824 

^Bdholm, Charlton. The traffic in girls, and 
Florence Crittenton missions. Chic, Charl- 

• In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptions {according to the rule of the American 
Library Association) from books received. BookS not received are indicated by^fre^xed asterisk. 

and this office cannot be held responsible for the cof^rectness of their record. 

ized by 


August 4, '94 \No, 1175] The Publishers' Weekly. 


ton Edholm, Press World's Women's Chris- 
tian Temperance Union Temple, 1894. 11. 
12% cl., $1. [2325 

Blwood, G: M. Some earlier public amuse- 
ments of Rochester; read before the Roches- 
ter Historical Society, 1894. Rochester, 
N. Y., Democrat and Chronicle Print., 
1894. 2-62 p. T. pap., 25 c. [2826 

Covers the years from 18S0 to 1883, mostly by quota- 
tions from the newspaper* of the time. Shows how 
stroma the Puritan traditions remained among the new, 
and for their day most enterprising settlers of ** the 

Emmet, W: Leroy. Alternating current 
wiring and distribution. N. Y., The Elec- 
trical Engineer, 203 Broadway, 1894. c. 
76 p. il. S. cl.. $1. [2327 

Points out the practical significance of some of the 
laws governing the distribution of alternating currents, 
and explains those laws in such a manner that their 
nature and relative importance may be realized by 
practical men without the expenditure of time neces- 
sary to the study of complete works on the subiect. 
Tables are given and determinations worlc**d out illus- 
trating the principles involved. Mathematical expres- 
sions and scientinc terms are avoided. 

Oibbet, Emily Oliver. Essay*. N. Y., C: T. 

Dillingham & Co., 1894. 6-174 p. D. cl., $1. 


Essajrs on Ernest Renan*s " Life of Jesus; ^* Srauss' 
** Life of Jesus; '* Mi vart's '' Christianity and Roman 
Paganism;'' and De Tuneelmann's ''Electricity in 
modern life.'^ Written from an orthodox Christian 

Oleason, Clarence W. The gate to the Ana- 
basis; with colloquia, notes, and vocabu- 
lary. Bost., Ginn & Co., 1894. c. 4H-47 p. 
map, S. (School classics.) cl., 45 c. [2329 
This simplified text of the first book of "Anabietsis " 
is divided into forty-six lessons, and these are followed 
by conversations in Greek, with notes and vocabular- 
ies. A thorough trial in the class-room has proved 
that the method introduces the learner to the com- 
plete text of the author sooner than was formerly pos- 
sible and makes him familiar with Greek as a spoken 

Oodfrey, E: K., comp. The Island of Nan- 
tucket, what it was and what it is: a com- 
plete index and guide to this noted resort. 
rfew rev. ed., witn correct map of the town 
and island. Bost., Lee & Shepard, [1894.^ 
c.'82. 64-365-+-4P. D. pap., 50 c. [23r 

Containing descriptions of everything on or about 
the island in regard to which the visitor or resident 
may desire information, including its history, people, 
apiculture, botany, conchology, and geology. 

•HalUday, G: Belt driving. N. Y., Spon & 
Chamberlain, 1894. 100 p. 8% 3 folding pi., 
cL, $1.60. [2831 

♦Henry, Victor. Short comparative gram- 
mar of the English and German, as traced 
back to their common origin and contrasted 
with the classical languages; tr. by the au- 
thor. N. Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 
894 p. 12% cl., net, $1.90. [2332 

Holmes, Catharine S. A troublesome name. 
Gin., C, Cranston & Curts, 1894. c. 413 p. 
11., $1. [2333 

Gertie Winner had weak eyes and was obliged to 
leave school quite often. She goes to her unoTe^s to 
pass awav some days of idleness, and the story tells of 
the daily lives and duties and pleasures of herself, her 
cousins, and friends. GUbertina. ** the troublesome 
nanoe/* was given to a doll, who plays quite a part in 
this story of school-days and vacations. 

^Johnson, F. R. Stresses in girder and roof 
trusses for both dead and live loads, by 
simple multiplication with stress constants 
for 100 cases. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlain, 
1894. 215 p. 20 pi., 12^, cl., $2.50. [2334 

Kenealy, Arabella. Dr. Janet of Harlev 
Street: a novel. N. Y., Appleton, 1894. 
4+340 p. D. (Appleton's town and country 
lib., no. 147.) cl., 75 c; pap., 50 c. [2335 
Phyllis Eve, at seventeen, is married to a French 
roM^, who the daytbefore has kissed her and disgusted 
her. She will not live with him, and runs away to 
London to seek work in a hospital A.n eminent woman 
physician. Dr. Janet Doyle, takes interest in her, en- 
courages ner to become a physician, takes her to her 
heart and home, and endeavors to teach her the true 
position and true mission of womanlv women. The 
plot is made the meansof conveying in many telling 
sentences that woman should be asnamed to aim at 
being **undevet<^t man,** or feminine or neuter in- 
stead of becoming womanly in the highest sense. 

Kneipp, Sebastian. My water cure ; tr. from 
the Qerman into Bohemian. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Aut. Nov4ka, [C. N. Caspar,] 1894. 
c. 269 p. 12% pap., 60 c. [2336 

*I«ewi8, Ag^es Smith, comp. Catalogue of 
the Syriac M88. in the Convent of St. Cath- 
arine on Mount Sinai. N. Y., Macmillan & 
Co., 1894. 131 p. 4°, (Studia Sinaitica, no. 
1.) pap., net, $5.50. [2337 

MacFadden, C: K., and Ray, W: D. The 
practical application of dynamo-electric 
machinery. [Chic, Date & Ruggles, 189 
Washington St., 1894.1 167 p. fl. S. cl., 
$1. [2338 

For a class of readers, ** who, realizing the need of a 
general fundamental understanding of the application 
of electricity, will read with some benefit (the authors 
trust) a few descriptions of the rnodua operandi of the 
most generally used class of electrical machinery." 

McVickar, H: Goelet. The purple light of 
love. N. Y., Appleton, 1894. c. 2-+- 176 p. 
D. cl.,?5c. 12839 

The purple light of love comes into the life of John 
Edgar when he has reached fame and fortune as a 
successful railroad lawyo*. The woman is a calculat- 
ing widow and the man dies of a broken heart. Fash- 
ionable New York and Newport circles, clubs, and 
decks of yachts are made the background of an earn- 
est, honest man*s life-tragedy. 

Merton, Holmes W. Life and healing: a 

segment of spiritonoroy. Bost., [Holmes 

W. Merton], 212 Columbus Ave., [1894.] 

c. '93, *94. 3-49 p. por. nar. D. cl., 50 c; 

flex, cl., 75 c; pap., 25 c. [2340 

Spiritonomy treats of spiritones, living spirit bodies 

to which human material bodies should be servants. 

The author holds that all mental or physical ailments 

can be cured when thoroughly treated by life-giving 

forces within and around us. He argues that disease 

is but the loss of spiritual selfrulership, and that a con- 
sistent study of the needs of the soul will make the 
needsof the body assume secondary importance. 

*Bffitohell, Rev. T: Conflict of the nineteenth 
century — the Bible and free thouirht: In- 
gersolls lecture on "The gods" dissected 
— ^its charges a combine of misconception 
and reckless assertion. [iVen' and cheaper 
iHsueA N. Y., S. F. Mcliean & Co., 1894. 
466 p. 12% cl., $1. [2341 

*MitohelI, Rev. T: Cosmogony: the geologi- 
cal antiquity of the world; evolution, athe- 
ism, pantheism, deism, and infidelity re- 
futed oy science, philosophy, and scripture. 
N. Y., S. F. McLean & Co. 450 p. 12% cl., 
$1. [2342 

Noble, Annette L., and Coann, Pearl Clem- 
ent. Love and shawl-straps. N. Y., G: P. 
Putnam's Sons, 1894. c. 34-291 p. D. 
(Hudson lib., no. 1.) pap., 50 c. [2343 

Mrs. Thome, the travelled sister of busy Doctor 
Thomas Bruce, thinks it will do her run-down brother 
good to seethe world and rest. She plans to chaperone 
six ladies to make such a tour possible. Three youn^ 
and three older ladies are finally chosen and the jour- 
ney be^ns. The re^lar route is travelled, but Mrs. 
Thome finds she has undertaken "a big: contract,** 


The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1175J August 4, '94 

and that her Jovial brother is more hindrance than 
help. Love laughs at chaperones and agreements is 
the keynote of an amusing narrative. 

Parker, Francis W. Talks in pedagogics: an 
outline of the theory of concentration. N. 
Y. and Chic, E. L. Kellogg & Ck)., [1894.1 
c. 16+491 p. por. D. cl., $1.50. [8844 

These tallcs by the principal of the Oook County 
Normal School, Chicago, were given at the Teachers* 
Retreat. Chautauqua Assembly, Kew York, in July, 
1891. Their popular form has now been changed to 
text for close study. Among the convictions here 
formulated is that natural sciences and history should 
be put into the primary school, and reading and lan- 
guage lessons taught while gathering information on 
sciences, morals, literature, ethics, etc., so that the 
whole school svstem concentrate itself around sound 
development of mind, body, and soul, to produce har- 
monious, healthy, happy, useful men and women. 

*PearBon, C: H. National life and character: 
a forecast. 2cl and cheaper ed. N. Y., 
Macmillan & Co., 1894. 12^, cl., $2. [2845 
Pomeroy, W: C. The lords of misrule: a tale 
of gods and of men. Chic, Laird & Lee, 
1894, c. 8-816 p. 1 il. D. (Library of 
choice fiction, no. 78.) pap., 50 c. [^6 

In a dream Harold Brayton is supposed to meet 
many mythological characters, amongst them the 
goddess Truth, who visiU the earth with him and 
teaches him to Judge of men and things of the hour by 
her uncompromising light. Social conditions and so- 
called reforms are satirized. 

Rand, MoNally & Co.'s indexed county and 
railroad pocket map and shipper's guides. 
N. Y. and Chic, Rand, McNally & Co., 
[1894.1 c. folded map, S. pap., ea., 25 c 

Contenti: Indian and Oklahoma Territories, 20 p.; 

Pennsylvania, 181 p. 

Rand, McNally & Co.'s indexed county and 
township pocket map and shipper's guides. 
N. Y. and Chic, Rand, McNally & Co., 
[1894.1 c. folded map, S. pap., ea., 25 c 

Contents: Arizona, 18 p.; Colorado, 88 p.; Idaho, 


Ra3rmond, Bradford Paul, D.D. Christianity 
and the Christ: a study of Christian evi- 
dences. N. Y., Hunt & Eaton, 1894. c 
10+250 p. D. cl., 85 c [2849 

The purpose of the book is to show that the Chris- 
tian faith £b thoroughly reasonable, and can be carried 
ot^t in all vital, practical conditions. The author is 
president of the Wesleyan University, Middletown, 
Coon. Treats of Christ and the Christian life, the re- 
vised version, the prophets, the supernatural, the res- 
urrection, the apostle Paul, history, immortality, etc., 

Restariok, Rev, H. B. Lay readers, their 

history, organization, and work: an account 

of what lawmen are doing and can do for 

the extension of the kingdom of God. N. 

Y., T: Whittaker, [1894.1 c 7+269 p. D. 

cl., $1. f2350 

The author is the rector of St. PauPs Cnurch 

(Protestant Episcopal), San Diego, California. The 

book is dedicated to the members of the Brotherhood 

of St. Andrew, who are pledged to do the aggressive 

definite missionary work the church cannot even hope 

to touch without the aid of consecrated, systematic 

lay effort. It clearly defines what lay readers may do 

and what they may not do, and good advice is given 

by which they become a great help in every parish. 

Richards, Mrs, Laura E. Narcissa; or, the 
road to Rome. [Also] In Verona. Bost., 
Estes & Lauriat, 1894. c. '92, '94. 2+80 p. 
O. buckram, 50 c [2851 

The clever author of *' Captain January •♦ has writ- 
ten two bright little romances about the New England 
towns of Rome and Verona. In the former Narcissa 
sits feeding turkeys when Romulus Patten passes by, 
and asks her the road to Rome. Narcissa is sure that 
within a day*s journey from her rocky Maine farm lies 
the ancient city of Borne, which she has learned to love 

from an old print. "Verona " is full of the breath of 
the country and the bright days and heart aches of 
good, healthy New England girls, old and young. 

^Roberts, C: W. Practical advice for ma- 
rine eneiDeers. N. Y., Spon & Chambf r- 
lain, 1894. 150 p. il. 12*, cl., $1. [2853 

Ruskin, J: Essays and letters, selected from 
the writings of John Ruskin; with intro- 
ductory interpretations and annotations; 
ed., by Mrs. Lois G. Hufford. Bost., Ginn 
&Ck)., 1894. c 19+441+8 p. por D. hf. 
leather, $1. [285$ 

Selections from Ruskin*s writings, giving character- 
istic expressions of his views on social questions and 
ethics as applied to life. To be used as a reader in the 
hope of elevating the standards of personal and social 
virtue. The editor is teacher of literature in the Hisfa 
School of Indianapolis. Indiana. Gives list of toe 
collected writings of Ruskin, with dates of publicsr 

RusseU, W. Clark. list, ye landsmen: a ro- 
mance of incident. [New issue,} N. Y., 
CassellPub. Co., [1894.] c '92. 4+408 p. 
D. (Cassell's sunshine ser., extra no. 153.) 
cl., $1; pap., 50 c [2854 

See notice, ** Weekly Record," P. W.. Febmary 25, 

1898, [1100.] 

Scheiner, J. Treatise on astronomicid spec- 
troscopy: a translation of ** Die specfa^- 
analyse der gestime;" tr., rev, and «n/., 
with the co-operation of the author, by 
Edwin Brant Frost. Bost, Ginn & Co., 
1894. c. 18-^482 p. il. O. hf. leath., $5. 

Prof. Scheiner is assistant at the Royal Astronomi- 
cal Observatoiy at Potsdam. This treatise on the 
science of astronomical spectroscopy— spectrum an- 
alysis in its astronomical applications—is intended as 
an ad vanced text-book for students and as a handbook 
for scientists. It presents an exhaustive survey of 
modem methods and results of research in this branch 
of science, covering the details of spectroscopic ap- 
paratus, the leading spectroscopic theories, the results 
of spectroscc^ic observations, and a representative 
series of spectroscopic tables. The work first Ap- 
peared in 1800, and in the present edition the advances 
made in the study of astrophysics within the past 
three years have been incorporated by the translator, 
who is assistant professor 01 astronomy at Dartmouth 
College. A bibliography of astronomical spectroscopy 
is appended (44 p.), and there is a good index. 

*Semple, R. B. History of the rise and prog- 
ress of the Baptist in Virginia; rev. and 
enl, by Rev. G. W. Beale. Richmond, Vs., 
Pitt & Dickinson, [J. W. Randolph & Co.,] 
18»4. 10-586 p. 12% cl., $1.50. [2356 

Shakespeare, W: Much ado about nothing, 
[^ndj Love's labour's lost; with preface, 
glossary, etc., by Israel Gollancz. Temple 
ed, N. Y., Macmillan & Co., [1894.] 6+ 
185; 10+140 p. il. por. sq. T. flex, cl., ea., 
45 c. [2357 

Smiley, Mrs, Annie E. Fifty social evenings 
for Ep worth leagues and the home circle; 
with introd. by Rev. W. I. Haven. N. Y., 
Hunt & Eaton, 1894. c. 70 p. nar. S. 
(The league at work ser.) cl., net, 25 r. 

Bright, entertaining and instmctivejgames to make 
social evenings in church life pass pleasantly. SmU 
able for all societies of an v denomination, and will also 
prove useful in home parties. 

*Swete, H. B., D,D. The Apostles' creed: 
its relation to primitive Christianity. N. 
Y., Macmillan & Co., 1894. 110 p. 12*, cl., 
net, $1.10. [2359 

Turner, Rev. W: Handbook of the Bible: a 
compendium of facts and curiosities. N. 
Y., T: Whittaker, [1894.] c. 285 p. iL D. 
cl., $1. [2360 

This book has been compiledHo answer the ques- 
Digitized by V:iOOQl£ 

August 4, '94 [No. 1175] The Publishers' Weekly. 


tlons: What is the antiquity of the Bible ? How has it 
attained its present form, or was It always so ? On 
what grounds, real or supposed, do its pretensli na 
rest ? Is the boolc (and in what sense) truly divine ? 

Upham, Francis W. The first words from 
God; or, truths made known in the first 
two chapters of his holy word. [Also] The 
harmonizing of the records of the resur- 
rection morning. N. Y., Hunt & Elaton, 
1894. c. 18H-58p,D. cl., 85 c. [3861 

The author has been a student of law, and subnUts 

all his propositions to the sternest reasoning processes. 

He takes the history of the creation, and interprets It 

according to natural law, and makes theOospete agree 

on the events of the resurrection. Dedicated to Dr. 

Fordyce Barker. Most of this material has been in 

shape since 188:;. 

Vedder, H: C. The dawn of Christianity; or, 
studies of the Apo«*toltc church, rhil., 
American Baptist Pub. Soc , [1894.] c. 
208 p. D. (Christian culture courses.) cl., 
90 c. [2862 

An extension of a series of studies, published in the 

Baptist Union^ of Chicago, in 1803-94, under the head 
of the *' Sacred literature course.*' At the request of 
the executive committee of*the Baptist Young reople*8 
Union of America they are given in permanent form. 
The work is divided into four parts: The founding of 
the church; The Qospel in Asia; The Gospel in Eu- 
rope; and Establishing the churches. It is claimed 
that it is histcnical in aim and spirit, but that it does 
not give equal prominenoe to all apostolic events. ! En- 
lai^ged supplementary readings, with literary refer- 
eaces, follow the li»sson8. Designed for students, lay- 
men, and young people. 

West, Nathaniel. John Wesley and pre- 
millennialisro. N. Y., printed for the au- 
thor by Hunt & Eaton, 1894. c. 47 p. sq. 
S. pap., 15 c. {Corr. title.) [2868 

Weyman, Stanley J. The house of the wolf: 
a romance. N. Y. and Chic, Rand, Mc- 
Nally & Co., 1894. 6-250 p. D. (Globe lib., 
V, 1, no. 187.) pap., 25 c. [2864 

See noUee, ** Weekly Record," P. W., June 81. 1800, 


American Baptist Pub. Soc, Phila. 
Vedder. Dawn of Christianity 90 

D. Applbton ft Co.. N. Y. 
Kenealy. Dr. Janet of Harley Street (T. 

aod C. L.. 147) 50 c. ; 75' 

McVickar, The purple light of love 75 

H. T. Barry, 1534 Olive St., Kalamaxoo, Mich. 

Barry, Summary of every-day law 50 

C. N. Caspar, Milwaukee, Wit. 
Kneipp, My water cure (in Bohemian). . . 50 

Cassell PtTB. Co., N. Y. 
Carmen Sylva, Edieen Vaughan, mw Is' 

s^e 50C.; 75 

Dale, Lottie's wooiDg, new issue. . • .50 r.; $1.00 
Russell, List, ye landsmen, new issue, ^o c. ; i .00 

Cranston & Curts, Cin. , O. 

Holmes, A troublesome name i .00 

Date ft Rugglss, 189 Washington, St., Chic. 
MacFadden and Ray, Practical application 
of dynamo^lectric machinery i . 00 

Democrat AND Chronicle Print., Rochester, 

N. Y. 
Elwood, Some earlier public amusements 
of Rochester 35 

C. T. Dillingham ft Co., N. Y. 
Gibbes, Essays i.oo 

E. P. DuTTON ft Co.. N. Y. 
Collier, Mr. Picket- Pin and his friends. . . i.oo 

Charlton Edholm, Press World's Women's 

Christian Temperance Union Temple, 


Edholm, The traffic in girls i .00 

The Electrical Engineer, 303 Broadway, 
N. Y. 
Emmet, Alternating current wiring and 
distribution i.oo 

Estes ft Lauriat, Bost. 
Richards, Narcissa ; [also] In Verona. ... 50 

Ginn ft Co., Bost. 

Gleason, Gate to the Anabasis 45 

Ruskin, Essays and letters ; ed. by Mrs. 
L. G. Hufford i .00 

Ginn ft Co. — Continued. 
Scheiner, Astronomical spectroscopy ; 
rev. by Frost • f5«oo 

W. Beverley Harison, N. Y. 
Clauder, What time is it ? 30 

Hunt ft Eaton, N. Y. 

Raymond, Christianity and the Christ. . . 85 

Smiley, Fifty social evenings net, 25 

Upham, The first words from God 8s 

West, John Wesiey and premlliennlalism, 

corr. title 15 

The International News Co., N. Y. 
Bernbard, The pearl 50 c. ; i .3$ 

E. L. Kellogg ft Co., N. Y. 
Parker, Talks on pedagogics i . 50 

Laird ft Lee, Chic. 
Pomeroy, The lords of misrule 50 

Lee ft Shepard. Bost. 
Godfrey, The Island of Nantucket, new 
ed 50 

Little, Brown ft Co., Bost. 
Dumas, The companions of Jehu, 2 v., 

<«., $1.25; fi.50; 3.00 

— The whites and blues, 2 v., 

M., $1.25 ; $1.50; 3- 00 

— The she wolves of Machecoul, 2 v., 

^0., $1.25 ; fi.50; 3. CO 

S. F. McLean ft Co., N. Y. 
Mitchell, Conflict of the nineteenth cen- 
tury, new cheaper issue l .co 

— Cosmogony, new cheaper issue, ....... i .00 

Macmillan ft Co.. N. Y. 
Bible, Arabic version of Epistles of St. 
Paul to the Romans, Corinthians, Gala- 
tians net, 2.50 

— Earliest translation of Old Testament 

into the Basque language net, 6. 00 

Drage, The unemployed i . 50 

Earl, Physical measurement net, i . 25 

Henry. Short comparative grammar of 

English and Gernoan net, i .90 

Lewis, Caulogue of the Syriac Mss. 

in the Convent of St. Catharice on 

Mount Sinai net, 5 . 50 

Pearson, National life and character, 2d 

and cheaper ed 2.C0 

Digitized by 



The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1175] Aygust 4, '94 

Macmillan & Qo,— 'Continued, 
Shakespeare. Much ado about nothing ; 
\als9\ Love's labour's lost, Temple ed, 

fa., 45 
Svrete, The Apostles' creed net, %i . 10 

Holmes W. Merton, 212 Columbus Ave., 

Boston. Mass. 

Merton, Life and healing. . . .75 c. ; 50 c. ; 25 

G. P. Putnam's Sons. N. Y. 
Noble and Coann, Love and shawl straps.. 50 

Rand, McNally & Co.. N. Y. and Chic. 

Rand, McNally & Co.'s indexed county 
and railroad pocket maps of Indian and 
Oklahoma Territories and Pennsyl- 
vania ea, , 25 

township pocket maps of 

Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho .... ,ea,, 35 

Rand, McNally ft Co. ^Continued. 
Weyman, The house of the wolf 2$ 

J. W. Randolph & Co., Richmond, Va. 
Semple, Rise and progress of the Baptist 
in Virginia $1.50 

Spon & Chamberlain. N. Y. 

Atkins, Water softening 40 

Halliday, Belt driving 1.50 

Johnson , Strains in girder and roof trusses. 2 . 50 
Roberts, Practical advice for marine en- 
gineers 1 .00 

Thomas Whittaker. N. Y. 

Restarick, Lay readers i .co 

Turner, Handbook of the Bible i .00 

Wynkoop & Hallenbeck, 441 Pearl St., N. Y. 
Burnham, Adeline Gray 25 


Turn in Reference List te the wrd* iialictMed in the Syna/tie. 

BiographT, Correspondence, eto.^AMe/en, Ven. 
Mother M. C. FritM.—Erteston^ Gen. John Paterson. 
•^HiltMheimer^ Extracts from ^\^xy .-^Hubhard^ Forbes 
of Harvard.— Z,#^, National biography.— Jf«r>A#r4»i». 
Life and letters. — Mineval^ Memoirs il. history of 
Napoleon \.—Page, Froebel.— /Vmjw*, Genealogy of the 
Blackmans.— ^««>(iM, Letters.— fKr^3, Correspondence 
and journals. 

Calendars, Souvenirs, ©to.— flw/rr, Gift of peace 
and loving greetings for 365 days. 

Description, Travel, etc.— -^/>^/#«#' handbook of 
summer resoru.—^«wm>//, Book of the fair, pts. 11-14. 
—Beyd^ Caralry life in tent and field.— Z7«cr/V«, Dolo- 
mite %\xovkVL\ko\o.%.^MeCr«uken^ Romance Switzerland; 
Teutonic Switzerland.— A'#w/«ff, Run through Russia. 
— Rawneley^ Literary associations of the Bng. lakes.— 
Sweet, On a Mexican mustang through Texas. 

Education, Iiangoage* — ArUte^hsnes, The Archar- 
nians. — ^r«<^^, Color in the kindergarten. — Cf<«r», 
Pro L. Murena, etc-^Euri/idet, Hecuba.— Fww/rig- 
Serf, First lessons in reading. — {;(^#r</, Physics.— 
Hutckiten, Our wonderful bodies. —iL#wtr, National 
school lib. of song, no. %.^Mac Arthur, Biog. of the 
Bng. language.— il/«r<(/iis»r. Kindergarten blackboard. 
— MeitUan, Royal Bng. dictionary.— Jlftfjrtv^//, Introd. 
lessons in Bng. grammar.— Jf»r«/, Bncyclopaedic Bng.- 
Ger. and Ger.-Bng. dictionary.— /Vr>(, Graded lessons 
in number.— /Vi/«7tfss/, How Gertrude teaches her chil- 
dren. — Pilling, Wakashan languages. — Plautne, Asina- 
t\z..— Play/air, Aspects of modern study.— 5^cA///rr, 
Maid of Orleans; Mary Stuart ; William Tell.— 5/#ai*#, 
Fractions.— S'mmVA. C, Algebra.— .JiwxM, B., Songs for 
little children.— S'ffvi/Ai/ra/, Eng. grammar, spelling, 
and letter-writing.— TtfcZ/Mx, Agricola and Germania. 
— Thompten^ Bducational and industrial system of 
drawing.— K/r/V/, Mntid.^tValten, Cult of Asklepios. 
•^Weaver, Paper and scissors in the school-room.- 
jyHlit, Practical flora. 

'Fiotion.—Alexmnder, Moral h\ot,''Ameriemmtim\»M%^' 
doT.'^A//Ut0n, After the manner of men.— ^r/^x. 
Red bouse. — Brewne, " 3894." — C»r/#«/#r, Modern 
Rosalind.— dr£r/mi*, Sarah.— C^^, Disapp^rance of 
Mr. Derwent.— Z^tfrtV, Van Bibber, and others.— />m- 
teievsky. Poor folk.— Deubleday, Just plain folks.— 
Fleming, Pretty governess. — Ferster. Major Joshua. — 
Gardner^ Fortunes of Margaret Weld ; Quaker idyls. 
— Grand, Heavenly twins.-^tf/Zvy, Abbe Constantin. 
~-Hect0r, Forging the fetters.— A^r/w, Between two 
forces.— Melmes, M ill bank.— //«m^, Man who vanished. 
—King, Stories of a country doctor.— A#«», Parson 
Jones.— L#w«/i/, Mask of beauty.— ilftfiv/o', Queen of 
Bcuador.— il//»/tfM, Country lanes and city pavements. 
^ Moore, Bsther Waters.- Af«iV, Thy name is woman. 
'-O^Neill, Easter vacation.— /¥«*</. Outlaw and law- 
maker. — Roe, Her first adventure.— V?tf///iifx, Break oMay 
X9\tt,— Russell, His will and htn.—Ryan, Flower of 
France.— itf//*. Uncle's ghost.— Attwyrr, David and 
Ah\g»i\.—Southworth, Cruel as the grave.— J/#iwi»mm, 
Ebb tide. — Superfluoue woman. — Taube, Countess 
Janina. — Thompson, Moral dilemma. — Turgenieff, 

Rudin.— K^K/Aii, Yet she loved him.— »V/r*jr. Double 
Mit,— Williams^ Two of a Xx^Ae.— Winter, Every inch 
a soldier ; He went for a soldier. 

Fine Arts.— ^»rr««^4r. Art portfolio of stage celebri- 
ties. — Conder, landscape gardening in Jzp^n.—FitX' 
geralti,' Operas of Giloert and Sullivan described.— 
Mmitland, Masters of German music— ffVr/^x Colum- 
bian Exposition, Art and architecture. 

History.— i4>//r/«M*« annual cyclopaedia of events.— 
Dayton, ScaratM.— />«r«^, Hist, of modem times.— 
Hardy, Christianity and the Roman government.— 
Henderson^ Germany in the middle zgt*. — Lsrmed, 
History for ready reference, v. %,—Meneval. Napoleon 
I. — Pollard, Pamunkey Indians of Virginia. — Sharpt^ 
London and the kingdom —.SiMrf/A, Governors of Vir- 
^\Vk\z..Spofford, Lib. of historic characters and famoat 
events. — Taylor, Maximilian and Carlotta. — Wood' 
ward^ Bcdesiastical heraldry. 

Humor and Satire.— ^«m^»V conquest of New York. 

Hygienic and Sanitary.- ^//m:^. Public baths. - 
Frankland, Micro-organisms.— //«iv«#/. Macrobiotic— 
Thomas, Psycho-physical culture. — lf^«r/M(^, Sewage 

JuTenile.—.^/^^i«, Wanted.— /?«i«ry>ri/, Jesaie*s three re- 
solutions. — Basket of flowers.— i9«»vtf«, Pilgrim*s prog* 
TtM.—Burke^ Fairy ules. —i^vr/, Stories from Plato. 
—Ckarles, Story of Christian life in England in the 
olden tim«.— C#iWj^r/, Grizzly*s little pMT^.Simslie, 
Little lady of Lavender.— /Vr«/ book of Bible knowl- 
edge. — Gunn, Sons of the vikings.— /r#/JI«ri, Life of 
Jesus.— /r#x/a, Lraving the manse.— /.o^v. Better way. 
—Poulsson, In the cluld*s world.— ^mvi/A, Christmaf 
festival service. — Titterington, Summer brother. — 
Walrond, Mopsie.— If7//M the pilot. 

JOkW.— Alabama, Sup. ct. repts., v. 89, 9a. 91, 95, 97.— 
American and Bng. corporation cases; Railroad and 
corporation reptt.^Atlantic reporter.— Baiiey, Mas- 
ter's liability for injuries to •eryainL-Cali/omia, Sup. 
ct. reptM.— Carter, Handbook for use of probate cts.— 
Connecticut^ Index to general statutes. — District 0/ 
Columbia, Ct. of appeals repts. — Georgia^ Sup. ct. 
reptM,— Graves, Summary of law of real property.— 
Hagan^ Disputed handwriting.— ///ifi^/x, Appellate cts. 
repts.; Sup. ct. repts.- AV«£r«4/, Self -preparation for 
final examination.— Z.«tvm* repi^—Marttndale*s Am. 
law directory. — Maryland, Ct. of appeals repts.— If in- 
nesota. Sup. ct. reptu.— Alebraska^ Sup. ct. citations.— 
Mew York, Codcf of civil procedure; Criminal procedure; 
Cts. of record cases ; Sup. ct. repts.— A'#r/JUAr//r«i re- 
porter. — Nortkwestern reporter.— Patterson , Principles 
of law of real property.— PrUock, Law of torta in obli- 
gations.— /V//cAar^, Law of wills. — Reardon, Forms 
of deeds, mortgages. etc—Southern reporter.— Thayer, 
Cases on constitutional IsiW.—l/nited States cts.. Forms 
of federal procedure.— f7r^*«/a, Acu and joint resolu- 
tions.- IPii///x, Procedure in the common law actisns. 

Iiiterary History and lCi8ce^an7. — .^ro^/xJUw, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

August ^, '94. [No. 1 1 75] The Publishers* Weekly. 


Bnif. antholoinr from Chaucer to Tennyton.— ^r^wrr. 
Character sketches. —CAawr^r, Complete works, v. 3.— 
Clarke Libraries in the Mediaeval and Renaissance 
periods.— i7<^w</riv, Introd. to Shakespeare.— Grr^>i#. 
Green pastures.— AAM/A/rwM, Life and letters.— i»/<«/- 
Urj^ Morte D*Arthur, — Oman. Great Indian epics.— 
Pc*y Works, 4 ^.—Rawnslty^ Literary associations of 
Bnf^. \»k.t%.-^ SnyeUmstricktr^ Bpic of the Orient.— 
Street. Miniatures and moods.— Umited Stmte*^ Index- 
catalogue of library of the Surgeon-Geoeral's office. 

Medical Soienoe. — Crrj/#r, Aseptic and anriseptic 
surgery — Gotthetl^ General histology.— >^<mA/, II. diet, 
of medicine, biology, and allied sciences. — Kocher^ 
Operative v^x^t^y.^'Mills^ Animal physiology.— iVrr«- 
us. Discovery of modern anaesthesia.- /Wr*, Osteot- 
omy and osteoclasis for correction of deformities of 
lower limbs. — if/ «^rr,Thcrapeutics.— 5i-«</<//r, Eclectic 
practice in diseases of chfldren.— Jf/^frff/, Functional 
nervous diseases. 

Mental and Moral Philosophy.— ^f«r^/, On double 
consciousness. — Lang^ Cock lane and common sense. 

Physical and Mathematical Science. — Conder^ 
Landscape gardening in Japan. — Dodison. Curiosa 
mathematica. — Frazery Study of documents. — Haga^n^ 
Disputed handwriting.— i:^(7Jvar</.The c^mtX.— Nichols^ 
Laboratory manual of physics and applied electricity.— 
Pmlmer^ About mushrooms.— ^MaiK, Elements of anat- 
omy.— 7**//, Properties of matter.— JfV#</, Fungi and 

Poetry and the Drama.— ^a//«. The torch-bearers.— 
Be'r anger. Songs of K» ance.— //^ i»r*r, Iliad and Odys- 
sey. — //ifl/AiiM, Roses and thistles. —yi9Aiv//«», My 
garden-walk. — Main. Treasury of Eng. sonnets.- 
Moore^ Strike at Kx\\Vk%ioxd.—Skakeipearey Poems; 

Woi ks, V. 19, vi.Stockbridge. Balder the poet.— ^wm- 
hmrney Astrophel.— ^//^-^jt. Poems of passion. 

Political and Social Science*—^ ndrews. An honest 
dollar.— Ca» MX, Naiu e ot the sute.— Z?rriy, Earl of. 
Speeches and addresses.— i7#iv^/«4, Society in China. — 
Hall^ Foreign powers of the British crovrn.—HohscHy^ 
Evolution of modern capitalism.— //tf^Mr««r, Sphere of 
the sute.--/ac^(, Ccmmon sense applied to woman 
suffrage. — Leavitt. Our money wars.— A/«VrA///, How 
to succeed in life —Otken^ Ills of the SoMlh.—RoutierSy- 
La science sociale.— 5M»»d///r, Idea of justice in po it- 
ical economy. — Smith. Silver question. — Stone^ new 
roads and road laws in the JJ.S.— Tkomas.lhc Maya^ 
y^z.t.— Th0mp%ony Footprints of the Jesuits.— Jfar*^, 
Political ethics ul Herbert Spencer. 

Sports and Amusements.— (7«»A/, Draughts.— AVar, 
Draughts.- A'fif;^^/, Hinu on driving. 

Theology, Beligion. and Speculation.— i^am^x, 
Inorx lu Inter, a. S. lessons —Bennett. Chronicles. — 
Bible. New Trsument, with noten.—BlaiAie, Heroes of 
Isr Ac\.— Deems. Christian thought.- Z># *f'iV/, John 
Wesley and premillennia Ism. — /^a//, Christian doc- 
trine.— Afar/***, Epworih catechism.— .A////rr, Home 
talks about the vrord.—Afuller^ Sacred books ot the 
ELsat.— Murray. Love made perfect.— /Vf>t, The revival 
and the pastor —Seltyy Prrsent-diiy preaching.— 5^//r/- 
ed hymns and tunes. 

IJseful Arts. Commerce, ^to.— Britten. Clock ]>nd 
watch makers.- Z^rxx*/, Heat motor.— 6 raAa/w, Regen- 
erator furnaces. —//^r#«^^, Gas engineer's laboratory 
handbook. — Housten. Electricity one hundred years ago 
and to-day. — Industries of Russia. — .^a>r</. Uses of 
compressed ^ix.— Solomons^ Electric-light installations. 
— Tr evert., How to build dynamo-electric machineiy. 

7» »4» a« 

Tk* main entry under autk^Ty #r, in the case »/ anonymous boeks under titU only^ given in parentheses as (J) 
38) the date of tkt number of Thb Publishbrs* Wbbklv in which the full title is recorded. Tho 

m0re prominent books appear in this list under title and subject also^but the author entry should be consulted 
for additional particulars. 

Whore not specijled the binding is clrth, 

Abbe Constantin. Hal^vy, L. p. 50c Rand^ McN 

Abbelen» P. M. Venerable Mother M. Caroline Friess. 

(Jlai) la®, net^ %t 25; $1.75 Herder 

About mushrooms. Palmer, J. A. $a Lee b* S 

After the manner of men. Appleton, R. %x. 

Franklin Pub. Co 
Alabama. Su^, d. Repts. V. 80, 9a, 9^. 95 (Shep- 

h< rd) ; v. 97 (Houghton.) (JI7) O. sbp. ea. 93.75. 

Brown Pr, Co 
Albion poets. See Homer. 
Alden, Mrs. Isabella M. Wanted. (Jlai) D. (Pansy 

books.) $1.50 « Lothrop 

Aldine poets. See Shakespeare. 

Alexander, S. B. Moral blot. (Jlai) D. (Arena lib. 

ser., no. 39.) p 50c Arena Pub, Co 

Alexander, Mrs., {pseud.) See Hector, Mrs, A. F. 
Algebra, Elementary. Smith, C. net, 

*» Macmillan 

Allsop, R. O. Public baths and wash-houses. (Jlai) 

8S»a.5o Sponb'C 

Alpine peaks. See Davies, J. S. 

Amer. Acad, of Pol. and Soc. Science. See Rousiers; 

^chmoller; Ward. 

— ambassador. (JI7) D. (Pinkertoa's ser., no. ao.) p. asc. 

Laird b* L 

— and English corporation cases. V. 44. (Jla8) O. shp. 
$4-50 Thompson 

— finance. See Leavitt, S. 

— law directory, Martindale's. shp. |io Martindale 

— railroad and corporation repts. V. 8. (Jla8) O. shp. 
$5 Myers 

Anaesthesia, Modern. Nevius, L. W. |i Nevius 

Andrews, E. B. An honest dollar. (Jtai) 16°, $f. 

StudenLPub. Co 
Animal physiology. .Mills. W. $5 ; shp. $6... Appleton 
Appleton, R., (pseud.) After the manner of men. 

(Jlat) D.ft Franklin Pub. Co 

Apple ton's annual cyclopaedia and register of impor- 
tant events of 1893. (Jl3<) 8*>, subs, $5; shp. $6: hf. 
mor. $7 Apfleton 

— handt>ook of summer resorts. N, ed. rev. (Jlai) ia°, 
p. 50c Appleton 

Arena lib. ser. 5>« Alexander ; Doubleday; Gardner; 

Helm; Leavitt; Sawyer. 
Argles, iV/rf. Margaret. The red house. (JI7) D. (Ri- 

aaoser., no. 6a.) p. 50c Rand, ^fcN 

p. stands for paper : shp. for sheep. 

Aristophanes. The Archarnians. (Covington.) (JI7) 
V*. (Beirs classical translations.) net^ 30c. ..Macmillan 
Arithmetic. See Peck, W. M. 
Art and architecture. See World^s Col. Exposition. 

— portfolio of stage celebrities. Burroughs, Marie. 
$a.5o; $a.75 Marquis 

Aseptic and antiseptic surgery. Rules of. Gerster, A. 
G. $s: shp.|6 Appleton 

Asklepios, Cult of. See Walton, A. 

Aspectsof modern study. Playfair, — . %t. Macmillan 

Astrophel, and other poems. Swinburne, A. C. $a 60. 


Atlantic reporter, v. a&. Permanent ed. (Jlai) O. (Na- 
tional reporter system, state ser.) shp. %a .iVett Pub. Co 

Bailey, W. F. Law of the master *8 liability for inju- 
ries to servan t. ( J Ia8) O. shp. $6 West Pub. Co 

Balder the poet. Stockbridge, G. H. $1 Putnam 

Bamford, Mary E. Jessie^s three resolutions. (Jlai) 
D.90C Am. Bapt Pub Soc 

Bancroft, H. H. Book of the fair. Pts. 11-14. ^Jla»> 
I*, p. suds, ea.%1 Bancroft Co 

Barnes, S. G. Scriptural index to the Inter. S. S. les- 
sons, 1873 to 1896. (JI21) i6», p. toe.. ..Student Pub. O 

Basket (The) of flowers. (Jlai) ia«, soc Nelson 

Bates, Arlo. The torch- bearers. (JI7) O. 50c. ..Roberts 

Baths and wash-houses. See AUsop, R. O. 

Bede lecture. .S"^* Clark, J. W. 

Bell's classical translations. 5"^^ Aristophanes ; VirgiU 

— modern translations. See Schiller. 
Bennett, W. H. Book of Chronicles. (Jlai) D. (Kx- 

posiioi's Bible, new (7th] ser.)|i.5o Armstrong 

Beranger, P. J. de. Songs of France. (Sauvetir.) 

Limited ed, (JIa8) la*, net. $1.50 W. fie/l 

Better way. Lacy, W. F. |i Nelson 

Between two forces. Helm, F. p. 50c. A*ena Pub. Co 
Bible. New Testament : with notes. (Jlai) 8*», (Inter- 
linear trans., new classic ser. ) I3 ; hf. leaih. f4. ..Hinds 

— knowledge. See First book of. 

Bibliography of the Wakashan languages. lulling, 
J. C, n p Gov. Pr. Office 

Bimetallism. See Andrews, E. B. 
Binet, A. On double consciousness. (Jlai) D. (Religion 
of science lib., v. a half no. t.) p. \iQ..Open Ct. Pub. Co 
Black, S. L. Sec Kinkead, R. B. 

Digitized by ^ 

, Google 


The Publishers' Weekly. {No, 1 175] August 4, '94 

Blaokmans, Genealogy of. St* Plumb, H. B. 
Blaikie^W. G. Heroes of Israel. (Jlai) 8M1.50. 

Boyd. it/r«. O. B. Cavalry life in tent and field. (JlaS) 

D. (Kenilworth ser., no. 5.) p. 50c Tait 

Bradley, Milton. Color in the kindergarten. (JI7) la^, 

p. a^c M.BradUy 

Bradflhaw, J., td, Bnglish antholoinr from Chaucer to 

Tennyson. \th ed, (Jlai) D. I1.50 L^ngmans^ G 

3reak o* day. Rollins, P. W. 75c Knight 

Brewer* B. C. Charaaer sketches of romance, fiction* 

and the drama. (Marion Harland.) (Jbi) 4«, »uk»- 

$39 ; hf. mor. I36 ; mor. I47 Hen 

British crown, Porcign powers of. Hall, W. B. im/, 

|i.6o Mmcmillmm 

Britten* P. J. Pormer clock and watch makers and 

their work. (JI7) xa*, %t Sp0n b* C 

Browne* W. *' 3894 ; " o't the fossil man. (Jlai) D. p. 

50c Dillingham 

Browne* Canon. St§ Playfair, LTd. 

Bunyan, J. Pilgrim's progress. (Jlat) la*, soc.Neltpn 

Burke, Sarah J. Pairy tales for little readers. (JI7) S. 

bds. 30c A.Lovell 

Burroughi* Marie. Art portfolio of stage celebrities* 

(J I7) $ ; $3.75 Marquis 

Burt, Mary B. Stories from Plato and other classic 

writers. (Jlai) D. (Classics for children.) bds. ^ac.Ginn 
California. Sup. ct. Repts. (Pomeroy.) V. 100. 

(JI7) O. shp. $4 Bancf^/t'W 

Camel (The), its uses and management. Leonard, A. G. 

$7 Longmanty G 

CapitaliBm,"Modern. .S^^ Hobson, J. A. 
Carpenter, Bdith. A modern Rosalind. (JI7) D. (Ri- 

altoser., no. 34.) p. 50c. ...^ Rand^ MeN 

Carroll, Lewis. St* Dodgson, C. L. 

Carter, C. W. Handbook for the use of probate couru, 

attorneys, executors, etc., within the sute of Conn. 

(Jlai) S. $3.50 C. W. Carttr 

Cams, P. Nature of the sute. (Jlai) D. (Religion of 

sciepce lib., t. a, half no. t.) p. 15c.. ..t7/^ff Ct. Pmb. Co 
Cavalry lite in tent and field. Boyd, Mrs. O. B. p. 50c. 

Character sketches of romance, fiction, and drama. 

Brewer. B. C. tubs. $39 ; I36 ; $47 Hett 

Charles, Mrt. Blizabeth. Story of Christian life in 
England in the olden time. (Jlai) is**, $1.35 Ntlton 

Chaucer, G. Complete works. (Skeat.) V. 3. (Jla8) 
V. buckram, ntt^ $4 Maemiltan 

Children's diseases. Stt Scudder, J. M. 

China* Society in. Douglas, R. K. $4.50. . . .Lippineott 

Christian, S. Sarah : a survival. (Jla8) D. (Pranklin 
sq. lib, new sen, no. 751.) p. 500 Harptr 

Christian doctrine for confirmation class. Hall. H. B. 
bds. see Longm^nSy G 

— thought. Deems, C. P. $3.50 Kttcham 

Christianity and the Roman government. Hardy, B. 
G. ft. 50 LomgntantyG 

Christmas festival service. Smith, N. A. p. asc. 


Chronicles, Book of. Bennett, W. H. I1.50. 

A rmttrong 

Cicero. Pro L. Murena oratio ad jadices. (Preese.) 
(JI7) 16", (Classical ser.) ntty6oc Macmillan 

Clark, J. W. Libraries in the Mediaeval and Renais- 
sance periods. (Jl38)ia*,Si Macmillan 

CUssioal ser. Ste Cictxo, 

Classics for children. Set Burt, M. B. 

Clock and watch makers, Pormer. Set Britten, P. J. 

Cobb, T. Disappearance of Mr. Derwent. (JlaS) D. 
(Neely's lib. of choice literature, no. 35.) p. 50c. . .Ntely 

Cook Lane and common sense. Lang, A. $3.35. 

Longmans. G 

Color In the kindergarten. Bradley, M. p. z^c.Bradley 

Comfort, Blizabeth M. Grizzly's little pard. (Jl3t) D. 
ht, cl. 50c Whittaktr 

Common sense applied to woman suffrage. Hoifman, 

P.P. fi.90 Putnam 

Conder, J. Landscape gardening in Japan, a v. (JI7) 

4«, ntt^ fas Scribntr 

Connecticut. Index to the general sututes of ths state. 

1889 to 1893. (JI38) O. I1.50 : shp. $1.75. . . Casty L.b* B 
Constitutional law. Set Thayer, J. B. 
Construction of regenerator furnaces. Graham, M. 

Icatb. $1 ; #1.35 Spon 6r» C 

Contemporary science ser. Stt Hobsoo, J. A. 

Cooke* Bbenezer. Stt Pesulozzi, J. H. 

Cornell studies. Ste Walton, A. 

Countess Janina. Taube, G. G. p. 50c . . .Dillingham 

Country lanes and city pavemenu. Minton, M M. 

50c Am. Ntwt Co 

CoweU*B. B. 5>r Muller, P. M. 

Cruel as the grave. Southworth, B. D. B. N. p. asc. 


Cult of Asklepios. Walton, A. bds. $1.35 Ginn 

Ouriosa mathematica. Pt. a. Pillow problems during 
waking hours. Dodgson, C. L. ntt^ js^... Macmillan 
David and Abigail. Sawyer, B. P. p. 50c. 

Arena Pub. Co 
Davies* J. S. Dolomite strongholds, the last untrodden 

Alpine peaks. (Jla8) 4*, $4 MacmilUn 

Davis, R. H. Van Bibber, and others. (JI7) D. (Praak- 

lin sq. lib., extra no. 749.) p. 60c Harptr 

Dayton* B.W. Scarabs. (L Myer.) (JI7) la*, $1.75. 

E. W. Dayton 
Deems. C. P., Bradford. A. H.. and Devins. J. B., tdt. 
Christian thought, xxth str. (Jlsi) O. ntty $3.50. 


Derby, Earl of. Speeches and addresses of Bdward 

Henry Barl ol Derby. (Lecky.) a v. (JI7) O. I7. 

^^ Longmans y G 

De'Witt, I. John Wesley and premillennialism. (Jlai) 

sq. S. p. 15c Huntb* E 

Dictionary of national biography. Lee, S. V. 39. 

$3.75 Macmillan 

Disappearance of Mr. Derwent. Cobb,T. p. soc. 

Diseases and their remedies. Stt Hensel, J. 
Disputed handwriting. Treatise on. Hagan, W. B. 

shp. f 3.S0 Bankt 

District of Columbia. Ct. 0/ apptaU. Repts. 

(Tucker.) V. i. (JI7) O. shp. $6.50 i.Curlandtr 

Dodgson, C. L. Curiosa mathematica. Pt. a. yi td. 

(JI7) 16**, flex. cl. ntty 75c Macmillan 

Dolomite strongholds. Davies, J. S. I4 . . . Macmilla n 
Dostoievsky, P. Poor folk. (fr. the Russian.) Introd. 

by G.Moore. (JI7) S.%x Robertt 

Double consciousness. Binet, A. p. 15c. 

Optn Ct. Pub. Co 

— life. Wilcox. B.W. p. asc Ogilvit 

Doubleday, E. S. Just plain folks. (JI38) D. (Arena 

lib. ser., no. 36.) p. 50c Artna Pub. Co 

Douglas* R. K. Society in China. (Jlai) 8», $4.50. 

Dowden, B. Introd. to Shakespeare. (JI7) 12**, $1. 

Draughts* Game of . Stt GonXdy J .; Kear.J. A. 

Drawing, Educational and industrial system. Stt 

Thompson, L. S. 
Dresel, R. Theory and construction of a rational heat 

motor. (JI7) 8', $3.50 Spon &• C 

Driving, Hinu on. Knight, C. M. «#/,$i.a5. 

Duchess (The). Stt Argles, M. 
Duruy, V. History of modern times from the fall of 

Constantinople to toe Piench Revolution. (Grosvenor. ) 

(JI31) D. |i,6o. Holt 

Dynamo-electric machinery. Trevert, E. $3 50. 

Bubitr Pub. Co 

Easter vacation. 0*Neill, M. Dutton 

Ebb tide. Stevenson, R. L. |i. as Stont if K 

Ecclesiastical heraldry. Woodward, T. fio. 

Christian Lit. Co 
Eclectic practice in diseases of children. Scudder. J. 

M . sb p. $5 Seuddtr 

Educational and industrial system of drawing. Stt 

Thompson, L. S. 
Egleston, T. Life of John Paterson. (Jlax) O. $3.50. 

Electric-light installations. Salomons, Sir D. V. a. VanNostrand 

Electricity one hundred years ago. Houston, B. J. 

|i W.J. Johnston 

Elizabethan lib. See Greene. R. 

Elmslie* Theodora C. Little lady of Lavender. (Jlai) 

D . f I .a 5 Am. S.S.Union 

EnoyclopsBdic Bnglish-C^rman and German>Bngllsh 

dictionary. Part la. Muret, E. p. subs. soc. 

Inttr national Netms Co 
English anthology from Chaucer to Tennyson. Brad- 

sbaw, J. $1.50 LongmanSy G. 

— dictionary. Royal. Stt Maclean, T. T. 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

August 4, "94 \No. 1175! ^^^ Publisher^ Weekly. 


JiTiglilh grmmour, Introductory lessoni. Maxwell. W. 

H. 40c Am. B'kCfi 

spelling, etc. Smithdeal, G. H. %xj. IV. RamUl/k 

— language. Biography of. MacArthur, A. $1.50. 


— tonntU, Treasury of. Main, D. M. $9.50 Gregory 

Bpio of the Orient. Snydenstricker, H. M. 75c. 

Student Pub. Ca 
JSpworth catcchiBm. Martin, W. W. 90c.. Hunt £r» E 

Jlsther Waters. Moore, G. p. 50c Sergei 

Xuxipides. Hecuba. (Hadley.) (JI7) i6«, (Pitt Press 

scr.) «M/, 60c MeumilUn 

XSrery inch a soldier. Winter, J. S. %t ; p. soc. 

Ihrolution of modem capitalism. Hobsoo, J. A. I1.S5. 

Sxpositor's Bible. See Bennett. 
Fairy ules for little readers. Burke, S. J. bds. 30c. 

Pirst book of Bible knowledge. (Jlat) i9<>, p. ^^cNeUom 

— lessons in reading. Fundenberg, B. H. 95c.: 50c. 

Pitsgerald. P. Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan de- 
scribed. (Jl9x) la", I1.95 Lippinc0H 

Pleming, Mr». May A. A pretty governess. (J laS) 16*", 

p. asc Ogilvie 

Plora for schools. See Willis, O. R. 

Plower of Prance. Ryan, M . E. $1 Rmnd^ McN 

Vootprints of the Jesuits. Thompson, R. W. Iz.ts. 

Cransten V C 
Porbes of Harvard. Hubbard, B. p. 50c. 

Arem^i Pub. Ce 
Voreign powers and jurisdiction of the British crown. 

Hall. W. E. net, Sa.6o MaemiiUn 

Vorging the fetters. Hector, Mrg, A. P. p. 35c. 

Tormer clock and watch makers. Britten, F. J. %: 

Forma of deeds, mortgages, wills, etc. Reardon, G. B. 

•hp.$3 .T.T: : ..King 

Forster, P. Major Joshua. (JI7) D. $t. . . Lemmmnt^ G 
Fortunes of Margaret Weld. Gardner, S. M. H. p. 

50c Arena Pub. Co 

Foster, Baynton. S*e Elmslie, T. C. 

FrsotionB, Lessons in. Sloane, P. N. bds. 40c . . Ginn 

Frankland. P. nnd Mrs. P. Micro-organisms. (JI7) 

O. fs Longmans, G 

Franklin sq. lib. See Christian ; Davis ; Women*s con- 
quest of N. Y. 

Fraser, P. Manual of the study of documents : (char- 
acter of handwriting.) (JlaS) D. fa , .,Lippineott 

Friess, Vtn, Mother M. Caroline. Abbelen, P. M. 
$t .35 ; I1.75 Herder 

Froebel, the man and bis work. Page, A. L. p. asc 
.^ , Bradley 

Functional nervotis diseases. Stevens, G. T. $a.<o. 
.^ Appieton 

Fundenberg, Elizabeth H. First lessons in reading. 
(Jlai) D. bds. asc; Teachers' ed. 50c Am.B'kCo 

Gardner, Mrs. S M. H. Fortunes of Margaret Weld. 

(Jlai) D. (Arena lib. ser., no. 37.) p. yiXi. Arena Pub. Co 

— Quaker idyls. (J Is8) S. buckram, gsc Holt 

Oae engineer*s laboratory handbook. Hornby, J. $3.50. 

Oenealogy of the Blackmans. Plumb, H. B. net, 

I1.50 Datrow 

Oeorgia. Sup. et. Repts. V. 91. (Peeples and Stev- 

ens.) (JI7) O. shp. $5 Harrison 

German music. See Maitland, J. A. F. 

Germany in the middle ages. Henderson, B. F. net, 

»a.6o MacmilUn 

Gerster, A. G. Rules of aseptic and antiseptic surgery. 

34ed.rev. (Jla«)8»,$5J ihp. $6 Apfieton 

GifTord, J. B. Elementary lessons in physics. (JlaS) 

D. 60c.; Teachers* od. 75c Thompson, B 

Gift of peace. Porter, R, |i ; ft .35 ; |t . 75 Revell 

Gilbert and Sullivan operas. Fitzgerald, P. $1.35 

Globe lib. See Sweet. 


GoUheil. W. S. Manual of genertfl histology. (JlaS) Sabiston^M 

Gould. G. M. Illustrated diet, of medicine, biology, 

and allied sciences. (JlaS) Q. ehp. and hf. mor. |to ; 

hf. rus. with thumb index $1* Blahtston 

Gould, J. Game of draughu ; comp. by J. Richards 

Peoaance. ad ed. Ol^i) z8*, net, $1 H^arne 

Graded lessons in number. Peck, W. M. Pt. x, 40c ; 
pi. a, 75c ,,,.A.Love/l 

Graham, M. Practical hints on the construction and 
working of regenerator furnaces. (JI7) 16*, leatb. |i ; 
$1.95 •. SponCfC 

Grand, Sarah, {pseud.) The heavenly twins. N. 
cheaper ed, (Jlat) za<>, p. 50c Cassell 

Graves, C« A. Summary of the law of real property. 

(JI7) O. p. $3.50 Press 0/ Rockbridge County News 

Green pastures. Greene, R . $1.35 McClurg 

Greene, R. Green pastures. (Grosart.) <Jlai) 94", 

(Elizabethan lib.) McClurg 

GrizBly's little pard. Comfort, E.M. soc. t^kit taker 

Gunn, J. Sons of the vikings. (Jbi) la*, ft ... . Nelson 

Hadley, W. S. See Euripides. 

Hagan. W. E. Disputed handwriting and the deter- 
mination of genuine from forged signatures. (JI7) O. 
*^P-t3*50 • Banks 

Halery, L. Abb< Constantin. (Jlai) D. (Rialto ser.i 
no. 17.) p. 50c Rand, McN 

Hall, H. E. Manual of Christian doctrine, -fflutchings.) 
(JI7) S. bds. 90c Longmans, G 

Hall, W. E. Treatise on the foreign powers and juris- 
diction of the British crown. (JlaS) 8*, net, fa.6o. 

. Macmilla n 

Handwriting. See Frazer ; Hagan. 

Hardy, 'E. G. Christianity and the Roman govern- 
ment. (JI7) D. f t.50 Longmans, G 

He went for a soldier. Winter, J. S. p. 35c Ogilvie 

Heat motor. See Drescl, R. 

Hector, Mrs. Annie F. Forging the fetters. (JI38) x6«, 
p. 35c Ogilvie 

Helm, Flora. Between two forces. (JI31) D. (Arena 
lib. ser., no. 38.) p. 50c Arena Pub. Co 

Henderson, E. F. History of Germany In the middle 
ages. (JlaS) 8*. net, $a.6o Maemillan 

Hensel, J- Macrobiotic ; or, our diseases and out rem- 
edies. (Tafel.) (JI3S) O. net, f 1.50 Boericke ^ T 

Her first adventure. Roe, E. G. p. asc Ogilvie 

Heroes of Israel. Blaikie, W. G . f 1.50 Nelson 

Hiltsheimer, J. Extracts from the diary of Jacob 
Hiltzheimer of Philadelphia, 1765-1798. (Jlai) O. f x^: 

fa Fell 

His will and hers. Russell, D. p. 50c Rand, McN 

Histology, General. Gottheil, W. S. f 1.35. 

Sabiston, M 

History for ready reference. Larned, J. N. f^; f6; 

f 7.50 Nichols 

— of modem times. Dumy, V. $1.60 Holt 

Hobson, J. A. Evolution of modern capitalism. (Jlax) 

D. (Contemporary science ser.) fi .as Scribner 

Hoflknan, F. S. Sphere of the state. (JI7) D. f 1.50. 

Holme8,''3fr#. Mary J. Millbaok. (Jlai) D. (Madison 

sq. ser., no. 75.) p. asc Dillingham 

Home ser. See South worth. 

— ulks about the word. Miller, S. H. ft ..Hunt &» £ 
Homer. Iliad and Odyssey. (Buckley.) (Jlai) ia«, 

(Albion poets.) f 1.50 H^arne 

Honest dollar (An). Andrews, E. B. f i. 

Student Pub. Co 
Hopkins, R. C. Roses and thistles. (JlaS)0.fa./7k»x#y 
Hornby, J. Gas engineer*s laboratory handbook. (Jlai) 

ia», f3.5o • SpoM &* C 

Houston, E. J. Electricity one hundred vears ago and 

to-day. (Jlai) i3«, f i iv. J. Johnston 

How Gertrude teaches her children. Pestalozzi, J. H. 

f 1.50 Bardeen 

— to build dynamo-electric machinery. Trevert, E. 
f3.50 Bubier Pub. Co 

succeed in life. Mitchell, F. E. p 35c. 

Success Pub. Co 
Hubbard, E. Forbes of Harvard. (JUt) D. (Arena 

lib. ser., no. 31.) p. soc Arena Pub. Co 

Hume, F. W. The man who vanished. {}\*%) x6", p. 

35c Ogilvie 

Hungerford, Mrs. See Argles, M. 
Hutchison, J. C. Our wonderful bodies and how to 
take care of them : a books. (Jlai) sq. S. (Hutchison's 
phjrsiological ser., nos. x and a.) B'k i, 30c.; B*k a, soc. 

Mavnard, M 
Idea of justice in political economv. Schmoller, G. p. 

3SC Am. Acad. o/^Pol. and Soc. Science 

Digitized by V:»OG 


The Publishers' Weekly. \^No. 1175] August 4/94 

Illinois. Appellate cU. RepU. V. so. (Jlai) O. shp. 
$3 75 Callaghan 

— Sup. ct. RepU. V. 147. (JlaS) O. «hp. I3. . . FreemaK 

Ills of the south. Otken, C. H. $1.50 Putiutm 

In the child*8 world. Poulsson, E. $a BrmdUy 

Indian epics. Oman, J. C. I1.50 Macmillan 

Individual character of handwriting. Fraxer, P. $a. 


Industries of Russia; [prepared] for the Worid*s Col. 

Exposition. (J. Martin Crawford.) In 6 v. (JIai) O. 

p. per tet^ $6 Putnmm 

Ingram, J. H. S*t Foe, B. A. 
Interlinear translations. Set Bible. 
International S. S. lessons. See Barnes, S. G. 
Introductory lessons in English grammar. Maxwell, 

W. H. 40c Am.B'kC0 

Jacobi, Mary F. Common sense applied to woman 
suffrage. (JI7) D. (Questions of the day ser., no. 80.) 

|i Putnam 

Japan landscape gardening. See Conder, J. 
Jephtha's daughter. See Vaughn, K. 
Jessie's three resolutions. Bamford, M. E. 90c. 

Am. Bapt. Pub, See 
Jesuits, Footprints of the. Thompson, R. w. St.75. 

CraneiCM &» C 
Jesus, Life of, for children. Kephart, C. J. p. 15c. 

Johnston, W. F. My garden- walk. (JI21) D. I1.95. 

Han.' ell 
Just plain folks. Doubleday, E. S. p. 50c. 

Arena Pub. Ce 
Justice in political economy. See Schmoller, G. 
Eear, J. A. Game of draughts. (C. Hefter.) (Jbi) 

i8». net,%i IVarne 

Eenil worth ser. See Boyd ; Williams. 

Kephart, C. J. Life of Jesus, for children. (JI38) T* 

p. 15c Skuey 

Eezia, (pseud.) Leaving the manse. (Jlat) 18', 50c. 

Kinderc^arten blackboard. Mackenzie, M. bds 60c. 


— books. See Fage ; Foulsson ; Smith, E. and N. A. 

— Color in. See Bradley, M. 

King, W. F. Stories of a country doctor. (JlaS) sq. D. 

p. 50c Bailey &* P 

Kinkead, E. B., and Black, S. L., eem^s. and eds. 

Self-preparation for final cxaosination : Ohio sup. ct. 

^ded. rev. and enl. (JI7) D. imit. tky. net^ I3.S0. 

Knight, C. M. Hints on driving. (JI38) »«. net. |i 9^. 

Knox, J. Armoy. See Sweet, A. E. 
Kocher,Th. Operative surgery. (Jla8)8M3....ffVM/ 
Laboratory manual of physics. Nichols, E. L. net^ 

f 3 Macmillan 

Lacy, W. F. The better way. (Jbi) ia<>, |i Nelten 

Lamberton, J. F. See Spofford, A. R. 
Iiandscape gardening in Japan. Conder, J. • ▼. $35. 

Lang, A. Cock Lane and common sense. ( 

Longmans^ G 
Iiamed, J. N. History for ready reference. V. a. 

(Jlai) 4*, $5 ; buckram, 96; shp. |6; hf. mor. 17.50. 

Law of real property. Graves, C. A. p. $3.50. 

Prese 0/ Rockbridge Countv Newt 

torts in obligations. Follock, Sir F. shp. $5. 

Tkomas Law-B^k Co 
Lawyers* repu.,^not.. Book **. (JI7) O. shp. I5. 

Lawyers'* Co-op. Pub. Co 
Lean, Mrs, F. Farson Jones. (Jla8) D. (Sunshine se--., 

no. 152.) p. 50c Catielt 

Leaving the manse. Kezia, ( pseud. ) 50c Nelson 

Leavitt, S. Our money wars. (Jlai) D. (Arena lib. 

ser., no. 35.) p. 50C Arena Pub. Co 

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Ledger lib. See Lewald ; Vaughn. 

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8", f 3 75 Macmillan 

Leonard, A. G. The camel, its uses and management. 

(JI21) O. I7 ...Longmans^ G 

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D. (Ledger lib., no. 113.) |i. as; p. 50c Bonner 

Lewis, L. R.. ed. National school library of song, no< 

a. (JI28) O. bds. 60c Ginn 

Libraries in the Mediaeval and Renaissance periods* 

Clark, J. W. |i Macmillan 

Library of historic characters. Spoflord, A. R. to v. 

V. I, a. subs, per r. $3 Finley 

Lippinoott's ser. of select novels. See Winter. 
Literary associations of English lakes. Rawnsley. H. 

D. a V. $4 Macmillan 

Little lady of Lavender. Blmslie, T. C. ft .as. 

Am, S. S. Uni»n 
London And the kingdom. Sharpe, R. R. f 3 50. 

L^ngtmanSs G 
Longmans' pap. lib. See Thompson, A. 

Love made perfect. Murray, A. 50c Resell 

Mao Arthur, A. Biography of the English langua^. 

< Jlai) I a**, f 1 .50 Lowdermilk 

McCracken, W. D. Romance Swiuerland. (Jlai) «q. 

S. 75c hnigkt 

— Teutonic Switzerland . ( J lai ) sq. S. 75c Knigkt 

Mackenzie, Marion. Kindergarten blackboard. (JI7) 

la*, bds. 60c M. Bradley 

Maclean, T. T. Royal English dictionary. N. ed. 
( J lai ) 13°, $r Nelson 

Macpherson, James. Life and letters. (Saunders.) 
(Jl7)8«,fa.50 MacmilUn 

Macrobiotic. Hensel, J. net^ $1.50 Boericke b* T 

ICadison sq. ser. See Holmes, M. J. 

Maid of Orleans. Schiller, J. F. v. p. «//, ytc. 


Main, D. M., ed. Treasury of English sonnets. (Jlat) 
8®, la.50 Gregory 

Maitland, J. A. F. Masters of (yerman music. 1JI7) 
12**, (Masters of contemporary music.) $r.7s. • .Scribmr 

Major Joshua. Forster, F. $1 Langmans^ G 

ICalory, Sir T. Le morte D* Arthur. V. a, pt. 9. 
(JlaS) 4*', p. $1 MacmilUn 

Man who vanished. Hume, F. W. p. 85c O^lvie 

Manley, R. M. Queen of Ecuador. (Jla8) D. (Travel- 
ler's lib., no. I.) p. 50c HoLgemann 

Manual of Christian doctrine. Hall, H. B. bds. 30c 

Longmans^ G 

Marryat, Florence. See Lean, Mrs. F. 

Martin, W. W. Epworth catechism of Christian doc- 
trine. (Jlai) D. p. *!#/, aoc Hunt if E 

Martindale's Am. law directory, i894-^s- Oh) O. shp. 

$10 '. MartindaJe 

Maryland. Ct.of appeaU. Reptt. V. 77. ai") O. 

shp. $5 B»yle 

Mask of beauty. Lewald, F. : p. 50c Bonner 

Master's liability for injuries to servant. Bailey. W. 

F. shp.$6 West Puh.Co 

Masters of contemporary music. See Maitland, J. A. F- 

(^rman music. Maitland, J. A. F. %\. 7^. Scribner 

Bfaximilian and Carlotu. Taylor, J. M. I1.50. 

Maxwell. W. H. Introductory lessons in Bng. gram- 
mar. [M m.] (JI7) D. (Maxweirs English course.) 

40c Am. B*kC9 

Maya year (The). Thookas, C. p. m. /. . Gov, Pr. Office 

Medicine, 11. diet. of. Gould. G. M. shp. f 10 : hf. 

rus. $12 Blakiston 

Memoirs of Napoleon i. M^neval, C. F. V. i, a. ea. 

$2 Appleten 

Meneval. C. F. de. Memoirs i1. history of Napoleoo i. 

In 3 V. V. I (JI7) ; V. 2 (JI21) O. per r. fa . . ..AppUton 
Micro-organisms and water supply. Frankland. P. 

f 5 Longmans^ G 

Millbank. Holmes, M. J. p. asc Diliingkam 

Miller, Emily H. Home ulks about the word. (Jlai) 

D. $1 Hunt a* £ 

Mills, W. Text-book of animal physiology. (JlaS) 8<», 

$S ; shp. |6 AppUton 

Miniatures and moods. Street, G. S. $t 35.. .Sr*-/^*^ 
Minnesota. Sup. ct. Repts. V. 53. (Jlai) O. shp. 

$2.75 West Pub. Co 

Minton, M. M. Country lanes and city pavements. 

(Jla8) i2«, (Minton ser.) p. 50c Am. News Co 

Mitchell, F. E., comp. and ed. How to succeed in life. 

(JI21) D. p. 35c Success Pub. Co 

Modem methods of sewage disposal. Waring, G. B. 

$2 Van Nostrand 

— Rosalind. Carpenter, E. p. soc Rand^ McN 

Money wars. See Leavitt, S. 

Moore, G. Esther Waters. (JI7) ia<*, p. 50c Sergei 

— Strike at Arlingford. (JI7) la®, $1.75 Scribner 

— See Dostoievsky, F. 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

August ^, '94 [No. 1175] ^^ Publishers* Weefuy. 


Mopaie. Walrond, D. 60c Ntlson 

Moral blot (A). Alexander, S. B. p. socAreiui Pui, Co 

— dilemmm. Thompson, A. p. 50c Longmans^ G 

Morley, J. Stt PUyfair, Lord. 

Morte D* Arthur. Malory, Sir T. V. a, pt. 9. p. ft. 

Muir, Olive B. Thy name it woman. (JI28) ia*, 50c. 

Mailer, P. M. Sacred books of the Bast. V. 49. pt. 

s. (Cowell.) (Jl?) 8«, «#/, l3.«s Macmillan 

Muret, B.« td. Bncyclopaedic Bng.-Ger. and Ger.- 

Enci^. dictionary. Pt. la. (JI7) O. p. subs. 50c. 

International Now* Co 
Murray, A. Lore made perfect. (JI7) T. 50c. . ,Rtvtll 

Mushrooms, About. Palmer, J. A. $3 Leo b* S 

Music, German. See Maitland, J. A. F. 

My GT^den walk. Johnston, W. P. |i. as Hansel 

Myer, I. See Dayton, B. W. 

Napoleon 1., Memoirs of. Mineral, C. F. V. i, a. 

#..fa Appleton 

National reporter system. See Atlantic ; Northeastern ; 


— school lib. of song, no. a. Lewis, L. R., ed, bds. 60c. 

Nature of the sute. Cams, P. p. ticOpen Ct. Pub. Co 
Nebraska. Sup. ct. Ciutlons of repts., [v. 1-36.] 

(J lai ) D. shp. Is National Citation Co 

Neely's lib. of choice literature. See Cobb. 
Nervous diseases, Functional. See Stevens, G. T. 
Nevius, L. W. Discorery of modern anaesthesia, by 

whom was it made ? (Jla8) 12*, $1 Nevius 

New roads and road laws in the U. S. Stone, R. It.50. 

Van Nostrand 

New Testament with notes. Bible. $3 : 94 — Hinds 

New 7ork. Code of civil procedure in i v.; 1894. 
(Cooper.) 4/A ed, (JlaS) D. imit. mor. la.w. 

Diossy Lam-Book Co 

— criminal procedure and penal code, 1894. 

(Cook.) (JlaS) O. shp. Is Parsons 

Cts. 0/ records. Cases. (Delehanty.) V. 7. (liaS) Lyon 

Sup.ct. Repu. V. 83. (Jlai)0.8hp.l3....^««a« 

Newton, W. W. A run through Russia. (Jlat) la*, $x. 

Student Pub. Co 

Nichols, B. L., ed. Laboratory manual of physics and 
applied electricity. V. x. (B. Merritt and F. J. Rog- 
ers.) (JI7) 8*, «•//, I3 Macmillan 

Northeastern reporter, v. 36. Permanent ed. (Jbi) 
O. (N^t. reporter system, state ser.) shp. I3 50. 

West Pub. Co 
Northwestern reporter, v. 58. Permanent ed. (JlaS) 
O. (Nat. reponer sjrstem, sute ser.) shp. $3. so. 

West Pub. Co 
Oman. J. C. Great Indian epics. (JlaS) la*, 

On a Mexican mustang through Texas. Sweet, A. B. 

p. asc Rand^ McN 

O'NeiU, Moira. An Baster vacation. (Jlai) D. It .as. 


Operative surgery. Kocher, T. I3 Wood 

Osboume, L. See Stevenson, R. L. 
Ossianic poems. See Macpherson, J. 
Osteotomy and osteoclasis for correction of deformities 

of the lower limbs. Poore, C. T. | Appleton 

Otken, C. H. Ills of the South. (JlaS) D. | 

Our money wars. Leavitt, S. p. soc.. . .^r^wa Pub. Co 

— wonderful bodies. Hutchison, J. C. B*k i, 30c.: B*k 
a, 50c Maynardf M 

Outlaw and lawmaker. Praed, Mrs. Campbell. |i; 
p. 50c Appleton 

Page. Annie L. Froebel, the man and his work. (JI7) 
la*. p. asc M. Bradley 

Palmer, J. A.,yr. About mushrooms. (Jlai) S", I2. 

Leeb" S 

Pamunkey Indians of Virginia. Pollard, J. G. p. n. p. 

Gov. Pr. Office 

Pansy books. See Alden, I. M. 

Paper and scissors in the scbool«room. Weaver, B. A. 
p. asc Bradley 

Parson Jones. Lean, Mrs. F. p. 50c Cassell 

Paterson, Gen. John. Bgleston, T. $2.50. . ..Putnam 

Patterson, C. S. Principles of the law of real proper- 
ty. Pi. 1. (Jl7)0.p.|a S.S.lssard 

Peck, J. O. The revival and the pastor. (JlaS) D. |i. 

Hunt b* E 

Peck, W. M., Williams, Harriette K., and Warlow, 
Mary S. Graded lessons in number. Pt. x. N. ed. 
(JI7) D. 40c.; pt. a, 7sc A. Lovell 

Festalozzi, J. H. How Gertrude teaches her children. 

(Bbenezer Cooke.) (JlaS) D. $1.50 Bardeen 

Physics and applied electricity. See Nichols, B. L. 
— Blementary lessons in. Gifford, J. B. 60c.; Teachers' 

ed. 7SC Thompson^ B 

Fhysiologioal ser. See Hutchison, J. C. 
Physiology* Animal. See Mills, W. 

Pilgrim's progress. Bunyan, J. soc Nelson 

Filling. J. C. Bibliography of the Wakashan languages. 

(JI7) O. (Smithsonian Inst. Bureau of ethnology.) p. 

n.p. Gov.Pr. Office 

Pitt Press ser. See Buripides : Plauttis ; Tacittis. 
Plautus. Aslnaria; text of Goethe and Schoell. (J. H. 

Gray.) (JI7) i6*, (Pitt Press ser.) net^ 90. . ..Macmillan 
Flay&ir, — {Lord), Browne, — {Canon), Morley, J., 

and others. Aspects of modern study. (JlaS) la*. $x. 

Plumb, H. B. Genealogy of the Blackmans. (JI7) 8<>, 

M//, Ix.So Darrow 

Foe, B. A. Works. (Ingram.) 4 v. (JI7) ia», $s : hf. 
cf . |io Macmillan 

Poems of passion. Wilcox, B. W. I1.7S ; mor. 

Political ethics of Herbert Spencer. Ward, L. F. p. 

3SC Am. Acad. o/Pol. and See. Science 

Pollard, J. G. Pamunkey Indians of Virginia. (JI7) 
O. (Smithsonian Inst. Bureau of ethnology.) p. n. p. 

Gov. Pr. Office 


Pollock, Sir F. Treatise on the law of torU in 
Uoos. N.Am.ed. (Webb.) (JI7} O. shp. Is. 

Thomas Law-Book Co 
Poor folk. Dostoievsky, F. |z Roberts 

Poore, C. T. Osteotomy and osteoclasis for the correc- 
tion of deformities of the lower limbs. (JlaS) 8*, I2.50. 

Porter, Rose, comp. and ed. Gift of peace and loving 
greetings for 36s days. (JI7) S. |z ; ; silk, |i.7S- 

Poulsson, Bmilic. In the child's world. (JI7) ia«, |a. 

M. Bradley 

Practical flora. Willis, O.R. I1.50. Am.BkCo 

Praed, Mrs. C. Outlaw and lawmaker. (JI7) D. (Town 

and country lib., no. 146.) |z ; p. soc Appleton 

Present-day preaching. Selby, T, G. ^s^ ..Ketcham 
Pretty governess. Fleming, M. A. p. asc Ogilvie 

Principles of law of real property. Patterson, C. S. 
p. |a Isxard 

Pritchard* R. Treatise on the law of wills and adminis- 
tration. (JlaS) O. shp. I6.S0 Pritchard £r» .S* 

Properties of matter. Tait, P. G. net, la.a^ . 


Psycho-physical culture. Thomas, J. Werner 

Public baths and wash-houses. AUsop, R. O. $2. so. 

Spon S* C 

Putnam, Mrs. Alice. See Smith, B. 

Qualn, J. and R. Elements of anatomy. V. 3. Pt. 3, 
Organs of the senses, by E. A. Schltfer. zo/A ed. (JM 
O. I3 Long mans, G 

Quaker ^dyls. Gardner, S. M. H. buckram, jsc..Holt 
Queen of Ecuador. Manley, R. M. p. loc.Hagemann 
Questions of the day ser. See Jacobi, M. P. 
Band, A. C. Uses of compressed air. (Jlai) 12% |i. 

New York Pr. Co 
Bawnsley, H. D. Literary associations of the English 

lakes. Inav. (JI7) iaM4 Macmillan 

Beal property. Principles of law. See Patterson. C. S. 

Summary of law. See Graves, C. A. 

Beardon, G. E., and Dugan, F. C, eom/s. Forms of 

deeds, mortgages, etc. (JT7) O. shp. $3.. Rear don &* D 

Bed house. Argles, M. p. 50c Rand, McN 

Begenerator furnaces. See Graham, M. 
Beligion of science lib. See Binet ; Cams. 
Bevival and the pastor. Peck, J. O. |i . . . . Hunt &* E 
Bialto ser. See Argles ; Carpenter ; Hal^vy ; Russell. 
Binger, S. Handbook of therapeutics. xaM ed. enl. 

and rev. (JlaS) 8«, Is ; leath. |6 Wood 

Boe, E. G. Her first adventure. (JlaS) x6<>, p. asc 

Bollins, F. W. Break o' day tales. (JltS) T. 75c. 

Boses and thistles. Hopkins, R. Cr^^ j..DoArey 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


The Publishers' Weekly. [JVb. X175] August 4, '94 

Bousiers, P. de. La science tociale. Olai) O. (Pubt. 

o( the society, no. iia.) p. 250. 

Am. Acad, O/P0I, and Sac, Science 
Hoyal English dictionary. Maclean, T. T. $1 . . NcUon 

Budin. Turgenieflf, I. S. f 1.35 Macmillan 

Bun through Russia. Newton, W. W. $1. 

Student Pub. Co 
Buskin. J. Letters addressed to a college friend, 1840- 

1845. (JlaS) !!•, I1.50 Macmillan 

Bussell. Dora. His will and hers. (JbS) D. (Rialto 

ser., no. 63.) p. soc Rand^ McN 

Bussia and Tolstoi. See Newton, W. W. 

Bustian industries. See Indiutries. 

Byan, Mn, Marah E. Flower of France. (JI7) D. $1. 

Rand, McN 
Saored books of the East. V. 49, Buddhist Mahasrana 

text. Pt. I. Muller, F. M. net, $3.85 Macmillan 

Salomons, Sir D. Electric-light insUllations. V. a, 

Apparatus, jth ed. rev. andeni. (JI7) D. 

Van Nestrand 
Sapte, W., jr. Uncle*s ghost. (Jlai) i6«, (Tavistock 

lib.) 75c }Varne 

£ktrah. Christianas, p. 50c Harper 

Saunders, Bailey. See Macpherson, J. 
SauTOur, Lambert. See Btfranger, P. J. de. 
Sawyer, B. F. Darid and Abigail. (Jlai) D. (Arena 

lib. ser., no. 33.) p. 50c Arena Pub. Ce 

Scarabs. Dajrton, E. W. I1.75 Edwin W^. Dayton 

SchiUer, J. F. t. Maid of Orleans. (JlaS) i6S (Beirs 

modern translations.) p. net, 30c Macmillan 

— Mary Stuart. (JIa8) 16*, (Bell's modern translations.) 
p. net, 30c Macmillan 

— William Tell. N.ed.rev, (JlaS) i6«, (Bell*s modern 
translations.) p. net, 30c Macmillan 

SohmoUer. G. Idea of justice In political economy. 
(JI21) O. (rubs, of the society, no. itj ) p. 35c. 

Am. Acad. 0/ Pol. and Soc, Science 
Science sociale. Rousiers, P. de. p. asc. 

fm. Acad, of Pol, and Soc, Science 
nter. S. S. lessons. Barnes, S. G. 
p. foe Student Pub. Co 

Soudder, J. M. Eclectic practice in diseases of chil- 
dren. 7th ed, (JlaS) 8«, shp. $5 Scudder 

Selby, T. G., Macmillan, H., Hughes, H., and others. 
Present-day preaching. (Jbi) O. 75c Ketcham 

Selected hymns and tunes. (Jlai) sq. D. p. loc. 

Hnntb" E 

Self preparation for final examination. Klnkead, E. B. 
^*t, $3.50 A ndereon 

Sermons. See Selby. T. G. 

Sewage disposal , Modern methods of. See Waring, G. E. 

Shakespeare, W. Poems. (Dyce.) (JI7) z6«, (Aldine 
poets.) net, 75c Macm Ulan 

-Works. (Wright.) ** Cambridge'* Shakespeare. Ed. 
de luxe. V. 19. ao. (JlsS) V*, net, ea.%^.. .Macmillan 

— Introduction to. Dowden, B. $1 Scribner 

Sharpe. R. R. London and the kingdom. In 3 y. V. i. 

(Jlai) (3. f3.50.... Lonimant, G 

Silver question settled by bill to establish gold currency. 

Smith, R. H. p. 50c Baker 6* T 

SloanC) Florence N. Practical lessons in fractlonft, by 

the inductiye method. (JlaS) D. bds. 40c Ginn 

Smith, C. Elementary algebra. (Stringham.) (JI7) 

la*, M//, $ Macmillan 

Smith, Eleanor. Songs for little children. Pt.i. (Ji7) 

i6*,; p. 90c M. Bradley 

Smith, Nora A. Christmas festival service. (JI7) la*, 

p. asc M. Bradley 

Smith, Roderick H. The silver question : gold and sil- 
ver currency on a basis of interchangeable value. (Jlai) 

V, p. soc Baker b* T 

Smithdeal, G. H. English grammar, spelling, and 

letter- writing. (Jlax) D. |i .J. IV. Randolph 

Smithsonian Inst. Bureau of ethnology. See Pilling; 

Pollard: Thomas. 
Snydenstrioker, H. M. Epic of the Orient. (Jlai) 

ia«, 75 Student Pub. Co 

Society in China. Douglas, R. K. I4.50. . . ,Lippincott 
Songs for little children. Pt. x. Smith, E.; p. 

90c ..Bradley 

— of France. Btfranger, P. J. de. net, $1.50 Fell 

Sons of the vikings. Gunn, J. $1 Nelson 

South, Prosperity of. See Otken, C. H. 
Southwestern reporter, v. 25. Permanent ed. (JI7) 

O. (Nat. reporter system, sUte ser.) sbp. $4. IVest Pub. Co 

South worth, Mrs. E. D. E. N. Cruel as the grave. 
(Jlat) D. (Home ser.. no. 19.) p. asc Dillingham 

Spencer, Herbert. See Ward, L. F. 

Sphere of the sute. Hoffman, F. S. I1.50 — Putnam 

Spoiford, A. R. Weltenkampf, F., and Lamberton. J. 
P., eds. Library of historic characters and famous 
events of all nations and all ages. Standard ed. In 
10 V. V. 1 and a. (JI7) 8«, subs, perv.%^ Finlex 

Stage celebrities. See Burroughs, M. 

Stanley, B. H. See Derby, Earl of, 

Stannard* Mrs. H. E. V. See Winter, J. S. 

State, Nature of the. Carus, P. p. tsc 

Open Ct. Pub. Ca 
Stevens, G. T. Functional nervous diseases. (Jla8> Appleton 

Stevenson, R. L., and Osbourne, L. The ebb tide. 

(JlaS) S. lias Stone b' K 

Stockbridge, G. H. Balder the poet. (JI7) la^. $«• 

Stone, R. New roads and road laws in the U. S. (Jl7> 

D. ^«* Nostrand 

Stories from Plato. Burt, M. E. bds. 50c Cinm 

— of a country doctor. King, W. P. p. yycBailey ^ F 

Story of Christian life in England. Charles, E. ft. as. 

Street. G. S. Miniatures and moods. (JI7) xd", buck- 
ram, Scribner- 

Strike at Arllngford. Moore, G. |t.7s Scribner 

Stuart, Mary. Schiller, J. F. v. p. not, yic.Macmillam 
Summary of law of real property. Graves, C. A. p. 

$3.50 Press 0/ Rockbridge County News 

Simuner brother (A). Titterington, S. B. 90c. 

Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc 

— resorts. See AppletOD*s handbook. 
Sunshine ser. See Lean ; Superfluous woman. 
Superfluous woman (A.) (JlsS) D. (Sunshine ser.. no. 

isx.) p. soc Casseli 

Surgery, Operative. See Kocher, T. 

Sweet, A. E., and Knox, J. A. On a Mexican mustang 

through Texas from the Gulf to the Rio Grande. (Jia8> 

D. (Globe lib., v. x, no. 184.) p. asc Rand, McN 

Swinburne, A. C. Astrophel, and other poems, lei 

ed, (JI7) taMa.60 Scribner 

Switaerland. See McCracken. W. D. 

Tacitus. Agricola and (^manla. (H.M. Stephenson.) 

(JI7) x6o. (Pitt Press ser.) net, Soc Macmillan 

Tafel, L. H. 5«^Henscl,J. 

Tait, P. G. Properties of matter. 31/ ed. rev. and enl. 

(JlaS) xa**, net, Macmillan 

Taube, G. G. Countess Janlna. (Jlai) D. p. ytc. 

Tavistock lib. 5.f^ Sapte. 

Taylor, J. M. Maximilian and Carlotta. (JI7) O. f 

Tell, William. Schiller, J. F. v. p. net, yocMacmillan 
Thayer. J. B. Cases on constitutional law, with notes. 

V. X. Pts. I and a. (Jla8) O. pt. x, I3 : pt. ; ^.. Sever 
Theory and construction of a natural heat motor. 

Dresel, R. Spon &- C 

Therapeutics, Handbook of. Ringer, S. Is: leath. 

%6 wrood 

Thomas, Cyrus. The Maya year. (JI7) O. (Smithsonian 

Inst. Bureau of ethnology.) p. n.p Gov. Pr. Office 

Thomas, Julia and Annie. Psycho-phsrsical culture. 

(Jia8) Werner 

Thompson, Annie. A moral dilemma. (Jlat) D. 

(Longmans' p. lib., no. sO p. soc Longmans, G 

Thompson, L. S. Educational and industrial svstem 

of drawing. 7 series. (JI7) O. p. ea, asc.-|a . . ..Heath 
Thompson, R. W. Footprints of the Jesuits. (Jlax) 

O. |i.7s Cranston *• C 

Thy name is woman. Muir« O. B. ytc Dillingham 

Titterington, Sophie B. A summer brother. ((JIai) 

S. 90c Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc 

Tolstoi, Visit to. See Newton, W. W. 

Torch-bearers. Bates, A. soc. Roberts 

Town and country lib. See Praed. 

Traveler's lib. See Manley. 

Trevert, E. How to build dynamo<electric machinery. 

(Jlax) O. $ Bubier Pub. Co 

Turgenieff, I. S. Novels, {fr. the Russian.) In 7 v 

V. X. Rudin. (JlaS) x6*, ^a. Macmillan 

Two of a trade. Williams, M. McC. P^5oc Tait 

Digitized by VriOOQlC 

August ^, '94 {No. 1175] The Publishers' Weekly. 


2804. Browne, W. p. 50c DilUnekmrn 

Unole'8 ffhoftt. Sapte, W. 75c H^ame 

United States courts. Forms of federal procedure. 
(Frank O. Loveland.) (JI7) O. sbp. |6.fF. H.Andert^n 

War Dept, Index catalogue of ibe library of the 

Surgeon-Generars office. V. 15. (JIai) Q. $5. 

G9V, Fr, OJJUce 

Uses of compressed air. Rand, A. C. $1. 

N. y. Priniing Co 

Van Bibber and otbers. Davis, R. H. p. 60c .Harper 

Vaughn, Mr», Kate. Yet she loved him. [W/m] Jeph- 
tba^ daughter, by Julia Magruder. (Jlai) D. (Ledger 
lib., no. iia.)|(.as ; P« 5oc Bontur 

Virgil. iGoeid. Bks. 1--3 and 4-6. (JI7) 8*, (BelPs clas- 
sical translations.) p. met^ ea. 30c Macmillam 

Virginia. Acts and joint resolutions passed 1893-94. 
(JI7) O. hf. shp. fa O'Bannon 

TVakashan languages. S*e Pilling, J. C. 

*Walrond, Dorothy. Mopsie. (Jlat) la*, 60c Nelson 

^Walton, Alice. Cult of Asklepios. (Jlat) O. (Cornell 
studies in classical philology, no. 3 ) bds. %x,^i...»Gimn 

Walton, W. St* World's Col. Exposition. 

"Wanted. Alden, I. M. It.50 Lothrop 

Ward, L. F. Political ethics of Herbert Spencer. (Jlai) 
O. (Pubs, of the society, no. m.) p. 35c. 

AfHn Acad. 0/ Pol. and Soc, Sett net 

Waring, G. B., /r. Modem methods of sewage dis- 
posal. (Jl7)D.|9 l^an Notirand 

Weaver, Emily A. Paper and scissors in the school- 
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Catalogues of New and Second - Hand 
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rare Americana, early voyages, works on the 
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Hawley. (No. 143. 663 titles, yi.) — Skandina- 
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Rare old books and valuable modern books, 
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Walter Horatio Pater died suddenly at Ox- 
ford, Eng., 00 the 30th uU., aged fifty-five. He 
was bom in London in 1839. and was graduated 
from Queens College in 1862. He was elected 
fellow of Bratenose. in which college he held 
various offices. He spent much time in Italy, 
France, and Germany, and contributed to the 
leading English reviews. Among his works are 
•• The Renaissance," 1873: *'Marius the Epicur- 
ean," 1885 ; *• Imaginary Portraits," 1887 ; and 
" Appreciations." 1889. 

Heinrtch Hirzbl, of the Leipzig publishing 
house of S. Hirzel, died at the age of fifty-seven, 
after a Icftig illness, on the 7th ult. 

The sudden death is announced of Nikolai 
M. Yadrintsef, a well-known Russian author ard 
publicist, at the age of fi^ty-iF^^^^T^ 
Digitized by VrrOOv IC 


The Publishers* Weekly. \No, 1175] August ^, '94 


AUGUST 4. 1894. 

The editor does not bold kimtelf retpontible for the 
▼iewsexpresaed in contributed articles or communications 

All matter, wbether for tbe reading-matter columns or 
advertising fMiges, should reach tbis office not later than 
Wednesday noon, to insure insertion in tbe same weeli*s 

B»0ks/0r tk€ " Weekly RecTdC^ at well t all it^/or- 
matUn inteneUd for that department y mutt reach thie 
•JB/lce by Tuetday morning 0/ each week. 

Publishers are requested to furnish title-page proofs 
and advance information of boolcs forthcoming, both for 
entry in the lists and for descriptive mention. An early 
copy of each book publisheds^hould be forwarded, as it 
is of the utmost imporunce that the entries of books 
be made as promptly and as perfectly as possible. In 
many cases booksellers depend on the Wbbklv solely for 
their information. The Record of New Publications of 
Thb Publishbrs* Wbbblv is the material of ** The Ameri- 
can Catalogue'* and so forms the basis of all trade 
bibliography in the United States. 

•*/ hold every man a debtor to his profession, 
from the which, as men do of course seeh to re^ 
ceive countenance and profit, so ought they of duty 
to endeavor themselves by way of amends to be a 
JUlp and an ornament thereunto,** — LORD BACON. 


The Circulating Library.— vii. 

There should be a second tray or box for tbe 
book- cards representing books out. When a 
card is removed from the first tray to this, bear- 
ing the proper charge, it should be filed away by 
date, at the end of the day, the days being sepa- 
rated by thin blocks of wood bearing the num- 
ber of the day in the upper left-hand corner, in 
very black ink or paint, and in large figures, 
thus : 

Behind the block marked 5 (which should be 
taller than the card, when boih are standing up- 

right) will be placed the book- cards of all books 
taken out on the 5th, arranged in the order of 
the call-numbers. 

One division of the tray should be used for 
the cards of books out over time. This divis- 
ion can be subdivided into three or four parts, 
one for books overdue one week or less, the 
next for books overdue between one and two 
weeks, etc. 

When John Smith comes in to bring his book 
back the book-card is first found by memns of 
the date, which appears on the dating-slip. The 
charge is then cancelled, either by stamping or 
marking the date of return over the other date, 
or by punching it with a small punch. From 
the book-card John Smith's number can be 
found, and the same cancelling process gone 
through with on his card. If he does not wish 
to take out another book, the book-card and 
book can be laid aside, in case of a rush, and 
his card looked up later. In that case, his card 
would go back into the first tray again, in al- 
phabetical order. If he wishes another book, 
the same process is gone through as before. 
This system answers all possible questions : 
Is 813 on the shelves ? No. Where b it ? John 
Smith has it. How long has it been out ? Since 
Dec. 5. Has John Smith a book? Yes. What 
book ? No. 8i3-S26. How long has he had it ? 
Since Dec. 5. It prevents the annoyance of 
lost cards, as the borrower has nothing to do 
with his card. It prevents also all tampering 
with the dates on tbe card. By keeping the 
book-card at the desk, the librarian can tell if a 
book is in without going to the shelves. 

In tbe other system to be described, the bor- 
rower keeps his own card, and presents it when 
he comes for a book or brings one back. This 
relieves the library of the responsibility of 
identifying the borrower, as the presentation of 
the card is considered proof suflicient of his 
right to draw a book. In the village or small 
town library, identification would be possible 
without a card, the constituency being so small. 
The date is then taken either from the dating- 
slip or his card, the latter is stamped and given 
back to him, and the book-card can be picked 
out at leisure by means of the book and its 
dating slip. There might be a compromise 
between these systems, by which the library 
should retain a borrower's card when he has no 
book out, keeping such cards in alphabetical 
order and finding them when needed. By in- 
variably retaining the card in this way, an ap- 
proximate estimate could be made of the number 
of caids in use as compared with the number of 
cards given to applicants. Many large libraries 
keep the book-card in a pocket in the book 
(see Figure i, on following page), when the 

Digitized by 


August 4, '94 [yVb. 1175] Th€ Publishers' Weekly. 


book is on the shelves. The pocket serves to 
bold the borrower's card when the book is out. 
This system necessitates a visit to the shelves 
to see if the book is in when called for, and 
this fact, with the work of pasting in pockets 
and putting cards in and taking them out, 
makes the custom unadvisable for the small li- 

Acme Lib. Card Pocket, 

made by Library Bureau. 

AVf/ jfcur Ca^d in this 

There are other systems in which the account 
is kepi by means of the borrower's card only, 
in which case it is only as the entire charging 
system is overhauled that an answer can be 
found to the question, " Where is book 1813- 
S26 ? ' As this is the question most frequently 
jtsked no system can be called satisfactory which 
does not answer It at once and without difficulty. 

A *' home-made " book pocket may be made 
of a piece of good manilla paper 8^^ inches 
long, of which the lower 3^ inches must be 4^^ 
inches wide and the upper 4^^ inches, 3% inches 
wide (see Figure 2). 

Folding up the lower (y^^ in.) part so as to 
cover the upper part to within ^ of an inch 
from the top, and then pasting the overlapping 
(^ in.) pares back of the upper part, will form a 

pocket that can then be attached to the inside 
of the back cover. (See Figure 3.) 

Upper part. 

Lower part. 


Keep your Card 

in thU Pocket. 


The pocket is not protected by patent, and 
hence may be used by any one who chooses to 
make it. 

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The Publishers' Weekly. {No. 1175] August 4, '94. 


One of the finest examples of typography of 
that period [1560] — perhaps only equalled by the 
famous Vulgate, printed in Nttrnberg by Antoni- 
us Koberger — Is the fourteenth folio edition of 
the " Bishops' Bible." printed in 1585 by Chris- 
topher Barker, and ** authorized and appointed 
to be read in churches." The nineteenth and 
last edition of the *' Bishops' Bible " appeared 
in 161 1 ; but besides the nineteen editions of the 
complete Bible there were many separate editions 
of the New Tesument alone. 

Another translation of that period was the so- 
called *' Rheims and Douai version." This was 
a Catholic translation from the Vulgate, made 
by several eminent English Roman Catholic 
clerics, and it met with the fiercest opposition. 
Its name was derived from the English Roman 
Catholic college at Rheims, France, with which 
the translators were closely connected. This 
college was esublished chiefly by William Allen, 
a Roman Catholic priest, born in Lancashire in 
1532. He was first a student at Oxford, then 
fromi56i to 1562 studied theology at Louvain, 
and later returned to England. In 1 565 he settled 
in France, where in 1568 he founded a Catholic 
theological seminary at Douai; in 1578 the stu- 
dents at his college were expelled, taking refuge 
in Rheims. whence they again returned to Douai 
in 1593. Allen was mside a cardinal in 1578 by 
Pope Sixtus V. 

The New Testament of the Douai version ap- 
peared in 1582, printed at Rheims by Johi; 
Foguy. The second edition was printed at 
Douai in 1600, the third, printed by James 
Seldenflach in Antwerp, appeared in 1620, and 
the fourth in 1623. The first complete Bible of 
this version was printed in 1609. and is known as 
the "Rosin Bible," the word ** balm "in the 
eighth chapter of '* The Prophecie of Icremie" 
being translated " rosin," making the sentence 
read '* Is there no rosin in Gllead ?" The same 
word caused difficulty elsewhere, as in several 
editions of the '* Bishops' Bible " it is translated 
"tryacle," giving to the copies the name of the 
" Treacle Bibles." 

The fourth edition of the Douai New Tesu- 
ment of 1623 is especially interesting for the 
list of words first used in that version, but since 
incorporated in the English language. Among 
them are: "abstracted"— for taken away, "ad- 
vent," "adulterating" — for corrupting, "alleg- 
oric," "amen," "anethema," "assist," "as- 
sumption" — for Christ's departure from the 
world, "catechize," " catechumen," " condigne," 
" co-operate " and "co-operation," "evangel- 
ize," " gratis," " neophyte," " sacrament " — for 
mystery, "sancta sanctorum," " tetrarch." 

As already mentioned the "Rheims and 
Douai version " met with strenuous opposition. 
It was prohibited in England, many copies were 
seized , priests found in possession of it were im- 
prisoned and tortured, and even an oath sworn 
upon it was held invalid. 

We now reach the most important of all the 
English translations of the Bible, and the last 
which can be mentioned in the present sketch. 
This is the "authorized" King James version, 
which forms the foundation of the English Bible 
now in use. 

[* Rewrittea and condensed from the original mss. of 
an exhaustive essay^by Ed. Ackerman, under the same 

Dr. Reynolds, one of the leaders of the Puritan 
party, was chiefly instrumental in moving James 
I. to have a new translation of the Bible made, ar 
the versions then in use — especially the Genevan 
— were seriously inaccurate and defective. In 
January, 1604, at the Hampton Court conference 
between the church party and the conforming, 
dissenters, it was decided to proceed with the 
work, and fifty-four translators were appointed, 
divided into six groups and minutely instructed 
as to their labors. This new translation, which, 
after all, was not much more than a revision of 
the eighteenth edition of the Bishops' Bible of 
1602, appeared In 1611 in folio, printed by Rob- 
ert Barker. The title-page is not the same in all 
copies of this edition; in some it has a fine cop- 
per-plate engraving representing Moses and 
Aaron at either side, the four Evangelists at the 
corners, and the sacred name above; in others it 
has a wood-cut (frequently seen in the Genevan 
version) representing the twelve apostles on the 
right, the twelve tribes of Israel on the left, the 
^our Evangelists with their symbols at the cor- 
ners, the Lamb triumphant above, and the name 
Jehovah, in Hebrew characters, above all. 

In the King James Bibles a distinction is to be 
made between the " he " Bibles and the " she ** 
Bibles, some copies reading, in Ruth iii. 15, " and 
hi went into the citle," others " and she went into 
the citie." The first edition is a " he " Bible, the 
second and third editions are "she" Bibles* 
The succeeding editions are almost innumerable, 
many having been printed in Holland. Even 
this careful version was not exempt from printers'" 
errors; one of the worst is in the fifth edition of 
163T. printed by Robert Barker, which is called 
the "Wicked Bible," the word " not " having been 
omitted in the seventh commandment. The two- 
volume folio edition of 171 7, printed by J. 
Baskett, is called the " Vinegar Bible." as the 
heading of the twentieth chapter of St. Luke 
reads " The parable of the vinegar " instead of 
"The parable of the vineyard." 

In 1620 the New Testament of the King James 
version was for the first time printed at Cam- 
bridge, where the whole Bible was printed in the 
following year; the Bible was not printed in Ox- 
ford until 1675; the first Bible printed in Scot- 
land was the King James version, and appeared 
in 1633. 

If this brief sketch Is now brought to a close, 
it does not mean that the history of the Englbh 
Bible was completed with the publication of the 
King James version; but if even a few who have 
followed this hasty record are impelled by it to 
carry on for themselves the study of this most 
interesting branch of literature and history, the 
purpose of the writer will have been amply ful- 

Those interested in the history of the Eng- 
lish Bible, and desirous to pursue it further and 
more in detail, will find an excellent account of 
the various English editions in " The Printed 
English Bible, 1525-1885." by Rev. R. Lovett, 
one of the Present-Day Primers^ recently pub- 
lished by Fleming H. Revell Co. It Is interest- 
ing to note in this connection the following 
works, which are useful and important to libra- 
rians, bibliographers, collectors, and others io> 
terested In this subject: " Old Bibles, an account 
of the eatly versions of the English Bibles, with 
numerous fac-slmlles," by J. R. Dore. published 
in 1890 by Eyre & Spottlswoode. London (E. & 
J. B. Young, New York); and " Fiftec^n^^ Cen- 

Digitized by 


August 4, '94 [No. 1175] The Publisheri^ Weekly. 


tury Bibles, a study in bibliography," by Wen- 
dell Prime, which treats of the early English 
editions as w^ll as the German, lulian, French, 
Dutch, and Bohemian Bibles. This work was 
published in 1888 by A. D. F. Randolph & Co. 
Oar attention has been called to the fact that 
the first edition of the •• Breeches" Bible (Gene- 
va, 1560) is a small quarto, and not a folio, as 
was stated in part iii. of ** Notes on Early Eng- 
lish Editions of the Bible," P. W., June 23. 


A UNIQUE exhibit of bookbindings was re- 
cently opened by J. and M. L. Tregaskis, the 
well-known London booksellers, at the Caxton 
Head, High Holbom, London. Its organizers 
have dignified it with the name of an ** interna- 
tional " exhibit ; but the rather pretentious title 
is inappropriate. The small collection does, 
however, represent examples of binding from 
many quarters of the globe, and the plan on 
which it was gathered Is decidedly original. In 
order to afford an equal chance to every binder 
represented, a single book was selected for the 
exhibit. The one chosen was the thirteenth cen- 
tury romance, " King Florus and the Fair Je- 
hane," translated by William Morris, and issued 
by him from the Kelmscott Press in Chaucer 
type. Oat of the total edition of 350 copies, 
Mr. and Mrs. Tregaskis secured seventy-six. 
These were sent to every quarter of the globe 
where bookbinding prevails, and of them seven- 
ty-four were returned in royal array, two having 
been destroyed — one by fire In Saxony, one by 
earthquake In Greece. The binders to whom 
the volumes were sent were not informed that 
their work was to be placed in comparison with 
that of fellow-craftsmen of other nations ; they 
were merelv invited to produce notable and 
characteristic bindings. These seventy-four vol- 
umes form the exhibit; besides the United King- 
dom, the countries represented are Algiers, Aus- 
tralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ceylon, Chi- 
na, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, 
India. Italy, Japan, Java, Persia, Russia, Siam, 
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunis, and United 
Sutes of America. The United Kingdom is 
represented by twenty-five examples, comprising 
the work of Bedford, Blrdsall. Crane, Hall- 
ward, Leighton, Morrell, Prldeaux, Rividre, 
Tout, and Zaehnsdorf , and these lead In origi- 
nality of design and skill of execution, while 
the eight French examples are superior in deli- 
cacy of finish, but lack originality to a surpris- 
ing degree. Germany furnishes some good, 
though not striking work, and there are several 
beautiful examples from Italy. The Eastern 
work is specially interesting. The specimens of 
American binding, contributed from Philadel- 
phia, Chicago, and Memphis, do not rank high, 
either in design or workmanship, which is, it 
must be confessed, something of a disappointment. 

Of the individual bindings, the most beautiful 
comes from Denmark, being the work of Messrs. 
Freitrnp and Andersen, of Copenhagen. It is 
of calf and morocco, with a striking and elab- 
orate design, which is exquisitely inlaid in thir- 
teen colored leathers, the lines of junction 
being concealed by fine gilt tooling ; the 
deuils of the workmanship of this binding 
are especially beautiful. Perhaps the finest 

English example is from Morrell, of London. 
It is crushed olive morocco, inlaid with a white 
lily design, the foliage outlined in gold, and 
the background profusely sprinkled in gold, the 
whole showing a remarkable perfection of tool- 
ing. Another very beautiful binding, from Gus- 
tav Hedberg, of Sweden, is a morocco mosaic- 
work in lemon, dark-green, and white. Among 
the interesting examples is one In vellum from 
Roger de Coverley, of London, showing a line- 
drawing by Mrs. Herbert Railton; a fine blue 
crushed morocco binding from Blrdsall, of 
Northampton; a beautiful embroidered cover in 
Japanese style by Mrs. Brownlow, finished by 
Tout of London; a striking embroidered bind- 
ing by Mrs. Crane, after a design by Walter 
Crane; and a design by Reginald Hallward, em- 
broidered by Miss Edith Bloxham, and bound 
by Morrell. The materials used are for the most 
part, of course, calf, morocco, vellum, and pig- 
skin, but there are also bindings in buckskin 
from Montreal, carved wood from Burmah, 
hand-painted wood. Inlaid with mother-of-pearl, 
from Italy, bamboo from Bangkok and Yoko- 
hama, embroidered silk from Tokio, and *' fiddle- 
back wood " and snakeskin from Australia. The 
collection has attracted considerable interest in 
London, where it has won, as it deserved, the 
attention of all book-lovers. 


Thk new French press law, which has been for 
some time pending, has now, it is announced, been 
elevated to the dignity of a cabinet question, and 
is thus invested with a considerable degree of 
public importance. The measure, which has 
been widely denounced as a project for censor- 
ship, is founded on the determinationof the gov- 
ernment to repress the dissemination of anar- 
chistic and incendiary sentiments. Its promoters, 
however, dispute the charge that the measure 
implies censorship. Press cenforship, they 
claim, consists in the right of the government to 
examine books and newspapers before or after 
printing to determine whether they contain ut- 
terances offensive to the government; If so. the 
authorities have the right to summarily seize the 
offending publications and to punish the owners 
and editors. Censorship proper existed in 
France until 1881, when it was abolished by the 
press law of that year. Since then the French 
press has been as free as the American or Eng- 
lish press, and this freedom is still the theory 
of the new bill. The bill is, in fact, a series of 
amendments to the law of 1881 ; but, as might be 
expected, in view of the dangerous anarchistic 
element of the country. Its provisions for the 
suppression of seditious publications are very 
stringent. It enlarges the number of crimes 
which the press may commit against public or- 
der, but these crimes must be prosecuted and 
proved in due course of law, and the penalty is 
fine and imprisonment of the guilty person and 
not the suppression of the newspaper. Perhaps 
the most notable provision of the new law Is that 
" incitements to murder, arson, and pillage," or 
to breaches of the peace, which, under the old 
law, were punishable only when they took effect, 
are under the new law punished whether they 
take effect or not. If they do not take effect 
the inciter Is still liable to a term of imprison- 
ment of from one to five years and to a fine of 

Digitized by 


1 84 

The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1175] August 4, '94 

from 100 to 3000 francs. Any one who excuses 
or justifies murder, arson, pillage, or theft after 
it has been committed is liable to the same pen- 
alties as one who instigates one of these crimes. 
The examining magistrate has power to order 
Che seizure of four copies of the ofifending pub- 
lication, but this is apparently to secure evi- 
dence, and not to work as a suppression. Seiz- 
ure and suppression are to take place only after 
the accused has been found guilty, and then 
apply only to the parts for which he has been 
found guilty, and to copies put on sale or public- 
ly exposed. 

The provisions of the bill apply to drawings 
and illustrations as well as to text, and if it be en- 
forced to its full extent the life of the French 
anarchist and socialist editors will be " Dot a 
happy one. " That it will be so enforced is ex- 
tremely probable ; in fact, popuUr opinion — 
barring, of course, the radical press — seems de- 
cidedly in favor of the measure. 


Thb Catholic Pubucation Society Com- 
pany, at No. 12 East Seventeenth St., New 
York City, has become financially embarrassed, 
and on July 31 William Angelo was appointed 
receiver in the Supreme Court, on the applica- 
tion of the trustees of the company in pursuance 
of a resolution passed at a meeting of the stock- 
holders on July 6 for the dissolution of the 
company. The officers are: President, Joseph 
M. Hennessy; treasurer, Walter J. Hennessy; 
secretary, John Kehoe. The president holds 
115 shares of stock in the company; the treas- 
urer, 135, and the secretary 5. The capital 
stock is $45,000. It was said by the officers 
that the removal from Barclay Street to Seven- 
teenth Street, in May, 1891. has proved disas- 
trous to the business of the company: sales 
have shrunk; the business has decreased until 
the income and profits are not sufficient to pay 
the running expenses; the company has been 
-sued for rent; a note has gone to protest, with 
others to follow, and the company is without 
means to pay Its indebtedness. The liabilities 
are given at $7716. The value of the assets is 
not definitely known. They consist almost en- 
tirely of electrotype plates and books. The 
business has been in existence since 1867. Fa- 
ther Isaac T. Hecker, of the Paulist Fathers, 
was president up to December, 1883. when the 
present company succeeded, purchasing the 
business, it was said, for $45,000. The capital 
stock of the old company was $135,000. 


It appears that the announcement that Will- 
iam Campbell & Co. was to become part of The 
National Wall Paper Co. was premature. Will- 
iam Campbell, who owns the controlling interest 
in the firm which bears his name, offered to sell 
his factories to the National Wall Paper Co. for 
$400,000, payable in four years, but negotiations 
were broken off at the last moment. Mr. Camp* 
bell will rebuild the factory at the corner of 
Forty-second Street and Tenth Avenue, New 
York, which was destroyed by fire, and fight his 
competitors with all the means in bis power. 

To tkg Editor 0/ The PmkiitktrM' iVtikly. 

Sir: In your issue of July 21, under Busi- 
ness Notes, you make a statement which is un- 
true, and one which might be very injurious. In 
the notice of receiver being asked for Alexander 
Belford you say that certain notes were secured 
by $100,000 of stock in The Werner Company, 
and said stock is not worth enough to satisfy a 
judgment of $7000.* The fact is (and one which 
you should have ascertained before publishing 
the article) that the security was $20,000 of The 
Werner Company stock, that it was not. and 
could not be offeied for sale, and that the stock 
of The Werner Company has never been sold * 
below its face value. We expect and io&ist that 
the correction be given as much prominence as 
the original article. 

In the same issue of your paper, in the copy* 
right matter of Harper Brothers against Edgar 
S. Werner, a great many people think we are 
the Werner interested, and we have received nu* 
merous letters in reference to the matter. We 
will be pleased if you will put a notice in that 
The Werner Company have no connection and 
do not know Edgar S. Werner. 
Yours truly, 

Thk Wb&nbr Company, 

by A. BbLFO&D. 

[*Thb PtniLiSHBRS* Wbbkly, by the way , made 
no such positive assertion. It recorded the fact 
that it was "alleged" that the stock was not 
worth enough to satisfy the judgment. We 
simply credited common newspaper report, and 
regret that in doing so we should have been mis- 
led into misstating the facts In the case. — Ed. 
P. W.] 


*• Thb Orthobpist," by Alfred Ayres, pub- 
lished by D. Appleton & Co., has gone Into a 
second edition. 

Hbnry Bacon Allbn, who has been associ- 
ated with G. P. Putnam's Sons for the past five 
years, is about to sever his relations with them 
to uke up an engagement with the Brenuno's. 

T. Y. Crowell & Co. will publish immediate- 
ly, in connection with Cranston & Curts, of Cin- 
cinnati, '• The Footprints of the Jesuits," by R. 
W. Thompson, ex-Secretary of the U. S. Navy. 

Thb " Handbook of the Northwestern Book- 
sellers' and Newsdealers' Association " contains 
160 pages, not 25, as through a printer's error 
we were made to report in our notice of the book 
July 21. 

D. C. Hbath & Co. have just published the 
third edition of Sever's " Progressive Speller." 
This new edition contains twenty-four additional 
pages, giving lessons in synomyms, autonyms, 
homonyms, words traceable to the Latin, words 
traceable to the Greek, and foreign words and 

R. A. Arnold, 157 William Street. New York, 
has published a ** Grand Regent March Royal 
Arcanum," composed for the piano by Mrs. A. 
W. Rose, and dedicated to Justin F. Price. Grand 
Regent of the Royal Arcanum of the State of 

Digitized by V:rOOQl(. 

jiugusf 4, '94 i^o- "75 J ^'*« Publiihen' Weekly. 


New York. The march has also been arranged 
for the orchestra, and is to be perfomed by 
Sousa's and other large bands in this country. 

Thb Grolibr Club has in press a two-volume 
edition of the " Poems of John Donne," edited 
by Prof. Charles Eliot Norton. It has in prep- 
aration a new volume of ** Transactions of the 
GroHer Club," which will cover the first ten 
years of the club's history. It will be carefully 
printed on hand-made paper, illustrated and 
decorated with views of the exterior and interior 
of the club-house. Both works will be ready in 
the fall. 

Wm. Bbvbrley Harison, N. Y^, has just ready 
a monograph entitled "What Time Is It? a 
manual of instruction in teaching and reckoning 
time, longitude, solar and standard time, with 
exercises and problems for use In schools," by 
H. T. Clauder. The manual is not only adapted 
for use in primary classes, but is intended also 
for use in the secondary and grammar grades of 
city and town schools for regular or supplemen- 
tary work. 

Miss Mildred Ruthbrford, of Athens, Ga., 
author and publisher of two handbooks, one on 
American the other on English authors, calls 
the attention of the trade to the fact that the 
Educational Catalogue in listing these books 
(July 14, page 65, second column) erroneously 
quoted the introduction price to schools in lots 
of fen or more — $1.25 — as the wholesale price. 
The retail price of these books is $2, the dis- 
count to the trade 20 ^, thus making the net 
price to the trade $t.6o. 

D. Applbton & Co. have in press for immedi- 
ate publication " Mrs. Limber's Raffle, or, a 
church fair and its victims." by William Allen 
Butler; ** Essays, Biological and Geological," by 
Thomas H. Huxley, forming the eighth volume 
of the author's collected essays ; "A Rejoin- 
der to Professor Weismann." by Herbert Spen- 
cer, reprinted from The Contemporary Review; 
" General Lee," by General Fitzhugh Lee, a new 
volume in the Great Commanders Series, edited 
by General James Grant Wilson, with portrait 
and maps: and *' George Mandeville's Husband," 
by C. E. Raimond, a new volume in their Town 
and Country Library, 

Henry T. Clauder has resigned his position 
with the Bethlehem Iron Company, taking efiff ct 
July 3r, to accept the position of assistant man- 
ager of the Bell Punch and Printing Company 
and The Times Publishing Company of Bethle- 
hem, Pa. As boy and man Mr. Clauder has 
been well and favorably known in Bethlehem for 
upwards of thirty year?. H is early business train- 
ing in Bethlehem, in Cincinnati, and St. Louis, 
and his later connection with the firms of A. 
Wolle & Co. and Wolle, Krause & Erwin, fur- 
nished an excellent training for the more respon- 
sible duties later intrusted to his direction. In 
1868, when the Moravian Publication Concern 
was projected, Mr. Clauder and his brother, the 
late A. C. Clauder, were asked to inaugurate 
and accept Its management. In this capacity he 
familiarized himself thoroughly with the details 
of printing and publishing and developed the 
progressive business methods and executive abil- 
ity that made his administration of the affairs 
of the publication office eminently successful. 
He resigned his position in 1883 and became 

connected with the Anderson School Book Com- 
pany, of New York. Three years later he be- 
came financially interested in and reorganized 
the company under the name of the New York 
School Book Clearing House, and became its 
president and manager. 

Charles Scribnbr's Sons will shortly publish 
a book which they have had in preparation for 
many months, whose importance and interest to 
at least one-half of the community are evident 
at once. It is entitled "The Woman's Book," 
and is to be sold only by subscription. The 
plan has been to make, with the help of capable 
autboritif s, a work which will treat adequately 
almost all subjects in which American women 
are specially interested. The subjects have 
been classified as follows: " Occupation for Wo- 
men," by P. G. Hubert, Jr.; *' Housekeeping," 
bv Lillian W. Betts; "Women in Their Business 
Affairs," by W. O. Stoddard; "Social Life and 
Usages," by Constance Cary Harrison; "The 
iEstheiics of Dress," by Eva Wilder McGlasson; 
•• Dress from the Practical Standpoint," by va- 
rious writers; " Hygiene in the Home," by J. 
West Roosevelt, M.D. ; " The Training of 
Children," by Kate Douglas Wiggin ; " The 
Education of Women," by Rev. Lyman Abbott; 
•* Books and Reading," by Thomas Wentworih 
Higginson; "The Art of Travel," by Elizabeth 
Bisland; "The Home Grounds," by Samuel 
Parsons, Jr.; " The Flower Garden," by J. N. 
Gerard; " House-Building," by He^en Churchill 
Candee; " House Decoration and Furnishing,** 
by Mary Gay Humphreys; " Women's Oppor- 
tunities in Town and Country," by Mary Cad- 
walader Jones; and " Women's Handiwork," by 
Constance Cary Harrison. A supplementary 
chapter has been added which contains much 
information which properly belongs to a house- 
hold encyclopaedia. The index contains over 
five thousand references, which indicates the 
thoroughness with which the field has been 
covered. The Illustrations are very abundant, 
numbering more than four hundred. There are 
twelve plates in color. 


Macmillan & Co. have in press a new edition 
of Mr. Balfour's " Defence of Philosophic 
Doubt," which has been talked about for some 

Wm. Morris is getting on with his reprints of 
Pynson's Froissart and " The Life and Death of 
Jason " in black and red. Mr. Sparling, who is 
editing the Froissart, has resigned the secretary- 
ship of the Kelmscott Press, and S. C.Cockerell 
has succeeded him. 

Another important record of the Napoleonic 
period is announced in Paris, in the shape of the 
" Memoirs of Barras." the famous member of 
the Directory. The MS. has just been placed in 
the publisher's hands by the writer's family. 
The work is to be issued in four volumes, and is 
reported to be full of picturesque details. 

Apropos of the discussion aiming to abolish 
the system of issuing novels in three volumes In 
England the council of the London Booksellers' 
Society has authorized the Issue of a lettter to 
the principal publishers from which we quote 
the following : " As the whole question of three- 
volume novels is now being raised, we should 
like to say that it would be a great satisfaction 
Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

1 86 

The Publishers' Weekly. [No. 1175] August 4, '94 

to us if good works of fiction ceased to be issued 
in this way. We are unanimously in favor ol 
such novels being published at once in a six- 
shilling form, or, at any rate, at some popular 
price; and we feel convinced that not only would 
the bookseller order such volumes in large num- 
bers, but that the 'library' orders would not be 
diminished. As to other books, we have long 
been of opinion that the price at which they are 
issued upon first publication prohibits sales." 


Augusta. Me.— The publishing house of E. 
C. Allen & Co. has suspended operations. A 
few years ago this firm had probably the largest 
number of subscribers to its various publica- 
tions of any house doing a similar business in 
this county — their list being made up of up- 
wards of a million names. The publications 
of this house were made up at first of " plate 
matter" and ** clipped" articles. They were 
printed on the cheapest of paper and in poorest 
of type ; they were then scattered broadcast 
through the land, fairly blazing with premium 
offers— that is, they promised that on the pay- 
ment of fifty cents a year one dollar's worth — 
sometimes two or three — of cheap jewelry, 
curios, and various other •* novelty goods " 
would be presented to the subscriber as premi- 
ums. For several years this sort of thing made 
the firm flourish and wax fat. In these days it 
was not so much a publishing house as dealers 
in novelty goods. Later on the public became 
educated and began to refuse the bait, and con- 
sequently the papers were improved. Compe- 
tition and the death of the head of the firm 
seteral years ago are said to be the causes of 
the retirement of this firm. 

Boston, Mass.— Louis D. Brandeis, assignee 
of the D. Lothrop Co., In sending to the credi- 
tors of that firm their checks for the final divi- 
dend of 25 ^, completing the payment In full of 
all claims, writes : " 1 deem it proper to state 
that owing to the prevailing depression in busi- 
ness the amount realized from the assets of the 
corporation would not have been sufficient to 
pay a dividend of much over 60 ^ on outstand- 
ing claims against the company, and payment 
in full has been rendered possible only through 
the hearty co-operation of Mrs. Daniel Lothrop. 
James E. Lothrop, and John C. Lothrop, and 
their generous and honorable action In con- 
tributing the balance from their own means at 
great personal sacrifice." 


The Dead hzvKL,-^ American LUerary Man: 
The great novel of the age will be written by 
an American. The fact is, I myself could write it 
at 9ny time if I desired to do so. Cynical Friend: 
Then why in thunder don't you do so ? Avter- 
ican Literary Man : Simply because I feel con- 
strained to write down to the level of the Ameri- 
can girl, who is the principal reader of novels 
nowadays. As another great American writer 
has recently said, "she is the Iron Madonna who 
strangles in her fond embrace the American 
novelist; the Moloch upon whose altar he sac- 
rifices willingly or unwillingly his chances of 
greatness."— A^/ter York Tribune, 


Under the keadinir '*Bs0Jks WmtUed;' 9U % m w k \ t r% 
tfOy MTtf •MMfftfd to « prm insoriUn. mfA— «•«• 
/Wr h—ha out of print, oaaeluoimo of M t Kr — > (In 
MHf Uow omoopt Bpooial n umh or o ), #• mm lii l iii l 
not omoooding lOO iinoa n y«ar. Jf w mm r m tkmm 
p9% Ummo mro ooni, tho omoooo is mi lO f m tm por 
UmOf mmd mm M i mmt mhomUL^ 5« wnt i M om d l * Bide /m 
eurrefdh0»h9 and tnek at mmy he easily hmd /ram tk* 
hnSlitkert^ mnd repeated mmtter^ as well as eMmdoartise- 
meats /rem men-suAseriSers, most he paid /or eU the rat* 
4^10 eemts per lime. 

Under the heading ^^ Be0hs /er Sale,'^ tJka ahprge U 
tnhserihers and men-snhserihers is lo seats par Ume/tr 
iaeh insertien, -Ne dednetian/er repeated mtmtter. 

Under the heading ** Seehs/er Ejeehange^^ tka cMargt 
is BO eemts per line, Ne dedmetian/er ttandiesg nuttier. 

Under the heading *'Sitnatiens WmmtedT amltcrihert 
are emtttled te eme/ree insert iem nf/we limae. Far re- 
peated mmtter mmd advertisememts ^fme m sa tA eerO i erM the 
eharge ie xoeemie per lime. 

All ether email advertisemtemts will he eJkmrged at the 
mmiferm rate e/\o eemts per lime. Eight ma rde musy he 
reehemed te the lime. 

Bartiee with wham we have me aeeannts mtwut pay is 
advanee, etherwise me matiee will he taken ^ tkair eemt" 

Parties desirimt te receive amswere te their' mdnertise- 
atemte thraneh this ejtee most either eall /or tkam er 
emelese pestage stamps with their ardors /or tJka immriiem 
^feneh admertisemumte, Im all eases we mmat kmne the 
fall address e/ advertisers as a gmaramtee ^gaad/aith. 

Houses that are williag to deal oalj on a caah-oii-de> 
livery batit will find it to their advantage to pat after 
their firm-name the word {CasKl. 

IV WrUa your wanta plainiy mnd mn. mmo oUU 
of tka ahaet ontp, IUegihiy'%Mrittom ^^mmnia" 
wiU booonaiderodeu ''noiheioitHf boon, t^o o im od ," 


IV /m anewerimg^ please state edition^ eemditiem^and 
price% inelndimt ystags er express charges. 

Antiquarian Book-8toro. Omaha, N«b. 

Caulkint« History of New London. 

The House of Alexander. 

Lippard*t Legends of the Revolution. 

Q. W. Baldwin, Houston, Tex. 
Other Pcople*s Children, cl. preferred. 
9 each Borderland, nos. z and a. 
Reason vs. Sword, by Washburn. 

The Book-8hop, 160 Public 8q.. Olevoland, O. 

Adams, Democracy and Monarchy in France. 
Bverybodv*s Fairy Godmother. 
Chambers^ Encyclopaedia, second-band. 

Boston Book Oo., \h% Baacon St., Boston. 

American Annual Re^ster, 1833-3. 

Biblical Repertory. i8a8-'3o-*32."^34-'36, '39, '40, *5«. '64, 

'65, ^68, *69. *70, V«. 
North Am, Review ^ 1843-49 ; July, 1869. ▼. or odd noe. 

The Bowan-Marrlll Oo., Indlanapolla. Ind. 
Abbott*s Life of John Colet. 
Thompson's History of the Tariff. 

Qaorga Brumdar, Mllwaukaa, Wis. 
Books on Alaska. 
Reports on Alaska. 
Dtcsrater amd Furnisher^ Sept., 1891. 
Weatherly, In Arcadia, desi^^ed by Harriet M. Benaet. 
Codes of Dakota, 1887. 
Art Amateur^ Oct., 1887. 
University Extension^ Not., 1898 ; Feb., ^93. 
Eclectic Afag.,Jt^n.t 1893. 
Natiem, June at, as, July 5, 1888. 
North Am. Review^ v. laa, $4. 
Lutheran Witnese^ June, t88i to ^ complete. 
Famous Composers, complete io-fits. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

August 4, '94 yNo. 1175] The Publishers' Weekly. 


BOOKS WANTED, —Continued. 

J. W. Bouton, 8 W. 28th 8t., N. Y. 

^enealoflrical Htotoriet of the Abbott, Barnard, Coffin, 
Chandler, Harding, Bverctt, Johnson, Kimball, and 
Mitchell Families. 

M filler. Fertilization of Orchids. 

D*Oyley and Mantz, Bible, 3 t., X850. 

Th« Burrows Bros. Oo.» Olovoland, O. 

Carpenter*s Six Months in White House. 

Pierpont*s American First Class-Book, about 1823. 

Renan*s St. Paul. 

Report of nth C. B. Convention. 

Husmann*s American Grape Growing. 

*' Grape Culture in California. 

Ross, Second Voyage to Arctic, 1835. 
Drake tS. G.), Book of the Indians. 
Any books on the Indians. 

J. W. Oadbv, 682 B'way, Albany, N. Y. 

Howe's Historical Colls, of Ohio. 

Proud's History of Penna., a v. 

D*mocr»tic Revitw^ all after v. 31. 

Morp^an*s Masonry Revealed — pamphlet. 

Siilimttn'i Am. JoutmaI^ v 13 and 15, ist ser. 

Franklin InstHuU Journal 0/ Pa.^ July, i860, to date, 

bound V. 
The Turner Gallery. Appleton & Co. 

O. N. Caspar, 437 E. Water 8t., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Birch, Egypt. N. Y., 1875. 

McFarlane, Japan. Hartford, 1856. 

Robert, The Gypsies. London, 184a. 

Hodge, Commentaries on Romans. N. Y., 1886. 

Oathcart, Oleland, & Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Old House by the River, Prime, H. B. 

A. H. Olapp, 82 Maiden Lane. Albany, N. Y. 
English Rule and Misrule in the Colonies. Harper & 

Golden Butterfly, pap. 

Customs of the Service, a v., by Capu Kantz. 
Father Thompson*s Bible, Beecher. 

A. 8. OlarR, 34 Park Row. N. Y. 
Biblical Repertory, v. x (1829). I offer $5. 

Robert Olarko & Co., 04nclnnatl, O. 
Bel Ami, hf. levant, 8*. 
Shaler's Geolc^ical Survey of Ky., v. x. 
DuvaPs Big Foot Wallace. 
Foote*s Texas and Texans. 
Kennedy*s Texas. 
Maillard*s Texas. 

Helps* Spanish Conquest, Harper*s ed. 
The Wilderness ; or, Braddock^s Times. 
History of Westmoreland Co., Pa . 
Scbleiermacher, Outline Study of Theology, 1850. 

'* Sibellian and Aothanasian Representa* 

tion of the Trinity, 1839. 
Jacob's Adventures in nicific Ocean. Harper, X844. 
Burnet t*s American System of Book-keeping. New York, 

V. 9 Bancroft's History of U. S., full shp. or cl. 

Oranston & Ourts, 67 Waah'n^Bt., Qhlcago, 111. 

Life of Sir W. Raleigh, Anonymous. 
Hitchcock's Analysis of the Bible. 
Calderwood, Philosophy of the Infinite. 

P. T. Ounnfngham, 440 Grand 8t., N. Y. 
V. 5, 6, 7 Appleton 's Bncyc, 1883, shp. 

Cuehing & Co., 34 W. Baltimore 8t., Baltimore, 

Rosa Vertu Johnson, Poems. 

E. Darrow & Co., Rochester, N. Y. 
Rev. Samuel Whiting, of Lynn, by Dr. Wm. Whiting. 

Ohas. H. Dreesel. 669^ Broad St., Newark, N. J. 

Andrew Lang*s Trans, of Aucassin & Nicolette. 
Lawton's Insuraaee Tables, American Experience, 4 and 

4M Per Cent. 
Sadlier's Commentary on Matthew and John. 

Dodd, Mead & Co., 6 E. 19th 8t., N. Y. 
9 copies Queer People, Palmer Cox. 
X each of nos. x and % of The Cha^ Book. 
Some Chinese Ghosts. Roberts Bros. 
National History of the United States, s v., by Lossing 

and Williams, x8ss-7. 
9 copies A Frozen Dragon. Pub. by Dodd, Mead & Co. 

FredeHck DIehl, 210 W. Market 8t., Louisville, 

G. B. Stebbins, Chapters from the Bibles of all Ages. 

Harry K. Duke & Oo., Cumberland, Md. 
Life of Col. James Gardiner, by Jos. Doddridge. 

E. P. Dutton & Oo., 81 W. 23d 8t., N. Y. 
Story of Mary PhUlips, by A. W. Van Tassell Sutphen. 

Eclectic Book-8toro, Los Angeles, Gal. \jCa*h.\ 
Great Bank Robbery. 
An American Penman. 
Atilla the Hun. 
Borderland, no. i. 

Flagler & Co., 292 Main 8t., Poughkoopelo, N. Y. 
Star Papers, by H. W. Beecher. 

A. E. Footo, 1224 N. 4let 8t., Phlla., Pa. 
Ray*s Menul Hygiene. 
Thomas, Historical and Geographical Account of Pa. and 

Thatcher, Indian Bibliography. 

Cobbold, Parasites of Man and Domestic Animals. 

Henry Goldsmith, WInfleld, Kan. 
Borgeaud, Charles, The Use of Modern Democracy in 
Old and New England. 

The T. 8. Gray Go., Mllwaukea, Wis. 
Squier*s States of Central America. 
*' Nicaragua. 

H. Gregory's Book-Store, Providence R. I, 
Life of Douglas Jerrold, by B. Jerrold. 

Martin I. J. Grlffln, 71 I Bansom 8t., Philadel- 
phia., Pa. 
Anything relating to Sute Beneficence to the Poor or 

Anything relating to Franciscan Missions. 
Books ofCommon Prayer, Am. ed. prior to x84S. 
Hymn- Books, Am. eds. 

W. B. Harlson. 69 6th Ave., N. Y. 
Allen and Greenough*s Prep. Latin Prose, 10 copies. 

Healy & Daly, 206 Powell 8t., Ban Francisco. 

Blaine*s Twenty Years in Congress, v. s. 
Duyckinck, Cyclo. of American Literature, v. a. 
Frank Forrester on the Horse. 
Stephens* War Between the States, v. a. 
Stimson, History of Express Companies. 

Hunt & Eaton, 160 6th Ave., N. Y. 

Lesson Commenury, by Vincent and Hurlbut, for 1887, 

*88, *89. 
Illustrative Notes, by Hurlbut and Doherty, for 189X and 


Please sute price, and if the books are perfect. 

R. L. Jaquae, La Fayette, Ind. 
Modern Theory of Chemistrv, by Myer. 
Select Method of Chemical Analysis, by Crooks. 
Foods, by BIyth. 

Bxercise in Preparation of Organic Products, by Fischer. 
State condition and cash price, ktcst editions. 

E. W. Johnson, 2 E. 42d 8t.. N. Y. 
Institutes Gen. Hist., Andrews. . 
Intro. Middle Ages, Bmerton, B. Ginn. 
Civilization Middle Ages, Adams. 
Jane Taylor's Poems. Carter & Bros. 

Johnson & EmIgh, 10 Post 8t., Ban Francisco, 

Roorbach's Bibliotheca Americana, v. s, 1852-5 ; v. 3, 

1855-8 ; V. 4, 1858-61. 
Kelly's American Catalogue, x86f6 ; 1866-71. State con 


The E. P. Judd Go.. P. O. Box 406, New Haven* 

Gona. \Cath,'\ 
Faraday, by Gladstone. Pub. by Maomillan. 
Lyman Genealogy, 
winter's Cavalry Life, cl. 
Crusoe's Island, Browne, J. R., cl. 
Splendid Spur Q., cU 
Mutiny of Bounty, cl. 
Margaret Montecliffe, cl. 

Kerrigan's Book-Btore, 840 Elm 8t., Dallas, 

Texas. \Caok^ 
Dr. Kendall's Texas SanU Yi Exp 


1 88 

Ike Publishers' Weekly. \^No. 1175] August 4, '94 

BOOKS WANTED.— Continued, 

Thomas Laurie, 28 Paternottar Row, London* 

Barnard*8 German Pedagogy, a v. 
" English *• 9 V. 

A Hst of 500 books on the principles and history of edu- 
cation sent postfree. 

Leary's Old Book-Store. 8. 0th 8t , Phi la., Pa. 
Bndymion : a Tale of Greece, by H. B. Hirst. 
Poetical Dictionary, by H. B. Hirst. 

Paul Lemperly. I I I Water 8t., Cleveland, O. 

The Yellowplu^h Correspondence. Philadelphia, 1838. 
Sidney Lanicr*s Poems. Philadelphia, 1877. 

" •* Tiger-Lilies, xst ed. 

Poems by Rowland Sill. Pub. in San Francisco. 

Leonard Pub. Oo.. 31 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. 
Crook in the Lot. by Rev. Thos. Boston. Formerly Car- 
ter & Bros.* publication. 

R. M. Lindsay, Nth and Walnut 8ts., Phlla., Pa. 

Audubon's Birds, 7 v. (or v 7 separately). 
Book-Pl»tes (Ex- 1 ibris). Will make selection from lou 
sent on inspection with prices marked. 

Lovell, Ooryell & Oo., 310-18 eth Ave., N. Y. 

Penrose, Architectural Proportions, English ed. 

W. H. Lowdermllk & Oo., Washington, D. O. 

Old World Questions and New World Answers. 

Davis, Bricics, Tiles, and Terra Cotta. 

Mackey. Masonic Turisprudence. 

Sargent s Gumey's Shorthand, ist and 3d ed. 

Smithsonian Misc. Collections, v. sa. 

Schai!ncr*s Telegraph Manual. 

8. B. Luyster. 79 Nassau St., N. Y. \Ca*k:\ 
Symonds* Renaissance in Italy, 7 v., 8% London, or any 


B. & J. F. Meehan, Bath, England. 
Bacon's (Lord) Works, any, with American imprint. 
Byron's (Lord) Works, *• *• ** ** 

Niagara Falls—any books or prints. 

Thomas B. Mother, 37 Exchange St., Portland, 

Me. \Ca$k.-\ 
Folsom's Saco and Biddeford. 

Sanderson's Lives of the Signers, v. 7, 8, 9. State ed. 
Bo0k Mart, May. t888. 

Ailibone's Supplement to Diet, of Authors, a v., d., fair 

O. P. Nettleton, Haywards, Gal. 
A Child of the Menhir : Tale of Brittany. 

The Open Oourt Publishing Oo., 324 Dearborn 

St , Ohlcag:o, III. [Ca*k,'\ 
Childer^s Pali-EngUsh Dictionary. London, TrQbner. 
Seal's Travels of Fah-Hian and Sung-Vun, tr. from the 

Chinese, 1869. 
Seal's Buddhist Tripitaka, 1876. 

W. H. Parker, 29 Bratle Sq., Cambridge, Mass. 

J. P. Collier's Annals of Stage and Hist. Bng. Dramatic 
Poets, 1879. 

E. W. Porter, 100 E. 4th St., 8t. Paul, Minn. 

It, a v., Vixetelly ed. 

Count Grammont, 

Memoirs of Madame du Barry. 3 v., 1830. 

Memoirs of Marmontel, a v., 1829. 

British Theatre, Mrs. Incbbald (complete). 

Complete set Book Prices Current, ed. by Slater, 6 v. 

V. 3 and 4 Browning's Poems, Macmillan's ed., tx. cl. 

a copies The Admirable Lady Biddy Fane, cl. or pap. 

Memoirs of Vidocq, 4 v. London, 1839. 

Poems of Villon. 

Vizeteily's Defences. 

Louis XIV., Pardoe, 3 v. 

Voltaire, complete English trans., a4 v. 

Porter & Ooates, 1826 Ohestnut St.. Phlla., Pa. 
Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes, by 

Kirtland, in a v. D. A. & Co. 
Pathfinder, Cooper. 

Homeward Bound, Cooper, Townsend's ed. 
Diana Barrington, by Croker. 
Dinna Forget, J. Strange Winter. 

Price, Eli K., Consolidation of Philadelphia. 
Mainstone's Housekeeper, by Eliza Metevard. 
The Independent Movement in New York, by Junius. 
The Taxation of the Elevated Railroads in the City of 

New York, by Foster— both in Questions of the Day 

Series, Putnam. 

O. S. Pratt, 6th Ave. and 12th St., N. Y. 

Payne Knight's Worship of Priapus. 
Westropp, Anc'ent Symbol Worship. 
Dr. Hairs Nomadic Theory on the Philosophy of Life. 
Shadow and Substance, and any others by H. James. 
Payne's Arabian Nights, 13 v. 

• Philip Roeder, 307 N. 4th St., St. Louis, Mo. 

The Roman Traitor. Pub. by Peterson. 
Histonr of the Great Civil War, by S. R. Gardiner, v. i. 
N. Y., Longmans, 1889. 

J. Francis Buggies, Bronson, Mich. 
Walkinghame's Arithmetic. 
Dred Scott Decision. 

S. Shonfeld, 1619 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb. 
One Hundred Crowned Masterpieces, no. ^^^ Crebbie & 

Co.'s subscription ed. 
Washington and His C^nerals, by Lippard. 

Scrantom, Wetmore & Oo., Rochester, N. Y. 

Tholuck's Sermon on the Mount. Scribner, Armstrong 

Van Oosterzee's Person and Work of the Redeemer. 

A. H. Smythe, Oolumbus, O. 
Tribune Almanac for 1890 and '93. 

State Historical Society. Madison, Wis. 
Durric's (^nealogy of the Holt Family, 1864. 

G. E. Stechert, 810 B'way, N. Y. 
Richardson, H. W., National Banks, x88o. 
Carey. H. C, Financial Crisis, 1863. 
Schweinitz. L. D., Synopsis Fungorum in America, 
Boreali Med. Deg. Phila., 1831. 

E. Stelger & Oo., 26 Park Place, N. Y. [Ca*k,'[ 
Prime. Pottery and Porcelain of all T'mes and Nations. 
Allen Wright, Chahu Leksikon. St. Louis, 1880. 

Stuart & Thompson Oo., Portland. Ore. 
Ueberweg's Syst. Logic and History, Logical Doctrines, 
tr. by Lindsay. 

Vernon L. Tenney. 23 Pearl St., N. Y. 
Commercial Directory of Latin Aiaerica. 
Bureau of American Republics. 189a. 
Jarvis, History of Hawaiian Islands. 

TIbbals Book Oo., 26 Warren St.. N. Y. 
Perowne on the Psalms, secondhand. 
Alexander on Isaiah, ** 

Hodge on Romans, Bphcsians, and Corinthians, second- 
Andrews' Life of Our Lord. 

T. M. Thorpe, 834 Broadway, N. Y. 

N. K, Metkodist Magnzint, 1838-34-5. 
Christopher Marshall's Diary. 
Sanderson's Signers, old copy preferred. 

M. E. Trice, I28B B'way, N. Y. 

Godey's Ladus* Book, v. 44. 
Tk« Ciub, Nov.. Dec, 1893 : Jan., 1893. 
The Rise of Wlsttahickon, in book or in papers, Phila. 
Saturday Courier, about 1840. 

D. H. Tripp & Co., 206 Main St., Peoria, III. 

E«ser's Logik. 

Fundamental Philosophy. 

History of the Philosophy of the Ancients, by Wilbelm 
Trsugott Krug. 

The Works of Frederick Bastiat, complete English trans- 

Danson's Wealth of Households. Clarendon Press, Ox- 
ford, t886. 

H. K Van SIclen. Agt., 260 W. 44th 8t . N. Y. 

Ore Deposits of the U. S., J. F. Kemp. Scientific Pub. 

The Life of Nathan Hale, by J. W. Stuart. F. A. Brown, 

Hartford, 1856. 
Conditional Immortality, Rev, W. R. Huntington. Dut- 

ton & Co., 1878. New or second-hand. 

E. Q. Wyckoir, Syracuse, N. Y. 
Spurgeon's Best Bread. 

John Wanamaker, Phlla., Pa. 
.Fifty Evenings with Moody. Pub. by Henry W. Rice, 

Amelia B. Welby's Poems. Pub. by D. A. & Co. 

The Alfred Warren Oo., OInclnnatl. O. 
History of Order of Jesuits, by J. W. S. Daurignac. Pub. 
in Cincinnati about 1865. 

Digitized by 


August 4y '94 T-^^. 1175] The Publishers' Weekly. 



E. A. Werner, 86 Oheetnut St., Albany, N. Y. 
National Portrait Gallery of Dittiaguishcd Amerlcant, 
conducted by Longacreand Herring, Pbila. and N. Y., 
1839. Will pay $1 each for the not. of t. 4 cootaioing 
portraits 0/ Abigail Adams, John Rutledge, Thos. 
Pinckney, Thos. McKean, Luther Martin, and Robe. 
R. LiTingston. 

B. Wettermann & Oo., 812 B'way, N. Y. 

Schmidt, Der Amerilcanische Bttrgerkrieg, bound copy 

American Chemical Journal^ T. 6 ; a copies of T. 7. 
Chemical GasgHc^ 1843-59. 

Wiillftma & Norgate, 14 Henrietta St., London, 

Am^r. f«urnal 0/ Obsietrict^ March, April, 189a. 
lournalo/tht Chemical Society (Bnglish), 1858. 

Wolcott & West, Syracuse, N. Y. 
First 10 V. of The Nation^ unbound. 

E. & J. B. Young & Oo., Oooper Union, N. Y. 

Morley*s Bnglish Writers, v. a, 3, 5, 6, 8, 11, second-hand 

copies, clean. 
Holder's Museum of Natural History, pts. 33-36, or t. 

containing tame. J. S. Virtue. 


Oranaton & Ourts, 67 Washington St., Chicago, 
300 Timayenis* History of Greece, v. a, aoc. 

Q. B. Qrosvenor, 744 Main St., Dubuqua, la. 
The American Caulogue to 1876, i v. 

*• •* •• Subjects, etc., to 1876, i t. 

*• *' *• i876-*84, 1 V. 

•' *• •* i884-'oo, I T. 

All hf. mor., heavy binding, in perfect order. Price of 
4 v., 96o. 

King Bros., 8 4th St., San Francisco, Oal. 

Any Tolumes that you want of Bancroft's Histories of 
Padf c Sutes, leath. binding. Price, $2.50 each. 

Robt. Meeks, Farmland, Ind. 
Odd nos. and v. of Har^er*s and Century. 


/^OMPBTBNT boolc. keeper of ten Tears* experience 
^^ and highest references desires position. Four years 
with one of the largest publishing houses in city. Mod- 
erate salary. Address *'B. C. G.,** care of Pubushbbs* 



"flir ANTBD.— An experienced traveller by a Bible and 
^' prayer-book house. One who has been accus- 
tomed to this special line preferred. Address John 
Murphy & Co., Baltimore, Md. 



Copyright Ofpicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No. 90.S99Z.— To wit : Be it remembered^ That on the 
S4th day of July. Anno Domini 1894. Marie Taylor, of 
New York, has deposited in this office the title of a 
book, the title or description of which is in the following 
words, to wit : *' The Poetical Works of Bayard Taylor. 
Household Edition. With Illustrations," the right where- 
of she claims as proprietor in conformity with the laws 
of the Uaited Sutes respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppovo, Librarian 0/ Comress, 
In renewal for 14 years from September a8, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, I 

Copyright Oppicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No. 3o,6ooZ.— To wit : Be it remembered. That on the 
14th day of July, Anno Domini 1894, Houghton, Mifflin 
A Co., attorneys for.Mrs. Whipple, ot Boston, have depos- 
ited in this office the title of a book, the title or description 
of which is in the following words, to wit : " Character 
and Characteristic Men. By Bdwin P. Whipple," the 
right whereof they claim as proprietors in conformity with 
the laws of the United Sutes respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppord, Librarian 0/ Congreu. 
In renewal for 14 years from September a8, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, ) 

Copyright Oppicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No.ao6oiZ.— Towit: Be it remembered ^T\aX on the 
14th day of July, Anno Domini 1894, Houghton, Mifflin 
& Co., of Boston, have deposited in this office the title of 
a book, the title or description of which is in the follow- 
ing words, to wit: ''The Vision of Sir Launfal By 
James Russell Lowell. With illustrations by S. BYtinge, 
Jr.," the right whereof they claim as proprietors in con- 
formity with the laws of the United Sutes respecting 

A. R. Spoppord, Librarian o/Congrte*. 
In renewal for 14 years from October a6, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, \ 

Copyright Oppicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No. 9o,6oaZ.— To wit : Be it remembered^ That on the 
S4th day of July, Anno Domini 1894, Mrs. A. D. T. Whit- 
ney, of Milton, Mass, has deposited in this office the title 
of a book, the title or description of which is in the fol- 
lowing words, to wit: '*A Summer in Leslie Gold- 
thwaite's Life. By Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney," the right 
whereof she claims as author in conformity with the laws 
of the United Sutes respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppord. Librarian 0/ Congress. 
In renewal for 14 years from NoYember 14, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, ) 

Copyright Oppicb, Washington. D. C. f 
No. 90,6032.— To wit : Be it remembered^ That on the 
X4th day of July, Anno Domini 1894, Brnest W. Longfel- 
low, of Cambridge, Mass., has deposited in this office the 
title of a book, the title or description of which is in the 
following words, to wit : *• Flower de Luce. By Henry 
Wadsworth Longfellow. With illustrations,*' the right 
whereof he claims as proprietor in conformity with the 
laws of the United States respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppord, Librarian 0/ Congress. 
In renewal for 14 years from October 34, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, \ 

Copyright Oppicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No. «o,6o4Z.— To wit : Be it remembered. That on the 
x4th day of July. Anno Domini 1894. Mabel Lowell Bur- 
nett, of Cambridge, Mass., has deposited in this office the 
title of a book, the title or description of which is in the 
following words, to wit: **Meliboeus-Hipponax. The 
Btglow Papers. Second Series." the right whereof she 
ckums as proprietor in conformity with the laws of the 
United Sutes respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppobd. Librarian o/Congreu, 
In renewal for 14 years from October 94, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, \ 

Copybight Oppicb, Washington, D. C. f 
No. flo,6o5Z.«To wit : Be it remembered^ That on the 
X4th day of July, Anno Domini 1894, Nathaniel Holmes, 
of Cambridge, Mass., has deposited in this office the title 
of a book, the title or description of which is in the fol- 
lowing words, to wit: " The Authorship of Shskespeare. 
By Nathaniel Holmes. In two volumes. Vol. i,** the 
right whereof he claims as author in conformity with the 
laws of the United States respecting copyrights. 

A, R. Spoppord, Librarian 0/ Congress. 
In renewal for 14 years from August 3, 1894. 

Library op Congrbss, ) 

Copyright Oppicb. Washington. D. C. f 
No. •o,6o6Z.— To wit : Be it remembered^ That on the 
X4thday of July, Anno Domini 1894, Nathaniel Holmes, 
of Cambridge, Mass., has deposited in this office the title 
of a book, the title or description of which is in the fol- 
lowing words, to wit : *• The Authorship of Shakespeare. 
By Nathaniel Holmes. In two Tolumes. Vol. a,^* the 
right whereof he claims as author in conformity with the 
laws of the United States respecting copyrights. 

A. R. Spoppord, Librarian 0/ Congress. 
In renewal for 14 years from August 3, 1894. 


S. CLARK, 34 Park Row,N. Y. City. Magazines 
' pamphleu, out-of-print booles. Catalogues free. 

pOMPLBTB SBTS of all the leading Magazines and 
^-^ Reviews, and back numbers of some three thouvand 
different periodicals, for sale, cheap, at the Ambrican 
and FoRBiGN Magazinb Dbpot, 47 Dey S*», New Yotk. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1175] August 4, '94 


«<A Remarkable Book.'' 



By Benjamin Kidd. 8vo, cloth, $1.75. 



By Charlbs H. Pearson, Hon LL.D. St. Andrews, late Fellow of Oriel Collefire, Oxford, and sometime Minister of 

Education, Victoria. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, $a.oo. 

" We at once confess that we have here the mature reflections of a man of superior learning and wide informa- 
mation. . . . The book is thorou^rhly interesting, and stimulating to a high degree. ''—yf«WSM'#r >?/&<>«». 


New Volmmts, 


With Prefaces, Glossaries, etc. By Iskabl Gollamcz, 
M.A. Imperial i6mo. Printed on Van Gelder hand- 
made paper, in black and red. With frontispieces in 
photogravure, and title-pages designed by Walter Crane. 
Cloth extra, flexible covers, gilt top, each, 45 cents ; 
paste gritin roan, limp, gilt top, each, 65 cents. 
*** By permission, the text used is that of the ** Globe " 

Edition, but carefully amended from that of the latest 

*' Cambridge " Edition. 

"An exceedingly dainty and enticing edition.**— Ctf«r- 

Now Ready. Vol. lU. THE HOUSE OP FAME. THE 




Complete Works of Gbofprbv Chaucer. Edited from 
numerous mannscripu by the Rev. Walter W. Skbat, 
Litt.D., LL.D., M.A., Fellow of Christ's College. Cam- 
bridge. In six volumes, demy 8vo, with portrait and 
fa&«miles. 8vo, buckram, $4.00 each, net. 

Already Published. 
Vol. I. ROMAUNT OP THE ROSE. Minor Poems. 

The remaining volumes will be published at short in- 
tervals during the present year. 

"The volumes take rank distinctly among textual- 
critical editions of our great English classics, like the 
• Cambridge Shakespeare.* **^Lit«rary World, Boston. 



By Ernbst F. Hkndbrson, A.M (Harvard), Ph.D. (Berlin), editor of ** Select Historical Documents of the Middle 

Ages *' (Bohn). 8vo, cloth, $a.6o, net. 

'* It must be accounted a happy chance that a volume which unlocks so vast a store of the treasures of research 
gathered by the multitude of workers in the field of German mediaeval history should have been presented in the first 

Klace to the general reader in this country. The material is thoroughly well digested, and is presented in a singularly 
icid and attractive way.'*— .S'cp/mmm. 

Just Published. 


By Geoffrey Drags, Secretary to the Labour Commis- 
sion. Crown 8vo, $1.50. 

"An exhaustive and deeply interesting study of the un- 
employed question."— Z>a»7y Telegraph, 

PRIMITIVE civilizations ; 

Or. Outlines of the History of Ownership in Archaic 
Communities. By E. J. Simcox, author of "Natural 
Laws," etc a vols , 8vo, $to.oo. 
"A very valuable contribution to historical knowledge." 

— Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 

Vol. /. New Translation. 


Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnbtt. In seven volumes. i6mo, cloth extra, gilt top, $ each. 
Now Ready. Vol. l, RUBIN. Further volumes in preparation. 
" Mrs. Gamett's version of * Rudin ' reads, indeed, with all the charm and ease of an original work, and all true 
lovers of good literature will feel grateful to her for having so ably accomplished a difficult task.**^Pu^lishers' 

literary associations of the 
english lakes. 

By H. D. Rawnsley, Hon. Canon of Carlisle a vols., 

lamo, $4 00 

" These interesting volumes are the fruit of extensive 
local knowledge and of appreciative sympathy." — .sptcta- 


Containing a particular account of his famous quarrel 
with Dr. Johnson; and a sketch of the Origin and Influ- 
ence of the Ossianic Poems. By Bailbv Sau.hdbiks. 
With portrait. 8vo, cloth, fa. 50. 



A Monthly Journal Devoted to New and Current Publications. Price, 5 cents per number. Vearly subscription, 

50 cents. 

%* The leading article this month is the third of the series of papers by Mr. F. Marion Crawford, entitled 
^'Modern Views otMysticism.*' 


66 Fifth ATentte, New York. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

August 4, '94 [J^"' "75 J TAe Publishers' Weekly. 




Saccetson to Lkx, Shefau> & Dilunoham, 

Publishers* Agents and Jobbers of 

Oiler their lerviccs to the trade for the execution 
ol orden for books in any quantities from single 
▼olumes to thousands. Thev carry the Urgest 
tUck of Miscellaneous books in the country, and 
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VHiA and Western publishers, they possess whw/imi/ 
fm€UUUs for the prompt and careful handling of 
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Their long and eztensiTe experience in the job- 
bing of books enables them to guarantee intelll- 
Ceat service to their patrons (whose oimis thay 
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Quotations and any other information in regard 
to books furnished on application. Trial orders 
arc solicited. 


766 Broadway, New York. 

or SUMMER BULLETIN and New Clear- 
ance List now ready and will be sent oq appli- 

The Authors' Library. 



To TMB Tkaob: 

The Aathors' Library it now an etubllsbcd success, 
every nomber issued having received the unqualified ap- 
proval of the purchasing public and extra editions of the 
earlier volumes having been called for to meet the demand. 

yo. 6. Ju»t Out. 

By Masib Bbknhabd. Translated by Mary Stuart 


** Another gem from this favorite writer.*' 

iTo, !• Wourth JSdUlon, 


By PLoasMCB Wardbn. 
Xo. 9. Second JBdition, 

Prom the German of B. Wbrner. Translated by 
Mary Stuart Smith. 

iTo. 9« 


Prom the German of Marib Bbrnhard. Translated 
by Mary Stuabt Smith. 

JTo. 4, 

The Surrender of Margaret Beliarmlne. 

By Adbunb Ssrcbant. 
Xo. S. 


By Plorbncb Wardbn. 

Paper covers, 50 cents ; cloth bound, $1.25 per vol. 

PuiiUfUd hi'im^ni kly, Libtral Dw ouni /# tht Trmdt, 

The International News Company, 

83 and 85 Duane Street, New York. 



Author of "A Little Game with Destiny '* 
which created an nnparalleled sensa- 
tion by its frank dealings with social 
idiosyncrasies; a book which. offered 
food for serious reflection to the stu- 
dent of human nature. 

*• Two Bad Brown Eyes " is a powerful de- 
lineation of character, written in the author's 
most brilliant style. The scene is laid at the 
World*! Fair in Chicago and humorous descrip- 
tions aboiuid, relieving the shadows of the story. 

Clottiy |ki«€Ki| paper, 50 cto» 

Order mi ypur booksellers^ or from 


Publishers and BooksellerSi 

67 PlIUi ATenae, - MBinr YORK. 

" Nev€r be/ort Mm tkg Art ^jT Tmxidtrmy had its frac 

ileal meikptU and btautitM p^traytd 4u we find 

iJUm iwterprtUd In ihu «v#r/(.'* 



In one 4to to1«« silk clothy gilt top, 
vneot edges, flCOO. 

Containing ninety full-page engravings, over 
five hundred figures minutely illustrating the 
most practical methods practiced in the art. It 
teaches in deuil, step by step, the skinning and 
stuffing of birds, mammals, crustaceans, fishes, 
and reptiles, together with illustrations of forms 
and attitudes ot the animal kingdom. The text 
is by Oliver Davie, who has made Taxidermy 
his life study and profession. The originals of 
the illustrations were made in India ink from 
time to time as the actual subjects could be ob- 
tained from which to make the various proced- 
ures. They were drawn by the eminent bird and 
mammal artist, Theodore Jasper. A.M.« M.D., 
whose experience in the Art of Taxidermv ex- 
tends over a period of fifty years. Every illus- 
tration by this artbt is a work of art. Among 
these engravings are included reproductions from 
photographs of actual work by American Taxi- 

We have Just pubUth«d this great work and offer it 
tho trade at a liberal ditcount. 

O. Davie & Co., Coluinbus. O. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


The Publishers' Weekly. \No. 1177] August 18, •j>4 



Successors to Lkx, Shbfard & Dillingham. 

Publishers' Agents and Jobbers of 

Ofifer their services to the trade for the execution 
of orders for books in any quantities from single 
volumes to thousands. Thev carry the largest 
stock of Miscellaneous books in the country, and 
being established in the ^reat publishing, centre, 
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having constantly on hand their publications and 
those of the most important of the Philadbl- 
FHIA and Western publishers, they possess MftM.rflM/ 
fcuilities for the prompt and careful handling of 
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Their long and extensive experience in the job- 
bing of books enables them to guarantee intelli- 
gent service to their patrons (whose agents they 
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Quotations and any other information iu regard 
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are solicited. 


766 Broadway, New York. 

or SUMMER BULLETIN and New Clear- 
ance List now ready and will be sent on appli- 

Tha Lmrgtst ««mI Moo* O^mpieie Bioch in 
Unii^ Btmia9." 


J. B. Lippincott Gompanij, 



Miscellaneoos and Foreign Books; School- 
Books; Suple and Foreign Stationery ; Blank- 
Book Manufacturers and Printers for the 

PuWications of any house furnished prompt- 
ly, and at lowest market rates. 

Particular attention paid to Holiday Books 
and Juvenilea. 


**An invaluable book for mothers.'^ 

The Care 

of Children. 



Superintendtnt of tkg Newport Hospital and Atfciate 
Editor 0/ the ** Ladies* Homo Journal.'*^ 

x2mo, 348 Pages, Cloth, Price, $f.oo. 

** A good piece of literary work ; written with 
timpUcity, cleameM, judgment, and tact/* 

HENRY ALTEMUS, Publisher. 

What a bookseller 
should kriow 

. . . about . . . 

Buying Stock, 
Window Dressing, 
Arrangement and Care of Stock, 

and some other things connected with book- 
selling is fully described in *'The Profession 
of Bookselling" (Price, $a.oo), issued by The 
Publishers' Weekly, 28 Elm Street, New 

^ ^ ^ ^ 

**The young Bookseller can learn 
more by a thorough perusal of this 
book than he could through many 
years of actual experience." 


D i g i t i zGd b 

August 25, '94 [No. 1178J The Publishers' Weekly. 265 


6 and 7 EAST leth STREET, N. Y.. 

Miscellaneous and School Books, 

Know and satisfy the wants of the trade in the matter of Prices, 
Promptness and General Efficiency. Full Lines of all Publishers. 
Spring BuUeiin of Special Bargains {Just Issued) Mailed an AppUcalion. 

59 Fifth Avenue, 
New York City. 

William Beverley Hanson, 

Tnde sapplled with School-Books, School SuppliM, Bdaps, Charts and Educational Supplioe 
of all kinds at hwnt JMet^s rata. My facilities for Purchase and Bzchange of all kinds of 
School and College Text-Books enable me to give bargain prices on many lines. Orders filUd 

CYCLAUTOQR APH, ^"^ P""^ *^ ^^^^ ^^ S© Getter size) in one 

minute. Will reproduce type or pen written 
I^APID "^ox^a or both, in several colors, at same time. 

rkiini ir^AT'rAn ^^ stencil— no ink roll— no cleanins: up 

DU FLlCA 1 OK» necessary. 


Successors to SAALFIELD & FITCH. 


67 Flftli ATcntte, New York. 

The publications of all the leading houses constantly on hand. Orders filled on the day of 
receipt. Trial orders are solicited. Estimates promptly furnished. Send for our special 

Booksellers' and Stationers' Provident Association of tbe United States. 

Total paid beneficiaries since organization, - - $87,132.00. 

Amount now paid to each beneficiary, ... i,ooo.oo. 

coax xo joiBi. 

A fee of two dollars and ten cents (;, one dollar and ten cents ( of which will be in payment of the 
Initiation fee of the candidate, if elected, andfiujo for the death fund ; if not elected, said fee shall be returned. 
Medical examination f x.00 extra. 

Bach member shiJl agree to pay into the treasunr the sum of one dollar and ten cents whenever any member 
shall die, within 30 days after receiving notice of said death. 

Persons between the ages of eighteen and forty-five vears, of sound health and good moral character, connected 
with tbe book and stationery trades and associate branches, and such other persons as the Board of Trustees may 
deem proper to admit, may become oiembers, if approved by tbe Medical Examiner of the Association. 

Application blanks, constitution and by-laws and any further information desired can be obtained by addressing 
WILBUR B. IiCKTOHA.Nf, Seoretaxy, 2 Ooox>er XJnloxx, Me^w Yorl^ 


The Publishers* Weekly. \No. 1178] August 25, '94 



Modern Scientific Whist. 


A digest, by a practical whist-player, that will be appre- 
ciated by the beginner for its simplicity and clearness, 
and by the expert for its comprehensiveness. The most 
exhausure treatise ever written on the subject of Whist. 

I Tol., large lamo, 600 pages ; over 5000 pip illustrations : 
a68 diagrams, and ao ubles. Beautifully printed in red 
and black, on paper specially manufactured for this 
book. Bound in cloth, gilt, fa.oo. 

Th* Trad* supplied by tht Johhtrs. #r ^rder* wtay iv stut 
direct t0 tk4 Pmhiuhert, 

BRENTANO'S, 31 Union Sq uare, New York. 

Headqiuirtera for Whist Literature. 

Send for Catalogue of Whist Booka. 



Cata/ogues and Scientific Works a Special fy. 

149, 151, 153 LEONARD STREET, 

Printers of Tha Publlahars* Waakly* LItarary Nawst 
Library Journal* Annual Amarican Oataloffua. 



409 to 410 Pearl Street, lew TorL 

Special Facilities for Catalogue, Color, and 
Book Work. 

BemoTed to 130 EUbtb Street, lei Tork 

J. H. VaU & Co., 

Sn€€0tM0rt U thi /tfM/«« and 

ReUii Departmtmi </* Wm, 


Medical Publishers, 

Booksellers, and 


Tradi'Lists and Gtntral Catatcgues of MidUal 
B§9ks furnished on applicaiion « 


XEbe Xfterars Gallers 

aa Bast 16th Street (near Unioii Square), New York 

Retail Dbpartmbnt. 
Rftr« Aud Clioloe Books. 
HIttorical Maaaperipto 

and AatoirrMh Letters 
iTinics. and Printa for 

Publishing Dbpaktmbnt. 
TlM library of Amaiioan 

ifiML bm tmb^oriptton onlw.) 

Thaenar^ OontUkent of „ . 

America. IllustratinC' 

C9rre»pondtnet invited, Cataiegues istmed, 

CBTABUBMco iaa«. 


Export Bookseller, Anerlcan Literary AgoBt 

Attenda to the eaecation of ordciB io eTery branch of the 
buaineM. Specta! attention given to out-of-print books, 
first editions, eu. Correspondence solicited. 

C. D. CAZENOVE. 26 Hearietta Street, Covtit Bardia 



Plays, Readings, Speakers, 
Qames, Dialogues, Sports. 

Sole Agents for the Dramatic Publications of 
JOHN DICKS. London. 

Send/er Cemplete Catai^gue, 
R. H. RUSSELL k SON, Proprietors, 33 Rose St., New Yoric. 


Dialogue Books, Recltatlona, 

Latter-Wrltars, Qansa Books, 

Dream Books, Dancing Quidaa. 

Masonic and Hand Books of all kinds. 
Caial0gut$ eent en applicatien hy 

DICK & FITZaERALD. Publishers. 
18 Ann Mreett Me^r York. 


Books, Reviews, and Newspapers 



224 Rue de RIvoli, 



65 Bast mh Street, NEW TOBK. 


Works on Architecture; 
Decoration, Furniture, 
and Ornamentation. 



851 and 853 Sixth Avenue (N. W. Cor. 48tli St), New York. 
(Scientific and Popular) 


and other foreign 

School and College TexU, 

Miscellaneous Liurature, 

French Plays. 

or works treating on Horses, 
Cattle, Dogs, etc 

Treide List and Central CaiaUtuee supplied. 

Ce Fe I.IBBIB & C^ 


666 WASHINGTON ST., Cor. Beach St, up one light, 


tf yen have BoekSy Autograph*^ Engravint*^ AVaM>> 
papers^ ete,^ t» ditpeee e/^ cemmunU»te with uf» Cmim^ 
ieguee en applicatien, (^ r\r^c^\f> 

Digitized by VriOOQ IC 

August «5, '94. [No. 1178] TTu Publishers' Weekly. 



spceiAL rACiLiTics won printinq 

Etchins:5, Photos:ravures, . . - 
Large Plates, Calendar Work. 


C. B. UCHTENSTEIN, 36 Colmbas Ave.,Bo8tOT. 


79 Nassav Stkkbt, Nkw Yokk, amd London, Bnglamd. 

Inporler of Standard Eagllth Books, 


Cauloffuet istued bi-monthly, and tent gntii to any 
addrcM, on application. 

A SPECIALTY of our business is the pick- 
^^ ing up, on commission, of out-of-prints for 
Libraries and the Trade. 'Twill pay you to 
give us a trial. 
Special Bargain Lists issued monthly. 

S. F. McLEAN & CO., 
13 Cooper Union, - NEW YORK. 


Importers and Publithers of French Books. Sole 
affenu for A. Lemerre, Paris. Catalogues mailed on 


18 West 24th St., 
' near Broadway, 
Hew York. 

Rare Books, Bindings, 
School-Books, Photos. 
Social imp0rtati0nt U 


««A Flood of Light on Shakespeare.'' 

HUfltoiic 'WarwlckslUre. Its Romantic, Historic, 
and L^^ndarr Lore. By Tom Buacass, P.S.A. Edit- 
ed by Joseph Hill. Copiously illustrated in the finest 
style of art« and printed on fine paper. 4to, handsomely 
bound in cloth, gilt top, other edges uncut, los. mtt, 



Bookmen, Birmlnghani, England. 

Cmi»l0gu4s •/ valumkU tieona-hand btpk* mailed /r€§ U 

amy address in the toot Id en appHeation, 


26 City Hall Place, K. T. 

Newspapers, Magazines, and Periodicals, 
Libraries, Books, Stationery, Novelties, and 
all Stock Required by Wide-Awake Dealers. 

Subscriptions to all Periodicals, Domestic 
and Foreign. 


Bookseller and Exporter, 

4S Fleet Lane and 5 Hew CoartfXondon, £. C. 

(bstablishbd 1884.) 

Books, Newspapers, and Periodicals supplied by mail or 

otnowise to all parts of the world. 

Commissions at Auctions, etc., faithfully executed. 

Cahle Address: "Helpful, "London. 

John H. Scudder's Sons, 


228 West Court Street, 


EcUetie MisdUal PublUathm a 

hILYAIL ft 00., VewTork. 


FRENCH "iif.SJI'l''*;'*' 

174-176 Bovltfird 8t.-0«miift. 









Publishers and Im/erters^ 
ig COftlanat »t«, » BIBlwr YOKIC, 

;0ttgi0tt X[dn9ttd$05. 

JJr , , Grammars, Diotionaries, etc. for the 
study of the European, Oriental and 
Classical Languages. Catalogue mailed free. 

E. Steiger ft Co., New Tork. 

FRENCH '"JrnTr'aJl^"'^' 

SlUf, BoBlmrd Baunua. 






The Truth Seeker Cotnpanyt 

a8 Lafayette Place, New York. 


Ingerso^ Paine, Voltaire, and other Lib- 
eral and Freethought Works. 

Order Tlarongli Tour Jobber* or Direet. 


Publlatiera and Bookseller*, 
30 West Street, Boston. 

69 Dearborn Street, Chicago. 
EUOENE F. ENDICOTT, Oeneral Agent. 


A^'nstable BootGovers, 

60 Ann Street, Plew ITorlc. 

*«* 9peeial Prices to Boards of EducaUon, 


French, Gwwwi, and £ngti$h BookB. 

Large 8took. ImportAtion to order from all parts of 
the world. 
Vliig^Vt, Thim i t 9 ' I ' r m i § »0 r*» and other German 
and Bnglith DictionAriet. Tkamohnitm Bdition. Tfub^ 
mor And TmuehmUm Greek And LAtin ClAMict. Grum- 
mars and DictionAriet in a11 LAnffUAces. 

268 The Publisheri Weekly. [No. 1178] August 2$,'^^ 







Tan Pile Jii; or, A Yankee Waif Among tbe Bloenoses. 


139 Illustrations. (Size 6^x9^ inches.) 
Brightest Book of the Year. 

Breezy, Terse, Witty, Sparkling. 

Trees, Streams, and Lakes full of Incident and Adventure. Just the Book for the 
Home. A Rich and Valuable Holiday Gift. 

Front cover stamped io ink and 
gold, gilt top, elaborate de- 
sign. Price, 

Cloth $1.00 

In boards, .... .50 


THE OEM ENCYCLOPiCDIA. A new book, up to date, 448 pages. Every valuable 
item under the sun here classified for instant use. Limp silk cloth, 25 cents ; stiff cloth, 
50 cents. 

CONKLIN'S MANUAL of Useful information and Atias of the World. English and 
German Editions. One million facts compiled. 50 full-page maps, descriptions of every 
country, items of law, census.of 1890. Limp silk cloth, 25 cents ; stiff cloth, gold embossed, 
50 cents. 

EDISON'S HANDY ENCYCLOPAEDIA. A great book. A most valuable book. Ump 
cloth, 25 cents ; stiff cloth, 50 cents. 

THE MECHANIC'S COflPLETE LIBRARY of Mechanical Rules, Facu, Processes, 
etc. 576 pages. Limp cloth, embossed, |i.oo ; morocco, gold embossed, $1.50. 

THE MECHANIC ARTS SIMPLIFIED. The best methods of renowned experu in all 
branches of skilled mechanic art. Price, $2.50. 

THE CENTURY COOK-BOOK,*and Family Medical Adviser. 366 pages, 301 Ulustra- 
tions. Domestic economy here simplified and mastered. Paper, 25 cents; oil-cloth, 50 cents 

and literary reference book. Indexed^ Limp cloth, 25 cents ; morocco, full gilt, 50 cents. 


THE PASTIME SERIES. 118 titles. 25 cents, each. The most popular novels of the 

THE LIBRARY OF CHOICE FICTION. 67 titles. 50 cents, each. Masterpieces of 

English literature. 

PINKERTON DETECTIVE SERIES. 69 titles. 25 cents, each. Wholesome and ad- 

venturous romance. 
QERHAN-AMERICAN series. The most famous fiction of German literature. 

best poetry in the English language for nursery, childhood, boyhood, girlhood, and family. 

Memory Qems. Miscellaneous poems and biography of the great poets. 123 illustra- 
tions. Size of book, 9 x 10 inches. Red silk cloth, elaborate design, full gUt, $1.25 ; 
plain edge, 75 cents. 

.fT^TZ'Z^::^j^- lAIRD & LEE, MMere, 



itfVV T-jy^ AMERICAN ^^ 



fCl^r a^mrtCcan ILCterats <ffifa;rttr atiV putiUis^rto' ectcttlatv 


Publication Office, 38 Elm Strxst, (Temporary Office, 54 Duane St..) Ne^ York. 

Entered at the Poet-Oflloe at New Torlc, N. T., aa Mooiid-claM matter. 

Vou XLVI., No. 9. NEW YORK, September i, 1894. Whole No. 1179 


The Manxman. 

By Hall Cains, author of " The Deemster," 
" Capc'n Davy's Honeymoon," '* The Scape- 
goat," etc. i2mo, cloth, $1.50. 

" It is difficult not to speak with what may seem in- 
discriminate praise of Mr. Hall Caine*s new work. . . ." 
— London Daily News, 

** The book, as a whole, is on a rare level of excellence 
— a level which we venture to predict will always be 
ns^,^* —London ChronicU, 

*' A really great nov^V^ —Liverpool Post, 

" A book the construction and execution of which very 
few living European novelists could excel."— 5/. Jamts* 

" In truth it is Mr. Calne's masterpiece, and congratu- 
lations are pouring in upon him from right and left. The 
story had only been issued a few hours when Mr. Glad- 
stone wrote to the Isle of Man to express his admiration 
for the new success. "—Z<7i»<^« Correspondence Nttu York 

'* * The Manxman,' we may say at once, confirms the 
author's claim to rank among the first novelists of the 
day . . . The story is constructed and worked out 
with consummate skill, and, thoueh intensely tragic, is 
lightened by some charming descriptions of scenery and 
local customs. The characters, even the minor ones, are 
closely studied and finely executed, and show a deep ex- 
perience and knowledge of human nature, in its hghter 
as well as darker aspects, such as only a master hand could 
faithfully have drawn."— Z,o«&i« Literary World, 

A Victim of Good Luck. 

By W. E. NoRRis, author of "Matrimony," 
"Mademoiselle De Mersac," etc. No. 151, 
Town and Country Library. i2mo, paper, 
50 cents ; cloth, |i.oo. 

This is a new novel of genuine importance and in- 
terest, which is characterized by all the ease of expression, 
charm of manner, and constant good taste that the au- 
thor's readers have grown to expect "A Victim of Good 
Luck ** is a strong example of the admirable art of one of 
the most popular modem novelists. 


Appletons' Town and Coun- 
try Library. 

Each, i2mo, paper, 50 cents; cloth, fi.oo. 

By Maurus 

Timar's Two Worlds. 


Yashti and JBsther. A Story of Society 

George Mandeville's Husband. By C. 

E. Raimond. 

Dr. Janet of Harley Street. By Ara- 
bella Kenealy, author of " Molly and Her 
Man-o*-War," etc. 

Outlaw and liawmaker. By Mrs. Camp- 
bell- Praed, author of "Christina Chard,** 
'* December Roses," etc. 

A Daughter of Music. By G. Cdlmore. 
author of " Concerning Oliver Knox," etc. 

Red Diamonds. By Justin McC/rthy. 
author of "A History of Our Own Times,** 
'* Dear Lady Disdain," etc. 

Mary Fenwick's Daughter. By Bra- 
trice Whitby, author of *• The Awakening of 
Mary Fenwick," " Part of the Property," etc. 

Tlie Rich Miss Rlddell. By Dorothea 
Gerard, author of "A Queen of Curds and 
Cream," etc. 

The Trespasser. By Gilbert Parker, au- 
thor of •* The Translation of a Savage," etc. 

The Rubicon. By E. F. Benson, author of 
•• Dodo." 



CO., Publishers, 7a Fiftli Aw., N.^ Y* 

Digitized by V:iOOQl(. 

270 The Publishers' Weekly. \N0. 1179] Sept i, '94 



A new editioQ. Translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley, the translator of Balzac*8 Novels, 
with a preface to Moli^re's works, by H. de Balzac ; criticisms on the author, by C. A. Sainte- 
Beuve ; portraits by Coypel and Mignard, and decorative title-pages. Half russia, $1.50 per 

^lOmr RBADV. 

Vol. I. The Misanthrope ; Le Bourgeois Gentilhommb. 

Vol. II. Tartuffe ; Les Pr£cieuses Ridicules ; George Dandin. 

IN PRK98. 

Vol. III. Les Femmes Savantes ; Lb Malade Imaginairb. 
Vol. IV. L'AvARE ; Don Juan ; Les Facheux. 


From 1847 to 1886. Edited by Mabel Loomis Todd. With a portrait of Miss Dickinson, a view 
of her home in Amherst, and three fac-similes of her handwriting at differeat periods of life. 
2 vols., i6mo, cloth, $2.00. 


H. de Balzac. Translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley. lamo, half russla, $1.50. 


Paul Bourget. From the " Pastels of Men." Translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley. With 
12 illustrations by Paul Chabas. Square i2mo. parchment paper covers, $1.00. 
** *A SaiDt * takes -us to higher and healthier levels of life. The central incident is indeed a miracle— the eternal 

miracle of a souKs regeneration by Christ *s own method, as new and wonderful now as by the well of Sychar or on 

the road to Damascus.**— T^tr Spectator. 


By Ernst Eckstein. A Novel. Translated from the German by Helen Hunt Johnson. i6mo, 
cloth, 1 1 00. 



Total Eclipses of the Sun. 

By Mabel Loomis Todd. 

Public Libraries in America. 

By W. I. Fletcher, Librarian of the Amherst 
College Library. 

Edited by Professor Todd, of Amherst College. Readable and authoritative monographs on sub- 
jects of permanent interest. Scientific, but untechnical,and illustrated when appropriate. 
Each, i6mo, cloth, $1.00. 


By Francis A. Knight. Illustrated by the author. i6mo, cloth, I1.50. 


By Leafy Ways. 

Brief studies of the Book of Nature. 

Each fully illustrated by E. T. Compton. i3mo, cloth, $1.50. 
** So true a love of the living things, and so fine an eye for the landscape, and betides with so much real poetical 
feeling, that the books are treasure-trove to the initiated/*— iVa/i«». 

Idylls of the Field. 


By Eben J. Loomis. i6mo, cloth, fi.oo. 


By WiLUAM Ordway Partridge. i6mo, cloth, $1.00. 

ROBERTS BROTHERS) - Boston^ Mass. 

Sept, I, '94 \No. 117 9] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


SEPTEMBER i» 1894. 


OntpAgc. laooo 

HAlfpage xa 00 

Ouartcrpagt 600 

S|fhUip«ire 400 

Pcrlinc 10 

Tht mh0V9 prUu d» mtt inclndt int^rtisnt in tJu **^»- 
fUmal Summary NnmbtTy^ tJU ** Snmtntr Nnmhnr^^ tht 
'^BdncatUnal Nnmhtri* mr the ^* CAristtmmt Bmk- 
tful/C^ /•r which higher rmtts art chargtd. 

Special potitiont, fs a pam extia. AppUcationa for 
tpacial pagct wUl be honored In the order of their receipt. 

K deduction 0/ $3 a pag$ for standing matter. Pagts 
ftr rt'iuttrtitn muMi kt trdtrtd kt^i ttanding, 

a^ciml rattaftrytarly 9r tihtr eeidrmctt, 

All matter for onr adTertiiing pages should reach this 
office not later than Wednesday noon, to insure insertion 
in the same week*s issue. 


One year, postage piepaid ^ eo 

Single copies. 8 cents : postpaid, xe cents. 

AddreM P. O. Box 948. IT. T. 

PtraucATioM OrricB, sS Blm Stssbt (near Duane), N. Y. 

Xemjporary Office, S4 J>uane Street, 


Appleton (D.)ft Co 069 

Baaer A Taylor Co 093 

BanffsACo s9s 

Benjamin (Wm. B.) 989 

Books for Sale ■89 

Books Wanted 987 

Brentano*s 994 

Casenove(C. D.) 989 

Copyright Notices.... 989 

De Witt Publishing House 994 

Dick & Fitzgerald 994 

Dillingham (Charles T.) ft Co 999 

Galignani Ubrary 994 

HarisonCW. B.) 993 

Helburn (Wm.) 994 

Help Wanted 989 

Jenkins (Wm. R.) 994 

Kay Printing House 994 

Kellogg (ATh.) 994 

Ubbie7C.P.)ftCo 995 

Uppincott(J.B.)Co 999 

Longmani, Green ft Co 991 

Luyster (S. B.) 995 

McLean (S.FJ 995 

Macmillanft Co 990 

Meisterschaft Pub. Co 994 

Merriam Co. (The) 993 

Merer Bros, ft Co 995 

Midland Educational Company 995 

New York News Co 995 

Putnam*8 (G. P.) Sons 996 

Roberts Brothers 970 

Salisbury (Jesse) 995 

Scndder^s (John M.) Sons 995 

Situations Wanted 989 

Soudier (H. Le) •95 

Special Notices 989 

Spon ft Chamberlain 395 

Steiger (B.) ft Co >95 

Terquem (Em J 995 

Truth Seeker Co 995 

Universalist Publishing House 995 

Vail (J. H.) ft Co a94 

VanBveren (P.P.) 995 

Westermann (B.) ft Co a95 


D. Appleton & Co. have just ready •• General 
Lee/' by General Fitzhugh Lee. the nephew and 
cavalry commander of the great Confederate 
leader; "The Manxman," by Hall Caine; 
•• Timar's Two Worldf ," by M. J6kai. which 
forms a new volume in their Town and Country 
Series; "Abandoning an Adopted Farm," by 
Kate Sanborn, and " A Victim of Good Luck," 
by W. E. Norris. 

Bangs & Co., as already noted, will dispose 

of the remainder of the stock of the defuncf 
Worthington Company on the i3th inst. This 
remainder consists principally of 88 cases ot 
books recently recovered through legal process, 
and certain books and plates, the sale of which 
has been authorized by the Supreme Court. On 
the day following this sale they will dispose of 
a large and varied invoice of desirable remain- 
ders in quantities of English publications, con- 
signed by John Grant, of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

G. P. Putnam's Sons will publish at once 
part 2 of "Social England," a record of the 
progress of the people in religion, laws, learn- 
ing, arts, science, literature, and manners, from 
the earliest times to the present day, by varicus 
writers, edited by H. D. Traill. The first part 
of this scholarly and conscientious work pre- 
sented the narrative from the earliest times to 
the accession of Edward x. Part 2 continues 
the narrative to the death of Henry vii. They 
will also issue, uniform in style with the " Ships 
that Pass in the Night" and "In Varying 
Moods," a story entitled " An Altar of Earth." 
by a new English writer* This will be pub- 
lished simultaneously in London and New 
York, and is duly protected by American copy- 

Roberts Brothers will publish at once the 
first two volumes of an edition of the dramatic 
works of Molidre, including a preface by H. de 
Balzac, and criticisms by C. A. Sainte-Beuve, 
translated by Katherine Prescott Wormeley, 
the translator of Roberts Brothers* edition of 
Balzac's novels. The volumes just ready con- 
tain: (i) The Misanthrope and le Bourgeois 
gentilhomme; and (2) Tartuffe, les Pr^ieuses 
Ridicules and George Dandin. The volumes 
are embellished with portraits by Coypel and 
Mignard, and decorative title-pages. Two 
other volumes are in press. They have also 
just readv " Emily Dickinson's Letters. 1847- 
1886," edited by Mabel Loomis Todd, with por- 
trait, view of Miss Dickinson's home in Am- 
herst, and three fac-similes of her handwriting; 
"Catherine de Medici," by H. de Balzac, 
translated by Miss Wormeley; Paul Bourget's 
"A Saint." also translated by Miss Wormeley; 
and illustrated by Paul Cbabas ; and Ernst 
Eckstein's "A Monk of the Aventine," trans- 
lated by Helen Hunt Johnson. 

Macmillan & Co. have just ready Bartlett's 
" New Shakespeare Concordance." described in 
our last week's issue ; " A History of Rome to 
the Battle of Actium," b^ E. S. Shuckburgh ; 
" A Histonr of Germany m the Middle Ages," 
by E. F. Henderson ; the first volume of an 
important work by Prof. J. F. McCurdy , entitled 
" History. Prophecy, and the Monuments ;" a 
revised editbn of Goldwin Smith's " Essays on 
Questions of the Day; " a cheaper edition of C. 
H. Pearson's "National Life and Character;" 
and " Mad Sir Uchtred of the Hills," by S. R. 
Crockett. They will publish at once William 
Winter's popular "Life of Edwin Booth." in 
the uniform edition of his works. This edition 
will have a new portrait of Edwin Booth as 
Hamlet, not heretofore published. They will 
also issue this month a new edition of Mrs. 
Oliphant's well-known book on the " Makers of 
Florence." It is in four volumes, intended for 
separate distribution, the separate volumes be- 
ing devoted to Dante, Savonarola, The Castle 
Builders, The Piagnoni Painters^^^T^ 


The Publishers' Weekly. 

[No. 1X791 ^^P^' '» '94^ 


Thg ahhreviaiiont art u*uaily stlf-explanatorif, e. a/tfr the date indicaits that tJU btt^k is cof>^ighted: if 
ikt co^right date differs from the imprint date^ the year 0/ copyright is added. Books o/foreiin ortgin 0/ which 
the edition [.annotated^ illustrated, etc.) is entered as copyright y are marked c, ed.: translations^ e. tr.: n. p. in place 
0/ price y indicates that the publisher makes no prices^ either net or retail^ and quotes prices to the trade only upcm 

A colon after initial designates the most usual given name/as: A: Augustus/ B: Benjamin: C: Charles: 
D: David: E: Edward: F: Frederic: G: George: H: Henry: I: Isaac : J: John : L: Louis: N: Nicholas: Pr 
Peter: R: Richard: S: Samuel: T: Thomas: W: William. 

Sizes are designated as follows : F, (folio : over 30 centimeters high) : {Q. Aio : under 30 cm.) : O. {Zvo : 9$ cm.) : 
J?,ii9mo: 30 cm^: S. (j6mo: ij^ cm.): T. (^^mo: 15 cm.): Tt. (^amo: ia% cm,): Fe.UZmo: 10 cm.), Sq.^cdl^ 
mar,, designate square, oblong, narrow books of these heights. 

'American state reports, cont. cases of gen- 
eral value and authority subsequent to 
those contained in the "Am. decisions" 
and the ''Am. reports," decided in the 
courts of last resort of the several states; 
sel., rep., and annot. by A. C. Freeman. 
V. 87. San Francisco, Bancroft- Whitney 
Co., 18»4. c. 1011 p. O. shp., 94. [2546 
*Bailey, J. W. The St. John River in Maine, 
Quebec, and New Brunswick. Cambridge, 
Mass., [privately printed.] Riverside Press, 
1894. c. 4+178 p. pi., ir, cl., net, $1.50. 


Bangs, J: KeDdrick. The water ghost, and 

others. N. Y., Harper, 18»4. c. 6+296 p. 

11. D. (Harper's American story-tellers ser.) 

cl., $1.25. [25^ 

Contenta: The water ghoet of Harrowby Hall; The 

spectre cook of Bangletop; The iipeck on the lena; ▲ 

midnight visitor; ▲ quicksilver Cassandra; The ghoet 

club; ▲ psychical prank; The literanr remains of 

Thomas Bragdon. The stories treat of supernatural 

apparations and psycholc^cal phenomena from an 

amusing and unusual standpoint. 

*£ydrling, Philip R. Water; or, hydraulic 
motors. N. Y., Spon & Chamberlam, 1894. 
12+287 p. U. 12% cl., $3.50. [2549 

Bowne, T: H. A few hours' talk with a rail- 
road man. N. y.. The Bowne Pub. Co., 19 
Park PL, 1894. c. 185 p. D. d., $1; pap., 
50 c. [2550 

Facts and figures relative to early American rail- 
road history; corporation of a companv; construction; 
railway management; freight rate ana passenger rate 
construction; fixing and classifving freight rates: 
construction of freight classification; construction of 
schedules or freight tariffs and percentage table; re- 
ceiving, forwarding, and delivering property; revenue 
and expenses; analysis of accounto; railway associa- 

Oaine, Hall. The Manxman: a novel. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1894. c. 8+529 p. D. cl., $1.50. 

The Isle of Man Is the scene of the story, which 
like "The deemster,*' is a faithful and mmute study of 
Manx life, customs, and superstitions. A curious 
Manx custom, that of leaving an engaged girl in the 
care of another, who shall not only continually sing 
the praises of the absent lover, but also perform 
many of his duties—that is, act the lover by proxy— fs 
the starting-point of the plot. The zeal of the** proxy*' 
proves both nis own and the girPs undoing, ana manv 
complications and tragical scenes ensue. Many typi- 
cal character studies are introduced, and charming 
pIctuTM of the Manx harvest home and the wedding 
ceremonials, etc. 

Olifibrd, Mrs, W. K. A wild j^roxy: a tra^c 
comedy of to-day. [New issue,} N. Y., 
The Cassell Pub. Co., [1894.] c. 2+288 p. 
D. (Casseirs sunshine ser., no. 154.) pap., 
50 c. [2652 

See notice. •' Weekly Record," P. W., April 8, 1883, 

[1106.1 ^ 

^Colorado. 1898. Mills' tabular addenda to 
annot. statutes; being a complete and sim- 
ple system of tables, showing where every 
act and the several sections thereof, of the 

session laws of 1898, should be noted in 
Mills' annot. statutes of Colorado, either by 
way of express or impUed amendment or 
repeal, or simply as convenient or neces- 
sary cross-reference, [etc. ;] compiled by J. 
Warner Mills and J: H. Gabriel. Denver, 
J. 8. Bartow, pr., [1894.1 c. '98. 81 p. O. 
pap., $1.50. [255a 

*IXifferln and Clandebove, Helen Selina 
Sheridan, (Baroness.) Songs, poems, and 
verses of Helen, Lady Dutferin, Countess 
of Gifford; ed. with a memoir and some 
account of the Sheridan family, by her 
son, the Marquis of Dufferin and Ava. 
N. Y., imported by C: Scribner's Sons, 1894. 
429+2 p. por. 8% cl., net, $3.60. [2554 

Dunham, W. R., M.D. The science of vital 
force, its plan, division of function, and 
operative methods in health and disease: 
an involuntary agency of nature that can 
be harnessed and utilized. Bost., Damrell 
& Upham, 1894. c. 8-198 p. D. cl., $1. [2555 
*' The object of this volume is to design^ate and dem- 
onstrate the fundamental principles of the science of 
vital force— a department of natural science tha^ is 
directly i4>plicable to the preservation of health and 
the treatment of disease.^*— Introduction. 

Bvetts, Basil T. A. New light on the Bible 
and the Holy Land : being an account of 
some recent discoveries in the east. N. 
Y., The Cassell Pub. Co., [1894.] 24+469 p. 
il. O. cl., $8. [2556 

ContenU : History of the decipherment of the cunei- 
form inscriptions; Becent discoveries. Written with 
the view of preaentin^r a brief account of the discover- 
ies, bearing upon the history related in the Bible, 
which have be«n made during the last ten or twelve 
years, and doing this in a simple form, omitting all 
matters that do not appear to be of general interest. 

*Parr, J. "W. Farrian system of book-keep- 
ing : for use in common schools, high 
schools, normal schools, business colleges, 
academies, and self-instruction. Downs, 
Kan., Kansas Book Co., 1894. 100 p. 12*, 
cl., $1. [2557 

*Parr, J. "W. Farrian system of busmess 
arithmetic: for use in common schools, 
high schools, normal schools, business col- 
leges, academies, and self-instruction. 
Downs, Kan., Kansas Book Co., 1894. 
850 p. 12% cl., $1. [2558 

♦Parr, J. W. Farrian system of correspond- 
ence and business forms : for use in com- 
mon schools, high schools, normal schools, 
business colleges, academies, and self-in- 
struction. Downs, Kbji,, Kansas Book 
Co., 1894. 114 p. 12% cl., $1. [2559 

♦Parr, J. "W. Farrian system of i)enmanship: 
for use in common schools, high schools, 
normal schools, business colleges, acade- 
mies, and self-instruction. Downs, Ejan., 
Kansas Book Co., 1894. 144 p. 12*, cl., $1. 


• In this list, the titles generally are verbatim transcriptums {according to the rule of the American 
Library Association) from books received, Books not received are indicated by a prefixed ctsterisk^ 
and this offire cannot be held responsible for the correctness of their record. «^ 

Sept 1, '94 \No. X179] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


of the Midwav 
Strang cane, b: 

X*awoett, Ed^srar, Ross, Clara Sprague, Ward, 
A. B., [and others.'] A comedy of counter- 

8 lots, and other Outing stories. N. Y., 
>utiog Pub. Co., [1894.] c. 4-189 p. il. 
nar. D. (Outing lib., v. 1, no. 2.) pap. 25 c. 

CcntenU: A comedy of counterplots, by Kdjnur 
" " '►y Clara Bprague Ross; A medley 
[idway Flaisance. by A. B. Ward ; A very 
sase, by W: Hinckley; The Flaj?elante*s sin, 
Oy Theresa M. Randall; The letter of credit, by C: O. 
Nott,Jr.; The ghost at White Bear, by Franklyn W. 

Fiske, J: A history of the United States for 
schools; with topical analysis, suggestive 
questions, and directions for teachers, by 
Frank Alpine Hill. Boat., Houehton, 
Mifflin & Co., 1894. c. 21+474 p. il. por. 
maps, D. cl., net, $1. [2562 

Mr. Fiske has made not a compilation, but a fresh 
history of the United States, from the discovery of 
America to the present time, especially calculated to 
interest young students, both from the attractive 
style of the narrative and the form in which the pub- 
lishers have issued it. The book contains some very 
valuable appendixes— one giving the origin of the 
names of tne States and Territories, with mention of 
books on the history of the States; another naming 
books treating of successive epochs; another indicat- 
ing novels, poems, and songs relating to American his- 
tory; another on the calendar ana the reckoning of 
•dates The book is very fully illustrated, but not for 
mere embellishment; all the maps and pictures have a 
positive historic value. 

Flower, B. O. The new time: a plea for the 

union of the moral forces for practical 

progress. Bost., Arena Pub. Co., 1894. 

Z-m p. D. cl., $1; pap., 60 c. [2568 

Deals with practical methods for the reform of 

-specific social evils. The following is the table of 

contents: Union for practical progress; They have 

fallen into the wine press; Jesus or C»tar; The new 

time; Then dawned a light in the east. 

Hall, Bev. Francis J. The doctrine of man 
and of the god-man. Milwaukee, Wis., 
The Young Churchman Co., 1894. c. 200 p. 
S. (Theological outlines, v. 2.) cl., net, 75 c. 

Treats of creation; angelology; man; the fall of 
man; the incarnation ; the hypostatic union; the 
properties of Christ ; the offices or Christ; the myster- 
ies of Christ's humiliation; the mysteries of Christ's 

'^Harper, C: G. Practical handbook of draw- 
ing for modern methods of reproduction. 
Phil., J. B. Lippincott Co., 1894. 12-i-161p. 
il. pi. 8% cl., $2.50. [2565 

Sowland, Marie. Papa's own girl : a novel. 
[JVeM? issueA N. Y., Lovell, Coryell & Co., 
[1894.] c. 74. 547 p. D. (Series of Ameri- 
can novels, no. 2.) pap., 50 c. [2566 

^^niinois. Appellate cts. Reports of cases 
submitted at the Feb. term, 1898, of the 4th 
district, and at the Mar. and Oct. terms, 
1898, of the first district; v. 51; rep. by 
Martin L. Newell. Chic, Callagh'an « Co., 
1894. c. 712 p. O. shp., $3.75. [2567 

♦Iowa. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, May 
10 to May 27, 1892; by Nathaniel B. Ray- 
mond ; V. 5 being v. 85 of the ser. Colum- 
bia, Mo., E. W. Stephens, 1894. c. 21 + 
855 p. O. shp., $8. 2568 

*lT6rach, Ja. Christianity and evolution. 
N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1894. 8+232 p. 16% 
(Theological educator.) cl., 75 c. [2569 

J'acoMj Mrs. Mary Putnam. Found and lost. 
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1894. c. 8+ 
189 p. nar. D. (The autonym lib., no. 2.) 
cl., 50 c. [2570 

** Found and lost ** is a strange Oriental tale, relat- 

ing to a search for the source of the Nile. It is followed 
by **A sermon at Notre Dame, or, religion under the 
Second Empire. 

Janvier, T: A. In old New York. N. Y., 
Harper, 1894. c. 7+285 p. maps, il. D. 
cl.. 11.75. [2571 

Articles that have appeared in Harper^i Magcuine^ 
which tc^ther form a graphic history of the settle- 
ment of New York and the Tarlous changes Its streets 
and houses have passed through in its great growth and 
expansion. They are entitled: The evolution ef New 
York; Greenwich village ; Down Love Lane: Lispen- 
ard*s meadows; The Battery; The debtor8M)rlson; 
Old-time pleasure-gardens; New and old New York. 

Javal, Dr. Essay on the phypiology of writ- 
ing. N. Y., W: Beverley Harison, [1894.] 
c. 4-60 p. T. (Pocket pedagogical lib., no. 
2.) pap., 25 c. [2572 

J6kai, Maurus. Eyes like the sea: a novel; 
from the Hungarian, by R. Nisbet Bain. 
N. Y., G: P. Putnam's Sons, 1894. 12+ 
896p. D. cl., $1. [2578 

This novel of modem Hungarian life was crowned 
by the Hungarian Academy as the best Magyar novel 
or the year 1880. While to a large extent autobio- 
graphical, telling a grreat deal about J6kai himself, his 
home, and his early struggles, both as an author and 
apatriot, the work is essentially a novel, he being one 
or the chief characters in his romance. The interest 
centres in his relations with a certain *' Bessr,** who in 
vain tempts him, though rich in charms. ^*Bessv*s** 
adventures and the history of her Ave husbands is 
full of humor. The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 is 
an episode. 

J6kaL Maurus. Timar's two worlds; author- 
ized tr., by Mrs. Hegan Kennard. N. Y., 
Appleton, 1894. 6+860 p. D. (Appleton's 
town and country lib., no. 150.) cl., $1; 
pap., 50 c. [2574 

First published in this country imder the title of 

**▲ modern Midas,^* by R. Worthington. See notice, 

" Weekly Record," P. W., Dec. 20, *W, [678.] This is an 

entirely new translation. 

King, Rufus. The life and corre^'pondence of 
Rufus EliDg; comprising his letters, private 
and official, his public documents, and his 
speeches; ed. by his grandson, C: R. Eling, 
M.D. V. 1., 1755-1794. N. Y., G: P. Put- 
nam's Sons, 1894. c. 19+624 p. por. 8% 
cl., $5. [2575 

Rufus King was bom at S6arborough« Me., 1755, and 
died 1827; he was a distinguished lawyer, and a member 
of the convention for framing the Federal constitu- 
tion; in 1789 was elected one of the first Federal itena- 
torn from New York, and was returned to Congress 
three times afterward. His life and letters contain 
matter of interest bearing upon the early periods of 
the history of the United States. 

*Kipping, F. Stanley, and Perkin, W. H. Or- 
ganic chemistry. Pt. 1. Phil., J. B. Lip- 
pincott Co., 1894. 802 p. il. 12% cl., $1. 


Marriage mirror (The); or, love and court- 
ship: a true lover's guide to marriage and 
courtship. N. Y., Street & Smith, [1894.] 
60 p. D. (Manual lib., no. 86.) pap., 10 c. 


*Bffi88onri. St. Louis and the Kansas City 
cts. of appeals. Cases determined from 
Nov. 7, 1893, to Jan. 8, 1894, rep. by David 
Goldsmith and Ben Eli Guthrie, off. reps. 
V. 55. Columbia, E. W. Stephens, 1894. 
c. 18+728+11 p. O. shp., $5. [2578 

*Monkhoiuie, Allan. Books and plays. Phil., 
imported by J. B. Lippincott Co., 1894. 5 
+^0 p. 12% cl., net, 11.50. [2579 

Moore, Frank Frankfort. I forbid the banns: 
the story of a comedy which was played 
seriously. [New issue.} NrY« The Cassell 
Digitized by VjOG 


Thi Publishers' Weekly. 

\N0. 1179] Sept I, '94 

Pub. Co., [1894.] c. '98. 4+404 p. D. (Cas- 
sell's sunshine ser., no. 155.) pap., 50 c. 

See notice, " Weekly Racord/' P. W.» March 11, 18M, 

Munroe, Kirk. The fur seal's tooth : a story 
of Alaskan adventure. N. Y., Harper, 
1894. c. 8+267 p. 11. map, D. cl., $1.25. 

The hero is a well-educated New Enfirland lad, who 
starts from New London, Ct.« to Join his father In 
Alaska; his adventures ser re to illustrate his faults 
and shortcomings, most of his troubles coming from 
some carelessness of his own. He is robbed of his monev 
on his Journey across the continent, is falsely arrested, 
loses his steamer at Vancouver, tries to work his pas- 
sage on a supposed fishing vessel, and finds he has em- 
barked upon a pela«ric sealer; the hunting for seals 
near the Prlbyloff Islands and the descent upon the 
hunters of a U. S. Revenue cutter furnish many excit- 
ing scenes. The book gives a capital idea of seal- 
hunting and our difficulties with otner nations on the 

*Nitti, Francesco S. Population and the so- 
cial system; tr. under the author's super- 
vision. N. Y., imported by Ciiarles Scrlb- 
ner's Sons, 1894. 16+192 p. 12% (Social 
sci. ser.) cl., $1. [2582 

♦Ohio. Supreme ct. Reports of cases, by 
Levi J. Burgess, rep. New ser., v. 50, 
[Jan. term, 1893.] Norwalk. The Laning 
Pr. Ck)., 1894. c. 28+771 p. O. shp., $2.50. 

Pemberton, Max. The iron pirate: a plain 
tale of strange happenings on the sea. N. 
Y., The CasseU Pub. Co., [1894.] 4+298 p. 
a. D. cl., $1.25. [2584 

The story deals with the attempt by a young Eng- 
lishman to gain the secret of the iron pirate*s hiding- 
place, so that the nameless vessel, which has been 
robbing and sinking Atlantic liners, may be captured by 
the governments of the world. The narrative is full of 
action and sensational events, and also rich In horrors 
and brutalities. The story takes place upon the sea, 
sometimes on a yacht, and sometimes on the iron 
pirate, again in Greenland, and in New York and 

Ponslevl, Perpetuo. Magdalena; from the 
Spanish. N. Y. and Chic. Rand, McNally 
& Co., 1894. c. 4+270 p. D. (Globe Ub. V. 
1, no. 186.) pap., 25 c. [2585 

The story opens in Madrid in the year 1886; it is a 
narrative of intrigue and crime— attempted assassma- 
tlon, illicit love, etc. 

♦Poor, H. V. Poor's manual of the railroads 
of the United States for 1894. 21th year. 
N. Y., H. V. and H. W. Poor, 1894. 1800 p. 
70 maps, 8% cL, $7.50. [2586 

♦Kinder, ^dith Wingate, ed. Poems and 
lyrics of nature. N. Y., imported by 
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1894. 46+278 p. 
por. 24% cl., 75 c. [2587 

♦Rylance, Rev, Joseph Hine. The woman- 
suffrage question: an argument and an 
appeal; being the substance of two lectures 
delivered in St. Mark's Church, New York. 
N. Y., T: Whittaker, 1894. 40 p. 12% pap., 
10 c. [25S& 

St. Felix, Marie. Two bad brown eyes. N. 
Y., The Merriam Co., [1894.] c. 2-245 p. 
D. (Waldorf ser., no. 20.) pap., 50 c. [2589 
By the author of "A little game with destiny." The 
possessor of the " two bad brown eyes" is a respecta- 
able country girl, who is seduced by a clergyman; he 
at once repents his sin, and Is full of horror at the im- 
morality of his accomplice, whom he deserts. She 
drifts into a life of sin, and becomes well known in Bo- 
hemian Paris. After some fifteen years or so she re- 
turns to America and to Chicago during the Columbian 
Fair, where she meets the clergyman^ young daugh- 
ter, upon whom she visits her revenge in a norribly 
cruel, wicked way. The story abounds in scenes from 
the life of the, demi-monds. 

Seelye, Julius H., D.D, Citizenship: a book 
for classes in government and law. Bost., 
Ginn & Co., 1894. c. 8+78 p. D. cl., 35 c. 


♦Southwestern 'reporter, v. 26; cont. all the 
current decisions of the supreme courts of 
Mo., Ark., and Tenn., ct. of appeals of Ky., 
and supreme ct., ct. of criminal appeals, 
and cts. of civil appeals of Tex. Perma" 
nent ed. May 14-Juiy 9, 1894; with table of 
southwestern cases m which rehearings 
have been denied; with tables of south- 
western cases published in v. 90, Ky. re- 
ports; 5, Tex. civil appeals reports. A 
table of statutes construed is given in the 
index. St. Paul. West Pub. Co., 1894. c. 
16+1185 p. O. (National reporter system, 
state ser.) shp., $4. [2591 

♦Spalding, F: P. A text-book on roads and 
pavements. N. Y., J: Wiley & Sons, 1894. 
c. 8+213 p. il. 12*, cl., $2. [259^ 

Spofford, Harriet Prescott. A scarlet poppy, 
and other stories. N. Y., Harper, 1894. c. 
3+288 p. il. D. (Harper's American story- 
tellers ser.) cl., $1.25. [2593 
Contenta: ▲ scarlet poppy; Best -laid schemes: An 
ideal; Mrs. Claxton^s skeleton: The tragic story of 
Binns; The composite wife; BIr. van Nore^s daughter- 

♦Spyars, T. G. The labor question: an epito- 
me of the evidence and the report of the 
Royal Commission on labor. N. Y., im- 
ported by Charles Scribner's Sons, 1894. 
8+248 p. 12% (Social sci. ser.) cl., $1. 


♦Stopes, Charlotte Carmichael. British free- 
women: their historical privilege. N. Y., 
imported bv Charles Scribner's Sons, 1894. 
8+196 p. 12% (Social sci. ser.) cl., $1. [2595 

Tomlinson, Everett T. The search for An- 
drew Field: a story of the times of 1812. 
Bost., Lee & Shepeu^, [1894.] c. 313 p. iL 
D. (War of 1812 ser., no. 1.) cl., $1.50. [2596 
The object of this series, of which this volume is the- 
flrst issue, is to give the younger people an insight into 
the condition of the times of 1812. a history of that 
war and a glimpse at the results. It is well known that 
one of the causes of the war was ** the right of search/^ 
claimed and carried out by Great Britain, and as a re- 
sult of this Andrew Field was ** pressed.*^ 

Turner, Ethel S. Seven little Australians; 
il. by A. J. Johnson. N. Y., Ward, Lock 
& Bowden, Ltd., [1894.1 c. 5+246 p. il. 
D. cl., $1. [2597 

The ** Seven little Australians" ranged from one 
year to sixteen: they had all run wild for several 
years, when their father, an English oflScer, brought 
them a stepmother, a young girl of twenty, who was 
utterly unable to control them, but whom they all 
loved dearly. Their many unique pranks fill the vol- 
ume, making most amusing reaaing. 

♦United States. Supreme ct. Reports, v» 
154. Oct. term, 1893. J. C. Bancroft 
Davis, rep. N. Y. and Alb., Banks & Bros. ^ 
1894. c. 18+709 p. O. shp., $2.50. [259a 

Warden, Florence, [pseud, for Florence Alice 
Price, now Mrs. G: E. James.] A perfect 
fool. N. Y., The International News Co.^ 
[1894.1 c. 1-335 p. D. (Authors' lib., no. 
7.) cl., $1.25; pap., 50 c. [259^ 

A sudden change of fortune forces Mrs. Abercame 
to accept a position as housekeeper in the bouse of a^ 
seemingly rich country gentleman, where she is per- 
mitted to bring her daughter, a pretty girl, Just bud- 
ding into womauhood. who is dubbed by kind frienda 
as " a perfect fool." Chris Abercarne is not devoid of 
wit, however, and finds plenty of material in Wyng- 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 

Sept. I, '94 \No. 1 179 J 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


ham House upon which to exercise her intellisrence— 
the chief mystery beinjc a handsome laDAtic Icept 
under lock and key; the story of this young man Is 
full of exciting and unexpected episodes. 

*WaBhington, G: Maxims of Washington; 
comp. for use in schools, libraries, and all 
American homes. New ed. N. Y., Apple- 
ton, 1894. 428 p. 12% cl., $1. [2600 

"Washington. Tables of reference to W. 
laws; showing the sections of the code of 
1881, with those corresponding in Hill's 
code; also the sections 01 the code of 1881 
subsequently amended or repealed. Seat- 

tle, Wash., Ingraham & CJoryell, 1892. c. 
7 p. O. pap., |1. [261.1 

*Willi8ton, S: A selection of cases on the 
law of sales of personal property. Cam- 
bridge, Mass , The Harvard Law Review 
Pub. Ass'n, 1894. c. 10+1020 p. O. cl.. $6. 


*Teakle, M. M., ed. The Torrens' system of 
registration and tran^fer of the title to real 
estate, its principles explained and its meth- 
ods set forth. Chic, The Torrens Press, 
1894. c. 256 p. O. hf. shp., $8. [2603 


D. Appleton & Co.. N. Y. 

Caine, The Manxman $1 . 50 

J6ka!, TImar's two worlds. (A, T. C. L., 

150) *. 50 c. ; 1. 00 

Washington, Maxims, new ed, i .00 

Arbna Pub. Co., Bost. 

Flower, The new time 50 c. ; i .00 

Bancroft-Whitney Co.. San Francisco, Cal. 
American slate reports, v. 37(Frcemac) . 4.00 

Banks & Bros.. N. Y. and Alb. 
United States, Supreme ct,, Repts., v. 154 
(Davis) 2. 50 

J. S. Bartow, ^r., Denver. Col. 
Colorado, 1893. Mills tabular addenda to 

annot. statutes i . 50 

Thb Bownb Pub, Co.. ig Park PI,, N. Y. 
Bowne, A few hours* talk with a railroad 
man 50c. ; i.oo 

Callaohan & Co., Chic. 
Illinois, Appellate cts,, Repts., v. 51 (New- 
ell) 3.75 

Casskll Pub. Co., N. Y. 

Clifford. A wild proxy, new issue 50 

Evetts, New light on the Bible 3.00 

Moore, I forbid the banns, new issue. ... 50 

Pemberton, The Iron pirates i . 25 

Damrbll & Upham. Bost. 

Dunham, The science of vital force i .00 

GXNN& Co., Bost. 

Seelye, Citizenship 35 

W. Bbvbriay Harison. N. Y. 

Java!, Essay on the physiology of writing. 25 

Harpbr & Bros., N. Y. 

Bangs. The water ghost 1.25 

Janvier. In old New York i . 75 

Munroe, The fur seal's tooth 1.25 

Spofford. A scarlet poppy 1.25 

Thb Harvard Law Rbvibw. Cambridge. Mass. 
Williston, Selection of cases on law of 
sales 6. CO 

Houghton. Miffun & Co., Bost. 
Fiske, History of the United States for 
schools net, i.oo 

Ingraham & Corybll, Seattle, Wash. 
Washington, Tables of reference to Wash, 
laws I.oo 

Thb Intbrnational Nbws Co., N. Y. 
Warden, A perfect fool 50 c ; 1.25 

Kansas Book Co.. Downs, Kan. 
Farr, Farrian system of book-keeping. . . fi.oo 

business arithmetic i .00 

correspondence i .00 

penmanship i.oo 

Thb Laning Pr. Co., Norwalk, O. 
Ohio. Supreme cts,, Repts., new ser,^ v. 
50 (Burgess) 2. 50 

Lbb & Shbpard. Bost. 
Tomlinson. The search for Andrew Field, i . 50 

Thb J. B. Lippincx)tt Co.. Phila. 

Harper. Practical handbook of drawing.. 2.50 

Kipping and Per kin . Organic chemistry . . i . 00 

Monkhouse. Books and plays if//, i . 50 

LovBLL. Corybll & Co.. N. Y. 
Howland. Papa*s own girl, new issue. ... 50 

Thb Merriam Co., N, Y. 
St. F^Hx. Two bad brown eyes 50 

The Outing Co.. Ltd., N. Y. 
Fawcett. Ross, and others, A comedy of 
counterplots 25 

H. V. & H. W. Poor. N. Y. 
Poor. Manual of railroads of U. S. for 
1894 7.50 

G. P. Putnam's Sons. N. Y. 
Jacobl. Found and lost 50 

i6kai. Eyes like the sea i .00 
Ling. Life and correspondence, v. i 5.00 

Rand, McNally & Co., N. Y. and Chic. 

Ponslevi. Magdalena 25 

Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass. 
Bailey. The St. John River in Maine. Que- 
bec, and New Brunswick net, i . 50 

Charles Scribnbr's Sons. N. Y. 
Dufferin and Clandeboye, Songs, poems. 

and verses net, 3.60 

Nitti, Population and the social system. . . i .00 

Rinder. Poems and lyrics of nature 75 

Spyers, The labor question i .00 

Slopes, British free women i .00 

Spon & Chamberlain. N. Y. 
Bj5rling, Water or hydraulic motors. ... 3.50 

E. W. Stephens. Columbia. Mo. 
Iowa. Supreme ct. , Repts. . v. 5 (Raymond). 3 . 00 
Missouri. St. Louis and Kansas City. Cts. 
of appeals. Cases, v. 55 (Goldsmith and 
Guthrie) 5-oo 

Digitized by VrrOOQlC 


The Publishers' WeMy. 

\I^o, 1179] ^^P*' ^» '94 

Strbet & Smith, N. Y. 
Marriage mirror (The) • • • • . 10 

Thb Torrbns Press, Chic. 

Yeakle, Torrens* system of registration 
and transfer $3.00 

Ward, Lx)ck & Bowdbn, Ltd., N. Y. 
Turner, Seven little Australians i .00 

West Pub. Co., St. Paul, Minn. 

Southwestern reporter, v. 26 $4.00 

John Wiley & Sons, N. Y. 

Spalding, Roads and pavements a. 00 

Thomas Whittaker, N. Y. 

Iverach, Christianity and evolution 75 

Rylance, The woman-suffrage question. . 10 

The Young Churchman Co., N. Y. 
Hall, The doctrine of man neU 75 


Turn in Re/tr€nc€ List U tlU wrdt UalUiMd in th€ Sj^nt^is, 

Biography, Oorrespondenoe, etc. — Bnckland^ 
Heroic in mitiious.— 6/r#^/, Aotobiography of a boy. 

Calendars, Souvenirs, ^X^.—Strtanur^ la friend- 
ship's name ; What makes a friend ? 

Description, Travel, B%o,^A^/ltUn*s diet, of New 
\ox)L.^G04/rey^ Island of Nantuclcet.— /r«w/A^r«#, 
Fairest of the Ulr. ^Mmrstpn, Great closed land.— 
Rand^ Mctfally dr* C«.V county and railroad maps ; 
Townships maps. 

Domestic and Social.— .^i«a> shots with an old maid's 
kodak.— f^#/M. PrakUsche milchwirth. 

Education, I«anguage.— ^#c/(#r, Ulysses und der 
Kyklop.— C/aifitf^, What time is it }^Dicken*, Tale of 
two cities.— iTar/, Physical measurement.— (;/#m»i«, 
Gate to the Anabasis.— Grtiwiw, Fairy tales.— ^#«r^, 
Comparative fiframmar of the Bag. and German.— ^»<i/, 
Geometry.— i^iMMM, Belle au bois dormant.— (7#/r, 
Bxperimenul plant physiology.— t7»r language.— /ter^ 
^r. Talks In pedagogics. — /V«»£v, Arithmetic by 
grades ; Teachers* manual.— i?a(xif«, Bssajrs and let- 
ten.^Smai/, Introduction to study of society.— T^I^m- 
a/, Hist, of the United Sutes. 

Fiction.— i4r^^x, Peter's wiU^-^BtrnAard, The pearl. 
^Bray, Ivanda.— ^writAaw, Adeline Gray.— ^«/i>r, 
Mrs. Limber's raffle.— C«rMv#ff Syivm, Bdleen Vaughao. 
—Chests, Miss Derrick. —C<yM««, Red sultan. —C<^#///, 
Wormwood.— /7a/#, Lottie's wooing.— /?«mAr. Com- 
panions of Jehu ; She-wolves of Machecoul ; Whites 
and blues.— /a«fc#//. Her fair fame.— ^i^nvtMsr, Lo*t 
for a moxBAti.—Frtdtric^ MaLTttnaL.—Gouid^ Running 
it off.— /r</M« Divided heart.— ^0>tf, Change of air.— 
Hopkins^ Two gentlemen of Hawaii.- ^#w#/i:r, The 

farroters.— /riiW«r</, No enemy (but himself).— /^«i«/, 
[aiden's progress.- AVu^o/^. Dr. Janet of Harley 
SXxttl.-^McCifiUnd^ Old post-road.— il/rr/c^«r, Pur- 
ple light of \o^t,^Mtrtditk^ Lord Ormont and his 
AmlnU.— AV^MAMM. Baroness Blank.— A^i^/r, Love 
and shawl>8traps.— />«w/r»^. Lords of misrule.— /W/, 
Out of step.— ^a/«Mi*^, George Mandevi lie's husband. 
— Rich^rdsy fisLrciMML.—Rowiand*, My pretty Jane.— 
Rustttly List, ye landsmen.— 5a//x3«r^, Birth of free- 
dom.— Smt/M, Cumberer of the ground.— 5#«M«ii^M. 
Lost lady of l^ont,—St*phensy Married in haste.— 
Stockton^ House of Martha.- 7%#Mr/r^, Rose-Li*.— 
yaskti^txd. Bsther.— ffV/Maw, House of the wolf. 

Fine Arts.— ilf«///r. Tables for the writing of exer- 
cises in the study of harmony. 

History. — BritM, Providential epochs. — Ckmnmly 
Amer. army in the war of secession.— J?/«va;</, Public 
amusemenu of Rochester.— ifZ/n/va/, Napoleon 1., v. 
%.-^Pmrttult^ B volution of an empire.— 7*A^a/, Story of 
South Africa. ' 

Hygienic and Sanitary.- /r«#f>/. My water cure.— 
Scffvii, Care of children. 

Juvenile.— w4/^#r. Only an Irish boy.^AsA/ey, Tan 

Jiile Jim.-^Holmes, A troublesome name.— /^n/j, God- 
rey Brenz.— /T^r^Mr, Boy's own guide to fishing.—^., 
Y., Following the tiSiT.—Ntwbtrryy Not for profit.— 
Pickfordy Patns and by-paths.— fT^w^/, Won by love. 

"Lmw. -^American and Bng. railroad cases; Digest of 
Am. and Bng. corporation cases.— ^arrv. Summary of 
every-day Xzm.^Cali/^rnia, Sup. ct. ciutions.— Ctfr- 
UTy Handbook for the use of probate cK%,-'Delaware^ 
Superior ct. and ct. of errors and appeals cases.— AV</- 
*ral cases from earliest times, Blc 3 ; Reporter, v. 60.— 

Giauqn9^ Manual for guardians; Manual for road su- 
pervisors; Tables for ascertaining present value of 
vetted x\jfti\M»~'Illincisy Sup. ct. repu.— /nms. Compi- 
lation of laws for farmers, mechanics, tlc.-^/0ne*t 
General legal forms and precedents.— A«m4m, Sup. ct. 
repts.— Z.#x«rr, Development of the jury system.— A/«#- 
Mmchmtttts^ Sup. judicial ct. repts., v. 160. — Michigan^ 
Irwin's annots. supp. to Howell's ; Sup. ct. repu. — 
MiddMon^ Names of attorneys practicing before U. S. 
Patent OtRcc^Minn^^cta^ Index digest to laws.— AV- 
braska. Sup. ct. repts.— AT/fv Jtrsty^ Ct. of chancery 
repu.: Sup. ct. repts., v. si, •4, as.— A^#w York^ Code 
of civil procedure an not.; Blection laws ; Bxcise law ; 
Game laws; Laws passed at si 7th session of legisla- 
ture; Military code; Sute reporter; Sututory re- 
vision of laws affecting banks, etc.; Insurance com- 
panies; Miscellaneous corporations; Railroads; S^p' 
pXtmenU—Ar^rtAtastern reporter digest.— OA 10, Man- 
ual of practice in probate cu.— 1000 examination ques- 
tions.— i?#/Mtf/<fr, Game laws in brief.— i?/^/r/r. Gener- 
al digest of Delaware TcpXM.^Sim0ndSj Condensed 
treatise on law of patents.— i>«M Cmr^ltna^ Sup. ct. 
repu.— 5'#if/A DiUk0ta^ Sup. ct. repts.— 5^«/Aw#f/mi 
reporter digest.- 5WaM, Laws of Ohio pertaining to 
justices of the peace.— r^jriw. Digest by figure ref- 
erence. — Tk»mpt0n. Magistrate's manual.— United 
States^ Cts. of appeals repts.; Sup. ct. indexed digest ; 
Sup. ct. repts. — IVa*AimgUn, Law relating to real es- 
ute transfer ; Sup. ct. repts.— M^i/cmi, Legal status of 
women in Iowa.— ffYicvMfM, Sup. ct. repts. 

liiterary History and MisoeUany. — <^#sv>V, Cat. 
of the Syriac mss. in Convent of St. Catharine.— /Vxr/, 
Paper-covered book».^Pm6ii*Agrs* trade list annual.— 
Rutktrfordy American authors.— 7W^/, Our Bible, 
how it has come to us. 

Medical Science.— C«««iMt/A«ii(r, Practical anatomy. 
— Grwers^ Diseases of the nervous system. — //a^. 
Uric acid as a factor of 6i»eaLMe.—//aii, Diseases of the 
nose and throat.— ^w/A#x, Compend of the practice of 
medicine. — Aferrow^ System of genito-unnary diseases. 
—Namcrtde^ Bssentlals of anatomy.— /Vc/I, System for 
studying German, for physicians. — ^m/M, Blectro- 
chemical analysis. 

Mental and Moral Philosophy.— /^«i/«»«, Introd. 
to the philosophy of Herbert Spencer.- JV/rA<»/r, Our 
notions of number and space. 

Physical and Mathematical Science. — Cro^k**, 
Chemical analysis. — /^ifjr/r^, Discourses. — il//</fVK^, 
Qualiutive analysis. — 5rA#fir/r, Astronomical spec- 
troscopy.— rrtm^/r, Theunnins. 

Poetry and the Drama.— /^«wrx. Muse poetic — 
Httiod^ Potmt.—Skaktspearty Much ado about nothing; 
Love's labour's lost.— .^im^, Ackley pilgrims.— 5'raiv 
/»«, Songs of a day and songs of the %0i\. —Wilcojc^ 
Poems of passion. 

Political and Social Science.—i^'Mffrr, Resttictions 
upon local and special legislation in sUte constitutions. 
•^Carwardinty Pullman strike.— Cp//«>r, Mr. Picket- 
Pin and his friends. — />ra/r. The unemployed.— 
Hayntty RepresenUtion and suffrage in Mass -^Mae- 
Lecdy Bimeulism.— /V«rxtf«, National life and char- 

Sportsand Amusements.- AVriM, Boy's own guide 
to 6%biag,—Marrteti^ Rugby union game (football).— 
Smiltyy Fifty social evenings. 

Theology. Beligion, and Speculation. — ^/^m. 
Hist. oT the Unitarians and Unlversalists in the U. S. 
—Avancinum^ Viu et doctrina Jesu Christi.— ^/A//, 

Digitized by 


Sept. 1, '94 [JVo. 1 179] 

7^ PubHshers^ Wetkiy. 


Old Testament, earliest tr. into the Basque laof[uaKe; 
New Tesument, Arabic versioa of St. PauPs Bpistles; 
Harmony of the QQ%^\%.-^Bueklmnd^ Heroic in mis* 
sions.~^«rrd!f#« Baptisu in New Bnffland.— Crv»ik#, 
Theological encyclopaedia and Methodology.— C«r/Mx, 
Arminianism in history. — DitUn^ Belief in the divinity 
of Jesus Christ.— {;i^3m, Bssavs.— C/o^^U^ii. Church 
and the kingdom.->/^«r/s/#r, Moody in Chicago.— 
KUly^ Sermons and addresses.— I^n'/Mrrr, Conversion. 
^McCauUy^ Why ! Christian Endeavor movement.— 
Mtrion^ Life and healing.— Jfr/#r, Bells of Is; Calvary 
to Pentecost.— il///cA///r Conflict of the nineteenth 
century: Cosmogony. — MulUr^ Three lectures on the 
Vedanta philosophy.— O/iV^, The third period.— C?r- 
m^nd^ Essays.— /W#rMi», System of theology.- i?ajK 
m»nd^ Christianity and the Christ.— .^M/ariV^« Lay 
readers.— 5rA«//#r, Church history from south Ger- 
many.— 5>Mt///, Baptists in Virginia.— 5>9#r«x, Select 
lib. of Nicene fathers, v. ix.-^Stdlty^ Organic law of the 

Meth. Bpis. Church.— ^wr/ymi. Art of illustration.— 
Swfte^ Apostles* creed.— 7'A#Mt/MM, Footprints of the 
Jesuits.— 7*A^r<;A/, Tenderness of Christ, — TWriwr, 
Handbook of the Bible,— ^^Aaw, First words from 
GoA.—yed€Ur^ Dawn of Christianity.— IK«//(#r. Con- 
gregational churches in the U. S.—W*si^ John Wesley 
andpremillennialism.— ZsAm Bible science and faith. 

Useftil Arts* Oommerce, etc.- w4M/im, Water soft- 
ening.— ^mm^/. Alternating current wiring and dis- 
tribution. — FotUr^ Ore and stone m\n\Ti%.—Halliday^ 
Belt driving.— /«cilx#ff. Theory and practice of design. 
-y^AwMN, stresses in girder and roof trusses.— /TiVr/l- 
tn boiler connections. — MacFadd^n^ Dynamo-elec- 
tric machinery. — /Vtvrr, Cat. of essential oils.— J?^^ 
trtis Advice for marine engineers.— £/invt«. Develop- 
ment and transmission of power from central stations. 
^Warren^ Engineering construction in iron, steel, and 


7%g $maim entry nndir autk0r^ #r, in the east 0/ atmnymou* hc^kt under iiiU enly^ given in pareniheeet «u (Au 
X, t8, aO the date e/ the nnmker ef Thk Pubushbrs* Wkkklv in which the /nil title it recorded. The 
Prominent Seeht appear in this list under title and sukject also^ but the anther entry should he consulted 
iiti^nal ^rticulars. Where not t^JSed the binding is cloth, /. stands for paper : shp. for sheep. 

Aokley pilgrims. Spink, Mrs, G. A. $1.50 Spinh 

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Porter^ C 

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and the Universalists in the United States. (Agxx)8<', 
(Am. church history ser., v. 10.) $3. ., Christian Lit. Co 

Altematinff current wiring and distribution. Emmet, 
W. L. «! Electrical Engineer 

Amerioan and English railroad cases. V. 57. (Agix) 
0.shp.$4.50 Thompso n 

— army in the war of secession. Chanal, Gen. de, $1.75; 
p. ft Spooner 

— authors. Rutherford, M. fa Rutherford 

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— digest of Am. and Eng. corporation cases. V. 1-40. 
(Agii) 0.shp.|6.5o Thompson 

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^4.y> Maemillan 

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cott*s select noveu, no. x6i.) p. 50c Lipplncott 

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«SC Ginn 

Arminianism in history. Curtisi, G. L. 90c 

Cranston 9^ C 

Art, Decorative. See Jackson, F. G. 

— of illustration. Spurgeon, C. H . $x Ketcham 

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Astronomical spectroscopy. Scheiner, J. hf. leath. 
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J. IV Randolph 

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sq. see Barry 

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(Authors* lib., no. 6.) $1.95; P* soc Inter national News Co 

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Old Tesument into the Basque language, by Pierre 
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oniensia, Mediaevai and modern ser., pt. xo.) net, $6. 


— New Tesument. Arabic version of the Epistles of St. 
Paul to the Romans, Corinthians. Galatians, with part 
of the Epistle to the Ephesians. (Margaret D. Gibson.) 
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Harmony of the Gospels. (W. H. Withrow.) 

(AgaO S.50C Cranstoni^C 

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— science and faith. Zahm, J. A. net^ . . . . Murphy 

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Binmore, H. 5^# Jones, Ja. 

Binney, C. C. Restrictions upon local and specia 
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Humboldt Pub, Co 

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Cranston ^ C 

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50c... Whittaker 

Bumham, H. Adeline Gray. (Ag4) D. p. asc 

WynhooP dr» H 
Burrase, H, S. History of the Baptisu in New 

England. (Agi8) D. f Am, Bapt. Pub, Soc 

Butler, W. A. Mrs. Limber*s raffle. N.ed, (Agi8) 

D. 75c Appleton 

California. Sup. ct, Ciutions from the organization 
of the court to and including v. too, by King A L. 
(Agx8) D. im. mor. f7.5o National Citation Co 

Calvary to Pentecost. Meyer, F.B. soc; 6oc . . . . Rowell 

Cax>e Colony, Natal, Orange Free State, etc. See 
l^eall. G. M. 

Care of Children. Scovill, E. R. ft Altemus 

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(Ag4) D. (Sunshine ser., no. X49.) 75c.; p. soc... Cassell 

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attor oejrs, executors, etc ( Ag4) S. fa Carter 

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(Unity lib., no. 36.) p. 50c AVrr 

Cassian, J. See Severus, S. 

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$«-75; p. ft Spooner 

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Christ, Divinity of. See Didon {Pire), 

Christian cult ure courses. See Vedder. 

— Endeavor movement. 5'r# McCauley,^. F. ^ 
-life«r. 5>, Meyer. oigifeed byGOOglC 


7^ Publisher^ Wakfy. 

[No. 1179] Sept. I, '94 

Christiuiity and the Christ. Raymoad, B. P. 85c. 

Huut d^ £ 

— Dawo of. St0 Vedder, H. C. 

Ohuroh and the kini^dom. Gladden, W. 50c. . . ,Revell 

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Longmmm^ G 
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Clauder«H. T. What time is it? manual of instruc- 
tion in teaching and reckoning time. (Ag4) D. p. ^. 


Ooann, Pearl C. St€ Noble, A. L. 

Cobban, J. M. Redsulun. (Agi8) D. (Rialto ser., no. 

64.) p. 50c Rand^McN 

Oolleotion Lemerre illustrde. Set Theuriet. 
Collier, P. Mr. Picket-Pin and his friends. (Ag4) D. 

•t DuttOM 

Companions of Jehu. Dumas, A. a v. ea, 

ti.5o;$3 LittU.B 

Compend of the practice of medicine. Hughes, D. B. 

fa. 50 , . . . . BiakisU n 

Conflict of the nineteenth century. Mitchell, T. $1. 

Congregational churches in the U. S. Walker, W. 

#3 Christian Lit, C0 

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Am, Bapt, Fub, St 
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J. B. shp.$3.5o Andersen Bro* 

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yl ed. rewritten and eni, (Agit) O. ^Z*,»L»ngmans^ G 
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Hunt a*E 
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a V. (Agi8)8M7 Lippineott 

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Dawn of Christianity. Vedder, H. C. 90c. 

Am. Bapt, Pub. Sec 
Delaware repu.. General digest of. Ridgely, H. tic 


— Snp, ct. and ct. 0/ errers and ap/eal*. Cases. V. 7. 
(Agit) O. shp. net^ $10 Hontton b* Van Dyke 

Design, Theory and practice of. Jackson, F. G. $3.50. 
^ , Lippineott 

Development and transmission of power from central 

stations. Unwin, W. C. $3.50 Longman*^ G 

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for children.) bds. 70c Ginn 

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Didon {Pkre.) Belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ. 

( Agi8) 8«, Ben»iier 

Divided heart (A). Heyse,P. BrentanoU 

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Drage, G. The unemployed. (Ag4) xa*, 

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(Napoleon romances.) ea, ; decorated d. $1.50; hf. 

cf. orhf. mor. $3 Little^ B 

— She>wolves of Machecoul; The Corsican brothers. In 
a V. (Ag4) D. (Napoleon romances.) ea, $1.35 ; deco- 
rated cl.ll1.50 ; hf. cf. or hf. mor. I3 Little^ B 

— The whites and blues, a v. (Ag4) D. (Napoleon ro- 
mances.) #a.; decorated cl. $; hf. cf. or hf. 
mor. $3 Little^ B 

Dynamo-electric machinery. Practical application of. 

MacFadden, C. K. %x Date ^ R 

Barl, A. Practical lessons in phjrsical measurement. 

(Ag4) xa«, (Manuals for studenU.) flex. cl. net. 

IDddy, R. 5>#Allen,J. H. 

Sdleen Vaughan. Carmen Sylva, (pseud.) 75c.; p. soc. 

mectro-chemical analysis. Smith, E. F. 

Elwood, G. M. Some earlier public amusements of 
Rochester. (Ag4) T. p. 350. 

Democrat and Ckrenicle Print 
Bmmet, W. L. Alternating current wiring and distri- 
bution. (Ag4) S. f X Electrical Engineer 

l&ngineering construction in iron, steel, and timber. 
Warren, W. H. fs Longmans, G 

English and German, Short comparative mmmar. 
Henry, V. net^ lx.90 Macmillan 

Essential oils. Descriptive cat. of. Power, F. B. bds. 

f r iVettermann 

Evolution of an empire. Parmele, Mrs. M. 7sc. 

Fairest of the fair. Hawthorne, H. $x . as . . . . w4 Itemus 

Fairy ules. Grimm, J. L. soc.;bds. asc Ginn 

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Merrill e^ B 
Federal cases, comprising cases argued from the eariiest 

I imes to the beginning of the federal reporter. Book ^, 

Beattie-Bragdon. (Agas) O. (NaL reporur system, U. 

S.ser.)shp.«»#/,fxo West Pub. C0 

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Filtration. 5^# Atkins, W. G. 

First words from God, Upham, F. W. Zscffunt dr* E 
Bashing, Boy*s own guide. Keene, J. H. f 

Fleminff, May A. Lost for a woman. {Hew iss,] 

(Agx8) D. (Madison sq. ser., no. 76.) p. ^sc Dillingham 
Florence Crittenton missions. See Edholm, C. 

Following the star. L., Y. 90c Am, S, S, Uniem 

Football. See Marriott, C. J. B. 

Footprints of the Jesuiu. Thompson, R. W. f 1.7s. 

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(Ag«8)8»,fxo Lippincett 

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Frederic, H. Marsena, and other stories of the war 

time. (Agx8)S.|x Scribner 

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Forest and Streasn 

Garroters (The). Howells, W. D. soc Harper 

Gate to the Anabasis. Gleason, C.W. 4sc Ginn 

G^nito-urinary diseases. Morrow, P. A. V. 3. 

f7.50 AppUten 

Geometry for grammar schools. Hunt, E. bds. 30c 

George Mandeville's husband. Raimond, C. B. f i ; 

p. soc Appleton 

German language for physicians. Pick, A. Pt. i. p. 

soc Pickb^ T 

Giauque, F. Manual for guardians and trustees of 
minors, insane persons, etc., of Ohio. 4/A ed (Agxi) 
fa.50 R,CUrke 

— Manual for road supervisors in Ohio, ith rev, de. 
(Agas) D. limpcl. isc R. Clarke 

— ««</ McClure, H. B.,rmw/«. Tables for ascertaining 
the present value of vested and contingent rights, 
dower, etc ( Agx i) O. shp. <m/, f 3 R, CUrke 

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C. T. Dillingham 

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(School classics.) 430 Ginn 

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Gowers, W. R. Manual of diseases of the nervous 
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_ Blaktston 

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Pt. I. (Agxx) D. (Classics for children.) soc; bds. ^sc 

_ ^, Gtnn 

Guardians and trustees of minors, Manual for. 
Giauque, F. R,Clarke 

Haig, A. Uric acid as a factor in the causation of dis- 
ease, aded. (Agx8)8*.f3 Blakiston 

Hall, F. deH. Diseases of the nose and throat. (Agx8) 
>«*.f3 BlakiMtan 

Halliday,G. Belt driving. (Ag4)£r'C 

Harmony, Exercises in the study of. Mttller, C. C. 
p. soc ,Jr>. T. „Pend 

Digitized by VjOOQK 

Septi,*qj^\l/o. 1 1 79] 

The Publishers' Weekly. 


Hartaler, H. B. Moody ia Chicago. (Agas) S9», «#/, 

•« .jg^, Rtvtll 

Haw«s, A. C. The muse poetic (Agxi) D. $t. 

AnC. Hmwt* 
Hawkins* A. H. S** Hope, A. 
Hawthoma* Hildegmrde. Pairett of the fair. (World*s 

Fair.) (Agas) Altemut 

Haynas, G. H. Repreaeoutioo and suffrage in Matta- 

chuaetu, 1630-169?. (Agtt) O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. 

studies in hist, and pol. science, xath ser., nos. 8, 9.) p. 

yac fohn* Hopkint Prgu 

"S^nrj, V. Short comparative grammar of the Bnglisb 

and German, contrasted with the classical languages. 

IAg4) xa«, «//. 91.90 MacmiTlan 

Har fair fame. Pa wcett, B. $x ; p. 50c . . . . MtrriU dr* B 
Haroio in missions. Buckland. A. R. soc.lVhiUaktr 
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Lut>bock*s hundred boolcs, no. 77.) 75c RomtUdgt 

Hetiaton» B. P. S«e Washington. 

Hayaa, P. A divided heart, and other stories. ( Agz8) 

S. $1 .as Brgnim «« V 

Holmaa, Catharine S. Troublesome name. (Ag4) D- 

ft CrmmtUn^C 

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The stolen veil. (Agix) D. (Ledger lib., no. 114.)$! ; 

p. soc ...Bonntr 

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